The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 27, 1938 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, January 27, 1938
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 27, 1938. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE FIVE RAMSAY HIGH CLUB GIVES SCHOOL PLAY Musical Numbers, Costumes, Settings Create Success. MORE'GIFTS FOR HOSPITAL Regal Peacock In Cross Stitch Household Arts by Alice Brook8 Special to The Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, Jan. 27.-The Choral Club of Ramsay High School last night presented at the school auditorium a three-act musical comedy, entitled "In Old Vienna," with a cast of llO pupils, members of the boys' and girls' choruses of the school. The colorful costumes and the special scenery depicting scenes in Vienna added to the charm of the play, with abundant comedy, pretty dances and beautiful melodies receiving much applause. The cast of characters follows: Hans Maier, proprietor of the Wurtz- elpractcr Inn, Eugene Stefl; Louisa, a waitress, Eleanor Bair; Captain Kinski, chief of the detective bureau of Vienna, Tom Cost; Bumski and Rumski, Kinski's faithful sleuths, William Covert and Sam Schindel; J. Jennington Jones, an advertising expert, Jack Snyder; Jiga, a Hungarian gypsy James Davis; lona, a gypsy girl, Irene Hudzema; Arthur Crefont, a young American artist Charles Thompson; June Pcnnington an American, heiress, Betty DeLava; Jonas H. Pcnnington, proprietor ol "Peter Piper Pickles," John Stoner; lady Vivian Delancy, a charming English widow, Ethel Cooper; waiter, Robert George; gypsy girl, Anna Mae Coleman; gypsy men, Chalmer Baker and John Nixon; Viennese and gypsy girl, Beatrice Walsh, and special dance, Dorothy Exlinc and Charles Lentz. · The Viennese dancing and singing chorus included Marjorie Freed Elizabeth Corcoran, Geraldine Anderson, Fiirn Spcer, Lavcrne Saylor Imogene Shaw, Bertha Crosby Elizabeth Cavonne, Madeline Benedict, Edna Mortorclla, Martha Lang and Margaret Lang. Members of the tourist chorus were Kathryn Pearson, Valetta Ringler, Wanda Jcndras, Doretta Woods Elda Anderson, Marcclle Kauffman Ruth Koontz, Kathleen Jarcm, Lorraine Snyder, Olive Thomas, Lois Neiderhiser, Margaret Santarcl Louise Gentile, Mary Jane Dcmato Lucille Fasano, Dorothy Whotscl Lillian Hart, Elizabeth Malda, Marie Tate and Mary Gangi. The boys' chorus of Viennese burghers and gypsies were Ernes Gundcr, Pat Wiltrout, Paul Newcomb, John Nixon, Robert George Tom Cost, Charles Thompson, Jack Snyder, Eugene Stefl, James Davis Chalmer Baker, William Covert, Robert Simon, Jarnes Crosby, Ralph Gangi and Sam Schindel. The singing and dancing chorus o: Kypsy girls included Dorothy Curtis Audrey Eicher, Opal Sutcr, Betty Topoley, Mary Pczzillo, Margarc Smelko, Kathryii Swnrtz, Anna Mae Coleman, Lois Disman, Marie So foric, Evelyn Hostoffcr, Fern Speer and Betty Exlinc. Members of the carnival chorus were Wilma Jean Larimer, Sarah Miscovish, Evelyn Costabile, Patty Painter, Virginia Shaulls, Emogene Abromowitz, Margaret Case, Mclva Bcranck, Virginia Vczek, Mamie Bowman, Eleanor Eckenrod, Ilcne Bowman, Gwen Cunningham, Mary Katherine Finfrock, Elizabeth Grabiak, Pauline Grosser, Agnes Wilson, Phyllis Mortorella, Faithe Queer, Frances Farrell, Olivia Andrews, Dorothy Aldom, Melissa Barr, Elizabeth Cavonne, Dorothy Yeneral, Marie Soforic, Ola Rega, Chariot Lentz, Gcnevicve Isola, Hildah Hoffer. Pearl Garstecki, Elva Walker, Ruth Williams', Betty Santmyer, Audrey Eicher and Evelyn Hostoffcr. In a special ensemble were Wanda Jcndras, Elizabeth Corcoran, Beatrice Walsh, Fern Speer, Lois Neiderhiser, Martha Lang and Margaret Lang. The play was under the direction of Miss Ruth Corder, director of music. Birth at Hospital. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Markle of Hunker at Frick Memorial Hospital on Wednesday night. Mercury at Five Degrees. The temperature at 6 o'clock this morning was five degrees above zero. For Chinese Relief. Mrs. S. N. Warden, chairman of the Mount Pleasant Chapter of the National Red Crois yesterday received a letter from Gary T. Grays'on, national chairman of the Red Cross, setting forth that in response to the President's request that the American Red Cioss take appropriate steps to provide an opportunity for the American people to contribute in relieving distress among the civilian population in China, "I am addressing this letter, with the approval of the Executive Committee of the Central Committee, to you and to all other Red Cross chapters to ask you to receive such contributions." Donations to the Mount Pleasant Chapter may be made to the chapter treasurer, Paul J. Doncastcr, of South Church street. More Donations Received. Added donations to the Frick Memorial Hospital Aid Society from the annual donation day, include 12 bath towels and 29 wash cloths and two bushels of potatoes. Cash donations totaled $216,60. Those who contributed were G. S. Brycc. J. W. Ovcrholt, Keystone Sanitary Supply Company, Morris N. 1'igman, Dr. C. H. Poole, Lewis Manufacturing Company, Mrs. Sarah 1'crkey. Carman and Company, Inc., Mrs. William Keck, Mrs. Iruh Keck, Mrs. J. 11. Madden, Rev. Dugan, Mrs. V. O. Barnluirt, Afrs. Dean'Hull, Dr. K. L. Levinson, Mrs. Thomas Hyde, Ur. Mary Marsh, Mrs. J. A. Cowan, Saturday Afternoon Club, Mrs. Paul Byers, Mrs. Russell Myers, and a friend. The name of Mr-,. Frank L Oicrlj wus omitted fiom the activities com- PATTERN 5974 This cross-stitch peacock struts in royal splcndod . . . proud to add such beauty to your bedspread! Formed of 10 and 0-to-the-stitch crosses, the design is effective in this contrast. Brilliant colors or softly blended shades are equally lovely. Black is smart combined with shade:: of another color. In pattern 5D74 you will find a transfer pattern of a motif 15x18% inches and one and one reverse motif 5'/4x6% inches; a color chart and key; material requirements; illustrations of all stitches used. To obtain this pattern send 10 cents in stamps or coin (com preferred) to The Courier Household Arts Dept., 259 W. 14th Street, New York, N. Y. Be sure to write plainly your NAME, ADDRESS and PATTERN NUMBER. To obtain this pattern send 10 cents in stamps or coin (coin preferred) to The Courier Household Arts Dept., 259 W. 14th Street, New York, N. Y. Be sure to write plainly your NAME, ADDRESS and PATTERN NUMBER. Makes Appeal For Paralysis Fund Patronage Lyell L. Buttcrmore ot Connclls- ville, Fayette county director of, the infantile paralysis campaign, in officially opening the drive Monday, made the following appeal over a county radio broadcast. "No one knows who is imrr.une from infantile paralysis. If you-or your son--or daughter--were suddenly .-.tnckcn with this striingc malady, what could you do? Where could you go lor help? How long could you finance the necessary specialized care? With these startling questions unanswered, the appeal for money, for the new National Foundation for Fighting Infantile Paralysis, comes as a challenge to each one of us to go out and do all we can for this worthy cause. It invites the voluntary support of every boy und girl, man and woman, in Fayette county and throughout the United States, to help restore, to their loved ones, the unfortunate victims of infantile paralysis. "President Roosevelt has given his birthday forever to the nc%v National Foundation. He believes the attack on this plague should be led Woman Prefers Jaii At Husband's Side ROCK HILL, S. C., Jan. 27.--Mrs. Ada Dorstcr Withers refused a suspended six-month sentence in circuit court so she could be with her husband in prison. When she told the judge she wanted to go to the pcnitcrtiary with him, Judge Grlmball granted the request. EVERSON U. B. REVIVAL WILL BEGIN SUNDAY Revival meetings at the Everson United Brethren Church will begin on Sunday, January 30, It was announced today by Rev. Paul A Morris, pastor there since October 1 when he succeeded Rev. D. M Spangler who now is located at Mill Bun. The services will be conducts each evening at 7:30 o'clock by Rev Morris. The public is imrited to attend. "There will be nothing spectacular in connection with our services," the pastor said. "We'll havi Just good music and plain gospc preaching." Ohiopylc National Legion Head Says Ludiow Bill Impractical UNIONTOWN, Jan. 27.--Enactment, of the principle of universal service to eliminate the greed motive' for fomenting war and defeat of the Ludlow amendment for a referendum on war to save the National defense were called major items on the 1838 program of/the American Legion by National/Commander Daniel J. Doherty of Botson In a ringing address on "Americanism" at LaFay- ctte Junior High School Tuesday night. Defining the Legion's No. 1 proposal of universal service as a measure proposed "for enactment into law thnt, if a government conscripts the lives of its citizens in the public defense it should also conscript the material resources and the wealth of the country for the same cause," Commander Doherty made a plea for support of the principle. Legionnaires from Conncllsville and practically every section of Fayette county. Western Pennsylvania and neighboring states heard Doherty in assailing the Ludlow amendment as "impractical," say that "it would tend to destroy our whole plan of national defense and without question would invite war." "What better way of preventing war is there than that of eliminating the causes that breed war?" he asked his audience. "One of the most prolific breeders of war is greed! When the porfit is taken out of war we shall have gone a long way toward preventing war. That Is exactly what the Legion is seeking to do by means of its proposed Universal Service legislation." Doherty emphasized that fact that the Universal Service legislation places capital, industry, all resources, services and manpower upon nn equal basis in the service of the nation in time of war. walks of life are banding together will go to the new National Foundation for Fighting Infantile Paralysis. The increasing cry for help demands immediate action. "To provide funds for this National action is our present objective. "In Fayette county, committees have been appointed to invite your support, and an appeal Is now made to you, to enlist In this fight, not only to contribute to the best of your ability, but give of your time in this cause. "A broadening of activities and events, other than dancing, including basketball games, suppers, club meetings, subscriptions, movies, etc., has been approved by the Foundation, to enable, everyone to participate and help in raising funds, the type ol activity being left to the discretion of the local communities. "All the funds raised will be sent to the new National Foundation for Fighting Infantile Paralysis. "A 'Founders' Plan' of subscription has been provided, cntitlini; you to join with President Roosevelt as a founder of this new National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, by the payment of $1 as a personal founder; $2 ns an honor founder; $5 as a family founder. These founders' certificates may be obtained from all local committees and newspapers. "My friends, Infantile Paralysis is no respecter of persons, ol age or class. The need for help Is definitely right^ now. Your dollar may give new life, new hope, yes, new joy, to some unfortunate sufferer. ·"In dosing, may I express, for the Fayette county committee, our sincere appreciation for the splendid cooperation given by the county newspapers, school authorities, American Legion posts, fraternal, civic, and mlttce of the Aid Society. There will be no January meeting. The next regular session will be on February 15. Banning Couple Parents. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kr.'.sonic of Banning announce the birth of a son at Frick Memorial Hospital on Tuesday afternoon tit 4:37 o'clock. Still Coughing? No matter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold, or bronchial Irritation, you can get relief now with Crcomulsion. Serious trouble may bo brewing and you cannot afford to take a chanco with any "remedy less potent than Creomulslon, ·which goes right to the scat of the trouble and aids nature to soothe and heal the inflamtd mucous membranes and to loosen anil acpel the germ-laden phlegm. Even Ifother remedies have failed don't be discouraged, try Creomulslon Your druggist Is authorized to refund your money If you are not thoroughly satisfied with the benefits obtained from thevcry first bottle.Creomulslonls onesjrord--nottwo, andithosno hyphen in It. Ask for it plainly, see that the namo on the bottle Is Crcomulsion. and you'll get the genuine product and the relief you want. (Adv.) "Stop" signs have been rrected at each road intersection in the town. Mrs. Lida Stuck was a visitor In Uniontown on Tuesday. Miss Goldlc Wilkcn'on of Con- ncllsvillc visited Mrs. ildith Joseph Sunday evening. The union meetings held nightly in the Baptist Church arc creating much interest and attendance Is gaining. Mr. Stciner of Confluence visited his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shipley over the week-end. Mrs. Sylvia Helterbrand was a visitor with Conncllsville friends Saturday evening. Mrs. Margaret Potter of Landers, Wyo., who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Christy, in Green street, Connellsville, spent over the weekend with Mrs. Lizzie Sproul who resides along the Ohiopyle-Farmington road. She also attended the funeral of Mrs. T. N. Leonard, held Sunday. merchant groups in this campaign to raise funds to fight infantile paralysis. "I am confident that you, too, will help in this fight against infantile raralysis." Connellsville's celebration will be held on Saturday night at Pleasant Valley Country Club. Dr. H. Daniel Minerd, chairman of the birthday ball for this section, urged persons to get their tickets and make reservations for tables at the club at once. GLASS! GLASS! AYc Hnro All Kinds of Gla^s For K ^ e r j 1'uvnose. ' Tile next timo you need any kind, or any size glass --trv . . . \Viill l'aier -- Ulabs -- Liicns Taints. riioiic yn. 12-2 SoulM 1'ilMiiin- Slrcfl Perryopolis PERRYOPOLIS. Jnn 27. --The women of Perry GrnnRc held nn nil- day meeting ycjtcrdny nt the home of Mrs. O. A. Luce for the purpose of quilting and scwinc. The immediate family of Mrs. C. L. StuckslaRcr hiid n dinner Thursday nlsht in honor of her 77th birthday. Those present wore Mr. nnd Mrs. A. L. Kv.ins and family, Mr. nnd Mrs. W. L. Hisbcck, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. H. Luce, Mrs. William Moore nnd Mr. und Mrs. Harry Slricklcr, the latter of Dawson. Mr. nnd Mrv Jamrs Ynrdley of PittsburKh visited Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Harries on Sund.iy. The nlumnac of Perry Township HiRh School will hold another "Sweater Hop" Friday, January 28, in the Community Hall lit Star Junction. The daughter of Mrs. Phoebe Hbccnbnugh hud n dinner for her Sunday to celebrate, her birthday. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Ncls Copo, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Martin and family and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sochnst and family. Mrs. O. P. Pore and daughters. Alia iind Marie, spent Saturday in Pittsburgh. Vou SAVE on EVERY ITEM! Men's Shorts .. ,9c Dress Sox 9c Garters 9c Handkerchiefs 9c Canvas Gloves . . 9c Ladies' Garters . 9c Brassieres 9c Silk Panties 9c Anklets 9c Children's Hose .. 9c Floss, 3 sk. for . . 9c 0. N. T. Thread, 2 for .. .. 9c DndicoU-.Folmsoii Heavy Iron heel plate. $1.98 value Children's 1 Lot Oxfords 59c 1 Lot Oxfords .89c Sizes 6 to 2. Patent leather, black, brown. Wash DRESSES 1 Group Dresses 39c 1 Group Dresses 79c 1 Gr'p Dresses $1.19 Harry Bowman 71» Crawford West Side I You're Telling Mel] By WILLIAM Central Press Writer SCIENTISTS «ay that man'» capacity to learn decreases 1 per cent per year after age 25. At that rate, when s fellow would reach 125 would he be* bach where ha started? · · · Since nil death nearly 70,000 biographies of Napoleon Bonaparte have been written and published. That's magnificent amount of publicity for a man who can't make use of it. · · · The man at the next desk says that his young son has already carved a namo for himself. It's on top of the new piano he bought his wife for Christmas. · · · The New York aquarium aloft Is puzzled by one of its new fish -- it swims forward or backward with equal speed. What puzzles us they ever managed to catch it. · · · Ho, hum -- it's holdout Beaton for baseball players onco moro. And, it seems, the whole country is tremendously unexcltcd about · · * A Chinese army has repulsed an attack by Japanese marines. We can see tho report back to headquarters: "Tho marines have landed and report the situation well out of hand." · · · A Rochester, N. ?., man Is arrested and charged with driving a sleigh while drunk. It seems he was speeding around corners on no wheels at olL Miner Locals Want F. R. For Another Term By United Press WASHINGTON, Jan. 27.--Local unions,' from three states Wednesday presented eight resolutions, urging that President Roosevelt be drafted for a third term, to the 35th convention of thj United Mine Workers of America. Scores of resolutions from locals of John L. Lewis' own organization urged greater efforts to re-unite the American Federation of Labor and the Committee for Industrial Organization. Other resolutions however, endorsed the CIO's position in peace negotiations with the Federation. One resolution, presented by a Hanna, Wyo., local, demanded a rank-and-file referendum before further UMWA funds arc expended in the CIO drive. UMWA auditors reported yesterday the miners loaned CIO groups at least $1,200,000 between June 1 and November 30, 1937. Echoing Lewis' description of Mr. Roosevelt as "the only President who has given the common people a square deal," the third term resolutions were submitted by unions from Royal, Pa., Avella, Pa., New Salem, Pa., Uniontown, Ky., Rivesvillc, W. Va., Evcrcttville, W. Va., Scottsdale, W. Va., and Lochgelly, W. Va. Wife Preservers Joan Woodbury, youn^ screen player, makes her fudge more creamy by using on egg beater to beat it Instead of a spoon, she asserts. Looking for Bargains? If so, read the advertising columns CATHARTICS A BAD HABIT If you have common constipation, due to lack of bulk In the diet, the great objection to pills and purgatives is that they only perpetuate the trouble. Why not encourage elimination with a natural laxative food--with Kellogg's All-Bran. It absorbs moisture and softens like a sponge. This water-softened mass aids elimination. At the same time it improves Intestinal tone becauscKcllogg'3 All-Bran contains the intestinal tonic vitamin B,. Eat All-Bran as a cereal or baked in mufllns. And drink plenty of water. Made by Kellogg nt Battle Creek. NEVER UNDERSOLD 140 WEST CRAWFORD AVE. ,,,,£ 15c Frrnch Bird Seed 10c *---* SSe Sanl- Flush 17c SP V "^ 10c LIFEBUOY SOAP Limit ·«. R^ mrTM $1.00 HALIBUT LIVER OIL CAPSULES Vitamin Tested. Uox of 50--Cut to $1.00 Slavls Dusting Powder 25c Pocket Comb* 7c \ Wltchhucl. Full I't. 14c 25c Iodine 8c Sl.OO DJer .1 Q _ Kiss Talcum__ *«''·' 25c Woodbnry 1 £ _ Cold Cresm -LV1 51.10 Angeliu CO*» Lip Stlek UJ7C 25c Woodbury "I C| Face Powder J-OC SOc Mum AQt» Cut to Tki/C SOc Jcrgen's QQ/» Lotion O»7C COc Hopper's Restoration Cream 44c $1.20 Scott's * Emulsion 89c $1.25 Father John's 89c 15c 4-Way Cold Tablets 10c 25c Castor Oil, f n 4 ounces JLO O 35e Brown -J rr Mixture, 4 oz. _ J- ' C 25o Aromatic Spirits of Ammonia, "1 O/ 1 ox. 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