The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 15, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 15, 1918
Page 10
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i-PAGEjTEN. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLS\aTJLJB. Pi, ', MAY . 191S. Gold Bond. Stamps Pay 4% On "WhatiYou Spend.. Get Gold Bond Stamps With Every Purchase t' : 'C.:- m Begins Wednesday, May 15, 1918 · ' *^ i ' · · ' , [HP''- HIS MAY SALE OF WHITE is different in some respects. In the first place, prices are not as low in some '^JL ;,; instances as they have been in other sales seasons back. When it became impossible to maintain both, we chose ^P£ to maintain the customary Wright-Metzler quality rather than the price. For never was it so true as today that .^^c 1 "cheap merchanlise" is the dearest in the long run. Prices Quoted in this Advertisement are the Lowest at Which Merchandise of This Quality Can be Sold--and Can Not be Duplicated When Our -Present Stocks are Exhausted, The saving's offered in this sale suggest the purchase of future as well as of- present needs--an advantage wnich will be quickly grasped by hundreds of economical women; The merchandise itself is clean, fresh and absolutely authentic in style. As quantities are somewhat limited it is advisable to make your selections promptly. For Personal Use--For Gifts to June Brides THE MAY SALE OF^UNENS Of fers* Many Attractive Values" --1000 YARDS 17-INCH UNION LINEN CRASH, heavy quality, part linen--pjirt cotton. This toweling recommends 'Itself for its splendid absorbent and wearing qualities. Special at 20c yard. Bleachod 17-inch Union Linen Crash, special at 20c yard. --500 YARDS LINEN CRASH,. 15y 2 inches;wide, full bleached and closely'woven. Cannot be matched elsewhere at our price. Special at 23c- yard. --UNION LINEN HTJCK TOWELS, good size and good weight * --mostly all white'with'' hemmed and hemstitched- ends. Manufacturers' irregulars. Save 25 % at our special prices. 35c and 40c values 29e; 40c to oOc values 39c; 65c to 7ec Values 49e. --1000 YARDS UNION LINEN DAMASK, three weights, 70 inches wide, with floral and stripe designs, special at it-50, §2 »a $2.50 yard., Napkins, to match |i.50 quality $4.00 dozen; to match $2.00 quality $5.50 dozen; to match $2.50 quality 7.50 and $8.50 dozen. --70 INCH. ALL LINEN DAMASK, full bleached and smooth even weave, special at $2.75, $3.25 and $3.50 yard. These prices are from 50c to $1.00 under today's market price. All have * napkins to match. -. --600 YARDS MERCERIZED COTTON DAMASK, assorted floral and slripe designs, 64 to 70 inches wide, at Joe to $1.50 yard. These prices from 20% to 33 1-3% under today's value. Thousands of Yards Will be Purchased in (Notice Particularly the Savings Shown Here) --1500 YARDS DRESS GINGHAMS, 32 inches wide, in large and small, gay and fancy plaids, 50c value 35e yard. --1000 YARDS DRESS GINGHAMS, 32 inches wide, in beautiful color combinations of plaids, stripes and checks, 75c values 50e yard. , --800 YARDS FANCY- PRINTED VOILES, 36 inches wide," floral and stripe designs in various colors, 35c to 50c valves, 22c yard. ' ' . --150 YARDS WOVEN COTTON PLAIDS, 36 inches wide, black and white. Regularly 85c yard; sale price 50c yard. It Would Be Hard to Equal For Daintiness of Fabric and Attractive Prices --40 inch Crepe Meteor and 40 inch Trico Crepe, excellent values at $3.00 yard. --40 inch Crepe de Chine to sell at Sl-65 and 82.25 yard. --36 inch Satin de Luxe, $2,50 the yard. --36 inch Habutai, good quality, sit $1.00 and $1.50 the yard. --36 inch Chiffon Taffeta, special at $1.50 the yariJ. --36 inch .Soie de Luxe, special at $1.75 the yard; --36 inch Satin Messalirie, good quality, at $1.65 yard. --27 Inch Jap Silk to sell at 60c the yard. Reduced Prices and Quality of Merchandise in This Appeal to Discriminating and Economical Women Hundreds of fresh new undergarments specially priced. More in this sale than you will find elsewhere. The prettiest styles one can imagine--in carefully chosen, materials trimmde with selected laces and ribbons, and shapes cut to fit perfectly. Corset Covers 35c values . 50c values . 65c values . . 29c . 39c . 5Qc TSc'valnes 8Sc values J1.00 values _ _60c _ 7Sc _ SSc 11.35 values . $1.50 values . $2.50 values . . $1.10 . $1.39 . 53JL3 Drawers 50c values . G5c values . 75c- values . . 63c SSc values -*LO* values ?1_25 values . _ 75e _ 8Sc . JLlfl . $1.50 values . $2.00 values - J3.50 values . . $1.33 . $1.79 . $3.39 Gowns 85o values _ $1.60 values . $1.25 values 65c values _ SSc values $1.00 values . JUS values . _ Too _ 89c . $1.10 _ 59c _ 750 _ 89c . $1.10 51,50 values . J2.00 values . $3.00 values . _ ?1.S9 _ $1.79 _ $2.69 $3.75 values . $1.00'values . $130 values . .$3.19 . $3.48 . ?3.98 Petticoats $1.50 values . $2.00 values . $3.00 values . $3.50 values . . $1.79 . $2.69 . $3.13 $4.00 values . $4.50 values . $5.00 values . $6.BO values . -¥5.98 Chemise 65c* values -- 85c values -$1.00 values , . 59c . 75c SSc $1.50 values . $1.75 values . J2.00 values . . ?1.39 . $1.39 . $1.79 $2.50 values . $3.00 values . $3.50 values . Corsets . $2.19 . $2.69 . $3.19 La --One extra special lot of Corsets including the famous Redfern, Resista and American Lady makes,--regular $4.00 ralnes $8.19. --One special lot- composed of American' Lady Corsets only,--regular 82.25 and 92-50 values $1.89. They Are So Many Needfuls Brings to You at Decided Savings --500 W-iSH CLOTHS, good size, white and colored, 15e«nd J8o Tallies lOe each. : --200 BLEACHED SHEETS, -hemmed, 81z90 size, seconds of $2-00 grade, special at 81^8. kior $Z50, --250 BLEACHED SHEETS, hemmed, sfcre 81x90, special at $138 each. --100 FULL BLEACHED S-fcLtafilS, hemmed, size 72x90, good quality and extra weight, special at $1-38. --300 PILLOW CASES, size 36 x 42, hemmed and bleached, seconds of 50c value, special at 38c eacb. --35 PAIRS WOOL MIXED BLANKETS, size 76x84, white w} pini and bine borders, weight 5 pounds*--regular $1UX) "raises special a* $ZJ5. --50 PAIRS WOOL ivtrxMi) BLANKETS, size 66x80, grey and tan plaads. weight 4% pouixte, regular $7.50 Taraes special at 86JHJ. --700 YARDS WHl'WB OUTING, 27 Inches "wide, ftdl Bleached, heavy weight, 45c quality special at 3fte yard. --500 YARDS DRESS GINGHAM, 32 Inches wide, small cfcecfc and stripe patterns, 35c rateee special at 25c yard. Many Important Economies in. the Summer Styles and Weights for Women and Misses full --Union Suits, low- neeSc, no sleeves, tight taee Trtth aboJl bleached. Tegular sizes, 90e Tl'mes 75e; ertra sizes, $1JX values SSc. --Band top Union Suits, lew neck, DO sleeves, lace knee, regular sizes 5 -and 6, at 50e; ertra sizes 7, S, 9, «t 60c. --Full bleached Bodice Vesta, jensar ribbed, regular aims only, speetal ct 20c. --Game weight Bodlca VEE--te, sieffretasji, V-oji, regnlsr sliss SSc eaek; extra sizes 30c eaek. --Mnslla Undervraists for boys and girts, -wen xaa*t size* S to 1C. legnfea 50e value SSc; S for $1.00. Extra Special at 65c Suit --Karser 0nion Salts of combed gauze. Sue ireav«, low iiscfe, no slecrw, shell trimmed, mabrefla Tm«w Regular sizes only and a regular 75c valne. Kayser Union Suits with round neck, no sleeves, band top, sbefl trimmed, umbrella knee, extra sires, and a regular 90c vatae. --Kayser Onion Suits, low neck, no sleeves, tece trimmed, mnbrei regular and ecttra sisses. Eegnlar 75c and 90c valcea. There is Much of Interest in the And Some Exceedingly Low Prices --Wliite Tarantnlie, iO ;nehes -wide--xt SSc and EOe tie vart, --Fine White Baiiste, 40 inches wide-- at SSe, SSc and 5Sc yard. --36 inct White Caaieo Clott, fine Quality, to sell at 30c yarfl, --36 inch Handkerchief Ljnen, special at 75c, SSe ami SLdO jsri. --Pine "White Organdy, 40 inches wide-- at 45c yard. --^Ftae 'White Organdies, 45 inches vdde--at 66c and SSc yard. --Fine White "Voiles. 43 inches -wide--at SSc, SOe, 65c and SSc yard. --White Hawaiian Cloth, 36 inches wide--at SOc the yari. - . - In'cbniunction'with".the'-May! Sale b( -"White Ve"-will conduct "our Annual Mid-Sumnier Millinery Oixming. This is our first complete display of the ·. new hat styles-for mid-summer wear and includes all-white hats, all-black liats, black-and-white, "leghorns, milans, georgettes, transparent brims and 'j^iers, -beautifully trimmed with wings, ostrich, coque, flowers and ribbons, Only-authentic modes are "shown and you must see them. ' ' · ' ' I ,ale of 25 Sample Ha l s at 25% Off Were $16.50 to $30; Now $12.38 to $22.50 These are 25 of our most authentic and prettily styled pattern-hats--no two of them alike--and in a diversity of good styles. The reduced prices merit your immediate attention. 1 Lot $10 to $12 Trimmed Hats'Special at $7.50 1 Lot $7.50 to $9 Trimmed Hats Special at $5.00 , Of plain and fancy gabardine in regular and extra sizes. $6.86 A57 $7^0 VALUES Special at $6.25 --One other lot Gabardine Skirts, $5.95'values "at ?Ur. --One lot Porch Presses, light and dark -percales, belted, $1.25 Values SSc. ' : . · ; --One lot percale and gingham House Dresses, *2«0 rallies S2J5. Regidar $2.50 Curtains $1.95 Pair Regular $2.00 Curtains $1.48 Pair These Curtains are of a remarkably good quality for the price, and the reduction coming just now wen so raan3 r new curtains are needed should be most gladly received by our cusiom-ers. 100 pairs in tbese two lots and it will not be one pair too many. Don't wait, OTHER CURTAINS MODERATELY PRICED --12 pairs Dotted Siriss Curtains at $1.85 the pair. --500 pairs Marquisette and Swiss Curtains to sell at $1.50 to SWKI the pair. --1000 pairs Nottingham Lace and Square Mesh Curtain: at. $1.00 to $6-00 the pair. --Quaker Lace Paneling at 40c to $1.50 the sectioo. Crepe de Chine Corset Covers Crepe de Chine Chemise I1.2S Twines . ItSO ralaes . »1.39 ' $2.25 ?3.98 values J3.69 ?2.69 $4.50 values 53.98 ?3.19 $5.00 values $4.48

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