The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 26, 1938 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 26, 1938
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE DAILT COURIER. 'CONNEL.LSVILLE. PA WEDNESDAY;'JANUARY 26, Splendid Book Review· and MisceiLaneous 1- Shower Feature.Meeting:'of B.and;P. W. BARCLAY ON BRIDGE WRITTEN FOB CENTBAI. FKE8S / By S h e p a r d Barclay Authority on AutboriUc*" . ' A; splendid. book review:. by v. Ruth Sensb'ach, a : member - of ,-the local: HighV School: faculty, ', and a mlsccUaneousT shower complimenting Mrs.: John.;Sherman Buck,';a recent bride, were highlights of the seml- mfir.thly .meeting "of the rBuslncss: arid Professional Women's Club, :hcld. Tuesday night iriTan 'ofllce^at " the: West Pentf. -Terminal.' 1 . Mrs: Buck-; the fomer-Miss"Frances:Soisson;iis the club president."-- --'----""" ~~--.' ih"charge o£tfid~ma'gaziric committee; ; ~Mrs. EdnY'7/~BrcndeU, chairman; tho meetTng^attracCia on- exceptionally large"-- attendance, 'th'c'ro bo»ng but a few ablerit~rne'mbersr '-._ Reviewing "The. Moth'er,"-- n ·· ljn story by Sholcm Asch7~pVormnent Jewish novelist, Miss Sensbach^ficlU the" A t t e n t i o n of her listener^ throughout her entire descriptiori-of - the; brilliantly written book. The stojy. deals with a Polish Jewish residing In Southern Poland -- At-"a5corganization'.'mceting:of the ?aye'tfe- County -Youth's-.Tempcranec C6'iincit;'-h'eld--Tu'e'5a'a'y-'-'nighUat'-the uditorium of'tfie West~ Pcnn-Tcfm- _ . . JDcBolt'.of Masontown; corresponding ccrctary, Sue Barr .of ElUottsvillc; recoraing secretary, Geneva Slelgh- er of ..Connellsvllle; .treasurer,- Wil' Hill.V .More than anjl rlater.. .coming , to. America. _ . As the; story.; Is unfolded' a son leaves for the United States and on his arrival in NewTforlc.Clty, where he lo- 'cales, he. is very much dlsappolntec uv3ihding :iifc in America not: wha' he"- expected it 'to be. . Later 'he Is joined by other -members .ot the family. The- story ; is- appealing 'and was -bcau'OfuUy: told by Miss -Sensbach, who "was "extended a" vote o . thanks by the club. ......... ...... -- Is Named President nal lat-Unionjown, -^filcers for-4he cnsulingiireaV^ero Sec UOtNQ TO EXTREMES , IN GUARDING against the din- gcrous opponent who has set up his . suit against your no trump contract, tt pays to take the most ex- Ucmo precautions to keep that particular person out of the lead. You should even go so far as to protect yourself against a slngle- - ton king in that hand if you can ..afford to loso to the king In case it happened to bo held by the harm- «ss partner. , 'resident, .Cunningham;-.of Prior to her review, Miss Sensbach recommended twenty-one books to- the club \yomen and gave a brie description ; of each; She preparec a^ist of'the books lor .each-.mem bcr. ; Some of the booksjnarricid may bej secured at- the Carnegie Frc Library, while others will be placec on_the shelves in the jiear future The · magazine committee -also "prepared a book-list ofjfletion and'-'non fiction torjthe members.----_-' She showerjtalso fo·charge ofitt roagizine «jrninitteef-v^as_-ji-del!ght ful; affair and was -a complete sur prise to Mrs. Buck, who;was, presented with;_a basket, covered ;wltl pink; and blue, crepe paper;and pile high; witrc-many beauUful^and -use fujt: Bifts.nThcrhonometopcned.- th prettily wrapped .packages-and. dis played her/gifts. ..-. . ; · , , . - . : ,, : Several games tif bingo were en joyed, high, prize being -awarded tc Miss: Ruth Brown and low .to Mis Bcla Pore. 'At a brief business session,' presided over -by the' president, It was decided to postpone the annual Valentine party to'Tbarsday evening, February 10, at the West Perm Model Home. The date was changed ore account ot a carl party to be · siven Tuesday night, February 8, by the Kiwanis Club. Miss Rebo Pore and -Miss: Elizabeth'. Bower will have charge of -the' party, and members may: bring guests. . TW« Mary Glover, assistant State 'secretary of the Kiwanis Club, and Miss Janice. Kahn, a dental hygienist at"JKe High-School,.-were ujianlmous- ly-voterihiai'the"club, ' --.·'·"· Mrs. Brendell was ably assisted by Mrs. R..S..McKe*,;Miss Mary Coyne arid Miss Dorothy'Gilbert, members of;her committee, Mrs. Ora Engleka and Miss Edna Prinkcy." SMITHFIELD COUPLE WED ''. .AT MT. MOIUAH CHURCH At a quiet ceremony Tuesday morning . at · Mt Moriah Baptist Church at Smithfield, Mls5 Anna Jane Lowe, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. John Lowe of Smlthfleld, became the bride of Robert K. Showaltar, sen of MX. -and- Mrs. Mcrvln. C.. Showalter, also'of Smithfield. The ceremony was ^performed at 8 o'clock by Rev. WC.S. Stewart. ' ' ' The bride wore a Como blue gown with navy-blue accessories, and a corsage of talisman roses. Marriage vows were exchanged In th? presence of members of the Immediate-families, and immediately after,' the ceremony Mr. arid Mrs Showaltcr left for a short wedding trip.- On their return Sunday they will be guests at a. wedding dinner to bc;glven at the home of the bride. jhe bride Is employed by .the Un- loicSupply, Company at Collier, while the. bridegroom is a clerk at the Colonial J^o. _3_o£3ccs_of _the. H._C Frick Coke Company; ~~"~ S.:ll. CEDB ENTERTAINED --.' ~ BY MRS.-S. c. smmr The STL. Club-was'-cntertalnec Tuesdayrcvcnhig'by"Mrs; H." C. Ship^- pjCat her home-in-Morton avenue AlU members^wcrc present. " Bingi was'" the 'diversion,-' prizes -beini awarded as."follows^ - High, Mrs." C A.-Durbin; second,"-Mrs". Max' 'prn dorff; third,"_Mrs.·'· W.--W."Young~o Duqucsne; special bingo, Mrs.-J. ~ Shipley. Mr. Shipley entertained the chib women with -humorous story Later in : the evening Mrs". Sbippy served a delicious lunch.. The nex meeting will be held on Geprgi Washington's -Birthday,- Tuesday evening, February -"22,~ at the -home ' of -Mrs. Max Orndorff. ·- - "A nurntcr' of county projects were discussed, a county-wide exhibit bc- ng .included. ..Detailed. plans were deferred .to' a'-latcr .date -to permit more' time for the evening program Rev. Leroy F. Carter, pastor, of the Central Christian Church of Union-! town, was guest speakeh. He .compared the present liquor situation with the crisis at Valloy Forge, urging that the young people be militant, aggressive in the battle:. the forces' of temperance ~ are" waging with; the -forces of evil, and informed through -systematic .study ·; on : all phases of the subject. Mrs. Asia;B. Dilllner of Uniontown, president of the Fayctte .County .Woman's · Christian Temperance Union, gave an' addrcss.-;;She. urged the young people to engage In deputation .work 'and spoke, briefly.of the evils of'the'marijuana weed. .' ".:."' - . Mrs.~:C.- N. .Harmon, county secrc- tary~pr'esided and introduced": the speakers. Thelma Cunningham was iri-charge of '"games - arfd'^Trances iewcllen"of ~ grnu'p - singing.- -- ·Lena Shaffer was-cfialrmarf ~of "the program [j- which - Irieludcd - aj^rending -by ' ' " ". *A: jio J . . · . (Dealer: South. Both sldo vu3- cerable.) ' . .:_" . .. · AgalDat South'a contract of 3 No Trumps here, West led the spado 3, which Eant won with the A. The «pade 5 was returned, (uid as West hoped-to get Into the lead ngatn with his club K, ha won tho second and led the third spade in order to clear the suit, .-"··'it was apparent to the declarer that In order to make hi* game it was essential to toy out the clubs. He therefore entered dummy with tlio heart Q and finessed hi* club to West. After winning with the K, West cashed his two spades and no set the contract South had a cbanco to make his jams by foregoing tho finesse In this Inatanco. He needed only three :lut» to make tils nine tricks, having 'three In hearts, two in diamonds and one In spades. R wu thereforo 'a safer play to come up with the ace of clubs as protection f West held a (ilngteton king. In the event that East held the club K, no damage, could be done by winning the first trick and 1 giving up the second In the suit. If West held the club king guanled, game could not bave been made. » · · Tomorrovv'n Problem A Q 0 3 V J 8 · A 9 e -i + 8 7 5 3 ADVANCE SALE FOR BIRTHDAY DANCE HEAVY 4 8 2 V K 3 3 ·* J 8 5 3 10 6 4 1 0 6 4 V A T S . · Q102 4 A K J 7 E » Q 10 9 6 4 4 K 7 · ' " *» (Dealer: South. North-South vulnerable.) What li South'a correct play for ·4-Spade*, after the lead of th« dub QT : . 'WilllBm ^FikcpRefreshmcnta .-.' were" served by. a__coni.mittec;^headed* ; Cora-Baugh r and-FTances r i«wcllcn. Anti- Lynching Bi 1:1 K i ! l e 4 Say Opponents Weather Fails To Detract From Weakland Service Conhellsville's annual President Roosevelt birthday ball will be held on Saturday night at Pleasant Valley Country Club and the advance ticket sale indicates the community, joined by Scottdale, will' again contribute Its share toward the fund to continue the flght on infantile paralysis. ' Persons planning to attend the bail were urged by Dr. H.'Daniel Minerd, chairman, to immediately contact the country club and make table reservations. Members of the general committee for the birthday ball are Milton'V. Munk, J. Cecil Oixon, John Ilcin, Meyer Aaron, Pasqualc Glgliottl, Thomas V. Donegan, Judge Ross S. Matthews, Mayor Ira D. Younkin, John Davis, Dr. William A. Pujia, Prothonotary John J, .Brady, Daniel Durle, Dr. Clyde S. Campbell, Paul G. Wagoner, Henry Opperman, Frank Patrick, Tony Phillips, Albert B. Pickard, Andrew J. Rottlcr, Robert M. Evans, Joseph J. Cunco, E. Stanley Phillips, William E. Kelley, Dr. James V. O'Donovan, Ben H, Campbell, J. Vincent Soisson, I. L. Horowitz, L. G. Hoover, Harmon Sine, William E. Boyland, Banks D. Brown, W. H. Solsson, Jr., Paul O. Malone, Councilman Abe I. Daniels, Walter T, Smith; Attorney Samuel D; Braemer, William L. McNamara, Joseph M. Murphy, Paul F,.Cohen, Douglas" K. Mcllvaine, Attorney Arthur A. Brown, Philip Gallardi and Charles F. Donnelly. Dr. O'Donovan, chairman of the ticket committee, has designated every member of tho general committee as members of: his group for the sale of tickets. Uniled Brethren '-'·-·.."! Council Arranges Mid-Winter Rally A mid-winter .rally lor the First United Berthren Church and Church school was planned last night at.the regular meeting of · the ' executive council of the church Sunday school. The rally will begin on Sunday, February 6, and continue to Easter Sunday, April; 7. A committee to plan details and organize the departments wog liiamed as follows; S. Kathleen HoWer, chairman; E, T. Whipkey and Mrs. R. D. Miller, representing the adult division; Mrs. H. C. Snippy and J. R. Dunston, Jr. representing the Young People's division; Miss Kathrine Bungard and Mrs. Fred Moon, representing the children's division; H. G. Witt, gen-1 ernl superintendent, W. R. Calhoun, adult superintendent, Dorothy Kern, Ycoung People's superintendent, ·.Mrs. S. L. Fletcher, children's superintendent, J. M. Kelly, director of Christian education and E. · A. Schultz, pastor, advisory members. The committee will meet tonight after the mid-week service. A general falling off In. Sunday school attendance has occurred, it Is pointed out, and the rally is 'the United Brethren method of meeting the situation. Licensed at Cumberland. ' _,'Marriage licenses were issued' at Cumberland to Wilfred Perry Stickle of Perryopolls arid Virginia ·;. Ruth McDonald of "Fayctle- City, Robert Simpson Plate, and · Mary. Evelyn Blackburn, both of Grccnsburg, and ouis Stephen 'Horwath and Theresa ,Schubcrt, both of Brownsville. SHE KNOWS IT.'S N E C E S S A H Y TO KEEP ARMPITS DAY « w.ll at ODORIESS New Cream Deodorant Safely Stops Under-arrn' Perspiration \. Does not rot drosses-- does not irritate skin. 2. No waiting to dry. 3. Con bo lined right after shaving. 4. Stops pbraplratlon 1 lo 3 doys;' S.V.'hl!o, groosotoaj, vanishing croam. A R R I D 30c a far at drug .and dtpartmtnt item SURPRISE BIRTHDAY DINNER GIVEN-FOR PimXIS ELKIN'S A prettily appointed birthday dinner was given Sunday afternoon at the home-6f Mr. rinb* Mrs, H. C.' Elins in Murray avenue, Unionto'.vn, n honor of their daughter, M*n 'hyliis Elkins. Mrs. Elkfris .-wns .ostess at the dinner which · · wns a ompletc surprise to the honorce. The able was centered with n large fout- Icr birthday cake iced In white and decorated with pink candles In matching rosebud holders. Miss EI- ;lns was the recipient of a number of ittractive gifts. The birthday cake was presented to Miss Elkins by a lelghbor. Out-of-town guests were Miss Minerva Keller and brother, G. K. Keffcr of Poplar Grove, coudns of .Tiss Elkins; Miss Delia Mao Bnrnts o£ Conncllsvillc and Joseph P. Prancls of near Pcrryopolis. The Elkins formerly resided in Conn!ils- ville. . . . COKE QUEEN LODGE 'TOUT/ - : MEETjrHTJRSbAY NIGHT A"' meeting of-Coke Queen Lodge Ladies' Society to tho;B.-..of L. F nncVE., will be held-Thursday evening-at 7:30 o'clock at the B. · O Y. ;M. C: A. The charter will-be drape.d in memory .of Mrs. · Anns Watson, -_who was treasurer of th .lodge: A good attendance of .mem bers is desired. ~ ; Wlth Martaret 3. McCoy. . . The Girls'; Missionary Circle No 6 o; ,thc-First Methodist Protestan Church will meet Monday cvenin at the home of Miss Margaret Jear McCoy, Chestnut street. ^ Members are- asked to note the change in date,/- . . TENDERFOOT TESTS'PASSED BY GIRI. SCOUTS, TROOP 4 "Troop 4, Girl the First Presbyterian Church met.; at-.the church Tuesday: evening- .Betty..£1- lenbcrger had choree ot the opening and Mary Jane Sweeney and Nancy King were- color guards.' A brief business - session. was held at which lime it was · announced the court of honor had decided that patrol officers should maintain' their offices for twelve weeks. Tho membership committee chairman, Mary Jane Sweeney, appointed five assistants. Tenderfoot tests were passed.and signaling and ..the "five points of health," were studied. Due to the training class to be held from January 31 to February 4, under the direction of Miss Jeanne Christy, there will be no troop meeting until February 8. By United Pren, 'WASHINGTON, .Jan. 26.--An. attempt to invoke cloture In the Senate and stifle a filibuster now holding up legislation was doomed today when Mino'rity Leader Charles L. McNory, R., Ore., announced that he and virtually every .other Republican senator would oppose It. --The attempt to invoke the gag rule was received by- southern senators filibustering against the anti-Jynch bill, as proof that their obstructive tactics had won and that there would be no vote,thls session on the controversial measure. Their belief was chared generally in the Senate. ,: McNary's announcement was believed to doom to defeat beyond any ouestion the petition filed by Senator M. M. Ncely, D., W. Va., to put into effect the cumbersome Senate cloture rule. A two-thirds majority Is required to Invoke cloture which would restrict debate to one hour for each senator. "The bill Is the same n» dead right now," Senator Tom Connolly, D., Tex., field marshal of the filibusters, suid after Introduction of the petition which had been signed by 17 senators. "It will not get more thnn 30 votes whereas more than CO are 10- Qulrcd." McNnry, it was learned, pledged Connally that every Republican would vote against cloture when It automatically comes to a vote «t 1 P. M. Thursday. So general was th? realization among senators that the filibuster was won. Southern senators besieged Connally for a chance to speak in order to get on record for home consumption. Senator William H. King D., Utah, had been scheduled to BINGO PARTY. SUPPLEMENTS . . . . . . . MEETING OF W. B. A. ; The -Woman's Benefit Association met Tuesday evening at Odd_Fellpws ·Hall~.and-after.-a~ business session a bingo party was-,hcld. ^Prizes were .won-by, the..tollowing: 'vHIgh, Mrs. Edna Plcm:; second,-"Mrs;.".Mary Heed," special: bingo,._.Mrs.; Edna Plem; door,'Mrs. Bess:Conner.~Therc .·was a 'good" attendance" considering the unfavorable weather."""" speak all this afternoon but Connnlly said he probably would have to divide up the time because the prospect of filibustering six weeks or longer was gone. Most of the filibusters contender that.the bill's proponents had dccldcc to attempt cloture as a "last stand." Wind and snow last night did not deter another capacity audience from greeting Betty Wcakland in the First Baptist Church. · · · During the song service a solo by Rev. A. R. Mansbergcr was received with much applause. A feature of the musical program wns a beautiful violin number by Lois Benford. In her sermon the 'young evangelist declared thnt the fifth chapter of rtark contained a full length photo- raph of what Satan would do with very man, woman, boy and girl If only could. 'Many peple do not believe In a Krsonal devil," she said, "but If you o not believe In a personal devil It s because you have never done any eal aggressive work for the Lord, believe that Satan would place his oot upon these United States of ours ut for the mighty hand that retrains him, strangle them and then chuckle like the (lend he is over the avoc wrought. When Satan chains man only Jesus can free him. A riend of mine once said he thought he swine had more sense than many men. A great many men are con- ent to RO through life full of the Icvll but when the devil entered he swine they rolled down the hill nto the sea and were drowned. Thank God, It Isn't necessary for men to commit suicide to be rid of Satan. Jesus cast the demons .from he man in the fifth chapter of Mark and proved thnt He has power over sin end Satan."' The young preacher maintained hot It takes real manhood to be n Christian and one should not be nnhamed ot the fact that he li on e Lord's side. She urged parents to encourage he slightest desire on tho port of their children to unite with the church. "No matter how old and wise you mny be unless you come with the ·jumbleness of a little child you cannot enter the Kingdom of God," she pointed out. Mist Weaklnnd's subject tonight will be "One Thing." Fix Dates for Tests Of Somerset Miners CONTRACTOR SAYS BUILDING SAFE ·Fears that the old Trl-Slate Candy Company building in West Peach street,'now the headquarters of thi Salvation Army, would collapse ofte it had been damaged by Monday'; mountain gale, were dissipated today after an examination by a buildim contractor who began making ncccs sary repairs. The .sidewalk will continue to b blocked oft while the repairs ar being made but the rest ot the strcc will be kept. open. _ -"· Friendship Class Meets. The Friendship-Bible Class of the rFlrst. Uniled. : Brethren-' Church of Pleasant-Hill held its .January meet- Ing of.,the president, E. E. Cox on the Springfield' pike. . Devotionals. were, led by Mr.'Coxr.Prayer, was:.offered by William House. Mrs. L.'BrCoxlread the'Scrlpture. After session, the 'meeting" 'closed with "prayer. ..A'so'cial hour,'.featured by a' grab.bag,"was enjoyed by all. -At-a ^late hour "a delicious " lunch -was sorved'by Mrs. Cox.; 'The next mcet- 'ing will be--held~Friday evening, February 18,-at the home of Mr. and Mrs. -Ralph;BJgam-of Pleasant Hill. Licensed- to -Marry. - - Samuel .W..-Kuip of Windber and Evelyn ShafTer o f . Mount -.Pleasant were licensed to wed at.Grcensburg. TWO CREATIONS" REVIVAL SUBJECT Xhe subject for tonight in the re vival at Mount Olive United Brctlirc Church wilt bo "Two Creations. Rev. William J. Rltchcy, the pastor will be the speaker. This the third week of the cam paign. Services will be held week. ' · - Chrysler layoff Indefinite. DETROIT, Jan..28.--A layoff 25,000 employes ot Chrysler. Corpora tlon here this week was attribute by company spokesmen today to th policy of "gearing output to demand. Officials said duration o£ the layol was undetermined and would depen upon the volume of orders for nev automobiles. A. Foreman Beauty. Shoppo Permahents $1.00.. Shampoo and-Hnir Sot. Phono 20!iSOI CARD PARTY JUNIOR CULTURE CLUB Honeflt -Eye' .Fund " Thursday, Feb. T7h Woman's ' Culture Club Rooms Auction and Contract Bridge, "500J 1 and Bingo PRIZES ' ' LUNCH Admission 50c Earl Miller of Indian Head, chairman - ol the · Bituminous Miners' Examining Board for Fayctts and Somerset and ports of Westmoreland counties, has scheduled dates for examination of miners seeking certificates under the new State law that goes into effect AprE I. Also on tho board with Mr. Miller are Secretary Paul Vucich of New Alexandria and E. H. (Jack) Davlcs of Uledl. Somerset county dates include: Monday, January 31--Wilbur mine near Hooversville. Tuesday, February 1--Carpcntor Park. . Wednesday, February 2--Tiro Hill. WORKHOUSE BANS COMPULSORY CLOSE HAIRCUTS FOR MEN Special to Tlte Courier. PITTSBURGH, Jan. 26.--Compulsory close haircuts have been banned at Allegheny county workhouse, particularly for nhort term prisoners. Unclean scalps, however, will bo shaved, long term or short term. C L E A R A N C E 297 Pair of Men's DAVIDSON'S DRESS SHOES Smart attractive patterns--while they last Men's $7 and $7.50 Walk-Overs uid Custom Grain Leather Shoes -.45 $5 -North Plttsburgr Street Blond Actreo Burled. MILFORD, Pa., Jon. 26--Rosamond Pinehot Gaiton, lovely blonde j actress who committed suicide at her Long Island hnme Monday, was buried In the Pinehot family plot to- day--tho 10th annlvcrsiiry of her thwarted marriage. Only members of the family and Intimate friends were admitted to the services. Dies Before Operation. SOMERSET, Jan. 26.--Edward Cook, 30, of Scalp Level, died Saturday in Windber Hospital a few minutes before he was to have undergone an operation. He leaves nis wife, four brothers and one sister. NERVOUS, SLEEPLESS? M.^jteUincw. J4J6* jsl 9th St., ujra: "I van nmxry, wultv did tvx ·tecp well ud DCTIT trmot*d anylhinjt to tat. Dr. Pirrer's Favorile I'rt*CTTpUon irve ror, loch * ipIcndM mppetiu --' l became ttroogrr , r it in Umiid or.Ublti* fram yottf dro l today. Xew MM,. uMeti W cent*. DANCE THURSDAY EAGLES' HALL Dixoninns ". "8:80 to 12 Boor Prize $7.50 EAGLES HALL TONIGHT FAMILY IIGHT n P. 3f. UNTIL J Englos and Friends P.KICE 25c Dancing Floor Show Dear Son: We welcome you and Helen back from your honeymoon: After you've settled a bit, we'll drop in to see your new home. · · ! remember the day, some thirty years ago, when your Mother and I came back to our first home. 1 split kindling for the cast-iron kitchen stove, and it took Mother all afternoon to bake some bread. Instead of her vacuum-cleaner, Mother had a broom . . . and how she made it fly. But our prize possession was in the parlor.. a real talking-machine, with chubby cylinder-records and a big morning-glory horn. We used to march for miles all over town on our shopping trips. How I fidgeted while Mother shopped. We were both worn put. Things have changed a lot since then, all right-and you'll both be better off for it. Helen won't have to spend half her days in the kitchen like Mother used to. The advertisements in the daily newspaper will save her those punishing miles-of shopping. They'll keep her posted on current values, give_her the names of dependable products, tell her all about special sales. When you come home nights you'll find her fresh as a daisy . . . ready for a jolly evening with your friends. I'll trade the "good old days" for the good NEW days any day. But enough of reminiscence ... I rejoice in the exciting years of youth that are ahead for you both. Affectionately, Dod.

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