The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 14, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1930
Page 7
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i - ii t ».-\. r , r r/l-SK u/'vrt r i_t, THE DArLT COTTKTEK, CONNELI/SrVT ;LT5. FA. TWO KILLED, MANY WOUNDED IN FIGHT OVER ELECTION i i Dr. Osorto, A routine Cori- servaiho Lrndcr. Reported j Ainontr the Dead. TROUBLE OVER POLITICAL, RALLY B y T 7 n i t p d TMeiS. BUKNOS AIRES, I-Vh. 14.--A fatal flareup in tho Argentine electoral campa zn oc-currwl last night at l * i i - colu, 200 miles west of Buenos Aires, when ' v, o persons wore killed and. 14 wounded in a cent, b a t t l e afui a political masH meeting. Ono ol' thote !«.t11(vl i'; brHo'Vert to bo Dr. Osovlo, a well-ton J\MI Ccmsrrva- tivo leader. Seven of the H i n j u r e d wovo reported in a serious con Utlon. The trouble bei;siu d n n n i ; n domon- stration by th» Conservative party Several shot* w i r e filed into the crowd, which immediately spattered COT shelter. Then a general gun light took place, in which rMos as well ad revolvers were uiicd Poli:c iniervoncd ant! succeeded in tlioper ting the oro«vd ai d clearing the streets Two of the pollco wpro seriously wounded. FATHER AND SON NIGHT IN UNION REVIVAL, MILL RUN "If you want your « ul warmed up a little, Mr. C h u r c h n u m b e r , you can Jio-t !· bolter t h a n to set into the union revival at Mill Hun at it has a lot of real warmth in ull of its services," «itd Evangelist C J. Fox. "Last night five more souls inado tho good confee lion ami entered into life." Tonight each one Ui to bring as many fathers and eons as is possible, a* it i^ father and son night. Dr. Fox IB to preach one of his mxt Important Kormons on the thpcae. "The Dovil," Saturday night ho w i l l have as the subjeci. "Tho Second Coming of Jesuiti Ohriet," on« of tho sermons people «peak about in every community. The ··tory "f tho evangelist's llfo will be given -n connection w i t h this'servic*. Sum ay i's to be clotting day. At 11 -V. M. ho theme w i l l bo "The Ixvo of Cod"; 2:30 P. M., 'A Straight Look at Anumment}"; 7:"G P. M., "The Un- blf Sin." The JParamount Lovely Modern hair drebaors iiclii beauty to your h a i r by g r a c e f u l Hue 1 and on- tonrs. I t is as invporta it to keep o u r hair soft, lustrous, a b u n d a n t , rich in oolor. Million. 1 ! oE girls and women are d o i n g this at homo with thi easy help of Danderinc. It is so sun lt to use. All \ o u do is put a l i t t l i on your brush each tuno you arrange your hair. Instantly Danderine brin ;s out the natural color of dingy, llfi less hair; makes it more sparkling and lustrous tlian brilllantine; niaken it, easy to manage; holds it in place. Tho consisten* use of Dancksrine dissolves the crust of dand u f f ; stops falling hair; tends to mak the hair | grow long, silky and abum'int. Five million bottles used a year Danderine The One Minute Hair Beautifier AT AU- DRUG STORES--THIRTY I IVE CUNTS " L i t t l e Johnny," w i t h lOddie T in t h a .stellar role, a chapter of "Tigei. (ho Tarzau," a t h n l l u . i j, ,i talking tiev. t reel w i t h (!rsM;nn Mc- N'ameo pxpl:ui'iug each f e a t i n o ,\^ it is t h r o w n on Cie s,creou, .ind u Uilking comedy proviiu- j s p l e n d i d progrum today and Saturday at tho P a r a m o u n t , Alice IJay ajipears oppoMte 1Jddie Buzzell in "Ijittlo J o h n n y Jonos." Tho feature picture for Monday, Tuesday and Wedaieduy ih "Tigor Hohe," starring Monte Bhie f i n d Liipe Vivloa, a vivid story of tin Northwt-st Mounted. Quo of tho most thnll'ing epiiiodos al "Tiger Rose" is a race t h r o u g h tho rapids. This t h r i l l i n g roai is pcr- toirnfl by U r m t W i t h e r s and Lupo Velez in an attempt to from p u r s u i n g Northwest M o t i u l e d police, led by Monto Blue. Tho denouement of the story is highly unusual--ono o£ the tactors which made It one of the great Nt-w York stage surceases. Fashi ons Blous«e and F ijamas Given Xew Prominence SPECIAL WARDENS WILL GUARD FISH HAJlRISBUltO, Fob. !·( - At loast 500 special iish wardens will bo appointed durliiR the present year under tho policy adopted at a roe-out meeting of the Board of Fish Commissioners here. Decision to continue the poJicy ot appointing such wardens resulted from Uio reaul.8 obtained during 192D, members of tli ccimnils»iou said. Although t h special oillcers have the .samts a u t h o r i t y ast a fii'll-timo wardo.i they dc not re-coive any salary, exponsee or pirt of '.ho lino paid in successful prosecutions The Doard also authorized the appointment of two addUicna.1 full-time otHcers. "If on do not t r j to get sinners to t-pek ( lirwl, then remember that tlie blocd ot souls v.'ill be u^on you." "A lot of professors o religion seem to t h i n k tlrat tho P h r i - t l a n life i.s a ;iicni( I n s t e a d of u b Ule ami 1 h u y j new! t i re-vine t h o l r i'!cas u good deal." j "A lieni'l f u l l of the kvo of God and j hard v ork w i l l l.ind moU any old eln-1 nor in any community, and don't fall to keo it in rnlnd." "Uet'er never to have been born ihan M have lived and passed up the immor'al soul." "A tiig smile w i l l .npread clear over your If Home on? comes up to you | In judgment and Haye, You saved mo iroin an everlasting hell.'" WOMAN WHO AS CHILD HELPED CET DINNER FOR LINCOLN DIES By U n i t e d Picsg. CIURMCSTON, Til., Feb. 13.--Mrs.' rarolHo M. Newman, 77, who helped her mother prepare ;· dinner for Abrah mi Lincoln the- lay before he left for Wailrngton to become President, (Mod on t h o IL't'^t utniversary of '..incol.n birth yesterday. Mrs. N e w m a n was r ino years old at the t i m e . Her m o t h e r , Mrs. Mary Freemin, who received Uncoln'u personal 'ompllnieuts fit t i e time of the dinner, died two years igo at tiio iiger of 02. By FRANCES PAOJT Copyright, 1930, by Style Sources NEW YORK, Feb. 14--rnong the types of costumes brought ;orward at tho Paris openings fiuits, b oases'and pajamas aceme,! most i m j jrtant in, comparison w i f n other seaeons. American buyers prefen' In large number showed tho greatest interest in sui r s with peplums, theet being the newest feature. Modele w re shown j in tailored woclen« and e Ik dreee- j maker or cofilumo typos. | Blouees included fine jorsi y jumpers in tuck-in typus and with plastrous.; Therf were al«o tailored pir ues, shirt-j in?6, chiffons- sliffcned and otherwise -- and a wide range of fabrii including htces, printed rrepes and e! ibroidereri aiid plain handkerchief line u Collar- 1 U-ss blouses with a tiny bo'. · or ruffle 1 were among tho more admlr xl modelH.' Pajamao offer minimal ii tercet because their scope a extec led from lounging and beach affairs to workmanlike types. Every consideration is! also given to p«jamaa de\ jloped in piK-h fabrics as buggeet te i time or dinner wear. Paris has ev ry expectation of establishing the p ijauui and ' lifting it, from the fad to 110 fashion category. Homes? Everyday you will Hud homes and aome Hi tee advertised in oar classified col am ae--read Uiem over. The Orpheum Many a movie-struck college student leceiv^d au to flnally gel into pie tares when "S'o This Js Ool leKe," whirli Is on tbu scrrec at the Orphe-um Theatre, \\\i» llhned on tlu campus of the Univei sity r*f Southern Calilornia. Hundreds of students were usod af extras in the M-etro-Golilnvyn-Mayvi all-talking comedy of life on th avc-rutj-o American collega campus jrisnug the film an aulhcpcily anc realistic feeling to be gotten in IK other way. Many of the btijutenrs i.liow ing oonspiyuoua taliint for H l m w es- taftillahed a contact with Sam Wood the director, which w i l l stind thorn ii good a toad when they haw completoc their college work a n d look to Hollywood for f u t u r e laurolu. "So This T.s College" outlines the life of a student from the moment h? htops off 'the train iu bin collcxje to-wr, to the day he says gcxxKbye to Aim;Mater with a fiheopelun in his pocket Hally Kdarr, Wood s nw sc.reen "rind,' makes her debut in "So This It College" and the oast include* Mliod Nugent and Robert Iw'ontgomery, for merly In Broadway stage productions Cliff Edwards, hotter known as "Ukolele Ike," Max Kinidwon, Phyllit Crane and Dorothy J)ehn. The program also includes a movi-- tone act, al) talking comedy and sound neiws reel. Every Rug in the Store is Discounted During Our February Furniture Sale Selecting Now Will Be Thrifty Step! POLICE RETURN 96 AUTOS TO OWNERS HATiniSBUIlG, Feb. 14 -- VeniHjyl- vanln puHce In January Tver-p $10,000 ·over Uie-ir record for January ot 192!), recovering machine havo an estimated -\aln-e of *i4,!4-'l. Kinoty- ? ix cars \\ore restored to their OWTHJTS. Of tuis nunrter, the thieves a' r )cii!doned 54, and J3 wore found in the poftscaslon of pea-sons not Un 1 rightful owner. A toUU of 29 arrests was Seven P«nn- yslvanla cars wore toand In othor Htafcos and 20 out-crfistato cars in Pennsylvania. ABOLITION OF COURTSHIP WW COLUMBIA PUPILS By United frees. NliW YOl'.K, Fob. 13.--"A i courtship," circulation ol bi J l i t e r a t u r e al clinics and ui ness in sex m.utters w-ore outstanding viowa present* d^ntrf of CVib m'bla U n l v answer to a quesUonnuiro by the unlversity'B montlily Cultivation of painting . UK "an antidoto lor love" by the students. GANGSTERS KILL TWO YORKERS IN CHICAGO STY; E Hv T J t i i t c - d I'l ss N'K\\ YORK, Fob. 13 - - F o u r «-lf-ap- IKinUil executioner.- i haittert-t! tlio '-.ilancc of tho U r o u x oa -ly today w i t h nine piitol shoUt that lo f a luxuriously dre: sod woman and her tnal" i-oni- paniou dying on the K dewalK. The man a id tho woman-- Identified as Carniiro SarrclU and \!ay Sn:ith, u clanoo mil hobtes.s f r o m \Vilkos-Harre -died before the f o u r iiven could set back i r t o tho automob'lo from which y h; d alighted to do t h e i r k i l l i n g . 'Klition of th control ·r«) f r a n k - rtto a ? the t ty stu- »rsitv in circulated magazine, nd music vas urged Paramount Theatre TODAY and TOMORROW VITAPHONE ALL TALKIE JT1XE JOHNNY B^MHHHBHUBHHBHBVWBH Burzell Vitaphone Act -- All Talking Serial Gratiam McWamee Explains Eyorylhlng in the Talkinpr News K«el Admission--Matinee lOc and 2e--Night 16e and S6e Monday, Tnesday and Wednesday Monto Blue and Lupe Velriz in 'Tiger Rose* What an opportunity for the home in need of new rugs! Every rug in our store marked down from tO/'o to 50% below regular prices. And what fine rugs these are! Patterns that are smart, colors that are harmonious and in accord with present day decorating trends, beautiful, long-lived quality, complete size ranges. Be thrifty--and smart--and choose yours now. Axminsters, $31.50 Sturdy rugs, deep of pile, good- loc king and dura,blp. In Chinese, Or enta) and conventional patterns. Seamless Axminsters $35 Seamless rugs in .the newest pat- i e r n s and richest colorings. Theso ruj;s will gi^e lonj^ service. 9x12 Velvets $37.50 Vn excellent quality rug. Colors an-1 patterns^; are new and attractive. Seamless. Fringed ends. Wilton Vevets $59.50 Finest quality and newest patterns, heavily fringed. Clearance price, choice at $50,50. Tapestry Rugs $19,95 Beautiful patterns, idea! for bedroom, and even for the living room. Buy now and savo. Felt Base Rug $7.95 Room sizes in a choice of patterns and colorings. Rag Rugs $1.00 Braided and woven, ovil ! and rectangular; n o w priced $1.00. i New Carpeting! Per Yard, $1.35 Velvet carpet, choice of color and pattern. ? Open Evenings By Appointment Call 376 Some llirnishers 77 INJURED TO 0ATE IN PITTSBURG STRIKE PiTTSBURO, Feb. 1,5.-- T IB partial blinding ot a passenigei todry brought t h e list of those injure-! in ightiag in the PiUhtmrg tnxk-ab slriK 7iow in iU? 32nd day to 77. Fred Bhinamaa of Clcvcl rul, Ohio, w i l l lose an 0ye, it was ,«ai(r at Mercy Hospital toilny as tho re.M It ot" the of ft taxlcab in ·wlii !i he was last n i g h t . «*. Ixxs Dancer Gets 8 I T , 000. ANfUOLKS, C u t , Feb. I I . - - · of $17,000 W C I P awarded to Dolores i- , Spat wl dancer by a Superior court j u r y j t w t j r d a y ag.mi6l Kerdiiii nd 1'inncy K a i l " , artist, whoro the clnncpr had charged with breach of a p ' o - n u p t i a l a g r p p n i c n t t o s-oHle ?15,00'» upon her. Tin- judtro i n s t r t u : t o d the j u r y to allow the odiu-c-r ^15,000 damru;cs and ?2,i00 o x p e - i h c - . A. P. Moorp Scrlouxl) 111. PASADENA, (Ja!., Fob (·{.-- SHriou-,- nc^s of the t'onriitiou of Alexander I". Moore of IMttsibuu:. n i n h a s b a d o r t i Poiaiul, u'iio I-; in a .--a i l r a r t u m hero with U bereulosU «t t h t h r o a t , w i l l uot bo f u l l y k n o w n 101 another 1!! hour*, f tun been annoi need. W. H. Bowman 111. Word hii'i boon n-c'^'ved t Iho illness of .Murgun II. liowmaii, president of tho N i i t l o n a l H a n k of Fay ttc C'oun- ly, U n l o n t o w n , al Hich Hospital, Ualc-igh, N. t'. He i'- siiffi'ri ig from a hu\e« cold w i t h w h i c h bo ·» LK stricken S u n d a y \vhilo t-urouto I Florida to !pend tho winter. KPHEUM THEATRE Today and Tomorrow The Greatest Talking-Singing--Dancing Picture of Them All! Look! Real Bargains! Kelly-Sprinj^ield TRUCK and BUS TIRES Bray Your Truck and Bus Tires Now! YouTJ gave money. We jbie a limited supply of the follow- ng szes: (i«rl K i l l e d by 'Inu-k. Mary A n d l o r . live, dii i(?htet of Mi and Mi K M a r k A n d l w of (Ye.srciu JHciKht. 1 -, \ \ ' u » l i i n K t « n t-o uily, \su« almost ll - U t l i S i v k i l ' i ' i 1 Wdtiesilav at' t o r i u w n « I t t ' i i - - t r i t k bv ,i f r n t k dr!M[ . Tlioina- \ t t l i r ! . n n o t I t i - K ' V e r i i c u These Are Cash Prices: 30x5 Truok, 8 ply $17.95 34x5 Truck, 8 ply $19.45 32x6 Truck, 8 ply $20.95 32x6 Truck,, 10 ply $27.25 36x6 Truck, 10 ply $29.25 34x7 Truck, 10 ply $35.95 Auto Service Co. We Recharge Batteries 305 West Crawford Ave. Phone 319 With noitinir MONT ELLIOTT N U a K J N CUFF EDWARDS SALLY S T A R R Also All Talking Comedy and Sound News JAPAN PROPOSES SMALLER SHIPS, NAVAL HOLIDAY By tlnltort Press. LONDON, Fob. 13.--Reduction of tho tannage of baltleBhips and a replacement holiday until 1936 were ad- vorated lorlay In ft memorandum is.suprt by the JapanP«P delegation to tho na^'al conference The m o m o r n n d u m n u t l l n i n s ( h e pofiltioii for tb lirtst tmji proposed reduction of the siz s of battleships from 35,000 ton an provided by the Washington treat/ to 25,000 I o n . U ulh advocated reduction of ^uns to H-hich calibre and extension ot the a;?.'! of battleships to 26 y*ars. A maximum individual tonnagi for Ma-Inch gu'n cruisers was adYonte! 7,000 and 7,500 ton. Japan proposes to maintain It- existing force of submarines and ad- vocatefl an age !1irit for submari-io of 18 years the memorandum saJd. J ipan now has (14 puhmartnes and it V n i l r i - PRESSED STEEL GETS $2,000,000 FREIGHT CAR ORDER PITTSBUHG, Feb. 13.-- The PrcsBwl Steel Car Company announced today t h a t its McKeea Jtocka plant woiild I hfgin work thortly on a $2,000,000 order for 1,050 rairway cars, placed by Hhe 1-ouisvillo Nashville Railroad. Tsp ClBSaffiM Ads. COB* is p-ninll. Rp«w!ts MM bis.

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