The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 15, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1930
Page 7
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S A T U R D A Y , FEBRUARY 15. J930. THE DAILY COURIER, CONN ELLS vTLLE. PA. PAGE SEVEN. The Paramount "Tiger Ros\" one of the most color- f.ut and exi;i(!nK iaMtwlramas over eeroned, will open Monday ut. the Paramount for a three-day attraction. It Is n splendid story of love and adventure, w«U acted by a cast of cap- ablo actors, «arh ono c o n v i n c i n g and «ur!. The story it splendid material for tho talking screen. Th»ru is so much d e p t h and aub.ifanoe to it that there was no necessity ot filling in weak spots, an la so often the case. Thlii talo holds up from start to finish, with bright, Interesting dialogue, pow- e r f u l dramatic episodes anil ouuloor scene« that are Sie411indlng. T.'ie cuet was well chosen. Monte Bluo playn the role of Sergeant Defiin, of the Norlhv-ost Mounted Po- lloo. It suits him perfectly. In tho flret place, he looks like a hero of the great Northwest and that Rives him a great start. Then Irs talents permit him to sincerely portray the man of great courage who ie tender and gentle in h!a love for Hose. Aiid where could one find an actress The Orphouim "So This Is College," which is bo- iiiR Hhown at the Orphc-im Theatre Is probably tho tlrat pU'tti ·« over made depicting c:ollo,pe lifo w h i c h bears any resemblance- of actunJ conditions at a center of learning. Thoro is a refreshing restraint about tuis Sam Wood production whten will RO towards reinstating a fast waning faith invent tho possibility of moving pictures depicting conditions as they actually ar--. People who go to sec this picture with th« intention of :aii£hin at miniature palaces which are supposed to bo fraternity houses, r at caricatures labeled profes«orn. or at staggering wild-youth attiri? 1 in plus- elghts, called students, v ill he pleasantly disappointed. For thero are no such spectacles in this 1 vert ing all- talking Metro-Goldwyn-M.iyer picture. The chief reason for the picture's success at accurate portrayal lies in tho fact that most of it v as filmed on the. campus of tho Unfvor: Ity of Southern California and the majority of extras wore taken from tho student. body. Robert Montgomery, aJly Starr, tor fitted to r'«y tae wlkl, untamed than Lupe Vrlez. Hero Is a girl worth watching. Every glance, I Elliott Nugent and PhylU, Orano have every motion, every v,-ord is vivid and ' tho principal roles in the Metro-OoM- dolU;htful. II. B. "Warner gives a n - 1 wyn-Mayer production. The program also inclu lea a movie- tone act, all talking comec'y aiad sound news reel. other of hla excellent charttctertmtlons and Gaston Glass, Tully Marshall. Grunt Withers and Bull Montana are ell fine. Rin-Tin-Tin adds color to tho proceedings. ! Tbo story i# of primitive outdoor; people who resent tie invasion of modorn sclentiste and engineers. Rcee, foeter daughter of Hector MacColllns, the llurso Bay factor, is the center o f j n e w w t starring picture, he all-talk- all activities, j lng rornan ti c melodrama "Half Way to Heaven," which will eh»w at the Orphoutn theatre Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. "Half Way to Heaven" in an adptati'n of Henry The Orpheiuin Youth and experiqnce s the rare combination that Parai iount h a s assembled for Charles ( B u l d y ) Rogers The Paramount "Little Johnny Joints," ttoe First National and VHaphono film version of Geor,?o M. Cohan's famous niuwicui comedy h i t , is now O'i the screen at the 1'ai'umount Theatre. Det.pite the tact that this picture is baeed on a musical saow and Is full of song- hits, it possesses a thrilling dram\t;c plot and a love story that is novel aad appealing. Kddle Buzztill, one of Broartway'e L. Gat«i' beet selling nt vel, "Here Comes tho Bandwagon," vnd in it, Rogers hos Joan Arthur, the lovely heroine of "The Greene Murder Caeo" and "The Mysterious Dr. !· u Munchu," for hie partner. Rogere, himself, Is the youngest star In motion pictures today. Vet he has. a. long string of outstandlii? euccosst-s to his credit. "Wings." "Abie's favorite comedians, took time rff from i Irish ^o«o," are two of the pictures his New York snowe to play -.he title ! !n which he played leedlii : rolea and role of "Uttle Johnny Jo tic*," t h o i w h l c h have brought him universal Yankoo Doodle Dandy. Alice Day, as heroine, and Edna M u r p h y , as vamp, play opposite. DonaM Heed, Robert! N'pht Kid." Kdeaon, Wheeler Oak-nan. Kayinond i Another youthful player vhoce fame Turner ami other etpge and screen ' astetida across two conlln-nts ta Paul favor:'t«a make up thet upporting ea«L iLuk '" ls . popularly known a« 'the Barry- Dlroctor Mcrvyn Lo Roy snored a' more of Hungary." Lukas van l!amou« cunsc ousness of the f a u l t s ot many \ aK a sta «° a c'°r in Hunger · before ho cinematized muelcal comctllois Iti m. | came to the United SUtee o win new vectir.5 "LiHle Johnn i Jonve." Ho.' laur « !a in suc h Pictures u "Manhat- leantti etrpngiy awa./ irom tlicst; tan Corktail." In "Half WSY to faults giving the picture every asset Heaven." he is s«en as the third man tbat The film medium is so able to. lrl t!ic lov « triangle'with Kogers aixl eupplj in varlod bnckKrotintl, colorful' MJfis Arthur. Bettings, sweplng action, c.wieuips of' 5 Oeorge Abbott, the Broadway play- love «ceuod and, e m p h a t i c drama, and wright and director who gu-f|ed Moran physical thrill. ' «nd Mack through their ft st Ulklng A chapter of "Turzai. tte Tigor," a! P^ture directed this new Eogere' pic- thrilll..iK serial, a t a l k i n g news! reel ·with Graham McNamee explaining ·each feature as it is t h r o w n on the screen lire aJto being sliown ' u r e - TRI-TOWN FIREMEN WILL INCORPOMTE; SECRETARY CHOSEN The D. L. V. Vomrteer Fire Department, better luiowt as the Tri- Town Community, Thursday evening jn:siitutDl a rnovenent t j incorporate. Oliver S. Oglevot was; elected secretary, taking the pos: vacated by "\Vray T. UairU who was voted to succeed W. A. Cosgrovo, r».sigued. (,'omtaitteos apixrintcxl by President Iionald J. Patterson arc as follows: Incorporation--Wr»iy T. Laird, Lewis Vlarotti unct Jcasi* Vv'. Pratt, Audit--I^ewis Marotti, Kracst Lint and Jov:se Martin. Revision--Anthony Booadio, James D. McGIIl and O. Kclwanl Reed. Housi!--Frank E. Reed, Joseph lionadlo and Modley Jobuson. Invcs-lKnUtiB--heater ^!. Patterson, Bruno Jfonadio and Kdward Marotti. · Wllkos.narre Taxi ]/hpr Attacked.' WILK ES-BAJiRE, Kfsb 15.--W. K. JMshor, taxi driver at;d two passn- gers, Stanley Farnell aud William Davis were badly beat«u by a gang in Georgetown late last night. The throe were hurried to a Juwjtltal. Thr«s alleged members of the gaag were arrested. WOODWARD SECUR15 PETITIONS; TO BUM AGAIN FOR OFFICE Classified Advertisements Bring results. Try thm. By United HARRISBimo, Feb. 16. -A huge hatch of nominating petl-Ioa* for Jamoii F. Woodward, McKeei port. Secretary of Internal Affairs, were obtained from the State E!ecti-n Bureau today. Woodward will again s«c'c the Ro- iniblican nomination lor h!5 present offico. His papers will be start* d In circulation February 19, tho .Irst day they can be circulated undo · tfyj law. Captain Frederick A. Qod harles ot Miltoni, atate librarian, has uanouuced he would 111-e for tho office of secretary o£ internal affairs.-' Want Co-Eds Returned To Gettysburg College By United Preaa. GETTYSBURG, Fob. 15.--Efforts are being made by residents t t Gettysburg, Jud by Elsie Singmautei Lowa-j'B, noted aovelist, to persuade tb Gettysburg College board of tru.' teoa re- conaldor its decision to aboliah co- educatiiu at the Institution. Accoidlng to that decision, no girls would be admitted after tht coi'lege closes for the present year. When Ton Want Something Use Ui« Classifiixl ORPHEUMTHEATRE »- TODAY *m THE TALKING, DANCmG, SINGOti SO THIS Paramount Theatre TODAY VITIPHOIVT; ALL TALKIE wifA Vitaphonc Act -- All Talking: Serial Orahnm 'McKam^e Explains Everythinp in the Talking News Koel Admission--MatJneo I0c and 25c--IVJ^Iit 15c and 35c Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Monte Blue and Lupe Velez in 'Tiger Ro«e' favor. Jean Arthur was n cently aoen I with C'lara Bow in "Tin- Saturday Paramount Theatre Monday--Tuesday--Wednesday Vitaphone AH Talking »» Rooney Family in "The Royal Pair* Y!t4iphone Act and Talking News Keel Admission--Matinee lOc and 2fe--Night 15c and 3fc Tliursdaj', Friday and Saturday Tel Lewis in "Is Everybody Happy" Every Rug in the S^ore is Discounted During Our February Furniture Sate Selecting Now Will Be a Thrifty Step! ORPHEUM THEATRE I Monday--Tuesday--Wednesday With ELLIOTT Sl!'UENT BO 8EKT MONT4JOKE RY CLIFF EDWAKDS SALLY STABB Also All Talking Comedy and Sound New* |li»i?l*W- : W -(,,° ,, "ifn, m$3*i:'- i i::tt^f c - / n » - ^tn,. ·"// CflARLES(BUIDDV) ROGEKS "Half Way to Heaven d Qaramoimt Qictum ARTHUIX. Also All Talking Comedy^ Movietone Act and Sound News Here and There Special to Tho Courier. PITTSBCJRG, Feb. 14. -- Martin Every, 2S, ami ·VMlliam. B. Sled, 30, both colored, wer- tieiUeaced to death iu tbo electric cUulr today liy vlsitins Judge McCounell of Ueaver county after they pleaded guilty to murder In connectkm witii lao death of IMward J. Kretz, Jr., druirgist, who -was shot in hte atore last June. lUTTSBUIlO, Ksb. 14.-- A was stolon auxl another was ' sloncd w h e n it va* forcett to holt'tor a trafflo signal aa rioting In tho ;!4-day old elrike- of t«xl drivers was re'sumed today In the eaat end Dusinefsa eetiou. PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 14.-- More than lOOfCommuniste fitageil' a doinon- stratlon today in the txurtyard of city hall here and engaged iti a hand In hand encounter with a cordon ot police. Movo thnn u s.doro of th« rioters were said ki have been in injured uy th6 oftloers who ueed ihelr 'night' sticke tfeely. * * # LONDON, Feb. H^-- Tho demands ot Franco and Japan occupied the naval conference delegation wlills I hey attempted to bring; the statecl renulro- af LJukHo countries Lo \vaxd lia;r- What an opportunity for the home in need of new rugs! Every rug in our store marked down tfom 10% to 50/o below regular prices. And what fine rugs these are! Patterns that are smart, colors that are harmonious and in accord with present day decorating trends, beautiful, long-lived quality, complete size ranges. Be thrifty--and smart--and choose yours now. Axminsters, $31.50 Sturdy rugs, deep of pile, good- looking and durable. Iu Chinese, Oriental and conventional patterns. Seamless Axminsters $35 i Seamless rugs in the newest pat- t ?rna and richest colbrings. These rags will give long service. 9x12 Velvets $37.50 An excellent quality rug. Colors aid patterns are new and attractive. Ssamless, Fringed ends. Wilton Velvets $59.50 Finest quality and newest patterns, heavily , fringed. Clearance price, choice at $59.60. Tapestry Rugs $19.95 Beautifnl patterns, ideal for bedroom, and even for the living room. Buy now and save. I Felt Base Rug $7.95 Room sizes in a choice of patterns and colorings. Rag Rugs $1.00 Braided and woven, oval and rectangular; n o w priced $1.00. New Carpeting! Per Yard, $1.35 Velvet carpet, choice of color and pattern. » Open Evenings By Appointment Call 376 Some Rtmishers vmirr MAf -|O GET MOST MILEAGE T*w Tfc* BO*. \VK«I T«*« ERT£ ate the facts . about car service --the things tbat can't be neglected without loting mileage. Nqvr for the first time, you can have this service -- quidtiy, skillfully, economically--at our "One- Stop" Service Station. One Stop Service 1 firfv*^ BmnM 04 O» W«*k* '*P It easy feryou to neglect TOOT flies ontfl yoafcrtJfreeMe on th*ra»4 to forget your battery /until A* rtarttf won't wi irk? Have you ever had your brake* fail because they needed adjuitment or had a bearing? burn out due to poor lubrication? If §o, it i« usually because you haven't time to go around .to several different places for service. SJust think what thi» "On :-Stop" service means in the saving of time and money. } Oar men are thoroughly trained--they know the tir* business. They know how to service your car. No matter wfy it port ot thi* maintenance service you need, get everything done at, one stop and be milts ahead in economy and satisfaction.. Firestone Service Stores Inc. 122 W. A;sple St. H. C. ("Zeke") Haddock, Mgr. riton« .21. B A T T E R I E S : B B A K E S £ H V l C B i (S A S t OIL : rn jny with tho vlovr-s S ites and Britain. nt' tho U n i l w J In starting a campaign for ci 'II disobedience against ihb Hrltiah ru e. CALCUTTA, India, Fob, 14.-- Mahat- in t Gandhi, Indian nationalist teider, di iftel a resolution today under w tich. he svould Tcceive tUctatorlal ut wers from the Gang 1 War Claims Another. CHICAGO, Fob. 15.---An Itall.m Idoniliied by detectives as Tony Lom- burrto, 35, pickpocket, WHJS shot to dea-th. In a West Bide aJ ley'last lirothors Killed In A5r Craslu J.BNA, La., F«b. lo.--Lainar Whatley, 19, awl Orad-y Whotloy, "i'i, brothers, were klllod late yosterday when the airplane In which the* ·wore riding cruHhed near here, 'w, K. Davldeon, pilot, was badly burnxi but is exuecLad ta racovar.

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