The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 16, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 16, 1918
Page 5
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, MAY,16,1918., THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVTLLE, PA. PAGE FIVB. OPEN MARKET OFFERINGS OF COKE ARE STILL RARE Surprising, "ow that Supplies -are Nearly Equal to the Requirements. NO CONTRACTS EXPIRING COKE THAIJE 9'UMMAHY. 5ext Hontk, Except' for Towidry, Moat Sale* Eayiaf Been 3Ciule on a Slid- i»t Scale or «t Flat Prices; less l)l»»osJtio» to "Cartel! Shipments. 'Special to Th« Weekly Courier. PITTSBURG, N May 15.--Offerings of coke in the open market, while still rare, are not so much of a rarity as they were- last month or earlier in the year. It is regarded' as rather remarkable, when supplier of jpke are very nearly equal to the total requirements of the blast furnaces as a whole, that there should not be more coke ottered in the open market. It will be recalled that an unusual degree; of secrecy attended.the closing of contracts for coke last summer, j and the - trade was unable to · determine just how much eoie really had been sold and' who sold it The con- I elusion now reached, from a survey o f } the present situation as to shipments ! andj market offerings, is that the great j majority of the merchant furnaces t sold- approximately the same proper- | Uon» of their- output, so that eiven as j production has increased'the coke hafc I been: applicable 'to existing contracts. So "lar as known, all contracts that were made for,this year at all were I made for the whole year. It is the j general testimony of the trade 'that I there are no contracts expiring the middle of this year, except in the case j of foundry coke and possibly a few cafi^s of contracts not made at fiat' prices, but made either at the open market at time of shipment or on a sliding scale referable to the market price of basic pig iron. There are some such sliding scale pig iron contracts in existence, but it Is not certain' that any of them expire next month. One thine that has kipt coke from appearing in the open market is the fact ;that consumers ai a rule are quit* indisposed to ask producer) to curtail or stop shipments when they find! they are receiving a little more thaa\ is currently needed. In times pant consumer! were quite prompt in such caaei.v the supplying of a few extra cars leading furaacemen to igsve. instructions as to curtailment that would eventually stop the shipment of a great many more cars than tie excess. Witk the orokmged famine in coke tne common attitude, of a. furnace wjth an excess "of receipts is to take the extra' coke gladly s.nd stock it.- The extra-expen»e of bancftng is very small comjared with the loss that would ensue from, a shortage later. I practically all the furnaces have had sad experiences in the winter from high corta due to irregular operation. There is even some thought of accumulating stocks later on against interruptions In traffic ta the winter. Close observers of the car situation express the belief that the railroads have not put any additional cars in the coke service for several weeks past, and that any improvement that jccurs in ear supplies is due entirely .o the cars moving more rapidly, so _hat they make the round trip ia some- ·iing like the time they used to re- luire. The movement Is still slow, ind it is probable thai if the cars noved as rapidly" as In normal times here -would be entirely satisfactory .upplles at the coke works nearly all he time. The market, while rather inactive, 5 quotable at the set maximum prices, 5 follows: ,'urnace - JC.OO -oundry, 71-hour selected S7.00 IrusheO. ovor 1-Inch 17.30 The pig iron market continues very arrow, as producers are behind in early all their deliveries on account f loss of production in the winter, nd because,.there, are continually rising requirements for war pur- oses, '.which' take prer.eo.ence 'over, ommercial needs. The 'market re- rains, quotable at tlie set maximum rices'"as Jollows: - - · ··- ^T"..::::::::::::::::::::::?il?:oo o. 1 foundry *33.00 'alleable · · · · »33 : 50 orge »32.«0 These prices are f. o. b. furnace, ·eight to Pittsburg in tie case of the alleys being 95 cents;- j Practically all the furnaces that are , operation are running at capacity, here remain a few idle.'.furnaces, hich are to be blown in as coke is iuiwl for them.:. The National Tube nap'any, which-has been blowing 10 ' its'-11 stacks "for a couple months ist.-has just put jn blast the idle fur- ice- and now has£all-_Jtsr furnaces in asi; The ratejol pig iron 'production i April, in tne;entlre..industry, was iout.40,400,000:tons^tjsar, while the .telat the piejent/.tiine': is. higher, iltalpossibly :iuTeic«ss. ol,-42,000,000 ns 5 year. Maximumlrroductioii in calendar year was S9J400.000: tons! In 16,-the 1917 production falling short this by about 8*0,000 tons. -V The seaueiice with -which troubles follow one anolher iu the coke trade has been Illustrated during the pant fortrilsrht. . With the easement which has · come. !n -the car situation, due largely to quicker movement to and Irom the region, religious holidays have intervened which have been observed by tlie tor- ·eign workers with the usual fidelity of custom, btfth ixs relates to these events themselves and as a starting point for another form of observance which follows the slightest pretext to layoff the job. To such extent have those observances and habits Interfered with coking operations-a number of planed were made to sustain heavy loss In production. Some plants sutlere'd a reduction of 10 per cent, others 20," still other 30 or 40 and, In a few Instances, "aa "milch as 50 .per cent, the average production of the - region being about 76 per cent. These conditions have had the effect of making the car erapply appear to be 1 really better than it actually was. Cars were frequently not loaded o u t ' w i t h " the usual promptness, hence the next day's placing served to keep up th* allotment to a jvomlnal 100 per cent. There -was no lack of men in number but there was lack of Industry which amount! to the same thing. Offerings of coke in the open market continue to be rare, a condition somewhat remarkable when It. IE considered that the combined beehive and by-product output 1s very nearly equal to . blaat . furnace . requirements. Real Money CM Be H»ving Your Hat Cleaned and Reblocked into the Latest : Shape .by our Experienced and "Expert Hat Cleaner, who makes a special study of all Panama -work. We use no acids and guarantee a l l ' our -work to b'e the best. Established 1906. The American Dp-to-Date Hat- Cleaning Parlor 3. 1* PEKRl'S, Proprietor. Ill W. Crawford .Ave., CONNE1/LSVILI.E, PENNA. Ohiopyle. pmOPY'LE, Mar 16.-- Mrs.' i.v L. ilins and Mrs. P. F. Hall .of irfea- w Ron -'were amoog the shoppers; in »n- yesterday. - '; ' ; Mr». F. M. Rush was the guest* of- nnellsville friends Tuesday. Mrs. Mary Lindenfflm and daugh- ;, Mrs. Shipley of Bidwell, were JiPDtaS .in.-.,town. "Wednesday. . ; Warn Wolf e.. of Brucoton._llills was 'iting relatives here this week. ^monjf those' attending 'school , in imellsville from Ohiopyle are Ruth jw. Ha Stark. .Mildred Harbaugh, JT!*' Anderson, ~ Helen ' Robinson,' 3 DFoodmancy and Dwtsht-Show. jbto and.Russel Holt have pur- js«^ a new Buiek .car. ., . FUR ADMINISTRATION | DETERMINED TO ENFORCE CLEAN COAL REGULATION! State Bsreau of Mixes Cooperating by FarniahlBg Beporta an Co»- . ditlonj ii the Mines. The Fuel Administration is determined to make its campaign for clean coal effective. To accomplish that end every facility at the command of the administration la to be employed. The cooperation of the bureaus of mines of the several states has been secured and instructions have been issued to the inspectors to make special reports on conditions m the mines 39 they affect the loading of coal. In addition the coal Inspection department of the Fuel Administration is now fully organized and in operation. Thus there are checks upon both the mining and the loading of coal which will promote the purposes of the campaign. To make the Inspection of coal loading still more effective additional orders have been issued by the Fuel Administration investing the district assistants with full authority, to be exercised through the inspectors, to condemn, all consignments ot coal which, in their opinion are not merchantable. Coal producers have been warned of the precautions that are beiug token to insure the loading of clean coal. For most part operators are giving hearty cooperation to th.e government but some of the smaller and j newer producers are slow to take step in a strict 6bserva-ice of the regulations. It is this group that will receive the more diligent attention from the inspector whose orders are explicit and whose authority is ample to deal with the situation. NO COKE TO NEW ENGLAND Fnonjrh Miwlf There to Supply Needs of Foundries and Domestic Users. . An order has been issued by the Undted' States Fuel Administration discontinuing Uie shipment" of .coke manufactured in the New England states to points outside thereof^ except to Albany, Cohoes, Greea Island, .and Troy, N. Y. At the same time the order prohibits the shipment into the New England States of coke, except petroleum coke and crushed coke for domestlB purposes, from the states of Maryiancl, New Jersey, New York, Pennnyl rania and West Virginia. " The Fuel Administration has ascertained that sufficient coke is manufactured in the New England States to supply rail local foundry coke demands, and to provide some tonnage for domestic use and" water-gas plants. The purpose d-f the order is to-eliminate the long haul of coke Jo New England from points outside and to recKice as much as. possible the fuel shortage In thai territory. . , The order became effective May' 15. Youg House -i LUNCH STAND . Tlie leaditfg lunch stand of Connellsville. Supplies received fresh every day. Read the following list af sandwiches: Werners 5« Boiled Egss _ DC Pie, per cut 5c Ham Cheese -Fried Egg _10c _JOc _10c TOUGH HOUSE LOCH STAND TTest Crawford Avenue. COAL LS REACHED In Shaft of Mather CclHr.ricn Company at Sew riant IB Greene Cvuty. :; The new coal shaft- of the Mather Collieries, at Jefferson,-Greene county, has' reached-the-Plttsburg-veln at a depth of 340 feet and is completed. Fifty miners' housejunave been completed- In the new-;, ail equipped .with bathrooms. and;'eleetrle light 'Bids are'.now'.being .'received for street grading. "' ." The construction of the. railroad along Tea Mile creek" between Millsboro and* Waynesburg~iii being pushed af rapidly as possible, as is also the work of constructtng the "West Penn Power company's pole-Hne to the new mining operations. GLASSES THAT FIT! That rest the eyoo--that improve the His"ht--that give com- p!ete comfort. You get expert work at moderate .cost here. A. L. Tucker, Oph. D. 305 South PittKlnr s Strc«t, ConncllsvlUe, Pn. f Average $1,300 Per Tear. The United States- Slteel Corporation last year paid $347,370,400 to its 268.058, employes. This is an average of about {1,300 each, or $4,67 per day. . Try our classified ads. /afi«oiM tbon who ahertlse, ' EVERYTHING COOKED LDSE AT HOME, Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure. ASK FOR OUR SPECIAL CLUB ; BREAFAST AND SUNDAY. 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