The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 15, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1930
Page 3
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1930. THE DAILY COUBIfilR, CONNEULSVlUjE, PA. PAGE THREE:. ... at the qonq its j *j \ in a cigarette its TASTE/ HAT seems like a slight difference, in one cigarette, grows mighty important in a month's smoking. You might take Chesterfield's silky mildness for gran, ed--but just notice that it never taste? "flat." And where else but in Chestt rfield will you find such delicate shading of flavor, such spicy aroma of croice tobaccos, such rich and satisfying character? Better taste is a/ways important--and in Chesterfield it's "TASTE above everything* hestertiel SUCH POPULARITY MUST BE DESERVED © 7930, LIGGETT MYFRS TOBACCO Co. MILD/ y e s . . . and yet THEY SATISFV DONOHOEINQUEST CONTINUED AGAIN BY BALTZ' ORDER Possibility of Jackpo in Murder Hinted at Heanup Frl- daj Afternoon. I MORE EVIDENCE ABOUT TONY BELL Stodal to The C o u i l e r rMOMVOWN, Fob 1, Another IHK galkn patked Uio 1 irgo o m t room yesterday afternoon o listen to H/me "bet SAtional leve-lations ' at t h e t oruii.stent!} interiiipled coroners in- riuest .into tho murdei of John Flood I'onohoc, orrnM aUtc policeman An intimation t h a t a jack pot might have been raised to pay off lined assassins to kill DonohoeW »· ·e.\pi.«b- ed at the proceedings. When adjoin ument time ame tho inquest w^s "eonHnuwl u n t i l additional witne^tm could be c a l k d Mrs H a r r y X Mitchell, w i f e of a local real estate oealer, a new witness, saul on the inoi ning it July ,!l, when lom hoo \va, killed, s v io wan up .sitting in i rocking chan i i hoi sec-' onrt floor rear bedroom, h.i\ ing taken -.omo modi* ine. It w, * after ? o clock, sho said. Tho rear o£ nor home fi«vs the rear o' tho homo oE A \V Hell, Jr. A awlan ··ar drove* up the thoi otit;li- laie that it orning. said Mrs Mitthell. \ man alighted irom the cai and. '\alked sir light Into tho hoiue entering the back door w i t h o u t knocking A light in the hist floor flashed tor a mlnut^ or so and then, nas siuii- p-d off Tho r i ar backed out and tin no away, heading; In t h e direction ol Umo:Uown MM. Mitchell said sl-e did i t know U«ll and c u l d n t de^cilbo tho nuiti who alight oil from tho r. Sht couldn't deb i ibe anv of the othoi men in the car olthei, she suud To the best of her i eco 1 !lection the incident occurred le \voe-u o and J'.'S 1 ' o'clock m tho morning, said Mib. M i t c h e l l . But ·who tho parties were, \vluit tho color of tho sodiia W*M or i t liconso number, Mrt Mitchell SAIS bio failed to record. V.I *,lio k n o w s is that it a ajdau She dkl not kaow IB foolif-h You can't lick the half o( IZH, Donohoe leplled." accon ing to the v, itness 1 McDowell said ho knew tha Douo- hoo and G-eorgn Pa-tterson wt ro huv- ing some trouble "Geonce was after him all tlie time, is. j.11 I kuew," s,aid Harry. "I (Pat- toison) \va.s fring to get liin out of office," l o n t l n u u d the witness. On the evening of the mur er \fc- Do^ I ,ell Buid he and Joe Thon as had bxn over the mountiiiDB and ho wag s i t t i n g out on tho Pike near M. rkleya- btirg when Donohoe cam-o a OHK In his ford s-oiian They drove in together I asked him (Donohoe) if he had iboeri at tho camp, but he to lohoo) no He didn't say where he had ( ontiruied McDowell it he knew anythmr abort any alleged mooiushining actlv ties in \vhich IJonohoo may have !ec \ to'v- IICH ted, M Do w e l l said on th 011- t i a i y Donohoo had always warn xl hi-n no! to cany any liquor In h i . car when he drove it or cairy any liquor on his perfeon 'iVhen they arrived in town, Harry .said Donohoe Invited him to go to buupei hut ho !*·lined. Then Douo- hoe «aid ho v o u M go to his !oo u and get a shave "That Is the last I ?aw of aln untrl tho )ie\t day when I saw him lead,' concluded McDowell M i s Helen Ilees denied she ha ABE MARTIN On Luncheon Speaking A CODFISH PROPAGANDIST THRtL,L,tN' A BUSINESS M UN'S 1/T3NCHEON. An automobile goin* at high speed skidded while attcmptln' t' turn at Saw Mill avenue an' Main street this mornin', turned over five times an" crashed through th' show window o' ,_ , .... ,,, . th' Elite Hat Shop «»' Mrs Wes Peters I heard the statement that the State , fh , ^ bore aQ Obio I!censo an - th .Police couldn't tiack an elephan in a dnver WIU . SM , cre]j cut a b o u t th - face snowdrift." She also had neve told an - handfl n n wuz fctlu U n CoriBq j ona as anybody that she wouldn't talk o Di. t jjis wuz w i i t t e n Letters an' telegrams in his pockets showed that he wuz on Ins way t' Tulip, Indianuy, t* address th' Better Business Club fer at the time she was hold as i wituctb in the State Police harra ks. Mis. Hees was qui/zetl Furor C'hcbter M Lingle particulai ly regard $15 an' tiis lunch, nig the ude to Centre county when It seems like ever' organi/ation, she took the officers to where ' Si Ed" political, social, enevolent, civic, Wonsotler wa*b hiding irom a pi jccss commercial an' industrial, is bein' vsaued bv the Fayette county cou ts , addressed right an' left these days on "Dodbon, SheiIff Aubrey, "Nan" Pat- ! 6ver Problem, imaginary,Actual, hn- anil County Treasurer A lame °l°. ent ' Ii ,l^. ) ' " " * Mm. Hess w e i o along;," door. Ever' extra tare* train, de luxe bus, high-powered c ar, an' tiny, pur- , , ,, . , , , , , , i Til , ^ , , » 1 f c m . 3 , I J - t f j l i - J J w TT-wt GVt I t * * , ULl L I U J , 1 / U l "They ail talked to Mg M, «,aid rln , speok ,,, t h kj ig h u in ',' slQtne " Mis Host,. fln a speaklri , Turtle Trade o' Key West, Lafe Bud is at Napoleon, Indlenny, where he's t' address tb' Ad WnU ra' Iicaguc on "Pictorial Bill Boardu an' fh' Phenomenal Growth o' Smoklti' ", Constable Nervt Plum is m Hound Head, Ilardin county, Ohio, where he's addresaln' th' Ohio Constables' Asbociaiion on "Karly Environment an' Car Takin'", Mn, Tl ( iton Bud 10 in Salem, Oregon, whcro she's speakin' t' a woman's club on "Flome Drinkln' an' ih' Open Saloon", Farmer Jake Bentlcy is in Belle Center, Ohio, speakin' t' a convention o Sciota marsh onion growers on ih 1 "Care o' th' Blood Sow" Editur Gale Finnan le.Ct , lion T x- by bus t' spak on "Th 1 Futility o' Deltatii" before some malt cannerg at Cincinnati, Dr. Mbppfl IB confined t 1 his home by a recurrence o 1 neuritis an' dicta tiu' communications t' newspapers on "Recent Kxcavatiotis Neai 01*ll0i Oil Jllti »Vfly v 4 1 4 1 L CH/C*.JViIi ·* v\;wv 4-1 b J~tJ*.\jii, * VLI,I\J (i^ A ^ tt» J J W/ViiJ £·, t conversation either in Centre co inty, dato Kver'buddy that kin speak, or Mr and Mrs. Joe Kite are in Mllroy, d u r i n g the rkl» or at my home," blio lhinks he kin SJeaki ever'buddv with Inddanny, where Mr. Kite is t' speuk Continued There an underetAndmg, she a message, is out -in in 1 world speakin'. at th' cornerstone layin' o' th' new Our that tho Donohoe m u r d e r case town is practically deserted high school gym. Tell Bluklcy is in Mulberry league o' nations Ho will flay th' was not to bo mentioned until 'Big Junction, whore he s t' address th' Ed ' had bocti bi ought directly b fore Tornado Insurance Writers' Conclave Judge Morrow. Tho jxdge wafa t h e , on "Th 1 Sponge Industry an' Soup fiibt oao \slio broke th-e newe fter their arrival, said Mrs. llest, Some little diveibion wus ca ised whon bauiro Henry Davison was Squire Marsh Swallow is vi-silin' an annf at Tiffin, Ohio, an' will address th' Northern Ohio Kraut Ma tors on "Is th' Gulif Stroam Ch ngin' Its Course 7 " Miss Fawn Lit pincut is privin 1 her pop'lar lecture, "\V lere Is My Daugh er T'night," wit i slides, fer th' third time before th' ladies o 1 th' Colonial Bridge Club at Vauseon, Ohio. 1 her's gittm' t' be so many organize ions, women's clubs, business me 1 's Innoheons, clric societies, an' clu s an' groups o' ever' kind that it tak s a floatin' army o' orators an' ent rtalners t' coror t' country. Most o' t i' orators are paid an they kin well afford t' speak lev tho luncheons an' me-!be ten or fifti -n dollars P oplo are too busy, or too lazy t' Ufao ther noodles, t' think, fer 'em- seh x s, an' besides ther's so many topi a, problems, au' propositions, con rontln' 'em t'day that ther glad onoi g"h t' have some fly-by-night spe»- ter mold ther opinions "'J hat feller is a great talker an' Icno 'B his stuff. You know I never had 10 idee how cod/fish wuz dried an' pad- ad, an' I wouldn't have mised alk fer anything," said a p i o m l - nent merchant as he club t'day. his luncheon final witnete Swanlger eail he Y/as leaving the tourtboiise one day in ,,_. .,, McDowell, descnbe I u-, a close friend and intimate of the minder victim, was called to te 1 of an argument IX nohoe had wit i Tony "on-e imrninj:' a. .short t i m o bftore the kllljiig. He ( nd Donohoo \\ort- walking along Main stieft that morning wh«"v nonn'i H- sighted Ik'll VlcDow- ! el! v t'! ' 'ii Donohoe directed him to ;io 1 on ' P to his, office l i C o u i t vtreJt with a pap-r w h i l e he t ilked to Ton* Flfto-m minutes late i \ I i - i io\\p!l testilied, Dofiqlun* i ame into ( hi* afflco i I a.^ked him way i.i«u ' i d got o f f 1 · h o petition," tostUted \ U H \ v ( l l lie's Ju'it yellow l i k » -v % ivlod% taid h« wa-5." !oruho« rt»pl1cd ic-cord inx to McUovell ' Hi» w a n t e d to I k k tie," Oonohw i o p u n n e d , atcotdins to "but 1 told h i m V m t be wiled from tho audience ly Alto ney , September when Tony Bell hailed him Vance Cottom to be Identified a h the ani asked him to d r i v e him o u t t£ heavy set man of dark eomple don I Continental w h o wafi at the- Host, home when shp j "I can't recall the date," said Swan- re-furned after being released by iger. "I had parked my car just-below County Detective A A. Downing, Uie police elation Bell asked me if I "Thp man I ta\v out there was much would take him out in the country. He ntouter," Mra Hess insisted Tho 'iian told me he was working for A. B. in question told hor he had heen i ent Jones and Intended U run down the out to tho house by Downing w die murderer of Donobot if it lay in his was in temporary custody i power," Swauiger, referring to Concerning tho conversation on tho ride homo from Centre roihity, ] Ire They had driven out to the Won,said t h a t it centered mo tly eetler home, where Tony got off. about the pioctna, both Corporal I od- son end Sheriff Aubtey advising 'W m- sotlrr 'hat he had been foolish to go a^.u Mi Adame was dr!^ing cur, ^ h o !aid Grm»r C 1 Svkanifcor, constable oolite chief oj Smittfield. t h e "You know where jou last saw me. t? you don't see me again you will know where to look for me," Swan- *ger said Bell warned him as he drove away Aeked by J u r o r Lugle If he had Belle r-ernsrks sertonsJjr, mi 'hej taken Swauiger said he didn't grvo it much thought. He «aid he hac 1 known Bell £01 eix years and li£id worked both under him and with him. Coroner Baltz then called tor Edward W. McShane and Attorney Anthony Cavalcante. Neither wi e present in coitrt, however, and tho heai- Ing was adjourned until these men as well ue several others can lie called to the stand, NEW ROBOT BARTENDER MIXES PARISJCOCKTAILS PARIS, Feb 15 --The robof barman has come to Paris and French is well as American residents are pushing buttons and shoring lovers to goi their favorite cocktail meehanw alls mixed Se 'eral specimen.s of the mechanical Jar have just arrived from London md are making quite a hit. Press buttc as numbeig 1 and 3 and you get A Si* ecar cocktail; bottons number U and ! and you get a Martini. If you wan! a touch of Angostura you push a lit 1 le lever. Fr nch "aiperitif" drinkers and doctt ra are fighting cocktail drink- Ing i France. The wine iwterests are alarr ed at the waning interest in wine aperitifs. France likes cocktails and *he likes the new Robot "bar whicl makes them NEWS OF DAY AT SCOTTDALE BRIEFLY TOLD Anotbot Viewpoint We Tien are sinking nearer and neon' to man's level every day Whs^ they want to do It we don't know. But i I h e j wnnt to we say, bop to It. --Fai n and Fireside Pat otolze tho,3« who advertto*. Special to Tha Courier SCOTTDALE, Fob. 15-- -The Business Girls Club held its regular m o n t h - ly dinner at the Y M C. A. last evening, with covers laid for 60. A very nice dinner was served, with 1 10 board of the Y M. C. A. jointly hold- Ing its dinner with them. The cen- mitteo in charg^ was Mae Horm r, Merl Sherrick, Edith Clarkson, Stella Forsytne, Genevieve Walker May Frtck and Catherine Malik At the cloae of the games were playpd n keeping wttb Valeniine day. Exhibit Open Tonight. Hundreds of persons have bee interested in the Scout exhihit that is being held on Pitteburg street Tl e exhibition will be open tonight uniil 10 o'clock. This will close one of tl e ·most successful weeks evei celebrettd ae an anniversary by Scouts in Soot dale. Pipe Mill Pits to Resume. Two pits of tho United States Ca. t Iron Pipe Foundry Company plni t will begin operation Monday morinnr. Thie part o£ the plant has been cloel down since before Christmas N j promise hag heen made as vo how Ion ; tho new workings w i l l opeiate. Health Board Keorgrtiilzes. The ooard at health met on Thur«- day evening and organized for the yea · ati follows: President, Dr. A r t h u · "Waldo; vice-prebident, Ohrifet Kl .ink secretary, l)r. N K. Silsloy, healtli officer, George LockaM The othe members of the board me J I M u r phy and J. T. Keithlcy To 'rake Places. Sunday the newly elected officers ti the United Brethern orchestra will take their place) The election held Tuesday evening reunited as follows Presid-.nt, John Miner, Mce-pi evident Clyde Tyle; secretarj, Don Blocks, leader, E F. McCloy, rwsustant teacher, R It. Graft; trea^urei, John Kurt/,, pianistfe, Mai]orle Kiihus ami Mrs Ralph Brooiks McCarthy at ScoMiluI^. , A dinner will bo hold this e\;]iintr in th-o KnlgbU, of Columbus, Club Rooms for i j J. McCarthy, a lepre- sontative of th« Supieme Council of the Knightb of Columbus from New Haven, Conn , who is making a. good will tour through this .section , At Uoll Dinner. Mis KstUer Pylo of ths Bell Telephone bubinesy offiee. on Thuiaday evening was a guest at the h o m j of J. K Hess o£ Uniontown, reueial manager of this district, who gave a farewell paity in Uonoi w" W J. Toner, who is being tiansl'eried from Uniontown to New Castle. Wiliurd Memorial Service. The annual Frances Willard memorial service of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union will be held Monday evening at the Methodibt Episcopal Church. Au excellent program hai be?n prepared and w i l l be pie 1 - en ted Bridge Putty. Mrb George Lipp^ was hostes, to very piotuly appointed bridge party at hei home in High fi(ieet broaght into play. The decorations and a-ppointmonta were In keeping with Valentino Day, Prizes were awarded Mrs. George Carroll, Mrs. George McCurdy and Mrs. Null. C.I K. Program. The Christian Kndeavor Society of the Evangelical Church held Its monthly meeting at the church last evening There was a buglne'is meeting A Valentine social followed Mias Kvolyn Brown headed the committee in charge. The following program was presented. Piano solo, Zana Kldenotir; reading, Vivian George, vocal solo, I./OUIBO Grove, piano duet, Alice Fligor and Marjorie Kuhns. Adolplda Class Party. Members ot the Adelphia Class ot the United Brethren Church, of which rMs S O Steiner, i teacher, held a J most delightful Valentine Party at tho c h u r c h on Thursday evening. Tho decorations were tall red tapers and a "\ aleutine boi, decorated with cupid^ Tho committee in charge was made up of Mrj. Louis Kicher, MJS Tlowaril Solomon, ^Irs. Raymond Moore, ^irs Hariy Tru\al, Mrs li,ugene Truxal Mrs Clarence Shaner, Mrs. John Toolo, Mrs Kvort Graft, Mrs. Arditii Williams, Mrs Matthew A. Miller and Mrs. Lester ltolida Aid Socielj ITogram. The Ladies' Aid Society o! tho Baptist 1 Church met at the home of Mi",J C Cramer Thursday evening Theic wan a biuiness meeting, following by a program" Vocal solos, Mrs Kutb leon Dyine, piano solo, Mrs. David Craig, voral oJo, Mifcs Peat I Tedrow .-eadmg', Mrs. F. C. Auld S. 0. C. Clas.8. Mrs C. E Thinton was hostess to the S O C. Clabrf of the Presbyterian Cliurih at her home Sn Mul'beri} street on Thut.sday evening A social hour followed the business session Ruffsdale evening Five tables of caids were! IlUFFSDATjK, F«-l) 35 -- I J HOUBPI transactfd business In Harri«burt? labt -fteeh. Mis. Minnie Finfrock entertained the Homo Guards at her home Saturday. Mrs. J N Wpitzp) assisted her The Young Ladies' Club of Tarr was entertained by Miss Myrtle Bryan at her home Friday evening A birthdkiy party was held at the home ot Mi nnd Mrs. .! L. Fintrock in honor ot Mrs Tmfrock Friday evening. Mr and M i s Loc Curry of PittsburR visited the latter s viarents, Mr. and Mrs Frapk Bowman, recently Mrs. JamPb Robinson of Joanncttn visited hei sister, Mrs. William Hixson Tuesday. The ladies of tho Christ's Reformed Church held a quilting at the home »C Rev. and Mrs. C, on Friday. The Willing; Workers "Clast, o£ the Methodist Kpiscopal Sunday School held the regular monthly meeting t tha home ol Mis. Ray Hodgkias Friday evening. Use o u t ohiiSffk-d advertisernentB The Ladies' Aid Society of the Zion Gutheran Church met at the home ot virs. Mary Kelley of Hunker Weduies.- lay Mr and Mrs Charles Hart anJ chil- li en of Wyano visited «»« lattelr'y laientb, Mr and Mr? Robert Cole his i\eek Mi and M r , \ \ a l u r Cowan and l a u g h t e r visited i^Utu-fa in Fani h a m e Stttui4»Q

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