Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 16, 1974 · Page 48
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 48

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 16, 1974
Page 48
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2» Jtui* 16.1974 IBM Says Thompson's Drives Among Longest - MAMARONECK. N.Y. - Barboursvilles Barney Thompson IB averaging 264 yards on his drives, which makes him one of ·Jie four longest hitters at the t.S. Open. "-The IBM corporation measured drives on the first, fifth, ninth a/jd 16th fairways the first two days for each of the 150 golfers. IBM then printed a chart which showed how far the golfers hit and how they compared with each other. ·Jim Dent, the black golfer who is generally considered the longest hitter on the pro tour, was No. 1 in the Open driving statistics. Dent averaged 266 yards on his eight measured drives. -Here are the leaders on the long driving list: Jim Dent 266, Andy Bean 265, Barney Thompson 264. Larry Ziegler 264, Mark Hayes 263, Bruee Crampton 263. Eddie Pearce 260. Leonard Thompson 260. Ken Ellsworth 260, Tom Weiskopf 259, Jim Masserio 259, and Gary Jacobson 259. ' Jack Nicklaus averaged 254 yards on his measured drives, which put him no better than a tie for 26th place. Gary Player averaged 255 yards, Arnold Palmer 246 yards, Johnny Miller 249 yards and Lee Trevino 253 yards. West Virginia amateur champion Bill Campbell of Huntington hit his drives 236 yards. The fjeld averaged 244 yards per drive -- a far cry from the 300-yard tdasts you read about the pros hitting. -' Barney Thompson was also up among the leaders in the put- Jing statistics. He was credited with 95 per cent first putt efficiency, which placed him in a tie for ninth. Campbell had 92 per x.tnt. An IBM official explained first putt efficiency this way: ·3f a golfer has a 20-foot putt and he gets it within a foot of the hple. that would be 95 per cent efficiency." ^Thompson took only 59 putts in his first two rounds, which put him in a tie for 17th. Campbell needed 62 putts. The leader was Raymond Floyd, who had only 52 putts in two rounds and only 23 on Friday. . 1.0 Is ^Three-Iron Into a Bedroom' e most famous hole at Winged Foot is the 190-yard 10th hole, picked as one of America's best 18 holes a few years ago. Ben Hogan called it "a three-iron into a bedroom." A house sits Just a few yards behind the green. From the tee. it does look Is if a player is hitting right into a bedroom window. rThe Winged Foot course isn't exceptionally hilly but the greens sure are. Almost all the greens are elevated and have a steep slope from back to front. A New York Times writer put it, ;*The greens are as hilly as West Virginia." · "Johnny Miller shook his head over one putt he had. "I had a 25-foot sidehill putt with a 20-foot break," he said. "The guys Bought I was aiming at the wrong hole. I had to look over my DOWN TmfAIRWAY Bob Baker left shoulder to see the hole." The U.S. Golf Assn. has the greens cut twice daily to 9/64th of an inch. That makes them almost as smooth and slick as a table top. "The greens are the golf course." Jack Nicklaus feels. "The course itself doesn't play any harder than any other U.S. Open course. But if we had greens like this all the time, we'd have to learn to putt or get off the tour." Snead Could Have Won, Campbell Feels 'The fellow who could win this thing isn't even here. I mean Sam Snead." Bill Campbell remarked. "I really think he would have had a great chance this year. He was playing beautifully before he got hurt. Who drives the ball as straight as Sam and who plays sand trap shots like he does? That's what you have to do here." Before leaving Wednesday with a cracked rib. Snead told writers. "I was playing as well as I ever have been going into an Open." No cast was put on Sam's rib but the doctor advised him to go home and rest for a couple of weeks. Arnie Calls It Thinking Man's Course Arnold Palmer calls' Winged Foot a thinking man's golf course. "It favors the guy who is thinking well along with playing well." Palmer remarked. "You have to play every shot for svhat you can get out of it. If you start shooting for the pins on everj' green, one hole can wipe you out. There are not many birdie holes out there. The guy who can get by with no more than 10 or 12 bogeys will be in good shape." The Winged Foot name comes from the emblem of the New York Athletic Club, some of whose members had the course built in 1922. Actually, Winged Foot has two courses -- the West and the East. The Open is being played on the West course while the East course is being used to park cars. As is always the case at a U.S. Open, spectators should bring money and plenty of it. Tickets cost $10 a day during the Open and parking is $3. Periscopes to see around the greens are $2. Hot dogs are 75 cents, beer is 75 cents and soft drinks are 50 cents. The town of Mamaroneck is located about a 30-minute drive and several traffic jams northeast of New York City. It is one of the "bedroom communities" in plush Westchester County where many of New York City's businessmen live. Mamaroneck is on the shores of Long Island Sound and the name comes from an Indian word meaning "where the fresh water meets the salt water." ONA SPEEDWAY Iot« Atodef Sf ocft car tociqf ·vtry Sunday Af ttrnoon 7/16th Mile Asphalt Oval IACITWI3:**-. Adults $3.00 Children 6-12 $1.00 Track Located on Howies Mill Road Ona W. Va. Exit 7 from Charleston NtwOinttraad|Ht«ttwA.L 1 C»n What's it like to play with Jack Nicklaus? "It's a jewel playing with Jack," Hubert Green said. "Jack is probably the best golfer to be paired with on the tour. He's conscious of the other players. He's quite a gentleman and it's fun being paired with him." N i c k l a u s was asked if Winged Foot's finishing holes are the toughest he's played. "Yen, the last 18 are quite difficult." Jack joked. "Winged Foot sure isn't like Riviera," Barney Thompson said, referring to the course near Huntington that he plays when home from the tour. No matter what he does, the last two days, Barney has had a fine Open. Barney said former Morgantown pro Mike Krak gave him a tip that helped his swing. I've heard several fans comment after watching Barney. "That fellow really has a nice swing." Fishburne Military School Fa II Session Begins Sept. 6th Gr. 7-12 PG. A small school in the Southern tradition, preparing boys for a future of success. Limited size yet broad program guarantees a thorough education full participation for each boy. How-to-Study. Honors courses. Reading dvpt. Sports. Jr. ROTC. Clubs. Band. Driver Training and Karate offered. Since 1879. In the Shenandoah Valley. For details and a catalog, call (703: 943-4336) or write Admissions Director Post Office Box 988Y Waynesboro, Virginia 22980 MONTGOMERY BARBOURSVILLE'S BARNEY THOMPSON His Drives Average 264 Yards in U.S. Open Volkswagen Mechanics! It's Here Our New "Rattier' V. W. Engine Line Boring Machine Why go to the expense and time of sending your Volkswagen cases out of state for line boring, when we hove the latest precision equipment, right here in Charleston. The Only Machine of It's Kind in W.Va., To Our Knowledge! · Line Broes VW Cases Machines Cases HeaSs for enlarging cylinders. Machines Block Head for proper Seal seating. Machines Heads to increase compression power. We Carry A Complete Stock ENGINE PARTS FOR ALL MAKES MODELS Wholes* Retri Prices! · Pistons 0 Oil Pumps · Rings · Comihofts · 5lec»es ·lifters · Bearings t) Engine Gaskets · Timing Components f Sleeve Assemblies 4 Vcive Train Components · Merry Others. Ail Noticnolfy Known BrgnJS SEE US FOR YOUR AUTO MACHKE WORK · Hcod wo* · OiH, Wo* Zryir i Hub THE COMPUTE AUTOMATIC MACHINE SHOP WITH THE MOST MOOBN, UP-TO-DATE EQUIPMENT! All Work Guaranteed--Highest Quality t Precision! HAROLD GIVENS, Inc. ^ M2m*A»*,Cli»Ttot«vW.V«,n»i»42^m J · JA. · · - · -'M,-' I PASUNOH CA* TIM GUARANTEE ( i Montgomery Ward guarantees each ' i of its passenger car tires for a spec- ' i ified number of miles when used on ' i passenger cars or station wagons, I eicepl taxis. If your tire does not give ' ! you this mileage because of: | t defects in material or workmanship, ( i · normal rood hazard failure, | · premature. tread (2/32 i inches or less remaining)) Montgomery Ward will: [ 1. During the flcjt 10% of guaranteed i mileage, replace Ihe tir* free. I 2. During the remaining guaranteed ' mileoge; ; replace it for a prorala ' charge based on mileage used. ' Nail punctures repaired free during i the entire guaranteed mileage. 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ThH guarantee does not apply to shock absorbers '*- sloBed on commercial vehicles or to shock absorbers damaged "m on outo accident. WARDS 7.99 HEAVY-DUTY TOWN COUNTRY SHOCKS - NOW ON SALE Large V3/16" pistons give you 44% more bounce-control than your original shocks. EACH MAKE MAJOR PURCHASES NOW WITH WARDS CREDIT PLAN-NO MONEY DOWN AUTO SHOP OPENS DAILY 8:30 A.M.-Sunday 1 -5 P.M. PLEASE PHONE 343-7300 FOR AN APPOINTMENT ~ 1 ·

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