The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 17, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1918
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

: ; »KiiJAT, MAY.17, 191s.. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. j?AGE SOME LESSONS FROM iHOMPSONCOAL iiNDSFECULAHONS Sharply Draws By an Or- sn of the Steei and Iron i ' HELD AS DISCREDITABLE AB* Sb*»l*:St Birr M? remitted; I'iUi* That 6m « · Few Per- lu ShoiM Bar np Cool Land and CMtrol Market; War Scheme- Failed TM deducing lessons from the J. V. Thompson coal speculations, the Anjtrlcaa Metal' Market and Dally Ire* and -Steel Report makes some ratJJtr caustic observations on certain. pha|er*of tala remarkable episode In r of "Western Penni lollops: * 'the sale -to investors of the rerrufctdiuj; coal holdings of Josiah. V. Thompson'the last chapter .has been wrlitea'. inKauL: interesting but auite discreditable *peculation, Mr. Thompson^ position originally was that of president of the First National bank of ttniontown. He began investing in coking coat' acreage*,,'.'chiefly in the loafer Contwllsville of- Klondike re-* gion, ~ir*d«*lljr extending hjs opera- tiow ijBtfl-bU holdings became spec- tacuUf. Tbe operation's eventuated in jwtuit, wag perhaps the; most com- plicatedv.tangle of notes; mortgages, lease* arid; partnerships on record, Mr. Thompson, the bank and the whole commuoity:befti£ involved; Eventually :{h* load proved tob great' and in January, 'ISIS; Mr.'/.Thompson"failed." The'affairs have beeu'iiuprbcess of un- [ ravelment ever since; '^Fhia. whole operation was discreditable in" tie "extreme and should not tay.B been permitted. The- matter! should;not be forgctfcn. for there is! a serious lesson, in it. "We do not refer i pa^icularly to the fact that Mr, j Thompson used 1 his connection vrithj the; "bank in ways that should not be allowed, for "such- cases a*e, unfor- ( tunately, not altogether rira. Nor do we'ritfer especially 10 the loos' which MiV Thompson's neighbors suffered j through their having trusted too greatly to'his business aca'men and forgight. -They-were tryins no'make money and they believed'-Mr. Thompson^ would help, them do so.. Such cas£s are common, and can be expected ias long £ the get-rich-wiuick idea is In the minds.of men. Mr. Thompson was the hero -of thrse people until he failed. "»· '·Waai was particularly objectionable was the speculation itself. II the-affairs of the : bank had been conducted within the strictest limits of propriety, if the,-bank had not failed. If Mr. Thompson had not failed, if his partners, endorsers and note holders had not lost money, the matter would have been worse still. Coal is a public necessity. It Is not right that any man or group of men should be able to buy up coal land and .produce a condition whereby those wh^ wih to j produce coal .must pay fancy prices tor the-acreages the Holder,parcels 3Ut in such piecemeal fashion as to preserve his market. The time is not far distant when men will look back ind wonder more that such things ; were permitted, and were c.msidered , ji good form, than that IT.en-allowed ' ±e great war to occur. j "Mr. Thompson did not set out to do · Ala thing. Ho began as an investor, i He had observed the accretion in Con- j lellaville resioa acreage that occurred ! Jiroush!the growth of the iron Indus- j iry and its call for more aad more ( ;okc, and being farther sighted and 1 nore courageous than the holders of , certain tracts he purchased tae tracts ] x hold as an investment, as lie or j inyone else had a perfect lsal and ·Qoral righ: to do, and always will uive jas iong as our present system ;or tjie holding of real property ob- j .ains; Evan longer, perhaps, for ons j :an conceive of revolutionists bring- ng about a-condition Jn which each! nun is given a non-transferable right ; o a certain portion of the ear'h's sur- j 'ac ri . Mr. Thompson was not dealing j ·vitlt ihe surface, but with a mineral i lucdreds of foet liQderneath. *'Th time ca^ne, however, when the market value' of coal acreag*; in the general district, raised by Mr. Thorap- A COLUMBIA GRAFONOLA In your San Parlor will make your Summer evenings at home so ranch more enjoyable. Come in and hear this wonderful instrument. All the nsvr . 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The f u t u r e price of this Handsome Copper-trimmed Cedar Chest will be ?12.75. Get oue now for only FOR TOtR IlfiKAKY OR ROOK, 03TLT 16.75 It has hook- rack ends which you'll find a great conven i e n c o, magazine shelf and roomy stationery dra- wro. lai $10.50 5 One of these* FIoo ^ - T . f _ _ 1 Lamps for only .. 19.75 Connellsville's Most Dependable Furniture Store. failed, the concern;-; that controlled the various forms of by-product coke son's , continued purchases, became i ovenSt an( j iati concerns who operated inch that there was more disposition ; b _ v _ pr0( ] Uc t plants, did not know what .o offer it for sale than LO uuy IL Mr. · w " ore the best coals ror ^ em to USG . Thompson proceeded to buy, in order ! Cven at ^ pres eiit time, years a.Uer- -o protect his market. To carry his 1 wardSt tj^ information is no- L as prc- ronsfantly Increasing load'he formed J cise and corap i ct c ac it might IK*. Five men ciid not partnerships, ;ave~ secured gave mortgages and ! and unsectircrl noies. i There is little doubt that long before he crash came his chief mottve ^as no longer to succeed personally in a jreat speculation, that would, make years ago.ten years know which were/ the best coal de! posits lo b»y to feed by-product ovens. ' Unless'to. speculate agaiost a general rise in coal acreage prices, in all dis- , trictSr it was much safer to be with- lim very rich, but was simply to bear j Qm e:cteris i ve coa i holdings. The by- he burden he had Invited ami carry j product oven vas a certainly. No hrough a great operation la which j mislako cou i d be ma de in building a he comfort of a great number of in- i by_ pro duct coking plant, if proper en- lividaals was involved. He is reputed i gjneeriug'talent was employed. To o have worked twenty hours a day ; c i rcumscr ib c one's future, by deciding or a long time. Men do not do that ; that QDe coa , p and onc coa i on i y nerely for the sake of gettin-? ricb, | vvould have to he used in all t n e fu _ jarticularly men of Mr. Thompson's lure in ^t plant, was a hazardous *TVby did the speculation fail? fhore was a tomplication of causes! .Ir. TKoinpon' may have misjudged he aliuatioa to an extent. He.may iav« unde t vstmiated the di=t acce rom tbe old rxisirj to wh:cn speculation." Stntriiwnt. Payments a c t u a l - ly tnadR on L f b - r-rty -\i/ A cent bond ·SecurUicw o . t h a n U. S.- hondK (not i n c l u d i n g - slocks) cJwnetl unplcug-ccl . . . . 9.75C.25 Stock yf Federal Reserve Bank (a') p*;r cont of s u l i f c r i j i t i o n ) Value oC b u n k - inp hrnine . . 8,000.90 K i i r n i t u r n and l l x t u r e w . . I-aw f u 1 reserv.: w i t h Fed - eral RcHGrvo C;ink .... Cash in v a u l t and ntt, amounts duf from national banks '. Total or Items I 14. 15, IS. IT, I and IS 31.. r '72.Q2 [ Checks on b a n k s located ; outiiiUe of city or t o w n I or reportinp bank and o t h e r ca-sh items Redemption Cur.d w i t h '*. S. Troasuror nnd duo fro:n U. S. Treasurer . .' "War Savins^ CertiHcatei? and T h r i f t Stampn aci- uiillv owned · 36,192.50 5G.612.50 1.059.00 j S . 0 0 0 . 0 0 ; 1,500.00 t h a n .bank dejjow- it.s Kuhjeu t to Ke*erv«, .Hems 3-1, 35, 30, 37. 38, 3 ( J, 40. and 41 162. Cfirtiflcates uf d ( n t h ' T t h a n for borrowed) Total of t i m e de-posits K u b j r o t to Reserve, Items -12, Total Slate cit Por.nsylvania, County of Fayette. ss: T. W. A. COSOROVK, C.ishier of the above named bank. do solemnly swear that tho above statement, is t r u e ro t h e best oC my knowledge and belief. "W. A. CCSGROVK, Cashior. Subscribed sworn to before me t l i l K ISth day or' May.. ISIS. R. E. iTcLAUGIILlN. N o t a r y Ptb'.lc. r.fir:-,-c:---Attest: .7. F. HL.APK, ROHT. NORUIS. E. T. NORTON, Directors. L i b e r t y ·! 1^ per c e n t V-nndr lh:in f. S. bonds ( n o t i n - c l u d i n g jrto^Us) own-d u n- 1)!f-d«(.·( . 100.009.5-1 Stocks, oilio;- i h a M Federal rtcHi;rvc 0;ui!v stuck . . . . Stock i.f 1'Vdentl Ki^urvn Bank (50 per cent u f subs c r i p t i o n ) F"u rn i Lure and ft-xturew . .. L a w f u l resf-rve w i t h Federal Jiostrvc Bunk Cash in vav.H ;\ml net a t n n u n t R due from n a t i o n al b u n k s Total of I i t - m s 1 4 , I B , 16. J 7 , a n d IS 40».CrG.!)3 | Checks on b a n k s loc-attil I o u tsI(1 o of i- i t y or l a w n of r^poi-Jiifi h.inli and ; oUic-r fitiH 1 ' i t o M i K Rado::-.ption f u n d w i t h U. S. Treasurer rind d u e from U. S. Tr'»;isjror "War Savings Ct'r'.illcates find T h r i f t Stamps actually o\v:iaci 1'35,000.'JO ^SS,300.00 Total Ic. S t n i o $1,552.727.70 Value ' n n y y l v a n i n . C o u n t y of Kay- : T-'urn! oC b a n k - htiusw* ^C.^37.60 ; ros.TVf w i t h hVd- I. HOVVAHO All AMIS, Cashier of ihe ; fal U^OTYC- Bank ..'il b a n k , do soh'jnnJy swear j Cash :n v a u l t a n d net that Uiv n b u v e K i a u - n i i r n t is t r u e to | a m o u n t s d u o from r,a- thc bt-^t. nf r»y knowlod^p a n d Ix-licf. ' i o n a ; bands' . H O W A R D A]ASIS. C;ipl)1cr Subscribed and .sworn lo before Oils H.lli day of M:iy. 1 1 S . 1,300.00 17-1,978.77 Co rre c t -- A 1 1 e M A H T 3 N . Not;iry Public. : 5!. M. COCHI1AN. M . K. STUA\VA', J. H. PRICK. Directors. i TlKPOl^T OP CONDITION OF THK i First Nat ion nl Bank at Pawson. in i rhe Htato of Pennsylvania, at the closu \\ft buwine.'iH on May 10, 131 S. Tola! of n. jr, i6, i^ .and 18 Clu-ck." on b a n k s u n d oilier ciush !t«ms . . . . R o d e m p l i o n f u n d w i s h U. S. Treasurer JITK! tJuo from U, S. Treasurer Total Capital slock Kurplu-.- f u n d r r u l i v i r ! . - a MOBILITIES. Total UliPOtlT OF OOXU1TION t':i.l c/f soinpWiiJU cocipn.ra.ble «^u\l:Ly · " f"i,". xUndcd- Ho niiy bave misjudged tbe ! ·bCirucVr fif rho inea ir. the iron aud tuti 'ransiry and corwidpreri them . i.r, rin . ; a.i r.or\* itaiSy tban tiifty pro\(;d to be to i counf:- ·vy iX-al oiToag-' 1'rwa a specalatqr i jJ'^* (1 ''^ ·wij profit. He prtrtuhiy cxpec;-ifl the } Jt ,e^rt=d ·tte sat! steel industry to giA~. after ' l ;UJT, aX somevbat the rate -that ob- ' 3J*je« for a nuinber of years pi i-nous, .nd thai it did not do. j r "Quk^ 1 possibly he underrated the · «robaiilJtifn of the by-product coke i '·/CD, If be did not, he c e r t a i n l y ! . oC lrN;nr.i;; sd on May 30, THK ! ·ill, :n I :LL tllC L'loiIC ! . f 2 D 6 . C 8 5 . 1 4 | TIB PORT OF CONDITION" OK THE ! I-'irst N i i r i o n u L Bank at Perryopli;'. in ; tUc Stita oC rcr.ttb-ylvanta. iU *vh« ! close uf business on May 10, 19lS. RKSOURClsS. 1 Capital stocV: ! S u r p l u s f u n d j '.'r.dlvidcd 10,633.16 .$340,073.94 J1 J .0,07S.5-1 . Loss ':;:rrfciit ex- ljenu«a. interet-t, 1 and :.;IXCH. piiiil. . 2,521.70 ! notes outstand- ! tbe technical point that n -ihe i ^^^rtr when IK* was satberio;: his j Ic^*' tJ*»», and up to the tiiae ie j ct-nt. , S. eontin i?r- poelred to secye circulation (p;i.r value) ...... 25,000.00 , S. buntia and rertiftc;ites oC in- tiebtfdi'CFS owned a-'.id unpicds- d .......... 5,000.00 ................... 7.55 j i n d i v i d u a l deposits sub- i ject to check .......... of d-epopit days ( money horr ih an than. A-ed) . ^ o A n Cfushier'H . checks standinp Deposits r c q u i r i n p tice but leyy t h a n days deposits ( o t h e r 30 for no- 30 itiSS::!!. RKSOURCBS. counts Cescypt those show:; in b nnd c). .i-l')2,3lO.Gt; 1 Overdra.fcs, «n- 8,111.46 .secured ''63.49 U, S. bonds dd- -5,000.00 posited to secure circula- 155,782.33 t i on ( p a r value )..' $ 50,000.00 U. S. bonds and certificates of 72S.S3 indebted n e s s 733.9fi o w n e d a n d u n p l e d g e d . . . . 1,312.52 r.iborty Loan I bonds, .t'/^ per ; cent and 4 per 3,120.06 j ceni. unpledged 23.300.00 i Payments act- - ually miLde on 31RSOVUC12S. L o a n y and dj.s- c o u n t s (except Hi use .«hown s h o w n , in h and c) . . . . J-J30.210.71 O v e r d r a f t s . u n - ' Total LIABILITIES. C a p i t n l stock PR ill in . . . .$ S u r p l u s f u n d . . . . . . . . . . . . . Undivided prntUn 43.351.16 ' LIOSH c u r r e n t ex| pcnst'S. f n i o r | CHI. und t a x s I paid 4 0 2 . ! » C O . C G | c i r c u l n t l n e note ing- i secure;! "C. S. bon-ds Ac.- jiosiicd to s«- I cure eircuJ; - tion )psr va',- ; ue) certificates* 267.53 ject to check Cashier's c 1 L-cUs ,000.00 306,000.00 Total of do- mnnd do- posits ( m h n r t h a n bank d e p o s i t s / subject tc R e s e r v e . Items n-}, 3S. ,-iG. 37, IS. 33. 40, ami -SI . . 1.254.5S7.38 Advance." received on Third liberty Bonds S2S.H 3 8 . S 5 5 . 7 2 RO,000.00 1 , 2 5 3 , 4 G o . 4 ft 1,122,53 of fiub- out- ou-ned ant! u n - pled^od . . . . f - J f i u . O O O . O O Liberty Lnan Bonds. 3 ! ,i per cent n n d I ·! per cent, un- ' piedped . . . . 55,-inO.OO i Payments actually m^idn on ·! Liberty 4i^ i per cpnt bondn S7.250.00 | Securities oth;r than U. S. bonds (not including 1 stocks pledged ____ 34.1.575.12 Stock, oiher t h a n TInscrve Bank stock . . j Stock of Federal Reserve 109. 584. 00 j Banl; (50 per cent o£ - subscription . . . . . . . . . ig-j -;j j Xet a m n c n t s due to -N;i- I t i o i u i l brinlt;? I Net a m o u n t s due 10 banks, h a n k e r s and I ru^i edinpanio,-: ( o t h e r t h r i i i i n c l u d e d i n I f r n s ^1 or Sl' : Touii of U«ms ."2 and 33 . . T.S: 1 ^.!? : I n d i v i d u a l dnp^sus sub- 711,170.22 5u.000.00 1 026.11 1.ROS.G33.57 s t a n d i n g Total o u t - I e Minsyivania, C o u n t y of Fay- Cash ior *PI the S t a t f of Pei ] cue. I. R. D. HKN«Y. 142,650.00 ; above named b a n k , j swear t h a t t h e abovy st:itenTnt :s t r u e 1 to best of my k n o w l e d g e and be; lief. R. D. I I K N R V , Cashier, SubPcrib^d and « w o r n to before mo t h i s ]^ib day of M;iy, 19IS. A. VAN' K O R X . X o i a r y fublic. M. M. t . - O O J ' J t A N . J. H. D1JC-K. " "· E ' STRAWS. Director* H 3 . 5 7 5 . 1 2 1.900.00

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