The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 18, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAGE srx. THE DAILY COURIER, CO.VNELLSVILLE, PA. SATURDAY, MAY I S , 1918 OWNER COiV!!SKEY PREDICTS WHiffi SOX PENNANT VICTORY AGAIN TMJS SEASON WAR'S TOLL ON AMERICAN LEAGUE BASEBALL CLUBS Chicago--Scott, Jen! ins, Kies er, Payne, Von Kolnitr Poston--Barrj Shore Bader, Jomrla, Pennock, McNally, Gainer, Shoiten, Lewis. Clcveljnd-- Harris, Gulsto Dikcr-on, Sml'h TorXclson Petty, DC Berr\ Detroit--Burns Alten Fuller Oldham ^icliolton nollywood, E'Hson Kew York -- nshcr, Kane, Smallwood. Washington -- Gibson "Menosky, Leonard M-trray, II Milan, and Rice St I cmis--Fincher Jacobson, Tale Athletics--Filler, "\IcAroy A.D derson ButL^ Johnson N O V L - Subolcl, Sha-man, Murphy \Mtt. j 5 ' Tries Her Hand at Intrigue With Great Britain, Germany and Japan ] 1 !t 1 10 ^C c.-re circuit t on U ir \ i l u e ) 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 ^ b lid-- »(3 m b md t ) M - JOCI C6 S ! 0 _ r I K 6 6 O\ ejy r i l l h u» ·ct,urt ~i r 3 -JJ "CJ 1 t S b i n - 1«- p o s i t e d secure. LI c u l t I L o n ( n i l ^ i ut ) $ 1 0 OOl) 00 L C C ' T I M L " U ''"f ln.l, I uclnc'.s n d t b t i - d n ,. - s ( « t i n l mil \ n « i" I d a , i d ,,loi coil » i 5 0 0 0 0 0 5 0 5 0 0 0 C imp] rtfc 5 - . O O U ) 10 n n o 00 I l l . . c l l \ 1 ib r i J f j bond 1 - t pc :l pi "I can see no reason u h j the \Milte Sox will not repeat this se ison the victory they put over in 1917." Such, -was the enthusiastic decliration of Cba-les A, Gorai«key, owner of the uorld champion Chioijo "\\hlte boi nnd one of tbe bi^e^t mon in tlie nitional r inie in IWLI ot prostici ' O ir club remains intact,' he addel 'Except for the lo^ rf Toe Tenkm*. md Tim Scott, v.ho have joined the cjlora \\e v,lll h i v e the simc club tliat uon for us the championship of the world last autumn \\e have u \eter\n hall club, most of our men being married. Therefore i*e hu\e lost few in the draft. And. also, we have no holdoats " to take off ac;am A fellow does get ^re*-h ai~ tbiough his baseball iua-k but thesp th'ngs -- thcv are nest dooi to sufforution nnd the srapil of the ^tu^f thej 'doctor 1 'em with* \V(11 T i n t;oing to roakt, every one of my "rU nils put It on "\Vondor -where the Rabbit C ^ t i r n- viJle) is f?oin^ r to pUV lit- 1 u r l f i b "It would suro pit tht club tn bid \MI! out j him I h u \ p recehcd Jettert, from Stall j incj 5 un I Mctlrau and thoj su T e ^\erej ·\\ekomt. f "S'nce arrlvinft In Franco we haxc 1 Itron piott 'HIM. We ir Training "o\ tor si r* tod I nvp^ct it V.OL t bf \cr lon^, be ort \i* w i l l po up into tho trenches \\f I«ue a fine regiment nnd tf boy^. in ule i *hlkc rorord bo-( rtvonrh El I^P bad ttio doubtful plo i 1 lire of \(( piiii* in stable*- h T l f t s i i n d one nijrht in a. stall ' Gouch i 1 ; with the headquarters company of the IGGth OppenKeirn Tells About It Exclusively IB The Pittsburgh Chronicle Telegraph I CL t u n j , i 1 _ J 30U Ol 1 PJ I K is i t i Js _ " i o(j no : S i 0 no NATIONAL LEAGUERS NOW . FIGHT FOR UNCLE SAN ^"ewTork--Kellj Bmrd Tonet Pbiladelpuia--Tincup. Cincinnau--Eath. St Louis--Currie, Goodwin, Miller Knight, mtt Chicago--Harriott, JIani, Alexander. Boston--Gem fly, Hannvtlle, Rico, Schreiber Brooklyn -- Codcre, Ifeffer Smith, Maione, ITiljus, K llehei Fitzslmmons, Hlckmcm. Pittsburgh--Warner, Wilier, Carlson, Fiynn. YANKEE SOLDIERS IN FRANCE Americans Organize Baseball League in Pans and Are Ready to Arrange Sdiedule. Tbe American Soldiers' En=eba!I league, "Which h»g been or* anized In Paris, Is ready to arrange :i schedule Jor the season's games The league comprises clubs made np of men o£ all tie different categories of 'he service I In the city--the aviation « mcc, tho ' cngineerb the military poilce, the Sol-i fliers and Sailors cli-b the Aed Trosi, the T. II C A, and the qaartermas- ter's depa t tment Practice games already played have SOOWTI plenti of good mat rial ai all- able for the teams, \vbote w orkouts tn the Tuileries gardens, In ITontmartre, and other quarters of the city ha%e aront,ed great curiosity on "Jie part of Parisians. George Sisler the first bnscnan of| the St. Lotus Brimns, will make Ty ' Cobb look to his laurels the coming t w»«nn Sisler ran second to Cobb la 1 d batting 'ast yc-ir, hitting over the 3,0 _ ranrk Tbli season lie should go even I tmtt OI ° . , . better Sisler is the best all-around __ playr on the diamond The New, n " Brecon, nrk Apartment pro icrk lunkee« m ide a mid ty effort vides 23 dtamo u l s f r f f j u u n g - t c n , us, to land this wonderful player, offer- I inK -L record breaking sum, bus the of- Hal Chas^ is plying fiist oase for ' fer -nas bpurned. i t!l ° RcdiJ In hrilllnnt ^tyla n^ seems j ns younfi a*5 o\er ' Biker nml Bodie ought *o bat In the 300 class his venr ul'h Pratt and j PIpp not f i r behind thorn, Mcr'in TCopp's fine fielding and ha«o runntnc Is cTnlng him n job on tho Athletics In plnco of Pins Bodle ^ Tbp Ph Intlolnhid Nntlonnls announce th reloase of Infielde- Os- I nr Tutro to tho St Paul American PETER-THE-GREAT ENJOYS FULLY EQUIPPED BUNGALOW A J3"ft.f3h army oT{cr,r cZisccvT'j a.n explo«;I\o -o poTverCul bat the nation possc^slnp it may do-ninatc an op- po cnf I- lushed with succc'ra ^e rUKClosCw Ms n^e-itlon at a luncheon partj ! n a. tz MonabJe Locdon rp- tauranL Interested ropref?antatlv{ s t f four na fons-- Orcat Drltifn Ger- PTUIV Japan an 1 th/* United States-arc then 1 and have reason to believe tbo In\nntor lias tho tonnii a of his c-Tploi-Ivo on hii prrson. Immc tiitcU t*i(n?rs br^rln to happen Alrro u 1 o'ore tl "1- ej "3 f c In- T nnto- c'i'-T* iLTra md *hcn ^e srorch ii)rl c) i-^ not "o muc! tn^ the m'ssliv rnn i as tho valuable secret he carries, be^In" Pli j sicili j pop. "rf ul wor c'ly-'wlCT" rne" with unllrrltcfl Inanclal moua'? ar« tho cortostar 'n 'or Gr^tit Brit ftin Germa"^ and ia.poJi Tbo GnltM ·?tf £?^ f s champljiitr 1 hj a. f(fl -- bui ··tich n. ptrl 1 BenuMf il hish spirited and diiuntlf"? -- jo 1 -! t h o typo of thr- t-ou5inds tvho arc now binding all t*if*Ir (-HI rsr'c^ In v?a~ ·work -- this «cl-l Ja the et^ntrn' figure In Tb» Pawns Count R brand n^w stary of 1n*^r- natfonaJ iTrr'^iie, wrictfin by tbc r-iL-^er hiind. of v Phillips Omen ^e£m vrhiw, icohs on Diplomatic ad \irtj"O ha'v? Kif^n htm a "Ann.r(ca fi it i-n^nca on}v Am^r lev a T Aaj~s J-* t K f m j t t o of the hero 'nt* and sht ttrl s to b r « c~ao in n TTV co arou«ie tl p p,itr'iti*m and ap- liiau^o or her re^clerv 'rom befrinnln^ to end "Nor ha_s she rwin orfpcn^oti T^ith trnom to deal -- thcj cr« Un* keenest JU'T Is to t^ u stx-rct j of Grrat Bn*nln G"rma7i ini' Jnp"n But M iQ girl Pam l n COTCJ fn*n t* 1 right ^(nd of * mc^ifan fitoc^--t^c ncn a. 11 -worn n who wrest d t h e col orles frrn t 1 p Tndian^ w e l d f d (hf " ! nto i rourtry fo- ^lrsc l"rtfpcrdorci, they fourht guarded tho mmq :e publln In 't^ 'rylog dij · ^n ^ pm* (* its Bepara.t5on by t i e Clvi \ \ r r urtl todnj aro heir nL * f ° tc"p fr ^ lorn for Individui' 1 ? and nilions on th f jce of tho earth Dmlo-aul ·with the arcr" 1 s c i\cn« s '**- frarlc'Wiles ·- find rcro_rcefuln«4).-i o f thla nnccs' r/ Pamtia IO^OH n-11 he-- rbIUt coupled with tirclfs uateh (fulness ^nd activ tv to opt. with the (JfTpcrato ' i p r r i t M that b^iti lie- on all slO-H The sto-^ bristle-? with Tftlor frr--i 'rta.rt to finish--one "«r s-iL\on il ant 1 ct^r'I^K iilventurp follo^'nt: j.Tjtbcr wbilf Hie plajcri in tb» ^"cp md lan^o-ou*) pamc follow e icli other around J~fs! L nd acid the Uri^ed SLitrs O* c-ur*re tin vrj, 1 - !·, m tho pack TO un h u t onlj in a r p n t f T e f r r s curing cuitr'il of th n oxp'o'.hr--tUc natlcm t^1t gv-t." it hold 1 * the trump card tr t*n~ bft^ came Hardly '·ubord m.lf to the cl-oso for the ftrmuli 1" an att-uctv* Jovo sto--j thi, two thenr"- run ilng co i- currcnt'y TlxiT «jto~v TV-I; w-' ten '-(nf^ t v r t iltad St-iti-s orterrd f" war Mr Opp.--ihftfni c^presslv d,_v~tnz to Ie' j- merican rvadf-r* 1 into tho ln:u r work [nss o** ·'nttv-natJonAl p?ot a-J coart«r plot. In Vilch the United Stat«a L" as much fn^t nstpd nov ST any f f h n ^ nation "The P^prr 1 ? Coant K ab«?trteK tho la.t*^st word (n up to-th mincto 'ictioa a"^t' win china aciJ dcllc-ht oJJ Americttn c ' It -wHI bo p»b!!sb*d ser- infrr 'T r« Pit(j?b rffh C^ron'cJe ^ Tuesday Ma.y inn t- K f- i. r ] l i i i ] ^1 ^ ) ov. JH i! u n i l i r i i y e d i n n or o4 Str 1 un r £ tn I «. U r a l J ^ * \ i 1 a i U st-» k j S u e ] ( f I- i j i l ] c- v ! mrt J JK i *«.nl o ·'in i i t ) ! u r n m i i - i i 1 fi\ urc-^ i \ c \\ i t 1 edr i- tm JJU- f l u ' f r t m n uo« i T 1-U it I t e m s 11 ]-. 1C l i ml 's 40" 0 i 1 * 1 n b u s 1 -_ t U d o u t i i r Ml r I v n of rei) rf i ir 1 rfn \ t id Hi - i 1 j r e c n t -i"J 1 per t "tit un) J ( Iffpd 5: 100 00 P I M c n t - lU I i^l ^J«^ ^» u i i t bond-* J y 7 2 o O O O 14" f ~ ) i S u n t i e s oiht-r 1 «n I. v j ^tijN fno^ rj^ L m i a ^ i i t i ^ f d m -r-i 12 ^ t K otlitr thin 1 ·} A\ i^y oo " t \ p H i i s-t i K [ i i i r 1 1 1 it ru t f 15 r i( no i i l "-crip i u 3 O l f u ' \ n o f I n k i i i- h u ^ 2" ",," IS /) ; T i ) i "i j ur i r t I f x ur i i 3 v f il t r \ u w i t h 1 td- 1 r i l U. r \ c B i n k 0" G t r I 1 '-'l 1" x ll *' t l i a !let m u n t 3 if 1 f i c m n t 1011 i i t i s 714 4~r ( H J H 3 ~ i" I 3S "H 1~ 6" C i 1 i H D O i. 1'4 S"8 t h r rish i pms I ir i i f u n r t v i 1 L s. Fr. a s u r r r n - f l luc 0 00 i L fc- 'J r i M i r r 80 f T c r a i LI \1 1 7TIHS j t pi i j ^mc^ I i d in 5 50 OPC1 ( « j r p l u - r u-(l 1500 0 C S . " ^ ? S J M J !/ ITIIJb T T J l a l st v. p u o m 5 S i n n n o O pr lit Su'-jihis n d SC JOO 00 I c- f. ---en ex l n d \ i l I i - fi J ! " « ^ 1 1 G c- t s tit r L s i_u r c i t. v | · st i id i v ^. i , ( , j - 2 s.; 1 (. t. il I ' m f»lcs t -i- S^S ! IS "2 in.J ». ! LI nf r u t s u t s i md NM. u l o u i i t s du«. t o N a - ir 1 I T I l l t ' U H l U T f l l 1 t U S sul ' N t 11 t U I l l s (J c ft f o h A 3 _ " f i bar t a n k f ^ nd C r s h , r clu i 1 o u t t- i OOP n inlo-- i n f J i - st inch T . 1 __ j " o- i l i i i n r l u Icil in n n i o (' - iff m 3t f - "» / id J f ; i! f ut- * P s { r 1_ UK! 33 1 "i" T 1 d p u ·- i t *) J c to r t i c k i- I ) 10 . i i h i r s checks O U L 1 i r \ P I st md ig IU ns 1 50 000 1,025 1 i J l g t of Pinnu Counts 01 Fa ir tnat th tbo\c stitem it S t i t c of T oniTji 1 ini i C o u n t oC t av to the best c. C ] \ knowlcdKe a*i(i b this time us n raerah Oti* 1 "' l h t -"·* PITCHER TYLER IS SISLER AFTER LEADING HONORS THIS SEASON EJte horse racing circles have been lavaded bv the bungalow crare and "P-arter-thMjreat ' thi» franons 2 OT 1 ^ sire Jias a bt-nguiov home to himself on the f i state of Stoaghton A Fletcher the Indianapolis inlHonnlre horseman Tlie bungalow ro«rt ^n 000 and Is fully equipped wjlth electric llcbts hot and cold vater Inr^e electric fan for the «mmmt,r time and even a porch ami flower 1 jxcs la the photograph 1 Peter th«-Great' Is "ilrin., by tbo sidf of hl 1 ^ bunRJilow home Mi Fletcher purtbnsed "Peter the Great' just n yea" igo from \V E D S'oKes, the N'ew Yo-k turfman for ^00000 HANK GOWDY WRITES LETTER Gas and Baseball Masks Are Quite Different, Says Former Backstop of Boston Braves. 'Tt makes no difference bow mnny yearb n fcllou vreaib a cuicher s mabk It doesn c give him one* bit of tiainlii£ for uearng gab masks," writes Hank GoTdv former catching ^tar of the Boston Pra^efa U.inl- 1=; .1 member of the IQbth United Stute^ h fauiry, ^Ith the American exp^ditionrrj forces *ner there," being the fi r st bn^eball player in cither of the b ^ leagues to enter the secvico ' Ga« maik^ " \vrltes n^nlx. "I hate *em Til bet tl es're worso thin the ROS U c elf I am almost tempted to risk ft. They're hard tilings to handle, hard to cut on hardor to keep on and hard Prcsidcr r Bitim of *ho Con^t Jrfiirne announcefl Per'c Ci^o^ Ktlph TVir nnd Ed Hnno as his, three uraptrcs to start tb^ ^en^on * * * Dnve Hleknon the vonthfnl ont f f l d p r \\H« mado cno*l 'n tho Ted (eapne is burnlnff »p th** pasture for the Dodge-s thi 1 ^ sprln,.; * * * Clirk Grillth ImMnj? made nn outfielder out of Sam KICL n«m prninisei to do the ^ame with Ad Linch f one of his voting pitching recruits * * * 13d Cort v the White So\ pHclier T n broke ft Jp£ 'T a p-n^tico pimp fit: D.xlla^ H^t week wib a joun^ Chicago ttmlpro who had great possibilities. * * * Bnsebill gfirnes In Milwaukee will start at 3 30 p m f hi« scn=on Instead of four o clock thp time advocated br ^ome of the club owners of the American a^socl Uloo * * * Take Munch Tvho had a chnnfo to break (nt the big «;how wit! Connie Slfitk, bt.t couhl not sco Connie ^ tcrm^ trill return to Atlanta and ccn tinue to first base for Charity Franks team. * * * CC'ie Atlanta club announcf? that It ha* taken on two placers w h o wer~» ^ it 1 Mobile, ln"~t yenr In Catcher Dave Griffith and Infield ^ ird McDowell Fis^r biwebnll l^ assured for minor league fans this jcar beraii^o of he uumeioui, plu\c-i out of iroik Like- \v-ige It means cheaper "salaries * · * Catche Lar-y Pratt o* Peoria hns followed Bill Tockson to Omaha and will do beckstopping for Pi Rourke s team » * * Tl*e veteran Ram F^ocfe, who had been pitching: up In the New York state I e.t guc, has gone Sou th again :Hil lotrnn r!t*^^r n f t e r d p f l n r f n ^ «ini i*-1 p to t i e Q«it n ^ k of Lrainirg thi 1 o \ u*- dom x Ith basehal nni 11^ Llifitv,d nto thi. Lo^ i Angeles fnrap I Tho Po*rvit Club hns nine npw pltfhcrs rnd i nl\ nn. nf tht tot }·» n l e f t h a n d e r HP 1^ Pol Illiidts vsho w u s 1'it "eti m with SI rman In tliP Western ussoiinrlon · · * t ' r c s f U n t In nr-in i f thp O\lnhnrna City club of thr* ^ispom'nd \ \ o v f n r n iis°crchitior 1^ QI (*o 1 T* ««n\tti" ttut h^ oarp^'Cts to see C n.1 ihoTif f\t\ I*i tht ^\ estern e jrun h J ilj i. · · * The Oaklo'id club has ln«t a pr«ni l^intc p U f h t r b*tans of t h o f n j i r 0 1 Lorl.hfrr] IIP Tn^ll in I! hrol-o a j HccimfT In his p i t r h l n ^ ^ lit uu \\\l\ ho out of iK gnme intlt P n l t c l v · * * Acoordlnp: to N- ri Ka ! "L. rrpor* Infield »r Tick It*i\Is 1ms beiMi said thp In Ihn jjpolis · luh \rfonHnE; *n * t o t i h n n \ i f ' r-*ior r h t t htng T e w l * * h M i n t hi*= ] nt hnsphrtll So there 3011 an CLEVER AS BASEM i Tiff snlnrie 5 : are n thtnfr of tbo niT-t H (ho American at* r j j i f i o n TJio !mi most nf tbo f]uts w i l l plii t b N -\OTT Is ^'00 n IIH nth n"d oin m a n i ^ r r mirl od ilint f f \ v p pjers w i l l gt.t tl il amouat aext ytar. Ruth Hcs TV o Cinnces B i b r I v i i t h t i e bi^ lUd hot tv.1 J er -ij*» in N goin^ TO ,\iu 30 o i l ga me-a thK M i r Unlike most pitcl * rs lie hiis two chfsncefa to inn If tie fulls of ^1 ic v ^ l i b hl «boo s I P stlil hit, n c'i iico to Elnm one \ x i t h tilt, but nnd put r lio pi me on ice. I 1IO V A P D \ I » \ M S C-^hici of l*io -l o\o nam d li nK )( ^r»it m ili bn uir j hat tlu ibo\ f c tat n f ni js t ruf 1 u f thi thi, bent oT rm I- n u J d/,/- i- ] bel c f j Subscribed ITI] sn orn o i ^re me thi«. lat 1 ! ni% (f 'M1^ U1S f D M L N [" V \I T I N N t ir-v P u b l i c Correct \lt «· M M *~-H \ M I STf \ « \ F, D H E N R T Ctsnier ' 1-.J1 dj% of ^ a ' 3^1S A \ IN JiOJ N NotJ"\ Public. M. M CO"!K VN", J U PT ICF IL 1, S T R V U N - Directoi J I I I I ! I .ior- BOTH PHONES OPPMAirS TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. 1 E' TO t II r II \ N $ T o n _ o l h i J J I L D 111 'Modern Methods and Superior Facilities The two strong factors %\ hicli have added much to this bank's ser-v ico are Diodern methods and supcnior facihtiPi, and which nave been round, es- pecialh useful to our customers in the transaction of their barluns business Checking accounts, including jour, are incited Hummol Playing on Coaat. John Hamnifl foi nian^ \enrs with tbe Brooklyn clnh rnd nst BOJI^OH flib bo son) in fnr the B iffalo [ntonitioo ni*' Is now plai4 n ? nn outfitlcl po fiiUon for the San Pnncisro c!ub M a n \ C hiei no f ii -^ b n o \ v a d e n O vibPihcr Vinjgpr 1 ict) Mitt boll of tiif C u b s .%as n uirnost v hen IP «-iiU he u o n h l use Pi cber l ^ I u t^ subst n; L e thst baseman th s S L I S T U strikes them nn ilie f u n n v Lono to lu ir of n tuirter ocri p^!IlK tho ir field d u r i g huportnnt rhnmpion^hip g j i n o Mttcbe 1 biijs he Is ^ i r \ mud m oirnest Ho has -eon T \ l r p i n c t i f t , j i I h n t portion Hid ) ao\\b he field 1 the piece \\'th sr p ed IUK' nrc irn"% Ho iilso knonb that Tjlcr is far frou being a weak 1 Itter 11111} T o - i l l . r o t c d i l c i O r u K K l i I J ! ? j READ TEE COURIEI H H n o Zim Is In form Pe WOT a footrtirt T\)th a hush leaguer 1 u nri "\ tub tim Kfi"E6 the o'her dnj H«» K ncro re ulj 'o resurac his pursuit cha-sc of Eddie Collins The Vnion National Bank is always awake to progrot-s--o-vei a'ert in sup- p h i n i ipi'io\oii ladhtiei- lor the con\ e n i O i u e ^nd nquiromenta of its cus- COJJHEUSVILLE «. U '" U '^ (V/;STSIDE) \ n o n n i - si.'iunt to theck an iiiMted UNION NATIONAL BANK IT'S Alt A MATTER OF LOCATION. By EDWEfJ

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