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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, February 15, 1930
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L ast idition P nee Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. T ic Best Advertising Medium in the YougK Region, VOL, 28, NO. S'J. Tlio The. lj- f n r r « * r , l-'nnntlfil .liity 17, IS7I. ' Mfrj^i'd. C " « t r r , 1 o u u c l r r l . \ o v c m b c r 1 , 1002. , ,Iu(.%- .(S, JIIJMJ, CONNELLSVIJjLE, PA., SAT1 RDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY'It"?, 1.930. TWELVE 1'AGBS. COMMISSIONERS SET ASIDE FOR VOTING MACHINES! LOWER TYRONE QUIZ SUSPECT IN HORST MYSTERY, TAXES THIS YEAR Therefore Eoiid Il'tiildiiifr W i l l Tie lU'strietefl, If lions .Arc Slot. Twenty-Five to Be Purchased, Probably for Coimelisville and Unto wn. ,fnrri"s S, I'arkor's ."Returns After Alisonco - f 31 ore Than Two Years ---------------- I At'toi bolus missing for two jwirs O A OIKTr^ I a n i l '°' ir Tll ' olUlKS ' a " a l r t l a l P riot.; 'bo~ "ArCIINvji i longinp. to .Janws S. Parker, foi ra-or IS N F C F S S A R Y ' Ba!tira vo * O n l ° conductor, returned Special to The Courier. USEONTOWN, .Feb. 15.--The county commission.?TM today adopted the 1030 bud .ret and fixed the milhure at 11, the .same ae last year. TJie budget ae presented by County Conn-oiler Alex Duncan provides for expenditures of $1,250,000. On this sum the lurscst single item ifi $-,00,000 for the s i n k i n g fund. Court cost.!-, w i l l be carex! for under an item of $.1.00,000. For county ronds 5200.000 is net asid . Other o u t s t a n d i n g items arc; M a i n t e n a n c e of buildings, $70,000. M a i n t e n a n c e of c r i m i n a l and Insane, $".0.0iO. VoiiiiR m a c h i n e s , I'or l.'niontown and Conn'.illsvlllo, probably J25,00(i. UN fO.VTOWiV, Feb. 13.--The c o u n t y commissioners thus m o r n i n g definitely agreed to f h o i n c l u s i o n oC $^5,000 of the lr30 budget for voting machines. W h i l e yesterday t h e appropriation was out I n t e r tbe commissioners re- consi(Uro(i and drastic paving of other items, i n c l u d i n g ; all kin-ils of v a r i o u s PROGRAM WILL BE MADE UP LATER The major taxpayers of Lower Ty- j rom; t o w n s h i p decided to restrict ro;u! buikliiiK t h i s year and reduce the, I n - , dcbtednesH of that d i s t r i c t as well as ' votwl in favor of no increase In the ·. millage, at, the- special meeting Friday j evening at t l i o Dawiion Legion Home, j Frank A. Tnrr, one of the ardent j to the Parker homo T h u r s d a y as myateri msly as it had disappeared. Mr. 1 a r k c r had gotten i n t o hh car in f r o n t of. his h o m e in C h u r c h place when t : ij doK pounced usiiinst tho advocates of improved thoroughfares, door it leaped in. a p p a r e n t l y overjoyed j served as c h a i r m a n of tho meeting. at moot rig its old m a s t e r . j William H. G o r d o n , secretary oE the Tho d s was t h i n as if from a l o n g j t r i p but otherwiHe in good condition, j Once b' t'oro it had disappeared b u t ! o n l y for two days. At Unit time Mr. 1'writer "arin'il it had been carried in ' an a u t o j lohilo to Somerset. Dr.O.F.Leighty Made Lieutenant In Dentai Corps ncement was murlo t o d a y of tho Hifxji r i t r i K ' t i t and u n e U K n i m ' n t of Dr. Orla K! Prea-d U-ighly of 1 t board of road supervisors, presented to the RiithrltiK the financial condition erf t h e t o w n s h i p aud a discussion resulted which later resulted in the definite action n o t to build any more roads. Tho supervisors ftre said to be In i favor of f u l f i l l i n g the wish of the tax- j payors ami will not I n c r e a s e the m l l l - j age w h i c h at present is 10 mills. It i also was decided to m a k e a p p l i c a t i o n j to t h e State Department of HiKlrw'uys j for .state road r e w a r d . ' At a rneeiinK in the near f u t u r e t h e i supervisors w i l l I n y out a program | of p r i m a r y and secondary r o u t e s . j Mrs. Laura Whipkoy oV H u l l t o w u ! presented ;t p e t i t i o n to secure relief i for tho H u l l t o w i i - D a w n o u road, This '.! is to be prive-n immediate consideration RURAL ROAD BOOSTERS SOLICIT CO-OPERATION OF THE BOARD OF TRADE --® South Nil th street, NS'cst Side, to tlio position o ' llrst i i e u t o i i a t i t in the Don- tal Corns. Medical UeiKxrtm-eiit., in the minor i m p r o v e m e n t s , pieced out (he | I'ennsylvu :iia N a t i o n a l G u a r d . $25,00'i necessary for the i n i t i a l p u r - j His r a n ; wtto e f f e c t i v e on Tuosda?, chase of the machiiuvi. j February I t , and Uo was ii»sif;nod to "It. moaus," s;ud Ckunmissionor (Jcorgo W. Htbbs, "that %vo will bo forced to stick rigicMy to our budget tor tfw ontiro year, not deviating for aythin;. Rwiuests for iirvprovomenta that may come up d u r i n p Hie year w i l l not be met. as it wiil be impossible. "The voters, howevor, Uw.idtMi in favor - F machines and it becaino necessary for us to do everything to meet ibis (If in and. While it had not boon ilecidMi yet it is likely the two t h i r d class cities of the county will bo tho inds Tn.Ht, favored w i t h the new method of voting." Mr. lUbbs indicated that the initial purchat-e wilt be for Sfi machines. Tho mlliago to be passod upon today oallH for a lovy of 14 mills. UNION'TOWN, Fob. 15. -- United iwuuii la collection of Fayette yun-ty taxes was on the progrnai for discussion thl.s afternoon when the '11 collectors of tho county convened at the Co-juty J3nlldlng in the flrst session of the kind over held. lh« collectors will faco a proposal thai thoy go together to su'brnit .Hinglo ·dwartliM-monts to tho nowspapors ot the county instead each tax collector nuttrrg in ils own ad. At pre:*ent many unpaid taxes have extended over a period of years arid hav-o never been returned. Now the collector!' are forced to make- r e t u r n s ot at! delliKjuontfl on tho lirsi. Monday of May. FRIGID WAVE HOLDS * WE5T IN ITS GRASP; MERCURY BELOW ZERO By United Press. CHICAGO. Fob. li.--A heart-shapod blnnkot of snow couted the Middle West today aa frigid blasts .swept down from tho Canadian subartk: aud .sent temperatures plunging in tho .\liniiissi.ppi Vn'lloy. Tho morcury stood at 18 degves below y.oro at Duhith, Minn., yesterday while KIMMV covered tho area . from (ho Mouutiuits almot to tho Allcghenies: and then tapered to a point in the- Missippi Valley. . Sub-zero temperatures accompanied ] the snow in N o r t auil South Dakota, Wyoming n n d u p p e r Michigan while eight below was recorded at St. Paul. 'A d r o p to lf-dog roes bolow zero in northern Minnesota ivu.s predicted lo- ilay. KarthcT south, along the l i n e from Kansas City to Chicago, tho cold wave was expected to bring below zero twij- iwniture.s to i;iy. Toniperutnres of t'vom 10 to 15 nbovo x.ero pi'eviil'd in tho district yesterday w U H o tho (Uiy hefore the theruio- stood, in the forties. the Medic U l)'partmf!iii H e t a c h i n c n t , HOlh I n f a n t r y , Coiuiellsville. Dr. J*eie ity. a graduate of! C o n n c l U ville High School and University of M a r y l a n d at Baltimore, received h i s bachelor o science clo-gree at Georgetown L'nl\'.M-sit.v. D u r i n t , tho World War. In- i as in the S l i l t h ( n f a n t r y , K i K h t i e t U ) lovlsion. I i i e i t t e n a i a l^ishty succeods the late Dr. Rus^e-l: J. K n g l c k u , c;ij)tain of tlu Medical IX- of the supervisors*. :. II. YV t n t z e-11 of Greo.nshiirft. assistant t o w n s h i p e n g i n e e r , Si a In Highway .Department, jjave a very i n s t r u c - tive t a l k ri.'gardiiv" t o w n s h i p road building. He also .s. s w t M e d tuieHrt.lons j | of tho taxpayers ' w i t h ro.q-;ir:l to Die ] procedure to .stxMirc aasLstunce from j j the stale. Dt'spilo the Viir.t that. Mr. ! Wentzoll is forced to report to ! crutches, he favored the residents by attending the meeting. State Senator H a r r y J. Bel) of Daw- sou aiso pave an i n t o r e s t i n g ( u l k . WOMAN TAKEN 1,100 MILES BY PLANE FOR NEW CANCER TREATMENT I-;/ United Press. SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 15.---A woman victim ot cancer today awaited the prick o' a. noodle t h a t may foil threatened cl ath. Mr*. Irviiu Edwins and her husband flow here ytfrterduy from their home at Cholan, ", MO nhe could undergo a cancer treu ment recently 'announced here. The womar is seriously i l l , and (he 1,100-milo fli( lit may have been in vain as the disco· erors of the treatment, Dr. Walter C"Hoy atui Dr. .loan Huta- bor, aro in Los Angelos und w i l l m)t return until ioTt. VVodno«(iay. While Mr«. Bd\vin« lay in St. Francisco Hospita today, her husband expressed hope that tho treatment announced by t:© prominent California physicians an-t aurgeotis would assiet hie wife. "As soon as I got. word of the treatment I decide I to bring Mrs. Edwins heri," he said. Kdwine mortgaged his fruii. farm, the result o-t 25 years' labor, so t'uat the airplane- .iourn-;y could bo mads "before it wae too late." Mns. Edwin'i case wae pronouuced hopeless by surgeons after an operation last Sep ember and she was given but six nonths more of life. Five and one-! alf of those monthu huvo paseel. Helieving that they have found the solution to the mystery of the disappearance if Melvin Horst, Jeft, above, fonr-year-old Orrviile, ()., boy. misain:' for more than a year, Orrviile authorities have been quizzing Earl 3onald, top, right, former Wooster, O., brakeman, who h n i been lamed by Charles Hunna, of Wooster, as the slayer of the boy. 1 anna told his story to police after his son, Junior Hanna, left, be ow, implicated him in the mystery. Conald, who is described by ti c authorities as a bootlegger, has denied any connection with M '.Ivin's disappearance. On the right, below, ii Marshal Roy Horst ancle of the missing youth, whose activity against bootleggers is k Sieved to have led to the kidnaping as a, retaliatory measure. A. E. Spar Killed Under Mine Fall AtMtBraddock Artam Edgnr Spear, 27 years old, of Mount Independence, was instantly killed at 5 o'clock Friday evening in tbe M o u n t 1-raddoc-k mine of W. J. Flainey, Inc., when he was caught under a toll of slate. His neck was broken. Clarence 'Viison, Spears' buddy, was at some other part of the min« when the cras;h cam-e. He ia survived by his w.tfe, G-ladys Uandman Spear, and three children, Lois, Harry and CLarentce, Tbe third child was born last Sunday. His parents, Mr, and j Mrs. Adam Siea.r live at Mount In- dopendence. Brothers and sisters surviving are as follows; Mrs. Prank Crutchman of Keistervilla, Mrs. Stanley Shipley of Allison, John Spear of Prttflburg, Bdca, Robert, Thomas and N-eLle, at home The body v:i8 removed by Funora'l Director Janus T. Burhans to his niorguj at Dumber ·where it was prepared for buri.U. Tho funeral will be- held Son day afternoon. A. brief service will be cond-iicted at 2:30 o'clock at the late home, followai by a full one at 3 o'clock at the Oove Run Free Mc-tho- (Hat Church with Rev. A. L.. Duncan and Rev. John Douglas ot Fairchance officiating. InUrmeut will be made in Cove Run Cemi-tery. MIEESPORT MAN KILLED, HIS BROTHER WOUNDED BY-BANDITS By U n i t e d Press. McKEESPORT, l''eh 15.-~0ne m a u ie dead and hie brother is in n j;eriou« ! condition at the McKeesjiort Houpital,] both victims of bandit buJleUi, when i they attempted to frustrate a holdup of their barbecue stand near bore today. The dead man i«? William D. Weddle, ·10, of McKe«eport svlio was Hhot i;j t,1ie abdomen and stabbed shortly after midnight. Charles 1. Weddle. 38, his brother, was beaten over the head and fehot In Ui.c chest.. Union Evangelism Campaign Will Be Continued to June §- Protestant Drive 'or Members Will Bo Woni d Up at / t'tmtecxi tt. UNITED SPANISH WAR VETERANS MEET SUNDAY Tlio United !r paninh War Veterans will meet Smith.y at 2 o'clock in Odd Fellows Te-mpk e LACK OF CORPSE DELAYS CHARGES IN HORST CASE By U n i t e d Press. WOOSTKR, Ohio, Feb. 15.--Charges lither of child .stealing or murder will ·1-e placed Monday against Charter Haana and liarl C. Con-alt! in the mysterious disappearance of Melvin Ilorst. four, en Decomber 27, :1928, tram his home at Orrviile, Special Prosecutor M. J. Mougey said today. Delay in liling tho charges against Banna and Conaki, who accuse each otner of tbe child's nvurdor in aignod slatements, was attributed by Mougey to Indeclsion aa to tho exact aceusa- j tion. Mougey waid ho hopes, before charges are lodged, to Ilnd M-elvln's body and establish corpus delicti. Hundreds oC tips re^eive-i! offering information as to the location of the- body fiavo been run d o w n and proven false. JSffort'a to find tbe child's grave are to be redoubled today. Mougey has revealed that authori- tioii are convinced the lpy was murdered 'jy one or both of the nven who accuse each other. With tho worlc map led out at the beginning of the w«ol of personal evangelism less than 1 alf covered by some o'/ th_» larger ,ues, the 11 Protpstnnt churches _;) !bracei in the C!onnellsriH Minister: il Association yesterday and t h e wor ers last nigh! votel t o carry on not. nly next week but tbrough Easter a d to time of t.h lOOOtli anuiveraarj of Pentecost June 8. Heports at. tiio Una ineeUng of workers laal evt-ning ai Trinity L u t h - eran Church shewed t.b t 35!) persons had boon signed d u r i n g the five 'lays of tho drivo. ^'no rej irtn did not embrace la^ce Humbert of prospects and even larger numb? ·» of persons who wiil becoin-; ident fled with the Sunday schools. The first meotins of workers will be held Tuesday evenitif at 7 o'clock at the Christian Church. The original commitl e in rharge vrill be continued, with the addition of Rev. E. H. Stevens. Tbe other nieraberB are ftev. Oeon e R. Krupp, chairman, Dr. D, R. Graham and Rev. K. N. Duty. The committee will have a plan to present to the workers Tuesday if it can be ii^ado up by that time. The final night's canvass under the direction of Rev. Raymond Drukker of Pittsburg was made after dinner at the Lutheran Church. Ifollowiag tho canvass the workers returned to the church, whore reports ware submitted. Talks were made by Rev. R. E. Shober on "What the Week Has Meant;" Thomas J. Hooper and L. U. Hoover on "What the Week Has Meant to the Laymen" and Dr. D. R. Graham on "What to Do Prom Now On," Brief icmarks were made also by Res% DrukJcer. Hughes Resigns From World Court By United Press. GENEVA, Feb. 15.--Charles Evans Hughes today sent the League of Nations bis resignation from the Frenia- nent Court of International Justice, effective at once, Tho resignation was cabled to the league secretariat. BA1TLESHI1 5 MAINE BLOWN UP 32 YEARS AGO TODAY AT HAVANA Thirty-two ye;.r« ago the battleship Muinc- was blov n up and sunk in Havana Harbor, w i l b a loss of ^S2 lives. One of t.U-! survivors of the disaster IK William M c N a i r of Plf.tsburg. Members of Colonei Crawford Camp Of the United S lanieb War Veterans' hope to have Mr. McNair as a npoaker at the aufliuii b-mquet in April. te now In Florida. Representatives of Thrre Areas Hold Long Conference Witli Road Committee. BIG DELEGATIONS IN ATTENDANCE The cooperation of the cit zens of Conn«llsvl)lc, beaded by tl e newly orgatvized Board ot Trade, -was sought by advocates ol! ttvree road projects who presented th«ir caaoa to th ; good roads committee ot 1 b» community wellaro's orgaaizatior. at. a meeting Friday evening In tbe Board of Trade offices in tho First ^attoual Baak Building. Boosters of tho Dawsoa to 1 tanning, Breakneck to MelcrofL and N^w Lexington to Mclcroft spoke of tte lcno- flts that would be acquired iy the people who live within, close iroxlni- ity of the thoroughfares and cite*] bow the improvoment of th«^c stretches would result in a greater devolopment for Connellsvllle. In the absence of Kenneth Hoiri, chairman o£ th« roods corcnjitte'*. Mayor H. D. Mincrd presided. A. M. Hain«a served as temporary secretary. James H, Hall of Layton, speakinr- In behalf of tho Dawson-1 aytou- Banningr road, said that two milci had been promised by the :ount.y comniisKioncrs. He cited that all ol the 38 automobiles in the eorni nuiity surrounding Layton had been p u r chased in Conn-ellaville, Mr. H w l i contended that between $20,001 and $40,000 is expended annually toi m-.-i- chandisa ia this city. TIio total milflage, Mr. Hall anici, is 12, eight in Fayette and four in Westmoreland county. R. A. Milkif and Harold Secri u also spoko in the same vein. Tbre« inilps of the highway are in 'crrv township'and tbat district is satisfied anywhere tbe road is laid out, they said. Attorney K. i'C. Y o u n k i u of Con- iKPllsvillo spoke of I ho Cifinrgi U Moore road proposition which i rhfi route leading from Somerset ix inity at New Losington to Mill Run, Kuy- ette couui'y. The dividing line s n t M , Hci- T a t "cs Mountain's place aud l.b 3 miles are evenly divided, B-JVCI; i Of the 91 officers and men who bur- ifl (Uicb county. This is said I. viverf the exploFiou records of the lhe shortest route. Navy Departmeni indicate that 37 are still alive. sylvanian, McNair is tho only Penn- LIEUT. GEORilE PYLE A now oillcor, Second Lieutenant George Pyle it' i l i e MISSnd I n f a n t r y , 0. II. C., has b e e n iiU,at:lied to t h : .Howitzer Company, for tlie purpose of instruction, C a p t a i n H;irold F. SUtu.r- fer announced today. Lieutenant Pylu cl nit's at once. ' making- prepara- will assume his The company lions for the a n n u a l Federal inspection on March 12, There are several vacancies in the r a n k s which Captain Stauffer hopes to have filled by that time. TROOP 3 SCOUTS UNDERGO TESTS BY COMMITTE COLD WAVE TONIGHT, BUREAU'S FORECAST Committi*.e Finds Mobile Failed m Duty as Head Ot Italia Expedition ®- Commander of Arcti( Disaster Of UW8 Hold Lad ing in General 'Abilit y. MISS ANNA E. DARSIE DIES AT SCOTTDALE Purslo, SO yours a t t i p h o m K. T)i-. K,. Miss A n n a olil, died t h b nf her nephew, M i l I ' a r k c r ave- \ \ i l l b : lr!50 o' Morue. Tl»e c x a m i n a i n : commit too of Troop o, .Boy Scouts of A m e r i c a , of ihe Im- niaculut-od CotuH- itloti Chnrcli, was present at the re niiar meeting of the troop last ovenii.u; (o puss ur-ou ap- pllt-'ations for nn ril badges a u r j tenderfoot, second a ul first class c c r l i l i - catps. Tho t'ollov iui tnombevs of tho tvoop essunluins i. m u n i t l c o wt:-ro pre.s- on!.. lU'v. Father H e n r y (ieibel, ttev. K a i l i c r K'dmuiul S! « m ( y . ,1. \V, M u d i g a u and (.'. 1*', D o n n e l l · j | i c ! i i i i K Mai; rei'c- i t . i l i u v i Ol l!lt K c r O U t A cold wave is forcast by the Weulhor Bureau for tonight, with colder Sunday. TRUCK LOADED WITH POST TURNS OVER ONTO WALK tin ABANDONED COMPA VIONS By UnlteJ Presa. ROME, Fc-b. 16,-- Umbr o Nobile, who led the dlrigibl'3 Italia expedition to the North. Pole in :1928, was found by an official investigation committee to have "prove.d himnelf by 1 is conduct to have limitod technical , to have lacked the ability inand." The official report said: bility und to coin- J o h n ISrurd of ScotUlalfi uiui a coin- r v - 1 p a u l c ' H had ;i n a r r o w escape from i n ' u t j u r y at 10 o'clock, tin's morning when j Toiip, tho Iju.vs \vln.i | tin- lumber truck, in which tht'y w u r o become (tUKifi'lVuit, | r i d l n i : s k i d d u d ;ui! overturtiei! at tlio Hciiut:- 1 . were ' t(.irn;r ol: \\'OHI A i i y l e and North ( l i e \:u'ioua. Arch stia-cis. n e a r (in- Kftlenil B u l l t l - The Weather D l i o r t c . D i v o r c e ywoix : 1. ftnymosK. \ v i«n). Mrs. W i : i her vi-r. 111. w c r c i-jvvii ly t!i- : n t ) ) H !.(!(·' i l l l . ' l S f O U l in!i'. I i i i lieha!;' m' a t a ! 11 ear Tin- n i H c h i i u * \vus ovt'i'bataiK't'd as it s\v UIK a v o u i i J i h f c u r v e by the h e a v y load of posts. The posts were s e n t t i ' 'ctl o v e r t h e K!reels. Thi" men were c n n j i i i o i:- Uyioi:- K H V I I w h e n Dw v e h i c l e u p s e t . A ·A llCt'J VViLSi bj Light' snow ami m u c h c ihior t,o- iilgh-t, with cold wavo; Sund iy partly cloudy and colder is the nooi forecast for Western J'i'unsylvaiita. Temperature Itncord. M a x i m u m ............................ -10 SS "Nobile after tho catastrophe in saving tsimecVC first on Captain Einar Luridborg'e machine, abandoning hie companions on the ice pack to a fate which might have been mortal, failed in hie duty as a general and a commander." The Italia crashed in the Arctic ice flekl on its reutrn from the pole and the lives ot eight members of the expedition and nine rescuers were lost In tho disaster. Nobile, who was rescued, later resigned his rank. The committee of "investigation which today issued its etory of one oE the most disastrous Arctic expeditions in hletory excluded any charge oC cauuibalibm against the survivors oC the wreck of the dirigible. H"quoted Albert Mariano as Baying he had urged his uompanion. Captain Piliyo Zappi, to drink his blood or eat liiw fteeh in order to aave Zappl's life. The ! report tmid M a r i a n o claimed theue words wet'o misunderstood when t h o ! two ine-Ti were, t a k e n aboard the Soviet j | Icebreaker K raisin whleli rescued! ihein. i Xobile, in a aiulc-uieut to tlio United i j Prune, «aid the^couiinitteo report cori- j ·j tained "much superficial criticism and i ui ciuantity oi' falsehoods, some ol.'! I which were e n t i r e l y invented. He said i he would issue it reply, indicating it would be p u b l i s h e d iJi some technical magazines. HOMER KERN QUALIFIES AS CHAMP SPUD GROWER Homer Kern of M 11 Run wag one of the most successful potato growers last season, having :· crop that yiolde-d 400 bushels per acr- Mr. Kern reports that it was an utiusjually large crop of spuds. Cold Water in Dry Boiler Partially Wreckti Residence U'NIQNT'OWN, Dee. 15.--Turning coHl water into a dry boiler in the 'basement of the honv of Joseph Seeso o£ Korr street thin inorning resulted in an explosion whicl ripped the boiler to pieces and spiead ruin in the basement, jarring tha foundation of tbe Jive-room structuVe out of line. Mr. Seese was taken to the hospital tor treatment of an in jury to his ankle. J.t was believ d it Is broken. Bus Company Will Use W. P. It was pointed out tbat Senntr Harry J. Bell introduced a bill in Hie j Senate- on February it, 1927, for tliu project %vhich ia on route No. 36i . it. I ia said to have been in commK'i e ever since. Somerset.' county people j were strong for this at t h a t time toil i are atill strong for i t , Mr. Y o u r l c i ' i ; said. He- urgred that everyone art behind it and b r i n g ihe matter up before, the ne.xt Legislature in 1931. A largo delegation appeared in bc- hall' of the RreakuecK to Aii'lci:f; highway. This route, from (he i Uy limits of C'onueilavllle to MclcroCi ,· distance ot 15 miles, passes throi. r*j. Connellsville-, Bullskln and Salt! -\ townships, ii is said to bo m u c h shorter to Melnroft. There are t h i i - u mail routes on (iji s thorough fa -\'. Clyde Leonard, who apieared iu 1 P- half of the project., said that it h i.s also been first on the road prog-rani since the bond issue. H is also 1 i- cluded in Bill No. 1.113 ;md has IK- u in committee since 1929. James Walker said that Cherc a-e fiOO families directly affected ai d that.-1,600 signers to the petition I M 1927 secured a promise of help from the county commissioners, who said that they would give aid just as «CK i as they could get the Money. Ho sai I no help could be expected from an · of the townships, %vhich have ver little money from the tax duplicate -. and by far too many earth roads. H-. said that there are three veins o coal, much limestone and blueatonc as well ar the finest of farms situ ated along the thoroughfare. He *al«i it has the bost. grade of all route? It had been surveyed r or a railroad at one time, he declared. Roy Weimer spoke along the same line. William Albright of Bullskin township deplored the condition ; ol the road when trying to get a doctor to come into the locality. He said that tbe stone secured in that comm u n i t y had been used In building the Firsjt Methodist Episcopal Church in Counellsville. Frank Richtc-r contended that better rural, mail service could be expected if the road wan itnproved. S. A. Harshman, president of the Connellsvilte - Breakneck - Mclcroft Good Roads Association, said t h a t ' w i t h 'the exception of three mllea Is in ^ ' U l ° s t ! ' tbe stretch is virile said that ii. of all routs and '·orst srade, fcc, I f l l l , ill!-! H i l l o f ' a t a l k H.JOUK Beginning on Sundey m o r n i n g the Somerset Bus Comuai y, which has been operating out oC Couaellsville- for some tim«, will UKC (lie West Penn t e r m i n a l . Tho bus w i ! l drive a r o u n d to ilu platform in t h u v e a r , Ihc same ;is the alrvet car:;. Tlchels may bo .siu-iirod HI the West Peun oiBu-o ly bus travelers to points In Soinenset, \Ventmore and and Cambria romitieH. . i were John Layman. H a r r y Laymau I Patterson Geary, A l b e r t Rich!or, Free- Baker. Russell Geary. Preston Thonm;j Hyatt, Mayor H. D. H. O. Had- .1. A l b e r t McliuUoii similar linen. Others wii« were in Daughter of Duvc to 'W«J. j ROME, Feb. 15.--Betr thal of Edda i i, d a u g h t e r of i remier Benitoi wa»i announced aqd J. L, .Wick.

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