Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 20, 1972 · Page 43
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 43

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 20, 1972
Page 43
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7C--Augutt 20, 1972 Sunday Rusty Waugh of Sissonville says he has a friend who was married in Columbus on Saturday morning a week ago and spent part of his wedding night playing golf. The newly-wed couple were driving around Columbus on Saturday night when they happened to spot a golf course under lights. The bridegroom was an enthusiastic golfer and he remarked to his bride, "Gee, honey, I've never played on a lighted golf course before." His bride replied, "What do you want to do, honey? Well, I guess I could go with you and carry your scorecard," she said somewhat reluctantly. I guess you could say that this is one case of a man "playing a round" on his honeymoon! But at least his wife went with him while he played. It's a good thing she did or she would have been the youngest "golf widow" in history. "For obvious reasons I can't tell you their names," commented Waugh. "They were kidding about it after they got back home. Their marriage seemed to have survived it all right." * * * Why Not a Hole-in-One? White Gets One Don White, the chairman of the greens committee at Berry Hills Country Club, believes in the power o* suggestion. Mention the possibility of a hole-in-one to Don and he'll make one. Holmes Shaver and White were playing a friendly match recently against Earl Mundy and Henry Payne at Berry Hills. "It was real damp and we couldn't play the front nine. So we played the back nine twice," White recalled. "The first time around, Holmes had a birdie two on the No. 12 hole and I had a five. When we got to 12 again, Holmes told me, 'It's your turn to get a birdie. I carried you the last time.' "Henry Payne spoke up: 'Why stop at a birdie? Why not a hole-in-one?' "Well, I got up and hit a real good six-iron and the ball hit up on the green about six or eight feet In front of the cup. The ball didn't hook or slice hut went straight into the hole. It was quite a thrill," White commented. "Yes. Holmes and I won a couple of bucks in the match," White added. "But I had to borrow some money to pay for the drinks after my hole-in-one." It was the first ace in 11 years of golfing for White, who is often so busy as greens chairman that he doesn't have time to play. Don takes pride in the fine condition of the Berry Hills course. White competed in the Virginias Seniors tournament at White Sulphur Springs recently and was happy with an 87 round on Hie Old White course and 82 on the Lakeview course. "Kelley Reed was the fellow playing well in the Seniors," White commented. "Kelley shot a 76 on the Old White and a 72 on the Lakeside." * * * Triplett Wins Carbide 'Red-Neck Award* Tom Triple!! received the biggest trophy from the Carbide Employes Golf League Thursday. His trophy wasn't for low net or low gross or any low score. Tom won the "red-neck award." "Tom liked to have died laughing when we gave it to him," remarked league secretary Tom French. "He knew he deserved it because he gripes all the time, even when he's asleep. I've had to listen to him complain all year long. Then I had to haul him home after he got the trophy and listen to him brag about it." French said the "red-neck award" was the idea of Dave Greenlee, the superintendent of the Shawnee golf course near Dunbar. The 42 members of the Carbide league played nine MEDLEY HERALD WATSON CARBIDE GOLFER TOM TRIPLETT He Holds Four-Foot 'Red-Neck Award' --Staff Photo by L» Ctwbof holes at Shawnee every Thursday this summer, starting at 5:15 p.m. "Dave really treated us right," said French. George Medley won the low gross award for a 34 actual score on the par 36 Shawnee layout. "George missed three short putts that could have given him a 31," French commented. The low net award went to Charley Herald with a 28 handicap score for nine holes. Bill Kinder got. an award for winning the most matches. Members of the winning team are Bud Watson, Don Robinson, Bill Snodgrass, Tom Hill, Claude Kelley, Bert Shea and Dan Vadala. "Quentin Hull got our honorary Ben Hogan award for courage. He played hurt all year with a bad back," French said. The Carbide Employes Golf League will wind up its season with a tournament next Saturday at the Riviera course near Huntington. * * * Big Bend to Hold Tourney in October The state golf season is winding down but there are still three tournaments left. They are the West Virginia Open in Parkersburg Sept. 15-17, the Pipestem Invitational on the same Sept. 15-17 dates and the Big Bend Invitational Oct. 7-8. "We're going to try our tournament in October this year," said Big Bend manager Jim Evans. "We decided against the week after the State Open because it's hard on the fellows to put up the cash for tournaments on two straight weekends. And we're having our inventory the weekend of Sept. 30. So we picked Oct. 7-8 and we hope the weather and the course are both still good." Evans said the entry fee will be $20 and he'll have the posters out around Sept. 10. ROBINSON SNODGRASS HILL Woods Said Easier to Hit Than Irons CHICAGO (AP) -- Jim Butz once designed a golf set of 14 woods for entertainer Jackie Gleason who was having a bad case of "shanks" with his irons. Gleason later straightened out his iron game but Butz says, "I saw Jackie last year in Florida and he said he still has the all-wood set and he'll drag it out if he ever has trouble again with his irons." Butz, director of marketing and design for Victor Golf's PGA Division, believers many average golfers prefer to hit woods instead of long irons because they can get the ball into the air easier. That's why Butz and Victor have introduced a radically designed set of clubs that eliminates the 2-iron, includes driver, 3-wood, 5-wood and 7-wood; each with more loft than standard clubs. For Any Golfer "We started out to design a club for the senior golfer, the man in his 50s and 60s who has lost a lot of his hand action and can't swing his body into a shot anymore." Butz says. "But we found that these clubs are for any average golfer whose biggest problem is getting the ball into the air," Butz says. In place of the 2-iron, the Victor set includes a 7-wood which Bulz describes as perfect "for! the golfer who needs a long; iron hut can't hit them." Of 2-irons. Butz says. "Most! people use it to fish balls fromi a pond." | Bicker BILLS Bond Loan! CONSOLIDATE Pay Off All Your Small, Nagging Monthly Bills and Make Just One Easy Monthly Payment .With A Bond Bill Consolidation Loan! Get A Loon From The Friendly Loon People At Bond For Any Worthwhile Purpose!* · School Tuition Expenses · Vocation Travel · Home Remodeling · Hospital Bills · 1 st 2nd Home Mortgages · Federal or Loco! Taxes · Furniture Appliances · Bill Consolidation · Back-To-School Clothes · Any Emergency Need · Subject To Our Usual Liberal Loan Policies. Come In Now For A Private Loan Application BOND INDUSTRIAL LOAN CORNER VIRGINIA SUMMERS STREET. CHARLESTON PHONE 346-0861 HOURS MONDAYS 'TIL 7 P.M. TUESDAY WEDNISDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY 'TJL5J.M. ClOSlT SATURDAYS HOSTILITY Guy Is Likely to Belt Wife After Watching Grid Game Happiness is... By Ralph Bernstein PHILADELPHIA (AP) Temple University professor claims a guy is more likely to belt his wife after watching a football game. The same applies to hockey, basketball or any other contact sport, according to Dr. Jeffery H. Goldstein. Goldstein, an associate professor of psychology at Temple says regardless of which team you root for, or even if you have no favorite, your post game hostility is greater than the pre-game. Goldstein says the old theory that by watching a violent sport you vicariously rid self of aggressions is a lot of bunk. Spoiling For Fight The chances are that after at tending a violent contact sport, the wife, or child, or friend, or relative you bid a smiling goodbye hours earlier will be confronted with a homecomer spoiling for a fight. Goldstein's conclusions are based on a completed study which indicates that watching any football game increases the spectator's hostility without regard to his rooting interest or which team wins. Goldstein, assisted by doctoral student Robert L. Arms, directed interviews of 150 male spectators before and after the 1969 Army-Navy game at Philadelphia. 'Almost all the aggression research done up to the tune of our study was done in very artificial laboratory situations/ Goldstein said. "We wanted to test aggressions and hostility in a real life situation. "The kinds of aggression viewed in laboratory research lave usually been very violent excerpts from television shows on films. We wondered what the hostility factors would be when the aggression was more subtle and pervasive as it is in football." Fans Questioned Goldstein used what he terms he standardized Buss-Durkee lostility inventory. The 150 spectators selected at the Army-Navy game were asked a series of 28 true-false questions such as: "When I am mad, A times slam doors." "I can remember being so angry that I picked up the nearest thing and broke it." "Sometimes I get mad just by other people being around." "Other people always seem to get the breaks." The conclusions seem to indicate, said Goldstein, that instead of having a cathartic effect as some writers and psychologists have claimed, viewing an aggressive sport such as football actually makes the spectator more hostile. "This is one of the major reasons for the Olympic Games and other international competition, the belief that countries could work out differences on the playing field and avoid the truly violent confrontations of war," said Goldstein. "But the writers who claimed that such events had a carthar- tic effect on the spectator--people like Freud and Lorenz--never did any research. In fact, it is only within the last 10 to 15 years that this kind of research has been conducted." The 30-year-old Goldstein, who obtained his bachelor's degree at the University of Connecticut, his masters at Boston University and Ph.D. at Ohio State, conceded that the general excitement of a football game might have some relation to the viewer's hostility, but said he doubted it. As a control for the experiment, Goldstein and his aides asked the same questions of male spectators at the A r m y-T e m p 1 e gymnastics meet. Their statistics indicated that hostility did not significantly increase as a result of observing the meet, he said. No t itact "We deliberately selected a sport in which there is no bodily contact to use as a control," Goldstein explained. Goldstein says "the increasing popularity of football, and hockey over baseball, suggests to me that people are looking for more excitement and more aggressive kinds of sports. This could be because people are more used to violence in their everyday lives, or it could be I some- that because people go to more violent kinds of sports they are more likely to be violent. Or both theories could prove to be true." If Goldstein is right, maybe that explains how more than 50,000 fans a couple of weeks ago held up the Philadelphia Eagles-New Orleans Saints game 15 minutes booing a penalty called against the Eagles. Can you picture the little woman greeting hubby at the door after that game? 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