The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on May 15, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 15, 1918
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAGE si:\ THL, UUL.Y \ KITCHEN, CABINET! T«*ch to* your mood O patitJt stars "Wlio climb e'ich night *be ancient Leaving no sji-ce ro shade ro icars, No trace of age no fear to file pto In tw» we*ks lima, lo n ti »*IS* M ijl»// fartnA boor'lar i (ht rre*aury nil Er Ce l uv* "cnncrUn I or rtlchsre Rfll it BEANS OF VARIOUS KfrNDS. soy bfan has up to a recent been grown m onl for the purpose of stock food, bat the scurcitv / other beans has brought oat the valncof the bean as a food lor the human family The soy bean contains nearly twice as ranch I protein as meat and fflfij be used as a substitute lor it, as well as for other beans Tney are tmiike the navy bean as to starchy content, containing very little which makes them a valaable food for diabetics. The- starch may 1 e supplied by flow or cornstarch, jnakmg them more nearly like the ordinary navy bean. Soy beans are of several colors black, green, brown or rel off They are good cootted in many ways, but inrost be soaked twelve hnrs before Icoofctng, then simmer until tender jWlen baking th«m the addition ol a fQttle Soar to supply the starch makes Ithem mere palatable 1 3»ked Soy Beans.-- Take one and Joue-haK cnplnls of yellow soj beans, soak twelve hours th^n put Into a baling dish -wiQi a small omon, a piece iof pork TreJghrns a fourth of a pound, j la fourth of a tesspoonfu of mustard 'and two tablespooofuls cf molasses Cover \rfth cold water mixed with two |tablespoonfo!s of floor pnt on the Ud lot tbe bean pot and place in the nen 'to bake all day Add more water if needed- A h«f a cnpful 01 navy beans may be used with the soy beans, if so, icmit the flour Cream Soy Bean Soup--TOKB a cap- Inl ol green soy beans, soak twelve hoars, then cook in water four hoars or tmtn tender. Bob tSrt ngh a sieve "Brown a chopped onion in a little but iter, add two tablespoon-tils of flonr mixed with two tablespoonfuls of but ter, to the bean palp add a teaspoon fol of salt a dash of ca-venne and an eighth of a teaspoonfnl of peeper, with a quart of milk. Let summer for ten minutes, stirring occasionally, and serve. Blade Soy Bean Soup --This soap Is prepared as above using onion, celery a lemon rind and juice mustard and pepper wltB two quarts of water The lemon may be cut in sliu s and nsed a=. a garnish if preferred SPECIAL! Cro Jii and Simar ScU 45c A Regulai Sbc V a l u e i^Sig Store Wear The Bridge." 151-13S Most Cr.vnioid AAeiiue.Sucu.ssofj Lconaid I m n i t u r e Co. £)^5AS?irgTgflh. r-friB Mj y* !iH 7 aa SPECIAL! 2 ricce Caning Sets 39c Regular 75c \ a l u e l h e r e » no n f e d to pav high prices for r l New Store Oui Acquaint anco Prices on Suites foi e \ n r \ b u j c r lh,,t tne real \ Uues of tbe oit\ are to be had at tlie ppuod f u r n i t u r e -- n o t if vou coiie to the room v 11, prcne to the discriminating Bi^ Store \ear the Bridge ' There are t^ o t%pp^ f squash--the bu«h \n-lcties \\hi(.h m a y be plitntcd 5 nmi 0 --eeJb to the hill in lull" i or 5 £eet apirt e ch w ^ i nl the runnmi; \l-ietie whicl require tonsifleial It more rno~ fo" thdr ile- veloptnent S-]un^h m propt,rlj be groun In the ^ a r d t n i three or fiur hill^i u U p r odi ci. all r mt K retiulrtd fo" the average f^mltv Tht.i rtqui-e a rather rich soil prof rib!- one that is v-ell raised ^ith roti d minure Squash for summer use should be planted is soon as tle ground ' thor ouqlilj «a"med up ulu h ^111 i)" about one month ifter tlie last kiMIru rros-t. Such \i" etits is the l r u^ ird for fc! 1 uod H l n t t u o Tin 1« "i aail it inv lime du"l3i; thf? s^ing ^ftcr tl e i iunu is thcroaeh T % ^ irr ed up and \ til pro t 1 e entire oason They ·-1 ould be gathered in J ill as soon as 1 ird frosts occur Tl c njav be Ltot n a storage room In the li eui j nt or in an\ cool dry plac^ It is ncecs ^ irj to kindle them c re'u li to avoid l i u M n s or rot is li ible to occur -I. S Departmen* of vgnculture colored taf et i i the mater la! of his ' o i l } trod- v.bicb has a foundation of ixiim eml roideietl or E nriie and a charnunt lichu collii 01 U ^ lme l WILL SNGNEW ONE Bihj Mw rn*s f«nu lln\ lie lurtlitr Spread un Trip nue. One o£ the m j i i popnlir bingus ai VniL^icrt v no \ o cc i kno^ EL o hou and^ Vin 11 d»iu o ^ is -tnow 10 c\ u i 1 ' Hint m p r L t at iht, h , cjuol iuJuo[ mi t it. i n -j A the u .., cotice t ui i i-Cu'd iiti\«_i a ran- Jon lid Mu coi' 1 u ij lu*. i Bil ^ Uui a* t ic OL CDU a iu i^ ja counu^ i^vu o i h h t r \ c Ti c I r 1 «. J I i\ ·- il Hi If -\ ou hare a floor covering need supplv it no\\ Prices at the Vew btoro are at t*if lowest notch and patterns and tolonncs are of the latest 1918 Refrigerators Gr \ n.uutl v»heie--big f u l l si/c cab\ mi n g srvles in the rich Trench Compare these Carnages While present storks last the Bi? W ] ( h $35 va]ues , Q U s[e f , se . Store sa\es ^ ou .ifou th to a third on Kcfngera-torb All stjles aie sho-nn here C v o j j o n p constructed scien- tically thus assuring propei circulation cooling and ice bavirg c ualities S° at tbls spec'al price See Our Special S t r o l l e r s . I 1 I o a U 0 1 L V La to L _: f I c 1 t w ". t l : II 1 l U w MC^ Pl._ ^v^f o. Vi c L j -ild ** J \i- \ ! i t ul L'tt Ul t l l i 11 U \ I at 1 b P n d 1 t'c r ii I fc i at Jo s I r i r ib L j j \\ i n i · U* 11 G thtse OL 'li, t i v i d IKU o e at Ills a.p t r c t H 1)1 i £ k n o w n ail e 1 1 ) d i, · P r Me o u e ua teicplioiie 01 See the A u l o r a a t u Tlour !?in. This is the f d i n o u i Sellers Krchen C abi let \ o u tec advertised in the lead- i n g naga/mes -- notice the e\clusne patented automatic l o v e r ' n g flour bin, SCQ ho~w c o m e n i e n t it is to 111 (holOs ,i full sack of fiour) Cone i i and see the mam di tercnt features or the ? ( l l e i = T id ^ o n l l i e i d i l \ unci r^nnd M h % it enjo\- -uch niniense pop- \1 tin / i m i r e r n i a n - f l ild Store Ul Si/es All Styles All 1'raes New Styles Here in Square Tube Cribs T^o Cnb of BlCjTCst Scle tion ?11.75 up. Connellsnlle's Greatest Showing of Duofold Suites ind Davenports t the Vcv, Store See Our Big Special iull Sire Davenports $39.50 Compare It With Other Store's $60.00 9EK sssaz: sas^KSE mi ^u llu- tore I L l t Q MORE WOMEN NEEDED t IO=C hc'l. ENTER SSIiyiCE FRIDAY GOOD SUCCESSION OF CROPS i-Ien Should D» Kept Bjsy All Sea son--Plan Given T or Grouping Various Vegetables I I »arod by the Lntt d Stiteg Depart nfi of Aj -- ! ultu-e 'i ·VH the ground In t le garden shonl ! h kep* fullv occur'p^ fill t^-c sei-^on ^- soon is one crop is removed borne tt Ing el«t should take Its plice The follow ini; proupinp of vecctablcs uill ·5( rve to Indicnto which o los raty pro- code or foil*TM others Crops Occupy ng the- Ground All f^e Beans ?ole Beans pole T^lna Cucumbers Pumpl Ins Peppe-s Pota "es Iri^h main crop Tomatoes Squash Potatoes sweet I uc nn l i f« or 1 jlarrisjn tnUcr S j H t i i l ijnlu tina t a l l t Pne i n f r u i l l ,. u hei( J j i d 3, e'venins fnr 1 OH J (.11 n^ lUirnson IndJimpohb I id \ \ h t r c the \\i\ ^o i to L tirmj, u i^, lioad ui I t n c n a { e- nen \. I i t c i i l 1 throtiMi I nc LnaU Do u I u LJJ^II No D J · epr- Shaikiibt rcr o f \ i f l o i b i l t anc, \ utur Br«v»n o Dick* an Him ·via go a nrul e^ren r K i t c otl trs ilot. t Lin lall R 1 ud li U M ana ! JT(0 i I I rrticer t I o Dun jar h u e cphitt_f 7 TS fireTien On Ma -0 \ub^ t M CrijL, of Oie"n'-b ii? w i l l 50 o Camp 1 re as L vrterniai in )ol n ] \sell v,jll go to rot t M-\ e r \ i on 11 f ^anc d^Lc a t n rn h POV.P! 1 onie is in his c t r th nen lu he^a indicicd ' i t n *bo = -\ oe b^ ] od "No 5 Cit ] C Erooks 01 \or"ial ille Ir*t c Imid T Jic cdical GDI ps 'noi O h ti iboarri ^-It ha« i-ec i ct 1 o i d e t s tn be ' r i s e itituc road to enoit at Camp GreenJtaf n n s on ? t [ f i ( i \ i i uncut r in Mult? I ·« ^ ( t ol ' M rt v 11 no c T.S tli « t p oqriin t r j tn 501 t r n i JL i t! p t u t l EI K o r u i lo jcj fo ni if tro ' *]\ me c iscd olui L o" 1 w i k c vil ri-iiche^ I lit I in ed t ml St uce Loi nnssu is foi w o u e n for t,o\t nnKni ini, u j Fort Ogle horj)e Gi but iiis not (been no ificd iv icn lio v ill lea^e j T-vo -]en Ricbitd Harvej and IR.V, \\oi D e ^nminc d \cs be ng plvv cell} n T, 1 Tied Melons Okra Onions from seed Parsnips I pr,n « Early Crops Which May Be Followed 1 r ° JJ ' by Others I crt a iftcin^on an 1 bath \\cro Bcan^ bush Peas ; c t ^ Beefs Potatoes early Cabbage e^rly Uadl-»h Carrota S^fcach Corn early Turnips Late Crops Which tfiy Foncw O« u er3. E eta Corn «we«l Br JsscJs sprouts Ka e C i,bMse la'e Peas Can !ftowe~ Spinach C.elt."v Turnlpt In plnnnln^ the srirdcn ill enrl^ mi ttinn^ crop 1 - slionl 1 be to- Se her so that sftur renio'val ttic S'Oii^J will be ivVl ible as a unit for rlintin., ^omcthlns else It Is not ti? \ a \ ^ nt.ctsh,ar\ to rait imeif the crop 1* rer laved Late cibbnfro or suect con runv b*» plaotel bet^vecn tbo ro%? of earh potatoes me tno or tbrce weck^ before t l ie rkotatoe^ arc bir ·\o r ciJ Sone d K i n l H r crop should Tnltou tne fifn crop occup Inc be* ^rrc.n"d 1-n order to belp in the control i i i S i c c Inn \ oil of not less tnai GO d i f T c i c n l Vu i The 1 L i rludc^ st logra phci t pi^tb bookktoperb ol icr d k of L bcon 01 more of clabsid c j.tion \~f icn j 1,411 r tram ng in I P cc I or U nit-a. Ji^t) .xitis ic u s operators of aiious kind 1 - of I L (cul i ? cin cssln^ tnri duplii, i i nos pi Dot eiik s !iw c i c i l ircllart " \ i r m i s e '-cc curies r ^i O F no/ n iind i c l f p n p teli. mono operators f-alned c clicm ^iS pn-,ict ; ts ! b i i i ^ Jiit 4 - m s p u U i s of un PTr-.J.' linger L i it cla,sb fifrs and otbc i , COIITTI *iion urgCb w o m c i to tbtir ser iet,s o ho ^OM-FU li this time of g"eat nc d H rt p o' the C M! Seruce Com ho poslo rice are pre and blood nra nt bo *· oC hoaltli I ale and lieart wifi good rod appotito and good digcatlon Grandpa i nenaa tl* Lirtcs ot ) tones t nc-r\cs and puts \Iffor and tnc go )d ^ too hlmsMf Ft keeps him^alf IK Ho [ Hdes to It thj.t hii nrrvci and bit Q are in j»oocl -iti^-tie AVhen t finds tlirt tie J- eatiiu, without rollnh ftcl tne a little cer reused and "Q 15 ** slccp itll U u ei cAn not B)L» l if d ma r oflo - j TOO t i i . _ . . "it- Eio fer n t P ii Bio *cicn j. c Jrort Pfrptonatt; lonS elen a*"f- l Qxacth %liat t lies ma.n h , hla treatment of cn-i 1 and blooi tor L mpound of 1 cc thfn and other \ d l u I t i la) It. form Is Jiun jver-tte tireu uoi i-i-ugc 1 ousckt-t,pe*- . . - - , ) at thle Bt-oaon of ttio MJSLT It Jjito tho j 1 are s no rnjoteo about B!o- fpi i Pxcrj pnckage a )wa ju»t oxacLl* tl c oonu L Afls ioar Joe to LUout. Bio foixn TT if ^ou wiafr send us his name aud w* wlH lor \ i r t l him t i tompletc ioi-niuHa. 0 \ L Bio fe H I fid trf ! / It L.O ) t mu-Ut feotnl our inon i w U I « pi Q lau 1 ruturned ID )ou Inter entitle boultlftt Mi b» mailed yuu on r j«ejt L^i.n-tf packuge *1 00 at ttll K*od d uciiJtu or dfrott If joui dnitftflst A n 1 handlb U Tho ^ itimel Htm- etlltis Co ClnUiiuu.1 O ih ptr d to furnish definite information ind application blarlis Unntini,' Bnrjrilns ? \ i 1 Qnd tliem iu our ad columns JEV/STO OBSERVE FE4ST MINE CAR WHEELS tf stml o! V-jbn^Jj ^ Sff loj F^ji 1 ^, T I 17. On TJ c a Ma\ ] h HID s"eat Jew i-s* 1 J"c nal o S' a moth o-- Fci^t or \ \ t t k a ^ U bt OU 1 -' 1 t d 1 ..I t Ulplcb and u \^a^ogies tl 1 ou-cu t i c i orlt T I L "* al \ \ i l l I) a n in duo dauci v\i'U J°^!^ii " I -lot o cu uom i i,un- c et o" Thur Ji\, a d ul contu ui u ! u t o C t F ic O t^odox Jew ^ iM Ii t ob=,c vo he no\L d i ib i s - i i p c j c Lar\ ftai \a! f n reform r r rp'e- LT J re i r o 3 to 3 j iti ,, of agt w i l l ^t t.o firmel M J ! i appiopn at cc c ion i^ ni ue r ht, on of their la liei.3 111 ( Binds D i c! e S i M c un "X\ li f C i t Iron Be i n"** ' r t i l V i t n j x t r 1 i n o u t s \ r i u s C n l Sf» is f TC! I livtt. i. V tone Si 1 er rate I(.nr t 1 L nc mil j,cn G r i lion Ca=rt ng" In madia, c 1 1 \ o \ S L I "*L s I OIt 1_ A. I O L N D I H CO Co ncIISTlIIc (West Pitchers Are Giants If size counts the Memphis should vhow sora- pitching in the lSootb.ern laaRtie Two new *nembor« ·of Oy Berger s staff art, TOUtim ttliis eatt. wfao stai dt. sir feet ^K inches Wad welgns 215 poauds and B \\*ilsun Who Ktandf cix £^et Cuo ead Vccnrrtm^ f Lil heal injnnctio i izi* fe a \ ^ i ^a-- ob. ~ \ c d m ancient Pal e- me \ I ^ L of h r t j grca, bir ^cs r c s t \ a h It n i relebrat d on :lub I the f Cttt b cH\ i r T he I ~ 0 r r m of ihL Pa 3 o\er H ma vcd the c!o=t_ o r t'lc ca on oC i^c fe i n t drstst cit ndlsvillt, J e w s mP jqm a the o se mce u i i p^cial stiucca a t ad\ ertlsemeots Carroll Battery Co. A factory Trained Battery Han. LEAVES NO AFTER-EFFECrS EXCEPT HEALTH ALL D R U G G I S T S - L A R G E P A C K A G E J»l -- nrir o i r excellent uppo i »prr!un os or CTJ st n i I t IS anR 21 years of i^n New ernnloiet, are piic u l i t J t Ic nuns, jml n Comfor wble siting loom foi re i li \ t aud Good onportunm for sri 101 n i d ip t \ ! iii Apiiy to he Chief OPM f o t i n tJi^ tint nl Title Ti-u^t Building, ConneUsville. The l o l l o w n i ^ tnicK- L a \ e beei left on our hands lor sale b\ part\ haMns to ;o to \\ar One Little G n u 3'. ton tn ok equipped w i t h Tsitli a V, oou-^ I l \ a i iul'c Ho ^ me 1 Steel Pimp Boch ( ooJ u- J R « t - ' n K Jw; been in u«e onh ^i\ \M '·is^ One 3 1 . Toil tic, i M i T i i H l v « n u i p x t l %\)th cab u d ttood oo 1\ 101 h uihna; ci il T\\o _' Ton ttipiiblu Ch I^M- O 10 T _ Ton I i " l ' l ^ Ti u -x (q nn ..^ \\ , H \\ooil hi noiu'u t i bv *ve , j utt. k-- By Making Ar- Advance. Get Rates. ^\ kESSLER. A \ e , % Connellsville, Pa. Bell Phone 234. P. 613 RlcCormze!, 'In-Matt* The TRY OUR CLASSIFIED ADV3RTISEMEN-TS

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