The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 14, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1930
Page 2
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PA-IF; TWO. DALLY COURIER, CC NNET/LSVILLE, PA. KRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1930. AT ALL NOW i Kollogg's ALL-BRAN Has 1 Benefited This Woman Civil War Veterans and Ladies Circle Pay Tribu:e to Lincoln r a n k s sjrowlnc; t h i n n e r year , but lour C n i l War veterans L i l l i i i ( t i m - e ;U a j o i n t celebra- I.incoln's a n d Washington's vs Thursday aftenHXMi in Odd ' h u l l . Kiist Crawford jivonuo. T h o j v(re O.'tiinamier Charles H M i l l , A S. H a d d o c k , .F. K. Giles and A. K Kr.i shear, the last named ot Mon- ongiho ,i, formerly of V a n d o r b i l t . All are me.'ii'bers of tho William F. K u r t z Po.-t, I , l a n d A r m y of tho K-ppuhJic. The xercisen were in charge of tho l.atlie-i' Circle to Ihe Kurt/. Post and tlio Gr.uul A r m y men wero puosts of honor. There wa.s a good atteuclance. I n c l u d e d were several out-of-town Kiie,!.'- Mrs. K N i e Smith, president of tho Circle, niesldf^d. Mrs. Smith K;I\ i i v» address of welcome, after w h i ' h \.rs. C. 11. IIlll Rave a reading. Tlio ai iiienee sang "Tentinp on the OH C'a u p ({round." flov ('. G-eorgo Sluipo, pastor of T r i n i t y Reformed C h u r r h was tho u r i n r l p . i l speaker. He gave a sronora! t a l i ; o.i Lineal'- basing Iart of hla (1U« oiliest on tho prologue oE tho drama "Abraham Lincoln," by John D r i n k w afer. I'ornin.Mid-fr M i l l then jr;ivo a brief 1.111., a tor which hiw son H. H. Hill, a.'.sislait posUnu»«ter ot Uniontown spoke. Mr. Hill brought greetings fron t i-e £ions of Union Veterans ot r n i o n t o w n . of which h^ is a nwmber, a u d tir:-il tho badies' Circle and f«w ( i r a i i i j \ r r n y mon to use th«ir i p - lliu'iu'i i n b n n ^ l n s r a!xut the format i o n ol .1 s i m i l a r orga.nlza.tion in Oon- w l l - f v i!lf. Th« tqie.ikor cloaMl w i t h a briet reference to t^-e annual IMn- c o l n ' s l a i u i u e t Wednesday night in the S o l d l r r V Memorial hail, Pittburg, v , h i h ic attended. A st ur;a of "Marching Through Gtximi;,." wa.s then «unK in untnou, after \ \ h u - h Mrs. L. S. Michael tinned with two d e l i g h t f u l "A Ckrnwin's V-er.sion of Barbara Krei'c-hie." and "Yuldisha Love." Com- r a d e H uhkx-k gave a brief talk. SVior' t a l k s were also given by Mrs. M a r v I a r e l a y of Uniontown, past de- p a r t m e n t c h a p l a i n of the O. A. R. Womea's Auxiliary To Hospital Gives Valentine Benefit Circle. Mrs. J. H. Wentzel and Mrs. Shaaer. all of thtt Uniontown Circle. Rev. !. li. Minerd gave a talk on the ( l i i l y I i ami moat deeds of Lincoln ' I h -. was followed by a reaul-ns, "Aunt n o l . - f u l s Visit," by Mrs. T. G. WUman The program closed w i t h the audience s i n g i n g a verse of "(lod He With You T i l l Vt\- Meet Again." The .irogram v,a^ uplementod by a d o l u i o i ' j c-hickuti ami biscuit d i n n e r A-itb all the t n m m i n j ? H wived in the u i n i n g r *m. The appointments wero oi .1 pi motif nature and wero unusually attractive*. An effective ar- r a n g e m e n t of iHl, white and blue paper extended through t l i o cen -er of tho fcible, while placed at i n t e r v a t w-ere vase-s oC rtino». red 4 ml white carnations, eak*uluhu, and other m » m g ilowors Intfcrmlnglod with maiden'iair fern. Further featuring the decorative ichemo was a largo b i r t h d a / cake in honor of the Grand \rniy MOII. The cake, placed in tho renter "f the table, was iced in white and or uun-e-ntod with in a initials of Abraha n Lincoln, tho d.ite O E his birth, 1S09, "(3. A. U." and "L. A. C. in greei. Kacli comrade was given a w h i t e carnation. I'lace cartUs were m i n i a t u r e Status of Liberty. Covers wero laid for approximately ono hundred, virs. Mai-y Mitchell baked tho ruke. The ii'tJ crcutn was donated by tin; Farmers' To-Operative Dairy Association U e bla-cuits, ! Kauth's i'ure Food B v k e r y , the slher by the American l-e ;ion. the dishes by W. N. Leche Conn any, and the flowers by j . R. DeMuth Sons, Oglevee Sona and lh! ,Uiui Floral Company. 1^10 general committee in charge oC th". celebration consisted of Mrs. Julia CoVol, Mrs. tUruh Nagol, Mrn. Delilah Koiuluy Mis. Myrtle Furtnoy and Mrs. I,as ma I'ercy- "^rs. Kleunor Hoffman ha« charge of t.he ico cream and cake. All nuMiber* of the circle assisted. S01TK c a r t Vo !i.»day a t ' r f o w i n n u B II. F. Yaugini S m i t h , C,riev-.s. lri/,i w vdii. '!'' Mr;.. AS br held HNTCHTAI* ibles wore tailed Into play M party ol' tho South Conuells- .untoer Fire Department Wed- -veniuB at Snyder's storeroom .h Conuullsville. The prl'-se for f i \ u hundrod wore: Mrs. ounkiu. drat womou's; Mrs. s o ( o n d women's ; W. C. tirti! men's, and William second men's. The Uooby ia won by Mrs. Mabel Patter- ·'' door prize was awarded to i l l i a m C.riovBH. Lunch waa The next of tho seriM will I vu Friday ovouijis, February One oi t O V C ' l l t S of I Valentino ' noon in t l i rooms at Us the Woinei nellfiville ware from the nnttivoi ly ono h u n gueeta wen ways and i. of Mrs. KYi Mrs. I'aul ' Porter, Mr C. K. Carsc the henctlt Vice-pret the auxiiia wero Mrs. Charles G. McCormick B. Davit), i lxui« lift/,' O rover '. arul Mit«. ' n.imed o r S Mrn. Me\ a u x i l i a r y , i Mrs. Opfier Mrs. Ch.-irl, J. Doniil.l 1 refreshnipn and Mrs 1 decoration*- Mrp. Leu Fletcher ai awsLstcxl hi The pnxlt red and wh in t h e finwl over by Mi Emily Hoi i Hospital, .V Scotldale a of Oawaon, Madeira an. fill )ocorati ful. The c« of re«l and f u r t h e r bi sil\ov holde adornment. Doth roo w i t h yellow other tipriii Vftlentim out in tho rr t\ and w 1 shaped. Ai iK'uoflt wa; gram p res arul out of Pia-'io .sol Dun bar. Piano i)Ol Mr». J. Jlon Vocal uol Peter R. V Violin so "Oavotte," Vocal sol "Can't You ' Mrs. I^eltint Piano so! giiia Grah;. Voc:al din Tell Us, ,\1 Peter R. W i- most c h a r m i n g soi'ia ie K',UOII «ia a hcnofi ea y i v e n Thnreday a l t e r \Voman'h C u l t u r o ( M u b » Curnegie Froo Library b s Auxiliary So t h e Con intet Hospluil. The houri i:^!) to 5 o'clock. Deepitc iblv weather approximato- (red forty memlterB ant present. Arranged by t h i can* committee, compose* d S. Opperman, cludrmaii '. Kamore-r, Mrs. ,1. l")onaU . U. T. Sullivan and Mra i, Kr , tho appointnunta ol wre u n u s u a l l y b e a u t i f u l , dcntn aBl l i l u member* o' ·· woro hotitess-B AVde: tSniost ft ICooner, Mif vlitclie.ll, Mrs. Clwrlws A Mrs-, c;. O. Ikine, Mr«. Join ra. J!«nkt 1). D r o w n . Mru 1, Airs. C. Roy Hot^cl, Mrs iicraii, Mrw. n. H. Grahan v 7 . i ! (JlasgoW, tiio la.v otM.ilo. -r Aaron, president of t h t resided over the program mn arranged the program, ·) !·' Carson. -!r., and Mni irler ucr-- 1 In r h n r j - i - of tin n, and Mrs. K. T. S u l U v a r aul T. Kamrrer, of t h ( irn Carter. A re. Iiabellf .1 Mis. Muttle Wat hi tig ton Hie Kitchen. - n i n a t i n g color ·-( lieim waf to. The tea t a b l e , arrange*! d i n i n g room, was prwiidwJ . W i l l i a m J. Hailcy, Mi^f H*!, - ) u p o r i n t o n d e n t of thf "a. \V, II. C l i n K ' r m i n o! id Mrs. Jom-ph. H. Strawii a n d w i t h it« f x q u i s i t f flli'l !«« covp-r aid color- ina, wa« s t r i k i n g l y beauti- iterpipce was a low raouii'l v h i U - carnations. I.*nd!n? l u t y to th dt-comtlvt -e l a l l red tapers in low s, placed about tlu- contra M i l l i o n s t o d a y a r e caiinp; KollopK'ft ALL-BRAN--}?tinranit;ec) to relieve both temporary and recurring constipation. The cause of constipation is tho lack of roughage in food. Add sufficient roughape and constipation disappears. Kellogpf's ALL-BRAN in nearly all roughage. Here is a lettur from Mrs. H, G i l b e r t , H)7 E . K n i g h t A V P . , Collingswood, N. J., which vrill be interesting to many sufferers: "I Imd a very si«rio«« operation ii October and when I came f r o m the hospital my muln trouble won con- Btipntion. One day I sail to the- doctor, ·I am cnintf l» cat ALL-BRAN,' nnl mice 1 blaitod 1 have no trouble whatever. So you »*!« I can't iirai^ it enough nnd am always telllutf my fricndri whiit it did for i»o." You will enjoy the nut-like flavor of this delk'ipu.'i, roady-to-cat cereal, It is rich in iron, and when eaten with milk or fruit juicaa, adds int- portant vitamins to the diet. Kellogg'a ALL-BRAN is an essential in any reducing diet. It means every-day health to people all over the world. Your grocer has it in the red-and-precn package. Served everywhere. Made by KeHogg in Battle Creek. L. C. Harris . tnd Wife Mar ied 50 Years F« bruary 19 ALL-BRAN ns wero mane ami red TOM*, nilips am ', flowers, a)'.' tern*.. · tnlor^ wei c alto uarriec 1 l a i n t y rolrc-shmenliH Thi ite c undies were heart- o u t t t a n d i i i K featuu 1 ol thf a hrilltant niuulc-al pro- nlcd by p r o m i n e n t loril own talent. Jt wan w fol- , Mrs. W. II. William* of ', "Tho Fompadour'H Fan," ^goinery Dilworth. , "txiesle O' Mine," Mrs OB, "Salut r Amour," an5 ·lie*! Devora Simon, H, "K*iBhmirf Song," and tear Mo Calling Caroline?'' S. Wtilpkey. , "Mazurka," Mi.s.s Vlr- ;n. 's, "The Swallow," ami "O '·ry Hirde of .Sprini;," Mr« oimer and Mrs. Joint J. Y. OF F. W. AL'XJUART 1M.ANS FOK A : N X U A L The r c R i i l a r mecluiK of tho Ladies' Auxiliary to Walter K ftrown I'o-t. Veterans Oif Foreign Warf, wa» held l u s t n i p h t in the cinb -rooms, w i t h t i t t y - t h r e o memboni In attendance. Mr.^. iMarp-arpt Arrnstrocg, past national president. Mid Mrs. Marraret Heyl, department tr^isuror, of 1'Hts- hutc:, were prese.nL I'lanH were comiiletod for tho ·?·- onl annuiil d « n r n to b-,- H"!d jy ;!u e n t e r t a i n m e n t committee nl a u x i l i a r y , ot w h i c h Mrs. J u n e Cook it' chairman, \Vc,-dnest/Jay n i g h t , February ^( !n fOik* Hall. A Brie n r c h w i t r u has h««-n siM^ured for the event- The hours w i l l be from S to 12 o'clock. Inviuitfonfc will bi issued tomorrow. A l l members of thf a n n l i e r y aud Walter K. llrown 1'ost are iivvitc-d The next r o f t u l a r mnetinK w i l t he held Thursdav nisi t, Kebruary 37, at w h i c h limo thert w i l l be iuitiatiuu nt c:uiif}Watea. WOMKSTIC snj;:x:K CLA.M.S G 1 V K S T K A FOB FACULTY A V a l e n t i n o tea ^a: t;ivcu last ev«- n i n g In the d m l n g loom of t h p domcM- t i c sciencct dopurtmenf, of tho High School by the donif-atlc wcionro rla'-f i for tho mombfcrb of tho High H;htKl jl'acnlty, u n t l t r the j"'tit-rnl tiiipcrrieion of Mins Grae* G u i h i n a n n . Uo'iinstir I bficntc teacher, who wib absistad by i the f o l l o w i n g s t u d e n t - i : Marg3,rt [ S m a l l , Mildred Woihe, Marguerite ' Maricano, Helen Henry, Ruth Uiuni), Oorothy MariPtUi, Kleanor Havldson, I'iiyiliK Swankier, (Hadyfi l^eahiiro Lotil.-o Treher, Dorn Kt-nn(son, A n n t Martti, Blunulie Longaneckor aud , Marian Couner. "PToronco D. Kiutball, th\ia of poured. The cAntorpleco was or red I ami lilies of tHo Mr. and M r lj. C. t o w n s h i p will otison weddinr annlvor-^ary Febru«iry IS). they will oiiiert-ain a iiatcnl a l o n g 'he f'e City riad, a b i n t a i opolis-I'at l 'tte City n Irom Pi»rr|y-oi'Xli i i, bM of 1 and 4 o'oior k in Moniibopii ol the I 1 tMi's Chrii.Uau| which Mr'-,. H a r r i s i. 1 cfit uiomlMTH, tiavo be on them. Tor w i l l b Mr. and Mr:,. Harr majrriafo liy Kc\. ilei then pastor oC t h e f A Ivor ton. Tln-y went in )*«rry tow isnip -\ Uiore ovor siiu-e Mns. l i a r r i f , whoii was lyncy ijjiridls, « of the laU- M i . and N who rendiHi on ,i fan dale and Alvvton. !· Alventon School Mr and M-a, HJ.I HrinK on Iho same t'i Thlrty-ifour y«m, a.K tho houae in, w h i c h t Kfdlag. Koaj: chiltlre union have pia^cl t yond. Three of lh» per.wi tboir marriage eer«i H v i t l K Wld it 18 POHB them w i l l le indent aarj celobrati-m Mr Aralon, w h o w-a« a Mrs. Harry Kronti of are pl«mnjnfi lo DO ir- T'atlers-m is re-iuJm jstatf and will not br Mr. and Mrr. J l a r n as**. )Virs Harris' b Sopt«*mX)r 7 fJJC .Mr. ber If.. Thfty ar« in OUR In To TV tow S H O W K f l Ml.t. A N A aroldlnp shower lionor r f Mr. a n d Mi IEUH iiveriing n t i h e C by Mrs. Kllsv o r t h K Mrs. Lojmls, -vho w i l bcforo hor nii.rrlajce Ilnlein* i'/v.ui!), a^siste tslru'v!r»r ol Union! hJdith U u r h i n of ihn h a l l WcUt prt?tt ly door, ! w i t h the Vaio i t i n o M niiiK wa* j.poct .11 tl«i Hciirt-^iiJ.iitMl Jutfi favors, i.unc 1 n»n w youiij; c o u p l e svfjre t m a n y b u a u t i f i 1 trifts. l l a r r i n of P«rry · f l i o i r gnldtMi of the occasion t h e i r liomo, m'.- ryo po-1 is - Kayet t n lie f r o m I'orry- id, alxm.L a m i l e * eon Ihe honr.M ho afternoon. rryo-polls Wom- ranro Union, of ono of I h e old- n invltcxl to call ,«orvod. . wero u n i l o d in IJUM11I1 I 1 '. B o l l O l l , mrch of God at 10 hoimokooping id liavo rc^fUlxl iiriiiUm naro« 11 1lie duu^hlor -s. T. F. Jjftnctlii. i botW'Oon Ho'itt- ne »Uenlxl tho ·is hav1n+! boon ·m for 50 y*wirH, hoy constructed ioy are now reborn Lo tho tho Groat Be- ·i who wltnosaed iony aro still bio tba-t two of for the anriiver- . GcorRo Bolo ot bridesmaid, and near A'Tea-ton, Bent. Mrs. Cora in California able to attend, are 79 yoaro of rthday was on tfarrui 1 on Octo- KOH i MKS. 1,00MIS Hi-ton tstlrlmg Sarah Morane and ItUw-rt, i t r n v u ' Mlas Wlmmsv J j J. n L m , ; h r y , Lwl and Jobn UrmlSey, I): m s. A. T. l.oomis W Ko.1 Iowa Hall ans, mother of ho remembered ns MISK Qnla by MiBa Gladys and Miss Side. The in The and cards, given aa -s served. Tho i« rt'dpionls of O u t ot town !!ady*! Strtekor, Downs and Ann Davis, I ' n i u u - avw, Pittaburg; ? Shallenberger I. A OIKS' SODALITY ( J I V i : S B K ^ K F r T I'ARTT Tho YoiiiiR L i i d l c M 1 H o i l i i l i l y (if H I . John'ti C i t l l i o l l i ! t J h u i ' c l i , Wi'Kl Hide, gavn an o n j o y a l i l o card purl.y Tiiiwluv i i l K h f In the- ( l i m r . l i hiidal h u l l . Thorf w a n a I w r n e KatluiriiiR icf memVTH iititl ol nix jiamcK who w o r n K .1. i l o r n i T . Wflhh, J o h n Lcporu, Mnnarot I l c l u and A n d r e w 10. i d p o v t i h y ; of live ganif'8, MTH. A. f'i. l / l p u v u l i y . I ' r l K i K at hiiiBo w o r e won by Mru. A. ('I. MatiiKchak and M i n n K a l l i c r l i i ^ H)» bat In,. Tlio dnoi 1 p r l K u waH woo hv J i i l U llprchl«). U i ' i m l l l n l j i r t / c n f o r live h u i i i l r M l and bliifiu w i l l |M^ i;iv-ii UL l i l t IHiXtf O f t i l l s M t ' l ' l l I I . N(mulu H M i o p HON!^MH. Moinlicru mid 11 lend!! o) 1 I lie N. N. H r l d n « O l u b wc»r*» e i i l i M ' t i i l f i r x l at n turhc-y d i n n e r al the homo of Nov;ila Histioji \Vc!dll«Hlay j i v e i i l i i K - Tliodf! probenl w e r n K n l h I j t i e k o y f i n d Mar- irucrlt( Soehler of C l o n i i o l l i i v l l l o , K « X Waller, Rodney K e l f e r , .ioiiti Claff'-rty, Suxlio Itay H u d M d i i , "Jiaibn" H t n u f f o r , "Mid" Lourl'iB, " U o o i l c n " l i u g t u i a n i l i'Uliiio l!rkT.hv'k, all of K c o l l d i U o O a n c l n e wwi onjoy^vl bhroiiKhoul. the I'vcniiifi and l i U l n Hi'«r(x-n, Keitcr cn- U-ruined w i t h iitj) n u n i b e r H . Card I'arty, Thu m«nib(irt of tho 8a:r*«l Hoart [i«4ifrae and th« Kewliif; Olrdo ot the Lnimnculalw Conception Church will iiolcl a cartl pnrty In tho SociMJ Halt, FVjbniary 27 1930. Bridge, "SOO" ami Bingo will be- played. Many beautiful prir.eH will bo given.--Advertisement.-U fob-it. Additionul eociaJ IK-.WB on Page Six. w n Ve*t au»d won. clng vero Pre-Lenten Dance To n« GIt»n By St. Stephen's (!re*k Catholic Church Prick Hall, Lelsenrfng No. 1 Saturday, February 15 liefflnnlntr at 7:30 P. M. Good Music and Refreshments AdnilKslon: (Jentlemen 76r Vocal noil, "Ixjvo," alecto7i i'rom "Tho Tr»a}i iss-er," Jlra. Forrewt W. BiifOt of Six ttdalc. Violin d iel, "La I'aloma," Aliee Claire Lucti t and Misu Devora Simon, aecompanie i by .Mra. L,uciua. Piano HO! , Scherzo, in b flat minor,, Miss Penrl Keck. v Vocal HO! OH, "Do Yon Know My Garden," a- d "Belki o£ Youth," Mre. John J. Kn a. Violin sol i, "Canto Amorosso," Mis."} Claire Lucu ·. Mifis Pearl Keck w^as the acoompaniti for the isoloistn, and Mrs, Paul 1/ucUr , for the vloliuiate. There we e no expenses attached to the benefit. All the flowers were donated by l o a l and South Conuollsvil! florists. Tl 3 auxiliary women are very gratet u to all who in any "way cooperated n making the tea a BUC- ceB'«. Quite a nice same was realized. WH.-LfSG WORK K KM CLASS HOLDS V A L K M ' I N K PAKTV Tht- Willing \\'orkorti Class oi the S o u t h Connollfiville EvariEjplical Church held an enjoyable Valentino party last ni^ht at the home ot Ml«u B«tty Helmo of South ConnollevlUe. A short buslncea session, over which the prcBJiient, Lori-aine Cotighouour, prc- sldfid, was held. Tho remainder of the evening w;is epont at playing gamt-w. Oraco A«li- won the pri/.e 1'or tho host COK- Sevc-ntecu meipbers and frtonrlo were 1 present.. A dolli'ious lunch was servsl by tho hontoss and hv-r aldw. rnt.s. M Ia1nt;' .ippolntmout V a l i - n t l i e Day cliarac iani'unti ehower idven homo 0' Mlfta Madol Kouth Ar« h s v«ut,, b Nt'lson't sioro in hone Hraut, c form »r clcr! Tin a f f a i r w.w a O lo thu l o n o r ,,'U'»t «i liy tv/tDly live of Nc! and otlnr frlcnda ot will be roniPB Ix rod · Tretislt'f. Carda and monti-i wor« njoyed nlnp. Delick-UB rot served. Mrs. Ur.urt v oC m a n y lovelj gifts. II.TKU , significant of erizwsd a mi*.c«l- laat nJght «L the n Welsh, 421 cmployoft of · of Mrs. Waller at Nelson's, mplete fiurprise d was attended mn's employes ,Ire. Brant, who H MUiH Jesfilo otlior amuse- Inrlng the ovo-1 oehme-nts were i as the recipient I SQUARE DANCE At the COMMUNITY HALL South Every Tuesday and Friday A DMISSION Gents 50c Ladies, 15c 66 8 Tablets n, JIi'iuluclic or NcunUgla in 30, cbocks i Cold tho first day, and clieelis Malai ia In three Ofi( also in Liquid. Custom Tailored SPRING SUITS Now Reduced 10% Week of Feb. 8 to 15. H. J. BOSLET TAlLOlt 122 South Plttsbunr Street, CouneHsville, Pu. I'arnp Hostess. The I'rlscilU Sewing Circle will meet to light in tho homo of Mrs, K. C. Cam i . 107 Haas aveuuo. Cliisslli.t'd Advertisements ruaultM. Try tlwuu. 0. R. t', AI 1X8 A well a Ladies' A us held yeten IO»H Tempi at vhlch tic lloe Llngc oommitteo c Drumm, Mi and Alra. I'f to arrange 1 lug t'w mci aembled in dainty tuac! XH I A K Y 1'AIU.M 'KM' PUEH1DEST tentlud moeting of tho linry to thy O. R. C. TVUS ay uEtoruoon in Odd Fol, South Pilttsburg etrnijt, a tho now president, Mrs, ifluld, was installed. A imposed of Mrs. Mnrga.rut i. Catherine Ijomlorbaek- irl Kaight was appointed )r a card party. Follow- ting the rambent as- .he social room where a wi» .served. 'ffj VI HI Oil [H Shampio the C U T I C U H A way What a delighti jl and healthful shampoo it gives! AuoU t tho scalp lightly with Cimcr/RA O3 FITMENT; then make * ·trong suda w th C0TICOB.A SOAP by dissolving thavinga of the SOAP La hot water. Wet the hair thoroughly, Ihtn shai ipoo with thu euda and rinae, aev Tal times, finishing with t«pid or c .Id water. Thin will k«epi your sciil,' In a healthy condition,' and your hair will ba soft and lustrous. «p *«· Olnttnimt ffi- en.j *tcr Pro* * Cb«nt«»l Oorixp». «, UUd*n. MmH What Is Economy In Purchasing Shoes? It consists of buying shoes the t Fit, that are Well Made, and therefore Last Long. Enna J Stick's fit because they are well made, both as to material and the selection of sizes---an exceotionally wide range from AAAA to EEE. The early Spring Styles are here potf and you can purchase them for «P^T| and $ HOOPER LONG Where You Get Quality and Service With Full Weight and Low Prices. Vienna (The Old Reliable Family Flour) 24 J /2 Ib. sack ~ - $1.10 Pillsbury Cake Flour--2 Boxes and a Mix ing Bowl ~ 67c Little Crow Pan Cake Flour, 2 boxes.J23c Somerset County Buckwheat Flour, 10 !lb. sack _ __ 47c Hogsett's Yellow Corn Meal, 10 Ib. s'k 3Sc Fancy Comb Honey, per comb »..215c Log Cabin Syrup, Table Size can »27c Lar;?e can . ,, . 98c Jell-O (All Flavors), 3 boxes...TM 2Sc Knox Gelatine, a box ....'. 2®c TfewtonN Marshmallor Creiur , 1 Ib. jar ...._22c Cream !orn Starch, 2 bosri«? 19c Snow F'ake Powdered Snpar. 2 boxes 28r Premier Peanut Bntier, 1 Ib. jar 25c Connellsrille M a d e Macaroni, Spaghetti, 2--i-11), boxes .~ Tomato Paste, 3 cans -Loff Cabin Free Running: Salt, 3 boxes 25c Colman's Dry Mustard, % Ib. box 27c Premier Coffee (The Best) 1 Ib. can 45c, O-R Coffee (Oven Roasted) 1 Ib. box 29c Fancy Rio Coffee, a pound 23c Fancy Santos Coffee, a pound 31 c Hershjy*8 Cocoa, l /z Ib. box ~ 13c 1 Ib. box 25c 17c Hershoy'e Baking Chocolate, l /z Ib. cake N. B. G. -- Chocolate Robena Cakes (New; You will like them), a pound ____ 26c N. B. C. -- Snow Peak Cakes (Cocoanut) in 2 : / 2 Ib. cartons, a carton ___________ 49c N. B. C. -- Dandy Oyster Crackers, 2 lb« box , Rinso, 2 Larjr« boxes ---- 4Sc Super Snds, 3 boxis Chlpso Crannies, 2 boxes Octagon Soap, fi cakes 25c BrOIo (Tho Aluminum ("leaner) 3 boxes 25c Bab-O (Cleans Porcelain), 2 cans 25c Fa'try Soap, 5 large cakes 19« Ivory Soap, Lanndry size, 2 cakes 25c Fancy Yellow Cling Peaches, 2 la rge cans . -,-,,,,.,-,,., Unicorn Pineapple, 2 large cans _49c Weidei nan's Country Gentlemen Corn, 2 cajis Weideinan's Pure Jellies (Grape, Quince or Currant), Large glass 23c Weidei nan's Pure Apple Butter, Medium jar ._____. 19e Mother's Pure Strawberry Preserves, 2 Ib, jar 40c Monarch Tomes (Pure Candy Kisses) 1 Ib. can ... .,30c Spanish Salted Peanuts (Fresh) a Ib. _.18c At Our Meat Counter Small Lean Pork Shoulders. a pound 18c Pork Loin Roast, a pound ________________ ,,...,,. _____ 25c Lean F'ork Shoulder Roast, a pound ____ 22c Fresh Spare Ribs, a pound _______________ 20c Fresh Pork Sausage, a pound ______ __ 30c Veal Breast, a pound ____ , _________ 25c Lean Veal Roast, a pound _____ 30c Veal Chops, a pound . __________ ______________ 35 C Black Hawk Bacon, l / 2 lb a package _______ 23c Lean Bacon, 3 pounds or over, a pound 27c Home ..Made Scrapple, a pound ______________ JOc Home .Made Pudding, a pound _______________ J25c Beef, F ork and Veal, Ground, a pound 30c Armour's Corned Beef, a can ___________ ........ 25c Fancy Sauer Kraut, 3 pounds __________________ 25c X Kay, Pimento or Limburg Cheese, a jar 23c Dressed Chickens, Fish and Oysters er R Davidson Company "The Store That Does Things For You" 1 !· TWO BRIDGE PETITIONS HEARD E Y COMMISSION to TMie Oourlr. P1TTSUURO, J-ob, 13.--Public Service (VnmnisBion ir Suniual Walker hoard th« testinuiiy rognrding tho ap- pllcjtton of two ·ullroads for slon lo r o i i s t r u o t ov^rluwd They ii'' j tins [ iit.s.bin-fi, McK«t»sp«rt, *i Voujihiogbony Railroad and ihn Baltimore* Ohio Railroad, w Ulch roada Ooairo to ruak« croUoingB Ira HIIK from iianning to (ho mouth of J« ;olja crook, Perry township, Fayotto c ua- ty. It will ln neceoearv to crow a private rljfhl ot way ,£ tlm Pitts mrg Coal Connpaiiy but Ui-o hun namwl -on- oeru ofEortni no objection. fflr Bjirfpmn T R*ad tho advortioujents Daily Courier,

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