The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 14, 1930 · Page 13
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1930
Page 13
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FRIDAY, FKRFiUARY 14, 1930, THE DAILY COTTTUEn, OONNBL J8VTLSJB, PA. PAGE THIRTEEN. WOMEN TO VISIT WORLD WAR DEAD Gold Star Mothers and Widows Will Go to Europe in May. Washington.-- n May, 1030, 12 years aJter the Ions lines of olive garbed American soldier* man'hp'l across the battlefields of Fuintp, n t h i n n e r line of Americans will follow along pnthi which end in el ;ht cemeteries wh«r« sleep S0.791 An ertcan soldier dead. There will h« no martial music to announce their cotilrig and no banners waving a challenge to a foe. Some of thcfte pilgrims w i l l be bent with ago and will falter a'ong the paths where oacc the)"- sons walked so confidently ·trong, even ( though tltna has donu prach to smooth Uie way. The United S ates government la making It possib'e for these inotheri end widows to visit the graves of thefr heroic dene. The office of the quartermaster general was given charge of the pilgrimages when congrjss passed a bill, on March 2, 1020, directing the War department to makc the necessary preparations for the voyages. In the cemeterl \\ division MaJ. John T. Harris and Gapt A, D. Hughes are arranging tne details, while the many contact protlems between the War de- pal txnent and the widows and mothers are being worked out by Miss Stowelt, of the ccmoterial division of the quartermaster prnerul's office. Month Allcwati for Trip. Between May , 1930, nnd October 31, 1933, the pilgrimages "for groups will be scheduled as nearly as possible to stilt the vUsh s of those who are going. It Is expected that most of the 11,500 mothers nnd widows will go. More tHui half have already signified thoir I n t e n t i o n to make the Journey, and most of fioni u-ish to go aa early as possible In 1030. The pll grims will sail on American liners, and it Is expected thai about a month will be taken for eticb trip. The government will pay every expense from the tine 'ho pilgrim leaves her home uattl sm* Ss hack again. At Vow York a staff of managers will f a k e charge of t ne assembled group for each trip and will see that every Comfort Is provided. Among the ns- shtonts that wi'l accompany each croup will be guides, physicians, nnr-ses and Interpreters The itinerary f ir each person will he arranged. Shi will he given de( c r l p t l v e material relating to the par- iicular cemetery which she will visit. Her hotel reservations will hf ar- jangod In the tcmn most convc-nicnt to the cemetery w lere her son or hiis- lanrl Is buried. 30,791 Graves In Eight Cemeteries. In the eight cemeteries where are buued American v! ^nd In European soil there are SO.Tfll craves of American soldiers, snilors and marines, wlio died I n the World war. Of thts number lO.j'19 h a v e been iIfmilled. I l i e i e are 70 is« luted graves under 1hr care of the Ui Iced Statos Jtovc'rn- i irnt called "do wt disturb" citws. Vhi"?e graves have been left nione he- uuise relatives wished the soldier to bo buried where he Ml, as ir. the 'nsc of Quorum IU oiPM'U There ate approximately "0 ".pwinr cases in v hich a soldier of foreign extraction serving under t! p Ainerlonn flag was buried in his n n t n e land because his r"lrU%es so do«ire. N o t all of thf gi ivo'? will be visited b v cither mother or wife because many o" the "iotdlerf h.i\ * neither surviving, ^orne hive both mother nnd wife who n m v make tho pil,;ilinnge. The War d ji.irtiuent repoiti'd on December 1 Hint G.aOO nf the 11,500 eligible whe* a id mothers had n x o p t t d the government's i n f l a t i o n . The mothers and ·widows who would not be considers J eligible to go nt the government's ev- pi-nse are those th it tune \isited the gaves at some previous time. A widow noiild not he eligible to go If she bus married vgaln. Cemeteries Beautified. The eight cemete-les--six In France, 01,e In Bolirium nru one in Kngland -me kept w i t h greii care. Landscape gi'rdeners h a v e pi,iced plants aud (low- ei s for decoration 5 !, nnd In the center of each cemetery at ull t!mes floats an American fliig. The graves, laid out In rows, nre marked by w h i t e mnrhle In iHlstones which m v e replaced the te nporury ones oi wood. Only two ty os of hendston's arc used--the cr )ss for tlie,M!dIer of Christian faith and tlM shield of I'avld for those of Jewish f,ilth. · in e.xch headstone Is Inscribed the so dler's name and nink, the organization in which he si r%ed, the date of hl death and the s t i t c from which lie onine. The insci Ipt ou on the graves of the Unknown f-oldiers Is "Here r«ts tn honored g o r y an American soh'ier know'n but to Cod." Hecaune the olhceis of the cemeterl- nt division of the quartermaster gen- pro 1's office are working unceasingly on ·the slightest c h w s that may re- venl the identity of 'he Unknown Soldier, miinv Identification!* arc being estiblNued. r.y the t i m e the pligrlm- HKI s ore unarms ft · o«u« It Is expecfed t h a t many of the "I't known" w i l l lure been ide'ntlfled. Tha cometerinl division works In co-meration with the American Graves I?PJ Istratlon office in fi'rsnce. Sometimes only a word on a scrap of tmpfr hai k'1 to a search t h a t ended In establishing t h e Identity of the soldier. Recoveries A so Mad*. Recoveries, as well as Identifications, are constantly bving made, in 1920 nearly 00 r*corerle» wer« made, and of that onmbor 14 were Identified, whUe 12 of the "Unknown" grave* were Identified. In t ie last sl-c months there have been sev n recoveries and four Identifications, showing that the work of looking aft r the World war dead ban not ended. Another work In c( onectton with the cemeteries that is r regressing Is the completion of the chapels being established In each cetne ery. The American battle monuments commission estimates that the cbupels In Flanders field cerneieryand Bn'Ckwood cemetery will be finished by he time the pilgrimages start. Thos of Afsne-Marne, Olse-Astne, Somme and Suresnes wilt be completed In another year, and those In the St. Mlblel cemetery rnd Meuse-Argonne cemeiery wilt be completed by May, 1032. In each chnpel are Inscribed the natnes of the men who are burled in th respective cemeteries. The chapel? will also bear record of the 3.809 .toldlers who are unknown or who were accounted "pissing." PltQrlrna to Land at Cherbourg. The pilgrims will be routed on steamers that will ta'ce them to Cherbourg, Trance, for debarkation. Those who eipect to visit the Brookwood cemetery In England will debark at Southampton or Ply oouth, and will remain In London, f ona where it la easy to travel to Brool wood. The other pilgrim* will go to Paris and front there to the towns ne treat their destination. The largest cemetery of th* eight Is the Meuse-Argonne, wulcb la about 250 kilometers from Pails. Because of that great distance tlie visitors may bo quartered tn a ho el In the small town of Romagne-sou .-Montfancon, In the department of tl 6 Meuse, about 45 kilometers from Vertlun. In the Mouse-Arganne Amer: an cemetery are burled 14,lfl7 Aroeriwis. In tlie Oise-Alsne ometery are burled 5,993 American ioldlers, sailors and marines. The s-iall towns near this cemetery are f«« rlnges-et-Nesles and Pre-en Tardenols In the department of Alsne. The cemetery la approximately 110 kilomi ten* from Paris. St. Mlhtel Thlr( In Size, The St. Mllilei. whin h is third largest, is 010 kilometers i om Paris. Here are buried -1,148 Am- leans. The St, Mihlel Is near the sm.ill town of Tht- nucourt, In the depar'ment of Menr- the-et-Moselle. It IK 45 kilometers from Nancy and 47.5 Jlometers from Verdun. There are 2,268 Ame -leans burled in the AIsne-Murne cew tery, near the village of Belleau In ihe department of Alsne, which Is ton cllotneters from Chateau Thierry, a own of about 8,000 Inhabitants. Tins cemetery Is 95 kilometers from Pa Is. The Somme cemeterj contains about 1,828 American soldi r dead. The cemetery is to the department of Aisne and Is near the Tillage of Bony It Is three kilometers from Lot Catelet, 17 kilometers from St. Q lentin aiid 154 kilometers from Paris, St. Quentin, a city of about 56,000 in labitants, probably will be the pilgrim .' headquarters. 1,500 In Suresnes Cemetery. In the Snresnes com -tery there are 1,500 American dead. The cemetery Is about 12 itHometers "rom Paris and Is accessible by taxleab or train. The Brookwood Ame lean cemetery, In the countj of Sum y, Is 28 miles from London. In this -umetery there are 437 American soldie s. The amallest cemete y Is Flanders ! fluid cemetery, where ire burled 868 I Americans. It Is with n a short dls- j tance of Waerghem, Be glum. It Is 40 ! kilometers from Lille and 13 from CourtraL Only 101, He Need* Job to K eep Going Beaumont, Texas.--B cause the boss lets him ont of every n w Job he gets ·when his age leaks out, W. M. Kearnes complains that be Is b»Ing driven to seek charity. Kearnes Is emphatic In his assertion that he Is not old--only one hundred one. "I was born on a sbi crossing the Atlantic beck in 1828, »nd nil my life I've been living in Tens, In McLennan county, near Waco. But I've been In nearly «very countr,' and port In the world," Kearnes eU dared. Resentful Gobbler Kicks Executioner Los Angeles.--Add to the Xuletlde catastrophe^ that of W. 10. Praud- welne, who was ec- bartl injured by a big turkey he was nbi ut to behead that he had to go to a hospital. The gobbler, sensing something was amiss, lashed out with i leg, kicking Praudweine's knife Into his arm and severing an ai'tery. Then the turkey poi need on the wounded man' and tore his shirt to shreds. Population of V. S. | Set r.t 119,306,000 | New York.--The population of % the United States Incr ased more * than 14,000,000 in th, ten year ^ period ended July 1, 1028, ac- J J cording to the Natloml Bureau' « ' of Kconomlc Researcii. J J The population In 1928 was " estimated at JtB.SOr 000. Of !j* that total, the bure iu found. '* 46,580,000 persons suj port both i! themselves and the r st of the J ) population. The detail i of these · · findings, the bureau i nnounces, j J fill a 600-page report to be Is- ·· sued within a few daj . J* ff you have something to sell and are in a big hurry to sell it, let the ck^siiicd advertising department of The Courier prove its ability as a itpeedy and efficient \ ·ales medium. French War Ace Makes Ready for Paris-New York Flight in Mystery Plane By U n i t e d Press. PARIS, Fab It--Pilot Kdouard Boclrert war ace, IMB been choen to r e t u t n Ijindber^h's visit to Fiance by paying an overnight call-- Piris to \cnv i'cvk--in a new mysto.y plane ordered by Uio Fiench go/ca'timcnt at ;i ecst of L,500,000 francs. Amonj; the feature/s ol Lho new pl.iiie, which was designed by Reno Oouziiioi, arc the following: It is oE wood construction, will weigh 34 ton 1 ;, and is equipped, wltli threo motors, two o£ them embedded in the ·wings, «ind tho other in the nose ol the fuselage. Us Jandmg cairi.ige may be under t h u ooclv, increasing spc sililitic.s by 10 m i l e s an b o u t . It has l.S'JO hoisepover IL should make IdO miles an tho speed attained by Uouzine plane, tl\o "Arc en Ciel," in M a u r h e Drcmhin. killed la mor. Drouhin is believed to Iu control when tho wings began lug under top speed Con IcioiE, connect t-w model so Ihey'i the motorr lay be rcpu flight. The plane has ,i closer to a bird lhaa any hilberto di awn d pos- horn' last which ve- lost nbrat- ot tho rod on bianco Igried. ,000 CfflCAGO EM10YES GDfEN PMT OF BACK PAY Conference Today With Financiers M»y Bring Further Belief. "BIG BILL" GETS OFF HIGH HORSE By AIEUTON T. AKBRS U n i t e d Press Staff Corrcspun l e n t CHICAGO, Fob 14--Oblong valftn- tinc5 of Muo Inscribed with flgurea £tnd the »ign.i.ture ot the controller of the city ot Chicago brought, jubiitUxjn to 18,000 public nmployes today. Their 'ong deferred aad almost despaired of payday climaxed a brif period eiowded with dvelopnient« Jn the finarclal criftis. WiUiln «.n hour after City Treasurer Chnrles S. Peter- sou announced that $!,(0,005 would bo disbursed as pay for the lirst two weeks ol January, Mayor "Wllllim Halo Thompson wao reported to have capitulntt-d to the citizens' ' relief committee" headed by Attorney ,Silas II Slrawn That wus tho bright side of tho situation fjti 1 In the shadow of uncertainty \Mre the other 25,000 workers in count}, school and municipal de- uartmcnli for whom Valeutlnu Day wats oul another bleak and Impoverish Friday. llope5 of roller for them dwindled w i t h tho ,tatoinout of Herbert C Heller, New York i n v e s t m e n t banker, in- tlitating nis iiriy would not purchase tax antic'patioti warrants That do~ velopmen, qua^lHMl hopes th.U borne $27,000,00) could bo niltcd sxn w i t h hit, aid. "You cunnot expect or.o to buy o-f a corioraliin whou the directorn and btot khold irs «re quaireling," Heller hall on iIs a r t l v a l hem ytiitonlay from Kama*, City "It Is of major irn- portanoo that a local accord be reached Chicago if 1 a rich city and when everyone us hat'^fled w i t h the H!'nation hero will be purchaser!* for o u r tax .\arranti " Ironically, the accord the New York banker spoke ot eeemed about to ( ome to p.isa boon after ho had uptiken. 'I ho ma 'or wn« i eported to have se- lo( ted Co ·poration Counfio! Bonmol lOtteleon, Mty ControUer Go5rg3 K. K i ' i r n l d t and Aider-man John b. Clark to meet today with a group from the Straw n committee composed of Slrawn, Robert F. Carr and Ernest R. Graham i id School Trustee Lowis K Myors. Ou oE that mooting lt exported to come jiome langiblo program for roe-cue of Bankrupt Chlsago. Plans, programs, mon-etiry maneuvers and ell tho real of the mahiuery o£ relief oaled be^ido tho fact t h a t 18,000 city employes actually were he- ing paid part of their salaries, however. The money, the first they had received eiiue late December, had accumulated In city coffers from license fceu and liehicle taxes. 1,000 rounds Dynamite Goes Off. PHILADELPHIA, Fab. 14---One thousand oouuds of dynamite, contained In a testing cruet of Iho Eawt- wu Laboratories of the E. I, du i j ont De/ Nemotus Company, at Glbbstown, N. J., 18 miles from hero, exploded late last n ghl., No one was lajured. \Vlio to Patron Ijie. Those who aclvertlee In Tha Daily Courier. Walsh Joins Yankees GLAND EXTRACT SOON ALLEVIATE PAIN OF CAN IR Distinguished Surgeon Satisfied Great Stride Ha Been Mode, FURTHER TESTS UNDEJR \S AY SAN FRANCISCO, Fob. 14--"( oncer ·patienta arc relioverf of t h e i r li tolerable pain with tho most sun nalng when they recen the adrenal i ortex t ctraci injoctions "NoUnng like ^at has nappo cd in medicine before. Tlio illevial. tn ol awful pain by this inoihod is itself an achieve-meat ot tho giealej , ini- iwsrtancc Kvm f Drs Coffe and Humbct have nol (Usi ovcrcjl a 5 «ciflc cure lor malignancies, they hav . certainly found a remarkable me* IB to lessen tho chief curse ot cancer that Is, unbearable and cruel pain. "It is quite p l a n tba Ooffo and ITiunber are tho first cxperim- atern who have obtained an a4reu(U hormone that decreases cancer pa! and may bo proved to abolish the dis aae." Thib \ v e i p h t y op.nion ^.n piv n by ono of t b » moBt distinguished m tHcal scicutistB, J)r. Kdgxr L. (Jllcroes , tho founder and ao reLiry-lroisutr · ot the Pacific Coast S irnca' Associ tion, before which d o i l i r - t Will II ( offoy and John B. H umber, road their oporhal dtBcoverie-, of r iiH'or a th« Del Monte session la-st Sjiturday Dr. Gllr-TeeM's p r o n o u i cement was supporird by D 1 - Thomas V. M lion ISoth these Ir.tdlig surseonH had Visited the Southern. Pa-'ific Oe teral Hospital ihia fnioioon, where they had an o p p o r t u n i t r to observe Uws latest ph«isea of ijoffoy-itmnboi ex- poriroonLiil chnic»l work "The iiutiioritich )f (ho Piesbyt -rlan Hospital, iu Chlratro, Liid w red 1 me asking me if the 1XU v-li inibor i ea,t- ment was reliable." .s.iid Dr GUc e«»t. "So, f went d o w n to see Dra. C iffey and JIurabor I was irn jjenael} impressed by tho jx'rao dinary and quick relief from pain t h i t had otne to man of theue patients front the extract injection,, "There is scarcely enytbinf co torturing, tor instance," CDnUtiuet Dr. Gllcreost, "as the cancer of the to igue or ot the lip Now, hi su -h case tho extract injection J«KseaB pain .uu cu- ablea the patients to move heir tongues atiout and tcvl hitman a am. "The theoretical hglit tiat thes ox- porimfnta may t h r o w upon tho m tiiro ot cancer growths is of he gre tost mterfrat to scicnte, 1 affirmed Dr. Gil- crecst. "Science wonders why som« oils grow to larpe sizes aad otaers rca tain famall, wh some cells txxxime the cells ot one orguii in tho body anc the other cells go to another rerion. "Perhaps tho Cotfej aua Hut b«r research is the beginning of in? stl- gationa which might lead acienc · to answer all these tundanisntoJ q tes- ttons of biology. Through such I uslc knowledge alono man w i l l gain tb'e mastery over himself that is th.o xlm 0.1 scientific reafearchc.s. "The Paciflc Coast Surg-ical Asa elation feols naturally gtallfled that .wo ·f its original and esteemed moml us, Ooffey and Hunibtr, presented so epochal a icport beioro JU fccssio is." ! Sure ! Wbon y-ou WEW Class led Ade, in Tho Doily Courier "The oat is sonall, reetilts a-rc big. isourpno) rthebes: VERAiLmads Uobcrt E, Walsh, youngest eon of "Dig Ed" Walsh, pitching: see of the White Sox more than a ucor« of years ago, has begun his professional diamond career by «ifcn« ing a contiact with I h e New York Yankees. He comes to the major *· league* from Notre Dame. Extra Sizes, 44 to 50 $1.95 Oppenheim-Gigliotti Co. I2t North IMttslnirg S Greater Values at all A P Food The thrifty h tnnity to enjoy if c will welcome this crDpor- these Greater Values ai: her A P Store this week. The neighborhood A P customer is always assured of the finest quality at the most reasonable prices, so form the economical habit of visiting your neigiibor- , hood A P store daily. IViee* of to Heinz Ketchup Del Monte, lobby, 0* m Pineapple From Adulterants bottle Del Monte, lobby, or Hawaiian Crow Sliced, JJctviftHan No. 2 can £ \_ e Del Modte Tomatoes Popular Brands Cigarettes 2 £.* 25 C f e jUfxus^t) No. 1 Grade Scratch Feed lOOfbsack 259 8 O'Clock Cofiec ft 25c Red Circle Cof ee a 29c Bokar Coflee «35c T, Sliced! Jbacon sunnjjMd tg r^k,~»«» Ur f am r** a Wr V^ilCCcfC or Lonpwwi JiJi*, Cocoa k"* *"* l?c Whole Wheat ""ft, lOc Mothers' Oats $1 25c Beets ·""· to* M California Navel Oranges 23 SS ** Jracy TWn Skinned Lemons for Sctntrtn Swnbrite Cleanser Instant Suds fair Washing Dishs Super Suds 3 *. 23- 10c 15c 36 Floricla New Potatoes Fresh Ne w Peas 2 **» 25 C Doughnuts ** India Relish Kidney Beans Lima Beans * 17c Vinegar H^OA-T w Prunes ° K * KafleeHag * 65c Peanut B-utter * l?c Matchesg^ 2 Salar, Broken Sliced Pineapple 2 S iandani, New Pack Corn Qaaker-Maid, Oven Baked Beans NrwPack Tomatoes Hand Piclted Navy Pea Beans * ««« 10 e A Hooseihold Necessftf Gold Dust Teodtc Carrots c«i^mw 2 Mtribt ^ Potatoes Ik Oisr Meat / I^atetf at Department \324 ;M. Pittsburg St. Cut from Prime Native Steer ' * ' f Chuck Roast of Beef » 2 7 C _ Delicious with Mushrooms All Steaks Juicy, Tender Ib 39c Calla Style Pork Shoulder Cut Iron? Small Porkers ' Pork Loin Roast Ib 23 The Greail ATLANTIC PACIFIC Use Our Classified Ads TRY OUR CLASSIFIED ADS.--They Bring Results!!

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