The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 14, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1930
Page 12
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PACE TWELVE. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNEL7 SVTLLB, PA. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, MOTHERS ARE LEARNING USES OF MAGNESIA from the beginning of expectancy tint.11 baby is weanod. That's the time P h i l l i p s Milk rl' Magnesia performs t h e greatest Kervico for many women. It relieves tin- cxpnctaur. mother's nnusf-a, hwtrtiburn, "morning sickness," ineination to vomit; h«lps her digestion. I I R mild hut effective laxative action juwnres regular bowel mo-VRtnent. Phillips Milks of Mapuesifl. is batter than lime w a t e r for neutralizing cow's milk tor iatiint feeding. A tesi- spoontul of It does the work of a half nint of limo wai.or. It is a mild laxa- t i v e ; harmless, almost tasteless. All drug storoB have Phillips Milk of Masnosia In pencrouK 25c and 50c bottles. Always insist on the gcnnino, endorsed by physicians for 50' years. "Mllfc of Miijinosla" has boon tho 17. S. R«gls*OTecl TraU-e Mark of the Chus. H. Phillip* Chemical Co.. and its predecessor, H. Phillips, since 1875. FRBE: to yo ing mothers and prospective mothers; "Useful Information," an invaluable little book on th« health of mother and child. Write the Phillips Co., .U7 Hudson St., New York, N. Y. It. will he s«nt absolutely t're-o of charge.--Advertisement. When Is a Squash a Pumpkin? OKXAMCKCiL C3OUKQS ARE. AND NOW IT IS THE LEOPARD COAT WHICH CAPTURES YOUTHS' FANCY r AH! RAH! t AH1 ** The »eopard coat wins at the football game. This year It s tba leopnrd coat vrhli h laying siege to th* heart. Incidentally. th» p o c k e t b o o k , t the yoanff woman wh as- plrca to drees op to the- standard fashion set* for outdoor occasion. Most every coe. who IB style-nlert it tne i« not already the hippy possessor of a leopard coat cove's unto the point of determination to icqulre one even It she has to break into her Christmas -fund at tho bank to pay for it And ·who can Maine bar with irneh captivating models to tempt her as are shown In the picture? Tills handsproe coat emphaata** two important style DOlnts, namely: the favor for beaver as e trimming and the vojrae for fanning little muffs. Bearer as a trli itn!n« both on contrasting furs and on doth is on* of tb» featured styles 01' tb* season, As to leopard not only for entire coats but wbert'ver opportunity affords, this chow;, spotted fur Is being Intrlguingly voiked Into the mode thin season. An outstanding fashion Is that of the b ack cloth fur which 1» trimmed with leopard. Then, too, It Is smart for this yellow-splotched pelt to finish off ·« he neckline and cuffs of the seal or be iver coat And strain milliners are mal Ing wonderfully cltr- er hat-and-scarf icts in which leopard fur plays a spectacular role. Anyway you take it the novelty tat coat fa) « vary Important style factor ia the outdoor enthusiast's wardrobe. A type which rogteten with chic In the iportsy group IB th« coat all of cream colored lupin with Ml£ .collar and cuffs, nnd which flares from the shoulder. Other stunning coats combine brown pony with pain beige pony In checkerboard *ff«ct. Sportswear Interest atno aronnd raccoon, otter SAM! muekrat, the coatj boasting novel collar and sleeve trea:m«;nts. Youthful tan of this sort are th« typ* which lasbioa i Bporaora at not only football games but nil. other outdoor events as well. It might also IM added that the leopard fur eo«t bfts become a style factor tor children a* well as their etcfers. A novelty of recent appeai-anee and which promise* a widespread vago* In the far shottlkir cape with t high collar. Some of the very aevrest doth coKts have a detachable fur cape, the ennomble Idea carried oot with a mat chin* nra(t · JDLfA BOTTOMI.BT. There are times when you think you are eatiu-g enttash but you roally are eating pumpkin. It isn't your fault or the squash 1 ;*. 'Blame the botanlsta. They sro constantly revising classifications and yon will nnd ia late botanical reference works that vegetable marrows and stnnm»r squashes such as the crooknecks, patty pana and scallops are pumpkins You will also discover that the p r e t t y little yollow ami green striped gourde are pumpkins too. ScienUileully they aro blood brothers of the big yellow field, cow, pie or Hal!ow«'on pumpkin, and their family name is Cucurbtta pepo. The sup.ury little sweet potato squashes in tho fall and the Quaker pie squashes and the Japanese pie pumpkins are all members of Cucur- bita pepo, the pumpkin tribe. When you sot to tho good old Hubbard you have a real squash, no pumpkin about that, yet there are members ot this squash api^ies such as the giant Oushaw and others which aro commonly k n o w n as pumpkins. You can never bo quite sure whether you are eating squash or pumpkin seientlncalSy unless you look it up, but they iaato as weJl under oil her name. The summer and small fall squashes are rapid popularity although thi y are pumpkins to a greater or less extnnt. Tho sweet potato squash, F iM-eiUifteally, IB Cttcurbita moschuta and tho Hubbard trlbo i« C'iK'UrbUn maxima. The bv4h summer squahes are imuvpHns just as much as the v i t i l n g kinds. The UUle acorri srtuaslieB. w h i c h .ha\ e flocked to market, iu the last fe'V si wagons and have f o u n d ready markot lr-caune oC their thick sweet, s r e Cucurbtta pepo or pumpkins. Tho principal botanical difference hcuv-oeti j-umpkiria aud squashes i» iu s h e f u t i i f . c , not. in the fruits. The p u m p K i t s have toliage and atoms stiff, rough a i 1 har.ih to t h e touch. ' The I'oiiago i-l tht squiisheu is soft or at ]i!a»l. noi I m r n h to tho touch. Pumpkin lfiiv!.- aro strongly lobed. True .*a.KaK'ii ii.I.VR» aro very slightly lobed or HOI. ';ii a l l . Magnesia Best For Gassy Stomach Blsurated M;igrncsia Promptly Ends Gas Sourness and Acid Indigestion. Advice to Girls By ANNIE LAURIE If ovcrrythlntf you ont turn* to «a.s a rid y o u r ntomac ; Is a constant ferment of sourness untl Acid Indlgrijutlo.n, try taking tt little --arc Bisuruted Mt\K- ncslu after m e a ' s for a while and eret ihc Imrr.cJIatc ellef thia alrupKs jire- soripUon so u n f a i l i n g l y gives. It is a aorloiiK ini.fUike to seek relief from Indigrestioi or a bad etonuiv-h )y using pepsin or o t h e r artificial dltfeB- tanta. You get r o l l e r but but weaken the stomach and do not reach the cause which, nine tin ea In ten, IK s i m p l y "too much d" in tho stomach. Bisu-nte3 Mag-n sla, taken a f t e r miUilB. dissolves or i c t i t r a l l K o e Hie acid, sweetens and .cans up tho stomach, j lrlves out BUS mil bloat and lets the i stomach dijrt.^t /our food as nat-ure In- j tendeel w i t h o u t , i particle of troxiblo. I Rfillahle drug ;lats tverywhcre supply j genuine Blsura cd Magnoala In both j powtior ftTiI tab ftta In sefiUjd packo.^'tia. : ' Do not -icnfufli w i t h ordinary eltrftte, i nillk or l u m p IB ijrnewla. Be ,mire to ;;t*t ! f!isur;Lted. w h i r i l« especially prepared j for aclJ storna h trouble.--Ad- inent; LATJRIBft · - t am a »tr! to my tw»n» :g your advice. I lioen rotns with a boy for about a re*r lUid I IOT» htea very naoch. I ·went out with *, boy recently nd itotneone told the boy I iore that I did BometbiBtf wponr. I dJdall How CAD I prove Jt to hboT FORIX3IW. l^ORLOrtK; Th« boy you Jove fc «- enirtly triTlacnc«Ml If !i» ta wtnina j-j believe the word of Btrnnfrwr, r*th6i- than your*. Pwhapn tut fe (ant suffering from n good done o) tJd-famhionfjd JoaJouvy. T«U him you lid not mean to hurt him by going tut with another and that yo« icnduct waa a« both ywa ami t» ·rould wish )t to be. * * * ANNIH I am a girl of 18 and wtraM UVe to moot a follow who ia an ·usher. I r»we htm very of ton., and mm beginning to fJtl) in !or« wltd him. So glvo m« ixuo« tulYloo bctr ' I could meet him. HA35S3L. KTB3:; I cannot English Ju Man Mall«tone, . ·mas dealt b; tenced tkon monthic barcf i the "cat" lor ment of the o thin girl with you must be o like the pain her." Ige Orders Whipped At Poat England.--Swtft ju«dc« fnatico Swift, who uen- e Watson to thrw ,tC'i nnd 18 lashes with ·obbing a girl, th« corn- art being: "Ton treated ferocious cruelty and ada to suffer something rthich you ln£Uct«d on jrero how to become with the usher to whom you are *o jnterasted. Ho, DC doubt, far Intent on hi* Job and tot too buoy anft sensible to become hitm-crted In th^ Formula* for Rich** IB much troth in the myfng that "nobody ever gut rich on n farm," tC"hene t« deeper troth In Henry Ford's motto: "Nobody ever got r!oh trying lo get rich."--Fnnn and FlresWe. Use owr "want" Chic Sprit g Tailleur Is Developed in Tweed Summit SUMMIT, Feb. 1-1--Ml«e Helen Boyd of I'roiU-r was calling at tho home of Mr lind Mrs, John'Burnhart yoster- ciaj. H. n. l.-iriihart w idtencJing a rotcl sufcrvfcjri 1 . 1 ! C!nv«,Mi!,i(»i ut Scranton. Mrs. Vt'iwle Ilc-nfiul an! son, I,con,' mul Mis? Me!d;i 1-Iitvfon) wero culling on M o ' i n t I'toasiiut tritMids yostoixlay. Miv.. i'.]i/,;ibnth Mutthown and Mrs. j J i i f k M a - t l K ' W t ? of Bitn«r wore calling' on t!u v '.'n'lncv's siltittr, Mrs. Comnio- i (lurr KU-. i\ ro-iuUy. J :\!,. ;:;: ! M r s . .1. C. Jacohs of .Liberty ' v:.-;i;;ii . ir. aiu! ^!!·^i. H. I). Barnhart \S'-.,'t!f:;. .i.v. \\'i!;i;, .; S u l l i v a n of \vus t".il.!.-!!i at flu.* home of Mr. Mrv. .J«i!,ii Ij Ha id it Killed By C'Hlf vr,O, Feb. U.--Oharltw H. Sut- tou. mt orovlf ston o w n o r . ,-ihot and kilU-'l o i« xf (M-ct buiiiltts nnt wouiniri ihp ii'.rmrl -«"li«ii too pair iX.tfmptwl to hnld h i m up U.S4 nielli. Tit* «x-- [JHICHE8TER S PILLS *f_*~-^ 'tUH DUkMOMD BRAND. X oSiVSLt?'«?' *'"«.'" fo r FlIU l« JU i«iW^£: 9 S3K*ii"i* vw » r«M«to««««,B«te.we.Ai« r , ...._ *\~~F SOW W BRWWSTS EVERWUfflK Jnvesitijia THis * Service YOU ulll tike this better way of ·*· obtainliifj ttie money yon need. Our friendly plan lets you have Ihe money promptly antf. privately. Wo nut IIP no embarrassing Invos- I'lg-ations among your, friends. .We require IM» outside signera, You can borraw up to $300. Note ttusy payments INCLUDE lawful interest: 9 5.18. monthly repays $ SO. Imtn S 10. 5(7 monthly repays $150. loan ,$31.12 monthly repays $300. loan I Ait us tell you about our dignified loaning plan without obligation anil our service which extends over In Tho ploti P« tttows a ohartiUng tall- leu r for spring. This ensemble Is in Cray tw«« I, with « th«4ft-qiiairt«r. Itngth 60s*. tho ottlf* a«d oodar *f aW " «"*!. Coll, Write er Phona 1-34-3 lAoirtmtA br tho state Open 8 to tti3O -- Kntovdey 8 tn « UNION LOAN CO. National Hank Room M I -- Second Floor, GREiENSBURG, Onr Standing Guarantee--Satisfaction or Your Money Back, '·· Annual February Featured Values for Saturday TABLE DAMASK Your table is used three times daily. A frayed table cloth is conspicuous in your eyes, the eyes of your family and of any guests. Now is the time to rep lenish your nupply. Choose what you will of these handsome cloths -- now liberally reduced. i i 38 Inch table damask. All white with at raetive colored Ijorders Regularly priced at 69) per yard, Now ,. 55c Beautffnl Baaoo table damasfc. Full. 70 inches wid«. Regularly priced at $1.00 per yard.. V«ry apodal at _«------ 79c Dirrtiiies-- 17c yd. Make sil the. rmdci .vear ycm will need for aumrnrw with thia lovely dimity. AJ1 pas el ahades, Regn lar prloe 25c pt 1 yard. Mummy Poni;ee -- 49c yd. TABLE CLOTHS For those who prefer to Iray thetr table clot as made »p we are showing two very desirable numbers. One may be uaed daily, the other when you wtoh to set a finer table. An imported Irish liaen. All white with border of coutrasttog colors. 72 inches In width. Now priced Broadcloth 68x54 Jnt* mercerized cloth. Whit* with he«m- irtttchod hem and colored border. E«guiariy pdoed at A Irish Braits mum ay pongee in the natural coloi . Full M inchuH urtdc. Reguli r 69c p«r yarU grwule, Specia! at 4fto. OrgJindy-- 47c yd. You'll want *ererj 1 organdy frocks. Chol e of e ery Spring shatte. 40 inches w de. R««T- laxly priced ai 59c per yrL Shirtingrs -- 39n yd. Men jtnd beys wiR lllte atitrte inadu trom this h« duatDa silk striped ahlrtlngs. Kogularly priced at 45o iui4 I c ier yard. Great Cloth- 29: yd. 95c An imported cloth of puro Irtflh linen. 70x?0 Inch size. Choloe of floral deal^ns. Boeolar pel» Mow $2.95 DO YOUR WINDOWS HEED NEW CURTAINS? Oar well stocked Drapery Department is ciffering a number of unusual values for this tfebrao7 WMte Sale. You'll find it to your advantage to iuiy Spring curtains and drakes at these roductione. acts of bar- rod cottage" cartaina. Trimmed with pink, bine and groen bands. Mow 34c yd. In white only. Suitable for dressea, waists and shirts. S6 fcuehe* wide. Another nule is now priced at 48c per yard. Poplin-- 47c yd. White uwrcerized popliu for making garments of .eve 17 d«« scrlpttoa. The 36 incU w id tit is reduced to G9c per yard. Nurses' Cloth-- 35c yd, K inch In eern only azui « 0 ~»^~. with many choiot designa. ReEnlarly priced at 6c per yard. Spocia, 97c 59c 40 and SO inch srarim in white only. Regularly priced at 50o and 76c per yard. Nov Dotted swlw, irith both largo and small dots, and barred marquise ttc. 36 incite* vide, Sp.ic.ial. per 'yard Alt Ideal c'lolli for n^aking caps and anifonita, SB inchvas vice. A. better grade is sieciaUy priced at 4c yard. Beauty Sheen -- 29c yd. 8C Inch satoea and plain or striped bwiaty sheen tor Blips. Other grades priced at S5c and 50c tike yard. 36 inch ffreat do U to whil.e only, lt*snlftfly I "load *t 3: per yard. The 44- uoh width, regularly f DC, is rodudod to 49c per yar-1. 45c 69c 35c-39c-42c Curtain Valance, Yard 12%c lionsty curtain ralancias ttii com- pieto your windows. BegolftHy priced at 19c por yard. 25c yd. Lovely voiles Cor every purposo. White and plain colors. 39 inches vride. Other grades at 45c, 50c and B5c p«r yard. : « I 1 , WiOdns Heard From After Two Weeks of Silence «$·;, * , jl """' t'^ *^ EtASE AT DECEPTION 1 After two /eelta of ominous silencii, iihe steamship WiHiam f Scowwby and it» p*rty «fnc« they vanished raox* thnn twr. w»ifc* Srorcithj-, b»f ! abip of Sir Hubert Wi^ina' Antai*ctic opera- ago, after setting eat Ummris a sea. of brok«n lc» fa nn n**V»«T? tions, has ai, ist been heard from. Now* of iho mianing party cswni j io flad a takJo* off piaoa loir Wilkinc' nrMrtMod ttjai SiTirSG from OP« at th« wbaiMM Omt IMKMI b«aa »tt«B»»^iJn8r «e finwi fine ' «MM Uta» -fmfai «·». »"J» AWMB B.SMI tut»

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