The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 16, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 16, 1918
Page 4
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Sir PAGE FOUR, THE DAIL.T COURIER, CONNELLSVKLLOD. THUKSDAY, MAT 16, 1918. 9Hjt Sailg tetrirr. HENRY P. ENTDtEH. and Editor 1I7S-1MI TUB COURIER GOSU-JUIT. K. Jt SNTDEB, K - a ·· President » l * JASl J. DRISCOIJ*. * §oo'y and Treaaurer. Buslneaa JOHN Ix BANS, Managing Editor. sT^ WALTER S. STIMMplfc «|C- City Editor. !?._ MISS I.TNNE B. KINCEU* Si Society Editor. Si MEMBER OF: fej' Associated Press* %,- Audit Bureau of Circulation, 4f*^ Pennsylvania Associated Dallies. f f . rwo cents per copy. GOc per month; 8J « p*r year by mall It paid in advance. S entered as second class matter tit the K-\ po»tofllce. Chnnellsvtlle. Pa. EYE'G, HAT 1C, IMS. Tk« C»m»lcr'» Servte* Flac. WILJJAM P. SHERMAN. Hospital Unlt'L. American Ex- pedluonarv Forces. France. RALPH F. SL.IGER, Company H, 319tn Infantry. U. S. S. A., Camp Lee. Petersburg, Va. MICHAEL GBEHALTJO. BAKOLD SICHET, Battery B, Field Artillery. 23th Division. 0. N. O. liXJTD B. COX Company F, 37th Engineers. U. S. A.. Fort Myer, Va. 4WLIUS CEODSE. Company E, 15th- Engine era (Railway). American Ezpc- ;. ditionary Forces, France. KYESTIGATOR (OF THE ATBCKArT 110 UID CHABOES. ·valuable service to tue people of the state, shows that J. Denny believes he can fool voters with any sort of arguments to bolster up his own cause. The Republican party pf Pennsylvania needs no encomiums from J. Denny but he recognirea the need of appropriating its achievements to himself and his self-chosen _ "leaders." The voters know to whom the credit belongs.. Uc»kn ft Tie A»nelMe« P«»». The Associated Press la «x clustery entitled to the use £or republicatlon Qt all news dis- yatchcs credited to It or not otherwise crcdliad la this p-ipar and also the local news FUbll.-mc'l herein. 3LUU2TC A GAOBASE PiAX WOKK. .Traced back to the prime cause the failure oi garbage collection systems lo Connellsville has been the lack of · an observance and enforcement of the ordinances designed to regulate this very necessary service. This is lamentable, more so because there ought to be no greater necessity lor a police regulation relating to the disposal ot garbage than there is a police regulation requiring householders to wash their lisn«s. But jn this, as in the matter of an annual ' clean-up of winter rubbish accumu- Imtlons, all persons are not disposi- ttoned alike. With, every garDage plan Inaugurated in Connellsvilli there has been a certain number of persons ·who.-of their own accord, and in obedience to a sense of duty to themselves" and the community, have com- · piled Jully with all the requirements laid down. On the other hand there ias been a larger number who have just as regularly refused to do anything toward helping make any of the several plans a success. This disposition has been manifested through, a persistent disregard of the provisions of the garbage ordinances. That these conditions have been allowed to prevail has been, as discreditable to the several city administrations as it has been to the violators of the ordinances. True, several of ,the garbage plans tave had inherent defects, and some have suffered from . lack of proper management, but in v a final weighing of the causes of failure the attitude of the people toward the proposition as a whole, and the failure of the authorities to etact uniform observance of the ordinances, are most to blame. . There has been recently iraugurat- ed a new and a very carefullj thought out plan for collecting garbage. After a very brief trial evidences are apparent of a recurrence of those conditions which prevailed dur-ng previous attempts to solve this problem. Householders are not willing, apparently, to give that ready support the · success of the venture requires. Many '· have down-rightly refused to accept · the service, preferring to make dis- v position of their garbage by other " means not in accordance with sani- · tary laws or the ordinances relating to garbage. Having experimented with the " problem for so Ions, and having at last devised what gives promise of : the nearest appioach to a solution of " it, the city council and tre mayor L Bought not to hesitate to meat the situation with thtermination .md vigor. ;-^The garbage of the city must be dis- ;" posec^ of and in accordance with the ' '.requirements of the department of '·^health. If to accomplish th:it purpose a new ordinance Is necessary, no delay should be permitted ;n its introduction and passage. It sliould then · be enforced with such iir.partialty x that none can complain that they are · twins discriminated against or others \ boast that they are escaping Its pro,\ visions. i* This will cost effort and money, but · -we. will never attain any degree of success in the troubleson-e job of ~, collecting and disposing of garbage ',- nnti! a course of this kind is pursued. , Neither will any plan, no matter how .'ftaborate or perfect In detail, work \ work without an impelllnr force to f make it-work. In the case of ^arba«;e ."· collection that force must bo tho . power and authority of tho rity gov- . ernmenJ i TOTEES KXOTV WHOM TO CREDIT. * Unless JT. Denny OTCctl wishes to win more voters to his cause than ho did in ConnellsvUle he will hare to present a new line of arjmnents. Declaring that Jhe state of Pennsylvania. Including tbe General As- Bembly thereof, has long been under the domination of the "rotten political leaders." B«nny advanced tae illuminating argument that he and "my supporters," as hp denominated those who are boosting hia candidacy, "are responsible for tie^best legislation passed *by any two legislatures since the War," . . franfe admission that the so"rotten 'leaders," whom he de- ·QUBCKr » bltterjr, bft-ro ^ftndpred to- The revetationa beinfr made of a Hun plot in the United States 1n 1914 to or- saniie a German-American revolt to assist t£e L W W. and the Soc'alisH, shows thnt Kalfeer Bill knew what lia was talking about wJien he made the threat to Ambassador Gerard that there were iOO.OOO Germans in the United Statca rcutly to rise against the Kovemment if we entered the war. The bold rejoinder of the aTiibastador, that we had plenty of lamp posts that could be used to good advantage, seems to have conveyed to Bill rul inkling of what would happen in certain contingents. Those contingencies are now contlngencing very much to Bill's discomfiture. The canning season promises to can the candy business this year. The big: gun plant will go tn Pllts- hurjr. but Jt will have to corre to the Connellsville coke region--the big gun of the Industry-- for its fuel, which TV-ill serve "to put Coimellsville still ·noro ir the game of Halting- the Hun. Connellsville i« not a town hut it ha? many good land lubberi who ought to rrake g od Navy Leaguers Company D boys are not as near the flrinir linen a« some of the published accounts of their arrival arc nearing the If-nlt 1 ? of unconfirmed rumor. HJIS anybody thought of a job the Boy Scouts canrot do?. The more big ben. men like Schwab. Ryan, Stf-ttinus and Hughes, selected for th" big war job", the olfrpcr President Wilson will show himself to be, and the h.grqer the smash we will be able to give Kaiserlsm. By W a t t E nvo. ; My cow is eating w holosome h a j , and so am I; I've snoocd ell costly jrub awa, tWl peace ii rjiffht, nc hig-hl seasoned food is mine, no roast confronts 1 mo when I dine; I do not hanker, yearn or pine C«jr r-tiaiii p i e ' 5Ij- c"W, sh eats the luscious grass, and so do I; I fill myself w i t h gj-rUen sasy, iind raal.e it n , lone since the sweetmeats I forsook; same wholesome succotaah I cook, tind drink some water from the brook, that's extra dry My cow* devours no precioua wheat, no more do I; lilte her I lioover- ize and cat plain o.its ind rya; by fo'- lowing 1 tlie food boa-d' 1 ? rules my cow and I, and -ny two mules, will help, ni though with deadly tools we made Teuts dir Jty cow s*ie run = itnd k'cks her heelb, and so Uo I it's v,onderful how GOCU she foe)s how blithe and spry; ^hc has no use tor roast? and steaks for puddings, doughnuts, piei anti cakns, and .ill the things the baker bake." and that is v. hy. My cow stands up nsiinst th« rack, and so do I: we eat our fodder from the ^-ack. without a ffjgh; my cow has «hovn me what to eat. and I am nimble on my /set, I'm growing- young-, so help *ne Pete; how's that for high? REPUBLICANS (Political Advertisement.) It has been said that, "The glory of a nation consists In the strength of her young men." Do you not admire the manliness of our young mea in khaki as they come home from camp? Edgar A. Guest. A P1EA. It matters not how roug~li the way, I mus. not wince nor whine today. The roads of pleasure lie behind; "With troub\ea now my path is lined. But British ,thoti£htEf anQ selfish goals Are only fit lor craven souls. Al) thnt is beat i* now at stake. I must not let my courage break. I must be faithful to the"last-Undaunted,' till the jrtorrn ^s passed. For God and country, I must live: Gladly and freely 1 nuisL give All that they ask of rne''today That truth shall not be swept away. Wlio lingers now to count the coat, May find his country's honor Lord, chanere rhc man I was, and make Me worth?" of the cause at stake, Teach me of self to tbJnh no more Urtil these bitter days are o'er, Let me not whimper nor t complain At petty looses From that stain I would be free, until the hour Truth vanquishes the tyrant's power. "Discomforts let me braveJy bear That Freedom's flag shall triumph there' All that I am j-nd have I'd give That freedom on the earth Bhal! live. I_-et me forsake my selfish needs And give myself to blggei 1 deeds. Lord, make a new man of-me. "Whose only goal is victory. KETSTONE CLEANING PAJRLOlC BrinK your Panama and atraw hats to CHARLES COCOa 170 TVe«?t Crawford avenue, Connellavllle, Pa. 3ma.y33t* Natlcc. ' you Joe voted him on that bill then, should vote for Mr. O'Ncll. Grundy represented the exploiters of child labor in our state. Our governor for the next lour years should be Our legislature of 1915 passed the | a man who votes his own judgment. Child L,abor Law. It regulates the I Mr. O'Neil, oa tho pther hand, has age when boys and girls may work; provides at what they may work, that their working shall not interfere with their going to school, that they shall not work 1 at night and that they shall not work at all in any occupation dangerous to their life or limb, oi injurious to their health ,or morals. The men who woiifd destroy the child life of our nation by work'ing children of immature years would destroy the nation itself. Mr. O'Neil's opponent refused to vote for that law. You should abk. him why he did not vote Cor it before you vote Tor him next Tuesday. "We submif that IE he says ho did not vote for it because Joe Gniady given, the public school children of MaCeesport an anmiai free picnic for tho last thirteen yea.i;s. There have been as rnaiiy as 45,000 persons in attendance at one time. 'WJch one of those men should you support for the nomination as the Republican candidate for Governor? O'^JEIL REPUBLICAK COUNTY COMMITTEE. P. S.--Every man who has bought a glass of hecr or a drink of wMskey over the bar of any saloon Jn our county in the last eight years should read our next two letters. They will be found on this page in tomorrow and Saturday's issue of this paper. Otte Cent · Word. No «5vertlaement» *or I-«s« TJmn 15 C*nU. C1*Mlfled columns ofoae *'·; noon. Advert£Mm«ntc of want* «*)«*, tic., received after that hour will not aD^ear until the day foUowlnit. WANTED -- TOUR business RENDINE'S. TVANTED--I*ADY SECOND COOK it MANHATTAN CAFE. ISmaytf WANTED--COLORED WAIT1SH AT i'OUGH HOt/SK P.ESTAUHANT. WANTED--DINING ROOM and tiish-washor at HOTOj HAAS. ISmaytf WA.VTED--BOY FOR PORTER AND to work in drug atore. J. C. 1IOORE llmaytf FOU SALE--FORD TOURING CAB, 1914 model, (rood condition.* Cheap to Quick buyer. J. M. SHIELDS, V.UIoy Woe-leu 16may3t* FOR SALE--HEGtSTEEED JEB- i (ey cow, was fresh last March. Good milker and a apjondid butter cow. A. D. BLAIR. Pa-wson, Pa. 16may3t FOU SALE--THOHOCGH EKED English gyp bull dog with puppy and potiigree Good homo. Cheap Inquire 135 North Alley. IfimtvyZt* ·WANTED--COLORED GIRL FOR freneral housework. Ill West "ft'oah- in E ton. Hmo-rttd "WANTED--GIRL, FOU GENERAL housework. C.ill Tn-State 532. WAXTED--SECOND HAND TTPE- writer. Call 74 Trl-State or Bell 39, 14maj'3t WANTED--JMALE CLERK AND messenger boyil over 1C. Call B. O. MASTER MECHANIC. IBmoylC WANTED--JOT3 AS .WATCHMAN by experienced nwin- Address WATCHMAN, care Courier. 16ma^4f WANTED--BOYS AND GIRLS OVKR 16 yeart. of age. Wo pay carfare. SILK MILK. ISmaytf FOlt SALE--ONE-HALF TON VIM truck; 1 Hobart , coffoe and moat grinder; 1 XI. S. ullccr; 1 large safe; 1 meat cooler. These fixtures are llko new. Price reasonable, EDWARD BAUU. 509 Vina street. UronySt* FOR SAU5--FULLY EQUIPPED ice cream parlor. A money moktf at rt^ht price. Can give immediate poa- sossion. Good reaaona for aelHng-. E. F. DoWlTT, B«H phone 299-J, Scottdale, Pa. FOR SALE--FURNITURE OF AI-L klnda, new ajid second hand,* "Wfr also buy second hii.nd furniture Cor r i g h t prices. Call at CONNELLSVILLE NKW AND SECOND HAND FURNITURE COMPANY. 123 South PittaburR street. Tn-State TGJ. _ IBrnay-lt WANTED--WOMAN FOR GENERAL housework. Apply ilRS. C, J. ARMSTRONG, at Yough House restaurant. 29uprtf WANT ED--BY TO UNG BUSINESS man and wife 3 or 4 unfurnished rooms for light housekeeping. Addresa a R,, caj-e Courier l-Smay5t' WANTED -- TWO FURNISHED rooma with hath for light l i o u a c k f e p Ine- No children. Centrally located Address XYZ, care Courier. I6maylt WANTED -- AT ONCE. MEDIUM size houwe with conveniences, or apartments. Call 747 either phone or Bell 77. Imaytt LOST--AT B O. STATION BE- twcen 7 and 7 30. tan tult casti. In- Italla J. U. H, Return to this ofl3eo, or call Bull 500, Untontowiu LOST--TOCKETBOOK CONTAINING f o u r keys arid small sum of money in vicinity of First National Bank bulM- ing. Reward if r*. turned to Courier Office. ISruaytf WANTED-- GIRLS TO WORK IN refreshment stands. Cashier, cooit .uiU Jrundrees Apply to H. E. H,\MPE, Ol mpia Park, McKeesport, Pa IfimaySt WANTED--BY 1'OUNG SINGLE man, powitfon as cl«rk. Can ubO t\ pea r l i e r ; wiilin? to work. Best of rcferoncbs furnishoil. Address CLERK, c-ue Co-irlor ICmuvlt* Xoclce to Contra. SEALKD PriOPOSAI^S celved up u n t i l noon Thursday, May 16. for the Installation of a w a r m air heating- and v e n c f l a t t n f f system to !»o Installed In Lhe Victoria Mchool, Perry tow-nship. Pa. CcrtlSoJ check lor I HaO.'JO to nccuir_puny all bids. Pland and sprciQcaUona c*n be had it the 1 office of Andrew P. Cooper. Architect. ! 71)4 First Bank building, Un- j lunto\vn. Pa. The bojni r i '3crv* 1 '' the { r i f f h t to reject any or all bids School Board of tho School DKtrfct of Perrj Township. Fayctte County. Pa. DK J. B, MARTIN, President. W. L. R1S- BECK, Secrot.vO' ANDREW P COOPER, Architect. 10maySt-eod AVTANTED--FAJIM:ER, MAX WITH w-mall family to live p-nd work on farm, must have some experience. F. V. PCRHY, Scottdale, Pa. Both phone* ISmaySt For Clcnt. FOR KENT--THREE OR FOUR UN- f u r n i s h til rooms 501 South Arch street- 15may2t THE SCHOOL BOARD OF STEWART to-wnshlp -will m*et at Ohiopyle on May 25. at 10 A. M. for tile purpQfle o£ electing te»chera and , reccMng bids for fual for the schools. Every-teacher must slRii contract on above dat« or position wtll be declared vacant by board. JOHN; _ HAKBAT3GIL«Secrftt*r'. T J ' FOR RENT--TWO NICELY FUR- nished rooms for light housekeeping. 1212 Vine street. lOmaytfd . Notice. ESTATE OF CHAP.LHS ELMER Wiener, late of tbe city of ConnollB-- vlllc, county of Fuyette and sta-.o ot Pen nn I van la deceasoO. Letters of administration on the ivbovc named estate havinpr been granted to the under- sisncd, notice Is hereby given to ali persona Indebted to aaid eat ale to raako ! immediate payment, ami to those hav-] ing claims against the same, to ID resent them nroperly aut.h«nlcated Cor settlement. ANXA M. WAGNEU. Ad- mlnlsjtritrix, 104 East Green street, ConnellsvflJe, Pa. H G MAY, Attorney ' ' "- 9mayt,t-thurs FOR RENT--THREE AND TWO room apartments. FLORLNCE SMUTX. UmaytC FOR RENT--Timni; ^FURNISHED loomK for l l f f h t housekeeping. Inquire 014 Eaat Gibson avenue. 15may2t* FOR RENT--THREE FURNISHED hausekeepini? rooma. 23C Eobt Crawford. Bell 513. ICmayit" FOR REXT--FURNISHED FEONT room. Gentleman oreferred 505 South Pi t tsburg a treet. 1G may 31 FOR RENT--FCRNISHED ROOMS for llpht housekeeping. 113 South Sixth street. West Side. 14'naytC--eod FOR -RENT--TWO LARGE UNFUR- nisned rooms for light housekeeping. No children. 500 East Green street 2may-tf-eod FOR RENT--TWO OR THREE nicely furnished rooms for ligrht housekeeping; use of bath 2217 Sycamore street. 15 may It FOR RENT--THREE LIGHT HOUS12- keepirig rooms with bath 1200. South Race. No children. Tri-State SIS. 14maytfd FOK SALE--ONE HEAVY TEAM \* r, DBTWH.VJR. ICmayJt FOR SALE--FRE£!K JERSEY COW and calf. REV. D. E. MINBRD, Dunbar, Pa, 16mny2t FOR SAL'S--A HORSE. WAGON and harness. "Will sell* cheap for cash. D. SINCLAIR GROCERY 1C nuiytf FOB SALE--TOMATO , 16e per dozen. Apply H. T. "WILSON, 316 East Falrview avenue. Smaytf FOR SALE--SIX ROOM COTTAGE, hot water system, pas and electric. Inquire J. H. HENDERSON, WiJls road. ISmaytt FOR SALTS--GARAGE FORD AGBN- cy in two towns of 10,000 population each and parts of flve townships. Entire stock of tires, tubes, accessories 'and'Ford parts Sale* average $10,000 i per month Owner In draft, only reason for- selling. WEIMER MOTOR COMPANY. ScottdjUe. Pa. DmaytC ESTATE OF JOIi.\" K. GilJjr. LATE of the township of Spnny;fl6lJ, county of Z-'ayette .i;ul stare of Pcnnt.jlv.inia deceaaed LettPis testamentary on the above named estate hit ing been granted to t l .e undersigmcd, notice Is hereby g l \ e n to alt persons indebted to said estate, to make iramedia-te pa; ment. and to those having claims against tho ^ame, (.0 present them properly a u - thenticated for settlement. JAMl^S GR1.M. Executor. Connells-\ Ifle. Penn.i, R F. D H. G. MAY. Attorney 9mayGt-thurs Notice. McDonnld Cray. Attorney.'* .ESTA'IE OF GKORGE W McCART- ney, deceased Letters testamentary on the Estate ot George W. McCartney, late of tho City of Ccmncllsvllle, Fayette county. Pa., deceased, ha\ tng been granted to the undersisnecj, notice fo hereby given to all persons indebted to said estate to ma«e imfnediata payment and. to tho^e havingp claims against the aaTe to present them, properly authenticated, for settlement. J3LLA G. J»Ic- CARTNEY, Executrix, 210 Falr\ lew avenue. Connellsville. Pa. ISapr Gt FOR SALE -- THE BEAN- BOTTLING Works, Best business In, the city for the money invested^ doing enough, business to employ two trucks 'Reason for selling, to serve my country. Thio is worth any man's consideration. Will teach you this business b*for« leaving-. ^-BAY-ID --HARDEN, proprietor "' w " " *matfd to Contractor^. SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE RE- celved by the C o u n t y Controller of Fayette county, Fennslvanla, at hia office in the Court House, Unfontoivn, Pennsylvania, and bv the County C o n - troller of Westmoreland coujuy, j.t his office in, the Cou-t House, Greenaburtr, Pennsylvania, until two o'clock P. M , Monday, May 27th, 1918, and to be opened at 11 o'clock A. II, Tuesday, May 2Sth, 1918, for the construction of a double 2C Coot span reinforced con-| cretc floor system w i t h pfer for the bridge of Jacobs Creek known as White Bridge, and the construction of the necessary approaches, between Fayette and Westmoreland counties about one- and. one-half miles northeast of Bridgeport on Che Mountain road leading from ConnellsvUle to Mount Pleasant. Plans, proposals and speci^catlons for the above bridge can be secured at the ofi'cc of th e Coun ty Road and Bridge Engineer. Court Hoube, Uniontown, PennsyH ania, or at -Jie office of the County, Road Engineer, Court House, Grcensburg, Pennsylvania, for the sum of flve dollars (§5 00) per set The proposalB to be submitted in duplicate (one copy to each afllcc) w i t h a certified check drawn on a Rational Bank or Trust Company Jn g-ood credl In Pennsylvania equal to ten per ceni. (10%) of the amount of the proposal, to be deposited with either of the proposals, the same made payable t the Treasurer of the county . The right to reject any or all pro posfils is expressly reserved. HARRY j KISINCJBTl, Couitty Controller. .. i [ 2may4t-turs 1 H O M E FOE SAU 8 Ktxin House, South om Houif«s, N Prospedt om BCoune, K" Pro«poot S Room Double Hou-se, W color 8 Room HODBB, SuyleT- 0 Room HO-UBO K. I0th St. 6 Room, South Cormellfi- v n \ p rental 515 . . 5 Room, Franklin St 4 Room House, S. 8th St.. 3 Room Ootiag-c. Crawford ·i Room H'ouse, 10th St . . . 4 room Houaa, South 9th Street 4 Double Houaos, B CTSW- ford Ave 8 roonw each, rental $20 oooli 6 Rootn House, C Gibson. 6 Room Double Hou«e. W. 10 Room Duuble House. N. 8 Ilam Double Hcruee, 0 Room Modern Houao, 6 Room MOdern House, E. 0 Room Home, Poultry Ixt, Prances Ave 0 Rao-tn Modern Houee, 30 Roorn HOAJSO, Ilyndman S R-oom House. S 9th St . . G IXoom Modern House, 0 Room Modern Hooae, C Rom MxxJern rVouae, i'Z Room Modern BEome, stable on brlclc rood, . . 6 Room Itodrrn Ho-mo, N. 8th St , West 9We .... G Room M.Klorn Homo, 5 Room F»a.t, Prnrrfcltn 8 Xtoora Modern Horre, S Room Modern Horn*, N. 8th St., "W'ost SMe 16 llodarn Houae, M-orrell 8 Room Houso, I2th St. . . 6 Room HOCBO, R Fair- 10 Rocwn D-o-oblo Hcuso, f JLoora .Modern Hoa»a "W. 8 E.OOTO Modem House, N. 7 Room Modern Hotiae, E. G Bioom Xfodorn. House, N. 12 IXnAJe Hoosa, W. 6 Rootn Modem House, E. 6 Room Modern Hone*, 7 Room Hooae, 1011 Aptna SL. Sooth Side.. 0 B»om Rouse, lot 2QQxl84 t 3 Koorn Modern Hoosa, Room Modern House, .5 Rnom Modern HOUBO, 5. S Room Modern Hoase, G Rnom Modern Hloueo, 15. S Room Modarn House, B. Cr»beon Ave 6 Rornn Mod Rouas Arch St , above B O dtypot G Room EIou^o, Hlprhland 12 Room Double KOTJSQ. S. 0 Room Mj«Jra FIou«e, E. B Room Modern Houfcc, S C Roctm Atodorn Home, N. S Room Modem Hcmae, S. S lioom Mxlom House, S. 8 Room Modern House, S. G Room Modern Hoose, N. J2 Room Dou-Wo Houao, S 4th Ft T Room Modern Houso, E 10 Room Double House, Dax-idTon Ave S Roo-m Modern Hbu^o. S. 8lh Kt 8 Rw-m llodarn ITome, Vine St. 8 Room Modern Tlouse, S. S R-oom Modern Howso, 14 Room Boublo Koaae. B. If) Room Modern Home, S. Sixth St. "West Sldo ... 8 Room Modern House, E. Murphy Avc .... 8 Rorm Modern Hoitse "W. Pcftch Pt 8 Room Modern House, S. 8th t 10 Room Modern House, E ft Room Modcm House E. Cia%vford Ave . . 30 Jlnom Modern House, 17 Roo-n Modern Il'ouse, 30 Room Modern House, S. S Room Dwelling 1 , 5 Room Flat, Store Room 22\S1 nnd B Ttoom l^welJInj?, all modern situate on S rittsbiiru St, rental 5120 nniCK noMBs FOR SA 12 Room Modorn Brick. N ^rd St . . f . 8 Ratrni Modorn Eunsralow, E3 Orawlord Arc 8 Room Modem Brick, V i n e St 16 Room Modern Double Erick, W Waabinfilon S Room Modern Toul)le Brick, Wills Road 32 Room 3-story, c\ fine House, TS Green St . S ROCCTI Modern Touble Brdck, E. Fa'rviow Avo. li Room Af-oiloni Dmuile Brick, E Fair-view Ave. FARMS. 9 Acre Fruit and Poultn Farm, near city ... 10 Acre F r u i t nnC Poultry Ffir-n, near city . , . . , A. E. Vtagoner 1008 TV. Crarrford Ai WEST SIDE. COKVELI.S s" 4 · * 000 ooo 1,300 1,300 I^SGO 1,501) 1,500 I, TOO 1,800 n 2,000 2,30V 2 IWO 3,500 3,500 *^00 2,000 2,700 2300 2,800 2300 2.R5O 2,850 3^00 3,000 3.OOO 3,OOO 3.OOO 3^OO 3,300 3^100 3,,-SOO 3.TOO 4*000 4,000 4,.tOO 4n» K.OOO 5.200 12,000 5,SOO 6,000 fl.OOO 11, OOO 12,000 1 4,000 . 1 ,700 s.noo Co, ON ALLIES WHIM HIKHASt 5T vast nous K* aoatusr x» an wv ax AS ufia. Scarcity erf groceries and high prices during the last year; too much credit, and general bad management, lias put many grocers out of business, and has put many more out that were rated first-class managers. It is hard to run a grocery store and make money now-a-days. The Union Supply Company is running sixty-three grocery departments now, prices are advancing, goods are' scarce. Notwithstanding, we are operating and have a full supply all the time, but are selling under greatly reduced profits. Plour, sugar, coffee, potatoes, canned goods, and all goods such as the Government is using large quantities of, are all advancing and are sold under very close prices. We are operating under a Government license, strictly carrying out every ruling of the Food Administrator, doing everything we can to help the Government, and expect our customers to try and do the same. We have an abundance of goods, can take care of your wants and are doing it. In our meat markets the usual good stock and assortment of fresh beef, fresh pork, salt and smoked meats, and all pork products, are on sale and are being sold at low profits. The quality of goods, the low prices, the sanitary condition, courteous treatment, prompt deliveries, are all inducements for you to buy from our grocery and meat departments. 83 Large Department Stores, Lccated in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. In White, Grey, Field Mouse, Brown and Black. The woman v,ho demands a perfect fit, who insists on the newest and best styles, who desires QUALITY FOOTWEAR will do well in coming to us. We please you. We save you money. YOUGH TRUST COMPANY HAVE YOU TKIEB OUE CLASSIFIED AD LETS ? J. B. KURTZ, WtjTAHY PUBUiC ANp REAL ESTATE, o. t South Mendovi ConmllwUJ* ftL

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