The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 14, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1930
Page 6
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T'AGE SIX, THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVI ^LE," PA'. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY I I . LiVirr. " . P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N Mr.i. Marie Cla'-ixyr is reported to !e c r i t i c a l l y i l l at t ) i ' homo ot her bro her-in-liw md -itstor, Mr. ;ind ' M r ; . Jatvk Cowu t of DoUvU w. ! '1 here ws slight, £ any change to- d.ij in tlio c o n d i t u 11 of Mrs. I. V. Kwi/cr, who lias br v i very 111 for sev- e i u we-c-ks- ut hor home iti North ritt.s bin Htvcet. Don 1 1 lorget the bak^d ham supper at the K i r H t Presl.vterii'ii Church, Tbure- (!ij, February 20th, by tlio T. J. Hoop*' 1 Biblo Ciat,«. Tickets 75 cents. --/ (ivt;rti«ement.--V-f.ob.-H. Mis; Msfher Whonc, daughter of Mr. and Mr.s. Josepn Whsric of Viinderbilt, is .ishtng with her brother and sister- i n - l a w , Mr. and Mrs. John II. \Vhoric Vlrs. M. J. Holand of tho West Side sp nt /csterdav in Piftsbiirg. Mr. and Mr;-. Ma Kackoff of Kast Cul,ir aso-mie w-rro visiting in. U n i o n - ! t o v n Wednesday. Mih.s \I;iry Mont; of Oawson has re- i covered from .1 cold and r r t n r n e d to lur duties In i.he o'lices of the c o u n t y recorder In U n i o n town. Mrs. Chanc; l\ I l i r K t of Scott dale aUondod'thoH spitul Auxiliary Valentino t e n Thu-ada afternoon in the W'rf C u l t u r e t ' l u b rooms at the C.irnegi» fr'r^c 1/ibrary. Mrs. J. ]'. U ite h i« pone to OrrviUe, O i l o , to visit HIT ? istor who is ill at li»r homo in t n a t p «ec, Micw Mari« N e w e l l , ,1 registered irir-.p. in i'Httftmrg, Is on a world tour, «he h a v i n g sailed on J a n u a r y at w i t h \V. H Schiller and ; a m l l y ot I M t ' s b u r g . They txpeet io bo absent a l w u t four 11 o n t h H . MISH N e w e l l is tx daughter of :Vr and Mre. Cha-leti N e w u l l of Mill luin. Mi.-.-; M a t i l d a H t e v c n s o n of i'itts- ) in r;, i o r m o r l y ol Cornells', Ule is in t ic \Vt.-t r c n n Ho.pita!, I ' i l U b u r g . 'or ( r c a t m - e n t of i n j u r e s MilTeri-d in .1 Call Mr-,. Wilt-on A cOlarcu of M o u n t Aunt Hat « V RflUICIVT U L D I L L B W "It's ono o' the mercies, o' Providence that, no matter how u g l y a woman is s h « t r a n c»njoy icokm' at some part *f her that's all right, an' forget th \ rest ot it." Society Mews A cry in the night may be the first warning that Baby has colic. No cause for alarm if Castoria is handy t This pure vegetable preparation brings quick comfort, and can never do the slightest lia.rm. Always keep a bottle in the house. It is the safe and sensible thing when children are ailing. Whether it's the stomach, or the little bowels: colic or constipation; or diarrhea. When tiny tongues are coated, or the breath is bad. Whenever there's need of gentle regulation. Children love the taste of Castoria, and its mildness makes it suitable for the tiniest infant, and for frequent use. And a more liberal dose of Castoria is a'ways better for growing children than some needlessly strong medicine meant only for adult use. Genuine Castoria always has Chas. H, Fletcher's signature on the wrapper. Prescribed by doctoral Save EVEtt F A I T H F U L C L A S S SfKETS WITH M I S S HARTSUX The Kver F a i t h f u l Cliws of the South Connellfcvit o Evangelical Chiiroh hold its r e g a i n - business and social meeting last nif it in tho home ot Miss Alma Ilartmai , South Con- jiolhivllie. Tho preside it, Mis« Catherine; Shiiltz, had charge of tho business ses.ikm. Tlio class jxt 'tided ct vote of n, I M U b u n . spent yesterday iti l h a u k s lo a n who Ul( a iy way assisted w i t h the bupper. Sixteen mem bora ni d two guestfl were present. The 'losttss served l u n c h . She was a Isted by her mother, Mro. George 1 lariman. V called meeting of lie c)o«n will be held Thursday n i g h t , February 20, in tho home ot Miss Mai .- Cramer. The nt-xt regular meeting w i l l bo hold Thursday night, Marc) 13, Sn the home of Miss Laverne Mille . tht ads. lodaj. CAPTAIN CUNNINGHAM OFF TO ATTEND ARMY OFFICERS SCHOOL Mr.*. Frank R^od, Mrs. W. T. U-itrd, ! Mrs. Roy Slrickler, Mrs?. Jam«fi Shaf- , fer, Mrs. W, A. Cillosplo and Misa ' Corii Iveighty. After the btiainoss meeting- Uie er«nlt»t; was .^pont a t , fancyworV and In a social w.iy. JVuncii \ was orve !. The favors were keeping ' with V a l e n t i n e Day. Th« next meet- i inj? will b February 27, with Mrs. W, ' H. Jacobs The SOOTTDAU-:. Fob. 11. - - C\i.ptain Charles \V. C-unn na;hani, commaridiiiR ollk-or of the Service Company, 110th r n f a n t r y , h;i.s bee i ordered by tho Secretary of War to report to the I n f a u iry Bo.hool for - \ r t n v ofiicorH at Fort. B o n n i n K . (!a. Tho school w i l l be held from February 1!, 103) to Miy 25, in- clu:;i\e. Ho l o f t ibis morning by automobile. f i r a t UouU-nai i K d g a r P. Kelly has bc-en arisism-d t c o m m a n d of the Service C o m p a n v durivit; tho absence ol C a p t a i n Cum ngham. He also has been appointt-d chairman of the a r m o r y board fo- this ieriod of time. Fort BouuinR IK ocatc-d 12 mil-en f o u t h of Columbia on tho Alabama s t a t e line. Tho officer.', sthx-lcd for this course are from every -tato in the- United States, u l h O Ala .Ki and Hawaii. Being ariS.U'.ned to this school, when the State's quoia is only live. In a n;rc,it honor to Captain Cunningham, to Scottdule and t h i s entire district. MRS. VAN HORN'S FUNERAL ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON The f u n e r a l iervlco for Mrs. Fannie Mon? Van loru, w i f e ot Albert V i i n l l o r n . w i l l be conduc-ted at (/clock S u n d a y a f t e r n o o n at the tanuly home o-i Uridso street, ia\v- Vanderbllt W. C. T. F. V a n d o r b i U Wotnnn'H Christian :e Union will meet on Mon- dly evening, F'ebrua'T 17, instead of Thureday eveninj;, February 20 The occtuBlon jsrill mirk tho observa.nce of the birthday of Frances WUIanl Plane will be (')rmulated for (he a n n u a l Waehingtsn tea which will bi held ' S a t u r d a y afternoon, Kobrnary ;!2. Tho meeting vill be hold at the homo of the president, Mrs. G. B. Jtoborts At Vanderbl t. IMPROVING YOUGH WOULD SAVE VAST SUMS! FREIG IT Water Transportation $200 OOC' Year Cheaper for ;H:Kee i- port Steel Mill. MANY FACTS SET FORTH AT MEETING F R A X K FKEE7MN EM'KHTAIMS K M A X O X CLC?B [ Kinanou C l u b mot iht evoniug in the home, of Mrs. 1 -niik Freemnn, South E i K h t h Btreo;. lOlovcn moml«r.« and ono j;u«.st, M i - n Haxol Urindle, j)r«,ent. Th»; i tlencl.inco prize, donaUnl by ^ I r s ' -' n;i ' i r K Kellar or Mount PUiasaut, \v,ni iwarded to Mrs. Harry Ilctzel. The evening was spent, at rards, three tables o£ bridge beiiu; rallwl into play. The luietesa rvp-d dainty re- frctshments. The t i n i · a n l place for tho next meeting w '1 be uimnouced later. Hl; ST. JOHN'S Ll' W 1 I . I . JlKK T'IC ic£.;iilar meet l . u l h c r Lea^uo of erau Cliurch w i l l February IG at t h u Ual]h G r i m m of Tr !ni[)ortaueo w ' l l be tnote the proRress ol officers f o r l i t e otia. nominated A coo desirtd. ! L i : \ f i U E ' AT TKOTTEH ig of St. John's t' e (iermau hiith- L ·. hckl Sunday, home oC Mrsi. ttt-r. Matters of ilsr-usscd to jiro- t h e U-UKUO. New liiji year w i l l bo attendance if Mej-erdale «IH nil! Wed. A n n o u n c e m e n t is nu Ic ot the coming niarriaR of Mi- - Muriel O'Brien, d a u g h t e r ot Mr. and \lr^. H. F. O'Brien 'it Meyersdalo, t'orn crly of Connellsville, and V-'iiHam 1 ranUlin r e n n , Jr , Ilev. A V i J I i a m the r h i l s p ^ i V j l b j i l i ^ t KIIIH »Min i£ w h i r h F. Seitter, pastor of (lochran Wi-nuirial ofial Church at U u w was a member, \UU oon of S u p o r l a t e n d ' tiam F r a n k l i n Pern Training School, o coiomouy \ s i l l be HI f l r f f i c i a t o . ' n t e v the C'oclirau i' cliiirm' of ^'ti'i ral Director C. M i t c h e l l of Connellsvillc ,,, \ ', , afternoon, Febru mcnl w i l l bo made n t;( ^ UMQ c h j j ·metcry at Dawsoli in ,.. ...... «..._,. Charier; ner lu New C h u r c i'ork. nt and Mrs Wi!. of Pennsylvania M o r g a n x a . The (imnixed S a t u r d a y 22, at 4 o'clock, A r o u n d the Cor- TJic bride-elect Js ARCHJ5iBBOT STEHLE WfIL KNOWN HERE; FUNERAL TUESDAY Co i t l n u e d f r o m Page One. Archabbot Stehle participated at mahs here. Itov. Edmund Sbfedy, aFflstant priest ai the Immaculate Conception Church, attended St. Vincent Coil-ego. The archabbot was his prefect. Archa Jbot Stehlo was tho o n l y arch- ubbot if the United States. He was the founder and chancellor of the t'athoUc 1'nlversity ot Pelning, Cliina, and director of tho St. Kmma Agri c u l t u r a l Industrial School, Rock Castle, \'n. Two brotliera survive him. They ;ire tho Kev. P. C a l l m t u s Stohle, O. S. U. at t h i arehabbey, and Harry Stchle of Vittsburg. In th dim vastness of tin* archab- bey chi.rch at St. Vincent Arehabbey at Latrobe, scores of the highest dignitaries of the Catholic C h u r c h ID, tho United States nest. Tuesday will take part in tho last solemn ceremonies for Archabxit Stclile. 1U. Lev. Hugh C. Hoylo, of S.PVEUK r ( » U t } ! I f K C » SPELLS V r i C K L Y K N H E J ) P l s t r p s s i n K i oughts c a n n o t tiro out »Q(| w e a k e n ti t h i s w i n t e r if you laUo Kolcy'f Uoacy arid Tar Comp o u n d . Ha oh d i ' K e i.irncs the curative. balsamic vn-tucH o£ p u r e jiinu tar, d e m u l c e n t honey, with other v a l u a b l e coup i hi-nling ingredients, tutu d i r e c t coi t:tcl with the irritated throat s u r f a c e s , l o v e r i n g tjic-ru with a sooih'iiK coating, ending the CLU Kh. Hs quick medicinal not. h i n d e r e d by opiates nor m !^ m i l d l y hixdtivo, q u i c k l y d( pcndablo for coughs, t h r m t , huurscues.s, croupy coughs, troublesome Ask for Foley'a Honey an instructor in ( h r high school at tne Pennsylvania Trait mg School nnd a 11 urn bur of chanmn being K i v u j i hi bur .social events art honor. actiun e f f e c t i v t ' Uckhiii; and I n n t t c U i a night cough.s. and Tar. For sate by C. Roy Hoizel, Wouhvoi'th U d g -- A d v o r t ' s w n e n t . AniiouiK'lnjt Birth. Jlr. and All 1 ;. Kaymoml Arnold o; Vlttsburg aniHiunco the birtii ot' a laughter, Cla e A n n , Thursday morning «t tliL* hoi 10 of Mrs. ArnoldV parents, Mr. and Mrn. .). C. Ilerwiclt, Jvlor- re?I a\onue. I'ho family now corwlstii of a boy and a Miss M a t y fxjvoy d a n g h t o r of Bom' inic Lovoy of U n l o i town and Leonard 1 DeC'arlo, son of i'r nk sOeCarlo of Un- l l o r i t o i v n were m .rrled Wednesday i morning at St. '· heresae' Catholic | Church of Uniont wn. Kev. Ixmte Arabia officiated. JMlsa? Anna Joncway of Mount UraMo Ic was bridctsmakl and William DeCai .o, a brother of the bridegroom, served atj beat man. I 1 O'clock. ! rehearsal of the 'Why Not," to bo 1 Club the regular .r Culture Club will at T o'clock In the Caruoglo Fr-ee Id- 0 o'clock. Members id. .!!«·' i Due to tho i i t i , musical comedy, given by the Mozn moo'iiig of tho Jui' hold Tuesday nigh club room.s at tin b'-ary inatead of 7 art' urged to alU )itc 31 .in Tht body C Mike ( J y l i d a , U- years ;,hl, of tiriuit'i ono, \vho had boo!) missing for tho ,ist i,o\cn week:-, wn.i (akeu from (i.c Mf»uougah«Li K i v » r at Suntiysiiic-, m ,ir \Vobstoi'. It identitU-1 b ' c l a t i \ o n Dfnuor for Brldc.l'.lccL SCOTTDALE, F b. 14.-- Teachcm of the C h e s t n u t St ept School gave a d i n n e r last evenii 5 in honor of Mir,3 Cioldyu McLaiujli! n, whose ftigagc- meut to James Iv. no of Scottdulo has been announced. Mcl^aughlin is supervisor of t IB K-i'Hiv school:;. Piesent at tho dii, ior were iMiss Pearl DePriost, Mr. and Mrs. (Mrl J3, L a u f - fer. Misses, Kditli Rhoados, Forem-o P i n n e r t y . Margai 't M. Uahu, Nelle Borliu. K a t h e r y n d. N i c k l o w , J u n e \i. McCombs, Louise iverr. Crystal Ston-r and Ketha Tedro v. A mlscellarieona shower \sas held, each teacher bringing some- gift, ii id the e n t i r u for-;o j o i n i n g f o r anotli T. TJc'pn.pd sti Cumberland. Kobert Leo \Vt, Utrs and lU'icti Atu- tiiuiis, both of B o w n t s U I e , Jacob Ort u u Miller and A na May U r h n m , both of Dicktrson Ilu and Fruuk H i b b s Urovti and Doily .VUudo Iluey, both of Suuthtlc-M were ilcvii.--ed to wed ut Kast L H i c i t y Club Meets. .!. I'. J.ict o \\,jH liostc'hs to the Liberty F. m - y v o r k Club JIKJ on T m -"day evening at bor The development of tin Vougb ogh- cny River would result ia ?he a ving of $200,000 annually in latas fo · the sipping of coal u*=«-d by i largo steel I mill at McKeesjiort, acoorrtlnB t · another brief nxieivetl Thursday cv -ning at tho meeting of the * b-mixt o directors of the Youf'.hlocheiiy liver Improvement AsBocitttten at West Newton which \vus atten lei by ibout 50 persons. It was pointed out th it a tr- men- dous saving In f r e i f h t co ttB wot. ,d be realized for all poraons within proximity of the stream who -would be in a. position to ubf -he d«.-eloped rivor. The trMid of ilu discmaion d alt in d e t a i l ' \Y"th the reduction m th cost of s h i p p i n g by water from the n tea of rail transportation. Other briefs were rewlvod a ha« been requested ly Lieutenant C rtonel Jarvis J. IJaln «·' J'ltL«burg, .strict Army engineer, w io soon Is to i .ake a recomniondatioH to c/onnr^ee w th ro- tspect to the propped cvuiullwat on. Secretary Vf. H. Sleveiwon of he aft- soclation read th* m i n i ' t e j wit ch Ja- cluded all cotnprohc-nsi^e ate-pf taken In the latest effort* to hriiig at ut the development of the r i v i r . The meeting wa« very enthi siaetiu and the information distrlbu xt to those in attendance wa 1 ! very ncour- aging. More btatlstica wore r from the P l t t s b u r f r toel O mpany which hatj about SO,000,000 to 1 H),000,000 tons of coal to be develot jd, tho t h e Diocese of PUtsbuiT, will celc- i JI - c '- ^'rivk Coke Conjptny wft , about 1 GO.000,000 tori*, o;' coal as well as tho MoKeoBporl Coal Compnuy. The 1'lttsburg Coal Oompor f oon- tc-ndH that a great snvinjf co ild bo realized if coal wai; ehjppod b; water, A greater amount of ccftl coul- be developed if the rivor is Impr ived to Coniiejlsvllle. In thti absen-oo of Major J hn K. Blake, Con[i«H«viHc, vice-pre« dent of tho association, Postmaster "W S. Be- bsnna road hi« rwldrcej, on "T anspor- tation, tho Relation 01 Kailro tde aad Inland Waterwaya." There were 10 persons in ati sndance from the Counellnrlllo regloi . They were: Postmaster Beha»na, } 'rank P. Weiker, lialph Wolkei and H nry Allen, Conn-oilsvllle, T. H. Ke n, Nor- rnalvillo; H. fa. Brown, Indiai Creek; W. S. Obrlstnor, Davlitown; vV. J. B. Mayo, Melcroft; Roy O. Mart , Indian Head, and William Mitchel Mount Pleasant. A numbw O f tr;lke wore ;Iven by advocatoe. All of (he director present were introduced. Owing to committi^e mee ing« at Washington, the three coin ressmen, JONES WAS VERY INSISTENT SAYS MRS. ALLUM Ccmtintiod from Paye One. and put in'$1,000 a piece. 'Those men should go uh-ead and talco caro ot you.' Mr. ,fon«« iold me," said Mrs. Allum. "Well, is this rfsally u-o?" t|iieried Ir. Baltz. "Not to my knowtodee," said the witness. "Mr. .lonos said it could be so," she addled, Mrs. Alliwn said the special prosecutor predicted t h a t when ho got through, with Mrs. Hess she..wouldn't need any bail, After the trial Mrs. Allum said she talked over the pos- sl'bil!ti«8 of s. new trial and was told 'by officials that there was no use o£ attempting that as tho higher courts would not reverse the lower courta in tho ease in question. Sh-G said sh-e saw her husband in. tho workhouse last January 17 and talked with him regard Ing tho possibilities ol testifying at tho coroner's inquest. "Glenu said 'I've to}d them everything I can toll them'/' Mrs. AHinn testified. Asked regarding ox-Sruire C. C. Oarletts, Mrs. AUurn said she waa present at a conversation in the office of Attorney Wade K. Newell bet-ween Garlolts and Mrs. Hess. "GarleitB eame- over and told Mrs. Heas," said the witness, "that Downing had a warrant for her arrest. This was August 29, the day Allnm was brought to the counter jail from the New Salem barracKs. Garlotta «aid Downing was sore and hurt because Mr«. Hess had gone with the State Police to get Big ISd. 'I told you time and again not to go and pet Big Ed. Downing is going to run you out of the county for this,' " Mrs, Allum said Garletts told Mrs. Hess. Mrs. Allum said Ga-rlotts confided further that, Nick Rosenberg had called him up tho day a f t e r the murder and had instructed him (Garletts) to go and get Mrs. Hoss and take her away from the State Police and keep her away. Mre. A U u m said Mr«. Garlc.ttlf didn't want anyone to know that ho wae talking to Mrs, Hese and before he eald anything he aeUwi it she (Mrs. Allum) wan alright. Ho cautioned her not to say he h«tl bc-cn there, Mrs. Allum added. Mm, Helen lU-se was again called to the stand. Mr«. Hess «iid that the- coroner had questioned her regarding the znattor and that slu) was not permitted to talk in front of Dr. Baltz in the State Po- llco barr;u'k« at New Salem in the presence of State Police. Mention wae made of a black eye of Tony Eell. She ·said no one had toKi her how ho got the black eye. CARS COLLIDE, TWO MEN IN JEOPARDY bratc solemn pontifical requiem masu for th( archabbot in tlie archabbey church at 10 o'clock Tuesday morning. Scores of c h u r c h dignitaries and I h u n d r e d s of lesser members of the church hierachy, from all parts ot the United States, will crowd tho areh- abbey c h u r c h to teetify by their participation in the age-old splendor of the church ceremonial, the lilgh esteem in which the archa.bbot was held d u r i n g his lite by the church as a whole and by hundreds ot friends. The f u n e r a l services, it is believed, w i l l bis tho occasion of ono of the greatest gatherings of ecclesiastics of the Catholic Church o-f recent years. Following the celebration of the mans, five prelates, us yet unnamed, will pronounce the absolution. Interment will b3 in the cemetery of St. Vincent Arc ha obey. Cablegrams were sent to Rome yesterday by Father Fcllnor, notifying Pope Plus XI, and other high dignitaries of the church, of the dcaiu ol tho aichabbot. Arcaabbot Stehie'8 body will lie In state in the archabbey until Monday, when it will bti born* to the archabbey (hurcli, to Us there u n t i l t h e hour of the Isst rites Tuesday morning. SENATE CONFIRMS HUGHES FOR JUSTICE OF SUPREME COURT WASHINGTON, tfeb. 14.--Charles Evans Hughes was elevated to Chlet .Justice of the United States last night with the consent of tho Senate after tour days of intense debate over hia attitude on economic issue's. H l i nomination by President Iloov- tr to succeed William Howard Tatt wus confirmed by a vote of 52 to 26. Taft resigned last week as his hpal'h gave way. Hughe.s is expected to assume the cJiiet justiceship 1m- mecHuely. WASHINGTON, Feb. I I . -- T h e announcement by the Hughes opposition that it would carry on HH light at the bailH box brought about a renewal in the Senate today of tho historic debate oC Hie post four dajs. "3,ike banquo-ghost this Issue will return to you," Chairman Morris of Ui« Senate Judiciary Committee said. Xorris. leader of the inuniceesbl'ul contest against conlirmatk,u of Cliiof Justice Charles Evans I-lugbos added that it "will return u n t i l the common poo lie have their absolute justice. Uiurbau is out ol the u vitally concerned in tlie proj ^ct, were not able to attend. MRS. ANTHONY GIGLDTTl DIES IN P1TTSBURG Mrs. A n t h o n y Gigliotti, i Mrs. Pasqualo Gigllottl, of road, died yesterday at hoi Beech view, Pittburg. The f a m i l y formerly resid a at Mor- rll, about 40 yeara ,igfj. other of Isabella home at Tho f tin-era 1 will aCt/ornoon. ho held .omorrow The Food That Fights Fiit It's a g]£nd food, now used :o correct the known cause of so much xcetss fat. Doctors now employ it the v rld over. And now, without starvation, mltitudes are gaining new youth and h 'auty, vim and.vigor. You see the result wherever you look. Fat is the rxceptior now. Marmola prescription table s embody this modern method. People lavo used them for 22 years--millions i f boxes of them. Some of your own frie ids, doubtless, can show you what they do. Let them bring you what they have brought tq so many. The i isults will delight and" amaze you, A t ok in the box explains the effects. Gi now and ask your druggist for a f 1 ! ox of Marmola. You owe that to yourt :if. Frank Shudy ot Edna (street and Hunter Robinson ot Trotter had a narrow escape from injury Khcrtly after noon today wli«n the automobile in which th*y wore ridlnj; ov«rturned in West Crawford avenue after a collision with a ranchiri« by Gall Pish- b;ich of South PUtsbarg street. Tho car, drlveid by Shudy, overttim- ed a,nd the glapi? in the door next to Robinson wan shattered. Police- puMed tho two men out ot the wreotege. The oars werj not damaged to any great extent. Primo Camera ' Has Tv/o Bouts MK-MPIIKS, Tenn., Feb. 11--Priino Camera, giant Italian heavyweight boxer UUB signed to fight two more American boxers this month, his manager said today. Camera will meet Jack MeAuliffe in New Orleans next Monday night, February 11, aad will meet Mountain Erlokson at Oklahoma City February 24. Special Sale and Display Of the Famous February 20, 21 and 22 A beautiful set of NeveV Stain. Steel Cutlery or a set of Vollrath Enamelware in pink pearl or apple green will be given. Absolutely Free lo anyone purchasing a Monarch Rango during this sale. Priced From $100.00 Up Convenient Terms Loucks Hardware Co. Connellsville, Pa. -without fait at the Fashion Store Tomorrow. Even those of you who are acquainted with the values offered here will be amazed --over our big stock! Bargain after Bargain! All Winter Coats sacrificed -- new spring Dresses just unpacked and featured at exceedingly low prices-chic hats priced to sell quickly at One-Half the original price AND LESS $12.95 Coats--Now $ 5.00 $19.75 Coats---Now ......1 -.. ,,$ 9.87 $24.75 Coate--Now -$12.37 $29.75 Coats--Now $14.87 $39.75 Costs--Now $19.87 $40.75 Coc.ts--Now $24.87 $59.75 'Coats--Now ~.~ $29.87 $69.75 Coats- Now ,, $34.87 Spring Dresses $5.00 $9.65 Smart drci-sea that feature every new stj le effect. The colors are, of course, iu tune with spring. Sizes and styles to fit every figure . . . and priced (o fit every purse. Q N STORE 130 West Crawford Avenue

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