The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 18, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1918
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PAGE TY* T C. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVIILE. PA1 SATUKDAY, MAY IS. 1915. The Men':? Bible class ard the Bar- ' conrmencsrnent exercises. Max Plato, aca eiash cf the First Baptist Sunday a son of Mrs. Ploto, was a member school vull tu^et tomorrer.v morning , of tho graduating class. in the J. L. leader woods, at McCoy's ( Springs. leauug. nef e at S o'clock i n ' automobiles^ Breakfast will be served ",a r te h iatcfup"^" colter* j Jf]E (fl^ "DOCKAGE ACT" time Cor the men to return Cor the | regular charch services. The lien's ] Bible class will be entertained by the , Baraca class composed of young men j Beidlcmnn Defending of tee church. A. R. Boytr is teacher· . b and Ross Showman, pre;ident. At- I torney ~K. George May w i l l address | the classes. CONSTITUTIONALITY BE COAL "I ISSUE IN A LAW a Case Involving Validity of This Important 3lensurc. HARRISBURG. Hay IS.--The constitutionality of the so-called "dock.- age act," passed by the 1913 legis-1 nearest hospital. HUNDRED LOSE LIVES Conti':ued from Pag-fi Ono. Several hundred white-robed women gathered from Carnegie, Fort Pitt, Rcynoldsdaie, Walkers Mills and other villcgJ near Qakdalu wore at traction line stalious waiting Eoi cars LO carry them, lo Putalnirg, they were % to Lake part in the Red! Cross parade this afternoon. At the first sound oE the explosion j they abandoned the program for the parade and 1'oilowiug their leaders ! took up the march to Oakdalc. For t half an hour or more they could be . seen strung out along Uie country | road hastening LO the stricken village and upon their arrival there they re- j ported 10 ihr doctors who had by this time reached the place from Carnegie. .Many o£ them had taken the full surgical course of the Red Cross and were valuable assistants- The driver of a grocery wagon half a mile fiom the scene of the ex- explosion took up one hadiy injured workman and hurried wjth him to the ] laiure, may be at issue following the trial which began yesterday before _ Judge Henry of Lebanon in tho eaat"patmk Cunnmshlm^f the 319th. Da "PWn county court it a civil suit -announcement has been made of the marriage of Miss Mane Woolscy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Prod "SVool- sej of Omaha; Neb., and Senior Serg- .uaupam Regiment, solemnized at Camp Lee, i *szivsi tie Susquohanna Coal corn- Petersburg. Va. Rev. Father Wai- , P""}'- " recover the value ot certain lace, the army chaplain, officiated. cars of coal wnlctt W6re "docked" by The soldier bridegroom is a son or Mr. and Mrs. David Cunningham . of Vine street and is one of the best known young men of Connellsville, .Mrs. Cunningham arrived here this Revised estimates of the number of ' men employed ivbeii the explosion oc-. eurred placed it at 300. Fully 150 of j thise, it was estimated, had heen h u r t ' in addition to the 100 killed. the company because of alleged slatey I coal. The plaintiffs are represented i by Senator E. E. Beidleman of j Dauphia county, who has agreed to i carry the case to the upper courts if morning from Camp Lee, and spent , *» constitutionality of the "dockage the day at the home of her husband's act " ' 5 attacked. T"e law is of nta! parents. She left late this afternoon for her home in Omaha, where she JAPAN, CHINA, ENTENTE the Associated Press. Since (be be- sinning of the offensive on March 21 j SDG Gorman divisions have been cm j importance to miners in both anifcra-j the western trout of which 126 actual- cite and bituminous fields. 11" have been engaged oa the Snmnie i will remain until the close of the war. In thls ao " OD ' '°"»TMS the bring- and Armentiere* fronts. The 20Sth | j ing of suit before an alderman, the i German division, which was one of serve the patrons. Mr. Collins has promised the proceeds of that day to the Red Cross. . Tte Knit and "Win unit to the Charleston Comforts branch of the Navy League will meet Tuesday night i " : at the home of Mrs, Holland Piersol in Crawford avenue, "West Side, instead of Monday night, the date having been changed on account of the Victor concert. to dock miners lor portions of their least seven others are named as hav- cars of coal if the tipple boss found j ing lost 40 to 53 per cent, the cars to contain slate or impurities. The dockage la«- is so drawn. in order to make it constitutional, that i apply only to contracts made CAPTADf PETERSON' T\VO MOIIE I'L.OfKS. V.-ASULNT,TOX, May IS.--Another after it became a law; and it does official American statement from Gcu- not affect the right of corporations j rral P i t c h i n g was made public today' contracts in which by tho War Department. General Per- | shinjx transmitted details of die for Ins-; About 25 couples of the younger set the right to "dock" for slatey coal Is recognized. These phases of leiral ing down o£ two German piano:, liy , practice having been cared for. Sen- Captain Peterson of tie American ( ator Beidleman agreed to contest the j army while aviators wcro waiting for ; atteacicd me War Garden dance given by the Pi ISta Phi club at the Colonial Inn last night. The Sail was deco- companies, rated with orange and black streamers. Many out ot town guests from Scottdale, Mount Pleasant and Dawson attended. The dance was the second given by ".he P. K. P. society. The proceeds of the affair will go to consti'-utionailty ot the act for the' a French general to confer dccora- by coal I tions. He was EC» confident that it was constitutional that the agreement binds him to no fees for his services. The dockage law requires that coal mining concerns keep a record of all coal mined at the miners' working V. S. KSSIfiS HAS Officers for the ensuing year were elected at the regular meeting of the Christian Culture class of the United Presbyterian church held Thursday evening in the church: President, Mrs. Harry Franks; vice president, Miss Margaret Bushirfc; secretary, Mrs. Hazel Thomas; corresponding secretary, Miss Mao Lenhart; financial secretary. .Mrs. Minnie Prickett; ·WASHINGTON. May IS.--EnnUn E. A. Stone, United Suites Naval R e - . serve of Norfolk. V a , given up f n r drowned in the Knglii-h channel last deduction for slate or refuse, honr? without food or drink to t h e 1 underside nf a spaplace pontoon before he xvas saved. that may be loaded. LARCENY CHARGED ARMY c.urrs TO H A V E 1VVR WASHINGTON. May IS. - FA-CIV army camp in the eastern hnlf of the Umtrd States i? to have a war Sanlori nnil His Housekeeper Are Haleil Jiefore Jlayor Diii--|?an. Eoco Santori, lis housekeeper. Annie Miller, and Francis Raskey of Ev- i gardi-n says an annnnncement today | 1 erson. who w a s - f o u n d at Santori's ' h " the National War Garden Commis-; tr"-urcr M-s V H Phillies p ^ ' I home, were arrested last night by t:..- si °n. The snrn of 550.000 will be , "rs to "he bosin-ess nfecunf ihe an- I»Hce on information of Jack Don- | W- In promotin, the garden, | nual reception for the babies born to I nalji0 ' WDO Uiarged them witli iar- rTTTTrT mothers of the class during the year j «ny of $35. Donnaclio, who s e p t at LOCAL JTF,N fAJ U.V was held. The afta:r commenced at! Santon's house last night, claimed | ra ILAr P AT RhUTiFJC 6 o'clock and at 7 o' lock supper was I ' the Miller girl went throughhis room Covers for fifteen were laid at a delicious chicken aac- waffle dinner given last evening at 7 o'clock at the Wast Pean tea room by members that the g;rl had taken the Ball. Steven Ball. South Conneilsville; money. The case was dismissed by Roy Newell. C'arcnce Newell, Dicker- thc mayor. The P.askcy girl, who is j son JUra; Anthony Kandar, Bitner, not yet 16 years old. was held by the ! George S. McCarty, S;nitafield; Pat-i ^police and turned over to Probation I rick McDonough, Connollsvillo, a n d ! the Set-Back club. Patriotic appointments prevailed, the table being centered with a shower of small silk; flags caugat with a bow of red ribbon. Mrs. A. A. Weth-rell was hostess at tho regular meet,ng of the Ladies' Aid society of t-ie Hrst Baptist church last evening at her home in Officer Miss Anne 'ftltite, who will in- Charles J. Kosal, Dunbar, are vestigate her case. XO KED CROSS (Vill lie Oiveii to Second War Fund. Sabscribers Here. the draftees notified to appear at Republic Sunday, May 26 for induction jnto military service. FIVE ME.f ARK A D D E D TO HOARD '0. 5 LIST Five more men have been added to] J. L. Schick, county campaign mana- . ·er of the Second Red Cross War | tie list ot draftees who will go to North Pittsburg str et. Following t'e , Fund, states that new window ban- Camp Lee the last ot this month frora business meeting a musical program ners 'will not be giver, to the sub- j District No. 5. They are. Edward A. "GOME AND SF.F," C! TKe HOME of QUALITY and SERVSCE J29tol33 N PlTTSBUSG St., CONNELi-SViLLE'. ?.'" COWNELLSVSLLE'S GREATEST STORE Now for that Sample Sala thai hundreds of women have been waiting for. Those v/ho have cf Jen waited until the end of the season to buy high-grade Suits, Coata and Dresses liave no reason to wait when they cein corne here and buy Sample Suits, Coats or Dresses cf exclusive styles at a wonderful saving of 33 1-3 to SO per cent. Make it a point to fee here Saturday morning at 8.30. We want hundreds o? women to own these Sample Suits- Coais and Dresses for such values have not been surpassed this season. Manufacturers and Custom Tailors have contributed to this Sample Sala, including--E. A. Adler Co. and other manufacturers of high grade Suits, Coats and Dresses, purchased by our Resident Buyers of New York--Pond Dunn. The following letters are positive proof of bonifide Srmple Sale-- poxn ISO" 1 :, RESIDENT BUYERS 1170 Broa'r.vuy ^r-»T---"i!S-^^-,^^^~;SSS^^^^"'-'fTSS=f=^^^~^, Xew Y ork, M;'.v S. 1318. E. A. A B L E R CO. Manufacturers of CLOAKS AXD SUITS New York, May 7, 1918. The E. Dunn Store. CoaneKsville, Pa. Gent I em on.:-Wo have shipped you our sample line of both coau and suits purchased from us iiy your Mr. R. M. G'uthbertsou at one-third off. We foci confident that you "will have a successfu' sale, au these models are made of very high-'.;'.nss mntprials, many of them being copies of Imported models and al'. of thc-m, our very ir.tesc creations. We remain Very respectfully yours, E. A. ADLER £ CO. There must be satis- on in buying se is part of the sale. The II. Dcinn Pto:o. Dear Sir ,: The purchase of samp'' 1 garments TVC made for 3-011 arc the '.cry o-'arn of tile New York Market. Vc have Fr^'-Hl no time ot efe'ons to execute ilie^c; ^i^nraio ;urch;i£Cs. and \\ ! - luiov.- /on w i l l he nore ih'in pleased W i t h -he rc.-uK of o-ir pmk-owi. A- you are w \\ av.-aro, Rra'iy-tn--v7ear garments of t'ae nit;h *i ara u r ; oui trade derni'TuLs, arc very srr_re ar.l . ' i g h ' r in price man ihey iiave DLOU in tl.i. 1 p;^t twenty- fiie years. Your-, i c r i r u l y PONi) i Dl'XX. T~r.k ' l! '$* c ^Wi'tf;3r-\ -» Sample Suits ?32..0, $37-50 and 845.00 Would be a fair price for these elegant Tailored Suits for women and misses. Now I'riccs ut $19.75, s?'_M.«5 and ?S2.30. We bought these Sample Suits very reasonably and are selling tlieru so. Materials are exceptional--styling is extra smart. All models are richly silk lined--material, wool velour, jersey, men's wear serge and silvertonus, in all the new shades. Sample Coats $19.95 and 824,9.5 Values up to $-)5.0(). You don't have to give them a questionnaire to fina out \vliere they stand. Merit is written ail over diem. They look right, hang right, fit right and are right, and thsy aic just as attractive at close quarters as they are at a distance ·and just as carefully finished inside as out. You have got to see the Coats to appreciate what a genuine olVer this i=. ESglggM'IVg^aEKSS^SggBEa^FgESSa Sample Dresses i'!)-85 and S18.50 Vulues up (o C»5-5.09. AJ] new--thirty styles--at least prove the savings to yourself. Come see the Dresses. Noio -A hat a magnificent display of swell styles end nifty patterns there are. Sec with your own eyes the high grade quality, the snappy designing. Don't pass the Sample Dress Sale up as mere talk -- you owe it to yourself to see how you can economize b. coming to this Sample Sale. Trimmed Hats 83.83 and ${.9.5. An achievement in biyle arid beamy awaits you. There are the prettiest hats we have ever been able to .--how in UK famous line in which we take such special pr;:!e thai we otfej such excess va.'ue (hat you would hardly bL-i:e\a it possible tc produce such siyies lor .'JS.iiO and S-i.95. morning. Corporal Mason and Sen- ' lor Sergeant Cunningham, expect to I -SVetaerell, Mrs. E. X. Stahl and Car-! The banner described in these col- Lotsenrins: Benjamin Reed. Dimbar; j , SOQn , 01 . d u t y ovcriocis . A post rie Jane Stahl. Kefreshmeats were; u m l is yesterday, he said, have been Genrge Stul!, Mil! Hua; and Grocomo' En^zelli, Akron, 0. served. The next meeting will be held designed by the Allegheny county at the home ot Mrs-. Wade H. Mariet- , chapter and will be used in that ta. Mrs. Catherine Sherrick ot Som- | county only, erse:, was a guest. TO CR.UfI IOBGE. The second anniversary of t h e . , Philip Freeman chapter, Daughcrs Urron Porter to H«nTcsent Local | visu with Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Dimstan. or th'e American devolution, is being ] Lodtrc at Annual Gttthering. observed this ofte'noon at the reju- [ Byron Porter u-ill leave on Monday j Iar meeting, at which IMiss Clara to attend the anr.ual conclave oC the Pritciard and .Mist Nettie Hood are | gtznd lodge of the Independent Order card receive'! here from Ralph 31:ger, j Tvho his also hecn stationed at Camp · THOMAS COOK. Leo, that if ho is not heard from f o r ' Thomas Cook, SO year.- old. a n u n o -.own: HOnARI) a tlme hc w;!1 l)e busy traveling.' of Jefferson t o w n s h i p i.u-d jesttniay cang- G HtTURXS TO CAMP. | , vhlc i, indiraies that he, too, expects | afternoini at the ho'..j ol Ins (Uugh- C L ; U \ . Fr Clyde C. Howard, Camp Dix. N. Y., | to sa|] soon Ralpll was formerly a , ter, Mrs. David J. Ghi .-t, .it .V. w Ken- , P 1 . L , returned to catnp yesterday after a , i l n o t y p c operator at The Courier. j sington. Pumu-a, :,fr\n.e.s will Ix- ,|.-ili'. )J.'t :d ;]·:« ;v, o f j u l d i t-uvlici's aiij ii-.ier.-.: Freed; l i u r i x G*ar C h a i ' v s Geary Point Besides her bus- the foliowins; i Vt'illiam Geary. * noar ^uydor- ' C o n u o l l f v i l l ilanon. ^yr . T I O I Sc-ou- SAM IXKS 3am Inks, who is witii Company B, joint hostesses, at the hoaie of -Mrs. j of Odd Fellows to be held in Reading. E. Wilson in ttest Green street. Tie Ladies of the Golden Eagle h e l d - a social last evening in ^foose hall which was attended by 50 persons. A quilt given away was won by Mrs. Robert Brub:ker. Mr. Porter will go as representative ot Centra! Worth Lodge of Conneils- ville in vrbich capacity he has attended previous sessions lodge. of the grand PERSONAL. .Mrs. Milton Jones and daughter |"" Betty of Baltimore, were in town this j , , ' movning on their way. to Uniontown Granted Marriage Licenses. Louis A. Lininger and Mabel Shank, both of Connellsville; Jesse Bryner of id Leah Hall of Confluence; 1 Ball of Leisenring and of Uniontown; McKinney to visit the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alec Mc'ie'.h. They will return home tomonow. The beat place to shpp after all Browne!! Shoe Co.--Adv. ifiss Margaret Donnejy is visiting Miss Jane L. Liech and Miss Sarah | !Iv?reu were in Pittsburg jesterday. | w. X Iliricmcn and E. L. Marsh , are in Piusburg today on business. [ You win be del sated with the hand- ; some new spring fabrics we have oa ' £.splay. Dave Cihea. Tailor.--Adv. Logan and Mattie Smith, both of Dun- 26lli Engineers, has been moved far- thpr '.o the front and also farther from the United States, according to a letter written by Sam to Ernest R. Kioser. The young soldier writes that they expected to get their service bars for their sleeves given foi foreign service about May 5. IV. K. LESHAHT K S1GXAL SERVICE. W. R. Lenhart, accompanied by i Mrs. Lenhart, left this morning for | Kingwood, W. Va., having bee:i order- F. D. JIAfiAK I.I'.AYES TO ESTEK SKRVIfK. F. D. Hagan, bookkeeper for the Wriglit-Met/ier company foi soine time past, ha-i resigned and tomorrow will leave for his home in Westernport, Md , where he lias been summoned to appear for medical examination. COJffi IX NOW. Laid :omorro-,v i.ioriun^ at Ji u clock from tile FairvH'\v c l u r c h , Jc,'ic''soa tow:.ship. M i . Cool! was born .1].;., .;, }8U. :it Cooks .\ JION T. L prc;in;jr, a son of Mr. ;iaii Mrs. Tho;-)a^ Lot 1 ;!. 111.-) dictl US :- Kirs ago. A b i o i h - cr d'fd in Gertnauy d u r i n g tlio pre^- ont war. ^The deceased is t i . i \ i \ c ' l by two daughters, Mr^. Ida E. liru\\n, wife of Leonard Livov/n CL Nia^a 'a Falls, and .Mrs. Anna M.- Christ. \ % I I L of David J. G.-.risi of New Jveu.,ins- ton. c 'iU".-!l at 2 o'c'cck. FOUND DEAD IN BED DemKo ct' r:in)Iucnci' Strilie a Blow for Liberty liy ,loining| tho liiberty Bond "dill). If \ve don't whip the Kaiser he will ' whip UP. We must either help Uncle . Sam '.o wm the war by buying Liberty ' bar; IVilliam L. L. Howard and Rosic ( ei to report there not later than .May L. Colmes, both of ConncllsviUe; i 2 ''- Lenhatt enlisted in military ser-i Myles JJhn Cassidy of Uniontown and ! vice and wiltt lhe Signal corps will Elizabeth McCluskey of Le-.scnring. S° into 'raiains at Little Silver, N. J. and James Perkins of Layton ami; i : e i5 2 son ot Mr - aa[J Mrs - J- H. ' Hannah Bell? Foster of Dawson were ' Lenhart of Highland avenue, granted marriage licenses in Usion- town. Shine Comes HIgli. Otis Epps, colored, was given hearing before Mayor Duggan toda CWtP LKE BOTS S00" TO UK OYERSKAS. Mrs. Harry Mason, who has been with her husband, Corporal Mason, at Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va., for for disorderly conduct. He got into , !icme time ' accompanied by Mrs. Pat- some trouble when he went into a :' i c k Cunniapham, wi.'e of Senior Ser- ishoe shine shop and the proprietor · " eant Cunningham, arrived tome this DANIEL Q. LIXUERJLVN. Daniel B. Lltldernun of Cunon^l»urg. c. former \vell kno\\ n re.-i(it-nt of Lon- neilsville, died i-e.-,tcrri iv i;i a Y.'iKin^- burg hospital. T')L borly . i r i A M 1'ort- l}iis morning and v.'U.- ro'novcd b; ' Pincral D'lector J. L. Slar'ov to 'h" residence of Ulc molher-in-law ol 'lie deceased. Mrs. Uha/.i ut Mo-.-reV, iroL; where funeral soi 1 . tc--^ u i i l be 1 hel.l MoadiLy aftc;rnoon at 2 o'clock, v.-itli I Rev. Ellis E. Burses of Jio Tr:nil;, i Lutheran church,' ^!r. I Linderman was H3 years old. am! for Jiew Boy Arrives. j 3" years was ciapiojxd .-it HP \'."o-t Snout Cojcmissioner and Mrs. A. 0. i Pcn:i power iioii!e. lie -iiovi^d 10 Ca- Stone are receiving congratulations | onsburg .ibont :vo ycar.s a;,'O. In ;.rt- upon the birth or a son this morning i liition to his wico» ho is suni-al ny Tho proud father :b manual training I his mother, one- brothi-r. .iaint- l.,-.i- Bonds or 'pay Germany a hugo indemnity. The Liberty Bond cEub was formed to make it. possible for everybody--even taose who herea't saved a ceat--to buy a bo:id, in eaay Installments. Go to the First National Bank of Cocnellsvillc today and asK for full information, about the Bond Club.-Adv. co-NFu :·;.%·(· i Sppycr, a',-ccl 17 \ rrir.ilnonc. llouso, ^:s ff-ijii ', '·, .., -, bed yestuida-j niornm,- by :\ic ITO- nrietor, .1. r. Turncy. *Ie bail r e t i r e d ' llie r.i^lr bc.'ory about 7 o'c'ock n p - | pa'.'i'ntly as wel' as ever. The car.=o of his death presumably was heart The man was well known !io r c hav- i n g lo r n ror.necTecl w i i h UH- hoirls' for scv^ra! ear^. Also ai ."il, yrr.sdale.' wiei\' he served various iiQ;!-)-; 1.1 ,!:e sarie 'ap,'ic':*y. Hiy t : : ltr jrt:i] Jlo- ^iic^l^r, Pn , ii CMprcted to :irri." to.-lay uud --'i)l probably nrrar^o to tak» thi reuiuiiis 10 Itochester, !up former on: ploy Motor r solicit , on my t Mrs. G. V,-. C. Day of Wilkincburg,' charsed him a dollar for the shine, returned home yc-s,u-rday a visit ' Mayor Duggan told the negro to keep with her sor.-ia- aw ana daughter, Dr. away from places where he was not and Mrs. H. C. H3l;man o£ Vine street, i wanted and reprimanded the shoe .Mrs. Catherini Sherrick of Somer- ! shine man for raising his price, st: is the guest of her sister. Mrs. F. ( I inslructor in the Wgt school. Arrest Disorderly Couple. Jack Smith and Margaret Johnson, C. RO5O of N'orh Pittsburg strset. Mrs. Kiiga'r H eks of PittsburK was the guest of MM. George Baker yes-1 arrested m Baldwin avenue last night! '· teriiay. ' wer! . ^ivcr. -IS and 72 hours respcc- ' Mrs. E. 1^. Fl»to and son No'-.vood. j tiveu- by Mayor Duggan this morning.' have returr.el home from Gettys-,They were charged with disorderly burj college, wl.ere they attended the ; conduct. " , \o EURALGIA For quick results rub the Forehead aad Temples with 25c--5Cc--$1.00 dermau. ami UM follow i n g Mrs. John Il.ill, M.-s. Grant H a l l , .Mr--. At file Baptist; Cknrcli. J 01 " 1 Nicholson, .Mrs. c:..incs Ke.ih, Rev. V. F Uonlev ot South Con- I Mrs- H. 11. Heilniun and Miss S:.-m j n e l l K v . l l e vill speak" in the First Bap- 'Lmdennan, at home. 1 list church tomorrow evening at 7 3u. ' -Tho other services ot the day w i l l be ' MRS. FREEMAN BAKi.'R. as usual. i Mrs. Daisy .May Daker, 2Z yijara ' . -- . -- old. wife of Prc-e;nan Uakc-i. (Sii'd ij,!.- Gatline (Jim Coming. liorae at liei liome nrar Suyilortov. :. Rev. L. L. Picket!, kr.owa as the after a -.vrek's illness from blnoj ! "Kentucky Catling Gun ' w . l l ad- | poisoning. She was a da'.lshlrr o 1 jdiess a ratificat.ou rally tomorrow at | rijaaneey S. anfl El./.abeili Knopsus- i s o'clock IE the First Baptist ciiurci. ' der Geary, and ^as born near Freed, j ( ( u a n e t of .t:i!-i, at A- , H. auri Dr. .i] riv.iir, Gret-:is- MOTHER GRAY'S POWDERS c T^fl E llll^J,?BDBEH ec\eryir])c,-e, 2 SOLDByBniaeiSTSEVERWu

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