The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 15, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1930
Page 5
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ISATTTRTM V, FEBBTTAT-TT TT, THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEJL ..SVILLE, PA. PAGE FIVE. The Good Physician T i "Brass T;icks" on the Sunday School Lesson ,j Che 50t6ett (Text "Himielf took our infirntitiet, and bare «ur tickn* IM«."---Mat. th*w 8J7. liy DR. ALVIN E. BELL Having laid down tho basic priu- iples of his kingdom in tl'c Sermon on tho mount, the Kins; pioceeds to demonstrate hi; rit'ht to ho claim to kingship bv g v m g illustrr.Uom of his royal p o w e - in eveiy conceivable realm. In tho realm of dneaso he proves his k i n g s h i p by las cure oT leprosy, palsy and fevt-r; in UK realm of the deep by «tilllti? the tempest on Uallle-o, in the r»alm of demons by casting the evil spirits, out of th5 demoniacs of Oadarea; In tho realm ot deity by absolving thf paralytic of his tdns; in Ihe realm of death by raisin? to litL v , the daughter of Jairus; and in the tt,ilm ot darkness by openin - the eyes of t w o blind men. What t-iedentials of royalty these are, that the Lord Jesus offers to prove his royalty in every realm --disease, deep demon-*, deity, death and clarkneh-i. The Golden Kej of Fnith. Th" key tha opened tho royal 'reas'ires to tli King's bcneticiaries was the golden key of t'alth' "Ixrd, il' thou wiit, t t u u canst make me ( l e a n " "Speak (he word only, and my s e r v a n t s5i,t!l be healed " "Lord, '-ave us, we ucrish ' '.Jesus seeing I heir f a i t h si'd Son, bo of good (heer: thy sins bo forgiven thee;" "My daughter 1« even now dead, but i ome and lay thy hand uiwn her, and she nhall l u c ; " "It I m u y but touch his garment E shall be w h o l e , ' "Be- '.leve ye that 1 am able to do t h i s ? The blind me i said unto h i m , Yea. i.ord." So in \ e r y case, f a i t h oponed t h e treasures of tha r elies of tho K i n g as lie responded. ' I w i l l ; be ihou clean," "I have iiot found so Kreat faith n i, not in Israel:" "As thou hast beli-ved. so IK it done un!o Hice rh . f a i t h Ifith inadt* thee whole," "Acn rding to jour faith, be it unto you." Tho Inihiblc Illustrated, Our Lord's chief object in a/I iiis miracles was to i) UIK a spiritual, rather than a phys.eal blessing. The miracle was necoss iry to project the invisible upon tho .creen of tho \ife- ib!o. This id best shown in today's lesson on the heall^s ot the paralytic, whose four friends. with undaunted faith, tore an open! ig in the roof and lowered their help ess, but believing triend into the pre; snco of Jeans. The I'hrsiekiH At Work. Like a/good ph; aician, Jesus dis- tinKuished instantly between that which was merelj symptomatic. A patient with a SOT knee often has his basic ailment n it in his knee, but in his teeth So here, a man IB brought to tho fJo d Physician to be treated for palsy, md "Jesus seeing thoir faith said u n ' o the sick of the palsy: Son, bo of good cheer; thy sins be forgiven hee." Tho Physician's critics iiltt ing by wero entirely logical in thi ir reasoning when they came to tlf'ii conclusion. "Thid inaii biasphemelb." for -"Who can forgive sins but God done?" The f a u l t lu th»ir logic was that their major premise wa.s wron; . in that it described Jesus as i icrely "this man," whereas, he was 0 d as well as jnan, as he proceeded o demonstrate to them; "Wherefore think ye evil in your hearts? For whether is easier to say, Thy sins b i forgiven thee, or to say. Arise, and vvalk? But that ye may know that til · Son ot Man nath power on earth to forgive sins, (Then saith ho to the B ck ot the palsy,) Arise, take up thj bed, and KO unto thine house." Our need ot Him realized only as ve appreciate that we ar spiritual!- sick, for "They that are whole b ive no* reed of a physician, but the/ that are nick." (The Internatio) al Uniform I*esson for February 16 t Matt., 9:1-K!; tho subject boing. "J 'susi Healing and Helping" and the Golden Text, Matt, 8:J7, "Himself t ok our infirmities, and bare our disc THREE-WEEK REVIVAL AT EVERSON WILL BE OPENED ON SUNDAY REVIVAL SERVICES BEGIN SUNDAY NIGHT AT FIRST U.B. CHURCH Revival ser icfs w i l l begin at the Evereou I ' l i l t P i Brethren Church Sunday uid contii uo for tlm-e weeks with a service eacl evening -excepting Saturday, at 7:30 Rev. Pau) JF. Alickfy of Phillisburg, will be the evangelist. Rev. Mickey has had sever U ycart, of experience in t'vangelietlc work and hau had eucct'hn iM a. "soul vfii ner." Tho pastor, Rev. G. E. Householder, M ill have chtt p go of the singing. Rov, "«~ Householder was associated with ROY. AHckey in evangelistic work bctoro hoi catered the u Inletry as A pastor, and has had expenonco o« a gospel iwiif,- loader. A largo chorus choir will render special select onu nightly. A chorus w i l l eing on spochif 11 Tho Sunday ichool ore Int.! ra uwlor the lader.shi(' of Etnanuel JVlulik iviil ^ play Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday pvoniugs of e ich week d u r i n g the i c- \ ival. Tom Filer, blind singn-r of Altxiin, \vill sing tho List week ot t h r me - t - ; iug«. Mr. Fllor is well k n o w n in thte ' locality. The public s Invited to attend t!i«eo services-. Two wcoks of r he niH'jHd at tlie ren Church Sum! o'clock. There w unaer the dlrectk* holm of UnlontON choir Jtov. E. A. Sclni speak the opening Grip." Thero will be s but Saturday. -viva! sorvicpa will -Mrbt United Breth- y evening at 7:30 M be special music i of Mrs. F Sagor- n, director of tho 'tz, tho paBtor, will night on "Tho Lost rvices cucii evening SUNDAY SCHOOL ATTENDANCE NOW AND YEAR AGO MEMBER OF FISHER CABINET WILL SPEAK AT U. P. CHURCH SUNDAY Dr. C. G. J nljn, ot A«*l- j c u l t u r e of ti State, w i l l .speak rfuu day at H o': "ck at thi Firht I'mttvl Presbyterian flurch on Ki\v oi't'oice- j merit. rr .lordai 1 s a m i n i s t e r of the 1'u-s- Byteriaii C h u r c h and a l e c i u r e i of j note. Tho following ti daiico in the Hiu city last Sunday compiled by the terial Association Church of the Broi xChurch of Gc-d Covernanter . .. First Baptiet First Chrietlau _ First Evangelical Methodist Episco Methodist Protest xPrcabyterian United Brethren xxUnlted Presbyt xGreeiiwx)d Metl xHIghland Baptle 1 Mount '/Mm Baptii xPayne A f r i c a n I\' xliocky M o u n t Ba German Lutheran Salvation Army . ble dhowe the o.tten- clay schools of the and a year ago, «is Oonncllsvillo Minis- hren ..... 110 al int rlan odist _ _ _ t B. list . .. 7P. __189 __17 ...178 ...322 ._245 __270 -2G5 70 tf)0 IBS 178 320 274 40 ___ 50 16 36 x T r l u l t y Luthera _ xTritiity Rpformei _ Tro'tor Communi y . _ ,. ^i) , x Indicates no eport received. xxlndicflteg rep irt not available. SERMON SUNDAY NIGHT TQ SCOUT TROOPS OF CITY Will Ho lcJherel at Christian Chnrch by I'aistw, Rev. K. r . Duty. PARENTS, FRIENDS ARE INVITED The annual terniou tn I he Boy Scouts of the city, a part of ihe anniversary week program, will bo delivered at the C'hriMK'ui ( lmr«h Sunday evening: by the pastor, Rev. K\i- sjene X. Duty. Tho three Protestant troops--Nos. 1, 5 and 8-- will attend Other Scouts who w i s h to come aro invited and w i l l be given a hearty welcome, the minister announced. Parents and friends of the boys are tnvjted. The 2 Uh anniversary of Scouting- in tho United States has just been observed. The program for the occasion I": Orgari prelude. Hyrnr 45, !ord' i Prayer. Scrip! nre reading Prayr r. Hymn 493. Scout oath and 'aw, led by Scoutmaster J. M. Southard, Jr., of Troop 8. Offert ory prayer Offertory and chant--"All Things Come to Thee, Oh J^ord." Anthem. Sermon, "The Be«tt A t t a i n m e n t s of Boyhood." Ilyni'i 2SS. Sconi benediction, "May the Great .Scoutmaster of A l l ' Ciood Hcouts He With t b, Till Wo Meet Again " Orgai postlude BOY SOPRANO SUNDAY EVENING AT FIRST METHODIST CHURCH How ird Ober of Moness««, 11 years old, w 11 fling at tho evening service of the Firwt Methodist Episcopal Churcl on Sunday. He has a remarkable soprano wice. Betide« hie three solos, he choir will render a number of selections Tho pastor, Dr D, R. Graham, will make ii special appeal to young people in hte Sermon, "How Youth Wins BattU*." Tbe sermon subject for the morning serric la "The Simplicity of Je*u« " Mill Run Revival Will End Tomorrow; Sixty Conversions Si.vly decisions are reported n the revival al M i l l H u n . Tins afternoon Hio young poo to meet with Or. ('. J. Fox at lh of J-rvlii MouiHriin f o ducuss pluns. Tonight is Suiithiv t.ohno asi-cs Mtt The- ova "Second l teachers anil ijclhrr In tho sen i|oi w i l l .speak upon th of Christ." H« will 'albo tell 111 of his conversion. Tomorrow is the- clos ng clay campaign, Tho two congre will meet at 11 A. M to hear ih. givo his sermon on "Th of Cfod." At 2:,id 1'. M Dr. F spcalc upon "A Straight JU Amusement." This address h» pronounced by men, gioat pn as the onn over heard OH t Ject. Tho closing service- oC tho will be at 7:30 P. M., 'vith UK go-list using as his theme "T pardonable Sin." 1e are home life's n i g h t Jg to- igelist omlng story of the atlons e-van- LrOVO x will ok at ; been .tellers «! sub- ·avtval evan- fr U«- BRIDGEPORT REVIVAL SERVICES WILL Bl, OPENED SUI (DAY MOUNT PLEASANT, Feb. 3 '..--Revival meeting*; at 1he Ji'rue M thodist Church at Bridgeport will bog u Sunday night and will continue uj til further notice. Mn. Iluth Rh me of Buckeye will liavo ( haige of t) o singing. There will bo preuchln each, night. The public IH invited, Tho pastor, Ilev C'. S. Ha { irdsou, will le assisted by ot ioi' pat ore. Classified Advertisement Bring pauita vrfcjon placed in ho columns of Ttoo Dally Courier. EVANGELICALS WILL BEGIN REVIVAL Evangelistic services will bo opened Sundav evening at thr Kvangelical Church at South Conncllsville, with the pastor, Hev. M. H. Tyson in charge. There will be a service each night of the week, Special Sunda/ Evening Servic 3 i FIRST M. £. CHURCH 7:30 P. M. Howard Odbert !; Boy Soprano--Three Solos Musical Numbers by -he Choir. Short Sermon Subject: "How Youth W ns Battles" IMMODEST DRESS SEVERELY SCORED BY POPE PIUS Pontiff Also Frowns on Women Taking Part in Athletic Contests, LETTER SENT TO THE CLERGY Hy U n i t e d Press. VATICAN CITY, Feb. 15.--In addition to scoring immodest Caehiona «ia "i scourge contaminating tho honeel, human community," Pope Piue" latest instruction*, to Unman Catholic clergy voice renewed opposition to feminine athletic contests. Parents aro urged to keep their daughters from participation la public athletic events and, it they should bo forced to attend, to see- that they are decently dressed. Heade ot religioue schools and educational Institutions aro advised to exclude improperly dressed girls, aad to refuse to admit tho girls' mothers if they, too, are indecently garfrsd 'when they call upon their daughters. FORTY-HVE MEMBERS OF STAR JUNCTION S.S. WILL BE OVEN AWARD'S · Forty-five memberts of the Methodist Episcopal -Sunday School at Star Junction who mode attendance records last year will be honor guests of the church at a special service at 11 o'clock Sunday. Pina will be awarded. The pastor, Rev. B. C. Linn, will epeak on "The Church as a Body." In the evening another interesting program hn« 'been arranged. There wili be special music to liven and brighten the- service. The sermon subject, "Life"*, Investments," will be illustrated with motion picturee. WILLARD MEMORIAL SERVICES ON SUNDAY AT MOUNT PLEASANT MOUNT PLEASANT, Feb. 15.--The Frances E. Willard Memorial service of the W. C. T. U. will be held at the Free Methodist Church Sunday attar- noon at 2:30 o'clock. The W. C. T. TJ. will attend In a body. A full houee Is expected. Rev. C. S. Richardson will deliver the sermon. Tbe fnibject wills be "Tho Need of the Hour." Visitors. .1. H. Henderson and J. P. Bute of Connellsvllle, and Georg» C. Bute of Aurora, Neb., -who is viaiting friends In Fayette county, visited at the home of W. F. Bute of North Oawson on Wodneeday. rr^ IHE NEW DURANTS ARE JVOW ON- DISPLAY The public lias aw dted the appearance of these cars with great inti rest. · People have been eager to see what type of motor car would « produced by the veteran executives who I? it year assumed control of Durant Motors. A P P E A R A N C E P E R F O R M A N C E C O M F O R T V A L U E Those familiar wi these men expectf tion to better mot seen the cars agre pectations have b We cordially invi to experience the h the past achievements of d a distinguished contribu- iring. And those who have ! that even their highest ex- en surpassed. e you to examine them and , pleasure of a demonstration. You twill appreciate then how thoroughly they exemplify e ;ery iundamental of motor car excellence-- Appearance, Performance, Comfort, Value. I Nation vide Radic Prog run every Sunday at 7 p. m. (Ewtern Tito«) throtj £ W E A F, N«w York and 39 **Md*Md nation* of the National BrondeavtiDg Comp*ny D U RA I G O O D C A R Evans Motor Service Connellsville, 1'a. 615 West Crawford Ave. Telephone 1834 TRINITY LUTHERAN. Fairvicw avenue, \V. H. lie-trick, IX JJ., pastor-- Cla«« in catechism, !) A. M. Sumlay school, 10 A. M. Morning worfchip, 11; sormon, "Reward for F lithfulncss." Luther League, 6 : 4 0 ; lower, from St John's -epistle: leailor, Miss Leona Schmidtke. Evening N\O (ship, 7:30; sermon, "The Healing Ten ch.' ' FIRST UNITKU PHKS- BYTEHIAN, South PStteburg and West Morton :ive- nueg G. R. Krupp, putor--Sunday school, 9:45 A. M , Charle-i E. C'-irhou, Jr., superintendent. Morning worship at 11 o'clock, message b; r Rev. C. G. Jordan, D. D., of Hiirrislmrg. Evening -worship at 7:30 o'clock, meseage by the pastor, "A Secure Foundation." Intermediate Y. P. t . U. «.t 6:30 P. ML Senior Y. P. C. U. at 0 : 4 5 P. TVT. Wednesday evening at 7 : 4 5 , a. fic-rvico of prayer and praise. UNITED BRETHREN Morning subject, "The Prayer to a Revival." 1 jeet, "Why Do Soule Oo Jeaus?" Brotherhood mo afternoon at 2:30. Rov each evening next week al Kverson -Relation of Evening suo- Away From iting Sunday .val cervices 7:30 o'clock. Hhip, 11 A. M. Special music Sermon, "As If Wo Had No iSycs." Senior Christian ICndeavor Society, 6:30 P. M. Topic, "Lefcfiona From John's Firau Epistlo," leader Olive Oeterwiee. Junior Christian Kndeavor Society, 6:30 P. M., topic, "Are We Workf-rs or Shirkers'?" leader Mildred Graft. PRESBYTERIAN, Dunbar--Snndfly School at 5:45, Upton D. Speer, superintendent. Morning worship at 11; subject, "Religion Worth While." O. 10. at 6 45, Elizabeth Greenwood leader. Evening worship at 7;30; wubject "The j entiles Alfeo." DUNBAR MKTHODIST BPTSCO- PAL, Harry Humbert, pastor--Sunday school, 9:45; morning service, II. Kp- ivorth League, 6:45; evening service, 7:30. WAKBPIEL.D CHAPEL, BETHELBORO METHODIST WPISOOPAL. Harry Humbert, pastor ·-- Sunday school, 2 P. M ; preaching, 3 P. M. FIRST BAPTIST, Rev. 3. H. Stevenp minister--Church school, 9:45; lesson, "Jesus' Method of Mee Ing Human Need." Morning wor«hlr, 10:30; sermon, "Strength, Grace and Glory." Meeting of the Juniors at 2 P. M. in the chapel. Evening worship 7:30; sor- mon, "The Fact of the HeliBloua Experience." The First Br ptist Church will bold its quarterly iieeting Wednesday night at 7:30. fiood einping-, reports and refreshment. 0 FIRST EVANGELICAI, South Con- nellBvilla, M. It. Tyson, pastor--Sunday school, 9:30 A. M., Mre. Grant Shoemaker, suporintend-nf. Worship, 10:45. E. L. C. E. 6:3C, Misa Marie Sanner, leader. Each nip fit next week at 7:30 there will be evangelistic service. A welcome is extended to all. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN, Vine and Newmyer avei ue, Ralph E. Shoher, minister--Sunday school at 3:45, Mrs. Paul V. Leplof, superintendent. Morning worship and sermons at 11 o'clock; sermonett« for the children, "Two Truly Great Men"; sermon, "The Doctrine of 110 Churches," At 7:30, illustrated feennon, the first of a series of eix, on the high points in the life of Jeeus. ' 'he first one, "In the Wilderneas W th His Life Problems." The Y. P. r . will meet at 7 o'clock. Prayer meet! ig Wednesday evening at 7:30 with Mr j. Harry Hosteller ae leader. A heany welcome to a friendly church. FIRST CHRISTIAN, South I'itts- burg etreet, Rev. Eugene N. Duty, minister--Chnrch cchoo , 9:30 A. M., Walter S. SUmmel, si perintemleiit; classes for all ages. Ccmmunion and ·worship, 10:40; subject, "The Avenues of Approach to God." Senior and Intermediate Christian Endeavor at 0:30 at 6:30 P. M. A special Scout eervice at 7:30. Three Scout troops will be present In a body for I ho 20th anniversary eooat sermon; subject, "Best Attainments of Boyhood " delivered by the pastor. Wednesday prayer meeting at 7:30 P. M. A m,d-week pauee to think ot Gcd. Tueeday at 7 P. M., conference of poator anr workers continuing p e r s o n a l tvangellem. A friendly church invites you to all of its services. PAYNE A. M. E., W. F. Amos, minister--Sunday echool at 9:45, superintendent W. V. Thompson. Morning worship at 10:45. Evening worehlp at 7:30-; sermon by Rev. L. H. Colvin, pastor ot Union Baptist Church. YOUB-S people's meeting at 6:30, Union Baptist Monnt Zlon Baptist and Payne A. M. E. uniting, Gladyu Mariella will he leader. Rev. Colvin will preach at Payne* A. M. E. through Hie week, closing tho nnion reviv.l. FIRST METHODIST 3'ROTESTANT, "Weet Apple etreet, J. H. Lam'iertson, minister -- Class meeting, 9 A. M., leader, George Swallop. Sunday school at 9:45 A. M., T. H. Means, superintendent. Morning worshi , 11; subject, "Christ's Love for Sou s." Junior C. E. at 3 P. M. Interindtate C'. E. ati C P. M., loader, Robert I oyd, Jr. Senior C. E. prayer meeting, 6:45 P. M.; topic, "Leeeons from John's First Epistle." In the evonHg at 7:30 the pastor's theme will hi', "Why sSomo People Are Ixmt," Tre sermon will bo followed by brief reports from the eight teams during v sitatlon week. Regular Wednesday evening prayer meeting it 7:30 o'clot k. An opportunity to unite with 110 church will be given at both servi' es ou Sunday. TRINITY EPISCOPAL, Canon L. II. Burn, rector--Holy Co nmunion, 9 A. M. Rev. F. A. .^imnji rman will deliver the (sermon. Ch irch school at 10 o'clock. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN -- J. L. Proudflt, D. D., minister -- Sunday School, 3:30 o'clock, H W. Me Rob bio, superintendent, Mornl ig service, 31 o'clock. Young peoples Society, 6:30 o'clock. Evening eerviceib, 7:30. Rjv. Charles B. Boving, D. D., field representative of the Presbyterian Board of Pensions, wiJ' preach ; t both servicce. Wednesday evening pr lyor meeting at 7:45 o'clock FIRST CHURCH 01' THE UNITED BRETHREN IN CHRIST, Lincoln avenue at Race street, Elinor A. Shultz, minister--Church sch-iol, 9:4 A. M, A class for every age. Harry G. Witt, general Bupprintendont. Divine wor- NEXT WEEK FINAL ONE IN NEGRO REVIVAL SERVICES Tbp final week of union revival services of the negro churchos will opon tomorrow at Payne A. M. K. Church, with Kov. L. H. Colviu, pab- tor of the Union Baptist Church as Hie speaker, Tho services this week were held at Mount Zion Baptist Church. The ministers other than Rev. Colv/n taking part are Rev Dr. R. 1). Epps and Her. W. S, Amos. BAPTIST QUARTERLY MEETING WEDNESDAY The First Baptist Church will hold Its quarterly meeting Wednesday evening at the church. * Reports wil be given. Thero will bo good singing, the pastor, Rev. K. H. Stevens announces. RefreshniRnts vriU bo served. Fashions Newest Washions Reminiscent ot Other Days. By FRANCES PACKET Copyright, 1930, by Style Sourcae. NEW YORK, Feb. 15.--Mc*t women will feel like giving three rousing cheers for the return to high favor of navy and white and the old tamillar pin and myriad of printed patterns offered, dotted designs striko a responsive cord in tho hearts of women. AH shades of blue are beins backed for spring and navy alone or with ·white is by no means least In faror. Faconnes ranging from washable c.repes patterned in satin, to wootons unl heavy silks with tho faconues influence manifested in dots, aro high- Ughtijd in all reports of the Paris showing's, Eve-n an occasional embroidered chiffon or cotton voiles carries out the faoonno idea. ' Among th« other fabric interests from the Paris opening viewpoint aro Shantung especially in Its heavier versions and stiffened chiffon which of course has mocb the effect of organdie. The repeated appearance of both stiffened chiffon and organdio )·? ·duo to tho habit French dressmaker, 1 , have acquired ot adding dainty lingerie touches, to neckline and cuffs Blouses are also fashioned from thcso delightful materials. It is amusing, incidentally to hear again of peek-a- boo waists! After the frankm-ss with which the feminine form has been revealed, teh peek-a-boo waist seems a little late--something in fact like an anti-climax. SCHOOLS MAINTAIN ATTENDANCE RECORD HARRISDURG, Feb . 15--Monthly reports recently tabulated in tho Department of Public Instruction «how that high average attendance rocowte aro being maintained in t h e public schools of Pennsylvania. Tho percentage of attendance was 04,69. Thirty-six counties and 121 dibrtrlcts reporteKa percentage of 95 or more. In 32 counties and 43 districts tho percentage was 95; in four countiffl and 52 districts, 96; in 24 districts, 97, and Sn two districts, 98. Fayette's Share of Gas Tax $53,663.13 By United Presa. HARRISBURG, Fob. 15--Tho sum of ?3,132,880.?4 is to be returned to Pennsylvania counties as their share of the ga..i tax for (lie last half of f b o year 1929, tho State Highway Department announced today. »yette county's share is $53,663.16; Somerset, $21,858.08; Westmoreland, $85,619.10; Greene, $12,441.75; Washington, $61,361.78. The largest bharc, $484,6,15.32 went to Philadelphia county. th next, largest, $449,129.62 to Allegheny county. Cameron county received (he smallest allotment, $2,K20.39, Looking- for Bargains I If oo, read the advertiahiK columns of Tbe Bwily

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