The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 17, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILY COURIER, ^CONNELLSVUiLE, PA. FRIDAY, MAY 17,1918. ',':' " HEOIT F,- SNTDBB. " " ; - Toandcr mud Editor. 117 9-l»l«- Tina covmaat K. at SNTDCB. .'-..'-I-;;President. ''· ;' JA3. J. DRISCOtU . fcc'r and Treasurer. BuaineM M»=** r ' JOHN I* CANS, Managing Editor. WALTER S. .STIJCM1SU '. City Editor. MISS'UNNE B. KINCBlii, ...-; Society Editor. ,, : "JIEMBEK" OF: - ··'· ,.i' · Araoclatecl PreM. '- Audit Bur«»o of Clrenl»tton. - ., F«nniyjvani* Associated ruill««- ^ Two cent! per copy. 50c per montn; i» per yoar by. mail II paid .in advanras. Entered a* Kcond class matter at the po.tofBc*. ConnelliTlUe. Pa. FRIDAl 3UX 17,,, MIS. Hospital: Unit -l;.Ajnerlcan · £*-· . peditlooary ':Forc»», Franca, '· . .' . RAITH Tf. SLIOEK, : Company:R-«l»Hi infantry. · · · · -17. 3.' N. A.;.; .;.- - '^ ·· Camp Lee. Petersburg, Va.,:· MICHAEL . GR11NAL.HO. ' HAKOLD RICHET. · ' Bait«rj:K.Field Artillery. 2Sth I '· ·:. DiTtatot/TJ. S. N.,a. ' '· · . - .... JiLO;n.-B. COX any"*'.1 Mth I'.ngifiieers. U. S.'.A_. .Tbr't Myer;.Va. V i',' ;· JUtJtJS.CROUSE. 4 . ·; Company E,.. ··' ' CK»Irw»y. "Anwriesni Eipe- -1 dliionary'Forces, Prance. ; Tb» Associated m» Is ex, clniivtlr entitled to thj »»· lor republlcfttton-- ot all~;h*w» dls- i patches credited to It or . not I otherwli* '«r»ilted-Ui. this, paper .' and- also .tbe.loc*! ncwi hermla. SUB2£!UER FIKST, FXACE JflGO MATIOXS AFTEEWAED. By taking excerpts from the address ot Foreign Secretary Balfour in the British House o* Concnons yesterday, G*rznany:;iaay make the; construe it "as. evidence of weakening on the part;.ol;England and the Allies .as well. Thia; construction could'be .placed upott ;the address if the opening declaration, -were taken without relation "to" Jthe.' qualifying statements which'followed. "II any representative of any belligerent country desires seriously to lay btfore V s any proposals,", said Secretary "Balfour, ""we are ready to listen to them." Taken apart from the statements which followed this declaration could be given, .a; wholly different meaning from that'intended. It Is well, therefore, that the British, statesman left none of his hearers in doubt r byC following "up 'h'is opening declaration · with' 'the reservation: that before anypeace proposal_will receive attention it must be jires'ented by accredited repijesentattvas of-jtKe belligerent countrira imd the proposal must be'in such formr'that the"-;«incerity of the offer cannot b« QuestjsaedV anitude of the= United States^and its Allies .on the.peace-proposition,'."None wants,^'says* Kttsburg': Gazette Times, "to.continue the'war; a day longer than. ia:.'actually necessary to the accomplishment oithe'ijbjecU for' which it is being . fought.- ~ .But none it willing to be turned'.aside from the prosecution of^:the war to consider insincere suggestions of negotiations coming from.'-persons;, iaviris; no authority to. "speak for "the? 'enemy, or speaking-for-it simply; to-cause con-; fusion. -.In-, other : words;". the;'initiative most be taken officially by the governments.-of V.the Central · countries. They must offer something concrete. Their propoemla mus*. be ; ;in-.form to be. considered;^ every.'catibii now at war with Geiminy and her Rallies." When Germany conies to a .realization 'of the" fact that unconditional surrender -is~the- first- condition' antecedent; to a.-^peace,jjhe ijriH fia«i ;ever y nation now-opposed-tcr 1 he'ready and wflling to.eriter into'negotiations, but not-until these conditions'.-hijiye been complied ·*!(£:.' It, must, a peace that settles, all." issues'-.raised by the . war, not ;a''»tartinjr point for .'another.. and pointed, proof ; »Y«rjr day now when tha lists of the kiUed and: hded'ue printed! ' £«·;: and ta- iury tnow Hi selection, or'preference, so In these lists the good_old. Ango-. Saxon name r:»ppe«r -. cheek by jowl ·with the" "Ce Uc, itte ^LjOlni «na the Slavic. 11 a Btefanii leads't»e list cm one occasion,a Roberts closes it- And if there be a Defago-there-i« also a Chrlstien, a Perlmutter, as well as an O'Brien, a Cleary, a Sullivan, while an Erskine, a Graham, : a Ball, «. Hani* and a Smith TriUi a KJecha. and a Klanii tell-'pl : - : ihe varied tamiljr and racial-strains, all-Ot whom are-ready tri lai^e andVto meet, death .lor' the country, of ,vtheir,. birth! ;or ''at'.their' adoption. This is the unity and faith that is£ baptism.of Are,.and every day ..repeats- ^the. same wonderful variety of .those -who have suffered or nave, passed, away forever. : JFor-tliose who are here the only sentiment possible rrt the face of thl» is the perpetual tribute of respect and a "hats all!" Anil when all' ti«factj-are."taken.into account, no wonder returning .-officialr,,; who hare been .working withV^the "iifen at Che front,:cry'but'.that "Americiinx bravery is: the biggest thing in Europe!" : Editor Ttie Clourier;- Dear Sir:-- -I Me^ Some people" are'' "makr'lni: 1 ', the. same kind o f . a Daily Noise'in : -their per-. slstent 'attempts to ~dum3 the boys of Company D inito the : front line trenches, before they arrive in-'France, that they did in.'try life to drowii. William Lewis Bail of the 20th Engineers: -who -was safe-»pn~the-.goil~of France.when the sdania" was jSunk". by" a Hun snbma-. rino," ' ' ' · ·· . -j' . ^ I /Beifa'g^ enpaVed in tie oheprful pastime of clipping;, coupons;- these · days the- hqjd^rs; of - -the Second ' Liberty, bonds are"reatiirnff'TtK'at'it^pays to bo prudent investors -while also being patriotic citizens.'" ; " "..-Nobp'dy,'wlll' be'KTlide ;the postal ern- pldyes the "Increase- in'-salaries which seem to be-in certain -.prospect, the Senate .'hsyinK ^approved. .;thb measure autborizinsr'- itlie.'Increase?.-,It will be ^eservrnn:- .but.: somewiat^ belated reward for' riHthfbl.'service. Yesterday's'. 1 ' ' speedway' casnoltiea were- limited to ; .two nien injured, one seriously-'. These happy circumstances, we .are informed, "gave 15,000 people two spine-chilling thrills," which apparently are necessary in that (rime which is.a '/ereat aid in developing the American motor." - . The German* .aie learning, many things abo'ut '/the-" ApiericJai^troops abroad, things which .they refused to believe'were-jiMsibie or: about.which they had inade up their minds, no matter what .the facts were. Their daily illumination as'to the numbers, tho fighting capacity- and the resourcefulness of American, troops will increase as the time 'goes by, says the Philadelphia Ledger. But if'there ore any of the writers and thinkers over ~ : there, if there are any exchange pro-. feaBors who; have enough .time lefl t from- their favorite pastime of abusing " and misrepresenting American life,.it ^there- Is' ray one in. Germany, in fine - "that-' has any capacity .for .noting a fact, he.must now .thing, I and "***· is, that whatever 1 their names, whatever their-, origins," whatever .their previous national relationships, the American officers and soldiers'abroad ;are Americans all through. That:this is so we know';'that itias' oeen so "for generations we also know; hot '.Europe .has thought .differently. ...Of all those _who have ridiculed the ,-Iaea that w« had developed or were '.able to'develop a spirit of ;nationalit"y ahd patriotism, the Germans have been the most "unsympathetic and most insulting"lii their indictment of what the? considered waj but - a hodgepodge citizenship. ' la deed, while the^ Spanish flung this when they^ were at war 'with/as; and while it isjai favorite idea of. the.-Mexicans also, tliV · German derision, has' even gone fur-" ; ,ther; partly because, 'as is now plain";! they believed they had set-up a·';$-' cret counter-propaganda which wasVtp ;.reduce the United States to the status;- ·«a Colonel Bbose*elt has-well put;ii. of an "internaJSonai boarding Chouse;?. 'with Germ»ny;,rnling "fli'e~;board^ P»n»tfnc the Pulpit . .-Belief onto - "Watchman: Last Sunday, according to newspaper reports, · pulpits in various sections of tills- state, .-were surrendered to J. Denny ; O'Neil, Martin J. .Brumbaugh, Francis -Saunk Brown, . John R. K. Scott, A.. Nevin Dotrich and other politicians, 'to work politics. Of course all these persons' made the pretense that they were promoting some moral intreat but that is too absurd to de- .ceivo any' one of active mind. Xost 'of them.are not concerned about moral .questions or principles. Thofr are politicians ".who were deliberately prosti- tutin'the pnlpttsr they occupied to partisan-uses. They don't care a anap-.for "fnofal Issues."' ' T V : ' ; .. ' ,, "We. have' before, protested against thlSiform of polluting the-pulpit, bu'£ it is) increasing Instead of diminishing. Jne,;of "the. offenders ,spoke : fronl Jialf V;. dozen 'pulp.£s on'-Sunday . and- some of the others' could' hardly lay. claim to an interest in the subjects they were discussing. But they availed themselves of the opportunity toVtiringr themselves, and .. the politicians.*..'they represented, into" notice. under '· c6ndl-~ tions that roost be repellant to'the- m i n d s , of. cenulhe worshippers, oj Christianity. In the interest'f. "morality, in behalf of decency, '.-every ohurch merab'e'r In the commonwealth, ought to resent this outrage.. ':'. .. .'.' Imagine -a - "crap game" under ' th shelter of the church or'a "nlchle-ln- th«-slot'.'. device . in · the, chancel. It would be scarcely less ihoon'gruoaa .than .politieal^plrat'en prating : about morals from the. pulprt for -purely selfish and' sordid reasons. A.-politician ,w-ho-reaorts-to such expedients to gain votes iff inherently and- fundamentally"dishonest an'd" should'.'be so universally condemned that no man will, in the future attempt so palpable a fraud. There are plenty of \ places .for -.partlsanv.- discussion:. * and.;' a m e " ' " ' ' ' polluting" the 'pulpit of 'the Christian church. · . Edgar . A. Guevt. THE FEWEST. FEIiOWSHIP.' There may be finer pleasures than just trampinj: with your boy. ; -.And .better ways to spend a day,-:there may be'sweeterjoy, ' :'-J' There may- be' richer -fellbwahip than ·that of.son,... ,.:. . But 1f"there 1«,'I know it'not; it's one I've- neveja-hadl . ' , ) · - '· · · Oh, -some nwty ;1 .chobse to walkv with kings and men of pomp and .pride. But as for me, I choooe to hare my : : ' J yoTrngster _at"my side. : ' - . - ; . ' ; ;..· And|:so)ne. : ma'y.;]lke'':-the'.*rosy 'wayv-of ' irrown'-up'"plea»urea"'glad, But I would go a--w»ridering with just a'little lad. Tes, I .would seek the woods "with him and talk to-him of trees. And learn to-know the birds *a-w!ng and-h'ear their melodies-, · And^I w^TuIdi."arpp. all worldly care and . f ·:· 'ij a boy:., awhile, ' /. . ' ; 'Then -hand-Iri'-h.and. come honie at dusk 1 . -^ 7 ;to see.the';mo^her smile . .Grown rrien w are.'^wearisbme , at times', ' . - J a n d sel^eh'''T)l.ea6'ures. jar, . 'But''Sons 'and .da^s : throughout the ^"-.-world the truest'comrade's-are. '. 'So^'wthen -T-wnnt" a perfect'" day with jrevery "joy^th'at's line, : . I spen'd'.'itiin the open with'that little lad o' mine. ' . . Q'Neil and Scott Should Be Defeated! jFOK H E W T ' n a B D PBONT room. Gentleman preferred. 505 South Plttsburg street.- .^. . . ISnmyS.t . .-"(Political jAdyertisement) FOB. BENT--^THRBE LIGHT HOUSE- eeping roo-ms with]bath. 1200' South Race. -No-children, j Trl-State 815. · - . ' . [ . ' 14maytfd _.. the metropoii- newspapers, that two o£ the. men seeking officea at the coming primaries,.^; Denny; O"Neil, : ; candidate fpr_ Eovemor; and · John: Hi K. Scott,' eaix- lidate for'-lieutenaht-governOr, refuse. to pledge ''themselves to. abide by the Republican-primary; .result.; By . their silence · they have given tie impression that they may run independently; in .the. event .of. their^ .the Republican' elector's.. Both Senator drawn from the silence of : 0'Neil- -and .Scott; than that their policy -is '.to 'break, up the Republican : partj[». if .they can,:'and elect : a; Demo- cratvto ihe-two highest^ offices in the state. Their attitude means th'at "yjsn will, either ' feat the .the prlma: . 'KepaBllc'aJns'everyTvhere admire loyalty, .countenance FOR RENT--TWU L.ABGE able furnished rooms for light housekeeping-. All conveniences. 410 North Pittsburs- street- ' llmaylt · or we will de- idates .who defeat us jat party; they will not disloyalty', especially among defeated candidates, and In a Sproul, O'Neil's- chief opponent, and j year like this, when it is so essential and necessary to place Republicans on guard and hold th«.. groat state of Pennsylvania In the Republican column, every true blue Republican sKouid hesitate long before .casting his vote for any man or men who look upon-politics . as a purely .personal matter, andr-who arc unwilling to accept 'the decision 'of a majority of the Republican voters. · The attitude taken by -OWell and Scott should mean their overwhelming defeat at the coming primaries. Yours, truly, 'G-EO.X. ARMSTRONG, -.. ' ' , .. Connellsville, PS. Senator Beidlemah, who; is : running against Scott, openly declarejthat they rill stand or fall upon the decision of the -Hepdulican voters, and,- if, defeatr ed, they will heartily support the vicl torious candidates. SenatorxSproul,"in the -very-first paragi-aph of'hls.platform, states, that lie is in honor, and duty bound to support, cheerfully and honestly,' all of the nominees of the ^Republican voters of the state. This statement const!; tutes words of a true Republican, one who believes in the principles of the Republican party, and who is willing to abide by the decision ot the majority. IE other words, no. other con- REPUBLICANS (Political Advertisement.) Every man who .makes liquor should vote-for J. Denny O'Neil. Why? Because his election means a new kind of politics in our state and county. Wilt tills new kind'of politics, men in that business, as long as it lasts, will be permitted to do business unmolested. Political. - assessments have been a curse to the business. As a conseQuence the trade has been a curse to the public. Will you not get your, eyes open? Every man who drinks liauqr should vote for J. Denny O'Neil. "Wiy? Because "with 'his election we will have a new kind ot politics in stats and county. The man who drinks beer or whiskey pays every political assessment and pays it many times over. We may develop the facts in our court some of these, days and will show that one political assessment of $50,000 has cost the beer drinkors of our county thousands'upon thousands of dollars. The reducing of a beer glass from 1* ounces to 10 ounces is a small thing, but that alone cost the patrons of oar saloons during the last eight years hundreds, of'.thousands ot dollars. Men, the chances arc that the election of. J. Denny Q'Neil wilV not short-en the life of the trade one day.' You have . been woefully,. deceived ; time after time in -our county that campaign funds might be raised. .Mr. Sproul is "dry." Mr. p'Neii is "dry." There is no excuse for a slush fund with which- to buy votes this ' primary. If there is money or liquor used this lime the information wtii be given to Joseph JT. Guffey,,the Democratic candidate for governor, who his solemnly pledged.that he will make good use of such information, "What Pennsylvania needs most is a new kind ot politics. It we must change leaders in order to get this, tor heaven's sake lev us change leaders now. . " A vote for J. Denny 0'-Neil ; is'a vote for a new kind of politics In our'coun- ty and state. · · ,' ', O'NEIL BEBOBUCAN ·-.. CO.UuSHTr COMMITTEE. p. s.-^Our.attcntion has been tailed to the circulation' of -unlawful siniple pink Republican -'ballots. The ·'; man who printed these, the man who circulates them, and - the man who uses them violates, the law. If any man otters you one, take it and mail it, with the name of the person who gave it to you, to the Committee, 45 East Main "street, tl-nlontown: In that way we can find out .who is responsible for this'violation of the law. whooping .down £he lane, to make the ·neighbors, feel- iriorp gay. Men stand around : and sweat. and quake when hews of evil ..luek.\ arrives .but'there is nothing r tha.t?can shake the Spartan couratre o£ their, "wives. .Oh, woman, 'irj^our hoarsTof ease, you play bridge 'whifft -· for :funVor- kale, but when the war...flags hit' the breeze, you shame trie rabbit hearted -male. - '- Theinews that comes from o'er the aeas : ofc. makes my. face , with faar JJTOW pale, and I can feel my tootsies freeze, .-while -I'perusie the-.-dismal tale,: I read : howTeu.ts have pushed a wedire. right through.-;the.;allies, deep and Tvide, and I eiclaim, 'It's time .. to Every German. In a foreign land. is, in official Gerinany*3 eyes, an outpost of German- autocracy. Every outpost ^ot. '.Gorman .'business' Is'. considered an bntpcst ; of J the - German '-' government"- And. .the .careful record 'that has been kept . of: German emigrants in . ; 7arioriB parts bf the Trorid shows, only .;ioo weil--how.~much;Gcnaany is inter- tjated in 'her. emigrated citizens -- ^how much slie r stiU\couats on their being ..'at:fheaTt; ready to forward te* interests/ evea to the e^; : tcnt of .damagiiir.'.tlie. interests of th« 'lands of 'their. "adoption. " Foijr - .maps"""-; reproduced in the ·"Worid's v: Work 1 fbr'May are taken from Pcrthes' Alldeatischer Atlas published : in^ Germany ,aiad. containing' a large number of similar maps, showing Germany's, centres of influence all over the' , The United -States; Canada,:. Brazil,"; Chile, South Africa, Australia; .and a dozen other countries have all to . consider the German in their Amidst- '.In. 'thq;;. : . United' /States; "nearly a £alfd "of the country 'is, 'according to one of the maps, said to be more Uian 30 per cent German. It is . hardly conceivable that the .'percentage is so high, but it serves to bring. ; home the. seriousness of the 'situation. Parts of Brazil are nearly 100 per cent :German ! ' There ,are, on, the map .of the .United States, " hundreds of... crosses showing .German -churches.;. But .they are there .not., to . snow, any religious tendencies T-notj to.,snow. ; any'. moral 'benefit .to. the "country as a resiilt^of .GermaaQ Immigration--not' to 'show the - high standard of 'the" German 1 population. They are there merely to x show "the centrea of German infiuence-- of .German Kul^ur, . merely" . to show. to. what extent" Germany, is .prepared to .under- 'mine /the -interests /of '- 'the .. United "States when those'iiiterests, clash, with ·the interests 'of tKe" Fatherland.. According. ; to :the- 'figures', in -the 1900 edition. vpt. the. .'Alldeutscher ..Atlas, there were at -'that 'time more than ten millloo ; G«rmans : jTi Xmerica. Nine 'cities of the : United. States .had -more than 100,000- Germans each, while New York's., total. 1 ' was .slightly more and agpX-,; slightly.^ less^.than . half a ' " ' ' - ' : ' - : but'-at this hour'~ail be'ts 'ar'e''off, and "jAmei.V^purylKnsentations a r e . a j f n -St:oniy.-iose^ i perchance, .-a .brucej.'of \dke.r-;Wh'afc^f:i buT^-armies sometSmes. ·Tbnl.lifnpWKWe'li E*t" tho 'Teuton's''hide;' and :na.H:it deftly "to thti "barn." Thus: shamed by ^iiy Amanda Jane/'I'Bhoo' iny~ .dotard . : fear».. : *way^-anift^o,,;k*r;j; many's interests. These are not citizens ot foreign land*, retaining only a friendly, memory-of the Fatherland. They are, to Germani officialdom, Germans, ready to do Germany's work-ready "to serve Germany in whatever capacity she may 8es;fi£ to place them. Here is merely .another example of Germany's schema of world empire-- enother step on icr .way to : a "place in. the sun." ; WANTBf) -- TOUR BARBERINO business. RENTDINE'S. ' tf WANTED--[LADY SECOND COOK at MANHATTAN CAFE. IBmaytf TVANTED--DINING ROOM' GIBL and dishwasher at HOTEL HAAS. · ··· ISmaytf far hue. FOR SALE--ONE J. C, HEAVY TEAM. FOR SAXJS--FRBSH JERSEY COW and calf. REV. D. E. M1NERD, Dunbar, Pa. . 16may2t FOR SALS--A HORSE. WAGON and harness. Will sail cheap for cash. D. SINCLAIR GROCERY. 16 maytf FOR SALE--TOMATO PLANTS, 15c per doson. Apply H. T. WILSON, 316 East Fairvictv avenue. SroaytC FOR' SALE--SIX ROOM COTTAGE, hot water syETtcm, gaa an d electric. Inquire J. H. HENPERSON, WUls Jand. 'Both phones.- - ISniaytf FOR SALE--.1915 3TORD TOURING, 3916 Ford touring:, 1917 Motz, good condition. One Chevrolet, one 1917 Sturte- hafcer r chummy roadster, 1317 Studc- boker seven paaaeneer, ono .scc,ond hand two-ton Acme truck. "Xll in ^ood condition. OAJCLAKD SERVICE STATION, 217 Everson a,vonu, Scottdale, Pa. ' 17may2t FOR-SALE--THE DEAN BOTTLING Works. .Best business in the city, for the money Invested, doinp enough business to employ two trucks. Reason for aelllnp,' golnf? to servo my conn- try. .This- is .worth any. man's consideration. Will teach you this hustneea before Tearing;... DAVID HARDEN, proprietor. " , . 7 " · · -Smaytld FOR SALE--FORD TOURING CAR, 1914 model, good condition: Cheap to quick buyer. J. M. SHIELDS, Valley Works; · ISrnaySt* FOR SALE--REGISTERED JER- scy cow, was fresh- last Ifarch. Good inilkor antl a'splendid butter cow. A. D. BLAIR, Dawaon, Pa. IGnmySt FOR SALE--IS ROOM HOESE, rents tor JGO.OO, for 53,000;' $2,000 down, balance to suit purchaser. E. F. DEWITT, Scottdale, Pa. Bell phono 299-J. 17may2t FOR SAL33--FURNITURE. MUST sell by Saturday lour piece bed room set complete, two ohatrir, three parlor chairs, table used one month.. Cash only. 112 East Patterson avenue. 17m*y2tV FOR SALE-^nLLY . EQUIPPED Ice cream parlor. A money make*' at rht price. Can give inrmediate possession. Good reasons for nelline- E. F. .DeWUTT. Boll phono 233-J.. Scottdale. Pa. ' 14may4t FOR SALE--FURNITURE OF ALL kinds, new and second hand. We also buy second hand forniture Cor ripht prices. Call at CONNELLSVILLE NETT AND SECOND HAKD FTJRNTTURE COXrpANTT, 123 South FlUsburg- Btreot. Tri-State 762. 15may4t LOST--POCKETBOOK CONTAINING four keys and small sum 'Of money In victnlty of First Natlon-al Bank building. Reward If. returned to...Courier offlco. ISntaytf Notice. KEYSTONE ' CLEANING PARLOH- Brlng- your -Panam-a. nnd straw hats to CH^VRLES COCOS. 170 Web-t Crawford aycaue, ConnellsvlUc, Pa. .3may33t Sotlce IF THE PARTY WHO .PICKED UP black pan velvet handbag: containing money in small black purse will Jeave samo - a t '-The Courlor office no ciu tiona -will be asked.' Otherwise further steps. will be taken to secure same, as party la known. :17may2t' Notl THE SCHOOL HOARD OF'STEWAKT to^msliip - will meet at Ohiopyle on May' 25. at 10 A. M. for the purpose ot electing teachers and receiving bids for fuel for the schools. Every teacher mutrt sign contract on above date or .position win be declared vacant by board. JOHN HARBAUGH, Secretary, Victoria, Pa. - ISrnayllt Notice. WANTED--BOY FOR PORTER AND to work in drug store. J. C.'MOORE. · - . llmaytf WANTED--SECOND HAND TYPE- wrlter Call 7-t Tri-State or ;Bcll 39, ' . · UmaySt WANTED--PAINTERS AT CONNELLSVILLE CONSTRUCTION CO. 17maytfd WANTED--MALE ; CLERK,. AND nicssenger boys ovwlS. Call-B. O. MASTER MECHANIC. ISmaytf WANTED--JOB AS WATCHMAN by experienced man. Address WATCH 7 MAN, ; care. Courier.. ^ ISmaylt* -- ·WAHTED--GIRLS FOR KITCHEN work. MRS. C.. J. ARMSTRONG. Yduffh House Restaurant. ITroaytf . . . . '-/ ; : 'possii)le'for'a'German to take oT^t: citizenship, papers In^'.a foreign country, witho.ut losing ci^Jioiis^p in Germany. : r : He"' : "can 'uphold^ Jhe;cpns11JniiQii,of th ^iijted States ·wi^oUt^Ing^cpnqidered'.by the .German' gpyernn^en^-vaiiytibing.;. other. ;than .a-.;"Geman i swb je^ maps', contained^ iii^VpisHlfei*,' sceis^las/ar^ official ·Gefma'n T '8 : '.ide'a-r6i"'^'"nufeb^^ inan citizens 'ia fpreign^ lands, owing: ; -WANTED--BOYS'AND GIRLS OVER 16 years of agro. We" pay carfare. CONNELLSVILLE, SILE aqX,K.. ISmaytf WANTED--BY YOUNG BUSINESS roan and wife S or 4 . unfurnished rooms for lig-ht houackeepinfi-. .Address C. R., care Courier. - ·· HmaySt* .WANTED--AT ' ONCE, MEDIU1I size house -with - convenlcncea' or apartments. Call -.747 either phone or Bell 771 . - ' . - " · '. * imaytf WANTED--TO BUY A 10 OR 12 .'roo-m frame 'dwelling In' a good loca-. 'tion. Call A. K. WAGONER, Tri-State 825-X; Bell 148. : 17may3f WANTED--GIRLS TO WbRK IK refreshment-Stands. · Cashier, cook and laundress.:, -Apply'-to .H. E.' -HAMPE, Olympla P,axk,.licKeeBport, Pa. : .. ,;.,.; '.'' ?;· y!;".t . '. ." 16may3t . NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT a petition was presented to the Honorable, the Judges of the Court of Quarter-Sessions of the County of Fayette, state of Pennsylvania, May 15, 1918, at No: 1CD March Sessions, ISIS, C. D., and ordered filed, praying for authority to proceed -with the improvement as x a bride wearing:, surface on a concrete foundation sixteen (16) feet wide of that certain section of public road or highway \ n South Union township: .Beginning .at Thompson X Roa-'iH on the McClellandtown road, and extending In a westerly direction to the South. Union township line at Carcv- belltown, .a distance, of ..nine thousand two hundred -and flfty (0250) lineal f ee-t. ' .. -. Said application will bo .laid before the Grand Jury on Friday, June 7th, 1913, at 1.30 o'clock P. ;M.: LINN V PHILLIPS, County Solicitor. : - ' , · · ; · - . ' · ' ' - V . - -may-17-24-31 Notice to Contra^ torn. SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE RE- colved by the Controller of Fayetto county, Pennsylvania, at .his'office in the Court House,- Unionlo-wn, Pennsylvania, until two ..o'clock P. M. Wednesday, June 12th. 1918, at wihich time they will be publicly opened and read Ih the office of tho County Commissioners, for tho construction of a double thirty (30) foot span reinforced concrete bridge over Mounts Creek in Connellffville City -at David- eon Wlorks. . Plans, proposals and -specifications for the above bridge can be uecurcd at this cfSee of the County P.oail anO Bridge Engineer, Court House, Unlon- toy,-n. Pennsylvanfji, Cor the sum . of five (55.00) Dollars par set. " Each proposal must be accompanied .by a certified check drawn on* a bank in-Pennsylvania equal to ten per ce.._ (30%) of the amount of the proposal. Tho rlsrht to. .reject any or. all..proposals .is expressly reserved. HARRY KTSINGER, County, Controller. WANTED^--FARMBH, MAN WITH-| small family to.. live-y.and -'work on. ; farm, tmunt ,.hkvo-,sbme- .experience. F. "V. 'PBRRY;. .iScoitdale, Pa;. Both phonos. ··,,'; -·-·;,'; ' · 16may.'it won. '- WANTED-^BY:WHOLESALE HOUSE gentleman bookkeeper. A.nswer in own hand .writing 1 , ' sriviny; experience, affe and references. Addreas BOOKKEEPER, care Courier; ; .. 17mavLt.'.. *or Kent. 3--T-WO NICELY. , FUR- nished .rooms for light, housekeeping. 1212 Vine street.. . . . . lOmaytfd' . FOR RENT--THREE : AND, TWO room apartments. FLORENCE SMUTZ. ··;\. - . . . . . . - . . ' . ' · . - : 14raayt'f FOR RENT--THR33E FURNISHED housekeeping rooms.' 236 ' East' Crawford. Bell 213. . · ' IGipaySt* -;. FOR .KENT--TWO LAHGE-UNFUR- niahed rooms-, for light Housekeeping. .No-children. ,509 East Green street.'· " ' SEALED PROPOSALS. WILL BE !RE- ·ceived by the Controller" of· · Fayette county, Pennsylvania, a.t his office in the Court House, Uniontpwn, Pennsylvania,' until two o'clock P. .M. WeQ- nesday, June 12th, 1918, at w-hich timo Ihfy will be publicly opened' and reud in. the .office of .the County Commissioner;?, for the construction of" · a thirty-six (36) foot span reinforced concrete arch over White's Creek about one mile north of ConnellsvHle on th'a rdad leading from Connellsvillo to PonnsviUe. '· .'Plans, proposals - a n d spcci Scat Jons for the above bridge can bt* secured' at the office, o f . the ' County Road and Bridcre Engineer, Court House, Union- t3wti. Pennsylvania, for the sum of ftvo (55.09) Dollars per act '. Eaeli' proposal must be accoriipariiel by a certified check drawn oh a bank in Pennsylvania equal to ten por cent (ID^p.) of the amount of the proposal. The right to'reject any or all pro- .pd,5K.lB is C3:pre3S,ly'.reserved.. HARRY. KISJNGER,.. County Contralier. '. " ' ' During the next thirty days every department should be watched closely for our advertised bargain announcement There will be offered great opportunities in all kinds of men's, women's, and chi^ dren's wearing apparel, including marvelous shoe bargains; The bargain special ties will extend 'to the grocery depart ; nients, meat departments, and every othei department in our large stores. Do miss them* S3 lanre Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and ATleghay Counties. In White, Grey, Field Mouse, Brown and Black. The woman who demands a perfect fit, who insrts on the. newest and best styles, who desires QUAl/rY FOOTWEAR ·will do well in coming to us. We please .yu. We save you money. · . - . · YOUGH TRUST COMPANY HAVE YOTJ -CBIED OUR CLASSIFIED ADLET Horner's I .;QofMng| ocococoococioocoocooocooooo J. B. KURTZ, MOTARV PUBLiC AND REAL ESTA.7E. tit. * South Meadovt

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