Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 3, 1975 · Page 165
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 165

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 3, 1975
Page 165
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It's Not a Trap The "Magic Inch" is not a trap collecting moisture that gurgles with every draw. It is not a trap that must be cleaned after every smoke. It's Almost Magic Not my magic but NATURE'S OWN MAGIC. Warm winds pick up moisture by evaporation from the oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams, lift it high into the atmosphere where the cooler upper air squeezes it into drops of water that fall back to earth in its most perfect state of purity. Just as the colder upper air of the atmosphere causes rain, the cool air entering the "Magic Inch" chamber through the special louvers of the patented Carey stem, causes immediate condensation of the moisture in the smoke where it drops to the bottom of the chamber, is absorbed by the natural fiber sleeve of the "Magic Inch," and in turn, is evaporated into the outside air. No accumulation ever remains to form sludge or slugs of bitter tasting goo. 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I'll send you a full color brochure, absolutely free, so you can select your favorite style and shape for your 30 day trial. KHpatrick Ave., Chicago, lit 60641 Okay Mr. Carey. Send me your full color brochure so I can select a pipe to smoke for 3» days on a free trial basis. _ Address. HIUESSrECUL BECAUSE OF VOLUME Of MAIL RECEIVED. PARADE REGRETS IT CANNOT ANSWER QUERIES ABOUT THIS COLUMN. by LLOYD SHEARER WA1B1K £i2------------- ------ -'J Water experts suggest that you allow tap water to run for a minute ·before using it for drinking or cooking purposes. Water, they explain, may pick up lead or cadmium or other undesirable elements by remaining in the pipes overnight. According "to Richard Weickart, technical director of the Water Quality Research Council, hot water is more likely than cold water to pick up trace elements from pipes. "We.are therefore advising the public," he says, "never to use hot water for drinking or cooking., When you want hot water for these purposes, run fresh cold water and then heat it." One of the major problems in Soviet Union is the declining birthrate. In an effort to explain it, a Soviet magazine, ·- "Hash Sovremennik " ("Our Contemporary"), recently conducted, a survey and reported, that a sexual revolution is sweeping the Soviet Union. .Premarital sex, adultery, illegitimacy, divorces,, and sexual promiscuity are all on the increase. The magazine pointed to a poll of Leningrad students which revealed that 53 per cent of the men "had engaged in their first sexual experience lief ore the age of 18. Almost 65 per cent of the females had engaged in premarital sex relations "before they were 21. Other surveys revealed that university and science students, the cream of the most educated echelon of Soviet society, overwhelmingly approved of -premarital sex. A majority of married women interviewed in Leningrad admitted frankly that they no longer loved their husbands and were on the lookout for extramarital affairs. Almost 10 per cent of the babies born annually in the Soviet Union, .about 400,000, are illegitimate. In Perm, a village in the Urals, every third child is illegitimate. According to the magazine, millions of Soviet citizens are living to- · gether without benefit of marriage. "The conclusion of a legal marriage," says the magazine, "has ceased to be the condition of sexual life." Starting Sept. 1, Chairman Mao-Tse-tung's name will be spelled "Mao · Zedong." And Peking, will be spelled "Beijing." It's all part of China's attempt to unify the Ro- manized spelling of names and places so that the Ro- manized spelling represents the .Chinese ideographs as they should be pronounced. The Romanized system will be used in writing the names of people and places in foreign documents and passport's. Apparently for centuries, we Westerners have been mispronouncing the Chinese ideographs. H Dr. Charles Adler, a Denver psychiatrist, has advice for . migraine sufferers. Get under the hair-dryer, he urges. Adler recommends that treatment to his patients and reports that two-thirds of them obtain relief as a result of the warmth, hum, and sense of relaxation provided by the hooded dryer.

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