The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 14, 1930 · Page 15
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1930
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

K f U D A Y , F E B R U A R Y M, 11)30. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEH-LSVI L.LB, PA. PAGE FIFTBKN, SCIENCE HONORS LINDY AND WIFE SmwnU Put Hifh Value on Aerial Exploration* i of Aviator. THE HEART BREAKER expeditions of A. lAndbergh and wif«, the fencer Aan Morrow, !nto aoutbweat- wn United State* atwl ti« Yucatan jMrnlrumU of Mexico hnve clemon- ·tarnted conclusively tli* value of the atrplan« in nrch«ologi-al research, of- fldats of the Carnegio Institution be- Heve. In a pampblet Jost Itanod describing the two Bdentifie venture* of the IJnd- berg)u, It was said on behalf of t h e Itwtltntlwi'tt arohoologleal staff: Tfce expeditions have not only yteldwl a series of splendid pboto- graptu, which will srrfaUy aid arche- , but ttioj also hare indicated new linen of approach to study at th9 Tery centres problem? of abor- Amerlcitn history. P l a n j (if Gr«s«it Aid. proved to our eatisfucUon that H (Uift airplane) Is of unique usfiful- nes» in enabling scie-ilMa to study such » country ra o whole, to, record Its jfrtographicaV features, to note th« nature, distribution, ard extent of Us foresf. trpes, and to plan routes and fix It'll (1 marks for group exploration. "It Is certain that in muoy region* the plane can be use! to transport, «ot down on infers or savannas, and pick oil again, small parties of se!°n. tiflc workers, thereby enabling thwn ·afcJy and easily to cover In vreake tftrrltorjr wbic-h wotild require mooUis and T/bole Bensons of djfflcult and Hvn- geroua ground travel." Tiui pamphlet revwvbt that Wild- bvrgb flrut became Interested In archeology last year while pioneering an air route to Central America for the commercial air transport company by ·which he Is employed. While return- lag from this trip ho fl-rw inland over the Yucatan peninsula ami -sighted ruin* of a tetnpie in the jungle. 'Explore in Ar zona. Dpcn reaching \Vush;B3ton ti'4 flvl- ator jjfckfd (.he KmHImoiiiati institution for books which wotilc supply infor- matiot) about Hie ruiiui he hiu! seen and was referred to tha Carnegie Institution, which was already engaged In thti excavation of TJtiya ruing In Yucatan. In tui interview with Carnegie officials Lindbergh snggeeled sin attempt to locate new rujns from (lie air. HI* flrirt expedition trns In territory surrounding the Canon ilel Muerto n n d Oanon do Chelly In Arl-sonn, near the New Mexico state line, where lie and Mr*. Ivlndbrgh spent u«vera1 days exploring the rugged country and taking pictures of VncWo ruins. Their base TOB the Pesos, · N. M., camp of I»r. A. V. Kidder, one o? the Carnegie institution's staff. The success of this "Tpedition led to an aerial survey of the Mexican territory rich In M a y n n ruins, par- tlculnrly Tticataii. Accompanied this t i m e b.7 Members of tht Oarnegie staff, the Lindberghs spent fl--e dn-» ilyins over tlie J«u#!!S, chartirg the country and photographing prehi torie rcimtins risible from the air. Carnegie officials hellpve t h e y discovered several new M u y u n city sites, sithoufrh this bns been ijuesUoned by Mczicsn areheologists. Storfes y 1809 1865 D6AJL 67 year* ago Lincoln, trnlutowfngKy, describee! th« IX3 ' , Hl», 'Wutirn N«i»»p»pw Cntou.) Sv»rr ldl« band In Uil* wo Id oc-ra- pc]« ·orne othor hnnd to do ita work. The ne*d of the bovr la not roor« ieg-lsltion. It la ti'or* r«- Bab«on. THOUGHTS AND TH NQS Th« fionstftnt a'.tn of tie thrifty housewife U rariety for the table within the limit she baa to spend for foots Tho using every p irticid of or food waste ing w e l l with no i nd nerv- v holeiwme balau ced Woad-Buminjr Auto Developed in Sweden Stocl.holm.--A.n automobile ttmt uses ordinary kindling wood for fuel lu- ·tead of gasoline has Jtst been tried out by the Swedish army with satisfactory results. 'Hie motor, snuipped · with a new style ffns jrenerator, developed by two brotnei-s. Wldesrren, Swedl* ; i engineers, vas raounted on, a two and a naif ton tnick, uianufac- tored by tbo Scanla-Vub a Automobile Work* at Soedertclje. (m a test trip of 148 roiles about "OS pounds of firewood -was used, as neuhi-U: the 13 gallons of gasoline required for the satuw distance. Boys Adopt Rule to Gag Chattering Girls Ea,st Oninge N. J. -- DiK. urbed by the chatter of their co*d ciutsiuates, East Orange bl);h school boys will put into effect a gag rule for girls during tho 40-nslnute study periods. Girls gtility of conini'tfaicatiD!; by any means whatever during these periods will b« haled before n t r i b u n a l of boys and fined from one to five bwrs' extra time ill 8chool hours. I h e boys rc- eenUy ·.·omplainot! Uie jrirls chatter prsrentctl tbem from con :cni.rfttlng. Slacksmitli Quitn; Gold in Tools e, Main«-.-- Vhen the knocked t te bl«ck- smith bnsfnoss to six Ithereens Brert tt A. Snowman, vrho had operated such a shop lor years, did n it IiiHtead lie turned bis SWVI as « manipulator of, iron and steel to a different line, \*tih the result Unit Jin has built up a businewi which fc*ing«; hlwi moi-e dollars ee.u year-iiiaa tho shocfnt; .f bonsos and repairing of waKt»a. -but;Kles, ;ileij;h!? and »!6()s 5vsi- did. Now he is inaki/iR' botcher kniTWi and huntios kr ives, nil hand-;"tirg«d from pice 1. is a ntndy that needs the «los- est att«^tion of the cupab-e housewife. The saving of sll liquors In which vcpetahlea have be-?n ctfoki d is not Just saving waste, b^t it a saving many of the valuable mlrerot matJtens ·which give vegfttabiea their valn«- in -tho food. Such liquors may e aerved (is Miuces for vegetables or many be used In making jraries as veil. Rub a little fat into tie sk as of the potatoes before putting then Into the oven to bake. The gfctns Till tieel with DO waste after the potatoes are baked. Save the rice water whet coeltln; rice, If any Is left. It mulies finb Btnrch for light dresiea Rnc Inces. Dip the broom Into hot s ids alter washing the S a HE dry, then hi og qp to dry.- This cleans the broom, itod keeps it straight and make i It last longer. Change the folds In table llm;n occasionally to change the wecr. Folding tablecloths lengthwise three times beforn cross- folding makes » better looking center. · · Proper fitting shoes will stive ranch discomfort and Irritahilit.v High heels or those run over are re ponsi'ole for many disagreeable dispositions. Keep a pair of shears (u th kitcben 1'or c'ltllug rale Ins, rears' mallows parsley or other things. 'J hey are easier to clean than the 'bopping bowl or food griader. A long bottle win angwc · for a rolling pin when one has not! Ing else to take the place of a real me. Tnlcurd powder Ja a great convenience when traveling. If a gr««e»pot appears, cover with tnlc-um and let stand for n day or two. The ,- pot will be absorbed. Sprinkle tnlcim into shoe* to relieve tired feet, d mt- new shoes with it .before wearing, it helps th« breaking la process, "Why Not Serve the Best?" Sold by All Independent Grocers X peel Dizzy? , bfilovui. cwnstljictwIJ Tuka 1 hnv« yo-.t ff. You'il snjoy fra*. tharoul h towul j^tioa vrttUou a »i!U of 1 "? discomfort. 30 CHILDREN HURT WHEN BLAST DAMAOJES SCHOOL BUHDING By United 1'rfss. -VKAV YORK, Feb. 13.--SI on than 2.WK) eUUdreu inaui of bleeding from ctiibi iiurc;:Md out of public sch-ciol No. 8.j$ in Jyu today after an explosion houe lioroas the- otrey-t roc I sohool bulldinK- A rwli*"* cJieok sbowcd l liuniU Injure^ 13 of them HI iniough l« lx Uike-n to ho.vpita, Marshal .Thomas Uruphy's iiivestigatiou revealed tlia^ cutuulat.iou oi gas In iliw acro«k th« street from V -ui:sL'il tli-e Need a painter . » . plnmfoer... paperhanger? Look in the Classified Telephone Directory. "of 4h« people, for ''tit* people, fc^ the people.** Offk* P«ople because every I.Q.A. Stocne ia ho me owned-- MP peopl* because th« I.O.A. offers yam bitter fboAf, better valu4w*«fcgr th« people becauA« itlhe I.G~« keeps open ih« doorsof opportunity for America's you til. FIG BARS, Fresh, Pure, 2 Ibs. 25c SANDWICH SPREAD, 1.6 A, Per Jar 23c SAUER KRAUT, 2 Large Cans 27c CRACKERS, Fresh, Crisp, 2 Ib. Box 27c JELLY, Fruit and Sugar, 2 Glasses for 19c RAISINS, I.G.A., Per Pkg. t Oc PEARS, I.G.A., 2 No. 2*/ 2 Cans 73c LUX, Per Pkg. IQc CALIFORNIA SARDINES, I.G.A., 2 Cans 22c COCQANUT, Dunham, 2 V 4 Ib. pkgs. 25c Spaghetti, I.G.A., 3 Can 29c Shredded Wheat, per pkg. 1Oc PALMGLIVE SOAP Recommended by the Leading Beauty Specialists of the World. 2Oc OWNED STORES IVORY AND BLUE T - E X E P H O W E CANADIAN INVENTS AN AUTO-AMPHIBIAN (;u Italy Brookv in ti id Van oivt SO "lonely -i. Fire uinary !i HC- \Slding school the J*«t u*nit'l» !iurv» ! \VTriOii ywf uwo (Ti; s Afle. in The |ji!r Conrlwr. TH o I ia Hinali, An « u t o timi hibinri which wns I n v c n t o i l ' n u i V ocmBlriu.-K'c] li.v n fcslilcnt of e?, T3ie mnetilti* wria rrrcndy driven ttiroii|?li tire si rr-ets "!'. \\'liu; find (lien Into Hie Red rlvt-r. 11 t h e n nvnrte t l i e trip fnni \Vlntii|W(,' !" l Munitohu. up Hit Hei rlvvr. n (llsitiiics of f i f t y ntilps. it luis H «-:itor a of t w o n l y miles per limir nnr) la n I iff! w l t V i repnlnr p i a n e p o n l n n n i n l l ; t l ) « i 1 In racks fH8l«ned to itif oftr nnrl when out of t l i p wnr'er thy r-nti he remcvfd put on ion o- tte rack. It va^ deslsntd iinncinnHy fir; At Both Conoelisvilie aeid Scottdale--i 0-Day Sale and Auction U S E D C A R S BEGINNING WEDNE5DAY, FEBRUARY 12TH, At the Greatest Reduction* in Ufeed Car Values Ever Attempted. SPECIAL -- For one 10- d»y sale Ford (jiiisranteed lSJ-plftt;« SS-niMsr-power Batteries for only $7.S5 and your used'battery. .'These i batteries for T a r i o u s of vars. Wo arc offprin;? a "number of 2-ton tjrtiehs at, special prices, (,'oine unii briniur wbatever you liu-ve to trade. We will tcaIe on any of the used cari* selling at $150 and We Will Auction Off On February 22nd at Connellsville and Scpttdale from 2 till' 5 Jiurt 7 ti!l 5) . T. M,, a.-,nmnl»er of enrs. Come iu and pick out your rar, as th*y will K» to Ihe -bidder. With Our Square Deal Guarantee-- NnliRfaction in Ivvery H^'sjiPi't-- Sinall I»»nvn I'nympnl, Terms io Suit. t ¥tn"'iar |r yT^¥ '\J~4T\'% Tl^l f ^" HE TZEL - YOUNG MOTOR CO. I7'i. Ford. Asrcnte. 281 S, Broadway ALK, FA. MOTOR CO. Aulliomoi! Ford Phono 4U7-ins. 401 IVcst Crawford (J(]S'MiLLSVlLT.E, PA.

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