The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 17, 1918 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1918
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

FREDA'S,'MAY 17, 15)18. ·JL-HJB COURIER. CONNELLSVLLLE, PA. PAGE ELEVEN.- Tablet Erected to Alexander Selkirk's Memory on Juan Fernandez. T here har« been recent references to the Island of Joan Fernandez In the sonth Pacific ocean, 5SO miles off the coast Of Sonth America. Juan Fernandez lies under about the thirty-seventh parallel of sonth latitude and is a little south of west from Valparaiso, Chile, from which it Is distant abort 600 miles. Close upon tie Island of. Jnan Fernandez Is the much smaller island of Santa Clara, and .somethins more than 100 miles farth'er but to sea, west by a trifle sooth, is a lone Island of-the name of Mnsafuc^a.. There are no. Islands between Juan "Fernandez and the mainland. And it lies in a particularly lonesome part of the vast ocean. The eightieth parallel at longitude passes nearly a hundred mllea j west of Jnan Fernandez, and that parallel passes between two small tslands,- St Felix end St Ambrose, nearly 1,000 miles Dortli of Jnan Fernandez, Santm Clara and Masafaer*. Ifot only hare there been recent references to Joan Fernandez island, bnt fireqncnt references to It may. b« read in the pnblic prints, and nearly always is It referred to as Robinson Crusoe's island. Set the reference is laoart and many thousands of miles oat of the way. However, It is probable that | the geographical or Ut«rary error has j b«n, given too ranch headway ever to ' b* overtaken and corrected, and no doabt It will be perpetuated. Not Crusoe's Island. There arc few places In the world ·which have giTen so much Interest and entertainment to beys as the ionc- ly island on which Robinson Crnsoe and his man Friday had their adventures. There Is n» telling just where Defoe thonent Robinson Crusoe's Island was, but It most certainly was not In that part of th« world where the Island of Jn»n Fernandez lies. If WE GIVE "S. H-" GHEES TOADIHG STA3IT5 EXTRA SPECIAL! S5.00 Crepe do Chine and Georgette Crepe VaiBla, all new Summer shades, all sizes, beautilul styles, special . WE GIYK "S. H." GB13EJT TUAPBG STATES. EXTRA SPECIAL! Girls' Gingham Dresses, sizes 6 to 14 years. $2.50 valuo, made of thci best quality, in fancy plaids and siripes, in very pretty styles, special . -- $ U ^A L39 Greater Bargains Offered Here for Tomorrow--to Make the Last Day the Banner Day of Tins Great Sale. All Come and Bring Your Friends and Neighbors and See Where You Can Get Big Values for Little Prices. Here are Only a Few of the Many Bargains That Await You Here. The Greatest Values Ever Offered nudge for Defoe, for Cowper, for · scores of others. Bnt Defoe never got i nis hero, Robinson Crusoe, round the Horn or Into the Pacific at a l l ; he ! started him from England, shipwrr-ck- ed him In Africa, sent him as a planter to the Brazils'--as he always pi urn- Hzes the name--and finally blew him north, shipwrecked ni;aln on an Island which Defoe carefully labeled on the title pagre of the flrst edition as being! S 'at the mouth of ttie ralphty Orinoco,' a continent and parts of ttvo oceana j removed .from Juan Fernandez." The Island of Tuhngo In the Carlb-:fr bean archipelago was mentioned by j one writer as the island ot Crusoe, but | Tabago, north of the Trinidad. Is too , far from the month of Orinoco t o ; agree -with what Crjsoe says of the j location of his Island. I*uls Hhead, in a preface to one edition of Hubln- son Cmsofr, wrote: "A map has been prepared to show the real location, which Is at the mouth of the, thirty miles northwest of Trinidad, an ; j Island lyinff jnst in the C a r i b b e a n j archipelago. The island la now known *g TabOfro." A jrood many distinguished writers i g bare mistaken the Island at Juan Fcr-! : noad« for the Island of Koblnson Cm- i · soe, and among them was K. H. Hnna. · * Jr., who. In his "Two Years Before the i : Mast," wrote that he saw the Island j| of Joan Fernandez t l rlslng nke a deep! blue cloud ont of the sea" when his ( brie, the Pllirrfra. was seventy miles · away. Alter the brio's stop at the i Island-Mr. Dana wrote' "I gave it a ! ; parting loot »nd bid farewell to tlif · ( most romantic spot of earth my eye? : had ever seen because of the associations which every one has connected.' £ with !t In their childhocd from reading | Robinson Crtrsoe." i Up to $22.50 Values For Tlic nearest and cleverest wtj-Jps in Women's and Blisses' Coats, Suits and Drosses, embracing evt;ry new color, style and doii'dSo value in OTcry garment. All sizes to fit inrii'e ivnd smnJi women. 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Bnt th*n there are several months to that vtst river and, there are islands there, no evi reacnifng Gods, la One of the Oddities. - Get Viidt-r One ol Onr }VwnJtr Strau Hats In all kinds of shapes and straws (PTj QA special tPl.S'U Panamas in a!! styles. Smashing Prices In Our Beautiful Trimmed Hats, clever sport styles and plain Tailored Hats In all colors and shapes, regular $5.00 value for .-- _ Ono loi of Shapes in M i l a n Hemp, large and small, all colors, regular ?3.00 value for Men's and Young Men's $15 Suits, in classy styles, special Men's and Yoaiig Ien's ?1S-50 Suits in all new Spring models, special Men's and Young Men's ?25 Suits, all new up-to-date garments, strictly tailored $9.75 .99 THE GREATEST ASK FOR -S. i II." C H K K . N T R A D I N G STAJU'S Parrots are t«ught In India to spend ' L,.vM, ft ,. ~.~~ r ,-.large portion of their Urns in re| dence of occtrpancy by Robinson Cm- ipeating the names of gods, and such · soe has been found and none of the |a spokesman brings a good prlco, es- j footprints of Friday have been dlscov- j pecially among business men, who ered. , . | Imagine that by owning such a parrot The only due to the Island Is fonnd [their spiritual treasures are accumu- ' in Defoe's magnificent story Itself, : lating while they attend to tlielr usual ' where Robinson Crusoe speaks as fol- : occupations. '· Iows: I Many of^the danclns Ktrls In India. l "I asked him how Jar It was from : belonging to tho templea are called tha I our lands to the shore and whether i wives of' the gods. At an early ago ! the canoes were not often lost; he [ ticy are united in wedlock to the \ toli me there was no danger, no ca- | Images worshiped In tne temples. | noes were ever lost, but that after a ;TMs strange matrimonial connection j little way out to sea there was a car- is formed In compliance with the wish- j rent and wind, always one way in thc';es of the parents, who believe It to be moraine, tlic other way In the after- .; a highly meritorious act to present a. noon. This I understood t.i he no more ; beautlfo! daughter in marriage to a than the sets of the tide as going out -senseless idol. and comlnR i n ; but I afterwards on- | The only foreigner who ever saw derstood that It was occasioned by the ! the Inside of the great temple of JUK- {JkOfi IVmncnS \cir CJassv r u m n s In new patent, fun, grc v and gun metal. hlsh and low li£e!s. 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Mr. and River Oroonooko. in the mouth or gulf I succeeded in gaining admission by of which river, as I found afterward, j painting and dressing himself lite a our island lay, and this hind which I native. perceived to the west nnd northwest ! When the Brahmins discovered that was e v the great Island of .Trinidad on I their holy place had been thus de- the north point of the mouth of the j Bled they became so enraged that all rlver _- the English residing at the seation Where SslkWc'Was Marooned. The 'Island of Juan Fernandez became associated .with .the story of Robinson. Crusoe from the fnct that on that island Alexander Selkirk was put j at his own request after a rei wtth'Uic captain bt "the snip a i n q u e j gained time and succeeded in reach- Show your patriotism by attending the Victor Coccrer' a the High School Auditorium Monday, May 20th. Get your ticket reserved at the McDonald Munie Company at once. Proceeds tor the Navy I-eagae.--Adv-17-lL S. W. Taton cf Cumberland, Md_ was a" caller here yesterday. ftmtnct Gibbons was calling on Un- ior-.toT/a friends last evening. _^ ^ _ Mrs. James Rf-yno'.dK of South Con- natives stopped to pick It up they | ncllsville was calling on friends here SALE OF SUGAR TO CONSUMERS ·were obliged to See for their lives. Suspecting their pursuers to be more desirous of gratifying their avarice than their revenge, they strewed silver money by the way, and 7.'bHe tho ports, otf which ha was sailing master. Selkirk lived on the Island for foar rears, aafl in 1712' there appeared a book entitled "Cruising" Voyage Round the- Wo*W,'*- whlcii - was »vrttten by Cupt. Wordes Kogcrs, vrhd ing c. place of safety. cued Selkirk' from the Part of the adventures t,f Selkirk were told Ja Ih'at s:ory, and it is supposed that It was tb Is hi at wlilch stirred Defoe's imagination,and led. to the tvritlng of KoMnsoo Cmsoe. . Captain Ro^er?' book. la which the adventnn-s af Selfclrt were told, vras also-tbe lD?rplratlon, or rather the text, of Cow-mr's pcem, irfalch is s^nenilly cail^d "soiitode." bnt which the poet. In V.I*JIL v^fl fnshlan Jn the- -i^hteenth ni* Solitary Abod*- Jn the tsiand cf 7c«n.- 1-Jeroandcz." A literary'nuir who took uj the con- nation IietTrecn SeiRirk's adventure find Befoe's 5tory of RobJnsca Crusoe bos n-ritten this: · · .; "There ; vns' more-than enough of a Unreasonable Expectations. We ·would not HP disappointed in our frirnds PO ofion if we were more rea- res- i sonable in our espectatioa.^. The besr people have fmilts. No one Is so street-tempered tbat he will not ar some time say nn impatient word. The Tviscst blunder, not once, but many timre. Do not look for prrfectioii In those you love. It Is enouph it they vj-^n-r relatives and friends, are doing their best to conquer their faults.--Girl's Companion. la-.t Hear the Peerless Quartet, Billy Murray. Collins Har'uin and other Victor .trials. ?JcnJay ni.irtat, May 20, at the Hlfrri Scnon! Auditorium. Help swell thr T^oreouti for the Na^'y I.eairue. 1 raur ^e.itE reserved at once a; tlir- McDonald Music Corn- pan}-.- --Adv.-l 7-11. Mrs. I:ia? - ry Layrriou and daughters have returned to their home at Troy, after spending ten days here "Work neur your home, in. plcayuoi aJid healthful surroundings, ·with ezcelleut opportuaidcs for rapid advancement Unusual opportunities for earnest, intelligent young -vronien be- tween IS and 24 years of age. New employes arc paid while learning and are readily advanco'3. Comfortable sitting room for reading and relaxatioa when ol F duty. Good opportunity for senior and supervising positions. Apply to the CMcf Operatotr of the central office. Title Trust Bufiag, Connelisville. In order to insure as JnUy as (possible the-conBervatlaii^f tho-cnffirerfrnit crop oE the present soapon njid to eDconrage home canuiiig and. preserving. ilie followir.s: role, so^'erning family purchases of sugar, is made eftectrro, In. PoaBsylvanm: ilojisumtrs may purchasti, and grocor-g may sett "to any one temfiy, sogar, ; for homo-p^eser^·iag purposes only, in a quantirj- not to exceed tvuuty-Uve ! pounds, upon the signing by the purchaser aad sarreadcr to t3x seller of a certificatG in the for.owing; form; Why Aluminum Shoes Are Used. The scarcity o! leather, principally, has brought on the market an aluminum shoe for workers, leather and rub- Mrs. .lames Baatty ajid son Robert were sho-pping in ConnellsvIIle yesterday afternoon. Killed In Collision. John Graham, 43 years old, of Frost. burg. Md., was fatally Injured 'Wed- I added foot case. 'These shoes are dur- nes(lay Q^ wb , etl a motorcycle on able, waterproof, comfortable and j whlch ' h _ WM ridiag colHJed ^^ ^ noiseless; they do not gather snow o r , alltoraobi , 9 nc;u . C i arysrtlle Mr . - - · do not slip, and quickly adjust | r , rotlara waf a Eoa 0{ Mr ' s . Ml .^ De al themselves to the shape of the foot, hold their shape to the last and are ·very economical. Gratec: ot Meyersdile, and also has three brothers. James, E-radley and Bruce, residing at lleyersdaie. LONG DISTANCE MOVING Save Money on Long Trips By Making Ar- rsr?--:°«?Tnente One Week in Advance. Get Rates. P. B. KESSLER. 613 McCormick Ave., « Connellsvilie, Pa. Tri-State Phone 404. Bell Phone 234. SUGAR PURCHASE CERTIFICATES ^OK HOME PRBSER\1NG · 3318. I hereby to th e Cnited States Food AdministnrtHm, that I desire to purchase from _. , pounds of su£sr for my own use, for canning and sreserring purposes. I agree not to order s^sar under this ruling, from any source, in ST- c?ss 01: my requirement? far this purpose nr. to i;se tho suirar so ordered v'or any other purpose than that here ;;prailrd. I have on hand susar to the a'.uour-.l of ,. f pounds. 1 used for canning and preservin;r in UUt _.. pounds. Town Street or R. V. T. Aildwss Grocers Trill provide their own pr'niot] forms for use in Ow sale of KXisar under this ruling, ami will forward w''kiy. all r.^rsincaias received during the previous -ireek, to :he Couiuy Pood Administrator. ^Jl§^J§®§®!®SX33G®S®^^ · TEY OUS CLASSIFIED ADVEETISEMENTS, 1

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