The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 17, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

THE DArLTCOtrE.IEE.vCONNELLSVIt.LE; PA. GENERAL PLAN F0[: CONSERVATION CF POWER PLANT ma .SPECIAL! , Cream and: Susar Seta .'.,.45* A Regular98c Value FURNITURE By Taking Lydia £. Pinkham'* Vegetable Corn- pound. Many C'thers : Have Done the Same. 39c A Regular 75c Value. "The Kg Store Near s,. 15*-KN West Crawioril AYeiime.Suecessors s Leonard: Samiture Co. ENGINEERS ARE APHHNIB "^^ · . - ··-· - - T»*S»perYbe Inspections of T»wcr Hut *iid One Ttitm Bntings ·ascd IPOB D*;jrec.of C»mloi-»ltj io *Bwommeniaii(«s; Has. Big Swpe. The.United'States Ft: cioit lias announced the Appointraeci ofijBomas R.' Brown, ot Pittsburgh, as administrative engineer- for. the Pitts- 'told- 'me . have :" to b»ve ah operation. I bad dra'gging- down' pains, b a c k a c h e and .besdchcs and coold not do my hoas*w:rk. My sister -who hod been. helped by Lydia E. ... , Bin k ham's Vcge- table .Gomfcnd csked me to try i- ·! have taken inary step toward putting into-, operation a general plan (or fuel conservation in power, plants. I This plan .is tte result ol conlerr ! eaces with the Federal fuei administrators accl their committees, for the gr£up ot v "»tatoq,.'whfen-:.togetlier-"'.coa- : .suiie abd*uf!70 pq'r'ceBt^^a!! the coal : usftjin the^UniteTstatei?^|[ciu3ive;of my old triable. I have told many of my friendi wh»twonderful remits they ·will get from it» me."--Un. 3. J. SBttES, 1650 Sth AT*., Troy, N. Y. Women" who.. »re in Mr*. Seraler'i condition should not rave up.hope^or rabmitto such an ordeal until they bav« giren Lydia E.Pinkham'l Vegetable Compound a trial. ' . . . For uege*tioni In Mcard · to your "condition write tydta E. Pinkfaun Hed- rieineo., Lyinr,'Moss.-:Tbere»altof their -of . * w.eji. as.,»p-j B«reau tf Mttes and a committee .representing' tionv .,,»,,,«·, nothing'h.»Ii like i the engineering council of the loar · eubge Cfilrifart P»Unl«r national engineering societies. · . } «J*»» · WWHHWI i rwwucr The slogan oJ the campaign Is "Max- '" =*»rdiiMrr h«lmg and jooibing imum production wim ^ininjum Bi^^rtSr i*^3f waste." In other words, tlie' object is The Comfort Powder Co., Bo to;'opera,ie, all inaustries at .full. ,ca^ -- . ' : . . , p«5itr, b'ut at the same time to : m»ke (tioas fuel perform its nwiximuaij 3, ' secvice to power, light ^=a :ie;i.:. In laying che.foundations for the"br- gaiftiation ib'as been' ariUelpal e'fl 'that, -fi a ^· r cSbr"ts-''of ; inspectors, thS worfc.should become.a perinaneni . - . · . - · service of tie' government.* ",-.; . Ten to twenty per cent--that;isi; Irom tweatjvfive to fli'ty'iiliior. tons of..coal per year--can be saved by the correct operation of "steam power plants, »singithciryprescii!. equipment, in^ttoe industries, .in office buildia|j;ii', hotels, apartment; houses, etc. "' ''-.. It is considered .most Important .th'at. »H*fe3:i3i!ag : £tfislrcbnservatipn. commit-' tee*, committees of chambers of commerce and national defense, manufacturers' association, and other bodies be continued in full force, and that too work of such orcanlzatlons be coa- ·olldated with the national program, which, comprises certain funda- ''mejatals, ag follows; ^ ; Personal inspection of every power plant in the country. · · ·· ·:.,£ .Classification and rating o: ot- -J. rating plants, will fall upon an cngiaeir 'in ' ' 4istr.;5c,.;tii4'rating to be. based not express; opinions; but 'will collect:' definite in'fortaation.' The state 'fuel : administrator, .in hia judgment, may . entirely or'partially shut off: the consumption, 6E..coal to any needlessly vast'efitl^plantfiu hia territory. : -.-4., Ins pccJors; are- to be furnished - ffcm one", or 'more of the felloe-ing sources: .'(a)',Itspectors otthc steaoi- boller Insnrancc companies; (b) State , factbrj- iuspectcrs; (c) .Eagincering students,froni technical colleges; (d) volunteers. · ' " ' The ratings will be based upon re: corded answers to questions, each ol which ivil] be given a value depending upon its relative importance to the Everyone Should Wa»h aw«y all tht ttomach, llv«r, and bowel poisons befor* brak/nt other'questions. Depending upon tho efficiency of methods in'-use in'aay. plant, it may be rated it "crasa 1, 2, .", or 4. ' ' ;;" '. ;';; ; .'·" ' . . . The ratings 'will' be based unon ex- every power., plant.-haacd :upon.,tha...j at i n g equipment.-The: .d!ir:calty, de- thoroughness with.' which owner of !aT| and expense-involved in the in- said plant conforms to recommenda- stallation at this time of taprover power- equipmetit is fully recc^nl/ou iut experience has proved tliat 10 to 20 per.cent of fuei now used in power . plants can be saved by improvements · ;|.in operation alone. ' j ij -Tn ^.dvante ot the first inspection a ; j questionnaire will be. sent to everj | I powe;-plantain each' district, with no-' j tlce to the'.owher that within 60 or 90 . (days his plant will^be inspected per- | ·: sonally'and the questionnaire will be j l.-checked up-by'-tne- inspector upon his; . visit. This action will tend to pro- i . narc the minds of plant owners for; . what will follow. .It will operate to induce proper care 4n furnishing information and will ;also tend to produce a desire to improve their plants, i! necessary, so that ^they ' m'ay'be rated in a high class by tic time the' Inspector calls. ^ · It is recommended that a board of competent engineers be attached to. the conservation committee in eaca state; also a corps ot lecturers to arouse public v interest and disseminate engineering'information. The Fuel Administration lisa .prepared a'50-minute-nlm q'tjmovlns pjc-i, ·tur'es showing good i»d..b«d. operation. in the steam^ijolle'r 'plant, methods of testing boilers, fuels, etc. These pictures- will be available for each, state in connection with its educational propaganda. .' The adnilnistration !£i. f Al£p preparing a series of o^ficial'builetins'bri engineering .phasee of steam and fuel economics. · Some of these are now To feel your best - day In and day out, to feel clean inside no sour bile to eoat your tongue and sicken your breath or dull your head;'no constipation, bilious attacks, sick headache, colds, rheumatism or gassy, acid stom- acbi you must bathe on the inside like youtbathe outsJde/'-' VMtiy more: Important, hecauBe^Uie' skin pores "do. :not.'absorb,inipn'ritfe Into the.hiood, while the bowel;pores do, says'a'weUT- known physician. . ·; l; . . . . ··...-· ' : ; To kec w^ll flusl .Idd^eys -and ioweis, r 'drinx be/ore btefefast'of hot wa- ter,;wlth a teaspoontul ol Hmeston'e phosphate in" it" Tils'" wfir cleahie, ^ purify and freshen, .the entire alimen- ' Ury* trac ^'before,putting" mor.e' .food' into the stomach".' "~ '. ' ^ Get a quarter pound of limestone g pbosphato from your pharmacist. It 5 ilt inexpensive and' almost .tasteless.' S Prink pbosphated hot "water every 3 morning, to rid- your system' of these | ,Tile poisons and. toxins; also to.pre- ^» Vent their formation. · ' . . ' . | A3 soap and hot water act on the ·S Mn. cleansing, sweetening and..puri- - tying, .so- limestone phosphate and hot \" water-before breakfast, act on -the stomach, liver, kidneys and bowels.^ ready for printing.^. Ther will include: Boiler and' Furnace* Testing; Flue Gas 'Analyslaj Saving. Steam' In Heating- Systems;. Boilcr-Room Accounting Systems;'Saving Steam and Fuel in Industrial Plants; Burning.Fine Sizes of Anthracite; Boiler Water Treatment; Oil Burning; Stoker Operation. iidd Suites For at Money-Saf tag totem ory r B ^ There's no need to pay high -.prices for classic period furniture -- not if you corne to the NewStoce. Oar Acquaintance Prlcesvon Suites for every room will prove to the discriminating bnjw,thsti£he-xeai vataes of the cityxare to -be had at the "Big Store Near the Bridge." Buy Rugs Now i ·. m j ~ · ' · Jtyim : bavfi floor ctmulug need rapply it now; ' Prices at the New Store ate at the lowest notch ,and patterns and colorings are of the tat-' · Ask to See Floor 1918 Refrigerators at 1916 Prices ··· White preaentiatocka last the Big Storeaves^on a_f ourth to n thiTd on Hfifrtgerstare. AH styles are shown here. Everyone constructed sclen- ticafly finis assuring proper circula- tkm, cooting.and ice saving qoaHtles. Beautiful Sew Full Size fluey Enumel Carriages ,.._ ; Compare these Carriages with $3fi yalues you see elsewhere--big, full size, easy riding styles, la the rich French Grey enamel. Just a few : go at this special price. ;$9.75 lip Sellers' Kitchen Cabinets See Our Special $11.75 Seethe Sow , Antomxtie Lowering -, flour Bin. This is the fomooB Sellera Kitchen Cabinet yon see advertised In the leading magazines -- notice the exclusive patented atrto- matJo kxTortng Soar Wn, see how ccnrrenierrt it te to fin (holds a tan- sack of flour). Come in and see the many different featnres of the Sellers and you'll readily nnderstsnd why it enjoys such Immense pop- nlarlty, Attfto Cedar Chests AH §i»ea AH Styles AH Prices Bluest New Style* Here in Tube Cribs Store Eiclualrely. $29.50 to $45 The Crib of square tubing seems to bave the call--mothers who want something dlf- .ferent for the "Bae" will find the styles | hero instantly * appealing. May we sbow you these as "w*!! aa oar regular lino of Cribs from CoaneUsville's Greatest Showing of Duofold Suites and Davenports at the New Store. See Onr Big Special Full Size Davenports $39.50 Compare It With Other Store's $80.90 VaJnes. J. N. Trum TE U L»l Us Jow UTiat You Want and "How You Want It Just Over the Bridge CcnncIlsTllle (West Side) GOOD SERVICE. .--°~^ 3Irs. C. J. 'Armstrong, Prop. RST AMERICAN-BUILT TANK IS .. ' THE BIGGEST EV£;R CONSTRUCTED W i ·» * S-OB.-.;E«| . I I aAT-rcnyt r l l d r d Carroll Battery Co. A Factory Trained Battery Jlan. 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