The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 15, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 15, 1918
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MAT 15, 1918. rHE'DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLSVILIaE, PA. PAGE SEVEN. The qfa Deserter On January 5,1615, the tacked on their entire front of tbe Ar- · *^Hrae forest sector and several hundred prisoners were taken.. The hand- to-hand 'fight continued until 3ii o'clock In the evening. . ' A fellow pioneer'and myself fonad oanel-re* In a bit of trench new by eight Frenchmen'. It was impossible to retire so we accepted tbe unequal fight rortrmately we were well supplied with bud grenades. We c«t the-fuses short so that they wonld explode us quickly as possible. I threw one among the eight soldiers. Before the men could get out of the ·way of the first, the second one followed, whleb: exploded In their midst. . We took advantage of the confusion . .thai ·created L to horl. five more. Onr enemies were now reduced to four men. We opened'are with bar muskets, closing · In', on the four. : Their bullets whlsae* aronnaT'oiir heads. · One man was abet In the month. Tbat left three. Tbty-tBraed and tried to Dec. · In soeh moments as these one Is In a great rage and forgets danger entirely. We were -very close to our enemies now, rlfdit on their beets when the last maa stumbled ajxd fell. I sprang on top of him. He defended kataaeU with his flats.: My comrade went after the other two. Bleeding at the moBth, tblj man fongbt ou. After I had knocked several of bis teeth out he raised bis hands and surrendered. I released htm from my ( grlp and locked him over carefully.'. Be was x abo«t thirty-five y*»ra oW. He shoved ae his wedding ring and talked to me. I knew what he wanted, he wanted bis life. Be gave me bis canteen fnat I inlgnt drtnk Mine wine and wep£ Perhaps he fhoaght of Ills wife and children. I preaaed his band and 1 he showed me hie tliealag teeth. I called him a fool and »otd Mm be was tacky to have got- ta*' a nay with tbe Joss of only a few aietais I was glad I had not killed Urn. I took him back myself, m order to pretect hint agalnet being misused. As I daBTered him orer to where the jramers were batav aesombled. he a*«sa*4 aty a*a*-and snBed. CHftPrn XVI. Ike next day we- rwetred orders to I aiilietf-at tbe-apot of Apremorrt i we were obliged to wait. The «epet nad been desUe/«a. 'The next 'station was CHatel. Both of these ·Ueee am abe«C or. kflcawtcre behind the tool The inlsoners were aasembJed m Jlfneaosit. Several of t*em bad come iron tact town, Tnatr lamlBes wen MO! In their bomea and many prisoner! ss*ed imiutsaluii to visit them. I bad ·etnsloB to witness such a visit in Ap- T»».reserves led one' o{ the to tbe hcmee, which be bad Belated oat as bis. Tbe prisoner's yeesarwlfe waa In tbe kitchen with bet tares) eMMren. We followed tbem Into fldent to Ore on.' 'The people have to work any longer for the Germ military officials because they.. could ' Written by a Prussian Whd Participated in the ing and Pillaging of Belgium. Over the Top with the Gas. Is this s. monster from Mars, or a. soldier of modern warfare? It. is ily. one .of our -- " S a m m i e s , " going over the top with the i gas and the fire ·which the Huns taught us in this barbarous w a r . To go "over the top" takes courage and strength. M a n y m e n 'and women at home in 'peaceful pursuits would rather be on the fighting line in defense of liberty if they felt strong enough for such an ordeal. It takes good red blood to be courageous. You-can-acquire rich, red blood by exercisingin the outdoors, breathing exercises every morning, and taking an appetizing tonic pill made up of a soluble iron, together with native herbal extracts, called "Irontic." These "Irontic" Tablets were discovered by Dr. Pierce and his able Staff at the Surgical Institute, and were invariably found to give vitality such as pimples or boils, immediately We recel-red. orders Tarennes m,d eft the n* mvunan turned pale ·» eke md- ··nly Hrir IMT liMtiupd. ' They em- W« wmt ovtaM* for we felt nooin bad not had n letter r haitand for fire months be- the Oenmns were betweeo her ·Bd her hmbMifa uinj. He bud been la the tXQCbw for a month, n»llirng tunr Dearbj hb fltt and chlldrea were, y«t iBikie t» reach them md with no way of knowing whether ' they were alin-er dead. B*w be nuKt h«T» felt as ttw FrtECh ihdla'lknr over his bead on their w*y to ApnnoAtl There wai no way of knowing wbctiwr tbe clow in the slcy caused by tfe* bnraia^ of a hoase wss for- nMwd by Iris home or not Erery- tnhiff became a torturing nocertaiDty and all of life was a belt Borne again for a few own; then away, a prisoner 1 At least he would b» able to get word to his wife, by letter through the field posts. TtmOtf h said good-by. His wife had nothing to give him, DO laundry, QO food. ' Brerytntng had been lost and she Ur*d on the soldJers' bounty. She gave him her last money and he refraed to take It. She accepted the money back. U eoMlsted of a lew 5 and 10 pfen- nig pieces and aome coppers, all she had. . . Doable to endure this we took a collection among ourselves.- We-made op - owe* thai 10 marks,' : wbieh W gave * to- tk* yoong 'woman. ' Sbe ref csed It at ant. Uno looking at her hnsband, she too» It and tried to kiss our hand*. Tfien we refused to let her do this ishe -ran to a store nearby and/returned -vltfc cigars, tobacco, matches and aan- Fagf, whlctshe gavc'ta n«r hmbaufl. Sue smiled pernaps for the first time in a too* wnlle. * ' ........ Tbe children were with their father ond they klaaed him as he left. He had cue ekild ·» each ana and his wife carried the'ttlrd. " · ' ·' ' ' · With tha greatest bapplnesa the family walked along between the two armed soldten. "Wnon the moment of partiBg cane all begao to err. This wae the fate of thousands of poor Trench and Belgian men nnd WOBMO. «urtand near, their .'taomea yet vnaMe t» kaow who was dead or As -we reached the heights ol Yarennes about noon we saw the wide country before us and the city nestling in the valley. Farther up on the heights was Vaoquois. Nothing could be seen of any. houses bat through our field glasses we could 'make out an enormous-ash heap. Shells felt there continuously and we were frightened at the pros- -C^Y W^ / fe soon gets over the "blues" and becomes bright, buoyant and happy. Take "Irontie" for a few weeks, and , notice the difference. You feel full } of vim, vigor and vitality, instead of tared, worn-out and dull. Druggists sell " Irontic " in 60c. vials, or send lOc. for trial pkg. to Dr. Pierco'a Surgical Institute in Buffalo, N. Y. J.-.N. Trump tf IITE TRANSFER UOTOR TUI7CH n»d WAGOHS. MOVING AD HOISTtMO PIAA'OS A BPXSC1AJ.TT, NEW LOCATION STOP--LOOK--HEAD BENNETT BROTHERS Automobile Wreckers Highest Prices Void for All Hakes Cars "We sell second-hand pavta And accessories for .ill makett o£ cars at lowflst prices. GET THE "JtESiYETT" HABIT A.KD SATE MONEY. Open Snurtay 10 A. M, to 1 P. 3T. Corner Ross and "JVater Streets PITTSBURGH, PA. Bell Phone Court 3252. Thla. Village Had Changed Handi More Than Fifteen Times. ptrt o£ haTlng to go to that spot, Scmrceij- .had we ^crowed the neights ' wn«n seme shells bnnt behind us. The French artillery even singled ont Individuals, .While Yaoc-uols was In their " posnsslon they" could co-ordinate the entire neighborhood. We understood now wby this ash heap had been contested for so bitterly. u ire run flown bni tlTl we came to Varuiaes. The-louthern section of the town had been wrecked, by shells and flre. Many chimneys were all that was left standing of whole rows ol bouse*. Soldiers ewirywhcre collected scrnns of metal which were tracsport- ed to Germany. bells were loaded on wagons and tent away. All th« copper, tin, brass and nickel which coold be fonocl was gathered. The next morning we went Into the trenches. We had to reach our post- j tlon before daybreak, for with daylight j the French kept all the approaches un- j dor fce.' There was not much of a i trench la VatKroots. All that ctmld be ·een w»s a single stone pile. JUterally, there waa not,, hi this town, one stone left upoa another. The rules of this village had changed hands more than fifteen times. When we arrived one-half of Vanduois was in German · bands. The French wece in possession of toe highest points from which they could overlook the 'country for many miles. ' - , - ' - . In default of a trench tre sought cover-behind the stones, for It was impossible to dig trenches here, as tbe artillery leveled everything. The soldiers concealed themselves behind stone walls and fired. Artillery of all caliber covered these ruins. Amid-all this destruction lay an army ol. corpses, mostly German. ; TO BE CONTJNUETX MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTH PHONES ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. A SAFE, EASY WAY TO CURE ULCERS WUle we stood at tme depot ten Oer- rnaa- sbtdlera' arriTed with fixed bayo- oeta. BsHis« tbtm were three Fronefa rtttune In ctrlUaa clothlnc. wham they exeerted.- 'AM were elderly men. We eU.VieaveBaMai what tbis waa No matter how bad a sore or ulcer afflicts you, it is beliewd that Hokara, tbe pure skin healer, -will heal K7bu.t U It doesn't cure, the purchase prico refunded. A. A. Clarke, the local'agent for Ho*a; who-has sold'hundreds'of packages, says he has yet to flud any.form of wound or disease affectlg'the skin that Botara does not heal,, and its relief -rofries so QuickC that those who try it ar« stop-ply delighted -with It. Pimples, eczema, blackheads, acne, barber's Itch,' and all skin troubles nre quickly relieved by applying this simple skin, neater and tissue builder. It contains no grease or acids, and is cleanly to use. . The A. A. Clarke Drog Store.!B sell- arge package o( Hokara for 35c, Every.-wearer should have a reserve pair for emergencies. If patients have reserve glasses much inconvenience will be avoided and the urgency of rush repair work eliminated. Let me make you an extra pair. A. Lincto, Opi: D; OPTOJEETEIST. 105 Sontli PlttfibnrK Street, ConnclljrrUie. Keep the, little ones healthy and ] happy. Their- tender, sensitive bod- j lea roauire a cooling, healing, harm-; less remedy Is prepare their stomachs j for summer 1 * heat. Hamster's Hocky j. Mountain. Tea is reliable and Bale, .j thpro. but not. .injnrions, ; SSc,--jCon- and Facilities The two strong factors which have added mucli to tliis -bank's service are modern methods and superior facilities, and whicti have been found especially useful to our customers in the transaction .of. their banking business. Checking accounts, including your, are in- .vited..- -^ - -^ .'.·-' / Let us help you to choose a Refrigerator that will save' you many dollars in ice bills and aid you" in the conservation of foods. The service that a Refrigerator will render you depends altogether upon its construction, and it's our business to know and understand the consi ruction oC the Refrigerators we sell to our customers. , Most refrigerators lool; very similar on the ou'.siiJe--it's their interior--the parts you cannot see that make a Refrigerator serviceable and economical or wasteful and extravagant. Come in anil let us show you our vronucvful line. We have an immeuse value at only --AND WE'LL ,\RIIA.VGK TKRMS OF PAYMENT SO EASY THAT YOU'LL SCARCELY FEEL, THE COST. Equip your home in such a. way as to permit the outdoor relaxation which, the beat of the summer demands, Your health demands it. Here is one of llie most stylish and bcanitful s rofliers. r'inc quality lilire with beautiful ( Cretonne Hiiliolslery--Special--only V EASY TKBMS--59e CASH SOc, A AVEEK. J.75 Come in and See Our Porch Swings. We have 2-passenger swings built of oak, well finished, complete "with d**J chains aud ceiling hooks, Eoi' only.-- V^ POUCH' CHAHiS A.VB @f JIOCERS AS L01V AS solid Sold in ronnellsvillo. Only By (Tic Fcaflicriuaii-Iiapport Co. All colors, all sixes, QJO A prices from $2.7J to tpO.U The Big Favorite-- This BeauUCul and Very Musaive Bed--Only-- - EASY TERMS BOc CASH, 30c A 1VEKK- These beds arc such griat values that we can hardly get theci here fast enough to meet the demand. They have 2-inch contlnttous posts and are flnUihed in that rich golden bronze. Amazingly Great Values In Baby Carriages Commencing wits Collapsible Go-Ctrts wortli $10.00 lor only-- The most complete slock to cboosc fi-om up to those large and very easy-riding reo/T~carriages tca£ nro so very fashionable tills sra- son. Ail at our moneysaving prices. Beauty Unsurpassed ! A Value Unequaled. Look at the price! Look at the oasy terms- Look al the table! Note the massive Colonial base. See its strikingly handsome finish -a perfect reproduction ol tbe beautiful grain of oC quarter-sawed oak SI.OO CASH, 50c A WKKK. This Extension Dining Table is a very great value at special price ol.only-- K'K a Colonial design, SOLID OAK, well constructed and highly finished. $1-00 CASH, JOc A WEEK. Oonnellsville's Most Dependable Furniture Store. A dollar starts you--and a-dollar thereafter for 49 weeks pays for a 550 Bond, paying 4 1--1 per cent interest. . It's a splendid way to save money aud at tbe same time help to win. tic war. It's a whole lot better to lend your money to Uncle Sam than have the Kaiser take it away from you. Come in for full information. 129 TV. Crawford Avc., ConnellsTllle. "The Bnnk that Docs .Thiuss for Eon" Capital and Surplus $300,000. Doer hot caksorcrack i/.notrub'oFF o.n cfothinqand a , f^nqvarall dirt durkmAAaau. Give/ a whiterthannew appearance toailQothand Back/kin Xhoe/. CHSEFTAIW MRICO. Charie/iosrJf.Va. Want Ads--1 Cent a Worf;-PATEpKT2E :THOSE WHO ADVEBTISE IN THE CdLTIMNS OJ THIS PAEBB,

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