The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 28, 1938 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 28, 1938
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

eww PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNEI.LSVIT^E. PA. FK1JJAY, JANUARY 28, 1038. 184 Jurors to Be "Summoned for Criminal Court UN1ONTOWN, Jan 23 --President Judge Harry A Ccttom has instiuct- ed Clerk of Courts Howard Sparks to issue orders to the sheriff and jury commissioners to impanel 184 jurors for the March term criminal court OC this number, the frst 24 «jll serve as Brand jurors while 89 jurors will be called to duty lor each of the two ucoks Judge Cottorn said that the grand .Jury will convene on MoncHv, February 28, with criminal court sessions to be hold during the weeks cf March 7 and 14 " , A" traverse jury will also" be" Impaneled for civil court sessions" w]i r th -will be held during the" weeks of April If and April 25, one week intervening. As the second week of the three_week civil court term drew to a c'ose today, Judge Cottom announced that the_court was well pleased _with the mannor_m_\v.hich the many cases had .been handled Many Cases Tried. "It is. tbe-flrst ajonejimc .·that we. have been able to keep Uiicc. .court rooms in progress every hour of every day," Judge Cottonv said , During the week, all of 38 cases have either been tried or otherwise settled with the exception of one "which will be carried over until next week, the court indicated. _ Judge Cottom praised Judge Ros? .5 Matthews, president judge of the Orphan's court, for his capable as. sistancc in handling civil cases m Court Room No. 1. Judge Matthews has been trying cases during the entire week to assist Judge Cottom whose recent illness will not yet permit him to entirely engage in the strenuous routine of the courts. -Omn CUngan, through-his counsel, Attorney F. C. Newcomer, entered suit _with Prothonotary John 3rady against Harry-W. Wood to secure damages in the amount of $3,000 as.the-.tcsult.of on accident October 6 in Main street, opposite the courthouse. _ . The action-set forth the plaintiff was struck by Wood's machine, was Knocked across the fender of the vehicle, alighting on his head, and as a consequence, suffered permanent external and internal injuries, fractured right leg and contusions. The suit charges the defendant ·with carelessness and negligence in the operation of the machine, with driving at a high and excessive rate of speed, failing to have proper and a'dequatc vxjntrol of the ear and fail, ing to give sufficient warning of approach National Wreath and Supply Company, Cleveland, Ohio, entered suit ·with Prothonotary John Brady against H _ A Johnston, Masontown, to secure payment of $397.75, with interest from March 11, 1936, for goods alleged to have been delivered the defendant New Salem Church ^-^To Elect Officers V*"-"- On Sunday, Feb. 6 · TJNIONTOWN,- -Jan. 28---Another date, February C, has been set for the annual election of officers of St. '.Mary's Greek Catholic Church at tejKcw Salc-n where for months *he congregation has been divided Into hostile camps. State Police will be ordered to attend the session Names of all members entitled to vote were mailed to Rev. Father Anthony Knapik, pastor, with In- etructlons to announce them on Sunday, January 30, and Sunday, February 6. Police win be given a Hit of the voters and no others will beTpcrmlt-' ted to enter the room. Dead Actress' Mate \\llllara Gabion William Gaston, estranged husband of the late Rosamond Pln- chot, arrives at Newark, N, J, airport after a flight from his Colorado home Gaston plan-cd to attend funeral serv'cos for th« well-known actress who rose to fame for her part 11 "The Miracle". Miss Pinchot, niece of tho former governor of Pcnnsylvan'a, was found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning In the garage of her Long Island home No cause was learned for the uuiclde --Central frcw Washington's Largest Family Pays a Visit to Capitol STREAMLINED"AGE "STEPS OUT" Skin Grafting Oddity Bared SYDNEY, Australia, Jan. 28--As he result of having skm from hii stomach grafted on his hand, Robert Ashlon, 18, grows fat on his hand every time fat grows on his stomach That was revealed in n $5,000 suit which he filed against n molor- cclc o\\ncr whom he held responsible for a crash with hh bicycle in which the hand injury was sustained Debt Floats Awa\. DOWNIEV1LLE, Cil, Jan 28 -- Antonc CosH Ins juit milled his firs' pjymcnt on n newly constructed house when floods carried it nwoy He immediately sent a -second letter to the financing compnny nt Sacra mcnto saying It would be his 'as piym^nt and that the firm could K out ond mtet the house as it '·am dona the river. We Recommend THE SCHICK SHAVER If you have trouble getting a close, comfortable shave--tough beard and tender skin--the New Schick Shaver was made for you. We nrc now showing the latest model, improved Schick Shaver that is destined to change the shaving habits of American men. NO BLADES, NO LATHER, never gets dull. Stop buying blades, shaving cream, brushes and lotions. Come in today and let as prove to you that it a economical and comfortable to use a Schick Shaver. Price, fIS.OO POSMEH'S Credit Jewelers Terms as Low as SOc a Week 2nd National Bank Building, Opposite Orphcum Theatre Preview of trndenmr fuhlont When Mr. and Mrs. America "itep out' this spring In their (mutest clothes, they v.111 be streamlined from the skin out. So MJ fashion experts--and here's proof. The couple In th? picture, Helen Reese and John Crousa of Chicago, are Hearing transparent out«r garments to give you n. better idea of new figure-hugging und«r»r»*r they or* modeling. Hempfield Township Puts on Pressure; Wants Back Taxes GREENSBURG, Jan. 28.--Hempfield township taxpayers were given a stern warning that unwarranted delinquency in payment of, occupation and per capita taxes v.ill not be tolerated. All unpaid 1934, 1B33, 1936 and 1937 occupation and per capita taxes have been turned over to deputies _top collection and costs will be added 'and goods sold unless such taxes are paid in full belore the officers arrive. Those unable to pay duo to age, sickness or unemployment were notified to obtain a signed exoneration slip from a school director or township road supervisor otherwise costs would be added to the taxes. Domes. You will find desirable homes and home sites advertised in our classified columns. Treasury to Issue Jefferson Nickels WASHINGTON, Jan. 28--We're going to have a new nickel--the first in 25 years. The Treasury announced that the familiar buffalo nickel will be succeeded by one honoring Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States. The law says a nickel design can be issued only every 25 years The period will be up on February 21. Fireman Mayor Get* Surprise. NEWPORT, R. I, Jan. 28 "spark," Mayor Henry S Wheeler accompanies Hose 10 in response to alarms. The other day he turned out for an alarm and--to his amazement--the apparatus halted in fiont of his own home, where there was a brisk chimney fire. Why Not Try our classified columns when you want something? Results follow. 136 North Pitfcburg Street IVo Dclhor! Plioiic 10B WEEK-END SPECIALS For Better Fruits and Vegetables F R U I T S Tree Ripened Imliiin Hhcr Oranges (guaranteed to lio sn eel) 2,"0 sj/o, do/en _ _1."c Texas Seedless Grtiprfruits, (it si/e. each _ ,, 3c FHIICJ HnMuiii Apples, lor eating or cooking, IisM 28c I'mic} trait lierric^, '2 hoxos _ . " 2!)c IMui Jjiirg-e IMncappIcs, ciich _ _ . _ . _ _ ! 2 5 c Tunirt'rfncs, 2 lo/cn _ .. ,, . 25o Sunkist Oranges, 2 lo/cn "_T_ "_H._2c V E G E T A B L E S Green or "\Viiv Beans, 2 Ibs. ,, .,, 25c Tjiirse Uiinche', Broccoli, huncli . 15c rnncj Gropii Vcpprrs), doyen - .TM~ . . SOc 1'niicj Hot House Rhubarb, 2 Ibs. 2Sc Pascal Color), encJi _. loc New Potatoes » Ibs. . _ H..".~25c Mso--('nnllllancr, Hrussel Sinouts, Esirulnnts"Extra Jancj Tomatoes, Kmihc, Sjilniuli, Kale, Mushrooms. Avocados, KatlMies, Green Onions, Leaf Lettuce, Lima Beans, Peas, Trench rndho, Artichokes, and manj others. si-K oun nisi'Lu IU:TOHK YOU BCYI "Pl)elm. r ; 1'hone 10G. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ·Fri. CHOICE MEATS Sat. PORK LOINS Ib. 20c Wholr, Half or Lnd Cuts. CKNTF.U CUT CHOPS--24c Ut PORK BUTTS Trndrr--Lean LUNCHEON LOAF Square Mincfd GROUND MEAT Fronomical FRANKFURTERS . Good With Kraut BEEF LIVER It's Good Kor You SQUARE B E R L I N E R For Sandnlcheii CHEESE Sllld--DiUy LOIN STEAK .. ,, Tender--Juicy ROUND STEAK Brand rd Bfrf RIB ROAST Govprnmrnt Inspected CHUCK ROAST From Grain Fed Slccru Ib. 20c Ib. 18c Ib. 21c Ib. 25c Ib. 16c Ib. 21c Ib. 22c Ib. 30c Ib. 26c lb.25c Ib. 23c Bakii^g Powder DAVIV FOR KfcTTER BAKING Heinz Baby Foods STRAINED--FOR HEALTHY B\BIES Heinz Baked Beans READX TO SBKVE McCormick's Ginger BEE BRAND SPICE Cream of Tartar McCORMICK'S BHE BRAND Royal Gelatin ASSORTED FLAVORS. Yankee Bottle Blue FOR THE LAUNDRV USCO Laundry Fluid CLEANS BETTER AND QUICKER N. B. C. Ritz Crackers AMERICA'S FAVORITE CRACKER 6-oz can Q «'*· 3 cans 25C 9 13-oz. *· cms .tan ff - 9c nt * C pkg. Lima Beans CREAM THEM Wheaties BREAKFAST Or CHAMPIONS Instant Postum HEALTHFUL DRINK Shoe Polish JET OIL Lit Coffee REGULAR C Toilet Tissue it« JET OIL LIQUID MAXWELL HOUSE REGULAR OR DRIP 15c 15c SUGAR FOR CANDY OR CAKE ICINGS 23c Molasses BRER RABBIT r 25c USCO Sweet Relish * 27c ADDS EXTRA FLAVOR 1 Oc USCO Noodles 2 52 25c BROAD--GOOD WITH CHICKEN BROTH 27c Del Monte Prunes .* 8c bottle 40-50 SI7C USCO--SOFT AS GAUZE 3 roii, 20c Fancy Tomatoes Ib. No. 2 ran 8c N. B. C. Shredded Wheat SERVE nrrii FRESH FRUIT Yellow Corn Meal MAKE SOME MUSH USCO Tea ^ 13c ;i» FANCY ORANGE PEKOE USCO Pastry Flour MAS E DELICIOUS PASTRIES USCO Laundry Soap YELLOW--CLEANS QUICKLY USCO Soap Chips WIIITB--FOR SOAP OR DISHES USCO Toilet Soap GKfcEN--PLEASANT ODOR USCO Floating Soap WHITE--ALL PURPOSE SOAP USCO Granulated Soap FOR CLOTUfcS OR DISUFS ,, 12c pkg 1 , A ** v a~ 1OX *·'\* 1 ' n - d.Qr PKff* jT*.*V* 5-lb. O-J bass * 1C O cakes it3C Z2 ' 01 - 1 7r pkff. A i V* 6 cakes 25c 6 cak« 15C «-» z 17 C pkp. Jt · \» PUT THEM ON YOUR LIST Fri. FRESH PRODUCE Sat.- ORANGES, 126's ^. doz. 31 c Plorida ORANGES, 1,76's doz. 27c California LEMONS, 360's doz. 23 c T O Ibs. 35c Ib. 5c Simklst APPLEr Wlnesap U. S No. 1 CABBAGE New Solid Heads CELERY HEARTS . .. 2 bunches 17c Fresh Crisp GARLIC ........................ ...... Ib. 7c New Crop LETTUCE ............................ heads 7c Iceberg Crisp PEANUTS .......................... Ib. 13c Trcih Roasted SPINACH .................... , .... Ib. 8c New Texas [ YAMS ................................ 5 Ibs. 24c ·f

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