The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 14, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1930
Page 5
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r i l l ! ) v,, r h n i u \ i n i i, r;;o. EVERSON TROOP FIRST WINNER IN SCOTTDALE EXHIBIT Troop v of Siottdah* Take Honors in Inter- Competition. D. E. WALL MADE EAGLE SCOUT r r t a I t n r h ^ ("our e r : r b l l . -- AJoro tluvn 30') parenU md t t r n ^ s attindcd the Sro i( m i l l ' of i \ \ u i N a the a ' l u c n j laM cyvonliiR I! K U d i t i c , chairman of I^P court 01 li i 01 presided dt t h e E A liv^-rt-i i Seoul piotine vas vn. T 10 First National Kink awa-rt for the bfnt troop ( l i s p l a \ at the- room in Pitfibnrf; street \\on f to Troop 'J, Kverfeon, and spoiui r' l/ -° to Troop 5 Awards wen- as follows: Kagl« S i o t i t , n "Odnard Wall; Me Soo its, OPOIKO IjOimioTi and Karl Chrlstiwr, alar Rf-oi t Jamos Christner, Thomas BPOVTI field, KonntHh Hoc'.gfl and H a r r v y.irtney. From t e n d f M l o o , ID ,' o onrt class Scoaf -- Cicoig* 1 Kutil l»* and From s f i o u d t la';, to first «la.s^-- Kl;r or Bout/, Dorsoj Smith. Don Van Me! ron, Frank X i d y i . i k and tmutius Uiz-/win.sKi. ft'crit 'Mdg.-'s \M re _ c i \ e n ah follows. Janiet, M f i i t / ( H , bask t r y ; Harold Bur- Kcr, cycling, Robert Smith, public health; Hairy Forti ey. Jr personal lipa'th and public health; Alvali Khea, pat'ifiiulliYR and ivlci; Kentioth Hocigo, basked}. public health, bookbinding, c a r p n i i t i y ami leatheujraft, Karl Benson, ftrn au . pathfiucMng and public h e a l t h , Unix rt Bon son, firat a4d, pathflnclmtc and public health, Dot aid Van Matron, perboiidl health, lire nanshlp and l i i n d l c T a f t , John Bafcer, ty-dins. l v r,i ik Zaxllak, pci- son il h o a l t h ; Ixeo /iMjvunski, ffwim- mln?, ,'j reman ship, personal health, handicraft and Stanley aternpn il\, Df-roin health, · luuuh- cra't incl -wood c l i v i n g , Ignatius Gr-srwiaski, wood ed -vint? u n d animal inc'istrv ; George- Lomnum, pioneering .Fames O h r i s h x i , pathnnding; Enrl l hriotner, a t h l c t u b and pioneering WaVUr lloslurn, p a t h f l n d i n g : Blow nnV'ld, patuhmllug and pioneering Father and Son Kuuciuol. T*i( . i n n i i n l t n t ' i t r ,md »on banquet ·wa- hold at St 1'a.ul'b Lutheran C h u P f h List ovi'iiin ; Coveis w k re 3anl for litr, Jt \vfiH sponsored by the "Mtfi ' f J i o i h i - i hood. Walter Bentz, nri i d f i i t t the b r o l l i i rhood, preK.aod. jT?E\ I I; Ui.mtx.rt, pastor of the ( l u i ' i h , addressed t ! i i gathering o n "Th" M asuro of i M a n " The rooms -* PIP mi/bt t a . M r t u l l r let 07 a ted lu J\et' u n g w i t h V a l e n t i n e Day. Mombors Jiiitiutpci. Trio Dames oi Aliilta at HID regular 'irn f tint; last p v i n l n i ? ia t h e Moose H n l l i n i t i d t u l two mtmberi, and hold a pai cl post suli\ J o l l j w e i l by lotrebli- Jlir-r ts and a s o i u l h o u t . rrogiain icr (JKo -us JJanifucl. .N imbcih by tho t turuh, duotfa and Him'lot 1 - w i l l feeitur tho cuU'rtiiin- j n f i t at the Male t'nariib Immnicl, at T'I may Hot 01 inttl Ch n t h Monday m'- at O.oU o'tluck. STEELWORK BEGINS ON NEW BRIDGE OVER MONONGAHELA RI\'ER ASorK of eroctinK the huper struc- t. lor t'js Altort (1 illatiu Memorial at Point W.nioii IUIH been etaiti'd. Soveu c^rlcaclo of t,teol aro now on the ground, our ou the Point Marlon fclde and thn o on the Green* county aide of tho Monongahela River. A crew of 25 men in rapidly setting the btago for tho erection n the malu span ATorc etet-1 is «'\pectcl daily. Ta( 90-fcot uy (I rnc;k IKIS boon ere tort on tho Or"( r i« county silo and a 60-foot sttft 1 E; tlorrick on the Point Marion end Tl eaa two derricks ·will bo lined, in s-^tt'iis tho Hteel for the l"avclorb that \ v i l l travel batk and ·Tort i Irom th onis ot tho approaches lmn ;inr 'ho glrtl^m dliea-d of t h e m . T \ W f v t I'onu 'owor Company ·i roi -. hiivc llnuhrxl th t o n H t r u r t i o n of I n {,iant foinw-r byfateaia ·whu h lull f u r a m l i p iwor for t h e en- 1irc y cloclnficHi n i i t h i t i c r } to be tieec on thu brnlgt* 1'iigluuer C'.UTihorn fett riulto plua'cl iv I h tho manner in whu'h xviirk hux f)U) ;re«acd thus fur and ho f-^eK C M Unn hat tho .schedule »is 1'iappw' out ( a n lu followed, along wit! tho breaks that go \\ill a job of Thirteen Years Ago HAT OFF FOREHEAD · DRAPED BR IK ORGANDIE: IXXTS HIGH AJWCE- DRAPED AMD DIVIDED GREY SUED!' riJli! D A I L Y COURIER, CONNJDLL.S\ ILLE, PA MRS. SARAH WATT OBSERVES 10DTH ANNIVERSARY Family Dinner ami Cmsrat i~ Infions for WVH-Kiiown Dnitbar Woman. SHE, HUSBAND PIONEERS FACTS To "Point-Up" Appetite Jsist Stimulate tfowels Whenever the end of he day flndfl you ont-of-sorus; food loeen't tempt you and won't digest biath IB had; tongixi coated, jnat ch«w a candy tab- lot hpfore bedtime. Ton orrov you'll be a new person! A candy Gascaret -lor rs np a bilious, ga«sy, headachy co idltlon every time. Pats appetite on -dpe. Helps iliKCh ton. Activates bov, »»lf /aicarHs art' madr I om cascara, i \ h i h authorities s. v iw:Ui«]ly vUen?thens bowol muscl «s. Ho, take tluse delightful tablet* as o f t e n an you pk-asc, or give th ra f r i e l y to children. All dmg store , sell Cabarets fo ra dlmu, and no d Har flreipora- tion could do better wort --Advertisement Mount Pleasant FAYEHE COUNH PAYS $53,663.16 INOS1AXATION ;spe«lal to Ine Courier. MOUNT I'JjMASANT, Feb. 14.--The junior chamber ot u}tum«rce, ono of tho organizations ot the commercial department ol! high school, undor the leadership c£ OrrHl Frt^d, vrn ot the common.iaj louchors, a Valentine paHy and program in the high school alter achool last evening. Tho decorations \u v ro kr-epInK wnh tho day am ouoli piograni p i v e n (he student was onnocalfl unil^r ji pr«tty vulontine, a favor. Fortunes o the students wero (oiind hlridea bonoath the lierth' on iho valentines. Tho folloT Ing program wan prwcnt- H! : t Song, "Tl[ too, ThrouRh the Tulips", piano solo, J u n o Samplo; roading, j Kdna Bobbe, vocal solo, Francis Fairro, "Thft TdlkleB," Tony Farnoll; piano Holo, Mabel Cooper, ro it-itum, Mabol MoColloy; solo, J jmfs Zaulf-n; short play wa* pr5i»enle 1 cn- titlotl, "Tnkas f h« tonsils" \\~\Vt lil- lon Davis a-* Mrs. Brady; Janvs 54atd- » Mr. iTjnita: Angelina Cost at Stein-way, Josephlno Mlllor as ; Stellfi Slova as Mary; Ktlm Mc- as a nDi)?hbor *nd Nk-kohus Of the $.1,143,880 P-iid i Ho the State j Treasury from the four pnt gasoHno i en tax for 'the Department '£ Highways, j ; Fayetto county coufrtljiii ad J5H.683.lfl during the first six mont ia, j'(ordlng to announcement yostc-rd iy Other payments by tointiea follow: ^ lle proeinm eloeod by tho proup Wostoaoreiind, $SB/)1! 10; Somer- , singing of tli« popular MBS, "Singing mt, $21,858.08; Greene, } 12,441.75. i In tho Iluin " Dinner for Teachers. Tln upetaira teachwH of tha Third Ward School, entertained the te.u.;bws of tho downstairs at a ohickon dSnoiier PBURYOPOLIS. Feb. li--WIHiain aL ths llom( , ol A I K a jt.xrtha Shnltz. Jenkins, Ueleno Jenkine awl Mary| o n o 0 £ t ^ o . f l U (hers, on Thrasher all of Perry High spent i ovonlnjr. Co.ore wero laid for 13. At Wednesday morning In Connellfivlllo tbo closo 01 tho dinner tho tonchora Perryopofit wbero they did eome Ubr try work. "Ued" Humanchik cf { tar Junction who dropped out ot »cho 1 Jn 1838 has attended a theatre party. VetctfuiH Hold MectJngr. Captain James A. Ixjar Post of resumed hte school wore. Hod wan Unltod Siai ijh War Votorana met In on of Perry Hlgh'e be t baeketbal! j regular meeting at the borough build- players during hie fr«shn on and eoph- years and hlft n Is welcom- log Woduetday evening Only routine business was gone throtiKh with. Indies' Auxiliary alao mot Weded by tho coach and f« low players Mr. and Mrs. Bennett .ones are the | nceday oven rag and decided to hold a happy parents ot a son, 1 orn Tuesday evening. Thiu Is the ftrt child in tha family. Miuees Kephyro Kurtz und (tertrudo Dutt?nnore spent ThnrsHay at Char- loro^. Ilarty Sochnot, prni( ipal of iho Whitsott grade echool. Is i till seriously ' Program wa t ui charge of Dr. Jr M . ft Tf .1 A *.-. 1 y Vi ti f* t/"«T ly^T- tf IT rt i, i 111 et hte horoo at Victoria. tbooe who kdvertlJM. Workers Souse City. LONDON, Feb. 14--Oti breaks ol a revolutionary character h we occurred at Sagnnto, Spain, accoi ding to d1s- palohca The advices declare that strikers have virtually la ten over the city. Two hundred civic guard* have been sent from Valencia Y6tor!ay afte/r.oo i repi e^ieTrtafives of 11* Plttsbnni I k s Momoh Stocl Comp^'iy w e i i n l'( iiit M'lrlou looking n-or Iho sitiutflon Tlioy v / e i e G. L. ChrKty, fhioi tii(;:ni( r. J O. Jacknon, procuction niatifiKoi. inl J J. Sluyan, job snperlntondont, v ho w i l t lenudn in charge, ahtiolixl ly thn (.froono c a u r f y sk'f « r o t f t ' toronian, Mr Oert nci, uu! th. 1 i'o nt M.uiou side erot ion Mr Urlt*. \iraln Trj for Kndurnnco llark. ROMJO, Fob I I -- ComniandniaiU 1'mbpi'to Maddalo-iui and l-daut-enant Ocioni \\!ui took off ycbter- *fterno n in an ttenipf to botttM 1 the ivorkl " n d t i r i t i t t sii«tainc v d flying repco-d signaled ai di w n tin! "All ii well I 507 Prosecutions. MAHillSBUHG, Feb. I t --Five hundred and seven prosecutions lor Infractions of the brought by g-aino laws -were ot the Game Commission during January Tho total wan KII increase of 16 1 ) ( ver that for tho faanie month las,t ye? r. If -,). Looking ior Itunjains T ohlckon ant. woffle dlnncH March 12 the place to bis docidetl upon 3fhranls News. At the rojular ra£otlug of the Ki- wanls Club lu the Bank Hall lust ovonin?, a vory good ine«tdng was hold, with otto Mont attondanoe. Tiic ph P. Joflos, J e h u G Keller, K. Vav.iria and Samuel Karaor. Joseph St«vpiiH cf Wost Nosvton wfts the spoakor, toIHiiB o£ hla travels aroinul tlip world, anil ho had with him MIBEI Stoucr as s»oloiat. Hook and Ltuldcr Dinner. Tho hook aiul ladder fompany will hold a meeting Monday evening al S o'clock, al which time it will sot a d a f o for tlu ItolfWnp «f a coniocuiy clinnov, and nomtnato oflioors. Other Kews. Mr. and Mrs, Max I^acoy of Himkir announco the birth ot a daughter at the Memorial Hospital, Mount Pleasant Mrs. II C Jaaualtc, Mrs. TWai'KAvot Shiipt 1 , Mrs. J. J. Spenee and Mi'.. Kdwarrt Glbwney were ^nostn tod.iy at ,1 dinner ulvon at the liomc of Mrs Emma honj; Woavor of 5fouiiKWfiotl. Kdward Stovers of tho Diuu m Plan, u n d e r w e n t aa openitiou at iHo Memoi'ial Hospltil yostorday. Bit, son, Donald, underwent a throat operation. Alverton Ft* 34.--Mrs. John Stottdale shappei on of Victor Radios M o n t h l y Pay men ti GEO. W. C, DEAR. NOAH »DO -TOO TmNK DOGS JTMJOl. i-O AND SITE t. IMS S,f'BTCAUSE THE CATSKJUU MOO NOAH - T0 t M/ ,KB THE COAC TSNDffif5t y SI OUUD THE L.OCOMOT1VK N IICH NOAH " WWL« DOUflH IS ft BEAD ALVKRTON, Keiloi ok \vas a Thuridaj N d n n i p Applo of It w i n in vl.Mt- r(lut!ve, liprw this week. J . u k De i nest, ot Moinil Pleasiuit was an Alve Ion c a l l e r Wednesday ilr and -M ^ W i l l i a m S Oboi hcyc t e t u r n e d li'o n Niagara J-Vllt, \\ltp-i ihcy attondr 1 tho l u n r i j t l oj' "viia tv Grim n ot \ v a a a c.dlri hero Wcdnoh lav Mi 1 May of T.iIT s\.i.s an Alverl.ou pallor Wedni sxlav. Mr. ami M i s Warren Eirlier of Uon- nollsnllo \ n i t U v f r l o i i i t il!i»-K on Wodnceiiaj Amelia Bowser Is rlaitlag Mrs, Mary File feet-nail His week. \li.s Sarah Watt, \vii) w ef Thorn 'U "\\,itt, today q u i e t l y obsorvod t milennial annive-rsjrv of liei bn ·\Mth a l a n n l y d i n u r r at Uu lionw* l ) \ i n b a i Knur c h i l d r e n H b a i o l in tho t clfib) lion. IMicj are Miss .fennip And M Maigarot, at 'lionwv, WIT Jamos HP dorhon A Vniontown and Mr' A Slollln of Rhari)«burg During the afternoon, Mrti Wt waa reoeiv]DK bvr nBvijy fiieal« Dunbnr and o-thw romjrninities Mr«. Wail, a resldMii of Pnnhar 1 70 years, was lxrn 1n Ireland, rUni'91'toti Jn 1S30. By way of r»omlni»-o»n«Gi, Jamne Cray fornwrly a resident tf Dnat and long a friend oi Mr« Watt, fc supplied tho foNowing fiiod-ent.* in fr Ion 1 ; span of life' Mr.s, Wiitt and )IPT l.ite hUR-biu Thomas W Watt, 'migri.lHl to ATW ii a from tho north«ri pnrt -f Iroia in 1S54 ,iud soWJed iU 3«nbfci Mr. and Mrs W«U.t were of t)iat n Red, honest, thrift, ScoU"ii-J \\i utc which Be-ttlod a largo portion of We era Pennsylvania, and the »nd ability of Mr, Wait wxm him In a prominent jo«itloj amo residents of Puyotto connty. Tho iron fnrnaro at th,i,t time kno- as Uniou Furnace, and a tract o£ 3a ·GrribracliVK about 4,'IDO acres w owned by a. brother, John and Mr. "^Vatt utu, giv of the property and nianaj ment of I ho furuaco whkh in tht days wtig a ··vmall afTa'r in Nmparis with the gigantic furtiaco ol tlio pn «nt, day. Tho fayatte Cmmtv Jbilb-otd, m ounoci by the UalUinore Ohio, ·» built from V onn ' l ^k' v i" :! so Unk town uftiouL 1568-U5D, The first p« henper train to Uuiontown j^rrlved January 2, I860 Jlr. Wai. Jiad 1 (nt«-r«nted in tho buildm« of t and for ^nany years* tlnreaf' waa a director of tho ronvjtany. was uls ono nf the pkn*rs in ( development ot the ccuvl ami colte dustrioa in FayotUv count:", ta 1 early '70's Mr. Walt bociimo inior-e« in tho bulldluK of Uaioadale Wor north of Bunbar borourh in c with John Taylor, faUior John M. Taylor and tho Uute IBS Taylor and David A .md Hamilt Byers Assoclatwl with the 1 Robert Hogsott, he built if*o 1 original cike ^xcrkK at Mount Hrj dock and rtontiauftd its oix»raiJon I several y Classified AdTtrtlseme«(ri Bring reuults -vrhen piaoed in $ limns of Tho Daily FOR SALE £L C. KICK t'OKK COai'AJHr FROFEUTY Xv^ement Hoose* Home Sites Factory Btte Farm Lands Used Jttachlaery, Siiop Tooh Building and JUao Supplier Much ot the prop«irt for OAA« i advantageously low.ied wlUt rt apect to Mr^.t0r ftu-i sicctric (MW« supplies, i Jilroad siiliujfa ami p«i ed roods. Fur full Information (n rasam t prices and terms, apply t«i Bup^f latendont of nearest JUlue or Scott dale Office. 11. C. Frlck Coke ScotWule, 1'enna, Roofing Paper and Roof Paint Wo carry a full suppty of'Hoofing Paper, 3 S ami 36 inch, Roof Pint AH Kinds. Sliingles Consolidated Coal Si Supply Go. Plume 15 ana 1700. CAR TOR THE LEAST \ IN AN AUTOS FOR SA1.E° CLASSIFIED AD Everybody's Store 121 N. Pittsburg St. D A Y NELSON'S G R E A T UNDERSELLING PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING REDUCED 800 Nortit Pittsbnrp Street D. STORES OWNED BY HOME PKOPLE Corner N. Pittsbnry and Peach Streets Coffee O»ur F. D. Special! The Greatest Coffee Value Today 3 Ibs. 69c Argo Starch 3 -- 1-lb. Boxes 23c Octagon Po-wder Big Box 23c Sneswberry 'Soap 4 for 23c Crisco Ib. Can 23c COCOANUT southern style 2 cans 25c BAKED BEANS Tall Caris 5 for 38c CREAM CHEESE Fancy Longhon Pound 28c PUMPKIN Big Value Can 10c SWEET PICKLES Quart Jar ,,.. .29c OLIVES--FANCY QUEEN Large Jar ,, 19c V I N E G A R Apple Cider Bring Your Jug -- Gallon BACON Star Sliced Lb. 19c HAMS Armour's Star Skinned Lb. 27c CALLY HAMS Small Lb. 19c MALT, Milwaukee Maid, 2 Cans 83c MOPS, LARGE COTTON, 26 oz. 59c APPLES, Cooking, Eating, 5 Ibs. 25c ALSO FRUIT AND PRODUCE POPLAR GROVE LOTS This rinn of Lots Is situate In the most boantfCnl snbnrhan Beetle n ot th« City. A 6-mlnvto oar ride, · Jfr. tnlnnl* walk iron ^BrtntBionc Corner." C. B. McCOKMICK, Boi 144, will give yow farther fuforaatios. vr- PATRONIZE THOSE WHO ADVERTISE -m.

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