Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 16, 1974 · Page 59
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 59

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 16, 1974
Page 59
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!*» Convict's Aid to Nixon Eyed If* Dad V Day to Have His Way By JMMC R- P«*k WASHINGTON - A $30.000 contribution in cash from a convicted Florida contractor freed early from prison was delivered to Nixon campaign manager John N. Mitchell in 1972 without being disclosed under a new campaign law then in effect. Senate Watergate investigators have learned. The money, according to testimony, came from Miami builder Calvin Kovens and was carried to Mitchell by former Sen. George A. Smathers. D-Fla.. who had acted as Kovens' lawyer in appearances before the U.S. parole board. In a telephone call transcript that emerged in the Watergate investigation last year, Smathers, who is a long- NixM frkaA, I* White tk*se atte Ctariec W. CMfM that the Preufeat c*nU Htervne to have K«v- eas released early f rwn pris- · because «f a heart c*uH tiw. Mitchell was still U.S. attorney general when Kovens was paroled just seven days after the telephone call. But no evidence has been uncovered of any intervention by either Mitchell or the White House in the parole board proceedings. Mitchell was Nixon's campaign manager when the money was received later. Smathers' testimony to investigators that he took the cash to Mitchell provided the first firm iadicatwa of an involvement by the former attorney general in the Kovens /noiiye Returns Builders Gift , WASHINGTON - Sen. Daniel K. Inouye, D-Hawaii, a member of the special Senate Watergate committee, has refunded a $5.000 donation from shipbuilder George M. Steinbrenner HI. who is under indictment for illegal campaign contributions. Inouye said he returned the money because he thought the refund would help Steinbrenner meet the legal costs of his trial -- not because he felt the donation was improper. "I still look upon George Steinbrenner as a friend. Just because he has been indicted, 'I'm not going to shun him," the senator said. The refund, disclosed in a campaign report this week, was returned only three days after a grand j u r y indicted Steinbrenner April 5 on 14 counts charging obstruction of justice and illegal campaign donations made with company money. Inouye said, "I instructed the campaign committee to r e t u r n it, not because I thought it was illegal or unethical, but I thought he could make better use of it -- in his trial."' Tbe builder's donation was made four months after his parole while the Nixon campaign was winding aj a secret fund-raising drive in April, 1972. However, both Kovens and Smathers are understood to have told Watergate investigators that, because of a mix- up in the form of the donation, the cash was not actually delivered to Mitchell until the middle of the month -- about a week after the disclosure law took effect. Kovens, 50, head of a Miami construction company that bears his name, was convicted in 1964 as a co-defendant in a f r a u d trial w i t h former Teamsters union President James R. Hoffa. Kovens began serving a three-year sentence in February 1971 and completed less than a year of his term before he was released by the parole board on Jan. 5, 1972, because of serious heart trouble. Kovens, who had denied in an interview in the fall of 1972 that he made any donations to the Nixon campaign, could not be reached for comment Friday. Neither could Mitchell nor Smathers. A Senate Watergate staff report on campaign practices says there is "No evidence before the committee that Kovens was released for political reasons or in exchange for a contribution except for the fortuitous chain of events in late December 1971 and early January 1971." "It went on: "That chain of calls, however, indicates a willingness of White House of- ficials to attmpi t« utilize aceaeks wkiy fee ealeate." According to the account given by Kovens and Smathers to Senate investigators. the $30.000 donation was first offered in a check made out improperly to the Nixon campaign fund instead of to its finance committees and was taken to Mitchell in the first few days of April before the disclosure law went into effect. Smathers is said to have brought cash back to Mitchell sometime around April 15 -after the deadline for secret gifts. Kovens had served the months of his sentence at a prison work camp at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida's western panhandle when he was hospitalized with a fever and symptoms of heart difficulty. Smathers appeared before the parole board on Dec. 20, 1971. and the board voted 64 to release Kovees for medical reasons, to be effective the following May 1. Three days after Uie parole board acted on Koveas, President Nixon issued an executive order on Dec. 23.1971, releasing Hoffa from prison. Smathers t*U Ob** that Koveas was politically popular IB Miami, that his elicit had suffered a heart attack, that he thought it would be good move to release him then, and that Nixon's friend C.G. "Bebe" Rebozo agreed. The night before the Jan. 5 parole meeting, Dr. Weller got a call from the head of the medical facility at the Florida prison camp, saying Kovens' condition had not improved and asked permission to move the patient to the top prison hospital at Springfield, Mo. As a result of that development. Reed said, the parole board decided at a special meeting the next day to release Kovens immediately. le Dad gete bis due today. a assoirtaaeat ot ties, feaadkerefaieis. socks aad -- if Harry Perkins has his way -- flowers. Flowers? Yep. Perkins, of Chattanooga. Teun., sells 'em and his latest business-boosting gimmick is selling flowers for Father's Day. "Why not?" he asks. "Fathers . . . like flowers too." Actually, the fathers of the United States have a woman to thank for the holiday. Mrs. John Bruce Dodd suggested the idea to the Spokane. Wash. Ministerial Assn. which backed the proposal that led to the establishment of Father's Day in 1910. Mrs. Dodd. now 92. lives in a convalescent home just outside Spokane and officials of Expo '74 have planned a special ceremony in her honor todav at the world's fair. "It will be PLANNING A TtIP FOR YOUR CLUB OR ORGANIZATION We Suggest TRAVEL BY CHARTER COACH Safe CALL US FOR MOKifOftMATrON PARK TRANSIT, INC. MRURSMK.W.VA. Interstate Charter Service bff. iaeaai$gj»4 cwsawy said aa Espc sivo^sjoaaa. Mrs. will receive a piaqae and a bcwqa« rf roses. For Gov. Daoiel Walker of ilUaois. Father's Day will mean a look at his grandson's first tooth. The governor's daughter. Julie Anne Kollar of Highland Park. 111., explained that grandson -Jimmy is 5 months old and has his first tooth. Dad will have his first look at it on Father's Day when we all get together. That will be his present from me." A Dallas, Tex., father is celebrating twice It seems his family thought Father's Day was June Si and gave him his presents last Sunday They belatedly discovered their mistake, but Father is insisting on another round of presents. "It's sort of like Christmas every weekend." he said. "Should we Pinch our Quick customers; or should we serve our Pinch customers Quickly?" (Ola M. Woods, our winner last week, said that we should serve our Pinch customers quickly. If you feel differently and are the first to tell us so, you will also win a $10.00 savings account.) 1-428-7618 Come in and register for free Charlies tickets given awav weekly. 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