Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 20, 1972 · Page 35
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 35

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 20, 1972
Page 35
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Ui| --A«g B «t M, 1972 Stud* that weakens the legislation. The Senate version of the bill states that the "no discharge" aim shall be "national policy." But the Senators in executive session reportedly bowed to House,, agreeing that the shall be a "national goai." Sr /E rV 0 M S F 0 ^ C T HlLDRENINSTATE HAVE HEARING PROBLEMS _ Dr - Gle " McCormick Interviews Youth to Determine Trainging Requirements EARS MORGANTOWN-About school-age children in West Virginia are estimated to have serious hearing impairments, which are often difficult to detect. Only about half of those children have been identified', according to Dr. Glen P. Mc- Cprmick, coordinator of West Virginia University's speech and hearing program. "If a child can't hear, it' extremely unlikely that he wi be able to speak without specia training," be observed. "And the sooner this training starts-preferably when the child is five or six months old--the better chance he will have. Dr. McCormick hopes to d this by establishing a high hear ing risk registry for newborn children in West Virginia. The registry would list all children whose mothers had high fevers during pregnancy, those who needed complete blood transfusions because of Rh blood incompatability of their parents, and others with special conditions. The two major causes of hear ing impairments in small child ren are earache--inflammation of the middle ear, which is known medically as otitis madia and nerve damage. One of the major causes of damage to the nerves of the ear is the mother having German measles (Rubella) and its resulting high fevers during preg nancy. THE LAST MAJOR outbreak of German measles in the U.S occurred 1 during the mid-1960s and thousands of children were affected by it. Fortunately, an effective vaccine for prevention of this disease has now been developed. High fevers and their resulting hearing losses also are caused in small children by Rh blood d i s o r d e r s , measles, mumps, chicken pox and pneumonia. Hearing problems h child* ren caused by ·title media can be treated by drugs or surgery. If these are unsuccessful, the child can be fitted with a hearing aid. In some cases, according to Dr. McCormick, the child should be fitted as early as six months. If the bearing aid can't solve the problem, lip reading training should begin--the sooner this starts, the better chance the child will have. Damage to the nerves of the ears can't be treated at present by drugs or surgery. Very few people are "stone deaf." Most have some hearing ability. Thus hearing isn't like a light switch --either off or on--but a matter of degree. Treatment for nerve damage is by hearing aid or lip reading. "A hearing aid isn't like a pair of glasses," Dr. McCormick said. "If there is some- Most Liked Convention, Harris Finds N E W YORK-MV-Pollster Louis Harris said Saturday that 52 per cent of Americans surveyed had a "highly positive" reaction to the Democratic National Convention, largely because of reforms that gave wider representatiion to blacks, women, the young and Spanish- speaking minorities. Harris' poll, reported in the New York Post, said that 25 per cent of the voters did not have such a reaction. He said 59 to 70 per cent of the electorate followed and recalled the convention's openess, the orderly behavior of the dele- gales, the original selection of Sen. Thomas F. Eagleton as Sen. George McGovern's running-mate and the minority representation. A major exception to the widely positive reaction, Harris said, was the unseating of the Chicago delegation led by Mayor Richard D. Daley. Forty-five per cent of those surveyed reacted negatively, he said, while 39 per cent had a positive reaction. // Child Can't Hear, Speech May Never Come, Doctor Says "" thing wrong with your eyes and Speech, therefore, is the most you can be fitted with the proper pair of glasses, you put them on and you see better. Although there are no exact lines of demarcation, professionals in the field have divided hearing into three categories- primitive, warning and speech. PRIMITIVE HEARING lets us know we are alive--the background noises that let us know there is something still out there or that we are still here. It has been reported that people with serious head injuries who have lost this sense of hearing become very nervous when hi a dark room because the sense of touch is all that remains. Warning hearing is the ability to detect things such as loud cries, automobile horns or fire alarms. The sense of hearing is midway between and speech. the primitive delicate form of hearing. There are now only three preschool hearing clinics in West Virginia--at WVU, in Dunbar and Huntington. However, there is a relatively unpublicized law, which was passed by the I960 West Virginia Legislature, that promises to improve the situation. "It is called the Mandatory Special Education Act (House Bill 861) and must be implemented in all counties by July 1, 1974," Dr. McCormick said. And it is my understanding that the act requires each county school system to establish special classes for exceptional children if there are five or more of them in certain disability categories including speech, hearing and sight. If there are fewer than five children in a county with a hearing problem, for example, I assume that they will be able to attend classes in adjacent counties." Conferees Weaken Clean Water Bill By MYRON S. WALDMAN © Newsday WASHINGTON -- House and House version--a section that re- would spread the funds over the Senate conferees, debating an ambitious program to purify the nation's waters by the 1980s, have before the "no discharge" secretly agreed to give polluters was implemented. an extra two years to clean up, reliable Capitol Hill sources said. According to these sources, instead of attempting to reach a 'DO discharge" goal by 1961, the conferees pushed the year of to 1963, there are those on Capi- deadline ahead to 1983. Morever, it is said that in resolving the differences between the House and Senate versions of the big and complex water pollution bill, the At the same time, the conferees were said to have removed an* sources said, the conferees have other weakening provision in the included wording in the bill that phrase was inserted in the legis- quired the National Academy of full four-year period.' Sciences to complete a study that had to be evaluated by Congress goal "The study may still take place," the source said, "but it will not be a hiatus in the bill. It will not be a condition of implementation. Even with the date pushed up One person close to the confer"is going to be a tough bill, very tough on industry." At the same time, it was said that a new siderably weakens the bill, and latior; which states that the polluters, public and private, would be allowed to correct themselves ees insisted that the measure on the basis of "economic feasibility." Sources agreed that this coo- said that much of the action that might be taken against the polluters could be settled in court because of the vague way some of the legislation is worded. "A lot of this wiggles ard squiggles and evades," one source said. SEPTEMBER 12, 1972 REGISTER THIS WEEK tot Hill who believe that the polluters simply can't deadline. "It's an meet the impossible dream," said one man, "a mission impossible." Sources also claimed that the House triumphed on a key phrase money in the four-year program would be the sum authorized by the House, $24.6 billion, rather than the $20 billion passed by the Senate. The White House has called for a $6 billion water pollution program spread over three the aim years. In an attempt to ease the threat of a presidential veto, the msm MR. HOUSE OF COMFORT Humidification, Heating, Air Conditioning Electronic Fillers What To Look For When Buying A New GAS FURNACE By RAY DARNOLD JR. Most of us consider ourselves food buyers when it comes to food; clothing, and evetyday necessities. This may be due to a trial and error method or just good common sense; for when · small household item is purchased, and something is wrong, it is usually readily apparent. -v Because we usually pur- ·:·: chase a furnace only once in ·:· our lives, this lack of experi- |;J ence means indecision as to X; what to look for as value. A ft mi stake in buying a furnace ft means insufficient heating, of- g ten shortlived equipment, and % more common discomfort.' j It makes good sense to know Jwhat to look for whe.n buying a Snew furnace, Here are 5 key '"' points to keep in mind: 1. Complete Comfort 2. Absolute Safety 3. Long Life at Equipment 4. Minimum Service Costs 5. Low fuel Bills With a new Williamson system installed in your home you will enjoy complete comfort and absolute safety. You can purchase 10, 20, or 25 year warranty models, all designed, to give your home that toasty warmth that means clean, even heat. Williamson furnaces la.«t for many years, hardly ever need service except for cleaning, and provide very low fuel costs. We at Darnold Inc. offer you a FREE HOME SURVEY to determine just what size and style of Williamson system will be most suitable for your home. For thai free survey of your home, call Ray Darnold Jr. at Darnold, Inc. Phone 7441329. Our Address is 515 Third Ave., South Charleston, W. Va. Call us about any of your heating or cooling problems for your home. ^^ DO YOU HAVE A GOOD JOB? ARE YOU PROPERLY TRAINED? CENTER COLLEGE ANNOUNCES ELEVENTH ANNUAL WINTER TERM Eleven years ago this month CENTER COLLEGE opened its doors to its first students. In those years many of your friends, relatives, or neighbors hove successfully completed courses of instruction leading to profitable employment in the'Kanawha Valley and surrounding areas All classes will start on Sept. 12, 1972. CENTER COLLEGE specializes in areas of training where immediate employment opportunities exist--Data Processing and Computer Programming, Secretarial Science, Drafting, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Accounting and Business Management, Building Trades, and IBM Machine Operation. All courses have been approved for Veter : ans' training. VA and Social Security Approved STUDENT LOANS AVAILABLE Student Federally Insured Loan Program National Defense Student Loan Program Center College Student loan Program FREE JOB PLACEMENT SERVICE HOUSING ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE Counseling and Program Planning Available COLLEGE WORK-STUDY JOBS AVAILABLE \~ \J JCTIS?HL Vjr Hi 1000 VIRGINIA ST., EAST x£Sx CHARLESTON, W. VA. FOR MORE INFORMATION AT NO OBLIGATION, CALL 343-7648 OR DROP THE COUPON IN THE MAIL TODAY. 8-16-72 Nome Age Phone Address .City. . State. .Zip, Last year ef school completed . . High School Attended. CHARGE IT NO MONEY DOWN BUNMf £-1 RIB and CHUCK ·y. ·CUII STEAK ·SWISS STEAK ·DELMONKO STEAK · RIISTEMS ·BAR I QUE RllS ·RIB STEAKS tnmplHUIIfcf. ·US'h. ·MINUTE STEAKS · MR I QUE RIBS ·CHUCK ROASTS ·NT ROASTS * 10-12% GROUND IEEF AVC.WTS. 150.250 Ik. TIILDS9 ·UNOll =2 ftrtttmks SAME AS CASH U.S.D. A. 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APPOINTMENT p HQNE 343.4399

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