The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 13, 1930 · Page 16
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 16

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1930
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

PAGE SIXTEEN. THE DAILY COURTim, CQNNEI.L.S'VTJ 3JE, FJL FEBRUARY 13, 1930. Chicago Police Unable to Nab St. Valentine's Gang Kr.b. lit With a sigh of \vpciri "IOK, J , Chicago a i t h o r i t i f r f pro- p.irrd lodjiv to florif t'volr rcx'onh; on tho 1 r«s.t year' 1 - s« i ,\r" i for tlio p»r pc-tra'.ors of l^'2'i'.- m L ;t spcctacultir r r i n u . Th-N a.jprt«uh of ,i mth-e-r Kt. Val- ·ontinoV 'lay, m a r k i n g 'h massacre- of f o v e r l followers of ( ioora;o "Bugs" Moran, th-p northKidi boot 1 runner, finds poiico w i t h o u t a :.inp:lo oUKpoct in custody. Of tho only two t u*n indicted on ·charges of t a k i n g p; rt in tho mur- d-ors, one -- John Sf-ali-ii -was murder- tMi while- at liberty on lxnd, and the other --Jack M e ' i u n i \v,i4 freed on t'ru Rroiind-: t h a t il ,vould be. impos- s i h l - - to convict him · w i t h o u t flcallsi. V-vUowlii!; is a cl ronolosy n-t, tho lirsi t»:ir.-i diwi-lopin Mil in this amazing rase: I'Virnarv I I So\ -n M ^ m n canss- CTI aro line-! IIP .levins I a wall in S. M. I!, f'nrta'^c c;,i!-is;e. at 2122 North C l a r k street. and c x r r u t o d by ninchini' :;UI:IH;'!-. I ' r h n u i r y I ~ - S'a! ·'-! A t t o r n o v John A. Swansea order--' rlo-mm of all saloon-! and ..|i v aki v u^lo.* in \var to cud ca is 1 ; \vf'~: ut,K.~ co i n t v to oifi r ^-5.- doii rrwiinl t n r !"i' ·* I c a d i n e to ron- * i t i o t i t\ .Moran r \ M-utiotKM':i'. Frank ,) IxM-.-^'h of t n i i ' r n n i t n l K M o n ;uy- *l icaKo K K v i n m on ;t volcano and tint tho JI),I-,UTC- v id othiM can lo i r n - i M to c i t . h a l l : A of ComriH :·(· den',; n d s i -p-'-i,U icrand j u r y to d ii-nnim 1 v hotho · police w««r» i p i p U i M t e . ; in ' a b h c r r c t U c r i m i n a l out- 1- nvt " 1'Vhruary 1(i 5 i ( n v ' s - A t t o r n e y lays n ashu vi' io I H ' t r o t hi-J.ic'kors. F e b r u a r y ' V ( S u n d a y ) Church'?* i m i t i - ID prayer. '-it i.^hof from garie; v;!,-,; niiinv sentio is !»votf"! l» inas- i f i v . u i v o x t i i c . i t o .- a b a n d o n Detroit t i »r\ and s t a r look ins; "nearer r time " F e b r u a r y 1 * ( t \ c o u n c i l debate-.-, iii issuers; HoiiH'tuo CUk-f .John. St-r-K-o ordered b'ick i r o n Plurida vacation to i a k rhari;-" of i n q u i r y . FebnKirv ".^ State's ·Vtto'-iicy ap- jropriatc 1 -'. iiit.ui) » for i-fw,i"d.-", IM;- ieves police »m'' nns worn by ki'.ler.s loutHMl to n snmcn by d i v cloan- Drys Look Askance At Treasury Ccntrol Industrial Alcohol Indictments for Lcalt.jpTp f'ome At I'syt-holopical ^foment In Bebato. WASHINGTON, F^. 13.-- -Indictment of imlivuiualH boHc vocl to be a port or a Jkiuor conupirac ' through th« leakage of industrial ulco iol Ic part ot a drive w l i i c h Federal otfi' ials tiav-o for a Ions; t i m e t.ontemplated but on which it has been t'Hic itlt !o pp ovMoii-ee. Tiio wliolo ci'ux of tho controver^y ovcr tho transfer of burn ui« from i h o Treasury Dcpartmcnl. to llu j Oepart- inetit of J u h t i c o lian (· iterecl upon bettor j n p t h o d s of gottinj. evulonoe, l)iit when t h e c o n t r o l of iudi strial alcohol was iuCt in tlio Trpasui / Department m a n y uf 111^ flr'n look«'l iskanco. It svati rc'OOKiiued that inn -li 01 tho supply lo t h e boo Hog worM comr-s tram iiKlUctrlal alcohol. I jo?. 1 . Hi ma to ooncerne vhich have ;, vital n^rd for i n d u . i t r i a l alcohol h.ivo suffc-od tiKiny rostrictic us which hiivo i i n t c r t o r t ' d \vit!i t h e i r b iBiness but oil tho o t h o r hand, notwili stamiing t h f e o r p R i i i a t i o n s , largts ttt;tn' itiffi of a'oohi'l liavo liocn rc-.sohl and difit.ribuUMl ir- Htead of bping raanuf; cturcd lor the purpohii of original ptTt.iits might, liav a Fehriifiry "1 K i r - t " d e n t h cur' f o u n d c u t lo p u c e s and b u r n i n g in private p u r a w ; rowardh mount u ^-.'rfl.OOO. Fobriutry 21. Assistant Siite's Attorney D a v i d Si, nshiiry links I'orm-er rn-on!or (t SCagiui's tints gang of St JvOnits w i t h ma-^u-re; aocoad "death car" f o u n d lcm lished in Maywood. Pobniarv ;!'i - J a c k McCiurn. alk'Rcd Al Cain-o g.ini u i t i . urro-sted HI loop hotel w i t h ! on ·" H(ilfs his Won do Kir! t r e n d ; I \ M - nn-namc-d witnesses i d e n t i f y M r ( ! u i n a.s one of kill-ora. March '2, ito · ( Karnelli urrestod and itlontliie'l M a r c h S. . l - h n, Oapono boi!ys;a.n.'l, c u r ^ - t e , ! and similarly M a r c l i i,". . \ t ( ! i i i n and Scalial iu- dict'-'l 0:1 K- vi n counts of muide-r; Shireli 'iO --.Major Calvin Cioddarrt, b,i!!i',IU-s e . \ j o - i , undertakes to solve i i i u h - u c r o at ly-hest of coroner';, j u r y of ("hii-4f,'o i lilhonaircvs; t-xamiues b u l l e t s takf n f'-oni loiUas. A i i r i l 10 ("oroner'H j u r y le-arn.s propt'teto'' of .store w h i c h frold six machine suns li Kiincstors lutrf (led to Cunuda. May 1 - M c . J u r n and i«-ulihi ro- Ifits-e-J on f T i O O D O b o n d ; Sto-^o i-ays t h r i - e M w y Uu bombings .ire i i f t e r m a l h . May 1. Sciilisi and two ^her C'a- pon« ;u,i,H-iut ^s touu'l iniirdor-od lu liatnmoJKi. I n , I December L'. M i n d e r charges u,rain.t Mi ! u -u are dropix-d )y State's ) A t t o r n c j ' » ol ice IK-CUU^B of Sc.iliiii';; j (!e,i(li. ! U i H ^ i n l K ' i - 1 ~i - S t a r t scan h for Krc k| l j l U i r k c a f i t - r mnrdo-r of St. .los-'cph. ' M i . h.. police n a n ; f i n d machine g u n , in l i u r k e ' s h :nc, t r u c e y,m\ to ma- | i Tho Uovcniinenl )) . not ahvairfl i boen ablo Jo follow tl rough on \vlut j happened to large qu tntitics of in] (lii-itr'ial a loo hoi whi i go to inanu- fflctiirorM of toilet and medicinal preparations. There ias lioon go.srip for sovural v-ar« alx nt iliis leakage but no practical way to Mop it I'ae ! ovor broil oi.^erofl. Chemistry ITLS J p K i j c ' l its part in v overing alcohol tnou though it mi; lit have bcon rcncierw! UM»lo«w at on - trno for bcvcr- ap« purpose*;. Tho burden of res; ortMljility rf«tH \ * i t h tlie; Troaeiiry i) p u r t m c n t io ^eo to it l h « t tho jierniit hy.-t^m in not abueinl. Tho posslbil y t i n t the whole prohibition invefitign km may oontor on !.ho permit and i iduslrial alcohol siflo liab been nro ving in rwont months. Tho lcsHio t to roun! uj: in- d i v i d u a l s ct!itiet'te(i w i t h i-ompiinleti suspected of violiitii z, t h e law cornea at a psychological t lomenl O.IK! ',n!i- ciitoti thai, the drye are riot going to allow tho Treasury Jepartment to retain control of the indiinlrial alcohol i t i i t u a t f o n without p ·oXIdlng U for ro- | ' suits. I The difficulty of ouvse 1« a larRo prohibition p rsoniiel would bp nee!ed to watch e cry factory mid every outlet. It i'- impossible except i with an extraovd na ·· appropriation to ; keep CVPM the l.n -ccsl of fnrtoriee j und-'f curveillaiior It i« k n o w n iiljso i that liir^o f j u a n t U i ·* of alcohol are daily boinn recovn ·] for patent medicines and toilet 4 tlcted anfi w?ed in the manufacture' o beverages.. ' Tlio Treasury '.HI ·; hud its hands f u l l from Iho beginni'if and ha« had m u c h criticism when J ugKoetetl tho Introduction of powoni «o us to l i m i t Ui use of i n d u n l r i a J ; Itohot. T'lis phutio j of tho prohibition yucytioii io one u£ i tho most jjerylo-:! \s ol ull beeauso it j raeuiiH tlio p reseii' e of a largo source of s u p p l y for tli-i 'iquor traffic. Men! Baiiish Those Pimples Right Now . l H - v c n i l i v r .il. C h a r l e s t o n , \V. V'a . a t t o i n e y c l a i m s to h a v e ina-isac.! o s o l u t i o n .aid conl't'oiiion.s and calls for j i p w . i r d ; "15i, «s" M o r a t i arrested in loon i i o t o l a id cliart'ed v . i l h rlisorikr- 1} oiidin ^ ; released. J i i t i u u r 1- fiiat-Iesto! , \V. Va.. ouspc-ct t u i i s out (· bo ' j i i ^ t a bank ryiiber." I'rnUHs (iliiclnl Aite Dl'I/l 'I'll. .Mi'.u., b'ob. lo--A K a«o ilia! \ v i l i wipe U u l u t h a n d other! Xor'Jisvc^t i - i t i c - t , o!'!' t h e e a r t h was j n - f t l l c i ' - l l i - VV.iitcr 1. ruynis world t i - a v t ' l k - r ,ml f x i i l u i v i - i t - i e t i t l y . '1'he slaciuUou i - "I ieabt ion,000 centuries a w a y , In 1 s( t'!. A r t l * t Sails t'nr America, U A V K I O , I-'ratico. I'Vb. J'-'.--Kuatacho Stoenscu. i i kntm'JuitK*'!! a.-, Uic Kreut- Kit l i v i n g .iirHM' of R u m a n i a , lor tlio I ' n tinl Stales thit; morning. COULD NOT HER CLEANING Feels Much Stronger After Taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, Lanki n, Nort h Dakota.--' ' For nearly four yea ra I \vas riot in giKid heal I h. My work Isn't it a p i l y o see a f e l l o w w i t h good-looking lea u r e f l -- b u l his whole apuearance is r ,ined by a pimily face? People shati h utcly blem- i.she.s are so d i ^ i listing Ui them, sjirla even hate to d;u ce with htm. How w o u l d yc-'i l i k e to have a person say to y o u , "Tomorrow morning w h e n you \v;d« up yon vill notice that your piinp ns have started to disappear--In I .roe days they'll be Kone-in a wee ^ yon'1! have a clear, velvety skin." This is e-xai tly what Peterson's O i n t m e n t oftrs you and if your skin I s n ' t m a r v e l o u H i / cleared your money w i l l he retnrne-1. Thurshey Pas teeo-,1 of Springfield, Teiiu., .says: "I liad usid aevurul k i n d s of o J n t n i . M i t but they did not lieln. I used ! 'jterson's :5 or 4 times and my face \ as at last cleared of pimples." I'nt your fai h in 1'eterson's Oint- m e n t and bo- 1 'ee i'i um pimplcw and Uluckhoad.s in a week's lime--one 35 rent box v 111 prove it--all drug stores.--Adve-r( sorm-nt. Ohiopyle L't e and I work e too ami ! T could not. do i t . i rct-.! in t!n. ncw and 1 Inve token ·cce bottleM of t!as inodioiuc. 1 an; feeling; a lot b e t t o r a n d I recommend it. You may use this letter as a U'utimonial."----TuuK TKBNDA, K. l'\ 3. g'Z, I ankin, Xorth Dakota. This Medicine Is Sold in Both Li quid and Tablet Form OniOPYUi, Feb. n - Tho homo talent play a d e n t e r t a i n m e n t given by the Ohiopy p Diamntic Club Tuesday evening in the Baptist C h u r c h was a decided su .-e.-.H, lxth theatrically and finanuiall . The prou-eeds of tho play will be isiPil in buying a community wheel chair. Mr. and A rs. \Villium Gordon of Connellaville tttended the p k y at. the Baptist Chun i Tuetsday Mrs. X. A. 1 notter spent Wavlnosdny iihopiing in I onuollsvillts. Rov. unit A rs. Kooser ol' ('mn«lls- vllto wore vi lloiv in U h i o p y l u Tue«- da;,' (."."on!nt;. Mm. K. K. Hamilton tipi'iit Tuesday sh-opping in ' 'onuullavllle. Sirs, Kli/iii Alorricfoii returned to her at Hu cerhon Uun after a several week.! 1 \ .sit w i t h her -on, N'incent Morrison. SVilliam H i n k i n o! I'niontoivii ppont Vc!iie«d,y n OSiiopyio. 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Then one night as ho road the even i n g paper choeriiiK news broki; for iiitn---he read the slory of Kr\itchon Sells--what H "was doing tor tho fat. folks oE America--tonu of thou»ands of them--they wero losing fat--and p l e n t y of it. Tbe next m o r n i n g lie slai'trd--one Kcnorous half teaspoon o£ Kmschen in a glass of hot water before brealc- f{ s t--every morniriR Use samp--in a week ho wanted to w.ilk to business --he didn't k n o w \ s h -- b u t tlu' urgo for activity soemcd to flood his w h o l e being and he followed Lbo urge. Hid wife was astonished--delighted --awl when one evening ho said w i t h ragijruess--"Lot's go to a show to- n i g h t , dour,"--her joy wa» intoounded. That vtrilo Kruivchen f -ellrig that moans moro en«ig--rac ·» vigor-- ntoro- ambition toot. poBscr .ion of him --ho took long waikfr evei y day--and enjoyed (.hr-m j Ho got on 'the- scales ne evening [and came hon\e with sp Ightly step {--"elevnn pounds of i'al tone" he almost hollered--he danced a few steps w i t h tlio, acdvrwoi (if yo th--anl his wife danced with him. In 21! dftjs 1!) pounds f unneeded and unwanted lal had 1 ift him and ho marveled--anri Ills J -lends marveled w i t h him. "Wlioro did it all go to ?" he- asked and no one ctiuld auswe . Kmschon H a i t i drivt i poisonous waste from iho ';y,Htm- -it ar.tB on liver, kiriiiryR anO stoma h and keeps them in tip-\.op conditi m--it kcepa you fooling lit and fino il! flic tinns. Union Druj; Co.; Rcoi dale agents, Hoffman'h 1'rns yton , Broad-way lri!g Co., and lea-ling dr ggists America over soil Kruschen Salts for 85c a boUio which lasU-i 4 « ;eks.--^Adver- tisement. Confluence ("ONFI/UKNOR Kol). 1 U - C h a r i e u OrlBH, well k n o w n luiuhoriiuin of yotn- 'Hiehl, wan a l)U«inoh'i w i l l o r in U t w n y-o^lunlay. ii ester C. Levengodl of Fort J i f l l , was In town yeriU-riiuy on a huslucHa mission. j Mw. George .Meyer* and d a u g h t e r ; viciited friends in L'rsina yeptorday. j .Daniel Smith who IB a patient at.; ilui Frantz Hospital, following a nuijor opr-raUon. is r'portel_ improving. Mr. and Mr«. .1. C. C v hirU ol' McKoefi- I port were visitors in town yesterday. , ./. B, Waikc-r of Jharlerol was here yestrrdny i-n r o u t to Jlazelton, W, V., whore- Hlic- had een calle( hy tilts fimiouH i U n o s i of lior dauglifer, Mra. Carttiwl. I'aul MuMlllflTi of Boi '.erfiekl vlsllcil his f a t h e r , Char)e« Mc*J 11-on, here yesterday. Mrs. J, L. Burnwortl and daughter, (ioralcline, left ysteiT ly for a visit svitlt r'i1aUv«-s at f ' u m b i rland, Md., and Keyser, W. V'a. i Mrs. 1.,'P Wa ;nor ai 1 eon, Earl, o f ' ronnellfi.'i!lo. v e i l e d h M- father, I. L. i Hall, and hw hr-ofher s id siet-er-in-lawj Mr. and Vtr). C W. Ha I yesterday. FREE--$5 Love Bird Peari Necklace--FREE 'Dip Manufacturer Permits Us to Introduce Never Offered Before Latest Styles Indestructible. The New French Parfum, Baree Bring (his coupon and S9c and you will rcceivo a regular $n.OO bottlo of (his marvelous perfume in a beautiful gift bos, and in add!'ion wo will give absolutely F K W K t h e Pearl Necklace, Coupon is good until SATURDA f NKillT. Bring only SOr. t'oupoa must be signed for future mailing samples oi ! oUi jr products. SIGN HI-IKE ADDRESS Both for Only Cooneilsville Drug Co. J 15 West Crawford This sale is made possible liy '.he Manufacturers st;'udlng the expinit-e Many (hotinanil-i of u u j ( have Uucn ssold at $B.DO. The new Simian and Kl-esh color.-i make a b e a u t i f u l and kiMltiK t;ift. T!ii« store is very f o r t u n a t e in securing this special for our c:u .IOHKTS. The demand will he ';n-ai \V- -alvi-je you to conn early, FRIDAY AND SATUHOAY ONLY; M.M1, ()U1)KTIS ADI) l i e . Perryopoiis town, Mies Harri it Galloway, M!t=a I Bernice Fee and Mr. and Mrs. It. M.} Galloway all of U liontown and p c -[j_ 13 . Mrs. Boss Knox, Sara M a r l i n Glotfelly entcrtaine/l at a card i Ina «TM1 ^ary AVo £e, C h r i s t i n e ? p a r t y at hor home Tuesday evcniriR, | Mrs- -lane-t C n v r . Mis«e« Lena Galloway received hit-h tuest prize, Five tables were in nlay. The o u r o f j H u t l i 1'iefFo! am- Alma Hankie-, town gi'esis were Miss Margaret. ] W. Woodward sir d Mrs. Olivo 'fiierwith itnd h-or nvoUww «X W«*0. JCnw-iinan of SUr Ju»i JJoa Mi»s Ina Wolfo high Mary lioyd cot i r a h a n t , .Mary lioyd. L u n c h was «serv«i by On F r i d a y baskc-tball t e a m i-lulj prize mi i obiUotl. pliz«. i h e !io«t«jfie. :he »'orry 1 oya n io Kewic doy lo men Section anodirr X I I . of MI-MIS memhe' the D i s h St ofi

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