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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, May 16, 1918
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LAiT CorineIkville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,710 VOL. 16, N. 159. CONNELifiVELLE. PA, .THURSDAY EVENING, MAY 16; 1918. TEN PAGES. FAUAN NAVAL FORCES DASH INTO POLA HARBOR AND SINK HUGE AUSTRIAN BATTLESHIP .t the Same Time Air Forces Bring Down Enemy Machine* iEY ALL RETURN SAFELY :ploft fa O«e of «i« Most . Daring of the Italian D«£I EMEMY HOBD33S M»a4lB« CMtinm Brtoaly Along lie . Fnnco-Bdtbk Trout, Also on jMCieu Sectors la X*mine and * lo»l, the Latest Beports Sij. By Associate d Press; GERJCA5S LONDON, May itL-r-hie entire enuB Baltic fleet except a few fkt er»it*r». wat recalled -last eek io XJel, where Important aval forces '»ow are being eon- mtntea, sajs a dispatch from aMb«f reeeited ia Seneva and tuMMltted by fie con-espoadent ! (fce Sally Xxaims. GREAT BRITAIN IS READY FOR PEACE IF OFFER IS GENUINE Overtures of the " German Empire Hitherto Have iiot Been Fair and Honorable, However. By Associated Press. LONDON, May 16.--Great Britain is prepare* to consider proposals from the enemy, provided they are put forward by " accredited persons in a straight-forward manner. Foreign Secretary Balfour declared today in the House of Commons. "If any representatives of any i belligerent countries desire seriously to lay before us any proposals," he said, "we are ready to listen to them. "The British government was desirous of an honorable termination of the war," he added, "but the peace moves of the Central Powers heretofore have not been in the interests of fair and honorable peace," Referring to the statement made by Walter Runican; formerly president of the. Board of Trade, that Prance has asked for a bigger Alsace Lorraine than that of 1870. Mr. Balfour said, there was no question of this bigger Alsace Lorraine being the war aim ot the Allies. SACRIFICED NECESSARY FOR BOYS' COMFORT That is the Slogan on Which Seottdale Will Bal«s . War Fund. MUST MAINTAIN RECORD Statement IB Issued Calling Attention to tie Great Work Boie by the ·Mill Town hi Previous Drives lor Bed Cross and Other Wort EXPW7T AESTBLUr WHITE. Lt»I05, Tl» Ottawa, 3Jay K. u AMferiM blew agalart Italy ay to expected at aa early "date tke ofblM »f well tefonaed Mmn ken. The-eoe«y yro- ct, It iB-fccUered-gaunlly, com- ·feet a great taratJon, wttu Milan i4 Bmtla as tke cWef objects in sck««« to smash toe Italian DME, May 18. -- An Austrian liat- lip wai torpedoed by Italian naval 13 im Pbla harbor early Tuesday INTEREST'CHECKS COME First Payments 'Made on the Government Second Liberty Loan. The residents, of the ConnellsviHe district who subscribed to tbe Second Liberty JBond issue had $20,658.00 added to their wealth yesterday -when the first semi-annrial interest coupons became due and payable. The snb- scriptions to this loan totaled ?1,032,900.. At four per cent interest, irhich is tbe rate of this issue, tbe annual interest amounts' to $41,316. one-half of which is payable on November 15 and one-half on May IS of each year SCOTTDALE, May 16.--In order :hat Seottdale may raise its cjnota in lie Red Cross war fond drive beginning Monday it will be necessary that the people make sacrifices, says a statement . issned today from Red Iross headquarters, in which, atten^ non'is called to tho greai work that las alredy been accomplished by the peopin of the community. The statement follows: "The people of this community will be asked to donate generously in a spirit of sacrifice to the American Sed Cross in th.e second war fund campaign, which begins Alay 20. "TH'g is the second appeal for $100,000,000 made by the Red Cross fn the United States during tbe last twelve raontbs. The response of the people of this community was an - over-snbscription of $7,000, making the first contribution from this district $15,000. . "Last June, when the first appeal was made, the Red Cross wort and its real Taiue were not very well known, the Seottdale auxiliary had been organized and had been active a little more than 60 days, tfie membership wae less than 600, there were about 10 units throughout the community. Today tie Seottdale auxiliary has about 2,000 members and 32 units and has set a standard believed to be a record in the country. With the achievement of the past fresh in mind and with repeated loyalty ot the patriotic generosity of the community. runs, it wad omeialiy announced | dnriag ^ ]Be of ?. ' · . ' ! The :-~.!dere of registered bonds i* battlemhip was of the Vinous;^]] rt^ive. their interest checks di- is type, of 20,000 tons. ie Italian force -worked its way the Austrian naval base by dodg- tb« patrol boats and searchlights rect from tbe United States Treasury in Washington. The holders of coupon bonds can, s»cur»,.;their .InleresL by cutting oft coupon No. 1 and pre' senting it at any bank. aile tbe naval operaUAm; was. pro-' iiaf m'Italian seaplane'force end Austrian battleplane? above, Two of.the Aa»triaisa were! ght down and MsreMii others Rre Fordt Keeeiied From Cleveland DRIVE CARS THROUGH compelled to desc»d out of :ol. Th« Italian machines an re- 3d safely. · '. · official announcement reads: alias naval units, avoiding pa- bosti and Karchlights, succeeded taring Pola haibor early'on Tues- and in torpedoing an Austrian (·hip of the Viribua trnitis .fype. jtaneoosly Italian seaplane Irons attacked battleplanes over brought down two - and forced ·al others down out 'of control. Julian machines all retnrneo: r to th«ir bases. . ,*·« VtKSNSG ~MXS W FJUSCJE BT 1»1, EROJUSE. MS, May 16.--The United States' jromiswl to have 1300,000 flidit- icn in France by the end oJ -l'J18, I/Honne Lihere, Premier Clcra- LU'S newsjiapei. These troop!-, it most have their own orgahiza- and service which willinean'at 2,000,000. . " ' . . ' ·T WASTS TI. s: · · ' : - · qCBOOPS -QS HER FBO*T. kSmNGTON, May 16.--Italy, in formal way, has made known to Jnited States that the presence nerican troops .on - the Italian is greatly to "be desired, it be-known- here today. A few and men under the American Italian officials' feel, would en the Italian civilian popuia- ind their troops. :XEE5 MOKE DIE ·OJf FRENCH SOIL. SKINGTON, May 16.-r-The 'cas- list today contains 91" names di- aa follows: ·· Killed in action, died of wounds, four; died of jnts, one; died of disease, four; of other causes, one; wounded :ly, four; wounded slightly, 55; ig in action, 14. LLEKT ACTIVE ON ; S03DCE XSIt ASC RE. ;DON, May 16.--The. artillery ctive last night in-the valley of mme and Ancre rivers, east ot and on the Flanders battle-, the war office reports. The lent-follows:. r troops raided the enmy IBS last night in : the neighhor- jf Gabrelle, north of Arras, and ·ed a'few prisoners. Beyond ar- activity on both sddes, partic- in the valleys of the" Sonime ncre rivers east of Arras there ling further" JCA3S BUST Ef TOTO ASD LORRA1JTE. ·H THE AMERICAN ARMY IN CE, May .16.--The, first Ameri- ficial comnninique issned since lerican troops entered the ajht- :e on a permanent basis was is- Mtght. It reports increased ar- for Hyatt Sotor Conrpaajr. Frank Sweeney,: Jesse Moore, Fred Gans, Leo Moon and another driver named Rowe returned last night from Cleveland, 0., from which placw they drove five Ford cars for the Hyatt Motor company on the West 'Side. The party started home on Tuesday night at 5 o'clock. On arriving at the Ford plant it was necessary to wait until two of the cars were assembled. Three touring cars and two roadsters were driven in. The touring cars were ready bnt the roadsters had not yel been tnrned out. The drivers were, delayed from 3 'to 4:30 o'clock, until the cars were assembled. TWO MEN REJECTED Draftees Sent to Camp Lee April 19 Will Be Sent Back. Cards stating that Levi G. King of Indian Head and Voscbnti ot Dnnbaf_have been rejected at Camp Lee on account of physical disabilities were receiv?d at the office of Local Draft board No. 5 this morning. Ten cards have been received from Fort Thomas, Ky ; , indicating that that number of men had. successfully passed the examinations there. There are still two nore men from that contingent for whom cams have not been received. CONTRACTORS SCORED Have Itefnscd to Cooperate With Government, Says XcAdoo. By Associated Press. WASHINGTON, May 16.--Director General McAdoo today asked the Department of.Labor -to stop private contractors from . taking railroad workers. Tlie contractors, he- said, have'*refused to cooperate with the government and are disorganizing the working forces on the roads. The Department of Labor replied that at present it has no authority to stop the practice, but that through its new- labor administrator it hopes to remedy conditions later. .DR. CRAWFORD COMING Will Speak at Hed Cross Meeting Here Say 22. A meeting, for persons interested in the Red Cross, will be held in the high school on Wednesday evening, May 22, at S o'clock. William H, Crawford, president of the Allegheny University, will make an .address. ._. An English officer, who .has " seen service on'the western front, will also speak. . Transfer Plant Completed. The Plttsbarg "4b Lake Erie Rail- .activity northwest of Toul and J.road^ .company has. just completed a ·rilne-,-as .well as the dest-.-uc--| new transfer plant in the west yare ,by tw.o : kt.Dic!ierspnvRun-£i!r;the transferring ' ..' · . [ Vp .nil :b,nA n ·«.(! r--Atn-K't.- '· '. ^. ·' ·· - . . . : COSSrJl GEiYEHAJj MOKEAIJ, ' WHO TVAS ABOARD THE MISSUiG COLJJEK CYCLOPS. THREE PASS TEST? JOR MINE FOREMEN; 11 FOR FIRE BOSS IJst For Local District Announced By Mine Inspector Walsh. MANY CANDIDATES FAIL ·Demand for Sen in Mines Mas Jfot Caused Examining Board to Lessen Requirements for Important Bran- clies of Service; Oral Tests May 22. Out of a class of 21 young men examined here during the week of April f-9 for certificates as mine foremen, I three passed the test for foremen and i corners 11 for assistants, according to an- i Th , ^^^ is romd and ta LETTERS SENT VIA AIRPLANE SERVICE ARE RECEIVED HERE Frank ST7eeT»ey and T. S. TV'msItm Recipients of First Mail to Come Here by Air. The first letters sent via aerial mail Rervice arrived in ConuellsviHe Uiis morning. Franfc Sweeney of the W-esi Side, was the recipient of one, and D. E. Winslow tie other. Both, were mailed from New York. At Philadelphia they were transferred to the railroads, which carried them to their destination here, Each, letter hore a 24-cent stamp made especially for jhe aerial service. The stamps are r.cctanguJar in shape, with a border design of red. In the center is an aeroplane in flight, printed in blue. Above the aeroplane in a curved line of Roman capital letters is printed **U. S. Postage." There are triangular ornamenls in tie two up- WESON FIGHTING STILL AGAINST A PROBEOF THE WAR Authorizes Statement Ho is as Much Opposed to Amended Chamberlain ICesolntion as Original. By Associated Press. WASHING-TON, May 16.--President "Wilson today renewed Ms.fight against adoption by the Senate of Senator Chamberlain's resolution for . a war incjuiry by the Senate MJlitary Com-, mittee. He advised Senator Thompson of Kansas that the resolution as amtinded yesterday by the Senate Ei- .ponditures Committee still is obpect- ioasble. : Considering afl the circumstances, i President "Wilson told Senator Thomp- ' son, chairman of the expenditures committee, the Chamberlain resolution, even as modified, would in effect authorize a "dragnet" investigation by the War Fund committee of the Scott- j the Military Committee. dale auxiliary is going into tbe sec$100,000,000 with a feeling of confidence. f'Slnce the organization of the local Red Cross April 8. 1917, the women of this community have established a record-that is-known and acknowledged as remarkable by everybody who knows, in Bed Cross work. Since the flint war fund drive the community has sent over 400 of her sons into the service of the United States, and many, many more to-fdlow. Hundreds of women of the district have devoted a large part of their time during the past year to Red Cross work. "While the campaign committee is confident the-money will be forthcoming, It recognizes that the task involves a great deal of hard work. As of them remarked. This drive (Continued on Page Six.) The President informed Senator Martin of Virginia. Democratic leader, yesterday that the Chamberlain resolution calling for an investigation of. aircraft production, and other war activities ·; dence"in' u expenditures to eliminate ail reference to an investigation of "tbe conduct of the war." "We are going to do all wo can to defeat the resolution even as. revised." " said Senator Thompson after a conference at. the White House. "The President authorized me to say that be is Just as much opposed to the amended resolution, as he was to the original." DANIEL WILLARD HERE Makes Insn*ction In ConneUsrine and Goes to Fairmont President Daniel Wlllard of the Baltimore . Ohio railroad and his staff arrived here tfri" morning on an inspection tour. Tho president's special train came into ConnellsviHe about 10.45 o'clock. Superintendent M. H. Broughtpn joined the party here during a brief inspection of the local end of the ConnellsviHe division. This afternoon tbe president and his inspection party went to Smithfield and through to Leckrone. After covering that branch the special continued to Fairmont'over the F. M. branch. . CHARGED WmfLARCENY Express Olivers lxcked Up on Orders of Spccin! Acenl. Serefo Lefer and Allen Helms, drivers for tbe Wells-Fargo Express company, were arrested yesterday- charged with larceny from the company. The arrests worn made by City Detective J. W. Mitchell and F. I. Keiser, a special agent ot the express company, here from New York. . The pair are charged with the larceny of hose and women's, fancy dress goods, suits, shoes and shirtwaists. Lcfer was ?300 bail. released under 18 MORE SHIPS WANTED Fourteen For Ofl und Four for Cargo; All to Be of Concrete. ' By Associated Press. WASHINGTON, May' 16--Immediate construction of 14 concrete tank steamers for the fuel oil trade, with a total capacity of 105,000 tons, and of four concrete cargo vessels with a total capacity of 12,500 tons, was decided on today by the shipping board. The new vessels will be in addition to 18 concrete ships, totaling 117,5^0 tons, for which the contracts already have,been let. Kephart Bnjs Car. State Treasurer H. M. Kephart has purchased a new Packard car, which .i'.ij.ujed.a.lgcli;. of .. : '"hntnlstratibn and,the committee amended It uouncement today by Mine Inspector P. J. Walsh. Twenty-two out of 45 were successful in the examination for fire bosses. Granting of the certificates is contingent upon the candidates passing the. oral examination, which is to be given in the parochial school hall here on May 22, beginning -at 9 A. M. The comparatively small number who passed indicates that there has been no departure from the stringent regulations of the past, in the matter of securing-men for these important .branches of mine work, despite the shortage caused by the war. The men who passed were: Mine Foremen--William Geltamy, Wyano; Joseph Pataesky, Yukon; Henry B. RiUenberger, Janiata. Assistant Mine Foremen--Charles Mclntyre. Uniontown, R. D. 4.; Frank C. Descaro, Juniata; Charles Nicholson, Yukon; John O. MUler. Yukon; Samael J. Yarnxjn, Juniata; Erank D. SanUoyer, Mount Pleasant; Howard .1. Williams, ConnellsvUle; John Danko, Leisenring; George Tallendre, Tarr; James P. Hahley, Adelaide; James Soforic. Tarr. Fire bosses.--John Alexander, South Connollsville; William Beatty. Leisenring No. 3; John Sarnovosky, Yukon; Edward .Connolly, LeiBenring No. 3; George Hovanec, Adelaide; Philip G. Gath, Wyano; Charles P. Ridgway, ConnetlBvill-e: George Tal- tendre, Tarn Joseph Lamus, Dunbar; Alexander McLucky, Star. Junc- i'Eertert WT Holding, "Yyano; James G. Thrasher, Star Junction; William E. Baldwin, Connertswille; John Quinn. Star Junction; Clarence E. Nicholson. Connellsville; John Vaselanek. Bitner; Howard J. Williams, Connellsville; Michael Homer, Elm Grove: Ray Stavenson, Alverton; Milton G. Allison, Star Junction; John Sopkovic, Vanderbilt; Thomas Wroet Dun bar. flight by the airplanes and a special ·delivery from the postoffice to which it is directed. To register the letter an extra charge of 10 cents is made. Sweeney, who Js a member of the A'erial League of America received the letter as a greeting from the league. WSnslow, who formerly lived here, is in the war department and his letter wD! be forwarded to him. WAR TO THE DEATH IT MUST BE SAYS EX-PRESIDENT TAFT Should Set Faces to One Knd. He Tells j League to Enforce Peace Convention. By Associated Press. PHILADELPHIA, May 16.- -"War to the death," demanded former President Taft in bis keynote speech at the opening session today of Win. the War convention ' of Uio to Enforce Peace. The convention will continue for two days. A f t e r a stirring plea for a fighting army .of 5,000,000 men, Mr. Tafl said: '3Vc should set our faces stern and unbending ::owarda ono end--"war. To sound the trumpet of stern, implacable war to the end this convention was calloii." Mr. Taft presided. Men of nationr wide promineDce Lo t h e number of 4,000 are in attendance. Thry include educators, business men and statesmen. . , Holidays on Mondays. CHICAGO. May 16.--Midweek holidays should be celebrated on Mondays nearest their date, according to a decision of the American association of Bngiueeri made public today. It was stated that the fuel administration look?"} with favor on the proposition which was held to be in the interest of later efficiency, the conservation of fuel and the enjoyment of!the work- Coltecfion Resumed, The collection of garbage which was held up yesterday by some of the men on tbe force resigning/their jobs was resumed today, :the department having procured new men. Off to Tisit Son. Henry Cossel ot Adelaide has,sone to Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va., to" 1 see his son, I..J. Cossel, who is in military service there. Fair tonight; Friday fair, and warmer, is the noon weather forecast for arrived here.last night. M. J. Roland i Western Pennsylvania. of the "West Side, is the owner of new Oldsmobne Six. Ifagon 3I3nes to Register.* · ~ D. W. Kuhn, fuel administrator for the. Pktsburg district, has. given notice to the operators.of wagon mines in Allegheny county- to register at hb ttflice « i* ?*'-*. », Temperature Record. . . . 1D1S. 1917 Maximum _ .SI · 71 Minimum :.G2 46 Mean ... __72 . ' 58 . The Yough river tell'during the night from "3:20 feet to 3J.5 feet. COMMUNITY SING are stamped the words "Air Mail Service, Washington-New York-PhJJadel- phJa." At the bottom, of the postmark arc stamped 'The words. "New York," indicating that the letter was mailed in New York. On the lower left hand corner of the tetter axe stamped the words, "Aerial Mail via Philadel- ESTABLISHED Receipt of Cable From Lieutenant Robinson Affects Himself WEEK AHEAD OF OTHERS "Was Accompanied by Sereral of 110th Regimental Officers, CABDS IHE YET TO COEE Claims of Sews of Ixcsl Boys Being Overseas With National Guard Forces LC: Genuineness, Say Those Who Have to Yes Sealed. Receipt yesterday by Attorney and Mrs. EL I*. Robinson of Uniontown o£a- phia." j cablegram from their son. lieutenant Th-e mail service consists entirely | John L. Robinson of Company D has of special .delivery mail. To have j not established the arrival overseas tie mall carried by air a 24-cent. of the Connellsville command for the stamp most be placed on this en- reason that IJeotenant Robinson with, velope. The stamp insures speedy'.Major Thompson. Major Anderson and BI INCREASE others left for Prance with the first battalion o£ the 110th Regiment a week prevjoDB to the sailing o£ the second battalion., of which Company ·D is a pact Dp until noon today no government cards announcing tbe safe arrival of Company D "over there," TV*A been received here, nor have any otter cable the messages been received from boys of the One Hundred Tenth. As a matter of ty** the time of OK ·departure of the One Hundred Tenth . In Salaries of Postal Clerks Has B*-!* 3 a whole £rom m embarkation camp has been shrouded in more or less secrecy, despite the fact thai, ac- cerred Approval of tbe Senate. WASHINGTON, May 16.--An amendment to the postoffice appropriation bill providing for an increase of $200 a year in the salaries o£ clerks, letter carriers and certain other postal employes, and increases of 20 per cent for rural mail carriers and for employes receiving less than $800 a y.ear^ .was . adopted ' late yesterday by the Senate. Employes receiving between $800 and 51,500 annually would be given increases of 15 per cent and the pay of substitute clerks and carriers would be fixed at 40 cents an hour. For fourth-class postmasters, the amend- noth ment provides that they shall receive j 100 per cent of stamp cancellations on the first $100 or less, or in the event cancellations do'not exceed ?SO, a 20- per cent salary increase. W$I1 Be Held nt HJffli School Auditorium Friday Evening. | A "community sing" will be held at i the high school auditorium Friday! evening when a chorus of 100 high] school students, led by E. W. Havi- j DEATH ACCIDENTAL Terdict Eetnrned Last Right ta Case of Irvin 3IiUer. Following an inquest condncteoUsst nightby Coroner S. H. 3anm of Union- ! land, will sing patriotic and popular ! tawn mto * e destl1 of Irvino-E. G. Mfl- j ^ songs. The. public is invited to at- i '«· t** i 01 * rendered a verdict of ac- ' lend and it is hoped that a large part: cidental death. MUler died in the- Cot of the auditorium will be filled. Thej 1 ^ state oo*P*" '' ' ' " following songs will be on the pro- fered Ma3r ] when cording to returning relatives who went to see the boys off. it-was supposed to have left on a certain day. Claims of the receipt of cards from the members of the company and tho 1 hospital corps have not proved 'to be the kind that are sent home from the embarkation camp when news- of tho arrival of tbe transports has been nashed from overseas. When the official cards come they will be here by "the score. Not one, according to the post office authorities, has been received. Edward Sndziak. formerly with the Hospital Corps, is at embarkation camp, according to a post card received here "'g morning from the yonng. soldier. Sudziak, Harold Berwick ind Walter Lsaelle, the latter of Uniontown. wore transferred from the hospital corps to a dental department -while in training at Camp Hancock, Augusta, Ga. Following the disiandment of the dental department the soldier boys were placed in Ambulance Com- 112, lOSrd Sanitary Train. Sud- writes that he expects to be at present camp only 'for a few Herwick and Laz^lle are with. of injuries was suf- gram arranged /or the evening: Patriotic songs--"America," "Battle Hyma of the Republic," "Star Spangled Banner," "Liberty Antbem," "Loyalty," "Maryland, My Maryland" and "Dixie." Popular songs--"Keep the Homo Fires Burning," "The Long. Long Trail" ami "Over There." Homo songs--"My Old Kentucky Home." "Massa's in do Cold, Cold Ground," "OH Folks at Home." "Old Black Joe," "Love's Old Sweet Song," "Home, Sweet Home." Songs ot our Allies--"Marseillaise" (French), "Drink to Me Only With Thine Byes" (English). "Annie Laurie" (Scotch), "Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young. Charms" (Irish), "Santa Lucia" (rtalianj. WANTS ADDRESSES Frank Cnneo Plans to Look l : p Local Boys Arriving in France. "IT I had the addresses of some of tie fellows that .came across recently I might find some of'theni in the same camp with me, so please send me the addresses of all you can," says a letter from Frank J. 'Cuneo, who is with the car record office force of the American forces . in France, to his mother, Mrs. A. Cuneo of East Crawford avenue. "I have seen several of oui' fellows coming through on Red Cross trains and they look to be in bad shape but they are all happy and say the war will be over in a few "months. "We are still working on this railroad every day and .when we get back we will he able to .run any railroad in the. States." . ' : Arrives Safely Overseas. Charles L. Wyatt of Connellsville, H. D. 1, has arrived safely overseas, according to a card received by his .parents. Wyatt left · Connellsville on September 23. ' He is a member of Company L, 32Gth Infantry, and previous to leaving for duty somewhere in France was located at Camp Gordon. Ga. TV«(1 in Cumberland.. .Hiram "Wood of Dunbar and Minnie Walker of -Republic, and Samuel Si]man and Beatrice Lewis of Union town were granted m image licenses m Cumberl4 yesterday. "( t twcen the bompers of two engines at the Baltimore Ohio round house. The inquest was held at Funeral Director C. C. Mitchell's office with the fonowing.inen serving on the J. C. Girard, P. Bufano, Mi. Cbornen- ing, "William Jennings. S. B. Decker- and John Wilder. Coroner Baum wilj hold ~au inquest on a later date into tlie death of Alfred Miller, who was killed yesterday morning in a rajh-oad accident. GOWANS SPEAK TONIGHT Canadian Soldier to TeU Experiences on Brimstone Comer. This evening at 8 o'clock Corporal Gowans. formerly of the Canadian army, with particular reference to what 'the Red Cross does for the soldiers. His coming here was arranged by J. L. Schick, county campaign manager Tor tho Hed Cross. Corporal Gowans presents vivid stories of the battle front and winds up by removing his shirt and exhibiting a. wound he received in the battle of the Sonrme. Corporal Gowans spoke at.tile West Pcnn power plant at noon. Tonight he will .address a street gathering an Uniontown. Tomorrow night he will be at Fairchance and Saturday night at Smithfield. DtCEERSOIT EG3T TFOHAIPS FOUR KBPHETVS D? SBKWCK. Rudolph MazzaHno of MUlvale visited his ancle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs, Lonis Costa of Dickerson Ron yesterday. ¥ Mazzalino enlisted in tha. Engineers Corps and on Friday win. ieave for Port Benjamin Harrison, Indianapolis.- The Ed Vero-company^ by whom Mazzalino was ecgptoyedJ preyioar, to his enlistment, presented* a complete comfort kit.i Mm With tbe enEstment of Mazzafino Costa has four nephews in the ser-t vice. One is a second lieoicnani in a{ Vermont regiment, another ' is eon-i nected with the ambulance corps oC Texas, and the third is attached to an; infantry regiment hi California. XOKE FAYJRTTE COCKTT BOYS EXXIST nr JLEHT* John Thomas, Smock; Harry CooU ey and David E, Cooley oTFairchancefc and Harold A. Smith, of TJniontowni, enlisted in the Regular" Army in Pittsburg yesterday. Nathan D. "Wems- weig of Uniontown enlisted in the» Navy. CORP. HALL TKAHSFEEKKD Mr. and Mrs. TO PLATTSBTOJ. E. G. Hall have re- WATCHMAN DECAPITATED Body of Edmurd Walters Found on Track West of Dickerson Euu. Walking on tho track west of Dickerson Run where he was employed as night watchman, Edward Walters, 35 j years old, a Pittsburg Lake Erie man, was run down by a train ' and killed instantly. The crew of an eastbound truin in charge of Conductor Joseph Robinson found his headless body. Walters was said to have come from Mexico. He boarded with Mrs. Margaret Cumberland, two miles west of tbe terminal. He leaves a sister. Mrs. Beadling, at Canonsburg, where he was a member of the Moose. The body -was removed to W. H. Parkhill's ··undertaking rooms. ceived word from their son. Corporal Eugene G. Hall, Jr., of Company B, . 321st Field 'Signal Battalion, that his unit has been transferred from Camp Upton, N. Y., to Plattsbnrg, N. ST., ono of the permanent Regular Army posts. The order has caused much disappointment to the members of the command, it being taken to mean that they vill not be sent LS they had hoped. overseas as Drunk is Sentenced. One drunk was sentenced by Mayor John Duggan this morning. He got I two days on the streets. EDLB ESLISTS IX SAX1TARI TRAIX. On his return home from a uvo months' stay at Carny Lee, Petersburg, Va., W. Edie, enlisted in tbe 305th Sanitary Train. Camp Lee. of which.his brother, Lieutenant Colonel E. B. Edie is commander. He has been in .poor health.for the past few months and was at Camp Lee to recuperate. He has fully regained his health and after visiting his mother. Mrs. W. A. Edie, and enlisting in tbe military service, returned early in tha week to Camp Lee. Many at L'niontovrn. Many cars went through here to tht races today,

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