The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 9, 1939 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, February 9, 1939
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THURSDAY, KJJJBKUAKX. a, THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE. PA. PAGE THREE. "School Board Plays Game Like "Button, Buttbn," Only It's 'Who Has Keys?' . Payment of Stadium bills was delayed at Monday night's meeting of the Board of Education because of a disputed bill for "locks" which Di' rector James Strawn said had not been authorized by the directorate and therefore should be paid by it. Offering an amendment to the mo- v tion to pay all Stadium bills, Mr. «* Strawn asked that the statement from Loucks Hardware for $2.15 for locks be withdrawn. Directors W. L. Zollars and Daniel Durie supported . t h e amendment but Directors Worth Balsley, Clyde Campbell and H. H. patiently with a snort of disgust. C. H. S. News Of The Day Tied Up When Directors Talks on Crusade. Floor talks on the Crusades were given in Edward S. Spotovich's ·Mclntire opposed. Then a vote was | answered the timekeeper, "and I had es ordered through. The day these keys ) arrived, Ir. 'Heru-ick called at the field to let me know and Mr. Weihc, (Director Clyde B. Weiho) who took the message over the phone, went to Mr. Herwjck and demanded them, saying that I had no right to orier them. I understood that he (Mr. Weihe) had brought these keys to Miss Caller," he ended. This was corraboratcd by the board secretary who produced two keys. Further questioning reveal H that Mr. Weisiger and Mr. Stilhvagon each had a key but there are still two to be accounted for. Mr. Weisiger said it was his understanding that all the master keys except the ones he and Mr. Stillv-agon had in their possession hod been turned over to Miss Caller, presumably by Mr. Weihe. "We used master keys ^vhile on the job," said Weisiger. "Where are those keys now?" he was asked. "Mr. Weihe took them, if I must be specific," Weisiger asserted. "I understood that he brought them all to Miss Caller." called on the motion to pay all the two additional on 'bill and it met the same result, three I A. C. Herwlck. 'J for and three against. ^ · ' Director Campbell had a letter ·read by Secretary Carmel Caller in : which Emerson Stillwagon, in charge of the work at the Stadium, reported ·finding traces of tampering with the 1 thermostats that regulate the heating and also that fuses had been removed from the electric switch boxes. ' "It was because of this that I gave Mr. Stillwagon orders to get new locks for the gates," asserted Campbell. · After it had been established that · the locks on the gates were not the 1 same as the ones on the dressing ' room doors--in whieh rooms the · tampering had been discovered--Di' rector Zollars asked Sara Weisiger, timekeeper on the job and who had been, in the employ of the school 'district until January 1, whether the · tampering was being done by an out- :· sider. "Gentlemen, this is putting me on ' the spot," Weisiger replied. ; "Then Sam," returned Zollars, "that's right where you belong." Director Strawn broke in im- Directors, Peeved at Way . Others Do Things, Refuse To Pay Bills Immediately When the School Board acted Monday- night to withhold payment . of bills from the' activities fund. Chairman C. S. Campbell o£ the ath- . letic committee said the attitude made uncertain the High School's ability . to round out the W. P. I. A. L. basketball schedule because officials' fees, bus hire and the like hav« not been taken care ot. He'was advised by Directors W. L. Zollars, Daniel Durie and James H. · Strawn that they had never intur- ' fered in activities of the schools and felt that the program should continue · as it always has, that there '-//as no · reason for interruption of any sched- · ule because" of delay in payment of · the bills. Campbell said buses had to be hired ·to take the players to the different places to play games and that officials · had to be paid at home as well as other items of expense taken care of. · But the board, he said, had with~ held payment of those that had been · contracted last month. _; Zollars informed the athletic'com- . mittee chairman that the school . board had not hired buses or officials and had not entered into any contracts with any one and it was not '. interfering with the legal processes of activity. "There is too much- that is not : brought before the bdard," Strawn "It's got to the point in complete ignorance declared, where I'm '· about the activities." When Strawn raised the question of not seeing any schedules and mentioned football, Cair.pbell said · that William E. Dolde was handling that end whereupon the inquiring ; director informed him that "Dolde didn't look after the schedule last year and it wasn't brought to the board's · attention." Strawn insisted , that as a matter of courtesy, the board should be told what's going on. Campbell continued to ask: "What are we going to do about ti:e hiring of buses and paying officials" for the W. P. I. A. L. games in view oi the board's action in deferring payment. Durie said'that he wanted to see the schedule carried out as planned. Zollars declared: "I've never interfered with the activities of the school. These bills have been merely held up. Bills have been held up before by the school board. That's nothing unusual. It looks like the doctor is in an uncomfortable position, however. "Sometimes I think it's nice for some one else to be in hot water for DAWSON, Feb. 0.--The Philip G. Coehran Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church will hold a cottage prayer meeting at 7:30 o'clock tonight at the home of S. J. Stoner in Dickerson Run. Standard Bearers to Meet. The Standard .Bearers of the Philip G. Coehran Memorial Episcopal Church will meet at 7:30 o'clock this evening at the 1 home of Misses Dorothy and Virginia Sproat of Griscom street. Mrs. Lawrence Winkler of Connellsville will entertain together with her sisters. . . Personals.. - . . Mrs. '.E. D. Brewer and daughter, Janet Marie, of Vanderbilt were visiting Mrs. Brewer's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Arnold, of Imperial Sunday. Mrs. Ken H. Collins and daughter, Vivian Yvonne, were U.niontown callers Monday. E. D; Brewer of Vanderbilt brought Miss Ruth Harian home from Allegheny General Hospital Monday, - Mr/-and Mrs-Lloyd Eorsythe motored to State "College Monday to take their daughter, Mary Catherine, back to school. Miss Forsythe was home for nearly three weeks after an attack of influenza. ·A while. I'm getting a big kick out of this. I've had it rammed down my throat lor so long. Probably some one else will think about other obligations of the board .after this." , Zollars apparently was referring .to ^ the majority faction's attitude in deferring payment of the school district's share of the cost of an address- ograph system used by the tax collector, an item that had been 1 listed in the budget, and delay in payment of expenses of Dr. Alonzo F. Myers of New York, an institute /~speaker, because the group was displeased with some extemporaneous remarks after a lecture during last year's educational conference. : Campbell denied that he was embarrassed or in an uncomfortable situation because of the directorate's attitude but Zollars was laughing and the faces of Durie and Strawn wore wide smiles. Robert Collins Buried. The funeral service for Robert G. Collins was held Tuesday afternoon at the residence, 51G North Cottage avenue, with Dr. W. H. Hetrick, pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, officiating. Interment was made in Hill Grove Cemetery. Pallbearers were Ralph Collins, Theodore Collins, John . .Collins, William Byan, Guy Wills and ,, Lyman Wills. News of Tri-Town Community Marjoric Errett and Loretta Morey. "It's plain unadulterated varnish," ! sophomore history classes. Martha he asserted. "Why should we want Ford gave an excellent talk, placing to. buy new locks for a fence anyone ! herself in the role oC a crusader, can scale or climb under, if they j Other fine talks were given 'by wanted in? These new locks don't solve the problem. They still have the key that opens all the doors onco they gain admittance to the field.'' Persisting in his questioning of Weisiger as to who wns responsible for the tampering, Director Zollars asked how many "master" keys "are about." "There were four original keys," Sketches in Dramatic Club. The Freshman Dramatic Club, sponsored by Miss Eve Sapolsky, is studying sketches. A chairman nas been named for each sketch as follows: "Interviewing the Servant Girl," Lydia Kingan; "The Order of Independent, Unmarried Women," Charlotte Lohr; "An Interrupted Courtship," Theresa Guldenshuh; "The Census Taker," Lenna Sample; "Enjoying the Telephone," Edith Hart; "At the Naturalization Court," John McCoy, and "Getting Rid of An Agent," Lois Younkin. Testimony Taken By Phone in Somerset Compensation Case SOMERSET, Feb. 9.--Taking of testimony by telephone in a compensation case--believed to be the first in the history of Pennsylvania's compensation laws--was accomplished in the claim o£ a Somerset county woman for payments irj the death of. her husband. Mrs. Charles Babula of Central City is seeking compensation from Heitz Coal Company with Eureka Casualty Company as intervening defendant. The telephone testimony was that of Dr. Frank.N. Lee, formerly of Central City, who is now a resident of .New Haven, Conn., who attended .Charles Babuls, mine em- ploye, who died September 15, 1936. Approximately 30 minutes were required to conduct the hearing via telephone, .including cross-examination by counsel for the defendant. Chile Decrees Lash For Quake Mongers SANTIAGO, Chile, Feb. 9.--The Chilean government, prepared to spend $125,000,000 to mend the havoc of the 1 recent · earthquake, has ordered the lash for earthquake rumor mongers. The government decreed that any person found guilty of starting rumors would be whipped publicly. For especially alarming rumors, the punishment wns set at 100 lashes. William McGann Talks. William McGann was a guest of Worry of FALSE TEETH Slipping or Irritating Don't be embarrassed by tcelh slipping, dropping c loose false wabbling when you eat. talk or laueH. Just sprinkle a little FASTEETH on your piutes. This pleasant powder gives a remarkable sense ol added comfort and security by holding the plates more firmly. No gummy, cooey, pasty taste or feeling. It's alkaline ^non-acid). Get FASTEETH at any drug store.--Advertisement. the Stamp Club and told ni'merous interesting stories o£ the Honolulu Advertising Stamp Club, Mr, McGann was .formerly located at IFawaii white serving in the Army there. David C. Guhl is sponsor.-^ Airplanes in Chemcraft. Airplanes were the topic in Chem- craft Club, sponsored by Mrs. Eus- scll Burkholder. Blueprints of miniature models powered by motors were exhibited. Visit Paper Plant. Students in the Social Science classes visited the plant of the Digest Wednesday. An effort to have the j Board of! But Director Strawn stuck to his Education pay a deficit of ^131.74 con-' guns, declaring: traded by the Connellsville High | "Until such time the Alumni As- Sclicol Alumni Associatioh when i t ; soctation sees fit to conduct its busi- sponsored the recent dinnjer for the · ness with the School Boai'd in n busi- football squad ran into difficulty i ness-like "...1 orderly manner before Monday night when the six members the entire board, we should not even deadlocked, three to three, on the question. The move brought censure of Directors James H. Strawn and William I-. Zollars wiio said they saw no reason why the board should pay the item, Strnwn was emphatic in his opposition to the bill, saying it was apparent to him that the alumni had discussed the banquet with individual members but not the board as a whole. "Some member oC the board must have been approached This should have been put to the entire board and its cooperation solicited," Strawn declared, adding the only thing he knew about the football dinner was what he read in the newspapers. He said he wasn't even asked to buy a ticket. consider such things." The alumni bill had been included v.-ilh those o£ the activities lund and when a motion was offered to pny all of them, Strawn offered an amendment to eliminate the alumni football deficit item. This amendment failed of. passage, Strawn being joined by I Zollars ar.d Daniel Durie to register t approval and Directors Campbell, I Worth K. Balsley and Dr. H. H. Me- | Tnlire voting against it. The. result was that the board deadlocked on paying any of. the activities fund bills. Strawn called the board's attention to the fact that about n year ago it had made such a fuss about ethics and added that "this is a question of ethics." After action had been taken and Director Campbell continued to talk "If this was an alumni-sponsored ; about withholding of payment on all banquet, then I'don't know why the j bills in '.he activities fund, ZoHars Games In French Club. Vocabulary and jumbled words contests were enjoyed in Miss Marguerite Davis' French Club, with Kathryn Banker's team winning. ! ' md Wayne Lxckwood, and when Other Knmes were played throughout j they find happiness, the story end*, the period, Scout Program Thursday. obscrvnncr of Nai»onni Boy School Board should be asked to pay any deficit," Mr. Zollars countered. Director C. S. Campbell sought support for the bill on the grounds that it wns one way of reciprocnting to the mnny persons who handled various phases of scholastic competition during the past year. at the end of the last century to make his fortune. "Song of Years," Bess Streeter Aid-rich. Prairie Rnpids. Iowa, during the Civil War is the setting for Ihis pioneer story of courage and heroism. It is primarily, however, declared: "When the board decides that bills are not to be paid tha t closes the issue, for the evening." The discussion then moved into another field, although later the activities fund bills came back for more airing. Uniform Tax Plea Of State School Head HARRISBURG, Feb. 9.-- A uniform tax assessment nnt.1 collection in Checkerboard Debates. The varsity debating squad will go to Charlcroi Saturday and enter the checkerboard debates there, Monday the junior squad will go In Scout Week suited at which time attend. Tru a program will be pro- assembly Thursday at Ihr iindcrcl.'issmvn v/ill upperclassmen v.-eru to j Pennsylvania was urged by Dr. L,es- ' ter K. Adt, State superintendent of Public Jr.. 1 ; t ruction, as n permanent solution of State aid to the public r.chool system. The State could then supply the 1 between thn "hield" to districts rmd '.he cost. o£ a uniform minimum program of education, he said. to Donora and participate in like dc- j assembly Tuesday this week. bales. Checkerboard debates arc very fine, claims Harold A. Swank, j Kssay for Scholarship. conch of the squad, because the win- f ner of two decisions is out and the losers got more practice by taking on more teams. PrirLi Fatally Injured. _ ^ W1NSTED, Conn., Feb. 9.--Two Sen.itor Anthony Cavalcanu* v ill I Cleveland, Ohio, priests died early Radio Skits Reviewed. Actual scenes r»nd amateur agnin otfi-r a scholarship to any of the State roUegc 1 . 1 ] or univrn;itii'.s to n .senior boy or fiirl in .1 hich or parochial school in Xayi'Ue county. The essays are to bo u-rittrn for the r.ixth annual Amerir;mtzntion Day obi.rrv- dramalics presented over the radio «nce. the subject of whidi will Iw: wort enacted by members of the* "The Contribution of the Arnenr.m Senior Dramatic Club. A general j form of Government to Democracy." discussion was held perl.iinln£ to t h e ! different registers of voice and then J practiced. j today nl Litch.'ield Count}" Hospital from injuries sufU'rod in an automobile nccidi;r.t at Neu- Boston, McjSi;., Monday nlL;ht. Details -.vere not immcrfi.'ilPly available. Hospital nuthorUics listed the dead as Rev. John y. MsdiKHR' and Rev. Keal Shcchan. Freshman Party Planned. A freshman class party will be held Friday, February I V , in the gymnasium from 7:30 to 11 o'clock. AJJ rooms are assisting a; follow. Pictures Received. t During homeroom period Tuesday f the underclassmen -spent the period j Joohinji at and exchanging pictures i which wen; given out at Hits time. ; They previously h,id boon taken fur i !he Coker. { J U N I O K HIGH NEWS i Miss Catherine Francis* Charm 1 up and decorations; and 40, ticket,! Club practiced 3 piny throughout t h e ; invjtations, publicity and finances, j Period and will present it in asem- 8, 32, 21, refreshments; 31, general;; 27, 33, 42. program; 11, 20, 25, clean- ! Games In 25. Dorcas Burkhardt hadf charge of the games in Freshman Homeroom 25 Tuesday. Consoquenres was played and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Y.-P. Game Planned. The Girls' Lenders Club has begun to make plans for the Yale- Princeton basketball game. A general discussion, led by Miss "Pat" Clark, was held pertaining to pins and rings. Have You Read? The following are a few of the outstanding and worth wile new books available at Carnegie Free Library, selected by the school librarian, Mrs. David Grosshandler. They are: "Sailor On Horseback," Irving Stone. This biography of Jack London, told to a certain extent in London's own words, is a "candid pic- lure" of the lively and exciting life of, the famous author of "The Call of the Wild," and other adventure stories. "Remember the End," Agnes Sllgh Turnbell. The author's first successful novel, was "Rolling Years" and this her second novel, is just as great as the first. Both o£ these books should be of special interest, because the setting ol the stories are .in our own locality. In "Remember the End," Alex MacFay, a young Scotchman is the hero. Like Andrew Carnegie before him, he comes to America--to Western Pennsylvania-- Makes 1'2 Ice Cubes for Ic. FRANK R. SWEENEY 129 E. Crawford Avenue. Phone 977. bly February 22. A spelling match marked the homeroom program of A. R. Marshall. Plnns for the second semester j regard to programs and parties I were discussed. Rehearsal for the piny, "How to Make Money," to be presented in assembly February 14 and 16, marked the Boys' Games Club meet- A pitcher plant was studied by the Nature Study Club, sponsored by Miss Mae Zimmerman. The plant doesn't usually bloom until May but being kept indoors forced it to blossom in February, Sirs. Eliza Black Dies. SOMERSET, Feb. 9.--Mrs. Eliza Pittman Black, 74, died Tuesday afternoon at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank Fignrd, of Ashtola, near Windber. Week-End Specials La Premiata Spaghetti or -Macaroni, all *?£/» varieties, 3 Ibs. ..... tiOC Appetite Tomato £^ Paste, can _ Vero Roman Chee?e, Ib 60c $2,49 Bortalli Pure Olive Oil, per gallon . ____ ......... Loose Olives, (green) per 11). ____ rs Cash and Delivery 711 ~\\~. Crawford Ave. Phone 933 Take Advantage WAY a uy * T I R E S ^ B A T T E R I E S * BRAKE LINING ^ R A D I O S ^BICYCLES *A8TO SUPPLIES AND ALL YOUR CAR MEEDS PAYMENT. PL AH LJiten (a Tie Voice of Firestone with 'Richard Cnokt, MtirgarctSbcaks atui A If red Wallenstein, Monday ftvjiittgi over NatimnaiJc N. B. C, Rea Network. Listen to The JPirestone Voice of The'Parm--Everett Mitchell interviews Champion Partners each week durine tbe noon hour. Sec local paper foC station md umc. AUTO SUPPLY AND SERVICE STORES 122 West Apple Street Phone 21 McKENNA'S 'S women's OVER . I All The Season's I 501) PAIUS , Nctvcst Sfyles i OVEB A Sli" ( c" " ! AH $ "I 47 A ." ' 30ft (o $2.98 ', | Colors ^ | == Values * Browns ft Blacks « Blues O Greens 9 Wines All Heel Sixes, for PR Itliiclis, lirotvns, Wines,. Khiltics Also Include;!. "Wedges" Ifejrular $1.!)S 3 Browns. Blacks, Wines. Suedes or Smooth Leathers. Children's Hi-Shoes Jilack or Brown Heavy Rood-Wearing Soles. .Sizos S}£ to 2. Children's Oxfords lirbwn or Bluclc Plain or fancy styles. Composition soles for wear. Little Boys' Hi-Tops $1.17pr. Women's Slippers All Colors Soft soles. Kiiny with heels. All Sixes. Boys' SCHOOL OXFORDS BInck Onlr Good Wearing Soles. Dressy Styles. Women's Arch Ties .00 Soft pliable uppers, low comfortable heels. Boys' · HEAVY SHOES Heavily Built for "Wear. H/fen's Dress Shoes and Oxfords Any Wanted. Style « "1 fi7 ' " * I S£pr i Epr * Tans | $O£ pr ! MEN'S HEAVY WORK SHOES Any Wanted Style. " aassa * ^ .77 pr. S H O E M A R K E T

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