The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 17, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1918
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. The regular meeting of the "Worn- [iontown,. yesterday. . Accompanied by en's' Bible class of the First Baptist j Mr. and Mrs. Smith and James Mc- ehurch was held yesterday afternoon [Keel of Morgantbwri, a nephew of Mr. at tho home of Mrs. A. A. Wetherall io North Pittsburg street, with many members in Uttendr.nce. Tonight Mrs. Wethcrell will entertain the Ladies' Aid society. . The regular taceiing of the Ladies' Aid society of the Cochran Memorial church at Dawson. was held last'night at the home of Mrs.. George McGill at Bavrson. Mrs. William. Stargeoa will entertain tho : Thursday Afternoon Card club Thursday afternoon at - o'clock, at her home in Isabella road. Smith, he took in the races at the speedway. Drafted? If not, let me measure you for that new spring suit. Dave Cohen, MESS SERGEANT CHUBBOY OF- COMPANYD HOT ALLOWED TO SAIL WITH REST OF COMMAND Continued from Pqse One. in the present war. and nave been anxious to fight in the ciuse of free government for-which many of their forefathers sacrificed their ..lives .in. that unfortunate struggle of 1848. CHARLES SCHELLEB : ·"·'·· i. HOME" FROM CAMP. Charles Scheller is home on a seven day furlough from Camp. Meigs at Washington, D. C. He is a member ol the Quartermaster's Corps. Tailor.--Adv. Hear the Peerless Quartet, Billy Well attended was the regular meeting of the Woman's Missionary society of the Methodist Protestant church held yesterday afternoon in the church.. Following the business meeting refreshments were served by a committee, composed of Mrs. Rockwell Marietta, Mr?. J. G. Percy and Mrs. S. S. Maretell.T. The I. H. X. class of the Methodist Episcopal Sunday tchool will bold an apron social Thursday evening. May 23rd. in the church. A musical prc- gram, readings and a guessing contest will be the amuse»mnts. An enjoyable evening is afs-ureri all who attend. , ^ . Louise May, daughter of*A':torney and Mrs. H. George May. entertained eight of her little girl friends iiv Wills road, at a box pariy last night at the Paramount theatre in . honor ot her twelfth birthday. Mrs. May and^Mrs. J. Donald Porter .were the chaperones. " '. ilr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Ensle of Cumberland were tendered a reception at the home of tne former':* parents, Mr. and Mrs. John C. Ensle of Summit township, in honor of their recent marriage. Mrs. Engle was formerly Miss Lela Morrison o!' Confluence. Mrs. O. B. Croft entertained the j "West Side Needles orkers last eve- i ning at he^home in North PitLSburg ' street Tea members and two guests, ; Murray, Collins Harlan and other Victor artists, Monday night, May 20, swell . the proceeds for tfie Navy at the High School Auditorium. Help League. Have your seats reserved at once at .the McDonald Music Compan- once at the McDonald Music' Com- pany.--Adv.-17-lt. . . Are you looking for lime; Wo have it. Just received a car load yesterday. Anderson-Loucks Hardware Company. --Adv.--17-11 ' · BROTHER OF THOMAS LLEWELLYN IS CALLED ' IN THE NEXT DRAFT Mrs. J. F. Neiderheiser and Miss Rose ant Continued f*-om Po« One. Rudolph Sterbutzel. Scottdale. William Kestner, Scottdale. Harold John Camlin, Scottdale. Nicholas Crait Tarr. Isaac Vf. Taylor, Scottdale. Edwin L. Deusenberry, Unffsdale. John F. Byers, Scottdale. Joseph J. Frejofsky, Jr., Mount Pleasant. ·''" Charles Kestner, Scottdale. . A. J. Steigerwald, Scottdale. Jesse Reed Cable; Scottdale. Andrew J. Barbish, Scottdale. John C. Janicke, Mount Pleasant. Norman C. Schaffer, Scottdale. Edward Snyder, Alverton. .Leland C. Leighty, /Scottdale. . Joseph Sajorick, Tarr. ' Frank J. Llewellyn, Scottdale. J. G. Mawhinney, Tarr. : · Carlisle D. Hasness, Scottdale. Frank Patoka, Tarr. Charles Baraneky,-Tarr. Leon DiAmerie, Scottdale. Robert R. McGiffin, Scottdale. · George David Kelly, Scottdale. 'Joseph Skere, Tarr. Ernest C. Hodkins, Scottdale. Paul J. Jarrett, Scottdale. "William H: Shirey, Scottdale. Walter R. Hough, Scottdale. Stephen J. Novetney, Mount Pleas- BYBOK JPOBTER SENT j TO GEORGIA CAMP. Byron Porter, son of Mrs. George Porter ot Wills.road, is stationed at Forest, Ga., where he was transferred | from Po'rt Thomas, Ky. Porter left | lor'-."training camp with Pittsburg draftees. EOCKWOOD BOT DT FLTTNG BEANCH. Floyd Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. [ E. Miller of Kockwood, has gam to an j aerial training base at Chanute Field. | Rantoul,. 111. Following a five-weeks' course of special instruction-at Carnegie Tech, Pittsburg, Miller successfully passed the examination. DATISOS SOLDIEB IS BECOYEltlSG FEOX OPEUATIO!?. Roy. Brallier of Dawson, who ,is in training at Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va., underwent an operation several weeks ago and is in a convalescing hospital at Camp Lee. Bralller is a can of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Brallier ot Dawson. · McArdle, were present and spent most enjoyable evening. Refreshments | were served. The neit meeting will j be held at the home of Mrs. .Worth., Balsley in Snyder street. Rev. and Mrs. W. D. Cunningham left yesterday afternoon for Fulton, Mo., where they will visit their daughters, Misses Illoise and Doris, students at the William Wood School for Girls. At the conclusion .of their visit with their daughters they will · leave tor the Pacific coast, sailing from there. for Toklo, Japan, where Rev; Cunningham is engaged in missionary work. A farewell reception was held Wednesday night in the "Christian church in honor of Rev. and Mrs. Cunningham. Addresses were made- by Rev. Cunningham, Dr. S. S. Stahl. Rev. Gnorge W. Buckner, pastor of the church, Mrs. Buckner, and others. Miss Ella Hyatt, chairman, Mrs. C. K. Buttcrmore. Mrr.. J. L. Marsteller and Mrs. Charles D. Bailey, are in charge of the food sale to be held by the Martha Norton class of the Christian church tomorrow "morning at 5 o'clock in the room next to E. G. Hail's picture store. Seventeen members of William F. Kurtz post. No. 104, G. A. R., celebrated the 77th anniversary of A. S. Haddock at his home in West Crawford avenne yesterday. After the usual congratulations were paid to Mr. Haddock by the comrades and friends, he told of his war experiences. Several short addresses followed. Mrs. A. Kearas played a selection on the piano. J. J. Barhart read statistics ot the number of men that were either Wiled, died or wounded during the Civil War. After Comrade C. H. Whiteley read a selection W. H. Thomas, an invited guest, gave a very interesting talk. Mrs. H. T. Crossland, Mr. Haddock's daughter, and her aides served refreshments. The comrades of the post were invited to celebrate the 72nd birthday of A. R. Brashear at his home in Vanderbilt, May .22." -PERSONAL. . . . Jtrs. C. E. Enoo of Sycamore street, has. returned home from a two weeks visit with her sister. Mrs. G. M. Hall, wife of Dr. Hall of Krie, Pa. The best place to shop after all ftrownell Shoe Co.--Adv. Mrs. H. P. Snyder returned home . 'fast night from a visit with her moth- ?r. Mrs. A. K. Mclivtyre" of JtcKees- port For the bevt and cheapest repairs on that roof, condnctor or spouting, see F. T. Evans Estate.--Adv. Miss Katherine Dougherty of Pittsburg. who has been visiting at the home' of her brother. J. J. Dougherty, oc the South Side, returned home this morning. H. P. Snyder, Jr., was the guest of his sister, Mrs. Jame H. Smith of Un- CORN FOR MINE EVERY TIME- saj*s 0«5i% when it's in the form of .POSTjOASTIES,, Frank P. Haley, Scottdale. Frank Opelar,- Mount Pleasant. · Frank W. Somerfleld, Scottdale. Andy Janecke, Mount Pleasant. Guido Leone, Scottdale, Charles R. Reed, Scottdale. George Coensyney, Mount Pleasant. Martin Kriskovitae, Tarr. .. Preston S. Loucks, Scottdale. James F. Brown, Scottdale. H. H. Bentz, Alverton. Humes W. Herzog, Scottdale. "William Hopkiss. Scottdale. Charles H. Shingler, Ruffsdale. Raymond C. Felgar, Scottdale. John E. Schurg, Scottdale. Harvey K. Titterington, Scottdale. Steve Lowandoskl, Ruffsdale. MiHon-Pritts, Mount Pleasant. Harry J. Byars. Scottdale. Charles H. Paul, Scottdale. . . Norman S. Shupe, Ruffsdale. ·Wilbur J. Baker, Scottdale. Ralph J. MaJoney, .Scottdale, George Hresko', Tarr. Joseph Shinsky, Tarr. - · Russell M.V Weimer, "Scottdale. John Pitousky, Alverton. Clarence W. Boyer, Scottdale. Sol Bennan, Scottdale. Charles Bast Scottdale. THREE-FOURTHS OF FRONT MOST BE U.S. MANNED Continued from Pace One. before he is picked up an"d taken, to a hospital. While out there the wound becomes infected,', gangrene sets in, and it is necessary to yank off the limb. His clothing is all cut off and when he is sent to England, n o longer useful as a fighter, he doesn't'own thing in the world. Here the Red Cross takes care of him. "That only proves that everybody back here has to support the Red Crosa. It is lor your own hoys you are doing this. You have some boys back there . in London now--sick. You've got a duty back here--to back up your boys. Efrery time you contribute to the Red Cross you contribute to "the comlori of a soldier over there. "We* Canadians-don't, have any use for Germans," he said. He tojd of an occasion when a Canadian jjifi cmcined by -the' Germans. "They stuck bayonets in him and"hung;him on a post. We- took stern 'measures nOVTAJiD REPPERT OYEB HIS TAITEJfTS KEIIKTE. That the One Hundred Twelfth Infantry, in which are several Cpnnclls- ville boys,- has arrived, overseas is the belief 'of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Reppert, gained from a letter from their son, Howard E. Heppert, a member of Company M. The letter was. written at an embarkation port It is undated, but from it the part nts glean that the transport on which he sailed has reached port March Sloan ol Connellsville, and a man named Coughenour of South ConneUsville, arc members- of the regiment K. W. BAXTER SAi'ELT Uf FILUVCE. K. W. Baiter, a brother of Thomas Baxter o£ this city, has written home that he has arrived safely in France. He got into port aver there on May 3. The card announcing his arrival was received here Tuesday. Baxter is a member of the 61st Infantry, a Regular Army division. CLARK EAJuSTON IS OrFICIiBS'TRAETCfG CAMP. A telegram was received by J. W. Ralston last night from his son, Clark Ralston, in training at Camp Lee, announcing that he had received an appointment to the Fourth Officers' Training Camp. Ralston left here last September with draftees from D'is- trict No. 2. On his arrival at camp he was-.made a corporal and a few days later promoted to be a sergeant which rank he has held since: XOCHESE Ef CAMP IKE DEPOT BRIGADE. Albert Nosch«se, who left here on April 28 for Camp Lee, has been placed in the 155th Depot Brigade. Second Training Battalion company, Camp Lee. Noscheae is a member, of the Connelbrille Military band and previous to being drafted into military service was employed In the | shoe department of the "WVight-Metz- ler company. COMMUNITY SING TONIGHT Good Attendance ExRected tit High - ; School for Song Festival. The community sing at the high school tonight is attracting much ia- terest In the city, and it is likely that a good attendance will turn out for tonight The "sing" will, bs held in the auditorium and the singing will be led by a chorus 6t 100 .^voices. The chorus is made up of high school students in charge of E. W. Haviland. The song festival will include patriotic and popular numbers^. The "Songs of Our Allies" wiil also" be sung. This morning 35 minutes of the chapel exercises a^ the high school was devoted to the singing of patriotic numbers by the students. How Mien Handle Th«ir Jloney-- Hugh Chalmers. WUcn. an office boy in a Dayton factory Hugh Chalmers proved his ability to save money. At twenty-nine he was making ?72,000 a year and he saxed. money .just as he had on 'five dollars a week. Now. he is 'a man. of great'wealth, "but .he holds his- family: 'expenses'down to $300 a month. ..Such 'men, who learned to save .early in "life, 'arc the men. who lend money, to the. Government .and encourage business and improvement:;.' -The- Bank'h'e'lpV of retaliation and no prisoners are industrious people to accumulate mon- taken by us. We simply disposed of them. · . : . · ,, . ' ; · ; · "The German is no scrapper, when it comes to hand-to-haad fighting. When ire used to go over the top alter'them they would send up signals lor help. Individually the German is no fighter, | "COfiSE AND SEE" FRIDAY, MAY 17, 1915, TKe HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE; i29'tTi33 N PITTSBURG St.. CONNELLSVILLE': CONNELLSVSLLE'S GREATEST STORE Sample Sale Coats, Suits and Dresses Now for that Sample Sale that hundreds of women have been waiting for. Those who have often waited until the end of the season to buy high-grade Suits, Coats and Dresses have no reason to wait when they can coine here and buy Sample Suits, Coats or Dresses of exclusive styles at a wonderful saving of 33 1-3 to 50 per cent. Make it a point to be here Saturday morn-- ing .at 8.30. ' We want hundreds of women to own these Sample Suits, Coats and Dresses for such values have not been surpassed this season. '. Manufacturers and Custom Tailors have contributed to this Sample Sale, including--E. A. Adler Co. and other'manufacturers of high grade Suits, Coats and Dresses, purchased by our Resident Buyers of New York--Pond Dunn. The following letters are positive proof of bonifide Sample Sale-- The E. Dunn Stores, Connellsville, Pa. Gentlemen:-We have shipped yon our sample line ot both coats and suits purchased from your Mr. R. M. Cuthbertson at one-third off. We feej confident that .you will have a successful sale, as these models are made of very high-class materials, many of them heing copies of imported models and all of them, our very latent creations. We remain Very, respectfully youra, B. A. ABLER CO. There must be satisfaction in buying where sincerity of purpose is The E. Dunn Store. Connellsville, Pa. Dear Sirs: " The purchase oC sample garments we made for you are the very cream of the New York market. We have spared no time "or efforts to execute these gigantic purchases, and will be more than pleased with the result of our. endeavor. . .. . -is -you are well aware, Heady-to-Wear. garments of the high character your trade demands, are very scare and higher in price . than they have been in. the past Uventy- five years. - Yours very truly, POND DUNN. · Sample Suits $33.50, 837-50 and $45.00 Would be a fair price for these elegant Tailored Suits-for women and misses. Sow Prices at $19.75, $24.95 and $32.50. We bought these Sample Suits very reasonably and are selling them so. Materials are exceptional--styling is extra smart. All models are richly silk lined---material, wool velour, jersey, men's wear serge and silvertoues, in all (.he new shades. Sample Coats $19.95 and $24.95 "Values up to $15.00. You don't have "to give them a questionnaire to find out where they stand. Merit is written all over tliem. They look right, hang right, fit right and are right, and they are Sample Dresses 89-95 and $18,50 Values up to $t5.00.~ All new--thirty styles--at least prove the savings to yourself. Come see the Dresses. Note what a magnificent, display of swell styles and nifty patterns there are. See. with your own eyes the high grade quality, the snappy designing. Don't pass the Sample Dress Sale up as mere talk --you owe it to yourself to see how you can economize by coming to this Sample Sale. Trimmed Hats " , $3.95 and $4-95. '. An achievement in style and beauty awaits you. There, are the prettiest hats wejiave ever been able to show in the. just as attractive at close quarters^as \they are at a distance . famous line in which we take such special pride that we offer and just as carefully finished inside as out. You. have got j such excess value that you would hardly believe it possible to to see the Coats to appreciate what a genuine offer this is. ' produce such styles for $3.95 anT$4.95. . ' FRANCIS S. THAYNOR. ' Francis S. Traynor.died Wednesday ia the McKeesport hospital. Funeral from tie family residence in Glass-, port tomorrow morning at 8.30 o'clock and at 9 o'.clock from St. Cecelia Catholic church. The deceased was 16 years old and -was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Traynor. He is known in Connellsvilie. MICKIE SAYS OUR PEPOBTEP. SANS G-rVS V\VS GOA.T \s THE FELLER WHO NEVEtt QlVfcS HIM, NV NEWS \£ A.LWCWS HOLLERlhi* ABOUT TMEV BEIM 1 NO IN THE ey-and property. 'The Citizens'Nation- al Bank will serve ypiir best inter-1 ests. "The Banka?. at .138 North Pitts-: borg street, Connellsville. YOUNG BOYSJJIRESTED James .Scys and Samuel Giles "Bnicr Tri.State Candy Office. With toy cap ph'tols stuck in tbcir, belts, James Keys and Samuel Giles,* 10 and eight years old respectively, . were arrested by City Detective .Mjtchel] last night for entering .the Tri-State Candy company. The boys '-went up tho fire escap and through the roof into the .building^ They were 'caught by Hevbert-Hicbter, employed in.the office. The youngsters had not taken anything. - · Keys was given a hearing before Mayor Duggan this morning who ^warned him that if he,; was arrested again he would be sent .to a reform school. Donegal Man Dies. ." The funeral. of Edward Kuhns, who but he is trained as a machine. And] died Wednesday, at "the home of his believe me. It's some fighting machine which has to be licked. You'll beat the Kaiser all right but you've got to' f i g h t . . . . . . . "When the.Germans come over the. top they are in mass_lormation. All we have to do is shoot. We could 1 hit them with our eyes closed. When we go over we -go in extended formation. His mass formation shows he doesn't have th« courage of ns Tommies. Besides that we leave room for the machine gun bullets to go between us." Corporal Gowanj gave other interesting inscriptions of war condition! and added several ol the Jokes .that are passed among the. soldiers on the battlefield. He will go to UnSontown and other sections of the county bc-^ fore closing hlx tour. Try son at Donegal, was held this morning at 11 o'clock from the Calvary Evangelical church at Champion, with interment in. Mount Olive cemetery. Funeral Director C; B. Brooks was in .charge.\.;Deceased was. 85..years:.old and spent..virtually all of his life at and near .Champion. TO ADVASCE IN FBICE N EURALGIA For quick icjulU rub the Forehead ·ad Temples with EOWTiVOOB READT. Red Cross Privc to.Be. Opened With Farndo Tomorrow. -.': . The Rod Cross campaign 'at- Rockwood formally opened tomorrow night with a big street -parade, which will lorm at the public square at 7 o'clock. Following the -parade a United States officer stationed at the government hospital at Marlileton, will deliver an address, telling of 'his experiences in in France.' (FLAG COUPON) HOTT IOTI CAX GET A SPLENDID FLAG FOJJ LITTLE iKOXEX. ' . All that is necessary for you to do is to clip the coupons and bring or send 1 them to Tho Daily Courier office with 51.43 and the . . beautiful Flag is yours. .^ ·· · - · Description -- The flag is 8 feerlon'g by 5 feet , wide ; rainproof and sunproof American bunting -- absolutely fast, colors. Stripes sewed, double stitched. Has strong canvas heading and'metal gromments. XbJs Sxo Foot Flag for 6 Coupons ol. Consecutive Dates and $1.49 Cash. Xoie: -- If ordered by Mail add lOc for packing and postage. CLIP THIS FLAG COUPON TODAY! and, with required cash for Flag send to Flag Department : THE DAILY COURIER 1291-2 W. Cratviora COSXELLSTDLLE, PA. Street or R. P. D. No- Town . _, dtate HAVE YOUR PRINTING DONE AT THIS OFFICE You have go-to clean and clear the howela thoroly to have good health after .months o£ indoor life: you would do,so" now if you could see-them as you do your .face or hands. Hollister's Hocky Mountain Tea cleans and clears as nothing else. Start tonight. ConnellsTille Dmgf' Co.--Adv. Read the advertisements- The Sunday* evening community services of the churches . of Da'.vson · will be held Sunday evening', in 'lka\ Cochrar. Memorial Methodist church at, Dawson. ' j Shop Proceeds SOT Kcd Cross." J. V. Rendine will give 10 per ..cent of all money taken in for bartering work done on Tuesday, May 21, to the Red Cross. -- ]inbar. Cleanup. Burgess A. R. ."Duncan of Dunbar has proclaimed May IS to 22, inclusive, as cleanup days Cor that borough. If lou Are Hunting Bargains Read the advertiseing columns of The Daily Courier.. You will find them. Patronize those who advertise. War Garden Counon Do you want a garden plot?_. Location .'. : ____ . Size Do you need plants? . , When wanted . No.. . Kind- Do you want your garden plowed? -- Do you need fertilizer? --_____ Kind . Do you have plot you would allow others to use? _ Location . :--: ^ _j--:-- Size Your Name Your address Please nil out and return to Peter K. Weimer's store, East Crawford avenue. . ' · ' - ; . '

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