The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 9, 1939 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 9, 1939
Page 7
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1939. THE DATLY COURIER, CONNBT^SVrLl-E. PA. PAGE SEVEN/ EVANGELIST DEMANDS NUDE PAINTING BE REMOVED FROM ART MUSEUM IN ST. LOUIS By United Press. ST. LOUIS, Feb. 9.--Rev. Mary Ellis, 65, Philadelphia evangelist and anti-vice crusader, said she had never seen a nude as naked as the one in Thomas Hart Benton's painting, "Suzanna and the Elders." She demanded that the painting be removed from the St. Louis Art 1 Museum where it is in exhibition ! with works of other contemporary j United States artists. She came here last week from St. Petersburg, Fla., where she had conducted an anti-vice crusade, to halt the sale of sexy magazines and · was surprised" to find Benton's painting in a prominent position in the museum. She and eight St. Louis ministers and 150 followers held a protest meeting yesterday and began circulation o£ petitions demanding that the museum director and Mayor Bernard Dickmann remove the painting. If they don't, she said, she will lead a demonstration in front of the museum next Sunday. "The nude," she said, "is stark naked. Its lewd, immoral, obscene, lascivicious, degrading, an insult to womanhood and the lowest expression of pure filth. It leaves nothing to the imagination." "Suzanna and the Elders," represents an incident from the Apocrypa and the Douay version of the Bible, but Benton, whose works often have been the target for moralists, transferred the story to the Ozarks. His painting shows Suzanna seated on the bank of a creek, her clothing strewn about her. Her hair is waved in modern fashion and she is pointing with a red-tipped finger to the high heels on her shoes. Two elders, looking on with rapt gaze, in the bushes behind her. An automobile and country church complete the background. "One of those 'elders' looks like a farmer," Hev. Ellis said. "The other looks like a bum. It's vile and horrible particularly with the church in the background." She believed museum directors would ignore her protests for a time and that she and her followers would have to collect thousands of signatures on the petitions before the painting is r' moved. The directors permitted its exhibition last week after having rejected it once for being "very nude." Benton had been informed at his Kansas City home of Rev. Ellis' objections to bis painting and that she had described it as the study of a woman, not nude, but "just stark naked." "That's funny as hell," he said. Denies "Cruelty" Mrs. David Brown, name she gave authorities at San Francisco, is pictured -with one of her dogs after arrest on charges of cruelty to animals. Police allege sha had thirty six dogs which "were undernourished and starving:, that thc-y wore being used in a study of "hereditary temperament." Kennedy-Guffey Voters To Meet Friday Night In Proles! Session insurance Company Probe Will Not Harm Holders of Policies UNIONTOWN, Feb. 9.--A meeting o£ the Guffey-Kcnnedy forces of Fayettc cour.ty will be held Friday evening in Room 406 of the, old Second National Bank Building, for the purpose of discussing alleged discrimination against JCennedy- Guffey men on WPA projects. Speakers will be William J. Hynes and Harry Matthews o£ Uniontown and Edward Lane of Evcrson. Another meeting will be held the following Friday evening m Eagles Hall, Connellsville. Both sessions are under the sponsorship of the Progressive Voters | League. Want Bridge Lighted. WILLIAMSPOBT, Feb. 0--A local agitation for the lighting of river bridges, resulting from attacks upon two women in 10 days, took a comic turn here recently when unknown persons raised, kerosene torches upon the structure. Beneath the nicker- ing lights we're placards appealing: "Light the Bridge!" WASHINGTON, - Feb. 3.-Chairman William O. Douglas of the Sureties and · Exchange Commission, opening the National Monopoly investigating Committee's study of in- furance companies, Monday assured policy holders that the committee will develop nothing to jeopardize their interests. Douglas said the inquiry--the first compresensive study of insurance company practices since 1906--would not attack or question the adequacy of rese'rves of any company. Under state laws, he said, "the legal reserve companies are required to set aside in restricted investments funds sufficient to assure that each policy holder will receive the amount of his policy when his risk matures." "No policy holder need have any concern that any faet brought out in this inquiry will in any way jeopardize the protection which he counts upon through his insurance policy," he said. Douglas promised the committee that the SEC would present "incontrovertible facts" on the manner in which insurance companies fmploy "the vast economic power they hold." The SEC will attempt to show, he said, the method by which insuj snce managements attain and retain their power. LAST RITES HELD FOR MRS. LEREW The funeral service for Mrs. Cecilia Grace Lerew, wife of Joseph A. Lerew of 1008 South Pittsburg street, was held Sunday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Lerew's sisters, 218 East Apple street. Dr. W. H. Hetrick, pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, officiated. Burial was made in Hill Grove Cemetery. Pallbearers were A. R. Barr, William E. Dolde, £. Stanley Phillips, O. R. Berwick, V W. L.. Lewis and Milton WyattT Booking Case Games. , Mount Pleasant "Feather Merchants" basketball team would like to book games at home and abroad with clubs in the 17-20 year class. Connellsville, Greensbmg, Scottdale ,. or intermediate district quintets are ' asked to contact Frank Andexson, Bridgeport street, Mount Pleasant. 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Beet Shank or OQc l b . _._ _..,, ,, Z5C whole cuts, OO ,, Neck ' lb - " UV Tenderloin and *?S/» Sirloin Roasts, lb. tiOC Rib, Roast, «JO short cut, lb iiOC Chuck Roast, whole cuts, lb 'Beef S h o u l d e'r Roast, ·whole cuts, Ib. ,, Beef Tongues, fresh, Ib HAMBURG 3 Ibs. 50c Beet Shank or Neck, lb. .,, Plate Boil, 2 Ibs. Beef Brains, Veal, Pork and Beef, ground, 3 Ibs. 25r lOc B A N A N A S 5 **t S" ib,:25' Goldeu Ripe Baldwin or Winesap Apples, Fancy, "t f?P per bushel _ «pl»Oi) ORANGES Snnkist, Large Large, 150 Size Doz. 35c Florida Oranges, ·» P uied. size, doz. ,, I«5C California Sunln'st Oranges, doz TANGERINES Dozen, lOc Maine Potatoes 15 lb. Bugs 35c Baldwin' and Stayman's Apples, fancy, *5C/» 5 ibs. _ £3C Delicious Apples, *?Cx« fancy, 4 Ibs _ i3\. Celery Hearts, bunch .each 15c Sweet Potatoes, Jersey, 5 Ibs _ Savoy Cabbage, lb Carrots with tops, 4 bunches _ - California Celery, 3 bunches - CABBAGE Special lb. 2c 5c 25c 25c 25c 19c Grape Fruit, SO size, seedless, S for Endive, per head New Potatoes, pink skin, 6 Ibs Spinach, fresh, 3 "ibs 25c Head Lettuce, 3 large heads ._ Cauliflower, large heads, each.. Onions, ' 10 lb. sack Green Peppers, f r e s large, fancy, dozen . Idaho Baking · OO Potatoes, 10 Ibs. .... 00 C Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Radishes Green Beans. Platter Sliced BACON, Ib. 29c Pure Pork SAUSAGE Loose or Link 3 Ibs. 50c Fresh Hams, whole or Half,-lb _ Pork Shoulders, calla style, Ib. ....... Whole Pork Shoulders, Ib. .,, ...... Fresh Spare Ribs, 1 C _ Ib ...... ............................... _ IOC Pork Butts, II) ....... _ _____ ........... ..... 1 7/. 1 I C 18c Hock Springs Brand BACON :l). or 4 ])j. Piec ib 19c 3 »J. or 4 ])j. Pieces Cube, Swiss, Round Nice and Tender STEAKS Ib. 29c Neck Bones, 4 ibs. _ 25c Pork Loin Roast, 1 C ~ Pork Chops, center OC-, CUtS, lb. »...»».»» - fcr^vt Pork Chops, mixed Of|_ cuts, lb faUC Canadian Bacon, OA -(sliced, lb. 35c) lb.' JUC IRISH, itrORKELT/S PKIDE or HONEY BR.VKD HAMS 8 to 12 Ib. Average Ib. 25c Veal Rump for roasting, lb Veal Shoulder OA Chops, lb _ £UC Veal Chops, rib or loin, Ib 25c Hormel's Ready to Serve HAMS Whole or String Half Ib29c VEAL SHOULDEB ROAST 4 Ib. or 5 Ib. Pieces, Ib. 16c 25c Veal Breast for stuffing, 2 Ibs .... Veal Steak, ^^/»- lh OJv Lamb Shoulder · 4 or 5 Ib. in piece, Ib: Genuine Spring Leg of Lamb, Ib Lamb Rib Chops, Ib. Lamb Shoulder Chops, Jb Smoked Easter 'Kolbasy, Jb. Roast, 20c 23c 30c 22c 25c Combmatioo ROAST Boned and Boiled" Veal and PorJc Ib. 22c .Tumbo Minced Ham, 2 Ibs Scrapple, 2 Ibs. ....... C!ub Wieners, 2 ]bs Ring and Polish OC/» Bologna, 2 Ibs O«5C 35c Pure Rendered, LARD 2 Ibs. 19c Ham HocUs, or Smoked Spare Ribs, 9C« 2 ibs _ £tvC Roosting Chickens Ib. 30c Spring Chickens 214 to 8 II). Dressed 33c Ib. Homo Hade LIVER PUDDING 1 Ib. 15c Pig Feet, fresh, OC- 5 ibs £»/C 25c Skinless Wieners, Ib. : Fresh. Fillets, Halibuts, Oysters 1O02 West Crawford Avenue PHONE 62O Connellsville, Pa.

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