The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 7, 1939 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 7, 1939
Page 5
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TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 7, 1(139. THE DATT,Y OOURTfTR. rOMKET.T.SVIT.T.R. PA. PAGE FIVE. PERSONAL MENTION Mr. and Mrs Hixon Sproat and daughter, Miss Vugima, of Davvson were guests at the home of Rev. and Mrs. W. F. Seitter of California Sunday. Rev. Seitter, a former pastor of Philip G. Cochran Memorial Methodist Church, Dawson, is critically ill. ,Two men's puits cleaned for 69c, during our promotion special. Simons Cash Carry Cleaners.--Advertise- ment.--6feb-4t. Ray Landei; o£ Vulcan, Mich., who spent several days as the guest of his aunt, Hrs. J. W. Kincell of Woodlawn avenue, Greenwood, left for P' iladelphia where he will represent the Pickands and Matcher Mining Company of Vulcan at a mining convention which convened this morning. "Plain Sister," a three-act play, auspices Tried and True Class, U. B. Church, Thursday, February 9th, 8:15 P. M. Tickets lOc and 25c.-- Advertisement.--7feb-3t, Mrs. E. J. SmuU of East Cedar avenue attended the funeral service for Mrs. Sarah Alma Brenneman Smutz, widow of I. C. Smutz, held Saturday afternoon at the family home Hampton Farms, Allison Park. Bake sale by Lee Etta Lodge, Saturday, Feb. llth, Fox's Wall Paper Store.--Advertisement.--7feb-3t. Miss Sylvia Sullivan, who has been a patient at the Connellsville State Hospital for treatment of a fractured leg, is able to be up in a wheel chair, Aunt Het By ROBERT QU11.LEN "Jim says the command not *o kiJl don't apply to doves and suc/i, but the only reason it don't is because men instead o' doves interpret Scripture." HAMILTON WINS CONFIRMATION IN STATE SEN ATE Grim Reaper GEORGE W. BKICKMAN George W. Brickman, 61 years n)d, lifelong resident of ConncJlsville, died at 7 o'clock this morning at Con- nejlsville State Hospital wheic he had Miss Sullivan, a teacher in the local I undergone an emergency operation schools, was injured when she fell on I Stricken suddenly early this morning the ice while skating some weeks ago. Cafeteria, Christian Church, Wednesday evening, 5.00 to 7:00--Adver- tisement.--7feb-11. Stanley Phillips and Jack Port attended a dinner dance given Monday night at the Chatterbox by St. Joseph's Hospital, Pittsburgh. Lovely spring print dresses, now $2.95. Princess Shop.--Advertise- ment.--7feb-H. Miss Ellen Shernck, an instructress of nurses at Shady Side Hospital, Pittsburgh, spent the week-end with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. F. N. Sher- nck, of East Apple street. Miss Thelma Bloom resumed her duties as clerk at the McCrory Stores, Inc., West Crawford avenue, after being confined to her home in South Cottage avenue for a week by illness. The condition of Mrs. Ralph E. Goe of Vanderbilt, who has been ill at her home for the past two weeks, is reported improved. Miss Silenia Martini of East Crawford avenue is spending a tew weeks visiting relatives in Cleveland. Miss Florence Shutsy is confined Mr. Brickman was rushed to the Hospital at 1 o'clock He had a ruptured stomach ulcer and peritonitis, Mr. Brickman was born and reared in Connellsville, a son of the late Jacob Brickman and Mrs. Soph.a Brickman. In his early youth he was in'the grocery business and later conducted a store in North Pittsburg street until 1915 when he entered the employ of the Baltimore Ohio Railroad Company. He was associ- Conlmucd from Page One. strong, and J Albei t Reed, D., Washington took the floor in opposition to the appointment The only oilier dissenting vote on the roll call was cast by Senator John 11. Dent, D., Westmcro'anc! The Senate turned from Uie vote on Hamilton to a weighty discussion of Pennsylvania's c t i r e n t tioubles. Majority Floor Leader G. Mason Owlett. Tioga, called f i o m the postponed calendar bills trans- fcirmg 53,000,000 from the [liquid fuels lax fund and $1,000,000' from the Slate Cue insurance fund. , ! Minority Leader Harry Shapiro, Philadelphia, charged icce-it statements by Govemor James that there the uould bo no increase in the tax aggregate weic clear indications that the transfers of fund* owing local commun ties would not be i epaid Republicans had no difliculiy in the necessary votes--27 to 19--and the iransfeis, were sent to the Governor for signatuie. Shapiro argued that without new taxes there was no hope of repaying the transfers s nee the Governo. already has said he must pare doun governmental costs 5118,000,000 to prevent a tax increase. He also bi anded the Goverioi's orders for a deci ease in the budget of the Democratic Publicity U t i l i t y Commission, which after (he plec- t.on added 200 employes to its payroll, as a "pic'ense and a camouflage" bccaubc "every penny" s.pent by the comrr.tbsion "is collected from the utilities ' Such procedure, he added, could "rum ratcmaking in Pennsyh nma" by "cui tailing and hamstringing" the nctmtics of the commission. "If he can order them to cut 100 cmplmes [iom the payiolh,' Shapiro said, "ne can make them drop TOO or eveiy perse n t h e y employ." Last night's session was the first since the convening of the 1039 Legislature attended by Senator Joseph ?. Djndo, D., Schuylkill, who has been in Oklahoma since the fiist of the year. Dando did no 1 , attend the Democratic caucus but insisted his actio i had no - sn.fic.mcc' He voted with Republicans on the BARCLAY ON BRIDGE B y S h e p a r d B a r c l a y "The Authority on Authorities" PSYCHICS "WITH WHAT DO you mix your colors ?" was once asked of the famous painter, Opie. He answered: "With brains, sir." That's exactly what should be mixed in with psychic bids, if you have intelligent players at the table with you. Otherwise you may get your head beaten off. The fine player seldom makes a psychic bid unless he sees how he can escape from trouble if his partner la misled Into It A J 9 7 6 2 V 6 * J 7 4 3 * Q 6 3 Q 4 A A K 10 5 3 V A Q 8 7 3 ·» 8 5 * A (Dealer: South. Neither side vulnerable.) That great Philadelphia pair of Charles H. Goren and Mrs Ralph C. Young cut didoes on this deal, giving- a demonstration ot the acumen that has enabled them to win a flock of national championship tournaments. Mr. Gorcn began naturally with 1-Spado in the South. West doubled, and Mrs. Young launched the fireworks display with a psychic 1-Heart her safety, if it led to trouble, being her spade fit. East passed. Mr. Goren leaped at once to 4-Heorts. knowing his partner would be sure to have cither a heart suit or a flt for his spades, as otherwise her bid would be a bad one. West doubled the 4-Hearts, . 1«9. Kine | Mrs. Young took out to 4-Spades aad West, now insisting on his partner putting him into one of the minor suits, bid 4-No trump. The partner had no trouble reading this, I bid 5-Clubo, and Mr. Ooren doabled. The spade K lead was followed by the heart A, the heart 7 to the K and a ruff, return of the club 3 to the A, then the heart Q and the heart 3 1 ruffed by the now singleton club Q, for a run ot (pie first six tricks and a set of 700 points. The Important switch to hearts for ruffs was clearly marked by the psychic bid Mrs. Young- had made, since, unless she was short In the suit, there would have been no reason to bid it over the double, in an effort to obstruct possibly very strong opponents. She also had made the right switch doubly sure by playing the spade 9 on the first trick, calling for a lead of the higher ranking of the other two side suits, since a switch was sure. Tomorrow's Problem A A 7 V J S 3 A Q 8 8 4 3 2 3 * 8 2 V K Q 6 i 2 4 J 10 5 'The Unwanted Guest' Ml. Olive Sermon Top Tonight's message at the Mot nt Olive United Biethren Church le- vivai meeting will be "The Unwanted Cues!." The pastor, Rev. William J. Ritchey, is conducting the evangelistic meetings which began Sunday night and will continue indefinitely. There is special music by the church choir. COUNTY OFFICERS INVESTIGATING DEATH OF GIRL * K 9 2 4 J 10 9 5 V 9 S 7 » K 6 * J 7 6 4 A K Q 6 4 3 V A 10 J. A Q 10 8 5 (Dealer: North. Fast-West vulnerable.) Against a lead of the heart 1C, how would you play to moke 4-Spades 7 'eftlurei Syadjcatt, IDC. ated with the railroad until 1930 and had since been retired. He was a member of Fraternal Order of Eagles, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Maccabees and Trinity Lutheran Church. HP had never married, living at t h e , family residence, 239 East Crawford lw ° transfer bills along with Senator , avenue. ' ' William P. Eras, D , Lawrence, who i Surviving, in addition to his moth-! cal; " *hc deciding \olc in the clec- Three Boys Killed When Sled Slides Beneath Big Truck IZAAKWALTONS MEET TONIGHT er, are these brothers and sisters: Miss Nell Brickman of New York, Carl Brickman of Albany, N. Y., William F. Brickman of Somerset, i and Margaret, Mary and Paul S. Brickman, all at home. The funeral service will be held at the home in East Crawford avenue with Dr. W. H. Hetrick, pastor of to her home in Brookvale with.the Tumty Lutheran Church, oniciatirg. grip. Burial will be in HiU Grove Ceme- Mrs. Perry Cooper of Williams-1 tcry in charge of Funeral Director port, Mrs. Samuel Berman of Milton I Charles C. Mitchell. tion of President Pro Tcmpore Fied- crick T. Gcldcr, K., Susquehann.f Dando said he was under tl.c impression at the time he left that or- ganisation of fie Senate by Republican:, a foregone conclusion and had not been advised that the Democrats wcru going to stage their historic parliamentary "last stand " "All the newsp ipcrs," Dando said, "indicated the question was settled " and Mrs. Joseph Simon of Pittsburgh are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Zalrnen Melnick, street. Henry Byrne has returned to John Carroll University, Cleveland, after having spent the mid-semester vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Byrne, of South Pittsburg street. Members of Connellsville Lodge, frjjg [last Uat DJnnPI" B. P. O. Elks, will meet at 8 o'cloc* | L U i C U ~ 5 'SOi U I I I I I C I , Sycamore j Wednesday night at the lodge grill I room to attend the lodge r.tes the home. Forum Type Program Visitation Campaign Of Senior C. E.Will Be Started This Evening | parents, she leaves two sisters and a The Senior Christian Endeavor | brother, Anna and Michael at home Society of the Methodist Piotesfant I and Mrs. Joseph Gharnoki of Nema- Church will begin its visitation campaign at 7 o'clock this evening. The KATHERINE ONDRICH Miss Katherine Ondrich, 20 years old, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ondrich of Nemacolm, formerly of Trotter, died early Friday at her home after an illness of eight months. She was born September 17, 1918, to restore the W. A. Edic Bible Class of the First Prcsbytei lan Church to Us place as one of the active organizations of the Sunday school, a dinner meeting, attended by 40 men, was held Monday evening m the small diningroom of the chuich.S Increased attendance, faults that j have developed over the years, a n d , PHIL1PSBURG, P,i , Feb. 7. Center County Coroner W. R. Hcaton [ today will conduct an inquest into the dc.iths of three young boys and · crious injury of a fourtli in a coasting accident on a country road m the rural Sno-.v Shoe-Clarence .irea. The three, all of Snow Shoe, were killed v,rcn the small sled u p o n ' which they were iidinc careened I under the rear \shetls (if a truck i They v.-eie P.iul Confer, 14, h i s , bro'hcr, Joseph, !2, and Edward Cole, 12. JJd'.vard's brother, Robef', was , in critical condition at a hospital, j The four were riding prone atop each other on ,1 hill when the truck rounded a curve directly in front o f ) them. Before the driver, Lee Bobst, I of Jersey Shore, could stop, the J speeding little sled scooted under his tftick. The rear wheels crushed it. Bobst, ivhose wife and chile u*ere riding m the truck uith him, was able to stop within a few yards His efforts to give emergency first aid to the youths were futile. The regular meeting of the Connellsville Chapter of the Izaak Walton League will be held this evening at 7 30 o'cioc-k at the home of J. Donald Reid at Reidmore. By United Press. UNIONTOWN, Feb. 7.--The coroner and county detectives joined today in piobing the death of Anna Snovek, 24, of Herbert, six miles fiom here, apparently fiom a fall suffered as she left the home of a friend in Fairbanks, a half mile from her home Monday night. Found unconscious on tne sidewalk, Miss Snovek died in Uniontown Hospital today of a skull fracture. The girl was enroute home from a visit at the home of Felix Gravini, of Fairbanks when she was injured, according to police. campaign is in charge of Thomas Deneen, evangelistic superintendent for the society. It will continue until Easter. It is hoped that many new members may be won to the church and the society by this means. Members of the society will leave the church in twos and go out to visit prospective members. All members of the society should be interested and everyone is asked to be present to encourage the leader in his first endeavor. A spaghetti supper, cooked Italian style, will be held at the church basement at 6:30 o'clock Thursday evening. Those members of the blue side of the contest will be host to the victorious red side. After the supper the monthly business meeting will be held with the president, Albert D. Fulmer, in charge. A shower for Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Tannyhill has been planned as a part of the social hour. All members are expected Jo be present with their monthly reports. Elks Will Send 50 Members to Honor Grand Exalted Ruler A delegation of 50 members of Connellsville Lodge, Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, will go to Pittsburgh tonight to participate in the ceremonies in honor of Edward J. McCormiek, grand exalted ruler. Reservations have been made for the large delegation and the affair promises to be one of the outstanding events ever held in district Elk- dom. at Trotter but had lived at Nema- ! methods of malung the class a factor colin for the past 11 years. She ' m church 1-fe were discussed at was a member o£ the Catholic I length. It was pointed out that Church at Nemacolm. Besides her or tripling attendance by Easter should be a the members "sell" bcnetfis to be derived from the interesting teachings of Rev. Karl H. J. Scoenboi n, the pastor of the church and teacher of the class. Monthly meetings will be con- Factory for Meyersdalc. MEYEHSDALE, Feb. 7--Reliable sources indicate the Pennsylvania Telephone Corporation will locate a factory for accessories here, giving, employment to approximately 50 men. The plant will make cross- arms, pins, brackets and other wood accessories. :opal Church. The evangelistic ncclir-Ks will be concluded Wednes- d^y night when Rev. Roy Ansel, pastor of the United Brethren Church, will preach. Tne public is invited to attend. B.rth of Son Announced. Mr. and Mis. Lester Ghernng cf G'.vensdalc are receiving congratulations on the buth of a nine-pound son on ground-hog day, Thursday, February 2. The new arrival has been named Merle Wayne. There are now a boy and a girl in the lam- ily. Mrs. Gheirlng, who will be remembered as Miss Katherine Ilixon of Owcnsdalc, and baby are setting along nicely. Ohiopyle OHIOPYLE, Feb. 7.--Mrs. George Vetter ' returned to her home at Glencoe after a visit with friends here. Mrs. Sylvia Helterbran and mother, Mrs. Edith Joseph, were among the visitors in Uniontown recently. Mrs. Hattie Lewis of McKeespott arrived Thursday to visit her brother, Edward Kurtz, at the Ohiopyle House. Mrs Goldie Tissue of Greensburg visifed recently with her father, George Shipley. Marion Listen was a xcccnt caller in ConnellsMlle. Mrs. Ida Collins has returned to her home after a month's visit in New York with her daughter, Mrs. Thelma Tooney. Mrs. Lauia Schaefer entertained, the Home Economic Club, directed by [ Miss Mary Anderson, Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs Raymond Hall of Mcnaca visited over the week-end with Mrs. Hall's mother, Mrs. Edith Joseph. Mis. Eluabeth Rafferty is spending se ;ral days with her son and daughtcr-m-Iatv, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Raflerty, at Uniontown. Mount Pleasant Man ' Sfruck on Highway Near Red Lion Mine UNIONTOWN, Feb. 7.--Run down as he crossed the highway near the Red Lion mine shaft of the H. C. Frick Coke Company early today, Roy Sholtz, of Mount Pleasant, was seriously injured. He was taken to Brownsville General Hospital where examination revealed injuries to the left leg and head. His condition was described as fair. According to witnesses, Sholtz was crossing the highway in company with another man when the accident occurred. The car was reportedly diiven by John K. Smith of Markleysburg, who said he swerved in an effort to avoid striking them and that while he missed one man Uic other was stiuck. Temperance Drama Will Be Given at U. P. Church Wednesday The temperance drama, entitled "Ten Nights in a Barroom," will be presented in talking-moving pictures at 7:45 o'clock. Wednesday evening in the United Presbyterian Church under direction of the Anti-Saloon League. There will be no admission fee. An offering will be received by the league. . . Some of the city churches have dispensed with their mid-week service in order to participate in the service. The public is invited. Laurel HiU W. C. T. TJ. The Laurel Hill Woman's Christian Temperance Union will m e e t Wednesday at the home of Mrs. H. S. Ellenberger, No. 20 Frank avenue, Uniontown. Members are asked to come early and prepare lo quilt. The afternoon session will include regular business and a program on "Health and Medical Temperance." Grecnsburp Budget Adopted. GREENSBURGx Feb. 7.--Council passed its 1939"Dudget ordinance of 5240,000 after adopting an amendment to appropriate 310,000 to finance the rity's share in WPA projects. The tax levy was fixed at 15 mills. colin. The funeral mass was held Monday morning in Our Lady of Consolation Catholic Church colin with Rev. Father Paul Simko in charge. Interment was in St. Mary's Cemetery at Brownsville. First Child Is Son. Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Stoner are the parents of a boy born at 7:55 o'clock Saturday evening at Connellsville State Hospital. The new arrival, the Brst child in. the family, has been named Wane William. Mrs. Stoner, before her marriage, was Helen Welker. Both mother and baby arc getting along nicely. There Are Two Ways to Get at Constipation Yes, and only two ways-be/ore and after it happens! Instead of enduring those dull, tired, headachy days and then having to take an emergency medicine--why not KEEP regular with Kellogg's All-Bran? You can, if your constipation is the kind millions have --due to the lack of "bulk" in modern diets. For All-Bran goes light to the cause of this trouble by supplying the "bullc" you ne"-d. Eat this toasted nutritious cereal everyday--with milkorcream, or baked into muffins-drink plenty of water, and see If your life Isn't a whole lot blighter! Made by Kellogg's In Battle Creek. Sold by every grocer. Before Bedtime Do This For Ami Eujoy A Good Night's Rest i Sleep sounder and awake refreshed-- :uat be v.Ke enough to take 2 or 3 doses ol BUCKLEY'S MIXTURE ( t i l p l D acting! In sweetened hot water ju^t bcfoic you go to bed. For Bronchial coughs--for tough, old puriistcnt coughs, take a few doses of BUCKLEYS--by far the largebt-sellinE cough medicine in all cold Canada-Buckley's gives definite quick relief irom that choking gasping struggle for breath. It "acts like a flash" and saufaetion is ctiaranteed Get it at druggists e\cry- u here. Burn's, Drug Store. .simple matter if FOK FEATURE TIME CALL 51)9 linued, the next being fixed for Monday evening, March 6. The "forum" style of discussion was probably the most unusual in the history of the class and gave opportunity for everyone to "get a load PODAY--TOMORROW--THUKSJ) AY JOSEPH E. TREXEL The M-G-M S t u d i o proudly prc- , c u t t h e ecracn'a newest triumph of romance, d r a m a the glorious m u s i c o f J o b a n n Strausi, II. SOMERSET, Feb. 7.--Joseph Earl Trexel, 56, Somerset county farmer and insurance salesman, died Sunday bile Newcomer, and these children: at his farm in Jenners township alter Fred and Harry of Somerset, Mrs. He leaves his wife, Ivan Michael and Mrs. Harry Irwin four children, one brother and three of Listie, Mrs. Roy Williams of Johnstown and Mrs. Ray Love at home. There are also 19 grandchildren and a brother, John, of Jerome. The funeral service was held Monday afternoon. Interment was in Husband Cemetery. The funeral service was held afternoon with in St. James interment Lutheran Church Cemetery. WILLIAM NEWCOMER SOMERSET, Feb. 17 --William Newcomer, 70, retired Baltimore JOSEPH PIZZOLA Joseph Pizzola, four years old, died at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon at the home of his mother, Mrs. Margaret Tiepasso, in Lower Tyrone Ohio Railroad engineer, died Saturday at his home at Wells creek after Elizabeth Flood Newcomer, he is sur- township, near Dawson, after a short vived by his wife, Mrs. Emma Berke- illness of pneumonia. Today and Tomorrow HUGH HERBERT L I O N E L ATWILL Screen Play by Samuel HoffenBteia nndWultei Rcisch. Directed by Julien Duvivier, Produced by Bernard H. flyman. SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA . . . CHORUS OF HUNDREDS . ... A SCORE OF MAGNIFICENT MUSICAL HITS! Knar. . ."Artists Life," "At the Monastery," "The Polka," "Revolutionary March," "One 7hen We WereYoimc,""Du und Du,""I'm In Love With Vienna," . "The Bat." "Tales of Vienna Woods" ON OUR STAGE FEB. 8th at 9 P Htnts WB " THE NEW SOISSON THEATRE LAST TIMES TODAY TOMORROW · THURSDAY · FRIDAY SHUCKS! Detectin' is easy as pie. All you do is ketch the criminal.,. A Paramount Picture with D'OWALD O'CONNOR BELLY COCK O SELECTED SHORTS 9 COMEDY--SEWS You'll thrill lo him In hit new roln at you'v*. ntv*? thrilled before! AKIM TAiViSRGFF LEIF E R S K S G N FRANCES FARMER LYNNE OVERMAN 1. M. Kerrigan · John Miljan

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