The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 16, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 16, 1918
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLB. PA, THURSDAY, MAY 36, 191? 1^ *···· --.'Si IT w,- Slv NEWS OF THE DAY AT Ml PLEASANT Burgess Appeals to People to Decorate Homes for . . ..... Red Cross Drive. BOY SCOBIS DOING THHR BIT Tfcey Tate · an' Active Fart fa Preparations for Opening of Campaign Hod«r, liattaj Expense to the Ti- naiee Committee; Otter Newt. - - - "-·· --.--. Special to Tb*-Courler. . '·· 'MOUNT PLEASANT^ May IS.-- fie manager of tho Bed Cross War Fund 7 - campaign. Samuel ..P.;~SteYens. ; nas ^.. :ask»d:'.thaf »11 persons along the .line ;-· .of: march-' decorate their homes; Jf a : oy:from that house laborer there to dispJ«y.."tliis fact/ and if ;h«Cii ia serv- ". ice any place have the people know that -also. i. O. Anderson, chairman of the parade committee,- has 'named Mr. St*Tfns as marshal of the parade, and hi» aidta as M. A. King, Frank Simpson, I*. S. Dnllinger and Jame» . Cards are etin coming in and the parade eacB' day takes OB inor« mean- Ing to the people u they realize that the boys- from here will receive the money raised in this campaign. All motntrs who hat* boyi In the service are aaked to come out and take part in the parade 'and all wires whose husbaads arc in the serrice. Where lie rootker, of .the boy In' icrriee Is .ittad a ^titter .Ijs asked to com* forward and take ter place in the ·parade. ' ." " . Th» Boy Scents are taking an ac.' tire part fai the campaign, by "deliv Imc card* and notice*, saving the cora- ; rattte* the. pries of pwtage. On next Monday night -nhea tbe parade is on It TriH-b» J*f« for persona -With baby : eaTrtag** and'oli Isffleg itveoae oat, a» t»» Boy Scout» win 1« there to am- : :. r. ' GeM Star Sendee. .; - XtejiextSnoday.mdriiimg xgold star -.'service-irill."be. conducted-'m tne TTnrt- ed Brethren ebureh under the direc- -tioa. itf.rhe pastor, "ReVv.T. C. Harper, - far Baroid norland; - the " first boy ' from tke drarcb. to die in service. Mr. Rowland died while · employed at a bs« hospital in France. : - - uMU.§B CiMvy. Oteton Crosby has returned home from J«ew York. He reported that the co««tt«m of George Crosby me much HsslM WM*en KM*. Mrs. S. C. Sterenson entertained the Ladles' Missionary society of the Be-Uaion FrMbyUrian church at her Eagle street home yesterday afternoon. Hrs. M. V. Horner ins the leader. Mis. John Stanffer- read .payer-on. "Jffexico," Mrs. D. M. Pigman on* on "Latin America." Mrs. .SeTfllerMcAfee read a lepojt of the ..GOnTenticm at Seottdale. Degrees Oafenei - The degree team from the Greerra- burg"encainproent of Odd Fellows came here and conferred three- de- · grees on -a' dass for the EOT encampment. _- . - TEACEKS ELECTED Corps f»r EMt HmnOnjdoi TowmMp CiOMn it I«f*r»g Moitaj. SCOTTDA1B, May 16.--The East Huntingdon township Board of Education, meetinj here Monday evenmj elected U» following te»chers tor Bert ye«r: . .' ·. AVrertort--No. 1, Lama Shannon; No.· ii-Bfcry Htiaon; No. 3, Paul De Priest; No. 4, Florence Acme--Myrtle Sosc. Browntown--No. 1, 'Flora Snrith; No. 2, Irene Pritta. Cross Roads--Mary Horgkiss. CJianel--Nelli* M. Grim. Feljar--ZoU» Hitson.-- Hiirkeye-^iM«ry Mosch. Independent--ISazel Plnca. Icon Bridie--Haiby Albrltht Morewood--No. i, M»TT Sflltraan; No. 2, H. T. Bkrtccom. Nebo--Gertrnds North Scotttalt--No. i, Kary jar; Mo: 2, Btl»l Freto;.No. i, Th«o- -doreWnstwc. " . ' -- Old: Bethany--Mabel Rankin--Mab«l Taylor. Rufladile--rfe 1, Don. B. Riger; No. 2, Eaiel COT in; No. 3, Olire Go»- sard; No. -1, M«ude Smith. StrohmrrJo. X Sara Ste«le; No. 2, Mary Leljhty. Tarp--East Ward, No. 1, Margaret Ftnmrtr; Mo. 2 r Annie BJteble; W«st "Ward, No. 1, Margaret. Mavbinecy; No.'J,-Ethel DenOter. ~ mite^Sb, .1, Bdltt Lcighty; No. 2, 'ireae H. Ckxe. . WHtor Bow--No. 1, Hemmaline Prick; No. 2, Butt Lore. "West Orerton--Jessie Tedrow. ParflttwwB--Glndys Cowan. 1 ,0irrthe;-lrig)i'- school rforce, '..iritli Grorer Honser."as supervising prin- tJkutt vere choien Alfred E. Fn 'fftttnilinm'. rrrlri] L. J, Ruth Stewart; music,'E.D, Fuller; writing. P. O. Peterson, Heavy lime foi Vacleam Coal. For . supplying a Belgian relict steamer and other ships with a grade of coal that exposed them to submarine menace, instead of smokeless coal. New York A Philadelphia Coal Coke company has been ordered by the Fr.el Administration to contribute $1.000 to Belgian relief commission and suspend operations' for five days. Jennie Smith, Evangelist, Recommends Bliss Native Bert Tablets ForCon^atidn Grap^Nuts is a standard mixture containing wheat and malted barley, well sorted to theses ' ' t times. HEEDS K0 Th« world's er«atest Evius.ellBt among railroad men is Jennie Smith. For. over 'fifty years" she has labored among" them, preaching-. th* Hghti of -tTuih.- · AUhouBh aev-. eirty-five year* old, she is still actively engwied in this good work. She ' attributes her g-ood healtti to the regular use of Bltss Native Herb Tablets, which, she recommends to every railroad man.who suffers from constipation, kidney or liver trouble. Eternal vigilance is not only the price of liberty- but It Is also ncoes- , ecocTheaJlh.. Nature, jfivee us the m«an» in the "form of roots, bark and herbs, which,' .aro" compounded in scientific- proportions in ~.fiUsi.-2«KtiVB ""Herb Tablets.. For "over: thirty years, these tablets have---- been - · helping. mankirid- ~thr6ug-h6ut the civilized 'world"to", enjoy freedom from tho evil effects -of constipation, whether acute or chronic, disordered liver and kid- n e y -trouble. · · · - · - · - - 7on't allow 1 yourself to suffer another day, but go to your-drug-gist and obtain a box of Bliss Native Herbs. Each box contains 200 tab- leta. Take one every night and you will never regret it. Tha price is Jl.OO. . Be ffure to fret the genuine, put tip in yoHo-w boxes hea'r-^ x~v ing the portrait oC.AUmao O.~~ LS) Bliss, x Each tablet shows \^/ our trade mark. Sold by A'. A. ^Clarke and local pARAMQUNTJHEATRE :--TODAT-- ' ' . - WOR1IT PRESENTS KITTY" GORDON IN THE "THE PURPLE LILY" Miu Gordon baa one of the most dram»t!c roles of her career in thie production. Toe picture move* tut and grips your attention fro» bejtjn«l»» to end. ALSO CURRENT EVENTa AirB.SATUBBAI-- . . OLDTN PRESENTS' MADGE KEN^rEDY . : - · · : WJUi her eyes and her mile In.ber unusual and powerful produc- tio«- : A' »wift moving storj' of action, e»er-ohanginB 'plot, jealousy, Kuplclon, laachter and sp«d in ..... " " OUR LITTLE WIFE ALSO A GOOD COMEDY. - : .: -- COMDtG-- THE IAISEB-- TH; BEAST OF BEKEET" The E. Dunn Sto HELP YOURSELVES WHOLE HELPING OTHERS Red Cross Night AT COLLINS' The -entire Fountain receipts Wednesday night, May 22nd, will be donated, to the Red Cross Fund. Patrons .win be served by the.Pi Eta Phi Patriotic Girls. Collins' Drug Store, 117 South Pftlsburg Street. Bell Telephone Operating Work near your home in pleasant and healthful surroundings, wilt excellent opportunities for rapid advancement. TTnovnal opportunities for earnest,' intelligent young women be- tween 18 and 24 years of age.* New-eapiopM are paid while learning and are readily advanced. Comfortable sitting room for reading and relaxation when off dmty. " ' · ' . ' . ' · . ' ! ' : ' ' " ' ' ' ' Good, opportunity for senior and supervising positions. - . Apply to the Chief Operatotr of the central office. · Tide Trust Building, · GonnellxviUe. SOSSON THEATRE "THE BELGIAN 99 E, FE1DAT A5B- SATL'BBAT There la a Bare -Treat in -Store for the Patrons' of the Soisaon r Tiieatre. Ton should iiie/VTBE. BEIXJIAN" because a hundrea critics in a dozen clties-^-ycNir-Kiiwrt representatives-- have unanimously decreed it the most monum^tii, masterpiece that-lias evor-graced 'the screen ThBTeTOl Also Be Shown a rBOBBT CONNELLT' ." - Ttarsdar, friday and Saturday, May 27, 2S and 20 ' BEAST OP BEELDT" O R P H E U M THEATRE See the "Esfluimo Dance" in rrHE rBMTrnne TTOJSAIP An absorbing picture of^modern woman and her primitive sister starring MARGARITA FISHER. , '" ; Benjamin Chapin In "THE SON OF DEMOCRACT" --FMDAI A3TD.SATIIIIDAT-- PAITLOfB! FREDERICK IN \ "THE HJjKfiEY HEART" . By David Graham Phillips. The "eternal triangle" handled'in a n e w way. . . . Connellsville's Greatest Store White Sale In An evbnt anticipated by the whole vicinity with pleasure and profit. There has been White Sales before and there will be White Sales hereafter, but none like this one, which is destined to eclipse them all. This is not our opinion merely, but the opinion of the people who have taken advantage of that White Sale in May. We are deeply gratified for this public endorsement of our efforts to give the people an extraordinary opportunity to save money. Purchases for that White Sale in May were made months ago--quantities were bought-the choicest and best of every grade. Come and see. PLEASE NOTE--Use your Coupon at the E. Dunn Store the same as cash. Interest coupons of the second 4% Liberty Bonds due May 15, 1918, will be accepted by us now at face values in payment for purchases. : The E. Dunn Store. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Table linens at less than they would cost us now. When you buy a. table cloth, or a dozen napkins for less money than they would cost us it seems a chance worth trying to take advantage of to get these unmatcnable values in table linens. Everyone knows that we have the best and largest Linen Department in this vicinity -- (the Derry- vale Linens.) Mercerized Table Dwnask, 70 inches wide, at 7Gc and S1.26 per yard. Najjlrins, 16x16 size, 95c per dozen. Napldns, all linen, beautiful noral designs, al $2.50, np to SS.50. Table Damask sols, napkins to match, $8.50 up to $12.50. Bound Table Cloth, 72x72, at $8.50 to $12.50. Table cloth o£ the newest designs or patterns, all linen, $3.00 to $12.00, THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Women will, be enthusiastic about our May White Sale, because the undermuslins offered were so immaculately fresh and new, and the values are so phenomenal. Wonderful inducements and special values will greet you. Chemise, 59c, C9c, $1.00 np to $WW. JiETT SIGHT A large selection of styles in high V neck, or slip 'over models, neatly trimmed; now at this sale, SBc, $1.00, $1.89, 1.89, up to $3.50. AVOKEIfS DRAWEBS-- Eeyular circular open or closed eyelet or blind cmb.; others are lace trimmed. Choice now, SOc, GDc, 7c op to $3.50. 1'EXTICOATS-- . . . . . . WiUi'deep flounce oC embroidery or lace; Borne have rib- hoas drawiu Choice, 59c, 8Sc, up to Su.OO. JEW COJ2SET COTEIiS-- Hundreds oC new styles here, trimmed with neat embroid- .ery or lace. Come in over lifty styles. Choice at White Sale in May, 35c, 49c, 58c, op to 82.00. SILK LEKSEIUE-- Made of silk crepe do chine, glove silk and fine lingerie cloth, elaborately trimmed, at $US8 to-$3.95, THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY New Waists Waists in styles delightfully varied and at unusually low prices. That-Wnite-Sale-in-May Waists arc made of fine sheer voiles and batistes, novelty cotton effects, also crepe de chine and Georgette crepe', dainty lace and embroidery trimmed. Prices for that White Sale in May, $1.00, J1.19, $2.50, $2.95, up to $12.60. ..... ^ THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY · Wonder Bargains in Turkish or Huck Towels. Greatest Towel values ever. This sounds big, but see the Towels, the kind of Towels and such a lot of -them. . Satin damask hack towels, hemmed, stitched, large size, S1.BO. Linen huck towels, hemmed stitched, at $1.25. Other pure Linen Towels in this sale at*4oc, J5c and $1. Turkish Towels at 15c, 25e,"35c, 50c and" §5c. Many years will pass before you'll have another opportunity like IWs to buy linen and Turkish towels ax tUese prices. '-. " . , THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Lace Curtains No wonder this store is consedered headquar- ,ters for- Curtains and Curtain Materials in That White Sale in May at such litte prices that you .cannot resist the temptation of buying your wants here. Curtain material at money-saving prices, ISc, 25c, 3.5c and 45e yard. ..Curtain materials for draperies, . all .hew designs, at'SSc (o $1.50 per yard. '-". - '-.Lace Curtains. S1.19, $2.50, $3-50, SS.OO-aad $7.50. ' ··No : difference what price curtains you buy, you save from One-Fourth to One-Third on the real value. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY - .Purchases for the White Sale were made months asp. Quantities were "bought; choicest and : best of every grade of laces and embroideries. Sale -prices on these "Laces and Embroideries will be proof that- they were bought and selected well; and prices will do the selling. Beautiful design, in 18-inch Embroidery Flouncing at 35c. Hemmed Flouncing. Just the embroidery for short walking dresses for the little tots. White Sale prico 85c to $1.25. - Corset Cover Embroidery, quite a lot at this price to select from, Cambric or- Swiss. 50c, 75c and $1-25. . . Thousands of yards of narrow embroidery to select from in Swiss, Cambric or Nainsook, JOc np to 25c. Pine laces at big money-saving prices. Come see the laches and you :will agree with us that they are -wonderful values ai these prices: lOc, 15e, 20e and'25c. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Babies' Wear at Interesting Prices Babies' Hats and Caps at 50c to ?2.!15. Msdc of dainty organdie and Swiss, trimmed with embroidery, ribbon or flowers, Obc up lo $5.0(1, Baby Coats Made o£ serge. Bedford cord, nicely made, lined throughout, $3.50 up to SIO.OO. Baby Dresses I/rag or short, made of white sheer lawn, nainsook, organdie, beautifully trimmed. Prices range from -Me np (o $5.50, and some very pretty dresses in between prices named. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY If you want to know what wonderful bargains await you just shop around and try to duplicate the wonderful bargains in Slieets, pillow cases and Sheetings. Sheets of the best known brand, 81x90, $1.33; real value 51.75 Sheets of the best Moiia'wk brand, 63x90, $1.35: real val. $1.75 Sheets, 901-90 size, at $1.90. Match 'em if you ran at JJ.90 Pillow Cases, 42x36, ii6c and 85e» Mohawk and Hill brand. Bleached 9x4 Sheeting, yard - ;oc Bleached 10x4 Sheeting, yard · '7,-, c 40-inch Tubing, yard . ^»\- 42-inch Tubing, yard 4-^. 45-incli Tubing, yard ~ .-.i.^ Red Star bra*..:; Diapers, size 20x40, per dozen . ;".-',j Eed Star brand Diapers, size 22x44, per dozer. ft^,0 THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY White Goods The looms never turned out prettier or finer White Goods than this year's styles. If you want anything in the way of fine White Goods you cannot afford to miss this great money-saving" sale. COMTARE (JUALITT WITH 1MHCE. Long cloths, 20t', SSc.alld 45c yard. Nainsooks, 20c, 35c and SOc yard. Novelty voiles, also plain voiles, 50c, 5!)c. op to S5c rani. 5.000 yards fancy White Goods, many pieces of different patterns, at 25c, 35c and SOc yard, 7,000 yards ol White Goods, many styles 10. make selection from, prices COc, S«c and $1.00 the yard. Ixl of Colored Wash Material, fine and siiccr male-rials, at Uoc; real value SOc. Fancy Figured Voiles, 35c, 50c and 7."c rani. Shirt Waist -L.'nens, 50c, 75c and $1.00 tli« yard. Handkerchief Liaen, 3S inches wide, 6U5 tho yard. Luna I^awu, sheer and medium weight, Db' and -10 inches wide. 35c and SOc yard. New Ginghams. 2ilc and 35e tin; yard. New Percales at 29c and S.'ic yard. Colored Figured Organdies, just new. and one of the moFt Desirable fabrics for summer dresses, at 3"c per vanl. 5,000 yards of fine plain^White material, i n c l u d i n g voile, n:adras and batiste; actual value SOc; sale price lac yard. THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Children's White Dresses To the mother that has a girl between the ages of 6 to 14 years this sale of children's Whi^ Dresses will surely be of great interest: especially so if she wishes It) save money. They're well worth talking- about at tliese prices: $-'.n.; mi to ?12.50. J THAT WHITE SALE IN MAY Trimme-1 Hats for Women, Misses and Children Come, bring the children anc bav.e them fitted out in one of the newest Hals at money-saving prices. The most attractive iittle Hats is of straw, in black, white, burnt or colors, with just a ribbon oil it; new shape crown, al $1.1)5 U| to $0.95. · For smaller girls there are little while Hals of Milan straw, some with bows, others with bands, ai 9S C . Trimmed Millinery for Women Hundreds of fresh ''and pleasing Hats, large and small. Lots of 'wing trimmed, rose trimmed, also trimmed with ribbons. Many to select from, including large, small and medium shapes, at 53-05 and $4.95. Trimmed Hats, $7.50 up to $10 Our semi-annual millinery displays arc jusl regarded as fashion events. Come today and see the best display you ever seen in Connrilsville, and you will find the Kats priced at $7.50 and $10.00. The most fashionable. .j\Y c believe in fitting Hats to heacs and laces, not in fitting heads to hats,' so we are careful always to have a remarkably large varieiv of styles nd shapes at $7.50 to $10.00. Misses' White Dresses $3.75 to Yo\i save on above prices ?1.50 to 53.00 on any garment you purchase -- come and see.' For the girl graduate commencement day -- you find 'a handsome line of white dresses specially adapted to giace- ful girlish, figures. All desirable materials. These you'll find in the Suit Department. The dresses tell their own story at $25.00 np to $37-50.

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