The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 14, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1930
Page 8
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TAHE EIGHT. 1TTE DATtTT COCTKITCB., CC NNBLLSVILLE, PA FRTDAT. FirBTtFAKT T-l, 1930 LOWER TYRONE TAXPAYERS WILL DISCUSS ROADS Modiiu,' Tonight, lit I f n l lo Iliosult in H u i l d i n a : Program. C. H. WENTZELL TO GIVE TALK Tho road b u i l d i n g program for 1030 anil immotlinio SHHTM^UUK yara in .l,ow«M' Tyro no to\vnsjhf; \vijl !o brough't to tho a t t t u t i o u of tho leading tii.xpa.yerr! of that district a.t a mooting tonight at, 7:,'$0 o'clock at the Dawsoci Much ranffeni» dar is C. H, \V ant tow Highwa an addr State Dawsoti light ou the systematic. ;ir- iit of tho construction calen- expected to le uroseuteci by entX3il of Greeusburg, ustslst- ushlyi eugiiieor of the SUite Department, who will deliver ess. Senator Hurry ,1. Be-ll of will aUo pive a t u l k . BURTON JACKSON'S LUG BROKEN WHEN TIE FALLS ON IT O t l [ O ? Y L E , Feb. 1-1--Burton Jackson wm taken tu the Frantz floepitul at Con fl fin en to Wednesday Avltli a liroken :eg, sutitaiuo-d when a cross tie f e l l on 1 iin while at work at a n;iwnilll. About 1 ) yeaM ago ho-Kiil'i'cred tlio loss of a leg in an accident. Mrs. Krneat HershbtM-gor of TCock- wooil wan a recent v i s i t o r in Ohiopylo. Da rue-'. Hall wii* a v i s i t o r iu Con- finonce vVcilnoediiy. Mrn. F r a n k Morrison was a shopper in Conn ;lls v i l l u Tursday. Cool's·! H u l l wild has [xen conllned to his liMim 1 on ( . ' h u f c l i «tr«et wad able to ju v t o i i and K" over t o w n T h u r s d a y . L i t e n i r y Society wa^ enjoye-d by a large i : i n v « i at. tho school T h u r s d a y «v«vnlns and a very I n t e r e s t i n g program vvati rendered. 2,000 ASK LICENSES FOR SALE OF MILK l l A K t i l S U r R C , . Feb. 11. More t h a n 2,000 a p p l i c a t i o n s have boon received from wholesale and r e t a i l loiilors Jn. milk for licenses to !' buaint'Sb in I'enntsyhnniu aw wi Hired by the new milk l a w , according to Haljih E. I r w l n , chief of '.lit- SUUe H e a l t h Department's linreau ( f m i l k c o n t r o l . Approximately -1,000 dealers, i n c l m t i n s 000 pasteurizing p l a n t s and 3.IUW dUUvibutort; of raw m i l k , aro eiiKaged in t h i n busine«s in P e n n s y l v a n i a . Dlslributoiis nppear to !x) t:iillrely satif^lHMl w i t h tho new l a w and .ire l e n d i n g their support, to it, Irwln SB id. Permit in response to these applications t'.ro being kwued n» soon as the i n H p e c t k n« upon which itch permits ure. ba«e 1 can lx complete".!. TELLS HOFRORS DEVI .'S ISLE Escaped Priso ier Relates Terrible Exp jrience in Penal Cc lony. 'EMANUBl C. SMITH, 516 N. MAItSHALL ST., 1MHUA. "I Found the Way to Health Through Flaxolyn and I Am Profoundly Grateful" EniHMiel . Smith, Well Knowu Pennsylvania!!, Declares That W o i d s Can Hardly Express he Grant Warmth H« Has In His Hear: Tomml Dr. Luntz's A itaminizcd Herbal Flaxolyn. "In All My o'2 Years I Never Enjoyod Better Health limn I Do To- tiny," He Sfates. W h a t f o i l - v r « «irt not tho words of an a d v e r t is i is w r i t e r , but the titncoro jKM-tionu! i?.\ 'eriejice of a nuui who it was to be deprived of wlu tolls I n liin own t what Fhixolyu did for k n o w w h a t health. unl language ju him, stored wonderful forbids isi r a t i t u d o for ho.'ilth re- gh the m e d i u m of this iniplo, n a t u r a l compound ce un my pnri." nays Mr. Smith, "t only regret that word« | of mine e n t i r e l y fail to doscrlbe what ! a big, general I m p r o v e m e n t in health) I've gained at iVJ yearn of age, and ] all t h r o u g h this most o f l i c i e n t i natural clwiiwer ami tonic Flaxolyn. J It Is almost nnriflk'vabla--till oiu? in- j wstlgatos. Fotkn, where health in at stake, don't h w i i t a t e - - f , ' l v o K l a x o l y n a f a i r trial." Son Francisco.--: rected from the deac plishing the almost 1 escaping from the F ony, Devi 's island, tt dit,'' notonouii highw rorized France 25 found In San Francl his story translated s Or. Glenn Hoover economics at Mills ct Because of a pric he I« to be known a admittedly an alias. did not hesitate to p!. truth on the story a tale of detailed horro living death, bis home Devil's Island la so of Ita discovery by Fr saw a vritd man on who, on landing, conic Itnman babitatiort. Really Four Truly it must hav himself," they sulcl, a was named. Island Is more or 1 8« In reality there i Dlable, where politic: confined ; lie da St colony for prisoner Royale ind St. Joacpl and bandit*. "1 llve-d on aU four 1 nald Dupnis. From a petty thd Dupres told of. Ma pi to the point of lutrodi cycle as aa aid to both dom of movement. ' the name "Phantom E From tl« life of ai slums of Paris he » island via the riclnit tine, wblc.ti lit r-acapi Discouraged by Failing Health, Phila. Woman Finds Flaxolyn Results "Simply Amazing" ns A f l r n c n l s Horrlrd and ?lrs. Sv.iuison. CoiistipH- tldii mid -ihiiHfrtfd i»'rv«'s (!reiv V(irsc. A Her Try'iw Do/ctis 01' ( I n l i n n r y ({"incillcs, She l : scd I)f. l/unt/'s V i t a m i n i z e d Flaxolyn, and If Von Want to Konrt a Tmly Rcnutrknhlc' Sfory, Do .\,.t Oi-rlook W h a t Follows: Confluence T!ic L'f- i.- a i4',ti (.,'O.\Kl,l.'KNCK, Feb. M-- James A. C rover f H a r n e d s v i l l e / wae here yesterday on hit; w«iy lo (.llencoe oil a 1ms- ineiis iiii.iHicn. Hal iljistetle-r Is in Pittsburg serv- i n g OH I H; [·''t'dcral j u r y . Mr. ai d Mr«, John A very and two c h i l d r e n wero nu.-ent visitors w i t U in (.' .nollnvil!«.. - t K i i ' i o i i of L u l h o r Show, who « n t H'. the Kraritx. Honpital, iuil't'eriDg f r o m i. severe attack oE rhcu- m a l i s i t . is reported favorable. Alrt. J. i!. Coiijilicnonr, who hai liocn a [la-ien:. at t h w Mayo lloiipital In K o f h e s U - r , M i n n . , lias r e t u r n e d home j i i n c h l i u p r o v e U hi h e a l t h . A i r s . JaintKi .M«y and d a u g h t e r , Mabel, ver» recoul. visiUjrs to Conn c l l s v i l l i . 11. t'. . i n d Thomas Burnworth wore at, I ' n i o i u o w n yesterday t r a n s a c l i n g Iju.-iino^ti. * Tho M ·!!';; liible Clat-:^ of the M. E. C h u r c h licit., a very i n t o r o s t i n g inoet- J n g last . l i g h t . . All «ro invited to attend the operetta "Tlio W i n d MillH of Holland," pr»- seiitwl b;- U:'K'I school students in tho school a u d i ' . o r i u m at. S o'clock thl« "For yf.n'; I lirive sought to remedy ovi'r-incrcas ug fiilmontti," saya Mi'tt. Olo SwaiiKon. a fino Kw«Jlth l;uiy, who I Jive« at SOS! MtMdrnm, i'hUadeltihia. j "I suffered -lilt-fly from constipation | and tjhatter I iiorvca, and fouiid but little--and illy t e m p o r a r y relif3f In o v o r y t h i n ^ I was advi«el to take. AB a result, I .ats KrowiHK nioro d i s - couraged «n 1 prt-judicixl at uwtlng | a n y t h i n g ne ·', but f i n a l l y I saw and heard BO mi eh gowl about Finxolyn, 1 did try it, ; .ocau.'io my t'oiuUllon was steadily gott UK wornc. This w«us six \vooks ago, ; ml now my paiit. sickly condition is ,,ist disappearing. In fact I f e l t 11'c g od uiflucnco oE Flaxolyn Mies, u, S \ V A \ S I N W H O H l ' i l ' O U T S JKI^T H U M A l l K A H I , ! : from llin very Hlart. While istich a big j improve-nient s-oenie Uupw«ibk «nd ! oven i n i r n p u l o u n in such a tihort. time, \ nevertUeles« It is true. My aeuri-te-lt. appreciation for th-a ,-:owi Flaxolyn liani d o n e me niakoa mo w i l l i n g to lond my name and picture for tho purpose of inducing others to try this natural remedy." Physi cian, A. E. F. - Major, Openly Endorses Flaxolyn Kuffcdule uui'"KsuA::.K, i-i. 1-1--Mrs. Patience Q u e r y of H u n k e r spoilt Wednesday w i t h her mother, Mrs. Mary McNolly w h - i i* scrloiw.'.y ill. Mr. uiu. Mrs. Wult(;r IX»;K arid, children fit Youmrwond uiHit Sunday with Uto l i i ! i - ·':; yarttins, Mr. and Mrs. F r a n k Li ii;tity. Mr. a n d MI-K. f. E. D u n m i r u o f , Yoini!.*«x),i| upcnt Sunday afternoon: w i t h Mrs. l . i i l i o DeHzler. j A n i i n i l r r of w onion from thiti pluco; attended (in: d i s t r i c t moetiiiK of tho | jMixsioiuirv of lh; M e t h o d i s t Kptecopul | (.'hui-f.-li ii - I d at Mc-Koeaport Thursday. Mr. aiu Mrs. Vorc Murjihy of Lig- onior. fir.vl Mit5.'i J a n e and Ted Rose wore t i n - S u n d a y KUostw at tho IIOIMB of Mr. a t i i l Mrti. J. J. liowsor. Al:vi. .i:)t IH-.-; Scott i« seriously 111 at h v r homo hero. j Mrs. (I. G. Harr is seriously ill a t ' lior I'.oini 1 near here. i Miss ,U)-vphino '!!("lo who luus bowl i ill for tin' past n t m t l i « i-; (--lisiit'ly irn: provt'd. · Afrrt. .'. !·;. K c i U ' r i. t'l.-ni \V«Mlncs-lay at I'lU-air-i. Mr. iini.i M :-H. Kay M u l l and (laugh- ' ter. K a t h i y i ! Uai 1 , *ij»oiH S u n d a y at the! hotiH 1 of M r s . K a l l i r y i i M u l l of \V(«xl- . duk-. ' J Its Worth Not Proved The v i r - n e which never h n « been attacked bj t e m p t a t i o n Is deserving of W wontitnent.--Jflie. rte I)H. 'I'. A. \ V A I . I j A C I O , OK K I K T 1 I , \ V K . -V. V., KUIt.M ! H I , \ ' M A J O K J.\ A. 111. I"'. 1\ I'U A N C K . ^'Itrtululxuil Jlerbn] 1' I A X 0 L Y N ..Macli) :ifl - r (ho o p e n f o r m u l a , of Dr. ll'arrla II. l.imt/. (M. I)., D. O.) Y o u r J n . i t J f i c t t o l l s y o u t h a t t l i o f o l l o w i n g - l i e r t j s c o n t a i n e d I n l i q u i d l''lax ' iiro KOod f o r y o u . J. H n k r d KIiiKMrod -- R o l a x c n c p r i K t . ' . ' I o n ; iicts tin a s t r i n g - ent. X .'uirj.;i|.irillji 7loo(«--The Rood 1.1 I d - f a ; . i l o n c d .syatom C'loun- ;!. lliii-liu l.ciivcH--rAct on k i d - noysi u:ia Uiaddcr. -I. Afrlemi ( j i l H K v r llootj, _ Q n l - k i ·! fl'jw of v i t a l dlK-est- Ivf j u i ·«;!. ,". D j t u s l r ) ' o n lt.notx--rurlfy tho l i v e r ii id blood. U. Curihn cm .sooiLs-- Act on t l i o s L o i n u i i l i n i i i R - . A r o m a tit 1 K !i n htirli 1 (i vlK'" I'.l tu i , t I.lrorU'c U f » o H -- R o - ·ii.K!U.) t h a t rimy clOf;' H o o t * -- S t i t n u l a t o n a t - c-llo w. .1 HootB--Create heal- nmii api)ot.iti-. U. 10, I I . m o v e ivntt [H CuH'or u r a l li tipntiii t h y , IP Toiiu 11 TVC« uiiiil indin-i. ro:U I'ul a i r p . ' t hoi.l.H]. 12. i n l l f i i r tin Hurt*. · -- i'' o a t i s o a n i i i l ' . a i - f r u i H I n l c u t l n e B , VltiiniJnl/eil Flajolyn Tones the i ; Gives Liv«r Mild Stiinnlns and Drives Out Toxic Polwons That Form Jn tho InteHtJnes, According to Dr. Wallace. "For Solid Sleep and Soothed Eerves, I Urgently Advise the Use of JFlaxolyiis" JHc Says, "Dear Doctor," wr!tc« Dr. T. A. Wallace, former Phyeiciaa in the American Expeditionary Forces, to Dr. . Luiitz, discoverer of Flaxolyn. "You wiJl be interested to know of tho splendid success! I have had with FMaxolyn. Through its use, sound jleep and soothed nervea are obtained in a short time, hy tlie counteraction ot the toxic poisons. At t.ho same dme, Flaxolyn Is a good aid to dlgos- don and a gtxid liver and stonmcli .'itimulant. I preecribo it particularly or those above the a«e of 30, although it is excellent for young- and old. You luive euocoeclod nobly in .producing an (ifflcient liortml, vitaminized health- iiid." MOiS T EY-BACK G UABAKT^E Do not wait. Try Flaxolyn at. once. You will note tho tonic change at onco. New sparkle of oyo and ruddy com- Ilcxion will quickly bo youra. Unless you are completely "satisfied by the r-lxth spoonful of pleasant Plaxolyn, bring back the partly-used bottle and have monoy rofundd. That i« Dr. huntz'e personal guarantee*. Yon SFay Obtain a I.nrfre Fackagre of Vlnxolyn From UMOTf BRCO CO. I'lttsbai-g 1 and Peach Sts., Connellsvlllo "It was for att*ni) » policeman, for whicl gon« to tb; goUlotine, then r explained my ti roan would have made hare kilted htm RS to bullet through his cuf Dupre:i then toid of Island dying of fever shackled by dny and shackled (o the poi- could not mor«, Df IB the only relmuse fr« which are unlo:kc-! to In a wheelbarrow to t oca autS imat to the at ncmblo in oiaiit form ringing of the funeral Finally Reach, Dnprpn, who *ever« attempted to e!icap«, C by voluntewrlnf: fur du Island «uid tn compnn. of otters fled In a t ·jari oe. Death or apt are Puprcs ere Uiey reach* of Dutch and Kni;Ush graveyard of French bole" on the Frejich where U*ir bolt was After many hart' reached Phlladflphia a* the Gulnna.i and since the country as n mecb "I liHv* Hiivel ray as to sc-e homo again," h "What dUl w) do on For one thing w« bui and then to^» It dowi built it, on uncS on, fo To Dupr*« In frtven of being on« of the f oners tc hare escaped In his own vords : and there is *l»ays jnorc wub yesu." Jterally resur- through accom- icredtble feat of -ench penal col- 3 "Phantom Ban- lymnn, who ter- fears ago, was co recently and r the pnblic hy professor of lege. upon his head Pierre Dupres, Doctor Hoover c« the stamp of he unfolded a s of the land of for seven years. known because nch sailors, who its shores, but find no trace of Islands. been the devil d so the Island 'ss a misnomer, re four -- lie da 1 prisoners ar« /oulR, the lep«r ·, and fie den , for anarchists 1 various times," very beginning Jgreas In crlma clng the motor- sped and free- 'hus be earned indlt." apache In ths ent to Devli'a of tha guillo- d by executive ted murder of I was to have he said. "But me as s mark*. it aa simple to lave Just put a " the met) of tha ind Btiirvatlon, it night doublo t wher« they ith, seemingly, u the shackles, lace th« corptMJ e taken to th« irka, which as- itlon wltli the bell. i U. S, times vainly tally soceeeded y on the leper with B squad itlve outrigger «fell nit 1 the boundary iuiana via "the nen" » "ho!l Oui*ia coast, ;n:eckod. ihips Dupres nurd ehip from hen haj» toured inlc. ney and want said. Devil'* Island? : a Ktone wall and then re- ev«r." the distinction v known pris- Devil's island. 'They dl« "fast oooa tor 2,000 Nirarod* Oley Li w, But ulk Escape Anacoroda, Mont.--If ward for hunt art wbi flvu Anaconda iilmroda receive It In fulL Ch ami soy BeiU, his : Fred, Charlie Boeder t were preparing to hnn recently when a band elk lee! by a rangnlficer out of the forest onto t In easy gun range. Instinctively flvn rifle "Hold oa, boys," said "W« can't shoot. It's to eight and legal sfc begin until eight o'clc Five dfles w«;re lowi mals sauntered out of there is a replay square, are entitled to ons, Paul and id Less Sager near Jardlno of twenty-flva -. old bull filed clearing wlth- i were leveled. he elder Seal. ·nly a quafrter jotbig doesn't *." red. The anl- rnn range. 3®®®®®®®®® Romance Shaft ered Over Dog License memlDgsbnrg, Kj --For the third time In ns mi ay months, Mias Keuova Damn a of riem- Ingsburg Is prepan d to seek court redres.i in th · shape of $25,000 dnmagea fi rn Wayne Hall of McDowell, f r their alleged unaltered rornt ace. A dog license Is behind It t iL Back In February Hall Intms ed to Reed Erasure, a friend, 1 le task of obtaining a license f ir the wedding. Jfrazuri! cxecut 'd' the trust by appearing with a log license, which so enraged H ill that he forthwith called oft the whole YOUR NAME IB it on our subscription ' list? We will guarantee you full vak e FOR YOUR B1ONEY Wo feature Gre:BBBst*i popular priced cake* I ALMO It will pay you to buy several cans of this well known salmon, at mch an attractive price. S P E C I A L ! DEL MONTE SPINACH Carefully Selected- free from grit--the health food. Cit0tf Gold Medal or F L O U R Large Sa efc Small Sack $1.O9 $2.1$ S P E C I A L ! F A I R Y S O A P 5 E X T R A S P E C I A L ! S C R A T C H F E E D E^cefienfc quality--rich i^ixtu packed in cotton iags~ 100 lb. sack S P E C I A L ! PEANUT CRUNCH Fresh crisp molasses-flavored j j popcorn and pcpnnit candy. ASSORTED PICKLES ,. jar 5c CRUBRO JELLY 3 10 o=. jat* 55c CANDY BARS - - 3 for iOc Pillsbury Wtiessit Bran pkg. L7c Velveeta. Cheese % lb. pkg. 23c SALADA TEA BALLS With the "fresh from the gardens 1 * flavor. 10 tea balls for 23* ARGO MILK - - - 3 cans ;;5c CHOICE NAVY BEANS lb. ilOc CHOICE LIMA BEANS 2 Ibs. 33c BULK RICE * " - - 4 Ibs. 1'Sc Aft Oar Margasritae Stoires S lb. Rolli Margarine 5 7c S P E C I A L ! Puritan Malt Gkxxl results are assured vrhen Puritan is used! large can Large, sweet, meaty cherries packed in rich syrup. The good - tasting, easily digested dessert! An attractive price on these cam of solid flavory tomatoes. QUALITY MEA TS Whole Pork Shoulders, Small, Lean, lb. 17c FRESH PIGS FEET, 3 Ibs. 25c SALT SIDE, 5 Ibs. $1.OO WEINERS, 4 Ibs $1.00 SHORT RIB ROAST, 3 Ibs. 9Oc STEAKS Sirloin, Tenderloin or Round 3 Pounds $1.00 Pork Loin Roast, 4 Ibs. $1 .GO FANCY BACON, 3 Ibs. 85c CHICKENS--Live and Dressed 313 N. Pittsburg St. Connellsville 136 N. Pittsburg St. KEYSTONE STORES QUALITY with ECONOMY Tune in oa W. J. A. S. at 10:30 A. M. every Friday, for Keyttonc Store* Pro grata. 1 tftttfWVMWWWlTSVWWWWVIAAAfWV^^ POPLAR GROVE HOME S2TE are the finest In te city--a most desirable location for thai NEW HOME von'rn to build. «110UPT081,00« . k Fine Quarter Arre Building water; schools and church nearby--can to purchased for as low AB $1:10. for full paitlculars write C. B. McCormick. ConneLUrllhk. PATBO» T I!i5E HOME 3TEECHJLNTS WHO ADVEETISE Df TUB COTQRFEK--yOlPLl

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