The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 18, 1918 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1918
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

THE D4ILY CCVUKIISR. CONNEL/LSVIT.J ,E, PA. PAGE NIMB. NEWSUFTIOAT ......... MEDICINE CHEST AT ML PLEASANT FOR ONLY 30 BRIEFLY RELATED -E. Huntingdon Selors . · sent Class PJaj at Opera House MOTHERS WANTED IN PARADE Wires of Soldiers Also Are Urged t«! Participate in Red Cross Procession ; on XoBdajr Sight; Largest Turnout \ - :lfet is the Committee's Hope. J So«cta.l to Tl.e Courier. i MOUNT PUSASAZ;?, J£a.y 18.--Tbo . Senior class o£ the East Hvintingdon j township high school presenxeti its j class play, "An Oid Fashioned Moth- | er," under ths direction or Miss Eva i' Rittenhouse, in the Grand opera house | here last evening, la the cast were: i Jdiss Jessie Tedrow, Miss Birdie Cow- j an. Miss Avis Slaughter, Miss Ruth | tove. Miss Mary Leitfhty, Miss Verna | Hiion, Howard Loisstetter, William i Rose, Frank Stoner, Duaine N u l l , , ' Michael ilartahus, Vernon Taylor,; Pern Rose, AdeHa Gossard, Maude i Steeie, Laura Shannon, John Balcer-: ak, Bva Carlson, Fiorence Euberg,! Lorene Rose, Alton ifedsgar and Her- : bert lledager. Music was furnished i tor the play by J. Prank Hardy's orchestra of Scottdale. i Xothers, IViTes IV'nnted. j ' The mothers and wives of the sol- \ diers in the serrice are asked, if they i bave been missed with a personal in- i vitation, to take part in the Red Cross ! parade Monday. The parade forms· it Eagle street at 6 o'rfock. The Boy , Scouts are delivering the invitation^. The Vest Penn Railways company has promised to run special cars on its lines Into Mount Pleasant oa Monday evening for the parade, which promises to be the largest in the his- : tory o! the town, Floais representing wery phase of Red Cross work will; be 'in line. · Breaks Arm. j · Nunny Horner, youngest daughter! oi Dr. and Mrs. M. TV. Horner, f e l l ; snd broke her arm while at work at i -ihe elbow. ! Personal. ",'Mrs. Minnie Gaffney and-, son o f ! Madison, are the guesis of Mr. and j Mrs. John Leonard. { Witli It You Can Instantly Relieve I'uin Causcil by Burns, Scalds, I | Cuts and liruises. A jar bf San C u r a Ointment costs bui 25 eonts, and if it' doesn't do everything ,[his news paper article says it w i l l do, the Laughrey Drug Co., ConEOllsville, or tho Broadway Drug Co., Scoudalc, will givo you your money back. It. relieves bleeding, itching and protruding piles, it helps chronic, running and fever sores, no matter how stubborn or hopeless. It is an antiseptic ointment that begins to heal the m i n u t e it is applied. It's one of the finest remedies ever compounded for boils, carbuncles, ulcers, eczema, salt rhcusn, tetter, chilblains, chappod hands or face. Price i only SOc. 6flc and $1.20 a jar. For the ! baby, for roujjh, tender skin and to i quickly acquire a flno complexion, i uso San Cura Soap (25 cents), j Thompson "Medical Co., Titusviile, Pa. --Adv. --TODAX-- GOLDY.N' PRESENTS MADGE KENNEDY With her eyes and her smile in her unusual and powerful production. A sw.i£t moving story of action, ever-changing plot, jealousy. suspicion, laughter and speed in ' "OUR LITTLE WIFE" ALSO A GOOD COMEDY. --MONDAY-HE -WAGERED HE'D BE HAPPY SVEjV AS A TRAMP A.ND THUS PROVED A GOOD T11LEORY IN "THE LANDLOPER" : A COLORFUL STORY OP ROMANCE AND ADVKNTUKE. BASED ON' THE NOVEL OF THE SAME N'AMK BY I10U\LA.\ DAYS WITH S i HAROLD LOCKWOOD IN' THIS HOLE OF THE KNIGHT . 5 I OP THB HIGHWAY. %' A METRO PRODUCTION IN a ACTS. $ : ALSO A KEYSTONE COMEDY. j : 3 BILLETS ARE JUST 5 PLAIN ROOMS, NOT ^: SWB1 APARTMENTS Continued from Pase One. "We have been urged to make no invidious comparisons between the up- tordate Yankee ways and tho antiquated things of France and other European countries. That's good advice, all right, but one can't help but b» amused at somo of the things he sees. "-""For instance: There was a flre- yesterday and wild excitement prevailed. Convalescent soldiers from the -French hospital catno hobbling up the street with a a two-waeeled truck oa wMch_ was a big pumr. This was unloaded'at a trough, the hydrant turned so the water flowed into it, and' the men took turn.-, pumping. American soldiers climbed to the roof of the house and extinguished the blaze with their usual promptitude to act in an emergency. "They have no newspapers here, bat they get along very -.veil with a- town, crier, who meanders about every morning, stops at tbe strtet corners, beats furiously on his dni:n and tells the news o£ the cay to the assembled crowd. The American soldiers got his 'goat' to such an extent that ho will not co' his nev.'s where they are congregated. I understand the crier is a very important personage, on a scale with 'high constable' liack home, perhaps. "Almost every man, it does not matter hovt r old, seems to be a soldier. AU of those I have noticed i=eeni to be of.middle age or over. And every tiule.'the odd little train chu^s its way into ' the station, it discharges a lot more poilus, at the same tijje taking on others on their way ba?k to the fighting front. There's no question about it, France Is fighting a death struggle. On the way here ^e talked with-a number of young French artillerymen on their way to the front. One of them could talk. English rattier well. Ho said he was at th» university studying to be an 'a-v-o-c-a-t,' what you call attorney, when he was called to arms. After three months' training h-is regiment was or. its way to the front to assist in holding back the great German, drive, 'ft Is not soo- flcient,' ne said, 'but It has to be.' Dunbar. DUNBAH. May 17.--Prof. S. L. \ Hanjiawalt was called to bis Some a t ) LeTflatown on account or the death ot Ills, brother-in-law. He left Thursday "alternooa. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Josvph Lamus, a babj- boy, C. J. Cummings of Atlanta, Ga., is visitiEg friends and relatives here for a few days. Xotice. To Renters and Property Owaers of. tho Borough ot Duabar:--You are herabf nottSod that May 18th to May ! 2l3t,"incluslve, has been designated as ! clean-lip week by the Borough Coun- I cil. - Y o u -will therefore have a'.l rub- ' blsh -.put in barrels and boies and \ plaQeil'in your alley, trom whict place · It Till be removed by the Be-rough! on tha 22nd and 33rd, and front that tima'ron all lots must be kept clean I rtnd .in a sanitary condition. - Those : Hot complying with this order w i l l be i ?lable to a fine of not less than ?5.00.'' rt. K. Duncan, Burgess.--Adv.-l?-3t. ! fl«a.-fl«i rwtrertuwMflBrv-1 rttr; Program For Next Week After reading this program "be convinced that. w e . get the 'best. KOXIUY He Wagered He'd Be Happy Even as a Tramp- and Thus Proved a Good Theory in '·THE LAM) LOl'EU" A colorful story of Romance and adventure, based on the novel of ihe same name by Hoi- man Days, with HAROLD LOCKWOOD in the role of the Knight of the Highway. A Metro production in 5 acts. Also a Keystone Comedy. ~ TUESDAY ~~ Triangle Presents the Peerless Con-boy Star, ROY STEWART, in '·IJOSS OF THE LAZY V A thrilling Western play of the '.uost artU: i»; order. . Adapted from Charles Srltxer's novel by the same name. Love, Hatred. Quick Sbooiinff, Hard Hiding and- Faith. A'so a Good Comedy. Also Universal "Weekly. W E D N E S D A Y 7 Suppose you were a beautiful young girl. Suppose a handsome youn£ man asked you to bo liis wife in r: -~e only, just to help him land a MS job. "NTiat would you do. Sec CARMKL METERS in "THK M A J f R I A G E LIE" And then come to n conclusion. Also an L Ko Comedy. ~TM~ THcns'irAY"" World Preseatfi the famous two, CARI.YT.K KLACK\\-7-:LL and EVHLY.V CREELY in ' '·LKAi' TO FA.WE" This is tbe sort of picture the whole family will enjoy. A snappy, interesting, (hriiling production with a smashing big climax. "CURRENT KVE.VTS." Also "THE SPIRIT . OP THE RED CROSS"-- 2 Reels. Program Announced i,ater. WATCH PAPERS. Yougfi House The l.eading lunch stand o£ Conncllsvillc. Supplies received fresh every day. Read the following list of sandwiches: "Werners : 5c Fried Sgg 30c TOUGH HOUSE LUS'CII STA5D West Crawford Avenoo --THE-- EVEUYTHING COOKED LIKE AT HOME, ^ Strictly Fresh, Ciean and Pare. ASK FOR OUR SPECIAL CLUB BREAKAST AND SUNDAY DINNER. "Our Pastries Are Delicious Be- causo They Arc Homemade." NEXT DOOR TO WEST PENN .. AWAITING E.QOM. Walker IN FREDERICK AKKOLD HUMMER'S SEFSATI0NAX. DSAS.IA OF MABTYBED BSLGitTiS --COinXC ,\F.XT WHF.K-- LEROY OSBORNE'S DALNTY CLNDKREIJ.A COMP.-V.VT This; company of singers and dauccrs will be highly appreciated by tbe patrons of the Soisson. They coiue higlily recoiiimendcd. A Two Reel Comedy is Also Offered. IF IT'S AT THE A R C A D E IT'S G00» THE THEATRE VHEKE THE SH(»Y IS ALWAYS GOOD i-i. D. ZARROW PRESENTS £ f f i?5 T.\ AN UP-TO-DATE MUSICAL COMSDY 1918 REVUE --Featuring-MR. RAT310ND LEWIS, THE MAN FROM THE SOUTH THE FAMOUS SPRING MAID CHORUS ON THE SCREEN--FEATURE FOX COMEDY --TODAY- TH; nuxfinr mum." 1 Starring PAULINE FREDERICK, by David Oraoam Phillips. *ni-:Rn-F NULL'S TUSSLE" A Paramount Mack Sennctt Comedy, --XOJTDAV AND TtiESD.VT-- WILLIAM S. HART I.V "THE BA5DJT AST) THE PaEACIlEa" THE 8ANK AWD IT ro RAIN AS SOON AS UIFF WENT NO Mof?e suir 5S-33-J OUft CLOTHES AT C i-f « t Some Errors So Big a Barrel Won't Hide Them Have you ever felt like hiding yourself in a barrel after you had boen the victim o£ your own folly? There isn't a boy or girl, man or -.voinan but v.-lio appreciates substantial clothing. Men and women select their own. if they are vise, from the home merchant. The foolish parent aims sometime to take advantage of the alluring bait of the catalogue house and invariably they pay the consequences. A little rain, strong sunlight or even slight dampness wrecks the garment they have bought from these out-of-town concerns: and when the child looks shabby the parent naturally feels a drop in pride and resolves to stick to the home merchant in the future. The home furnisher of your children's clothing provides the best he can obtain and is ever ready to make misfits and imperfections right in a satisfactory "*vay. MORAL:--Don't hide in a barrel when some home dealer can teii yon how toavoid it. A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS, znniEJDUN-TriLi) cojn'A.\y ; THE A,' L ROX co. Fnrai(.ure, lines. Slaves 15,1-tr.S "\\. Cra-vfucd ATC. : "Hume Ituiliitv" Ii:; S. Piiisunra: St. ·i" ^ TT I7OT7T 1 f T f ? f ) M " I 1* Y-"rrT 1 'v r l 1 ^ 7 - / \ T Pfl i t . ^. .LbLJrti', - ^i»v n J^r,j.-ji^ai^tj^A.-ii ou. Dry floods 12.'! IV. Crnnfurd Are. S)»-"'S !ot tin- IVholu Famiir US VV. Cniirford Are. THE HOBXEB COIU'A^T i AET3VA" WORK Jtca's Wear Idfi W. Crawford ATC. : t' 1 ''TM an| i ' V a i ' T»l»* H7-151 Vi. Crawford Are. COLONIAL XATIOXAL CAX1C j THE CENTRAL STORE Corner Piltshiirs Strort and Cmirfon! ATcnuc. ' Dry Cu»Js 211 W. Crawford Arc. ai-sBOSALD MUSIC AXD ELECTRIC CO. j JfCLPERS'S lioral Hotel Ulock X. rittsburg St, .- Ladies' Suits and Coals 130 X. Pittsburg St. ,· 5I -^ OBACK]EE SO *S ] riVj; AM) TEX CE3JT WALL PAPEE CO. -The Kip Store" J. l'itf.sbnr s it | W a l l r .,, 11;r JU3 ,,. v , g f\ -|i[f TP"rtlWC ' Vt £LLS-?11LLS MOTOIt CAR CO. ,.-,,.,,,,, ta S. ,«,,(,,, 81. EM) MARKET leading Grocery. St'orcs 136 and 8i;t i". Plttsburg St. j ?llea5 Sf " re lL1 v - 1'ittshurs St. AXDEKSOK-LOCCKS HARBWAliS CO. ' CONNELLSYILLS LACXDRY Hardwire 110 "\V. Crawford Ave. ' "Snow MTii1« Work" 129 Are. "CHABLES X. GILES -"! COLUMBIA HOTEL Jeweler Ul West Crairford Are. ! John Dussan West Side BEOWTSELL SHOE COMPASS." j EHISBEE HAKDVA2E CO. SltocR ^Vt'St Crawforfl -Vve. ! llardivaro ^y. Cnini'ord Arc, COSSELLSV5LLE ItTifG C03IPA.\i" i JVRMJKT-METZLEK CO. Drills I'M Vcst Crawford Ave. I Dcimrfinoiil Store \y. Crunivrd Arc. PETER K. WE13JER i LAUG1IJ4EY IKL"G C05IPA.NY I'lanos and I'liuaograplis li7-12!!Kast Cmivforil Ave. j Drnps. 112 S. I'itislnira St. A. W. BISHOP I RAPPOKT-FEATHERKAS CO. Ji-.velrr 107 West Crawford Arc. i You Can Do iii'lti-r Here. B-Baxaaga^aBasgp'Sga^ i BEAD THE COTJEIEE. YOURSELVES WHILE HELPING OTHERS . ! No More Guessweds 3 j when you bake. No ruined pr.scr;7 5 r^c § i poorly done bresd.nov.-.isred jnats^al | j -- n o "worry, because of wroiig orer- ([ I regulation- The entire Fountain receipts Wednesday night. May 22nd, will be donated to the Red Cross Fund. Patrons will be served by the Pi Eta Phi Patriotic Girls. 117 South Pitts'ourg Street. EJi Get J A Direct Action Oven Thermostat ' dud meastire tho heat as eftsiiy i as you measure milk in a pint I cup. You simply se£ the ! Temperature Wheel i and obtiiin any degree 'sC ovec j beat that t±io receipt. calJa Jor. ^ " j *;H^ Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring'Results. maiumum^'tftwwMi^^ Scr.rcco*3 formula is not "just fl Jittlo of this and a UUlo of that." It v,-as Uevisca ^'itli a definite object jn rle-w, _ _ , _ , _ , The object was to produce a tooth pi^-v^~ * V ' \ paste possessinp medicinal as wall PS cleanslrtg properties--a real cjeanspr Lbat could bo depended upon to remove tartsr and keep mouth and gums healthy. Tbo ideal denned, our lahoi-ato- rif-s r e t al'uui to O'jtermine tho proper cornbiiiaUou to produce it. Benreca is lie result. It has been tried, tested and pronounced £ood by huutireds of the; profession. Try a tube. A single tube -will ijrovo every claim. Vvlll show why tbou- sai;dd today use and deniiind Son- re 1 co---and art- sutlsfied with noili- j'ng JeiE. All u'ruETgists and toilet counters. L-Lrgo 2 02. tube---Sc. SENRECO-Cincinnati j ESTATE, " ! § Both Phones, j § ?:.-®s;c?j?»5s®:f^j-®Ts ? ^jr,e C oi V T:.v. ; .T, ffsS j S PATBONIZS HOME MERCHANTS 1 ' WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER. '

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