The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 14, 1930 · Page 14
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1930
Page 14
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fir-: porrtTEEN. ,1'HE DAILY COURIER.,. OONNELI SVTLLE, PJL FRIDAY, FT3BKOAKT 'II, T-Jli Baseball WORLD By JAMES M. DRWCOLL Basketball 60 Baseball Athletes for Waynesboro, Mill Town Will Begin Practices April 15 tij A P AT SCOTTDALE ®- Kddio Dyer to Have Charge of Atlantic, Bine Players, OFFICIAL WORD IS MADE PUBLIC SCOTTDAUC, Fob. 14--Official announcement w« i made today that the St. Ixuis CarJinals havo selected A t h l e t i c Park tig the headquarters of tiio Scottdalo a.wl Wayneeboro baseball players during the spring training Koaaon w!iicl) w i l l be opeiied on Tuos- ilay, April ir. Hetween 50 and 60 athletes will re- povt. «t Athlotic Park for the workouts w h i c h w i l l lit; iomluctod for u month, ('ainfi w i l l bt- broken tip whon tho scheuul^s of tl o Mldcllo AlUuitlc and IU!KO lea.juos are started. II. Dyor, rruuuiRer of WAYNESBURG CAGE TOURNAMENT WILL OPEN ON MARCH 20 Many Fayette Quintets Expected to Pnrt-jcipato J» Sixth Annuiil I'lay. MEET TO I AST FOR TH *EE DAYS Sports Comment By JOHN H. TVHOmC. The C'asey Club still Ins list H thm.t tho Keagy (Corner team go onl. uiut "Ktit a rep." There's) no indication of mi immediate eeriee for tho ctijgo chdmpion- Scott!«j, will lie in of tho camp. Roho.'-t lUc-o, pilot of th» Waytii»)x)ro entry in tho Blue Rid go circuit, will be his assistant. Rice, 1a.-«t sesison'.s s k i p p e r at Charl-erol. IB^'9 chajnpionfc- of tho ioop, has elgued ii coritrj-.ct will 1 , the Cardluals to load tho Wayneebor) otuiit and to play t h i r d baso. Whilo thi« action lias been antic!- p«.t!l for a m o n t h , official confirma- t i o n was not resolved u n t i l tolay when \v«rt wast received from Branch lUckoy, business managar of the Nat- Jonal league f l u b which operates tho two teams ci« '.i part of the St. Ijouis farm system. Quarters for tho athletes will bo established in tho Mill Town during Announcement h: t 'Been made that tho si.tth annual T i-State basketball t o u r n a m e n t for hi :h echool teams, j conducted u n d e r tho auepice« of Waynesburg Colic};*, will bo heUl at the i Wayuesburg on Th insday, Friday Jiud Sultirday, March 20 21 and 22. For the firct tin e since the inect was inaugurated il K yeare ago, prop ani ruiHtary ochoo s will be barred, cotupotittoii being liniit£d to high school teanw. During tho piet few yeare tlio Cliff lOlckeon, Perry mo-ntor, 1o -worried atont th« pamo \ v H h Sowickioy at Herminie. He took hifl boys to Waehinston township tho other night to look that c'.ul) over. With tho championship oT Section XII a poiiallrilllty, the- Commodores aren't going: to mte« any deals. Pug Cafl^rty, former prizefighter, la promoting amaiteur llstlc programs at Scottdulo. Paet experience in tho simon-pure ran.fcs hnve proved that Pug knows his racket. The show wll. be held next TlMisday n!:;ht, Ray Welsh, )!orm-er Cokor athletic star, 1 «s a fr«ie lance on the North Union Towmshlp High School floor club and he is making good. His quintet h;wi won 10 consecutive games in Section XII, W. P. 1. A. League, «ud it's a good taet that tho. team's going to PlUaourj; for the oHiaination«. Ray will bo the nrtit Coker player who was on a sectional title c l u b so coach a pennant club. PC*,; Ibly that distinction omoraees the ftii :ire circuit for that matter. Aftar Rrudtiiiting from the local high school, Ray i/ent to Wayneohnrg where he ahowe-i the boya a few pointers about Sportt Lowers -- To Wed JIM3IT BA1X.EY, 1). T. *XOOB STAB, PBOMTT FOB PRACTICE WORK Waynosburg cage i loet hrifi developed | playing tho guard position. into one of tho ou!-ttandinK events ot the basketball cam aign and a record number of entries s anticipattKi. Ixist year more than 30 ot the best teamn in tho district comp ;teti and a majority have signified theii intention of returning. Among tho count,- teams that in all probability will tournament aro Perry Township, possibly others. t iLATROBEBEJIS MOUNT FLEASANT IN LEAGUE GAME rth Union Town- their month's i-.Uiy. Arrangements are | ahip, Brownavllle, irjdstone Township, loing taken care of and some of tho Point Marlon, Goo ges Township- and boy* will bo i laced In private homes while oth«rs v ill stay at fho Y. M. C. A. and boteJe. _Arrangemente for their meals also are bcin£ completed. Athletic Park has a tremendous ad- vantftgo over u« field at Waynesboro j iuasrnticJi :ie it bo;tnt« a t u r f infield, ··. It is also tettr situated. The Card!-; nals were -tVii to make more favorable ; jirranserne.MtK Cor the ko«p of the ath- i ictos ia tho foronph as well, it was i M o u n t "casant -mffe«Hl 1^28-17 clo- ^..jj^ " j feat at tho haui« f Latrobc last night ' In'tHcation« wo that there will !»' a ! i n Section 10. W. -·. I. A. League. ««rlca of Inlerelub contwtB before the Singk»y'« boyc w -re unable to chock the LiUtrobe pass re 'in the Kocond frame and tho Jan gin piled up in thin ball 'followers, aro assured of much , Btanza was t h o fll ;l1 SI ' an thlt se l )ar diamond epori tl,IB season. The play! atel t h e 3CO «' 6 f " f Curing the other ins schedule ^ the MkkUo Atlantic fita S e « o! tho blltll( Mol:nt I 3 ^ant l-t-asiic \v!H f.leo be equally divided held ^^tr^ 6 cv « r ' providing njin-h competition here. j The line-up: Kcotuialo'ti \-oste-r ia hoing signed up Iiiitrobc--28. M o u n t Pleasant--17. and soino of t 10 boys who featured tho Ciimpboll y Benedict Utllo Oardlnil'H play last campaign Guskewiecz K Paladino w i l l again bo on the Jiring line for the Mall-ey O Pre^d Srot.tic.s thitj reason. Eldio Dyer hae Doherty _ G Volkin again there'e every indication of t h r x Faj-etto county te;iuw traveling to PJUsburR. Unlonlown will ag«iln tnak« the pllgrimogo. North Union js likely to make tho call. The third berth lie» between Perry and Dunhf.r. The teaniH will repreec-nt arficipato iti th* Section X, XIII and XII, rnflpectlvoly. Township, j Union town, Ccorgos and Dun bar were ot Pitt Stadium last March. Waynesboro | !ayor« depart Tor their home pr-'dinda ami tho Mill Town hase- Our friend, Jim Keegan, the sllvnr- tonguad orator of. Everson, liked tho outlook for tfce Snottdaie club in the Mid-Atlantic 1/eaguo this year. Bob Y-oun;;, the prosy; Mike Potonlc, aide- de-camp; Tuso Hockenbury, circuit bookkeeper; Sox Graft, an ardent i booetor, and Boote KinR, formor president, have voiced vory favorable opinions. 'We can't f o r g e t - t h e confidence -expree^od by Harry Cramer, la«rt seaaoa's leader. And wo hopo t.o find, occupying their special part of tho grandstand, Harry Hortf-n and liirs basebull friends, including Doc Bell, Harry McDonald und ·other;. The tliree Harrys tor »orne reason prefer the western end of the grandstand. They assemble on the uppei-most Beats o.nd a« Lhf?y wink their toeth into their ccegars replay some brainy play or the game the day 'before. Don't for a minute think thpy don't know th-alr baseball. Horton'e f a r o i U t e was Bddio Boland. And how! Kr», Kafcherine E. Rubin on, 80-ye»r-old widow o* Harry E. Robinson, has announced her imlng; wedding to Norman Chaae, 22-year- eld'iwn of Selectman Ed- 'ttrd T. Chmse, of West Yarmouth, It wa« * common 'iove of horses md outdoor aporU that faroMgnt the conpU t«tfoUier. "It do ;»n't m. tt«r wh»t other people think, but wh*fc we think o «ach otivar that ounla," »y* Mrs. Kobtaaon of this unusual Hurst Fioo- Squad Meets Dunlbar Township Passers In League Clash Tonight Jimmy Bailey, clever Hitle guard of the Dunbar Townhip High School basketball machine, displayed such determination and fighting- epirit under tho tutelage of Coach Bruce M. Shearer that today hc» is regarded a one of the best guards in Fayotta county. Jimmy has won for hi n»el£ an un- nnual distinction--during th« four years that he has boon «. candidate for the l/eisenrlng quintet h ) hae missed but ono practice session that being- caused by illness. The mentor feels that thto is an unusually good record and tandom joins in Leaping congratulations ou the youi goiter. Bailey, a nan-tor, la playing hte second geaeon of varsity ifcuketball and occasionally gets the no*! from Coach Shearer to eerve as acting captain. Jimmy te always certain to get in all of the gwnMw for he it. a tower of strength in the Red and 3Ioek dofone and does a neat piece of work on the offense. It was whfle he wa« a r'rwahman that be was taken ill and ha/! to mies a eingte workout. However he has been reporting regularly ever since and apparently te headed for «. great mark. HI* superior knowledge of the game because of the fact tha, he followed it closely elnce a froBhiu gives him a tremendouM advantage over much larger athletes. A quiet, easy going Aap, Jimmy ·tfhowe no spectacular play. Ho getn into the spirit of the K-inie and. goes after It as though it wi a cut out for him. Monter Shearer nosei'ily te not the only coach who wishes he had a few more hard workers liko Bailey for promptneee In turnout for the prac- tioee aid materially in developing a combittatlon that will click, It's needless to f.ajr that D. T. it clicking. And how! W. P. I. A. LEAGUE ACTIVE TOlGffT; NO GROUPS IDLE ITniontown Moots Gr«e!affbiirg, *· Scottdale Entertains Jeannette. NORTH UNION ON SCHEDULE Keagy Corner Wi iis From Sc uth Ur ioii Alumni Drifc biers been reappointed to tho managerial · lut.if'H and tl IH move \v«is favorably recoivcd by 'oeal diamond followers. Square Garden is cndeav- d r l n s to sigji up Primo Camera, and George Godfrey. If tho human elephant ta! ( .'"s on t h e h u p o ' d u s k y ho will have a I t t t l n g ujiportunity to prove senile ot his claims t h a t he should bo given s e r i o u s (.·onsidoraUou as a ftali- cuffer. Moer«ch - G- _ AbromBon Substitutions-- oklnmn for MaJley, Ckirt for Moersch. Field goals--Campbell C, Gu«kewi«i:z 4, Goldman 2, B uediei, Paladiito -1, j Freed. Foul goals--La robe, t out of 15 Mount Pleaeant, . out of, 17. Score by pei'ioe ;: Latrohe I 11 0 4--a, Mount Pleoaant 7 0 (i 4--17 Kefe-ree--Phillij d. Jack and Estelle Return Home MAIN OFFICE WINS FROM PACKING CLUB IN BOWLING LEAGUE Muln Office won two out of three gam }« from the Packing Department on t:io Klks Alloya last, night. Fisher was high Bccrer for three games with 425 -otal pitiH. The score.?: MAIN OFFIGIC. Fisher --------- lie 1151 Cunningham ----- 152 116 Coh^n ,, ....... ---- ..... 100 103 B. Yoimkln . ...... j ........ 148 11« liiS 126 113 Dununiy .O'.als 85 85 S5 4 2ti 392 SIC !»87 36!) 2G5 Tho Keagy (kxrnor l);iek«t ore won, 31-27, over tht.- Btrorig quin »t of. the South Union Township Hig i Alttmni at the Sonth Union ^vuinas am, night. A greis.t rally in the first quarter wtte reeponeible for the loct triumph as the home coaibinaiiori out cored the CoiineHavill-e team. The ^Koagys managed to forge a'load to a nine lead in t?e inl-tal porl d. Bnice Shearer's Club Hopes to Stay IK Fight, for Sec- tiomil Laurels. PERRY QUINTET AT SEWICKLEY Miller pUiyed a bang-up jga ne, ehoot- iug four field /,-oais. Oiiynn ilso came in :kir laarela by clicking . similar Hurst plays at IreiHenring No. 1 tonight sA 8:115 o'clock, oppoHintf Duii- bar Township High basketewfl. last! Coach Bruce Sbearer'n quintet Trill ' bo out for a decisive triumph in order to keep in the thick of tho fight tor tbo chani'pionahip of Section XII, W. P. I. A. IvCtbgpue. Ijelsenrlng is tied with Perry To-wash Ip for the top rung and a plight slip may mean the loss ot the gonfalon, TUe Commodores will journey to 725 70 PAOKK11S. 717 2144 Kay lor ............ ..... ....... ...... 137 19 Mcl-Jhenj- ________________ 140 128 Alk uaon ----------- ....... 95 I/ftiicterHeH .« _______ __1O« 107 D u r b i u ..... __________ -...1S.8 113 Miller ........... ___________ 13* 113 Kin i ........... ,, ----------- ...... 85 84 147 in; JL17 125 MO 413 21.1 2#3 376 370 85 Totals , ,714 709 08(1 3109 KID HERMAN RALLIES, HAS FOE ON KAYO VERGE BUT LOSES DECISION The line-up: South Union-- 37. Keag-y Cf rners -- 01. J. Faglor ._... __________ F __ ..... __ ,, ___ IFloto Oentile . ..... -------- F_ ..... ___ ' Sellers MeU ,, ___ . ------------ C ----------- Guytvn Hicknmn _________ ....... O ............... __ Milter Paycheck . ..... __________ O. -- ____________ King Substitution*- Hahever , r Hickman, Soisson for Miller. Field -gwils-- J. Fitglor 8, Hetz 2, Oentile 2, Paycheck 2, Habe er, Oiiynn 4, Miller 4, Floto 2, Soi*son, tving. Foul goals-- -South Union 5 out oi 13; Keagy Corners, tl out ol 11. Keore by periods: South Union __ _______ ? 2 15 ICeajjy Cornora ........ _ L 2 3 10 Referee -- Bartock, Hennlnio th'is evening, encountering tbxi strong Sewlckley Township club. It !s a certainty that Sewickey always shows up best while on its honio court and - Perrr la anticipating mu«h trouble. The third battle in ine division will find Belle V-ornon battling Bast Huntingdon Township passers at the- Alverton floor. 27 31 PERRY BOWLERS LOSETOSMO(K IN GREAT MATCH Tho Perryo'polte bowler. 1 - loot by a margin of 147 pins to the t mock bow- Mug club at tho letter's a leys. The scores: HMOCK Keelis ....... ..... ....... ........ .,.. J29 125 Gat«y ....... _ ........ .._ ....... 147 ' 192 Kovaeh .......... .: .......... _ 178 -103 Stonier j, ....... ...._,,..,,.. 3 90 Thompson ___ i! ____ 127 16 C 143 135-- !!R9 115--- 4«4 174--- 503 ISO-r- 30 14S -- 41fi MOULD SHOP SWEEPS ELECTRICAL OUTFIT IN CAPSTAN LEAGUE Mould S'ho-p won thr«e games from the Electrical last night on tha El-ks uHoy.s. Soiwnago was high with a total of 52JJ for three games. The scores: Clawson Crouse J. G-eb^e ... Bualo' ... Duruniy Lylel Totals -.107 ..,..120 1C!) 104 12 G 158 85 148 145 146 126 101 4-13 3GS 418 aso 170 103 55B 030 MOULD SHOP. G. AmtorlBCO ...-.188 154 664 1850 Snyder ... Sehup Sotiouttge Joliffe ... Totals --1,134 .......177 . 114 99 I'M 143 180 115 131 Itf5 203 121 437 340 334 523 41C ....'.,......079 701 075 .'i Totals Flanagan,.. PSKRYOPOLie . _' us rr. Turkosh Uii ia» Lofly ,...' ; 137 1-H Kllie ,,..,,_ 165! Pole "Horwult, formerly ol' Vamler- b i l t . now locatctl in Detroit, Mich., iw g out hiii w a r e s ' i n flstictloni in w h i c h he proved himself - rather 'pro- flcit nt wihla located in tide vicinity. A l t h o u g h he had not been in 1 raining for H-onw time, Pete,'lighting under i Use name of KK1 MuniKi.n, took on a ' S u y d e r l;out on three dayw' notice, meeting' J o h n n y Clancy, Detroit welterweight, An excerpt from a Detroit paper say j : ".lohuny. Clancy, Detroit welterweight, svati given a ieciiiion over Kid llevmun o£ ConuellBvllle, T'tt., in the ma n.ovent at the Pal-view A. C. Mori- (iaj tuglit. Herman won the last t\va I'uuud.s ;u'(,or a great t a l l y and lia-il » the- verge o£ a kiiockcut but. held .him ot'I u n t i l tha final 779 773 752--2302 ·108-- 404 14B-- 41S 159--- 441 ST. VINCENT GRID SCHEDULE COMPLETED ... 130. D: 17: 188'160- 421 j 471' Totals :;...._..,., 6.91 71 761--2155 of Juck Dcinptey to Lo; Ar..;;i.'li-. r i v i v i s urnor;; that he? is to \c i ivitt-f! to join a syndicate' to buiM a ?7,()00 000 sports arena 1'iioto .shows Dcmpjifty w i t h hit) wife, Estell Taylor, on their in Los An elea. ' FORMER HURST B O f ' " GRIDIRON CAP! AIN AT ST. /INCEOT Looking: for Burgtilns 'I I I.' so. rea'l tlw adv^rtiaing- c Otmriarr A n d r u w ilvancha of P animoth, a , former star of the Hurst Ugh School j in Mount I'leai-mut townah p, has he-en ! nurneH.1 captain of the 1 'SO .football t o a m ;U si. V i n c e u l Coll go. j Kvancho Jia.s b f e n pla; ing a lifiif- ,;nr LUii nas two yeava. LATR013B, Feb. 14--The 1930 football echedulo oE St. Vinceut Col lego follows: · Sept. 20--Geneva at Bsavor Falln. Sept, 27--Caino p«nl!ug for lxit;robe. Oct. 4--Mt. St, Mary's at 'Latrobe. ' Oct. 11--St. Thomas at Scranton. Oct. 18--Caniaius at-Buffalo. * Oct. 25--Thiel at Latroh*. Nov. 1--Brottdciua at Latrobfl. Nov. 11--St. Francis at Greemsuurg. Nov. 16--L r . S. Medical School of Carltele at Latrobe. Nov. 22--St. B o n a v e n t u r o at Olean, 'York. Danny Taylor, tlie Weist Nawton slugging outfielder, ia satisfied with the terms offered him by tho Chicago Cub's and liq's ge-tting }riniel for a year PANTMRS SCORJi llGHT Sty IHT COURT DECISION The Panthers iron the. eight straight content by deafeatlng ihe North End Eaglos, 17 to 15, in a closely contested battle. G, Perms and W. M sk.'lnia ted tho attack for the winners wJa41e l/uie for the loaers showed up t le best. Tho Itnenp: Panther*--17 Jforth End--15 G. Perrus _ F --~lj. Conti P. Perrus K f JPetrilla W. Mlfikiitte C _Luis Hominsky . G D. Belladonna J. B. Kline ._ G Doberko Subtitutkine -- W. Vanorsdnle for Homlnsky, J. MSekinte for G. Perrus, T. Conti for W. Miakin a. Field goals--W. Miskinie 3, G. Porras 3, P. Perrus, Homl a»ky, Luis 4, L. Gonti 2, Petrilla. Foul goals--Panthers, 1 otrt of 3; North End, 1 out of. 1 Keferee--Mosc Braxion. : Two new world records were hung up in the annual inckor track and The flfteen etctlnnt! in the Western Pennsylvania Intel-scholastic Athletic League will' witness keen compatltlor tonight as every group swings Sntf action. In Section X, Unfontowo te thre«V ened hy tho revamped Greenehift; Hlgii School while Scottdale play host to Jeannotte. Th»re la conaid erable Interest in both battles. Moun. Pleasant trecks to Latrobo Jn tb other divisional contest. Much interest te dteplayed in tha Section XII garnee, Dunbar Township meets Huret at its home floor whilo Perry Township goes to Sowickley Township in the outstanding encounters. Belle Vernon pilgrimages to Alverton to fight Baet , Huntingdon Township. Dunbar aad Perry are tied for the group leadership and the re- eult of! theSr play may havo much. bearing on the championship. North Union, wiutier of 10 (straight gan)«3 in Soctiou XIII, mef.ts ihe formidable Brownsville quintet at tho former's floor Avhile German Township goee to Carmlchaela, South Union plays at Georges Township and Point Marlon jilayti at Redstone. In Section V, West Newton plays at South Brownsville, Donora. at Mon- ongahola and Monesaeii at California. Caseys Defeat Masontown Team By Large Margin The Casey Club scored a deceive victory over the Masontown Collegians last night cut the latter'a gymnasium. The final tally was 40 to 31, The Irish passers took tho lead at tho first wbistlo and never relinquished their grip. Drown and McCleary led the local team's attack with six field goals each. Monday night will find the Iri^Ji basketeisrs at the State Armory floor, meeting tho powerful Joannette Sam- lers. Tuesday evening the Caseys jr.urney to Fairmont to take on tho OJreator Fairmont Bakery club. The line-up: Caseys--4 George Brown Philips ..._... McCloary De-clementl Mason town--81. -F. Ralaton --F Ajidrus _.C -i---.., Fabler _G Woods ..C..... Rocks field meet at Philadelp Wa. Chet Bow-I Substitutions--Palovchalk tor Pfeil- -- - Hps, Phillips for George, Howard for Andt'us, Cavalcanto for Howard, VanGorder for Rocks. man of Newark cetaMiahed a new; mfarlt o£ five seconds flat in the 45-yerd i sprint and Mies Stella Walsh of! Cleveland lowered tho old record S n j the 220-yard sprint to 26 1-5 soconde. Oolumoia broke thr tio for first place in tha Eastern Intercollegiate Basketball League by iiwa.mping Pennsylvania, 32 to IS, at Kew York. Fioid goals--George 3, Brown 6, Phillips 2, MoCJear,y 6, Deelementi 2, Raicton, Fagler 3,''Woods S3, Hocks, Ca.valoa2ti!, VanGorder. Fouls--Caseys, 8 out cJ 17; Masontown, 11 out of 18. Referee--Howard. SPORT SIDELIGHTS --By-JACK 5ORDS M A FbcKttT'WLUARO 6A/AB AT PfUi.ADei.Plt! A SA/iX TA8ERSKI C3EFeATBD RALPH RCML£AP IQO To MINUS f -- KKEMLEAP MADS. . , THREE IN SUCCESSION. vJMii-a ftoCK BUT ON£ BALL AER. THIRTY-RR£T , : w B / 4 , \WITM SASArt PALFRBY SMB.

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