The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 18, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1918
Page 5
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,6'ATURDA.Y, MAT 18, 1918. THE DAILY COUFTER. CONNETJ.SVTKLB. PA. PAGE FIVE!. TKE EVANGELICAL ASSOCIA- lion, South Connellsville M. B. Mc- Laughlm, minister. Sunday school ut 9.30 A. M. in charge of Samuel SVitt. Sermon at 10.30 A. -M. by Rev. J. O. Bishop of .Mount Pleasant. The quarterly communion services win be held. The pastor will preach In Ihe evening. Y. P. A. devotional ser- rico at T P. M. Prayer msetmg even" Wednesday evening. All are cotdial- *y invited. THE METHODIST EPISCOPAL :hurch, G L. C. Richardson, pastor Sunday is Red Cross Day throughout Ihe country and It will be given spec- la! prominence m all the services of j Ihe day m tire Methodist Episcopal :hurch. Bible school at 3.45 A. M. T. 'J. Hooper, president of the local jnit, will address*the scl-rol. Divine worship at 11 A. M. Subjtct, "Amen;an Red Cross--the Heart, of the World." Epworth League devotional service at 8.45 P. It. One of the Four- Minnte men will speak on the Red Cross. Vesper service and Red Cross service at 7.45 P. M. Subject, "Red Cross Battle Grounds." THE FIRST UNITED BRETHREN church. Sunday school at 0.45 A. M. Divine woi ship at 11 A. M. Horning subject. "Red Cross." Jun.or Y. P. S. C E. at 2.30 P. M. Senior Y. P. S. C. E. at 6.30 P; M R-v. L. L I'jckett will occupj '.he pulpit in the evening. Alt are Tfe'.come. J. S. Showers. ra«tor. CKL'RCH OF THK BUETKREX. West "Side.--In the absei.ce of the pastor. Rev Irwin Fletcher of Jones' Mills, T.-il! preach. Servios at 11 A. M. 'and 7.45 P. M. Sunda school at 9.45; A. II. Christian "Workers meeting'-at 6.30 P. II. Prayer meeting every Y.'ednesday night at t. o'clock, THE UNITED PRESI'.YTERIAN Church. South Pittsburg «reet and Morton avenue.--William. J Everhart, minister. Morning worsh.p at 11 o'clock; sermon topic, "Tae Appeal of 'the Red Cross." Evening worship at 7^45 o'clock; sermon topic, "All the vnit of God." Sabbath school at 9.45 A. M. Juniora at 3 P. M. fntermedi- 'ate T. P\ C. U. at 3 P. M. Senior Y. P. C. 17. at 6.45 P. 31. THE FIRST PRESBYTERIAN ohnreh, 3. L, Proudflt. pastor. Sabbath school at 9.45. Morning service it 11; subject of sermon, "The Red 3ross." Evening service at 7 30; subject, "Faith, the Times Demand." ^hristian^ Endeavor at 6.30. 'vt'ednes- 3ay evening prayer meeting at 7.45. THE COVENANTER CHURCH. 3ab*bath school at 10 o'clock, Preach- ng service for the Sabbath school at 11; topic. "Feeding the Lambs." Evering service at 7.30; topic, "The Rag- ng Nations." C. Y. P. U. at S.45; lubiect. "Doing God's "Will." Prayer neettog "Wednesday evening; leader, '. G. Kosensteel. CHRISTIAN CSOKCH. GEORGE Vier Bucltner, minister Bible whoo] and Christian Endeavor as isual. Morning sermon, "The 1888th fcBniversary of the Chri'stlan. Church." «TQg to the pastor's engagement at dill Run. Mrs, Buctner will Breach, in he evening. It is the inti ntion to tiake the services of the day prepara- ory to the Red Cross campaign. THE METHODIST PROTESTANT hurch. West Apple street, John H. ^jnbertson, minister. Class meeting t 9 A M. Sabbath school at 9.45 A. I. Morning worship at 51 A. M. ub^ect, "The Supremacy of Humil- 7f" ITI the evening at 7.4", "Back 3 the Bible." The Red Cross work iii be presented at the Sunday ser- ljes. Tne Red Cross literature will !so be distributed. Christ! m En- eavor at 7 P. M. Topic, "Elucation le Doorway to Service." Leader, iss Josephine Rhmehart. Prayer teeting "Wednesday evening ,vt 7. 45. ubject, "The Grace of'Kinflness." TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH. ev. Ellis B. Burgess, pastor, Bible :hool at 10 A. M. Divine services T the pastor at 11 A. II. and 7 30 P. . The morning subject will be "The ed Cr^oss Mission." Strangers are vited to worship with us. SALVATION ARMY. A VERY ecial service will be conducted Sun- ly evening at the Salvation Army ill. Brigadier C. J. Albright will ive charge of this service. The ·igadier will bo assisted by Staff iptain Blackburn of Pittsburg. We e going in for a^good time and we !sh to extend to jou a very cordial vitation to attend this service. The igadier is an eloquent speaker and e staff captain is a wide-away Sal- .tionist. Come and enjoy this service th us. Captain and Mrs. E. S. Dawn. Lieutenant "William Carter. Japanese Greeting. Nothing is more amusing than to itch two acquaintances saluting In e streets of_a Japanese town. As ey come in sight of each oU)T they rcen their pace and approach with ·wncaaf eyes anil averted beo, as If Jther was worthy ot beholding tho her; then they bow so- as to hiing e face ou a level with the knfes. on lien the palms of the hands are eased. A succession of hissing sounds Is xt heard, made by drawing the eats between the closed teeth, in- ·spersed with complimentary rases uttered with great volubility, ch trying to outdo the other, it last the climax Is reached and ch endeavors to give precedence to 3 other. For perhaps a Jull minute j polite contest continues; then the -emony abrutly ends, as If the dif- ity were capable of none liut a isqne solution, and the two puss on rriedly. vtth a loot of extreme ref. Fhe Japanese gentleman who has ay acquaintances must require an ir to. walk the length, oi a block oa dty street. e ^fie Mast Beautiful Car in/imsnat Be Independent of Mile Posts! Transportation is our vital national problem. It is not only essential that we convey more soldiers, food stuffs and supplies overseas, but we must also quicken our stride at home. "Speed up" is the clarion call that sounds throughout the nation. And Speed means the automobile. ·' If your car is/ a Paige you will be independent of mile posts. If your car is a Paige, you will have a staunch, sturdy ally that will enable you to double your business efficiency and bring healthful relaxation to every member of your family as well. In addition, you will have "The Most beautiful Car in America." PAIGE-DETROIT MOTOR CAR COMPANY, DETROIT, MICHIGAN JOHN RHODES AGENT, \\ EST SIDE CONNELLSVILLE D _. ».--. Fact Against which the whole world now is up in arms, including the Voters of Pennsylvania REPUBLICANS WILL VOTE FOR ROBERT PATTON HABGOOD FOR GOVERNOR ON MAY 21, 1918, AND THEREBY BEBCK.E the assertion that "Politics now is just a plaything for the rich." KOiTIXATE the only candidate who is not a factional candidate. 2f03HSATT. the only candidate who has the endorsement oi the County Committee from his home County. NOMINATE the only candidate "who voted for the \Yorsrnen's Compensation laws. Child Labor bill and "Woman's Suffrage referendum; also -who favors now and always did favor OK A NATION-WIDE BASIS Prohibition and "Woman's Suffrage. E the only candidate who can bring unity and harmony after the primaries. 3rAKT! your vote count for Republicanism over and above Factionalism. RECOfl.VJZE a largo si-ction of the State which never nad a Governor-the northwest and the northern tier. ItECOO'IZK the interior of the State which has not had a Governor since 1894. KBFUSE. to be dragged into the factional fights of Philadelphia. "HABGOOD and HARMONY" will Sweep the State Just Compare These Anniversary Savings at 39c Boys' fiOo Snmmer Cnimi Suits . 39c Women's nj) to S1.00 Toilp Waists at S9c Tfaiby's 7."c Soft Snli'd Simps, odd sizes ._ 3!)c ,"i!e Cell-set COTITS and Drawrrs S9c Jlcn's np to 75c f. ndprrrenr ;il 39c nunion's 5Cc Cuuze I nion .Suits 39c Anniversary Savings at 59c «"p \a $1.'2.~, Ven's, Dress Shirts Biilij's s.jr W h i t e Dresses Women's ?].0( liressin^r Surques Roys n p to i.c M a ^ l i Suits *_ E{( jrular b."c .Vevr Corset.s -,, . Women's 7oc (iauzc Vnion Suits Anniversary Savings at 19c 25c Fine Blenolipd 11;}'.!in, yard We · Son "en Spring ^liniriinms. liird 19c 2."r .-mil Me N u r u K ) Shirtlnc*. yard 19e niildrcn'- Jllc Short ffliiU- Dresses 19c IJc-R-nlar (")0c (jirpc 1 ! ,SIin{»Ts 19e Anniversary Savings at 89c ren - s .$lAi I'nion Suits ni Si)c Women's, Hois' iind (Jirls' Tenuis Oxfords Sl)c Women's fl.H~ lionsc Dresses at ,SOc Women's 51.TO Striped I'crcalc I'etticoais Sflc tlM t-rej hanilirny Work hliirts .Sfle Bojs'$!.'25 I)rcs« hhirts uf S9c P A l V.'IIII.!: \ O L I t l U C IX Pilot Qvvners arc the niQ'V enihnnaMie boosters. It ib a car ot distinction, finished to suit j o u r taste. Forty-two d i f f e r e n t body colors to select from. The Pilot carries tbe ceWbraird Tector motor, tbe most, silent, po\v'rfir. and highest pr.t ccl motor placed in anv car of its clasp. Fony-nve hor^e-power, si\ cylinders with removable head. 3 1-8 inch bou 1 , and ."» j u r h stroke, it Combines j)o\rer and economy. Genuine Icaihei upholstering, Dclco I.ghimg and SMI trip. IMMUDIATI: DteMvi:m' a i d E.\SY PAVMKNT TI:RMS. Write, phone or call for demonstiaiioa arid literature. FRED F. BCHMITZ WEST SIDE GARAGE TFRE THKGUS'S:-- 30x3 Xon-PXn: 511JO Other «i?es in proportion. rjar er a.cs n ^uarau:eed inner S2x3^ Xon-Skid Slo.75 Gasoline 1 CiV gallon 32x4 Non-Skid ?2', 00 Host Auto Oil 2 v quart Six! .N'on-Sk;d $22.00 Your patronage solicited and ivill give you a square deal. WEST SIDE GARAGE AT r F X X S Y L Y A M l ST VHOX. \Vr.ST SIBF.. Cuticura Healed EczemaOn Baby Only Two Wcefcs Oli Itched Very Much Causing Scratching. Disfigured Her. Free Sample Helped So Bought a Cake of Soap and Box of Cuticura Ointment. "My eiater, when two weeks old, was taken sick with a bind of rash' It seemed to settle in one ot on her face, and we were told it was eczema. One day it would be almost gone and tbe next day it would break oui and blood world issue '-from it. It itched very much, causing her to scratch till it bled, and it disfigured her tace. "We obtained * free sample of Cu- ticura Soap and Ointment. It seemed to help her 30 I bought a cake of Cu- ticuia Soap and a box of Cuticuia Ointment, and she was healed." (Signed) Luther D. Caton, Boa 333, Uniomown, Pa., June 8, 1917. For every purpose of the toilet Cuti- cura. Soap and Ointment arc supreme. Sarapf«£*«:hFr*e b y M « i ) . Address postcard; "Cutioura, Dcpt. R, Bottoo." Sold everywhere. Soap 2ic, jOmiment 25 and SOc. CandMaio For the EotnNIatnre, Second District. J. BVKLL SA'T1EII. REPUBLICANS (Political Advertisement) In order, apparently, that campaign ' Plouck for secietary of i n t e r n a l af- ' may be had, some very peculiar ; fairs, Burke. Crago, Mitchell and Rob- Lite pi-ice of liquors have just ociMrred in oui county. We are told that Uee. was- raised \vittnn the last few days from $1.60 to SI.90 a co=e. \\*s arc told that the prices o: whiskey by the drink in Connolly il!e was raised within the last two weeks. Prices of i i q u o i s have been raiced in Republicans. bins for Ccngresb-at-Large, Kendall for Congress, Benson m Fust legislative district and Francis m the Second. There [S no occasion to buy voles or corrupt ibe ballot box at t h i s pn- mnry becaJbe all tbe candidates u i e Subject to the decision of the Demo- I cratic PrunariLS, May 21 county at ihc time of other elections. Do tbcse facts mean anotbcr corruption f u n d in our county aud stale'' If ?o an appl.c.ition should be made to court to i evoke toe license of every one who contributes to this I fund. If 'icense holders have con- I r r f b m c d at this time they had better get iben money back The 1 politicians IKLVG been collecting money from Me liquor dealers to · corrupt elections for years. Tbe liquor | dealers have, in turn, been making the men who dunk '.her liquors pay h'Shir prices lu order to get their money back. So Ions as you support Kvery good should go to the liolls and vole. If tceie is any violation of the law and you -\viil repoit the same to us. the name of the one reporting not be disclosed v,-. thorn his permission. A K. JOXT3S. Chairman, ,GnORGK PATTERSON, Secretary O'N'EIL REPUBLICAN COUNTY COMMITTEE If you intend to hare a sale tietoorpricM PRINTED the cand,dates of leader^ responsible for this stale of affairs, so long will "I am in favor of the ratification of .vou pay dearly for the privilege, the National Prohibition Amendment, p -why members of tho Clks, Moose, and if elected nil! vote for it and use fjwli,, Lyons and patrons of saloons my influence to have the State Lcgis- a r e content to pay exorbitant prices iature pass i;. | tor their liquor-, in order that a cer- "I am m favor ot pushing the war to tain man may control the political a successful and honorable conclu- destiny of our state and against the sion - interests of the peop'e, is beyond any "I favor legislation tiiat is 100 per j reasonable man's compiei-ension. Do cent fair to the working man and 100 I not let them scarp you this time. If Nothing is more appreciated by an Army or Navy man than a box o£ candy. There isn't any belter than Whitcian's, so why not include some in the next box you send to training camp or overseas? We Have It In All Size Packages. Candidate for Stele Legislature. Subject to the decision of tbe Democratic Primary, May 21, 1318. Your influence and support solicited. South Fittsbisrg Street. . per cent fair to the employer." Your vote and influence solicited. you do, this robbery -\viil continue. , "vvill you not act tin your nvn I better judgment? WIi'j to t'atroaise. } Permit us to suggest tl at you vote Merchants 'vlio adverUje their good." i for J. Denny O'Neil for governor, John The Daily Courier. R. K. Scott for lieutenant governor, iPatronise Those | Who Advertise.| E3u252ES£SSnE2EE3Ba They are a.11 boosters and des_erve your business. reiTE Lmp TRANSFER S 11UTOK TUI7CK ami WAGO.VS. MOVIXG XNU H

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