The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 10, 1939 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 10, 1939
Page 3
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1933 THE DAILY COURIER. COKNELLSVILLB PA. PAGE THREE. WEATHER BUREAU PLANS I 'Hickman Chapel FOUR DAILY FORECASTS By FEED BAILEY United Pi ess Staff "Correspondent. WASHINGTON, Feb 10 -- The U S Weather Bureau, which is 69 years o3d today, is planning to issue four instead o£ two daily forecasts Commander Trancis W Rcichelder- fer, new bureau chiel who was transferred from the Navy revealed the new plans for the fust time in an interview The piogram for more frequent forecasts soon uill be sub- B nutted to Congress and is contingent on granting an increase of $100,000 in the bureau's budget foi the year beginning July 1 The forecasts would be issued at 130 A M , 7 30 A M . 1 3 0 P M , and 7 30 P. M They are made now at 9 30 A M and 8 10 P M "With the 308 weather observation stations leportmg every si\ hours, instead of every 12, the accuracy of ) forecasts could be increased considerably above the ptesent 85 to 90 per cent," Reicheldeifer said The more ficrtuent repoits would enable the weatherman to give earlter warnings of storms, rams, cold waves and other changes, he said The savings to shippers faimers and others would amount to millions of dollars a year, he estimated ' The weather changes so rapidly and for so many reasons that it often is impossible to be positive what it will be 12 hours from the time the forecast is m~de," he said "By observations every six hours it would be possible to keep a much closei check on conditions that produce changes" An innovation in foiecastmg put into effect since Reichelderler became chief on January 1, but for which he disclaims credit, has been the dropping of the word 'piobaoly in making weather predictions Pie said it has been made "common practice" among forecasters to moke positive instead o£ qualified predictions wheie%er possible An exception is to use "ram probably tuimng to snow where a change o£ one or two degrees in temperature would make the difference Although concentrating on short-, range forecasting, Eeicnelderfer will continue work on hit, hobby of long- range forecasting on which he worked while a naval weather observer for 20 yeais He does not believe that accurate long-range forecasts can be made in the near future however A recent statement by an Arctic explorer that the polar legion is the "breeding ground for weather" is only 50 per cent correct, Reichelderfer said "Mass air formations in the Arctic can be charted, but that is only half of it," he said "We would need to know also the formation and movements of warm air from the south It is the meeting of these that produces rain, storms and other changes" He predicted that advances \vill be made in forecasting through the increased use of miniature radio broad- casung sets which can be sent up to 30,000 feet Through radio signals these instruments, weighing about two pounds, report an density, temperatures, wind velocity and duec- tion Attacks F.D.R. Sen. Hiram W Johnson Declaring that he feared President Roosevelt's foreign policy might bring war, Senator Hi ram \V Johnson, Repub'ican, of Cahfoima, as sailed secret aid to Trance m airplane purchases. Senator Johnson 13 leader of the group who foi-eht for isolation an the past To Take Part In Attendance Drive Doilies Crocheted Round and Round To Open Revival Monday Evening At Ohiopyle Condition of Trump Run Bridge Problem For School Board Special to The Courier OHIOPYLE, Feb 10--Rev F S Wortman has announced regular services \vili be held in the Baptist Church Sunday evenmg Morday evening, he and Hev Truxall of Youngwood, pastor of the Methodist Church theie, will start union revival cervices in the Metho- [ dist Church Eveiyone is cordiallj invited to attend Undergoes Operation. Fiank BafTeity of Umontown a former Courier newsboy here underwent an operation in Umontown Hospital Saturday He is doing as well as can be expected Mr and Mrs Stan ton Skmrer and Mis Orville Rush of Scottdale spent Tuesday with Mr and Mrs Glenn Rush Mrs Edward Jackson was taken to Umontown Hospital early Wednesday morning Mrs E Rafferty is visiting her daughter-in-law, Mrs Frank Rafferty at Umontown To Entertain Mission Circle Mrs William Hohlle will entertain the women of the Baptist Mission Circle at her home in Sherman btieet this evening bpccinl to The Cou-ter BE'VR RLN, Feb 10-- Hickmar Chapel has joined m the pre-Eislei attendance campaign being conducted by the Fayette County Sunday School Association The otil emollment is 36 Theie was an attendance of 53 at Sunday school Febiuary 5 Revival meetings concucted bj the pas- toi, Rev F S Wo man, aie still m piogress Theie have been seveial conveisions Tebruaiy 2 ended one year o! Bible leading amorg the inembeis There -were 11788 chap- teis read du ng tin year by appioxi- mately 21 icadeis Injured m Fall Visitois of Mrs M C Skinner on Sundaj were Mi rnd Mrs Lloyd Old 1 and and dauj-htei, Betty Lou Mi and Mis Joseph Tissue of Con- neUsville, Mr and Mrs Marvin Skm- nei of Mazklejsburg, Mi and Mrs Abiam Skinnei a n d diu(!hter, Maulyn of Confluence Mis Hownrd Tieachei o' Umontoivn and Mr and Mis George S unn"i of Mill Run Mrs SUmnet fell down the cell-u steps Thursday injuiing hci nos and leceivmg seveial cuts and biuibes about hci body She is getting along fauly well Hoi daughter Mis Ada T bsue, is staying \\ith hei for a few days Peisonals Geoige Von Nosdeln and his sis'er, Mis John Ludmcl. and son Vic'oi of Neuell motored to Baltimoie, Md , Monday to visit, their mother, Mrs Victoiia Von Nosdeln %\ho is ill They expect to stay Joi a week or longei Hairy and Berle Ol lei Keith and Jumoi Tissue und Emma Lou Fne- stone of Bear Run school ard Aloiuo Scailett, Ralph Burnsuorlh and Hariy Dale Hall of Three Maples school went to Ohiopyle Friday and took the mid-year eighth grade cx- amnntions Mrs J C Williams of Connellsville visited her paients, Mr and Mrs Albert McNau, Thutsaay Her mother returned home with her for a. few days to receive medical treatment Mrs McNair leturned here Sunday. Miss Alma StuH and Me'vm Sleis- rmn tne latter of Indian Head, attended an amateur hour program Sunday afternoon Mr and Mis J G Sleighter family of Connellsville visited and Mrs J E Skinner Sunday Household Arts by Alice Make COW. ill MO SEUOLD »BTS INC PAT1CK.N 6i09 What fun it is to c et the table with lovely doiliet of joui own making-ones that are sure to oe adrrired 1 Heie are unusuil filet crochet doilies that arc worked round and lound from a simple chart (hats fun to fohou Theie arc h ee convenient si?es -the large doi y is lovely as a centeipicce Economical to make in string Pat em 6309 contiins ins luctions and charts foi making doilies, illustrations ol them, mntenalb needed To ootam this pattcin send ten cents in coin to The Diily Couuer Household Arts Dept 2'59 W 14th Street New Yoik, N Y Be sure to v\iite plainly your NAME ADDRESS and PATTERN NUMBER Held is Hit-Run Driver GHEENSBLRG, Feb 10 --State Motoi Police have aiiested Robeit Sm tr 50 lo-meily ol Cornellsville but now without a. settled home, on a charge of being d hit-run driver in connection with ai automobile accident near here Girl Bandit Goes Home SOMERSET, Fob iO -- Nellie Schmidt Kuntztj.\n Somei set county, 23-j ear-old bumet bandit who \\as held m the county jail since January 30 fo an attempted holdup ot a restam int hcie, vas released on bond for he Tppeirance SatJidiy before Judge Noirrnn T Boose for sentence on the cha ges to which she pleaded guilty and Mr The bridge o\er TrUmp run at the Stadium, bu:lt for the convenience of "WPA "workers at the athletic plant, has become somewhat damaged by the elements and the School Board's attention was directed to it Monday - night The bridge is being used by the pubbc and iears were expressed that an injury might result Solicitor S D Braemer said posting of "no trespassing" signs would not relieve the district of responsibility and it was then decided to see what can be done to make the bridge safe 01 else board it up completely Somerset Man Killed SOMERSET Feb 10--J Bowman Graham, middle-aged man ot Boswell, R D 2, was struck and killed by a tmck operated by Allen R Stewart, just before rmctmght Tuesday night on Houte 219, north of Sipesville, in Jenners township Graham died Wednesday in Somerset Community Hospital of a fractured skull Atlantic Air Chief 110th instructor Visits Howiliers Sergeint Instructor Dwyer, D E M L , o£ the 110th Infantry, stationed at Washington, Pa, visited the Howitzer Company for a recent drill He spent the evening inspecting records o£ the company and in observing the drill program He also attended the non-commissioned officers school which is a regular featuie of the Thursday evening dull being held immediately after the weekly schedule Duung the discussion he told of the periol o£ planes to ground troops Seigeant Dwyer disclosed borne irterestmg bits ol information which he learned during his instruction penod at Tort Eennmg Ga He pointed out that the faster an ai"- plane tuiveled the less likelihood of it mil ctmg heavy casualty upon ground troops Harry Rohm of Vanderbilt and Wilmer Niciokon, Robe t Schomer and Theodore Mickey of Connellsville have joined the recruit group awaiting vacancies in the company and are dulling regularly Motor Club Head Wil! Attend Big Banquet-Meeting John \ Rupp recently elected pi evident of the Pennsylvania Motor Federation will head the list of speakers and notables at the 28th annual meeting and b inq jet of the Umontown Motor Club to be held ne\t Monday evening at the Uniontown Country Club Mr Rupp succeeded S F Gable, who \vas a familiar Igure at the club s past affairs Mr Rupp a resident oC Alle-uown, has bet n he id of the Lehigh Valley Motor Club since 1915 Under hii guidance the club rose from 123 members to 9,t2Q He is a director of the Ameiicin Automobile Association and is held in high esteem by the national organization Accompanying Mr Rupp \ull be R B Maxwell, general manager of the federation Club le idcrs trom many towns in this area will also attend As in pnst years, members of PenrsjKnnn Motor Police details in Fayette Jnd Somerset counties will be guests jl the club The business session will begin it 7 15, to be followed by the* speaking at 7 4 5 The entertainment, w i t h George Bailey mjgician and musician, will beg n at B 20 Theie is no chaige to members for these features, or to themselves 01 guests for tne dancing fiom 10 to 1 Reservations to the banquet it 6 30 must be m de immediately as accommodations .ue limited Had Women's Parade NEW YORK, Feb 10--The benu- tiful women m hei husband s life paraded in and out as though "through the revolv ng doors of a beauty shop," Mrs Louise Pjyon Ncwins testified in a nonchalant separation and ilimory action asking $150 wee cly alimony She found it upsetting, she said to argue over the telephone with bogus Mrs Newmses that tlie real Mrs I,cwins was calling Capt J C Kelly Captain J C. Kelly will command the new transatlantic flying boat Cabot which is expected to inaugurate British-American air service for Impenal Airways this jcar He b a former flying boat instructor for the Royal Air Force, SANITARY MEAT MARKET Aciosi From Paramount Theatre English Cured Baeosi, 5 Itss. $1.00 Pig Foot 3 Ibs. 15c loose Snnsnpe 15clb. KrcsJi FeeJ ISc I rosli Wcneis 15cib. HA"\E A R O V S T 01 I OK SUM)AY! BEEF SWISS, 4 ibs. 95c Cliuek JJoa'.t short cuts 15clb. Kollod Kinnp Kotibt No Bone 4 Ibs. 95c Boiled Bib Roast 4 Ibs. 95c I'oiter- IlOHSP Steaks 5 Ibs. $1 GROUND BEEF 2 Ibs. 29c 2 LBS. BACK BONES ,, , f 2 LBS. SAUER KRAUT Both for Pork Chops 22c Ib. Pork Butts 20c Ib. Butter 2 Ibs. 55c A'eal Sten ISclb. Would Restrict Sportsmen HARRISBURG, Feb 10 --Hepre- LONGHORN CHEESE Ib. 19c sen la live E Iis C Boose o£ Somerset countv introduced a bill whici would prohibit the issuance ot hunting or fishing license to any resident over , 20 years old who had not paid his ! per cdp la school la's. Electrocution BiH Beaten CHARLESTON, W Va Fcb 10 -The hou^e of delegites by a vote of 52 o 29 deteatod a bill which »vould have substituted elect ocutoon foi handirg as the rreans of executing criminals in West Virginia ellsville Fruit Mkt. tf Street Plume 10B. ' ( » n n o l N \ i I J c riuit "MJiikel Offers 1 ou Hie runts and Vegetables .it Xoi\ 1'iicch. Week End Specials in Florida Oranges, sweet and juicy, doz. lOc Sunkist Naval Oranges doz. 15c Seedless Grapefruit doz. 35c Stayman Winesap Apples 6 Ibs. 25c Golden Ripe Bananas . · 5 ibs. 25c Pineapples each 25c Nectarines doz. 35c California Avocado Pears each 15c WEGETABLES Round Sfringless Beans 2 Ibs. 19c Fancy Ripe Tomatoes 1 Oc Ib. or 2 Ibs. 19c Fancy Hothouse Rhubarb Ib. lOc Lima Beans quart 49c \Ko Kiulislie^ Gieen Onions, Cauliflower, leaf let- fine, I'nscal C'elerj evclushe. Cucumbers, Green Pep- peis Uiislirooms. Watercress, Brusscll Spiouts, Broccoli, Spinneh anil mnnj others. SKi: OUR DISPLAY BLFOKE YOU BUY! M e Deliver! PJione 106 11 Carload @f the Famous HOPS Cedar Chests Eeeeived lusfi lit Time for the Great Event The new Cedar Chests are here. Come in and select yours. BIG SAVINGS NOW. ROOS Chests are more than just cedar chests. They have genuine full cedar protective interiors-not veneer. IRON-CLAD MOTH INSURANCE POLICY with every chest sold. Come in-see how little a fine chest costs at February Sals Savings. $39.50 Streamline Burl Walnut Chest with Tray In Lid February Sale Special It's a \eiy fine chest and one that ou will be pioud to own Beautiful Burl Walnut exterior, v.ith En 11 Tennessee aromatic red cedar intenoi Dustprool and mothproof The outstanding Cedar Chest "buy." Only Aaron's Chests Have the Guardex Cedar Liner (Protects contents jg"iinst contact vutk the riw wood--Perforations help to distubult the cedar aroma evenly throughout the chest) ig, Roomy ROOS Chest February Sale Genuine full Tennessee red cedar in- tenor Real protection against moths and dust Beautiful walnut finish Laige, loomy, - constiucted Iron-clad Moth Insuiauce policy. A le- markable value. Complete Home wli^i^iif^i^ Furnishers Since 1891 ROOS Cedar Chests Combine Beauty and Utility

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