The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 17, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVIULB, PA. FRIDAY, HAY 17, 191S. Every Day Coiffures and "- Perhaps U Is hats .Continue * to be close-fiuihii criei set well down "on the head that the coiffure for fevery- ~.uuy remains simple. There appears "to be only one feanir" that is insisted upon as a srylt? eleu ent of the coif- Cures of today and t h a t Is, that the Cars (ire to bo cover* d or nearly covered by the hair. Tlie hrow may fce ,bare, with the hair combed directly 'bach, nod tills is the rule for y o u t h f u l faces, or It may b; 1 j - n r t i a l i y covens!, hui .no coiffure show? mure th;ui the :Jnbe of the ear. » , Loosely wyjived hair looks especially "Well in MIPS** simph styles In linir 'dressing. \vhoiher- t h 1 h:ilr Is combed "stniigbr hack or shows a shallow parr- Ing. Suinetimus n parting is indicated at rlie middle of iln forulu^tl where a sinnll strand of h:iir. is. drawn hnck | · and the remainder p u l l pel a little f o r - | ward over the brows :iitd curs-as shown In the coiffure to ih-; left of Hie picture. When a wide partins !s mure · becoming, as it Is 10 many faces, u -shallow part is ptaed e/thrr to r?i j 'right or left of the brow, whichever Is fonnd the more;. A part · to the right appenrs In the o t h r r cnir- fnre pictured. Qu!t-» often the b u i r Is arranged In :i Ion- putT just ahuvc I the ears and this U spa-rid so «s to ! partially cover then and pinned to j -place with Invisible wire pins. The | i»air over rlip ears is n b o u t alJ of it chut | will he visibly u!;h MIL- now uiiilinery. j No such' simplicity uf styles governs! hair dressing for formal dress unrt evening 'wear. Except where the p l a i n ! and simple coiffure Is more becoming : than uny other, t h e h n l r is always wisv- | Off and usually dressed h(£h when its , Slory is not to be obscured by a hiit. i J'jiiTs and shorr cnrls arid Ilu-ir very ; potent nnd feminine chiirm to the ever- jTL'V'Ilt \Vn\'(!S. ; / For A n k l e Beauty. Jf thi." Ili-sh «.i' t i n - iinUlcs IK to bo! reduced, apply r a m ^ h n r u t e d oil, rub- j MIIK it In. w h i l e tlti- tin is soft and | the jiort'S open from a b:ttU, with j stront:. vigorous strokes. Then bind | (lu i j i n k i f s t i g h t l y w i r h a linen thai has , !n" i n snaked in oil. This bundn^e should bo (Jr.-twn as close .-is possible, \ but cure lu u-st be t a f c f t i to avoid stop- ; pine tl) e f i n - n l n i i n n . When tht? ankles' tire too slender for bi-auty, after talcing | tiu; hot foot bath massage their sur- ; face gently w i t h cod l i v e r or sweet nl- ' moncl oil and bliul ihi-m t l f i h r l y in a ! linen sfi:ik'il in tbc -=ame sointion. It \ you an.- not satisfied w i t h the shiine of ! your anlrlos, follow rl;is method cure- i f u l l y and sve if the results are not well ! ivortl: i lit- effort, to ore-Quick to dry-Doe/ no!: cake nor crack on the ./hoe and wiilnotruboffondothincj. Make/all doth and buckskin /hoe/ Whiter than New Everybody like./ it. E I T H E R t S= CH^EFTASN MFC CO. GREAT WRITER A REAL BOY Charles Dickens, Like the Average _". Youngster, Had His Dreams of Becoming 21 Pirate. ··· Tee English boye oi years ago-. there never was ai.y doubt as to American boys of that, or any oilier period before or after--had romantic Ideas as to becoming ruthless robbers by land or pirates on. the high seas Is shown by a recently discovered speech made by Churles Dickens an- reported in the London Times of April 13, 18G4, from which, the following quotation Jrom the Ixmdoa Dickensoc- lan is taken: "Mr. Dickens said his flrt recollections pf the northwest of London (this was in 18iM, when he v?as twelve" years o.'d), were connected wtth a certain waste plot oC ground used almost exclusively, . f o r beatlns carpets. The only ornaments o£ the locality, were a piece of stagnant water, a few straggling docks and some stunted greens. .With it, however, was associated the romantic story of the 'Held of the Forty Footsteps,* according to which a duel had been fought there between two brothers, the forty dreadful paces over which the victor pursued his victim being marked by the withering up of the grass in forty distinct places. Dickens had often gone there, ho sai-t accompanied by an adventurous young: English man, ascd eleven, with whom .he had intended goins to th-i Spanish Main as soon as ever they could amass sufficient wealth to buy a. cutlass and a rifle." ' ' The T'niverslty ot London afterward was erected on this fiite. Dickens as a boy In April, I SIT, saw the cornerstone laid and "the ceremony of lay- Jngr cbe first sfon* of a. new and splendid public building", of which JUr. Pecksniff · waf the architect, r.a narrated in.'^ttartln Chuzzlawit." was r reminiscence' of this event. | for the purpose has been adopted, in order to more fully open that Industry , i to Europeans. j ; But it now appears that the experl- ' j mont has been by no means snt-isfuc- . i tory. A very interePting statement on . \ this subject has recently been made 1 by Captain Talhoys, who has had v/lde · nxoerienco of pearling on the Austra- i !ian coast. He says emphatically *,hat white dfvers are an impossibility. ; j He had hoped that the white man , 1 would have proved a successful diver, , I but he says that, after a very lengthy '. ' experiment, the" idea had been aban- ] ' doaed. ' ; j The divers, sis. or eight of thorn, j ! who were brought to Australia by the ! ; master pearlers, 'rara Messrs. Siebo, · I Gorman Co., and Messrs,. HenkJe | ; Co., submarine engineers, about two j 1 years ago. were all either dead or par-1 alyzed. j ·· In view of the further facts alleged. } i there appears to be no scope for while j i pearl divers in Australian waters. ! j For, aa the result of a year's diving, j says Captain Talboys, the befit returns j of the white divers did not ezc««d a | ton, whilst the average yield of an ! ; Asiatic's work was between four and : i five tons. ! Besides, tbe Asiatic worked for $10 j | xo $15 per month, plus a cpmmlssion j , on the shell raised, while the white j man received $70 per month, with a j similar commission, in addition to which the cost of keep for the white j | man was about three times Uftit ex- j i pended on the Asiatic.--Far East, j ' Tokio. . ' CHARLE/TOM.W.VA, The New Brunswick Upsets All Old Standards T HE ultimate phonograph is here! It is the new Brunswick-the most important achievement in the phonograph art in recent years. Now old ideas must be ^scarded. No one will be content with a one-record instrument w f . all its limitations. No one will be content with attachments and makeshifts for playing all records, but which hinder tone. The new Brunswick Method of Reproduction brings new tonal values, due to The Ultona and The Brunswick Amplifier. No one will be satisfied now % ith the old torja! standards--once they hear The Brunswick. We want to say emphatically that until the coming of this remarkable new instrument, real reproduction was never attained. You cannot afford now to even think of buying a phonograph ·without first hearing this remarkable instrument. It is made by The Brunswick-Balki-Collender Co. Whether you are ready to buy now or not, come in and hear the latest and best instrument of them alL 127-129 E. Crawford Ave., m tea ".%','? A f- L P H C :V O C- R A P H S i K" O X* E -. *"-\r-?. A, i"i7 ;t ". j?r-""i-£7? ^^^^^''-i^^^^^sy^ .^^.^.-Tr-^.:^:^^^ inp ties to a lover. He takes only an . hour to select one, and Lhaa 3io tri;^;. it b^.ck to cliEitircfl H. But the clerk rioi-sn't mind sc long a^ hn's a lover.: "It is time for Mary, Uio nurse, to; be getting back with the children. But'. Mt»ry has a lover, w h i c h niakea it a l l ! right. A doctor can save the baby i £ ; it catches ccld." '. ;HJTES POOR PEARL DIVERS .-led in AtistpaHr^'but A l l ' Engaged in the Business' Are Either Dead or Pa: - a!yzecJ. S Sorts have rec-sntly'been mads-to nptoy v.'lilto men as pearl.divers off :c coast of Anstr.tlia, and Ie?iRlat1on The Uover*n Domain. "You say," remarked the married man, "that all the world loves a lover. I i But where do you get that stuff? j j Poetry, eh? If it'o poetry it most be ; ' true. A poet "wouldn't lie. j "So, alt the world lores E lover! ,' i There's the follow who has to alt up ' ' to let the lover in when he comes home late. . Then there are the peoplo at the house who have to sit up until the lover goes home. There, also, are j the people who can hear the lover I talking through the wall--mumble, i mumble, mumble! But that's all right. ' The feUow Is a lover, and all the iworld loves him! . j "The clerk at the necktie store likes ' to sell ties to a lover. It's easy--sell- j Th-; Jury. The "gentlemen of the jury" aro often accused of stupidity, but It Is doubtful if a more pronounced case nan be found than "that which occurred In a remote tovn In Maine not Long since. The clerk of the court addressed the jury: "Well, gentlemen of the jury, have you agreed upon a verdict?" "V/o have," replied the foreman. "What say you? Do you find the prisoner at the bar guilty, or, not guilty?" "We do." "You do? ..Do what?" "We find the prisoner at tho .bar guilty or not guilty." "But, gentlemen, you must ex- plaJn." "You Bee, six of us finds him guilty, .and six finds him not guilty." Modern -Methods and Superior Facilities The two strong factors which have added much 10 this hank's service arfi modern methods and superior facilities, ar.ct which have been found especially useful to our customers in the transaction of their banking business. Checking accounts, including your, are vited. OUR LIBERTY JCLUB MAKES A BOND EASY FOR EVERYBODY A dollar starts you--,'iml a dollar Lhtreaft-.T for 4!) \v-:-eks pays for ;i $50 Bond, payip.g -1 i-i per cent in'.cresl, ft'-s a syiiendJd way to save money ani! at tliii same time lu-ip to win tlu^ u-ar. It's a whole lot bt-ucr to lend your money to Uucle :5:i.Gi than liave tlio K:user t:iUe it away from you. Not Neceasary. "Well, !nok at that man across the street tnfeing off his lint to the \vom- nn he's pnrttag from !" "Wliy shouldn't ho, If he's a gen- chrmnn?" "But she's, bia wife." Philadelphia still hus a 8talTie of WIIHnm !enn nrd the Liberty Bell In big league 'territory. Come in for full information. 120 AV. Crawford ATI-., . "The IJunli that !m-s Tliinss fir Ton" · mid Surplus ?:)flO,000. ! FOB THROfiT AND LUHCS TO TI1K .MA.V. use c-nioound that will bri . lie.' in ui33:y ^irute n:id chrome I ProvM-a In handies , I edv htclily rorommi'nrttHl ty aiMcii::^ con- ins no harmftil clri-ps. Tr" t h e m today. Vou 'fret l i n i r when i t A L D ii!CAi i i A i n e and nsk HH!- KorNt, Scortdnli- SO cents a box, including war tax The following trucks have been left on our hands for sale by party having to go to \var. One Little Giant S-.i ton truck, equipped -Frith with a Woods Hydraulic Hoist and Steel Dump Body. Good as new. Same has been in use only six weeks. One S'/i Ton Republic Truck, equipped with cab and wood body for hauling coal. · ' · Two 2 Ton Republic Chassis. One ly? Ton Jeffries Truck equipped with wood body and hand hoist. The above trucks can be bought at a bargain by a quick buyer. PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVEBTISE IN THIS PAPES. TETEY 1M"XX--Potey Wasn't in" Plnrlit .xt AH-T-'hcp-rS.- *tf* FOUO\VIMS MAT V/1TP ADMmiua GAZE. a TitClOlKlC To lMf\H;E HEtt^ \. HUBBV SET owe arusr .LIKE rr ^ Rr T. .V. VOIRHT

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