The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 15, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNKLT.SV1L] .E, PA. S A T U R D A Y , F K B l ' U A R Y 35, 1930. P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N Regal Negligee t'rpjS Fri*bec is elov/ly rerovenns .rum torwilftis from which bo has sut- lered for move than a week He Is ib!e t" alt up part of fits tim* Blno Sea! Cleaner, bt»n cleaner sold ' K d w a ' d Baei, funeral hard-waro, 51S Wost Crawford avenue-- Advertisement --15 lfb-St-eod. j Mrf- Elmei Friend ve-nt to McKeefc- Tort thus morning to visit relatives over Sunday. j MlKa Mar.' Elizabeth Smtitz, instructor of art in the Sc nthmont Hi?h School at Johnstown. it, spending the wwik-ond w i t h her pirents, Mr. ami K. J, Smutz of liast Cedai a\e- Mr«. C. B Wiiltara.s of York avenue spent yesterday In Pi'Usburg. Mrs, Harry Lewis and son. Billy, of North Sixth street, '.Vest Side, were Pltt/iburj? visitors todiy. Mrs, J. B. Coughrnour of Confiu- enco was here this morning, on her waj to Xw lOnsmj.ton. to visit her Aunt Het "1C a. woman iaves ;i n au enough, ·the tells him about lie past, but a mau never tells- a wi man about his meanness unti! 1 a'» got to where he don't care wluit she t h l r k s about him." Miss Frances Doo ley. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. b. Doovley of L,emont and a granddauKhter of MT. and Mrs. P. J. Tormay ot I'illcreBit, is convalescing after an uuack of pneumonia. Mr. Doorle ' la superintendent ol the It. C' VMcK plant at Lemont. Mrs. S. It. Goldsmith of Wills road w a ? calling on Uniontown friends yesterday. Mi'W Marie K Yocng of West Crat u d avenue wai t h e guest ol Mr^. S. t . (tauter ot Uuiotitown Friday af- xcmooti and eveninf;. Miss Elizabeth Vuislcy, Miss Louise (Vi-\-in and Miss Mury Coyne motored in J/niontown last T i g h t and attended t h p N. K. h A. dance. Miss Mary L.OU RUey ot Youngwood v, v' the t?ues( of !pr u n c l e and aunt, !:· and Mrfc. H, O. Mlnerd of West Ureen stroet over i Ight. She attended tl r Valentine dam o at the State AT- ^^ ^ The " MiVs Mane i.ou^rbark of Favetlc l^ANKINO. China. Fe h rwi, w e n t to 1' ttuburg this after- Js *U last to have a pi noon to spond the week-end w i t h Mrs, t dehude Hprluger. Mrs. Hoy B. Otlo c-t Kist Crawford »v t -!iup was cutlcil to NANKING Will HAVE MODERN WATER SUPPLY Re.soroir and JDistributJon Contemplated. DESPERADO ESCAPES COLORADO STATE PRISON BY SLIDING DOWN ROPE I . y U n i t e d P i c i f C'AXON CITY, Colo . Feb J,"i --Wlth- iii t h e raiifw ol viblon of iunliedt ol convic is mid cunvd't, Iji'v) f»V Mcfitnlv '2\i, escaped today fiom Penitentiiuj lie scaled I ho south aid of a rope on top of tlie wall. Tho rope wi-, lx Is- w i t h i n an h o u r a l t e r (lie escape, v t h o k revealed MoCilnty \t tho ml ' minsing c o n v i c t Ho was, known as i denperado nod was i.uepucted At oj · t i m e ot having conceived (he b!oo y m u t i n y at tho p e n i t e n t i a r y la t October }lj w«fc £l*olved of that su - pk'ion, ho*e\»r, bv tne lornmiieM' n w h i v h investigated the intiuriection. I I with th' 101(1 u. hool pi Gsumal 35. -Nanking ^ t - l e n l a j m o r n i n g by Dip illness ol tern like any other mo-lera city in the world. i««ist Lrawtorti Kor centuries past. Nanking reei- Orrrllle. Ohio, | dents have been eonti nt to get their a u n t , Mrs W Tlarp^r. Mrs. JI.up.-v - M , Mr-, . n e n u e a. s i n t c i of Mrs Otto,-, raolh- J. P. Bu*e of E,i«t Crawford The telegram stated that ah* 3 ery poorly Mlis E U a n o r Penn, si registered i i i it 'it WiiMiin {ton. I f , w i l l ur- i . v f here toinor'ow \inorniag for ii visit w i t h hoi parents, Mr. and Mrh. II E. Prnn o£ No;th Arch street. Her b r o t ' i e . Cl'iirle-* Penu, of Aliquippa, also us v i s i t i n g v ith las paionts. Koj P. Otto n turned f i o m A t l a n t i c City, \ v h i . o lie e Clouded a Lumention of l j enn»% 1-vvini i-Atluntic Seaboard Association. While 111 the Kd«t he visited IT Philadelphia, where ho «-a.s the KHC it of Tttv. W. II. Me- JUiin, foniierly v'. GEORGE B. SNYDER DIES IN SOUTH DAK. AS RESULT GAS EXPLOSION water troin wluiteve could find near at source t!toy A wagon load of river water from tl e Yaugteze outside the city was a lu ury and beyond the imagination of rn^ny a well-to-do but t h r i f t y citizen, tc say nothing of tbou-tands of bis breth on of tho poorer Welis, shallow ;m producing only « u r f a r e water w h i c h IB unsuitable for d r i n k i n g purposes, h ivo been a chief wntet suppl Kveu filthy Htagnant ponds aie re-sorted o. It its not an u n f a m i i a r stgnt to \ itnes.a a woman washing the famil) r -c and vegetables right next to some one foundering dirty clothing at tbe ««ue pond' Then came a chain o. The o«tab!teh.-- ment of the Natiooa' Capital hero has not o n l y brought a great Influx of population but also more enlightened Idea^. More and tn re the inadequacy] of tho water supply and the need of a j public water system are being felt. I n , order to gjve inini'di.itf relief, deep artesian wellh huvo been drilled in tho crowded section" o* the- city by t h e ! -- j K p e i ! l Municipal (.overnment. River j Owx-go B Snvd«v, pioprietor of the water is also traiutj orted into tho city Speurflsh L u n c h i:i Spc-arflsh, South in t a n k s ^a the y railway, and le 1-a.kota, died s uik'nlj on January 15 sold to t«e public f / the wtigon load. OHIMMISRINO satin and airy lac* O are combined to give thta rrare- fxit negllfreo tbo regal touch. Th» bodies Bfction in of (ace. also tha Jowo.' part of the «!eeve» cut In wit!*, boil shape, tho upper jp»rt belnt of tha aattn Tbo front of the skirt «octlon !· eut !n fijU. pJrcular .ourilon, and In tit tho right Bid*. Tho back us the result 01 a gas explodon which tccurr"d In l i l t plaoc of business tbo day rhrj»tnm=5. Ho Bci'f"ly burner' in th" month t h a t ho i o i i l U not takr^ aotii! food, hut con- tni'io 1 to H O M O his rustoin«rh. While MJ t « r a s ; e d h 1 was btrickeu with a f ( v « ; r o r-il" in tits che«t which caused l i l t death before medital aid could be niioironei! Both Mi ot yder an! his w i f e , Mrs ' o M. snyder. a c'avghlcr of Iull7.aleth Hurst, had many j. in t h U section Ho vfan born in M i l t o n . Fa , 21. 18»3 and to Mor tana in t!)17. In 1923 ho a groccrj jtoro lii Rapid at 40 c«ntb a load In order to solwi the probJom in a more permanent v Ay, tho Immediate insta.iation of a p iblic water syutem was i e l t urgent. T speed up the project. Mayor Liu ''hi-tvon appointcni somo time ago .1 comtnuifiiou to matco definite preparatio ta for the organization of a public water works. It IB recently annouuccd by King Shaechu, head of the corami «!on. tliet piana are now being compk'ed for an early In- etallation of the water system. The watur supply will bo taken from the Yangtsze River a Ittlo ways upstream vo i.s to avoid tht llthy discharge from RENEWS DRIVE TO PROTECT WORKERS A slatc-wkle fcurvey to dl.ic-\er em- ployerd who liavo failel to take out fompensr.lion for their v,orkeru wilt be fctiirUd by state factory workers, it has bjen announced by Secretary Peter Gl ck, ol the ncpartment of La!or and Industry. The survey will be followed Immediately by prot-ecutlona ot violalorn of the compeiiMitlon l a w . Harry D Imrcel, director of the bureau of inspection, IB cooperating in tho f.urvty with William II. Horiier, director of the Bureau of SVorkmen's Compenjadon. RocenUy the Department of Labor and Industry has been tulVbv'.'d of d!»- tre««ln? caew in which injured workeri were left without r*dre«8 be- catihc cinployera carried no compefl- halion insurance, and the employers' linanrti.l status pr-ecluded the- powiib- ility of tbe injured employe obtaining judgment for damage*. Th* tompon- tation law requires that r-very worker, except farm haml«, domestic f,erv«uita and casual employes, be protected by compensation lmurinca carr)el by the eraplojer. C*aaual «mp!oytient Is de- flned es work not in line with the rcg-, ular businet*) of tho employer. Th, workmen's compensation Jwv provl3es ub a p e n a l t y for titiluro to carry ·ompeisHution intuiariec a flno of from :'100 !o ?500 or imprisonment for not more than six months, or toth, at the discretion of the court. SOUTH CONNELLSVILLE FIREMEN MEO'TUESDAY TO SELECT UNIFORMS Between .!() and 10 nniforcn« w i l l be ! purchased by tho South Oi nnellsv lie I Volunteer Five Depiutment A meeting has l*wn called for Ti IR- day ereninK at w h i c h time i h t ifiroi ion will fvclex-t the colov and m iki- ot ' ill- Conn s A ser.fs of card p a n i c s if hi ing tonduuti'd lo raihe fur.ds to paj' for the uniforms. SNOW OR RAIN, WEEK'S WEATHER OUTLOOK liy U n l i c J J ' r c a i . \VA«in\GTON, Pfb. T. -- The w p . i H u r outlook U\ the peri*/* of February 17 to 2i i: N'ortli arid M'dd e Atlantic *5 at«, snow or rain over north portion Monday night and Tuesday !ini ov? en- tirf fioction Wc'lni-Mlay or Tbn sday and again U the -nd of t! e week Cold ol the beginning mod«ratlnjt Tue dfty; colder, \VcMlnP8finy tind wurtnoi th*j lattor part of tho wtiek ov«r toiifh portion MINE WOFiKERS TO REORGAN IZE , i K^'UINOFlKIvD, III.. JVb 1 Will-' tr Ni Hiiil ot th« reorg- Miiatio otn- miUMj JHSued a ( a l l totmy for an in- t^rnutional convmr.on of tho L'nit/wl Mhi* Worker*. f Atn^r'ca f »r th« ptirpote of adoTitlriK a n-w c nstStu- tlon and olwtlug inttrnatlon 1 cor }. Thf nil aslf i. dt*I-gat"A to m Jt 10 The Quarter A BLE TTENTIVE GGRESSIVE C USY ANKEFS ECAUSE we arc AREFUL OURTEOUS . ONSERVATIVE This One for All and All for One Policy Gives FIRST--LAST and ALWAYS ABSOLUTE SAFETY to every depositor, stockholder and customer We respectfully invite your business O t t . So. l » k . where i n i t i l ?onnj D Spoarflsh. of the Episcopal Church. remained i "'° cit - y - A b ' K r aervoir will ie con- Ho was a, j s^ucted in tho hi ly di*trict Inside tho Wei)t Gale where 'he elevation and tho He i.s survived )i five hrothpra and on-e in Henn^ylvanici. He ii tho llapld City cemo- S J F U O his death his businpsw has sold and his wife and her moth- ·!· h a v e loniovod to Hs«id City wher« t t u v w i l l m.tko ih^ir homo. Nctitiled bj hteani. \i-\v i o n Sullwa-gou o£ Broad Ford v\a-- u U i u l f U ' d to I 10 ConneilBvitie H t . i i o llosuilttl Friday afternoon tor t u a l m m t ( t' acalda ot tho legs ro- cc.M-d t u m i htcnm coming from a pips i )!,uU of A Ovorholt Comat Hi wd Fold, whore he Is. em- d ' t i c injury is not serious it Son M ni to Lemont Famllr. \ ««n iv.ift born Thursday rooralng in t l i o 1'nifnitown Hospital to Mr. and M r » . Heur McCiloii of I*cuont. o u r ""want" OPENING TODAY "~"~""wV """""" 153 W. Crawford Ave. The New Display Room of the WHITE SEWING MACHINE CO. of C. Davis A St wiug Scliool, under tit* 1 auspices nt tho White S''V/Iug Machine Company Ii* now in progress at Nelson's Every purchaser of a White Sewing Machine 16 01 titled to this course without charge. contour of tho la id make the location most suitable for tho purpose. Tenders are already invited for tho ontiro plant of tho uair works. It ie cx- pr-tel that bofo 'e long, the capital w i l l be supplied *ith pure water. ENGINEERS LEAD,IN NUMBERS AT "STATE" More student, at tho Pennsylvania State College are Interested in engineering than In any other profession, flguree compile I by tho registrar reveal. Next to t'ie School ot Engineering, wlih its eniollruont of 1,119, comes the School ot Uboral Arte with 941, agriculture raiklng third with 705. The two courses under liberal Arts, while totalling second in tha college, rank flrst wh n compared with the other coareas offered in tho college. Commerce and finance leadi with 472 ntudoTits aryd arUi and letters staude a clo«« second-w itb 469. The next most popular caurs is electrical engineer- Ing with 358. Forestry has the greatest number ot students in the School of Agriculture 113 being enrolled. 'Whilo most of the men are taking engineering c mrees, mot of the coeds, 438, are i nrolled in the School of Education. Of these 27S are taking tha coure? in edi cation, 158 home economics, and t vo nature education. Mining for Oil Instead of Drilling Mining for «ii lustftiwl of lrilliiiR: hon oeoit 8ugg'j«tcl to a group of Pen nty Ivan la oil operate r-j hy Prof. C. A. Donine, head of the !(i)iirtmont of goolngy at the PctuiHylvaiila SUito (JoIU-Bc. The alvantaRp of mining, Professor Bonine pointed out, arc tho cxtnction of v i r t u a l l y all ot the ro- covcrablo oil, nt more economical pro- cech re after the initial oxpcndlturc, anrl a prcalcr control ovr (he Jic-lcl. Difficullicw of oil mining, the I'enn State goologrisL ,sill, havo beo-n inrgcly ovrcoine. OarclcBsnosti constitutjvi the greatest menace because th« wor)t ia jiertormed in an atmosphere heavy w i t h p;aa. The chief advantage of oil m i n i n g compoj-od with drilling, that of taking from one thirxl to twice a« ciuch oil from a fieM, i roc«lvlng careful cona) deration ae th-e uupplyi Uirninishos. One- oil rnino is being operated bucscsafully in Europe now, he said. Professor I3onino advanced tho miu- in j euggcsUoii at a meeting of tho Pi tnoteum Production Advisory Board to the School of Mineral Induetricti of the college. At the same time the' IX'ttrd considered tentative plans for oil and gas research oonfoience at S'ate College when the new Mineral Industrie*, building is dedicated next .Uis Mary ):. ITHIront U» ,«. Miss Mary Kl'a Wli'Tont, G years old. ditMl Friday at the home of her brother, A. O U i l ' r o u i of Uni tnlowu. She hsitl r«tdcxi »t C a s ^ e l m i n tinHl last O tober, « h e n she U«at« in Un- tontowu HcHidi's her brothi" in Uu- iontown, nho 1s snrrh'eci by in-other, W T. WlHroji of Casseijnan JMBH. K L E A N O K H )Y Coj-seUerc, inager, re and o your equirc- ittlngs, loraina! agonta a belts --XELSON'N Corset Drpf,, 2nd Fit or. Mrs. lElranor Poy, n buyer and graduate ctirsoti medical fitter, vrill atiend persona) iit^'Us und corset mentB includiag maternity hernia and modi-al ab support" \V arc cxclusiv in C'onni-ll'-T il- for Oatup WEYERHAUSER, TIMBER KING, DIES IN INDIA i: 1 cutcd II-C,H ST. I'Al L, Minn , !-b. i3.-~( hailea A VV'tfyerbm ser, t;i, iuilHoua.iri lum- "bt'i-ouin ttinl on!roller of tho country's gre^twt tirii ier teBourees. .11?[1 todttj at Bombay, India, hitj oiftce here- \\arf informed, Aunounce'uont of the death soaohod hero In a cablegram troni Frederick BiKolo*, R nember of the p^rty with w'hith tho 1 imb«r man V.UR m a k i n g a (our of the Sales of Slate Gained *ln Quantity and Value The value of. tho slate eold at tho (Carries of the United Stales in 1929 was $10,868,000, according to estimates Jurnlshed "by producers to the United 'Hates Bureau of Mince, This was five uor cent lees than flic value reported 01 1928. The roofing tskitc sold in 1920, estimated at 141,000 squarea, valued at $4,830,000 decreased nine por cent in q u u n t i t y uiul 14 per ( ent in vtiliw over 1!)2^. This represent*! a decrease of 7C cents in th-c average v:ilue pel squtiro. ThH di'n-ease vvrw) largely in ihe New York-Vennont district where tho C'StlmtiUHl bulos amounUy.1 to 14S,- 500 squares, -valued at $2,OJl,OOO t ,i (it'crtiiso of 19 pin- cent in quantity. The sales of roofing sala in Peunsyl- vani^v wan s«Mmated at 243,000 squarcn, at 71,!)50,000. a decraeo of five cftut in rmantity. There was an 111 isales oC Virginia and Maluo r EAST ir. WE rr w i e n the t» xlii -- old m a n Wind a i d Erop- ei ,y meet -- uid twist, In proportion, Windstoicaa do as many dollars damage ID ihe East, as Tornadoes do In the V 'est. Last year 185 whidstorms ^and tornadoes destroyed prop rty, country-wide, worth $13,000 000. The speed of the w nd in the ·wicked heart of a ton ado is between 200 and 1500 mil 1 a an hour. You can't run that f at to get away from one, ao tell us to rush the delivery of that windstorm policy fo)t you--now- before the Blow bits you. J. IICNAI.D PIRTER Insurance---33 Years First National Ba ik BIdgr. I'hono 768 RADIATOR WELDING A damaged radiator meaas money leaks in. your driving coats. There's danger in a broken auto radiator. We can repair it perfectly and economically. Try it! Baker's Garage Phone 1394 South 7th Street, Where the Western land Crosses tho Pennsylvania H. It. Feb.17 OANS to $ 300 It You Need Money for Any Emergency SEE US Fayette Loan Company Title Trust Bldg., 6th Floor. Coanellsville, Pa. Telephone 244 - 86G Bonded U tho State. Monda y, Tuesday, Wednesday Sixteen love-»tarv« men in grueling Mibmariue service . . » o whom shore leave laeant only ono thing . . . who took: their fun as they found it, in d their women as they found them . . . who faced death with t h e names of women on their lips. FOX-fiOXY MOVIETONE 1HTELOPBA9L1 "OF SCBWAHINU THRILLS 'Men Without Women' With Kenneth Mu 'Kenna. Farrcll MacDonald. Walter McGrail, Paul Page. Another thrilling, dronia.tio, all-tnlktui? masterpiece directed by John i'ord, "Pholoplay'e" gold-medal winner for the best picture- of 19IS. ' Thursday, Friday, Saturday What a woman w,?! do for lovr' Here is winsome Winnie put- tatg over Uer lato it song hits in her own Inimitable style. THE ORIGINAL "GOLD DIGGER OF BROADWAY" Winnie Lightner 'She Couldn't Say No' With Chester Morris, Sally Kilers, Tully Marshall and Johnny Arthur. If you .jaw Winnie Ijightner In "Cold Diggers" you'vo been waiting for her next--hero it is! A Warner Bros.i VIU- ithono nll-tnlldnp, all sfnciiiK ser ii MlpNICHI PREVIfW }CV{RY SUNOAY . /V/'6W'.4 DOORS OPEN J *a .'d/ A./Vf Hostick, fScliletliiger Company Federal und State Taxes .Accountant* and Auditors ld!5-20 Park Building rittsbargh, Pa, NIGHT EXCURSION TO Washington AND SUNE»AY February 16 Round $5 .OO Trip CONN ELLSTIJ.LE Y!11 I/cat e a , 1:35 A. M. · Consult Ticket Agents BALTIMORE OHIO Building Supplies SAND GHAVKL PLASTJ5B LINK, ETC. We carry a complete line of liigh grade building material at ail times and best market prices. Consolidated Coal Supply Co. McConuIck Avcnae, onnelhllh, I'u. Plioue 1700. MJLE-A-MJ VUTE MARTY --BY- ·WertlK'imcr Motor Co., W. Crawford A-venue. cee, NSW" Y O O THAT O*- 6-fS.' -IT .\ FE INTO THIS B0\ _eR OF I'lA AFT5AIDOF THIS C A T ? AT WERTHEIMER MOTOR CO. -rND P6P- T H A T 11)28 M8» x Coupe 1027 H n p mobile Sedan 1928 C'ha idler Sedan We've lieara or all kinds of fuela calculated to put new Hff into autonu- hiles. That's great stuff--unless o ie knows where to buy t h « auos t h a t way! ('handler Touring 1027 Studeliaker Coupe 192» Dodge Touring

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