The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 18, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1918
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Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,710 VOL. IS, NO. 3 61. CONNELX.SVILLE, PA., SATURDAY EVENING, MAY IS, 1918. TEN PAGES. IAPAN. ALLIES EAST FROM i Mental Empires Inform- DISSOLUTION OF BRIDGE COMPANY 15s u .N c «*s About : j B, Associated Press. | CARDS ANNOUNCE I P1TTSBURG. May IS.--A series of e.\plo;,ions in the OakrUUe plant of UIP Etna Chemical Tl}!7 A5?t?fUAI !Company, west of here on the Panhandle railroad soon after noon today, probably cost the inij «i»'""- fti ' SAVES COUNTY TAX' 1 "" 68 of 10 ° P crsons and ' did property damage which is estimated at $1,000.000. J ] The explosion fired the debris which is s t i l l burning and officers of the company say that Action Kt-lative to Crawford Awnue jdays ma ' P ass before the exact loss of life will be known. Structure Delayed Ueeause j The first explosion occurred at noon and was so s l i g h t that no one was h u r t and caused | of Ovt-j-Mslit, little damage, but it gave the employes warning and they hurried from the building. Many of . i -Uter a lapse of 10 jcars siuro t h e ; them, however, -were caught in the next explosion Tvhich occurred a few m i n u t e s later and im- erman Chancellor Pnopticsiesjcrawfora avenue bridge of tue rough- mediately the plant burst into flames. End of TVar'TVill Come postaiy Bridge company was taken [ Three other explosions occurred, each one shattering the b u r n i n g rlfsbris. di'V l "ti''° c , OU |° t5 '' a 1cal .! h ft "i l h , e 'f e " arnong a great crowd which had gathered on a nearby hillside, and a number of persons mf^enic^io ·he^co^r^zi^Un'^ni'^n ' wcre hurt, but none killed. ··"" ail'be stockholders'joining. The pe- Portions of UIP wrecked b u i l d i n g fell on t h e Panhandle railroad tracks a n d employes of ["!' tition was f.resen:cd on .Monday a n d , the company hastened from Oakdalo. (o Carncgtp. six miles away, as the wires alone the lijio'oVc a hearing wi'i be held on J u n e S. The'had been blown down by the explosion A \vypok train was made up and sent to the srene. me youshiosnen;- Bridge company at 'followed quickly by a relief train sent out by nffirers of the Etna f o m p a n y . 'pan pn-seni is composed nf ihe coniins-, _4, detail of state troopers from th" rniHtu biliary station near Oakdale was on i^TM/TM",TM-^!!; th l? r " lge was !^ fn iplace to control the crowd and the sheriff of Alleghery county sent a larj?p force of Two ) ed of Allied Intention to Aid in Task PEACE During Year. WILL DECIDE IT Tfcerish fonfidenop That farther Big Drive for War Fund Will Be Formally Launched Monday ('onnellsvilie injiany i). ! Cllll)?r.- ij«th r: .iJc no u o t f i b£.s ,'icn re' civcd here at noon of thc am 1 .a! of i. on Sonie Of this r.*ny D m France, t a i d a m ^ u c t ' n morning f r o m c e r t a i n members of ilio NEEDS ARE TO BE SHOWN AH the Orators of the City H a t e Uceu £tilisted in Uie tn «r a Speedy Kud oi the lar," He over in 1907 the company was aot dis- Asserts; Sinn Fein leaders Xabbed.' solved, tiu : stork oalv b°mg trans- ferret! 'o th-, county commissioners. It is understood tha* tho company should have beer, dissolved Mien tho. mciuatr thai a pan of Vorp= and re-ru-m con rn\ei ^rifely o 1 . rr:wa^. « a r r t ' herp 'PIS C nn^? srorp De^ey .Miller to hi^' parents. s\r. acd Mr?. T. fC M.I- os Do ! T ' o hii patem-ft. M r. ROBERT X O f E R i S IS H E A D a:ufe£ h a \ o a Among t h " o' n\ng ' By AssoclaWfi Press. PARIS, May IS.--Japan and China .re been informed by the Allied gov- nments that they faa-ie arranged lor usnte military cooperation to nect e danger threatening the peacf 1 of e- Far East from Gentian pentra- in. AM 71 jiiMii a there Kav-- been many mors conrernms even? tn Ireland neatly Lac news recervcl from Duh- i early this morning of the arrests ide in Ireland and of Lord French's reclamation that certai i of the kind's bjects "had entered into trtrason- le communication w i l l bridge was first tal-.-- u over, b\i l rliroush an oversight. \va.= not. By ' retaining '.he flock, of i'ic bridgp com- j , pany the county was a.-.-essed a Dtau? . i tax. Ttir- oversight *a.- explainer! J o ' ' "he auditor general anil a seuk-Tnrm 1 for $20 was reaebori, Tfc^ county : j ihn^e^dr/^^^^ of Timr Received Today Hospital ; non. and wir- the dissolution of ih f t | By Local Draft · W h e n l company will be exempt from anj BoaJ*rts 0 ; BILLETS ARE JUST REGISTER PLAIN NOT: JUNE FIFTH, SWELL APARTMENTS' IVili Direct f .Hake It JL-. Su i«c Tliird Li to II* 1 Tanvas*. ami IIop^s lo uw^^ni! a^ !Va. Tfeat ibi i ri.v J,»an; Tfiim iincffl Iond;i. Minnis, fnit 1, Given One Ulioin- ; a Cow Stable. Pisrovrrs Local L u t h e r a n Minister Hich- ly Honored hj fJHtys-. burg: College, i^rection of tho Yough bndce emy"cre^a S _n heGcrmaQ i^^ NOT COMPLETE! SUNDAY IN A FRENCH TOWN OTHERS RECEIVE DEGRESS Some days ago Sir EC ward Carson..; =· Irish Unionist leader, said m .1 ter to tlie government that he kne*v rtain persons in Ireland had been communication with the enemy, but was generally taken to mean some important individual* connected ch the man who was captured after iding recently oa the Irish coast tn :ollapsibl« boat. | pietod by the Pitis I pan}- in November. 1S9!). The officer? and managers of the company at that time were; }'. S. Nt-uniyer, presi- d e n r ; E. T. Norton, treasurer; John. D. Frislice. Kell I^ong. Isaac F. Wilkey. Philip' Wilkey and E. T. Norton, man- .1 a rr 10 h:s parents ^w Crowley, h i s Srbenck n n d *"~o\\ tey. Tri'Sft *o hr- of ib" IK for "mer K R Kno c rr rfveivod ;; r a r H from 1 Ins ' o n s j n , Kriiosf K Pnnkp of (,,o:n|:my r, Oiponpburs. a n n o u n r ins in? ; sale a r r i v a l . A Mmlar r, L n\ was re~ j ^ f " \ f d by Mr? Paul E. Dick from her [ hi ntlirr, Corporal James B. Robm- on, \\bo is, u'lth Comp.-iiiy K, Wayncs- go JHJO the rur?l afternoon to C'ross iiive vLicii mg for ou- wf-f- ive ' 3-lk w^ft toraorrovr ^ or UH- Kf-1 ajers. 'ACE DJJRDfG Yli ^B YOS HEIlTirxlVS YIK'VY) VMSTERDAM, May IS. -"I am still! :imistic enough to believe we shall; ve peace this year," sud the Ger-j 1 ^^ by the name of liui: n chanceUor, Cocat Von BertUng,- be "a Civil - w a r veteran, :.nd elaii an interview \nth the BerJiii cor-; h i ^ rcsldonce ^ Ohiopyle, gave REFUSES AUTO RIDE Vur Vetemu, Pluyed 0«t Wtilliing-, Sa» It^Soul-ii Hurt His lincli. KpeciJ-S lo Th^ Cojrler. SMITHLP1ELD. May IS.--AB old claiming to Information Proliably WJll Hi; V J i i i ( rtblf* Soon as U* M'tu-n* Uic iow Sw-1 lt'i.'ti\rs Must linroll; Hundreds o f f Tkoo^iuds »ill Be .\ddnl to Irmy. I IffriiLs at ·' OVIook and ts Much Uki; Other Quittl l«ya; Alinust Eery ,Unn; a Suldicr. lit! i a Tbose Fast .UiddJoAKO: l-'raiice in a Ix-aiti hlra^ifle.- nvinu Them is ScnjUor WilUain ('. Spti»nl, KepuhJiRuii t'andiduU 1 for (rovrrnor, w bo is .Marfo u !uctor m L a w s : CUbs «f V3 is Oratlualttl. I-'mcral Pinu-tor i' ( iyrlcs C. Much- rl! this i n M n m g r p f / » i ^ f i a post ca:d from !"';''. rk'S A. Mcl'orir.jck. herp- ''.mi in » h y Harntar; dcpavlmeni. sia\- in;: t h a t h^ a t r i w » M pafely. li iv^ nn- ili" p r r u t r d f a r d f u r n i F h o d ny ihr R e d It beat-- no jiosimark. Local Boardb for Districts Jios. 2 ' "Sunday, but I'm dogg^nod if it and 5 hvfc received telegrams z o u f y - \ seems diffwont frooi any othor day,' mg iiitru"t.h.a-t liie aeit rugii-tralioa j writes "Bil!" Sherman from Someday wnl be June 5. At thai time i vrhcre in Ki-ince. "I don'L beln'vo the Army gives any olticia! reuo^naion to Sunday as n da- o:' rfM. for if I re- 5»ndent of the Budapest newspaper ° n road walking from i Virginia Thursday oa U3 leiarn , of .tfae juuion who U a / e become ! 21 years old since June j of It'tT. vili rpgibiur lor military service. The t«-l- ograms merely hiatod LbaL J a n e 5 bad been nacied for tbe rc^istranon and , did not give auy f u r i o c i infoniiatson. i it i* likely lUat tLe reg:i-»irat.oa :-js- ' tem this rfmo wlJJ be^ carried out dlf- Duri'ig' iliQ com.'nfDcemetit exercises ai Crtjtiyblurs ccuU-^t Uiib wtt-K a Couiiciisvilte miiJJatcr. the Rm t l l i s B. Buries*, pastor Tl Tnnny Lutheran cbii"ch r was honored by h a v i n g Ja v dosTf-e of iXK-toi of J^i -limy con- fen txi by lijaL itisiHutjoij, [K. biMp.g A it fafrtiier events in the west vriU og os nearer a speedv end of the If the world should one day unite ^ an international peace league," ad- a L Count Von Hertlins, "Germany old unhesitatingly and .ovfully join. ^ it. Unfortunately present condi- is give Ten' tittle hope of that- Our ire is to wm and preserve peace." hi home, and p u t "up in "A. X Button's ·1 table, about a mile -OUL*I of riinilti- f"n.'jd. He refnsos any :u a .stance ' He a jit-nsion o." ^c pt-r uioiitU. U'aca M i - rfiuto:;, wlio ]:'.et ir t o w n , iht farm to n;ilk f r ^ d a v i n y n was sUli there and , Siition otfoied to lake him 10 Fair- j d p chanc-c- jn hi^ auiomooiU-, bi.L lie said '-' l l r r, * · t-ctrd.- \s';:l not. b*' nur r L- gL-t ;-a rt. a 1.1! tfc e n not lt k n u u i i by b ^rial yuijo.'Kj' «f ttju men H I Class ! t" n ' l 'hi- M^ recent heavy ciaU.i. J: is ts.imjited that 'd tbou-ur.d 10 S. b.ivmt L'l by ;ho rai.:s v , i l l ler. The placcc in . made 1-y idt'nt uf 1^.1 -, t i ' ses. ral h u n - mon vr.ll r"^i.*ter on a t t a i n t d t h e i r major- P? FEIN' FLOT Njrrr.i) p. THE iu'i .ONDON. May 18.--Professor kd- rd De Valera. president of '.he Sinn n: Arthur Groffith, foui.der of the n Fein: Couatess -Mark evicz. Dr. Ion and William Cosgrare. Sinn n M. P. for Kilkenny, ha.'e been ar- be c o j l d ' n o t rule in an automoutlc. I "5' Tlif j o l t i n g « o a l d hurl Hit back. He ' The =aif' i.c- would '.? to wax to Fa r- chanco duria^ li:-- day and would uke a street car fc r ronr.ellsvi.lo. rour..liiniU' Men Xami'iL ! The .-eht'dulo lias been a i r a n c n l ! for the P'our-Mirute -.p-ahcrs at tMe i g to an Exel ange Tele- theatres next v.-eck For .Monday the ph dispatch from Dubl n. Addi- speakers « , 1 1 be R. B -, m ,th at tho in Ireland, reported in. Arcade. John Dussan. br. at tho Or- Lublin. I n . P"«im. M. J. v, c l ? h at the Paramount i the la^t registrition day. ;ranm w i l l ue you.tis m ex- celJcnt i;Uy?!cal oouUu.on. With or.iy ihrct- we fit- yet before the;a'-ion day prt purauons for r^Sistenng tin- youths w i l l bo ^oon. Xenher local board has clnn a n y t h i n g i i ;hu matter of fixing rhe rogisieriiiK plact-j. i r» »ator J t c - p u u l i urj iio:aiitaunn Cor iio^t-rjior. l J l - e v . ( M h l y Lho collogo d(.rcreo ( - C Mani^r ut A / i - , t h i s '.in 1 -, oi Li's; a history Putsbni,; synod of Uiv i,u' c h u r c h 10 .wax.- ago ni.ido by for HUM' Eloward T.ift, -A hu ou : con- 'he \Viiiiaiu :r noccs- nu l ,al arrests nmes dispatch from le Dr. Hayes and DarreH Figgis. i and R K. Younkin at the Se . May IS.-- The Iiish Times ly says the government has not :d a moment too soon is all the is pointed to another outbreak o£ led violence, possibly 1:1 comiec- , with the landing of German ps on Irish shores. FOUNDRY BURNS Jiiolmr Company (U-eUis ImmcHijitf R--Jiui!(Uuir (In- J'lanU This morning about 1 o'clock [hi i tpn /n. P« / 1 · foundry at -hi/ p l a n t or the American villas, rhatcaut- and uthor swell \SWeatllGffiir tf ©ffecaiSU · I ; Manganese company at D u n b a r wa. ^'^ a» k h l d ^ ol iiljt iiiui tolc iTX ABTILI/EET IS SOCTHEKX rL.15DEES. ONBON, May 18.--Heavy artilJery ting last nigbt between Givenchy | Kobecq, OD the soutbern side of j Flaaders salient, is reported by war office. Cloudy tonifjht and Sunday; probably showers, is the nor.n weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania. Temperature .Record, 1017 19IS Maximum ?2 74 -Minimum -- 60 5i Mean 7i 64 The Yousti river fell riui ing iho j Rock niyut from 2.SO feet to 2.GO feet. , term. flp-sirnyu"! by fire with a Insn of aboju $»». equally d j i d f d boiween b u i i d in.; and conicnus. In !(·?« t a u n 1- hours u ork u-a- suirt«d on r e b u i l d i n g of tlie s t r u c t u r o . of Kttst M d-pby ave- member rinhtl} the three or rour starts U n i t L bas .nade for Some- awoos Ulr..e to rcreiiv :iu honor. The win-re Else, tli'.-y were ran tie on thv oiherb u-oru: U i - v . i l . i t (too* i r , pr*. -' Sabbath day "Our Sunday la.-'hK f iaiut little ' French town bugan' vr!;«n our latly at our billet (Oh ; t*i». · * « art' b i L l c t o c t iu tho door auout " o:lock antl uuauuiic- erf. T^vcTie. aioortic-ir-:.' H«?v rc-vffv- tLon \V;LS not v t r y ixvrdial. I J oor 'aUy' Slin Uidnt *am oh to ^tay ;u b^r i house at all, but t h e Krc-ncb comr.ian- rfjinte coDjpeUeil ho; 1 to cii'an UD A n i c e iu'j:a n r - \ t to iho cow sutble and . l e t 30 of UK l i a i i - ^lf v ^'pI^s quaru-ra tbcrt Uu j-lit-'s ^0 nJYaitJ the 'dol- I d a t s 1 w i l l \ft ·"ipari'tT-s lay around on th c f u r i i . t u n - t - p mcr a candle or do *--onie oth^r fan-less t h i n p ilii w i ' l burn down Ui" p l a t r . ll\^ry now ami ! i ben she- JOIH her fcra! in and jah- bnrs f t H n e t b i n f f , all ;ht- ^ b i l . - Bostirii- l a i i n p ol'jquc! tly. One / f l l o w who know-, a Ii Je ^rcncb Hsurps it nu: that sho'b afraid WP ivoi't be good soldiers, Elou «iu pl.c'.' "I wiFh yuu could ^ec our biHct, j T h i s v.-ord alv.ii.ys ha»l a high-sounding mcanins u me u n t i l L saw mine. I hail figured oyt that lite soidiors, in lion of barracks, w u i e quartered in places, ild water and the constant al-e-ntion f r o m thc i n h a b i t a n t ? of the- place. Alas it is participation not so. Billets are n u r e b rooms, sc- morial Ia;-, cured a n y w h e r e .i.nd everywhere, ia AS ha-^ iec i t h e · which the soldiers m a k e r b e best of gaiiizatiou a w.U ju Iu Many do not slay in iho q u a r t e r s ' U. j :i tuo nbM";vauc» assigned to ih*»m b u t pay a few | ^ francs extra for room.-; with beds in Greenshnr^er ul ni ) ( t i i i n in Qu.tsh Iiidirf- Asainsi J. V. Thoinp«nn. Cl'^rli^ R Orr .11 ;he I iiiip^l Co.i/; -.'.--'*- r,'I;.y .ir, ord"r r f - c j b i r n i ^ Jo : ,th V. wr-^k. Thf ' on- r*-'lt.\ sn3 dif-u K t, ^ i S J he co\i-ri 1 . ! biXidAfTr asd Ecccnngs \vih bo b ^ i n ^. T I 2-1 riifiGreni, pltitcs, some oo"nmi*ii.-'".i 1 moi? than one. idberiy Loan flags given for \ei t b e top w - i h I 2 f i r 1 quotas w ) i ) no prc^entc^i d.; Oh;op.- r i and Miil Run du-iop the day, wnb me 1 11 oj CroEb work confined. , Thc necessity of r^ibnis Rert Cross j fimdb will be i^own fuid ihe di?tnc:s Hobn .Vorrjs has been nid.dc lean n]auag"er of UiO L ' o n n t l i i i l l o oan- \os.-iQS toanis. jit- wiJ] !j;i\o c h a ; g £ ( 'J tiie reports of the tt-amf at lunt-ht..-, ;o bt- served cacn noon next w e t k . i Toe cornmjitee wjucn \M!1 prc c en; t fie lionor ila^s u Oiioi.vle :s c.*r,:- ! posed of Ji. T. Norton, Joan Ducgan, jr., F. K. Ma-rKfli and A, O, Uix.i-u Vwo meeungs will iie ho'u a- Oaio- i pyle, one =a 13 o'ciOw., t in th" morii'.u.^. 1 ii'jea me Ut-d Cro^s cauv^t v. :I .10 1 outhucd, uad one .11 - o clock »n t a « afiernoon, \s~hc-a iho 'over 'Jie 'oi flag w i l l he- prcacc^u. · A; 1IU1 Run U-.e- prt^eauii.en of u-v honor flag wil^ be b H- v t... -/. Luckm-r a: "-o'J o clock in ibt o . - - uins. TK-ms hoid^Dg ir.ctn :::;· .1; oubf r sections of ibe m o u n K i i n s our- I f a 1 1 1 -]!!-;!! o ''I- , ti."J ;Lc 'o- l .t-;tnr,:: u-. of ilu lln. bot J'' wf I't 1 not ' ita-on i* 1 .;;.! tuey b- r«"d O.i -: aii'T.dancc fo; th ie m ihe nnli'.aiy SITMC". On nls f f t i i . r u irfiin G-1 1 ^ h u r r , iu^f?^ v. at aecompanin! iij hi*; aieniino, \v,jo !., .. fic.-,lK..rin ;L ( OM'I.I LTI. V. i l l J o nil TJnv i.n-nn at H a j i t i - t ( li O'Uwk V K l ' K K A V . S 11 ill Mcci Toinon-ftu' !n *»rmnt:«' lor A nice!, tig of t l i o mpjjbt-'r- oL" the Veteran.-) of Foi eitrn \Var- w i l l jo Jioid tu'uorrow al'ernooii at t ' i f 1 U'^i; Sule me d'-parum-tn (.n a f 'raiisn foi t'lt C X P I C I F O S of Mi 1 - '%tora » r fi n w i t h ilu of 'br- day. 01- i. A. * Ileti L n^ii parade tlii ic!a t,be War K;nui d/n u ]i [cnn at t b !5irthdn Obsoned, yn:,. \\ luokey \\as ienderod e p E . i t y la.vt e\eu'.ng it he" Dau v-ciii u Lien nio^t oi ^he uf Ouir-ka rmiu-il, Da, g.h- Tbe 'i-ani caniiun--- m e t :· C-.TI a f t r r n o o u at 1 Jt' OC'.CK^ :iu: n.i · the ra^n w h o w,11 a c ?'-t ;i"'n ..i War Fund drr.e Tho n.iiif uf jji-n on these ; «:.! PC i i n n o n n Monday. Tiu drive w ii be JIOOSUM! in ai! Thc *cam? whirl: '-\ i l l ?o niio i n f t t i n t a i n (3iftr:ct to irzan.rr- i l n i e in the oi:tl ing ^eut'ons j low: n. II. Sm.ib ami ! . Oh-.o. U o V l o t k ; -M obiirch. In-tLkjici k. ^, R. Goldsmiih. ^'. 1. ^ njih;, M. f\ Pryce and ( A Crowlr-y, Pcnus- \ J ' t 5 Eapi'Ft, chnrrh, (i o ' t ' f c k ; Vic- ·"i'jre, lit.; 1 .' 1 , J. [.. L*roudi".t. \v. R. K c n r e , , Joha^ton school house. il.Jc o'rlotk. . F 1-. Younkin \V O Adriar, P. M. ; Richey, t uck . W. I 1 , . A O r Mill. . J. K Pr, G Ken en. ooh(i"iat- of Da .Yhtu her L-ili as beea ('Ipcted principal of tiie j Ridge, school for the en I them. I utaned out tn t EASY MEANS OF SECURING WAR SAVING STAMPS BEING PROVIDED BY MRS. COCHRAN Rev I.e'.vtft U. Slorhel of r.roens- C'\\ about .mrp \viH prpacli mor;5B?: and (".on^n" ours ft is about a quarter oC a mile in T r i n i t y K ^ f o n n t r t c b u i f i i . Tlie from Iho hospital and you gain en- ubaal services w i l l be bu'.d. tronco ihrongh a t'ow btablc. U'is a .r----. :_^_ dp, hrra ever, sn yon Emerginc; f r o m Hie ?er\ ed 1 j TIE RAUES T10LEXTLY ing north acd souib of t r e Avre ' r on the front below Amiens is . ·rted in today's official sta cnic-nt.' ve-ry nit o cow st j don'L rruml ibai. , stable yo« cross tlio cliicken jart!. pass' thc manure- heap, enter a sort o/ fold- l i n g door a.fld ou're uiere. It is a 'rooir of Tairly Kcnerous proportions, j 1 the floor being about a foot beiow l b e [ i surface of -he ground. The walls are j of stone. I t has cnr- window, nne door, one table, one cupboard (lock- wl ,, bo the Red i Or. , ,mfl c T h u r s d a y , :\!ay 2'.',, the coal \ \ o i K c r s of Faet!e «.ounty kcd i n '"Work On t ' Uay fur rtibb.' The Coal ami C )ke ded as follows: Killed in action. «; died of wounds, three; died of ase, four: wounded severely, five: nded. degree not known, one: j Through the interest of Mro. Sarah] by Mrs. Cocbran, hangs in Leland nded slightly, nine: missing 10. | n. Cocbran of Linden Hall boys andj Stanford university. The booklet MI, 12; prisoners, two. ! girls of the Dawson comiruimy are i contains a hi:,tory ot the picture and i given an unusual opportunity to earn a biography of the pa.inLer. The T i * v r \rrtv «rvr.'R ' :nc " lcy ^" llh w " lch to Purchase War, body of the work is a rather extensive IRIS %i»v IS Vi^ont a r b ' l e r - I SaV ' nSil SlaIUPS - Toda - v a booldet «"-;'^rpraation of and application of \RIS. May is.--\ralont arti.ler.. j M]ri .. Ttl( , Suprem( , sacrifice as seem the meaning o{ the piniure. which Mr. thc S:siine .Madonna," a lecture by| Purneli presents as the supreme sac e\: W. B. Purneli. pastor of the] rificn. A beautifully colored copy Presbyterian churcb at Dawson. was the picture is found within the book- i " issued from the press of The Courier I lot. i '*··· ' a n d wili be distributed among t h e ! R*v Pnmoti tb,, »nfiw,r ^,.. v, I fillfn with straw and ns up some ktao Cros,., Wnr Huirt. This jcica COAL AND COKE WORKERS TO GIVE THURSDAY, NEXT WEEK, FOR THE RED CROSS and Coke BOWBF.RS FAH, TO nEAfH }'AR1S. iRIS. May IS.--German aero- es attempted ;o bomb Paris ajram nijht but did not reach tr-e c i t y , bs were, however, dropptd ou .-ing .=uourbs. The followirg oiT;- staTemep.t wa? issued last nudt: '.neray aeroplane." crcss-'i 1 o'lr and bornhartW .-nvprnl nra!i- ^5 nia^le '"or Pans Thc }lar::i pven at I".": I" 1 "·! .·"·ri tl-» "?\\ ·" M 11 P M. no; ,;-s wore vr. fin mnrt- d : c - -ti"f o,iburb;." ed by the landlady)' and one bed without slats, mattress or other rquip- committee l u r Kaypitc County -om- ment people generally use in sleep-, pose[ | 0 [ ^ \v. Fcsg. d u n r n i a n d u n i i j c _ Jng. For tic present we a.rc using Ihc | ^-j,j. C | 1U (i c. i:. Leiriurl. has a l . e a ' i j "'j floor lor liiat purpose, w.lh thc ha.lvrfc. a n a n g e ( j fol . praciii-allj c v e i ; nnlc~ " l o t our sbelter tents to keep out v h t t j p e n d P n i operauon in i h e c n u n ' j to 'dampness. We"l br tolerab'y corn- ;^ve thea' ei':plocs flor.aip aT money fortable when we yA. our oetlsacks pa'ncc'. thai day to the Scconi! lied ninH'il 1 ?. i Brick t."rn;-Th), al 7 .» o { Sock. J K i r k R ^ n n n r . A. B. llnod. XV. .V. Ix'cijp. Daniel DHHP. at M o u n t X,on t ^c IRP\ 11 o'clock : Xorip..ijVii, t Kra-'iv ("hnrch t . 7 "" o clock. ' M\ n McGinns and S. P. Ashc. ; Dear R u n 11 o f l o c l ; J. McCouueH. Ha-r?- KcpiofFky, 1 O-n e n ^ d a l f . ! 1 o'clock. | T J Hooppi. Uarnha:*'?, ;' o'clock. .! Krpd K u n / . T. AV. U'rishr. T. S. J5,H ?£'r aii f : J. P Part . "*oijiiiy ,1110, 11 o'( lock. Liithorar. chrn.ii HI In' i r n Head at H n ' f l o r k ; V i . l R-m at i oV'lnck i H. G M a y . Pr J L. r-v-hran. A. · P K u r t / A K Ku:*T7. n n d .1. M. Vnupir at D a v i M n w n . 1^ o clock; Zion , { h u r c h . ( I r d i a r Head t a- " n ciock. P.enmn H o j d , K vr H o r n c r . UoHeit 'v'n-ri? anr 1 Ilar^v Sc'.pack. Huf ''.innn a' I I o'clock: ''en'^r at -1 oVlofk. names may b-" 1 ?Mot1 \n iHs i^ person? noi Ii3\ i r.c; t h e oo'vtvH'iC-' 1 ; Purncll, author, bepn STOX. VS I O S F O :n PVT; ^ 7h» hovs and girls of the Dawson coinmim-1 pastor of the Dawson Presbyterfan ity by ,·, committee composed of the; church five yea-s. His tfingrBgalion supenntendcnts of the three churches| recently gave inrn an increase of sa!there. Thc booklets are gifts tif Mrs. ary of .?550 a j r a r tr.alciug the annual Cochran m whatever numbers tlie chil. | stipend ?2.00n in addition io the par- rtren nan sell them at 25 cp.nts each.; SO na'ge. Tae mil-rest of his people the onb stipiiintion bemcr rha: r b e y · assures his r e m a i n i n g vri'ti them for =hall 'nvp-i the money; derived there-! an i n d e f i n i t e period. ,-rnm n tl'e pu-cbasc of War FavmgS' There has b,-erj a spinier! demand S'.irip-:. for the booklet.-. One hoy hari yester- T!n 1 I c c i u r e wa? d r l i v o r f d by Ecv. day r--. anins sola -I" copips in advance. Pu-iic:i a t n v wpokn aito ir. ihe Several other-, h a v e reported sales of : Diwsori, fuo to IS 'j'h? s.*r»»m tnat re n a r r o w and _' " two !h" houses are these o". .the TM o f l eonvfnieni ar- of biinlcs. 'aiHJ n n u s n a ! and it is "The chaplain of the cavalry d e - | a large sum of mone tachment stationed here told us that from n. tlr.s is or,o of thc best towns in France.] This "Work One i ' a J ' l l take h-s v.-ord for it Ii seems'fross" i-icn h.-.r i n r ' i typical of r u r a l France, f i is rather p favor w i t h t ·'. coal ai ri picturesQiie. if you feel i h a t way a b o u t I t i i f . m s e h c * ene .nan i: it. I'd say it was about the size o f i n ' i c ^ t of li. Dunhdr. The streets the sidewalks not \vidi to \wllk abreasr. \H cf stone £T.d moM of hark street", j rangcment of

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