The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 18, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1918
Page 3
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,. ^ATOKDAT, MAY IS, 191X. · THE DAILY COURIER. CONNRLLSVILLE. PA. ' PAGE'THKBK. -NEWSY NOTES TELL ' WHATS HAPPENING IN THE MILL TON Everson's Honor Flag for tbe Third J.oaii Hangs in Postoffice. fEACHER ENTERS TEE SERVICE HERE IS THE BOOTH THAT SELLS THE MOST WAR SAVINGS STAMPS Braden Hayes Goe* 'to Fort Oglethorpe to Baffin Training for the Army; Lutheran Ladies Hold ^lisceHnn- eous Shcnrer for Member of Churcii.; Special to The Courier. · SCOTTDAJ.E, M:iy 18.--The ladies of the Lutheran cnurch gave a miscellaneous shower at the church on Thursday for Mrs. John Keaggy. Marvy nice presents were received. He-freshmen is wore served. Just as ttie atitm Is seeking to increase the efficiency of every unit of sMpping it owns, so the retailer should overhaul his own business and clear ihe barnacles from its hull. "\Ve have put up a brand new store bore, have disposed of all the old stock the old Broadway Department store li'ad when we took over their ready-t-wear department and now we have a very extensive new store of the rewest and most * authentic ready-to-wear garments, millinery and furnishings. "We are tinder a small expense and therefore can seH cheaper th;tn any one else in the two counties. '-ome in and prove it to yourself. Kroadway Ladies' Store, Scottdale, P.i., as you get off the car.--Adv. Presbyterian Meeting. The indies of the Presbyterian church, held their regular - monthly meeting on Thursday afternoon. Mrs. !W. F. Shotts read ;i paper on "Latin America;" a solo vas given by Mrs. G.F. Kelly. Mrs. "Walter Houseman submitted a report of the convention that was held in Scourtate last week, and Miss Janet I'arker, who has taught for several years at the Dorland Institute in South Carolina, one of the schools supported by the Presbyterians, gave a very ii-teresting talk. Aid Society Entertained. Mrs. Albert Collins of Pittsburg street on Thursday evening entertained the Ladies* Aid society of the Baptist church. At the close of the "business session, Miss Mabel Ryan sang several solos. Kvcron Flag Hecoived. Everson borough, which went way over the top in the Third Liberty Loan ·drive, has received its Liberty I/ian flag. It hangs over the post office. Bradon Hayrs Leaves. . Brad en Hayes, Redstone township teacher, left Thurs lay evening for ·port OgJethorpe, Ga.. where he will be inducted voluntarily into the medi- .cai service. His pupils of the Orient school gave a surprise for him on Monday evening: and presented him ·with a beautiful go'd wrist watch. His mother. Mrs. Jane Hayes, and his ·sister, Mrs. "William McGoogan. gave a. dinner in his hon^r. House 1'arty. Misses Isabel Markle! Millo Tinsr- ·maa. Katharine McBarncy. Eva Stant- fer and Sara Davis iefi this morning to attend a house party at Miss Catherine Hoover's home in Oakland avenue, Uniontown For Siile. IS room house*, rants for $50, for ?3.000. $2,000 down, balance to suit purchaser. E. F. ])ewitt. Scottrialc, Pa. Bell phone 299-J.--Adv17-2t. Personal. H. B. Loe has re turned from Detroit, Mich., where 1-c has been on a business trip. Mrs. Jeanne tte Parry and her father. Robert Hood, of Mount Plea?ant. have gone to "Warren. Ohio, to visit Mr. and Mrs. Ceorgo Tedrow. Mrs. Charles Pl"om is visiting 1 ·friends in Pittsburg. Mrs. George Martin of Dunhar spent :Thursday with friend? here. ' "Mrs. John s Miller, who has been the gxiest of Ne^r Kensington friends returned home today. -·. Edward Ringlor of Cleveland, Ohio, ·1% vetting friend?, here. Charles E. Graft returned yestrrf- day. to Camp Mills. Xew York, where be Is a member of tbe 303rd "U. S. Engineers, after a furlough spent ·with his father. Charles Graft. The record War Savings Stamp booth in the country is located in TTash- ington, in the main entrance of Uie treasury department Hst-U, wliere more than ?8QO,OQO worth of stamps have be en sold since the campaign began. Some of the sales have been mad tii rough other branches of the treasury , to local banks and department stores, !ut they are all cleared through this ! booth. Most "of tbe individual buyers arc treasury employes. The booth is in charge of Miss Ivy M. Wentwortii, wuo is shown making a sale. MAN MUCH SOUGHT FOH BULLY HAYES AN OUTLAW IN ALMOST EVERY CIVILIZED *ORT. Deeds of Daring and Sharpness Had Made H f m a Notorious Character Throughout the Whole Pacific-Australia Most Angry. ! Bully Hayes, the South Pacific pi! rate, as he was called, w3 a frequent- · or of San Francisco harbor and be- j cams the most notorious character in · the whole Pacific, says a writer in the · London-Weekly. Over elx feet three ; Inches in height; be .was possessed · of immense physical strength and of · thin be iras extremely prond. He was ' also a hAnaeome man, with bright blue eyes, a strong.nose, Tvell cut mouth, I large mustache and long clustering i hair. The raoat marked feature In his { character was temper, which, when 1 once aroused, passed entirely out of [ his control. In these moments of un! governable rage he became little abort ! of a madman. His smiling face would : assume the look of a demon, his eyes : became almost .blnck, and hie faco ; flushed to a deep pnrple. At such : times he would do deeds of the great- · est cruelty, not scrupling to take the I life of those who offended him. Pos; sesaed of considerable culture, speah- ! Ing German, French and Spanish flu- · ently, his scandalous performance:! had made hhn an outlaw la almost [ every civilised port. ; Sharp lookout was kept for him nt Melbourne in consequence of an unscrupulous fraud he played there on , the occasion of a previous visit. Ho had shipped 200 Chinese at Hongkong . for Melbourne. At that time a poll ; tax» of §50 each was paid by even* Chinese landing at that port. Before go~ i ins on board the Chinese had each j paid Hayes their $50, as well as tho 1 charges for the voyage; but the knav- ; ish captain had no thought or intention o' paying over to the Australian government the large amount be had received as poll tax, amounting In all 1 to something like $lf»,000. j "When the port was within sight hfi contrived, w f t h the assistance of his ''carpenter, to almost scnttle the vessel i by making a large holo In tho aide. ; ID an apparently waterlogged and sinking condition tbe vessel slowly entered the harbor. Hayes then had a flag of .distress belated. Immediate- ly the pnot and a number of tugboats put. ont, to their assistance. When \ theysame alongside the captain shout- j | ed, telling them of his sinking and j . hopeless condition. "For mercy's 1 : sake," said he, "don't stop to tow ua to j '· the shore, but save these hundreds of : poor distracted creatures by getting I them on shore at onco in yonr boat. ' I care nothing about my own life. If I you will only save these poor follows. : Thon, when they are on shore, come · immediately for us. In the meantime · we will work away at tbe pumps and ! try to keep the ship afloat," ; Accordingly, tho 300 Chinese were transshipped Into the tugboats and conveyed to the nearest landing place, which was several miles away. While tbia was being done all bands were put to work at the pumps. Then when j ; the last of the Chinese had been ta- : ken off, tbe bow of the -vessel "was i turned seaward and away" went the 1 ship with .Captain Hayes and hla crew. · He had managed to land 300 Chinese ) : and yet kept tho $15,000 poll tax for · : himself. It was a crael business for , : tlie pilot company, who had to pay the j j poll tax themselves, and wero nearly j ! ruined thereby. 1 | Thibetan Tea-Making. An Englishman, while In Thtbet, : ivaii Jnvtted out to tea and learned th« j f art of tea-making- as practiced In that ! country. It appears to bo somewhat j | as follows: i j For six persons boll a teacupful of j i tea. in three plnta of water for ton ; , minutes, with a beaptng dessertspoon- · ; ful of soda; put tbe Infusion Into the j 1 chum, with, one pound o? butter and , a small tablespoonfnl of Bait. Churn : until the combination ie of the con- ; Eistttucy. of cream. '· j The Thibetans prize butter for Its ' ! aga The best is often forty, fifty or j ! even sixty years old.--Harper's j Weekly. j ,, | Huge Electric Clock. · To ad vert 1 BO a Boston company, a . large electric s!^n has been set up in : that city measuring over all 54 feet i in width by 60^ in height- The sign ; contains a clock with a dial 34 feet ' 1n diameter, at each side of which aro '. ·columns studded with electric Jaiaps. j Tbo mlnuto hand of the clock Is 18^i i 'feet long and -weighs 488 ponnds, | |whlle the hour hand is 14 feet 4 I Inches long, weighing 38G pounds, Tbe ' total w e i g h t of the structure la fifteen _tone. Altogether there are 6,322 lamps j (us«d In tbe sign. WHY WOMEN DREAD OLD AGE Don't worry' about old a.£e. Don't ··worry about being in o t h e r people's way when you are gre'tinff on in*;. Kc^p your body in Rood conditoin and you can'be as hale ar.d hearty in your old days as you were when a, kid. and ever' one will be ylad to ?ee you. The kidneys and bladder ale t n n cause of senile afflictions. Keep thm clean and in proper w o r k i n g condition. Drive the poisorous wastes f r o m the system and avoid u r i c acid ac- ouraulHtiona. Take GOLD A l R D A L HanrU-m Oil Cap.sules periodically and you will find that thf pystem will aJ- wayt? be in perfect w o r k i n g order. Your spirits w i l l be enlivened, your . muscles made strong and your fac^ have once more the Ir-ok of youth and health. *· There is only one p u a r a n t r e d brand of Haarlem OH C:ipsuleiJ, GOIjD MEDAL. There are many fakes on the market. Be sure you grot the Original GOLD Ml IDA L Imported Haarlem Oil Capsiiley Th^- are the only reliable. For sale by all .first- class dru^j^ittts.--Adv. The deJiUht* o( your vacation begin the moment you board a D. C- Coast Line Steamer for beautiful Macltaac Uland--for hslf of the dclJ£btt nre la tbc Lake voyaie. Railroad tickeu are boooicd on oil D. C. Line i?earner* with' out extra chai£e. Thr D. C. IntiilQia insures the beil in appoinunerit*. cuiiine. and pain«takinC service. Safety and beahb proviiioni arc all tiist cowld be desired. Alt neaoien are equipped with Litest u-Irelei ·water it itcriliicd by ulira violet ray process. Two ipleudid *rneli-Ciiy of M ? ckin«c H and Gty of Aipena 11--op«aie four linie* a week to Mackinnc Iilacd- From Toledo Mondnyi *od Sn:urday»8JO A- M.. Tuesday! apd Thuradnys 6:00 P. M. From Detroit Monduyi and Saturdays 5:00 P. M.. Wednesday and Fridays 8:30 Send 3-ceat itamp far lUuftraied pamphlet and Great Lake* mat). Add res* L. G. LEWIS, C. P. A-, 9 Third Av*uuc, Detroit, Mich. 70 MACKINAC ISLAND From Buffjlo $ 0.50 RcunJ trip 16.50 Frozn Cleveland $ 7.00 Round trip 12.00 From Toledo J fi.25 Round trio 11.00 From Dftrnit 55.50 Round trip (That appear in person at tfie High School Concert Monday Evening.) Hear the Peerless Quartet Sing-"o. 20354--Good-Bye, Barney Boy. ?io. 20353--I'll Come Back In You WJht-n It's All Over. So. 20-203--Chin-Chin Climajnan. Xo. 20296-- Yocka-Hilo-Town. Hear Campbell and Burr Sing-"o. 20350--3fj- Little Rjimblins Jiose. Jio. 20352--For The Two Of Us. 'o. 2019S--One Day ill June- Hear Henry Burr Sing-- IS'o. 20293--Th«y Necilert An Aacel !n Huavon. "o- 20350--She's The Daughter of Kosie O'Gnuly. Hear the Sterling Trio Sing-No. 20353--On The ROM si To Home Sweet Home. 'o. 2l):{52--Vbere The ^lorninir Glories Grow. No. 20139--KJTP Io Tbe Kifflit To Love You. o. 20151--Jjidiana. Hear CoIIii\s and Harlan Sing-'o. :!02S1--Circus Day in Dixie. 'o. :02S1--.Jiisf. Try To 1'irture Me Back Home in Tennessee .No. 2014:--rFrcm Here lo Shaneliai. Hear Van Eps' Banjo Orchesti-a Play-No. 2032S--Stodij-ards Bines (Fox Trot) No. 2032S--Popularity (One .Step) Conveniently Located Pathephone Department--Main Floor. Store Till 9.30, Conn ells ville's Reliable Kousefurnishers Since 1891 Store Tonight Till 9.30. GLASSES THAT FIT! rt-st the eyes--that Improve the siirlit--that jrive cnni- plft'.« comfort. Yvr.i pet PS per i work at mcdcrnto cost hero. A. L. Tucker, Oph. I). Itt5 Soutli I M t t w l t u r R Strct-I, ConnelUvlIlv, Pa. 'atronize Those V/ho Advertise. Patronize those who advertise. Can Be Saved by ·Having Tour FOR SALE GOOD COAL. ORDER YOUR NEXT WINTER'S COAL SUPPLY NOW. CAN" MAKE PROMPT DELIVERY. PRICE RIUHT. CALL. BELL PHOiE 1016. TRI- STATE 615-R. Work near your home in pleasant and healthful surroundings, vtfth excellent opportunities tor rapid advancement. Unusual opportunities for earnest, intelligent young women be- tween 18 and 24 years ct age. New employes are paid while learning and aro readily advanced. Comfortable sitting room for reading and relaxation when off duty. Good opportunity for senior and supervising positions. Apply to the Cliier. Operatotr of the central office. Tide Trust Building, Connellsville. into Uie Latest Shape by our Experienced aud Expert Hat v Cleaner, who makes a special · stuciy of al: Panama work. "We 1 use no acids and guarantee all our work to be the best. Established 1900. Tk American Up~to-Baie Hat J. L. VETSIUS, Proprietor. Ill \V. Crawford Ave., CONNELLSVIUUE, PKNNA. How to bake good bread with substitutes. How to use them in the most practical and economical way. How to get the best results. How to effectively help conserve the wheat supply. An expert baker will show by an actual baking demonstration just how you should use wheat flour substitutes. Many practical points on home bread baking will also be explained. Corcnellsville housev/ives are cordially invited to attend this demonstration. It is your opportunity to learn just how to use substitutes satisfactorily. :OCCOOO~OaC»CKXOOOOCOOOCWOCX5GC«;CKKXX5CK5C)CSOg Patronize Those Who Advertise in This Paper. 'S I C5 S i fingi^poGoeKX3oae«x?;KxxxxMggoeK^cxc^^

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