The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 10, 1939 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 10, 1939
Page 7
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1933. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. PAGE SEVEN. BOY SCOUT COURT HELD IN SCOTTDALE One of Largest Audiences Ever Present Hears Program. UNIONTOWN MAN GIVES ADDRESS Special to The Courier. SCOTTDALE, Feb. 10.--Chairman R. F. Darsie presided at^a Court of Honor for Boy Scouts o£ District No. G at the Arcade Theatre Thursday night when one at the largest audiences ever to attend a court was present. Walter P. Schenck, secretary of the Chamber o£ Commerce of Uniontown, ·was the speaker. He stressed the need of Scout advancement to maintain an interest in scouting. He asked the parents to take more interest in the Scout movement. Recognition was given to two Life Scouts, James Dick and Paul Fretts; one Star Scout, Harold Akers; two first class Scouts and 17 second class Scouts. Recognition was given the three troops which took part in the first aidoree held in Mount Pleasant. Two teams were given special honors for their fine work. Ray Hurd presented recognition honors. Motion pictures were shown through the courtesy ol the United States Department of Mines, Pittsburgh. Infantile Fund Raised. The Democrat Women's Club of Everson · announces that $30.75 has been sent to the "Fight Infantile Paralysis Fund," from the party held by the women at the Recreation Center in Everson. Sorority in Charge. The Gradale Sorority will attend the morning service ol the First I Presbyterian Church Sunday. All' members, will meet in the vestibule at 10:35 o'clock. Class Play Selected. Announcement is made that the junior class will present as its annual play a mystery story, "The Panther's Claw." The staff, director, time and place will be announced later. The following cast has been announced: Clifton King o£ Secret Service, Ralph Rogers; Norma Tremaine, alias King, Phyllis Waide; Elaine Stendish, alias King, Matilda Glassburn; Jake McCord, caretaker, Dick Benford; Jerry Freeman, a reporter. Bob McGivern; Luther Stone, the panther, Jack Davis; Carl Ely the, the spider, John Janicki; four nice girls, Hope Fenwick, Jean Hormell; Olive Vale, Betty Roffinson; Edith Vale, Betty Jane Shirey, and Tillie Lisb, Lois Shaw. Valentine Musical. . The. /'Community:. Music School," under 'the direction of Margaret Kritschgau, will present a Valentine musical Saturday evening at 7 o'clock. An..enjoyable program o£ piano,' violin, guitar and piano accordion numbers has been prepared for this occasion. Many of the pupils appearing on this program iihow unusual music ability. Splendid progress has been, made by. class pupils. " The piano soloists are Nell Fletcher, . Nancy . Rogers, Mary Jane Uber, Esther Seaman, Doretta Woods, Ruth Rhodes, Anna Mary 'Williams, Phyllis Freisner, Virginia. Evans, Esther Camber, Lois Echard, Phyllis' Hath, Jean Wick, Nancy Peterson, Myrna Espey, Herbert Hidenour, Angeline DeRose, Eleanor Yelanowski, Louise Solomon, Edith Forsythe, Mildred Taylor, Vincent Iforris, Laurence Anderson, Jack.Chapman and Helen Woods; violin soloists, Lena Fletcher, Bobby Parker, Marie Bush, James Lynn, Patrick and Michael De Rose, Ruth Woods, Lowell Felgar and John Watchowski; violin ensemble, Blanche Blair, James Kuhn, Patrick DeRosa, Bobby Parker and Charles Zadalak; Hawaiian and Spanish guitar ensemble, Pearl Morris, June Parker, Kathryne Torrance, June Mauk and Sylvia Lynn, and accordion soloists, Ruth Rogers and Donnie Shupe, Nearly Severs Tongue. Dolores June Peterson, five years old, of Kingsview, had her tongue almost severed when she slipped on a piece of carpet and was thrown' against a stove at her home Wednesday evening. She was taken to Frick Memorial Hospital, where she was kept until Thursday morning. School Lights Discussed. David Grosshandler of the West Penn Power Company pointed out to the Scottdale Board of Education at its Monday evening meeting the defective lighting in the schools here. Tax Collector Jaraes Hurst was* exonerated of $387 lax on unseated lands. John M. Pyle, who represented the board at the directors' meeting at Harrisburg, gave a report. Superintendent S. B. Bulick was requested to attend the superintendents' conference to be held at Cleveland. Named to West Poini. Kenneth Buell of Laughlinstown, Westmoreland county, Ligonier High School senior, holds the distinction of being the Grst Ligonier Valley student to receive an appointment to West Point Military Academy. Ho has been ordered to report to the medical board in Washington on March 7 for mental and physical examination. Bulgaria Banning: Jews. BERLIN, Feb. 10,--Bulgarian police have ordered 6,000 foreign Jews to leave that country within the r.ext two weeks, the German news agency, DNB, reported today. Her/Heart Still Is in Spain Tears for the Loss of Her Home Clutching her few remaining possessions, this Catalonian woman flcoinff General Franco's forces weeps bitterly as she comes to rest within the "tanctuary of France, at Le Perthus. ("Central Press) If Over 40 * « ' * · * Follow the fiimler Plan for a Job Henry Siraler ... helps the 4Q'er* By Central Press NEW YORK--If the talents of the man over 40 are not appreciated now, it will hot be tho fault of Henry S jmler of New York. Simler is chairman of the National Forty-Plus Committee of the National Federation of Sales Executives. Sanler, president of the American Writing Machine Co., is fighting "Fortryphobia" by organizing Forty-Plus clubs throughout America. He even has interested women. "Plowing the field of employ- meat for the man over 40," the clubs have adopted vigorous systematic efforts, according to Simler. Greatest success has been in Boston, where Solaui S. Darling, businessman, has a plan of operation considered a model for other clubs. It already has an alumni association 'of ex-members who EOW bare jobs. 18 DOZEN RABBITS ' ARE "PLANTED" IN ' MOUNTAIN REGIONS News of Tri-Town Community Swelling on Neck Protective Action Mostly Due fo Enlargement of Lymph Node, Which Stops Spread of Infection in Body CALL PLUMBERS TO HUNT WATCH By LOGAN-CLENDENING, M. D. | A MOTHER may be terribly alarmed at lumps or swellings that appear on the 'neclt of one of the offspring. Yet, when understood, the cause for alarm disappears. In most instances, they are enlargements of tho lymph nodes and the swelling is due to a simple inflammation somewhere in the mouth or nose cavity. The enlargement in entirely a protective mechanism and stops tho infection from going all over the body. If, for instance, tho tonsils are inflamed, the poisons and eerms finally get too much for the tonsil tissue itself and threaten to break bounds. Nature has provided in such an instance that the lymph nodes will receive tho overflow and calm down the trouble without allowing any widespread infection. Dr. Murphy, tho great Chicago surgeon, used to call this method of Dr. Clcndening will answer questions of general interest only, and then only through his column. DAWSON, Feb. 10.--The W. C T. U. met at the home of Mrs. W. H, Moore in Griscom street Tuesday evening. The president, Mrs. H. N Cameron, hod charge of the business session and led the devotions. Mrs W. A. Wood read an article on Frances \Villard. Incidents in her life were given xvi'.h Mrs. W. H Moore representing Miss "Willard and Mrs. R. K. Smith as narrator. The meeting was closed with the benediction. New Club Meets. The newly organized D. F. F. Card Club met Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Kenry Herbert. The evening was spent in playing five hundred. Prizes were won by Mrs Wilbur Orbin and Mrs. Elwood Akers. Refreshments were served by the hostess. The next meeting will be at the home oJ Mrs. G. L. Shallenberger. Personals, Mrs. Percy Newill visited last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Jenkins of Perryopolis. Mr. and Mrs. J. \V. Collins were Tuesday evening dinner guests ol their sort and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Collins o£ Vanderbilt. Mrs. Cyrus Whipkey of East Dawson visited with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kreger of Scottdalc. Miss Anagrace McGill of North Dawson and Mr. and Mrs. J. George Gruen n were Connellsville callers Tuesday. C. C. .Louderback of Connellsville was visiting with his daughter, Mrs. E. D. Brewer of Vanderbilt Wednesday. Mrs. Ken H. Collins and daughter, Vivian Yvonne, were visiting with friends in Scottdale Wednesday afternoon. overcoming an infection, coffer- damning/ likening the lymph nodes to those water-tight enclosures us of piles packed with clay, naeil to expose the bottom of a river, etc. Lymph nodes are found all over the body, bound together by small strands of hollow vessels, so that they form a communicating system. The main systems are those in the neck, which drain the mouth cavity and nose and the ears; those under the armpit, which drain the arms and breasts; and those in the groin, which drain the legs. A small boil or infection may apptar on the toe or foot, and in the course of time a lump appear on the groin. It may break down and become full of pus and have to be opened, but usually ic can be aborted by rubbing with iodine or applying heat. Look for Cause Tho important thinfc in the treatment of these swellings is the treatment of the original sito of infection. Thus in the presence of lymph nodes in the neck, look for a bac tooth, with an acute abscess, or sore gums, infected skin on the scalp from lice or other parasites, ax wel as tonsillitis. When these are treat- ed, the lymph nodes will subside automatically. All of these lymph node enlargements are not so simple. In young children they may enlarge without any obvious primary focus of infection. This may be a form of tuberculosis called scrofula. It was formerly much more common in this country than it now is, because, like all forms of tuberculosis that may come from infected milk and herds, t has been largely eliminated with :he splendid preventive work dona jy our American veterinarians. In England it is as common as it ever was, because in England the veter- narians compromised and tempor- ised with the tuberculosis in cows, and did not eliminate it fully. The treatment of the chronic scrofulous type of lymph nods inflammation is hygiene, sunshine, ;ood food, plenty of Vitamins A and D. When the nodes are ripe, they should bo removed by surgical operation. This does not by any means close the subject of lumps in the neck. We began to list all the causes of neck lumps in a clasa of medical students, and when we had reached twenty-two we gave up. EVANSTON, 111., Feb. 10.--A crew £ plumbers was hard at work at the Chester D. - Tripp home, probing very bend in the water system for 54,000- diamond studded wrist vatch. The available evidence indi- ated Donald' Nelson, three-year-old grandson' ol the Tripps, caused it to vanish ty the .guest bathroom. That's vhy they-called in plumbers rather han detectives. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS T. Y.: "What is the best treatment for inward goiter? Does drinking iodine in water help?" Answer: An inward goiter is no different from any other kind. It is simply an enlargement of the thyroid gland, but in the inward goiter, if I understand what you mean by this, tho gland gets down behind the breastbone. Tho best treatment is surgical removal. The question of · using iodine in goiter is so complicated that I do not feel that any advice should be given through a newspaper column. Some goiters respond well to it; others do not. It is for your doctor to decide. EDITOR'S NOTE: Scrvcn p»mphj«ta by Dr. Clen'leninfi: can now b« obtained by tending IS cent* In coin, tor each, act} * 6«3f*ai!drea3ttl envelope atamped iriih lb.-frfr.ocnt BLmj, to Dr. Logan ClendVn- Int. in CRT* of this paper. The pamphlet* aro: "Thrfr* "Weeki' lUducinK Diet", '·ln- diireatEoti and Constipation", "Reducfne · nil C.alnlnc". 'Infant Ffrfrdlnc". "In- ·trxictioos for th« Treatment at D!abet*s". T«cjimne Hysrieo«" and "The Care of tht Hilr and Sicln." Stockyards Has One Of (is Biggest Days One of the largest sales since its beginning v/as held by the Fayctle Stockyard Company at its Evans 1 Manor yard. Fifteen head of horses were oftered at auction. Cattle receipts were much heavier than average with a good demand. Sheep and lamb were in demand. The quotations Cattle (receipts good)--Conunon to good steers, to $8.75; common to good heifers, $5.50 to S7.50; common to good bulls, $6 to $7; medium to good fat cows, S5.25 to ?6.50; cutters, $4.50 Hlonessen Casre Toomcy. Monessen Kiwanis Club -will hold its annual junior basketball tournament Saturday, March 18. Eigteen dozen rabbits have been distributed in the mountainous regions of Fayette county as part o£ the game restocking program of the State Game Commission. The consignment was shipped from Strove, Mo. Would Refund Gas Tax. HAHRISBURG, Feb. 10.--A proposal to return one and a half cent o£ the four cents liquid fuels tax to counties, cities and boroughs was introduced by Representative John G. Check, Jr.,'Democrat, of Westmoreland. This would increase present payments by one-fourth of a cent and create a three-fourths cent subsidy to cities and boroughs to be used for road construction or maintenance. Gabriel Rogers Dies. Gabriel Rogers, 83, died Wednesday at his home at GastonviUe, Washington county. He is survived by three children, including Mrs. Carl Crosby of Connellsville, and 20 'grandchildren. Apples! Apples! 10,000 Bushels Must Be Sacrificed! Buy them by the bushel and save. "Wholesale prices at retail! GROIES QC GOLBKJf ............ bus. ODC GOLDEN DELICIOUS 1ms. Slayman Wlriesap, Black Twfe, Red Delicious, York Imperial, Kenard's, Winter Banana, Baldwin's, Winesap, R o m e Beauty, and other fruits arid veeetables priced to suit your pockeibook. Apple Juice ....... ...... . -- ......... gal. 25c Cider ..................... : ........... ........... sal. 25c Fresh Eggs ........... .-.....-.....:: ..... .. .doz. Z5c Potatoes .................. ....100 Ib., §1.25 Large size Potatoes, No. 1's ................. pk. 38c 38 Pcnn St., XIniontown, Ta. 666 Liquid-Tablets Salve-Nose Drops S A L V E Relieves COLDS Trice 10e 25c Repair Windstorm Damage! We Have AH Kinds For Ail Purposes. Get Our Price First! AY ALL r.U'ER -- GLASS -- LUCAS PAINTS 122 South Pittslmrg Street. Tlionc 341. to S5.25; bolognas, $3.75 to $4.50 fresh cows and springers, $50 to $60 per head. Calves (receipts good)--Good veals SU to $12.50; common veals, $8 to $10: heavy and thin, ?5 to S3. Hogs (receipts good)--Medium weights, $7.85 to S8.35, mostly $8 heavy weights, $7 to $S; sows, SB t S6.75; boars, $3.25 to S3; pigs, $2.5' to S(j per head. Sheep (receipts fair)--Lambs, $ to $9; bucks, $3.50 to $5.50; goo mixed, $3.50 to $5; common and culls 52.50 down. Poultry (receipts good)--Heav her.s and springers, 17 l-2c to 20 l-2c leghorns, 12c to 15 l-2c. Eggs (receipts good)--Case lots, 1 cases, 18c to 21c. BILIOUS? ^^Hfro la Amazing Rollef tar ons Duo to S!uagt«" Bowel» 11 you thlnl: all laxaxlvai RIIU. IBOruuKU. *c~ idflbla relic/ from urod lecUDS when jv TMJE or NR from your MIUIWM* ·----· unhurt. Make the tent--then U nac dalOiua. return the Boz to ua. We Wll reluna the purchase · -- T h a f a fair. - - i today. ' k£VTO*NIGHT |T\TOMO*»Ow*iaiCH QUICK RELIEF FOR ACID STREAMLINE 129 AV. APPLE STREET Over 100 Fine Values For All of February--in STEAMLINIH'S B I G A N N I V E R S A R Y S A L E JACK JILL DESS'TS 3 P1 ""-IQ VAN CAMP MILK 3 T a "l6 DOB FOOD 1M5i Caa ° "73 SALAD OIL IUUs " coo" Csl -7? PREMIUM CRACKERS Lb - p "'-13 CATSUP 3 BlBEottlei 2 5 SAL SODA pke. 5 CUT BEETS 4 B '«29 CORN WHITE 4^0.222 CORN Fua TcUow 4 N t - 2 29 PEAS 4 NO. s 2j PEAS BOSEDAXE No. 1 4 Caoa | g PANCAKE FLOUR 4 PI "* 19 PANCAKE SYRUP "'· 23 T£A Balada i£ -Lb. Brown g 3 Red 30 GHOCOLATE CHERRIES ££ 23 EQQ NOODLES 2«-P«B. |g SPLIT GREEN PEAS 4 Lt - 19 SNIDER FANCY PEAS 3 N a 2 25 TOMATOES 4 s "- 2 22 JOAN OF ARCS 4 N °- 2 29 ASPARAGUS HuaFFa 2 No - = 25 DEL MONTE CORN 2 N ° 2 I 9 LIBBY APPLE BUTTER 2 Q "-25 VIMCO "- 01 - 6 C TM 2 5 SLICED BEEF s-o«.Jnr 2 | ELBOW MACARONI z0 "- T9 GRAHAM C R A C K E R S "'.Boris PHILLIP M O R R I S w " p «- 13 L S PRESERVES =-".'"29 Except Strawberry and Raspberry. j Those Flae F Jt P Halve.* or . j W h , Peeled Apricots 2 B ' S 29 f P C m f i C T A u T ' 2 ^ 3 5 F P SLICED PEACHES Tal1 8 KAOOTA FIGS Bl!rC " IS DOLE PINEAPPLE 2 s l E 35 APPLE SLICES 4 N o - a 25 PURE HONEY 5 Ib. can 49 SCOTT TISSUE 4 K °»"25 SCOTT TOWELS 3*°"* 25 CUT-niTE WAX PAPER 125FL 14 MATCHES 6B°*«| 7 HYGIENE TISSUE n °"3 SUNBRITE 4 C ""IS SAN1 FLUSH DRANO BRILLQ 2 Sma11 or 2-IN-l POLISH HOP HANDLE IVORY SOAP Mrf - Medium POTATOES Large TANGERINES Iccberff LETTUCE Juicy GRAPE FRUIT 2 n ,, 33 15 IO-OZ. (J /}Ctt«i | 3 3 Lt) 35-0=. i Qt., 0 4S-OZ. | ARM HAMMER LOG CABIN SYRUP SLICED DILLS JkRQE DILLS SWEET PICKLES "· 23 HEINZ GUC. PICKLES 2 J «"35 PEANUT BUTTER Dujr ' 2 L "-29 PASTRY FLOUR|2 RICE PUFFS or WHEAT 4 pltl! «- IS PIS FEET ««"· 85 LARQE LENTILS 4"-IS WHOLE CUTS-- FOR THE OVE.V CHUCK ROAST "17 MORREL'S QUALITY SKINLESS WIENERS Lb 19 QUALITY STEEU BEEP ROUND ROASTS lb -27 01! SWISS STEAK -- - - SMOKED--SHORT SHANK SMOKED PICNICS "' 15 OAHEFT3LI.Y SELECTED FRESH EGGS a^'SS HADDOCK FILLETS 2 "* 23 ALt FISH--SO WASTE GO S T R E A M L I N E T/ie Save Way Velvet Rugs .-- 9x12 Axminster Rugs ...... Wilton Velvet Rugs Pelt Base Rugs, 9x12 Velvet fcltatr dj-j *1Q Carpet ^l./-i»/ Act now! We are starting the third week of our Great February Sale. The sale that offers you everything! M $15-°° On This New Elect nc SALE PRICE $69.50 Less Allowance .$15.00 You Pay ? Yes, there's $15 waiting for your, old washer when you trada it for this-new FAULTLESS! Every efficiency feature . . . extra large .porcelain tubs, famous MULLJNS balloon, -type wringer . . . at the Ibwest- everprice! Extra Specials! Venetian Mirrors large Size s3.49 Smart modern mirrors. Oval style without Irame. Three Corner Wall What-Nor Racks '2.25 Walnut finish. THAT Starts a Home What other valentine so beautifully expresses lore, devotion, sincerity, as this Lane Hope Chest, in which her home really sours? You'Efind exactly the chest you want in oar display of taoeSilver Jubilee values--each guaranteed absolutely mothproo£ ' i«chcd walnut stump center panel tnd --· :J 'j C j^. atct)cd ^otrtWKlwalnut on either s inded br-cepuiae marquetry. Automatic ??

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