The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 13, 1930 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, February 13, 1930
Page 11
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rtTURSDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1930. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNE .LSVILLE, PA, Basketball THE SPORTING WORLD PAGE ELdBVEiN. Hy JAMES M. BIU8C03 L. Boxing Casey Basketeers Unable To Check Powerful Assault Of Scottdale Buicb Team ®- Irish Quintet Unable to Get Started Against Westmoreland Champions. FINAL SCORE IS 42 TO 22 The Scottdalfc Bulcks rodo roughshod over the lighting Casey quintet last evening at the Scottdale Armory, j winning the frame by the lopsided j score of 42 to :.'2. . | Aside from a free throw scored by Captain Brown at the opening of the fray, the Irishmen were never in the lead. Tho B u i t k s wore in Eorm, scor- i n g from all angles of the floor. Added t.o this was u remarkable passing game which tore the opposing defense wide open. Fuller and Kirkman copped the scoring laurels with six and five dou- bledeckers respectively. For that matter every member of the Blue and White combination scored at least two points. However, Huntsman was well covered. George, llaming Casey ace, who thoroughly chocked that renowned player in tht» encounter here last week again proved his ability to keep him from pillmc up a large count. The locals never Beemad to be able to get a grip on themselves. Long shots wore attempted and a tew were completed but astde from this show ot offensive playing they were woefully weak. Tonight the Caseya will journey to Maaontown to ongago the Collegians, the team defeated here last "Wednesday by the Keagy Corner quintet. The lino-up: Casey s~ 22. Bro«yn F. Schilling F. Phillips -- C. KEAGY CORNER EASILY DEFEATS UNION! OWN CLUB Artie Duggan Surprises With Great Show In? Against Countyseut Quintet. MILLER ALSO LEAD 3 ATTACK .. Fuller . Kirkman Huntsman Turk Marlin Declementl G. McCleary G. Substitutions -- Ferenctiula for Brown, Georgo tor Phillips, Palov- chalk for Declomonti; Zimmerman tor Fuller, Brookmun for Marlin. Field goals--Brown, Schilling, Fer- enchula, Phillip*, George, Declementi, McCleary, Fuller 6, Kirkman 5, Huntsman 2, Turk 2, Marlin 2, Brookman. Foul poals--Oaseys, 8 out of 11; Bulcks, 6 out of 10. Referea--Murphy. The Chrletlau basketball team, leader of, Jts league In Untontown. met defeat last evening »t the State Armory in a decis vo fashion a« the clasey Keagy Corn or quintet administered a ',18 to 21 trimming. Thie game mark-id the debut of a new member to the Corner roster who tallied six double deckers. "Artie" Duggan, midget for yard, won recognition for himeelf w i t h his accurate shooting when he v-ae substituted for Sellers In the aeco id half. Miller, veteran con tor for the South aiders, tied with Duggan f-ir scoring laurels, counting five field goala in the first half and adding another in the last quarter. The Keagy basket eons took an «arly lead which they inci eaeed ae the game progressed and wl en the first half came to a close th» score was 28-1. Duggan, subbing fo" Sellers, was not expected to do any thing "but he eur- prieud and delight? 1 fane with hie excellent performance throughout the laet two periods of play. The Hne-np: Keagys--48. Union town--21. Floto - F. Cope j Sellers F Slca Millor C Woods Guynn G Beatty Look Out Phil---Jadk Gets License Dickersoii Run Athletic Association to Map Slate For Season on February 27 -® MIDDLE ATLANTIC LEAGUE SCHEDULE WILL BE KATIFID Playing: Program, Chosen by Special Commltte), Before Moguls .February 23. Jack Sharkey (second from rigrht, seatwS) hi» application lor a boxing license In tHw» officei, of ths Miami Boxing Commiaoion. Left to riffhf. Mated are, G-eorgre F,, Allison, secretary of the Miami Boxing Commission; B. P. Markle, a jnem- bar of the commission:; Frank Braeo, manager of Madiaon Square Garden which is promothur thi Mhnrkey Scott fight;, Louis MacReynolds, chairman of · he boxing commission! Sharkey, and W. H. Peo{ lei, Jr., v, member of the t-0raonl«rion. Back ro- r are, Sid Mercer, boxing writer; George Huae«y, John Dockley, Snarkey's manager, and Nat Floi hex. DtlNBAR TOWNSHIP HIGH QUINTET MEETS HURST PASSERS TOMORROW NIGHT AT LEISENRING NO. 1 GYM --® Connie Mack last night received the $10,000 Edward W. Bok award for 1929 for "having rendered the most outstanding serdce to Philadelphia." Tho award in tho form ol a check, waa accompanied by a medal and scroll. Connie Mack, as you know, piloted th« Athletics to the world championship. « » · Duqucsne tool: the measure of West Virginia, 28 to 2*;, last night in a "halt raiser" at Morgantown. » * » Boston defeated Pitts'burg Pirates, 4 to 3, last nig at in another hockey game. G Gorke Substitutions--Du :gan for Sellers, Sellers for Guynn. Field goals--Floto 5, Duggan G, Miller 6, Guynn 2, King, Cope 3, Sloa 3, Wooda 3. Fouls--Floto, 2 out of 5; Sica, 2 out of 3; Beatty, 1 out of 4. Referee--McClure. The "neutral" officials at the amateur light prog) am last night at Gallatin Gardens, iJuiontown, riled Howard Turner wh n thoy voted that he had done no bott r than even flght- Ing with Jack Smith when their three rounds expired and ordered a fourth round to be fought Turner gat so peeved that he should bo deprived of a decision that he left the ring and preferred to loso by n "techlnal knockout" decision rather than accept the verdict of the arbite? s. Joe Splegal got the decision over lay Winbuish--as was ex/pected. He's a Uniontown boy. PARAMOUNT FALLS BEFORE BIG ATTACK OF EAGLES ROSTER Tho Eagles won three game* from Paramount last night on the Elks alleys. Komp was bigh scorer for the thrae games with a total of 432. Tho i ,cor«e: EAGLES. P. Opp^man 135 151 144 4OT Kemp . 132 16U 137 432 McNultr 117 129 12£ 368 Kauth 119 90 .._ 209 Patrick . 132 137 120 305 Sponce -- -.- 121 ' 121 Shearer Machine Potoi mined To *et Hack in Wlm Cc iamn In Jueaarne Act'lon. Totals Veneniky Skobo Halthlll Gallagher Rigger ... .___-.635 670 PARAMOUNT. 120 85 35 132 81 134 86 100 175 117 650 1955 175 12S 97 117 130 380 395 312 303 PERRY PLAYS AT SEWICK LEY Hurst High of Mount Pltwusju t township will Journey to I»isisnriB 5 No. 1 gymnasium tomorrow night ; t 8:30 o'clock to encounter UMJ etror g Dnn- har Township Hxgh Sci'iool ba« kcteere ia another fray in Secilon XI , W. P. I, A, IjBagua. A large crowd Is expected a tarn out for the fraj- and ctuxtr t le Red np.d Black to victory. Shearer's machine is dfl'tern ined to set back into the wlr coluro i after the reversal at the hands o Perry Township laet week, (wllcatl ma are that tho Dnnbariteii wi'l bt ou to administer a decisive trimming to the SOLD TO BALTIMORE BY BLACK DIAMONDS 422 visitors aa they wiH/malio ?· grand stand to keep at tho crest of th · bunch Total-) 537 56S 647 1812 Classified AdrcrtlRomenta Brine rosuWs wtien placed iA th* col- in the hard fight for the Clxuni ioashlp laurels. · Porry Townahip, tied M'lth t/elsen- umns of Pally Courier. Former Scottdale Athlete Gives Great Sportsmanship Exhibition o OUver Gordon Refused to Take Advantage of Unfortunate Floor Team. ACTS RESULTS IN HIS DEFEAT Oliver (Jordon, a former resident of Scottdale and lxwer Tyrone township and one time lef'. end on tho Blae and White football team and a ''class" basketball performer, now coach ot Avalon High School in the Pittsburg district, displayed a remarkaole spirit of sportsmanship which caused Ralph S. Davis, sports tditor of tbe Pitteburg Press to hetip a world of praise ou him. Oliver, who p'ayed ou the Millers eleven about 1921 and 1922, Is a son ot Mr. and Mra William Gordon of flower Tyrone township, The family formerly resided at Scottdale. Tho exce-rpt 1'rom the Pltteburg Press follows: "Ever so oCten one run« across an incident which loleters his teith In human nature, aad makes him admit , that, a f t e r all, tlere iti a lot of gcxyi *'ln this old world--a lot of fellows who are real sporlsmj-n, in the finest and truest sense, of '.be word. "The other n i g h t the Avalon and Sewickley High school basketball ·'.earns were playii g an important game in Section r l of t h e Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League. "The game was on Avalon'e floor, and the hall was crowded with parti- nne of the contestants. Rivalry'.'' 5ay, if you've novor lived in one of! ::hose suburban towns, you don't know what rivalry la! "Tho contest w-nt along the regulation length ot title, and at the finteh 'he score wae tie! Tho roferee. Max /lannuni, ordered an extra period, u c - j iXrding to the rules. j "At its troncluej-m the score wne etill ( fi«Hl. A aecoiid perkxi was started. Tho txy» of bot i tea»n« were well- ;dgh exhausted. I'hey ha! been jnc w i t h everything th«y and their reeerve strength wae waning. "Sewickley had had a couple of their players removed from the game on personal loula. Its tubstitutee had all been used up. Fint lly, one of the Sewickley boys was hurt, and had to be helped to the beis ;h. "Coach Winney w is up egainet it. Ho hi»d only four available players. He informed the ref( ree of hie plight, and was told he would either have to forfeit or continue with four men--a tremendous had leap. " 'We'll go sn will four men,' Winney decided. The pi-iy was resumed, with the count still tied. "Down on one end of Avalon bench sat Coach Oliver Gordon. It looked like A lucky break ior his team, for four men are hardly \blo to cope with five. But Gordon is More then a mere athletic instructor. 3 (e's u gentleman, who believes in the true eportstnaE'e code of R square de» I. "Running up to the middle of the court, (tordon waved hie hand at the re-ferao. Hannum we it over to confer with him. " 'le there anything in the rules,' he inquired, 'which would prevent me from taking one of my men out to even this thing wpV I don't want to beat a four-man team I'd rather take a licking myself.' " 'There's nothing In the rules to prevent your taking ;i men out,' said H a n n u m . "Gordon waved one of his guards to the bench. The A\ alon spectatore wore etunned for a moment. Why, Gordon must he era/.'! What did he ineai* *? such a thini--juot when fato had handed him a l u ky break. Why, it was unheard of!! The very idea! "Shouts ot protHBt from tho partisans rout the air. 'Lei. them Uike their beating.' yelled man} in unison. 'H itn't your fault they' . - e only got four mou/ "But Gordon was fit m--be'« a sporie- uuin. "The l.wo teams w ant at It again, hummer and tongS, f - u r men against! four. And a coupla nf minutes later j Mentor Played Left End on Mill Town Football Squad in 1921 and 1922. PARENTS RESIDE IN LOWER TYRONE Sewickley looped a two-pointer, and were not headed'thereafter. They won by the sscore of 33 to 31. "'Wiint a rotten shame,' said some '»£ the Avalon onlookers. "Wha; a glorious victory for Coach Gordon, eay I. "He has implanted in the heerte and minds of the Avalon haaketeere and their student followers a mightier lesson than could have been learned from any victory marked up In the score book. "He has taught his boys there ie such a thing as a equaro deal, u sense of the oternal fitness of thiugs. He has proved that there is sucli a thing ae ethic:) in sport. " 'It was the finest Bit of sportsmanship I e v e r saw,' remarked the Sewickley coach, aa he grasped hie rival's band ami wrung it. "I don't known Olivor Gordon, out I like him j u s t the same. I can't conceive of him drilling a bunch oi! boys in 'dirty' play. But I have known coaches who did. "I know n certain coach who handled a High school football team, which inflicted more injuries on opponents than was neceseary. He taught them to win by hook or crook, to twist an ankle, or ste-p on a facs, or kick in u few ribs, or anything else of the sort, if it could he done without tho officials seeing it. "'Let them protect themselves if they don't want to get hurt,' wae hie Klogan. "1 havi3 a feeling that Oliver Gordon doesn't -io t h i n g s that way. Avalon parents who have sons in the High school siiould be proud of him. Ha is the right kind o£ a man to li«.ve charge of kupresuiouable boye," j ring for the top rung, j:o«i to iewlck- ley Township, third jilaoe o cupant and thare is much doiibi; as to the outcome although the Commode res are favored to como through with .n easy win. The Hermlnfe oatfls; i« always dangerous on its home floor t. id this will throw a scare into f.h Per' yo'polis camp. A elip on the part ot Dui bar or iPerry will In all probability tn ian the loes of the pennsint and both J lentora sire guarding against any such occurrence. While these teanm cl.ieh, Be le Vernon will pilgrimage to East B inting- don Township High gyjubasiiu . BENEFIT BOXING PROGRAM TUESI AY NIGHT, SCOTTE ALE Amatenr Entertainment Proceeds to Ho Turned 0 er For Charity Work. GOOD FIGHTERS ARE SCHEDU .ED SCOTT1JALE, Fel. IK--A^i a fietic program ie being drawn Tuesday evening, Fobruary 18, SUito Armory Auditorium. It \ nonncod that the net proceeds utilized ia promotion cbaritabl It waa said that a wrestling will feature the array ot simon Butch Parker, popular Mill scrapper, ie lined up to meet Giachetti of TJniontowu. Jimmy Monday night in Cumhorland Connellsville Athletic Club aiv through with a knockout verdi sonde word that ho will try t away Parker. Among the 'other boyt; who T pear on the calendar are Sam Duke · Olaybrooks, Konneth Kenny Kern and Switch Yeleno nateur up for at the as anvil 1 be work- match pures. Town fimmy fought or the come t He atow ill ap- lYilth, Graft, .ky. Jam-cs M.-McGTaw, 4S, i;ecrei iry o£ the Toledo Baseball C!ub, di 1 last night ia a Toledo hospital. He waa a brolhar of John J, McGraw, ai nager of the New York Giants. * * * Pitt's roaming banket-id's wl t perform on ' the home cotrtB Ion orrow night for the first time ia three weeks whea Penn State's Quintet pi- ys at IJhe Accordit|g to announcement by d'ofi-eph Doringer of the Fairmont Black Diamonds of the Middle At- l.antic League, Jnliua Bolters, Grind- iitone youth, has been sold to Baltimore Orioles. Solters was last year's home run champion of the Mid-Atlantic. He, however, did not complete the season 'irith the Fairmont club. A graduate of tho Frtck River League, Soltera for ii while burned up the M. A. with his vicious clouting^ He boasted one of the beat throwing arms of all outfielders. Possessing considerable spied, he- could cover much territory a nu knew how to rim bases. The Dawsou trotter. Grey Guy, owned by Georga G. Cochran, that Wotted the Mount Gllhead, Ohio, track last season in 2 : O D 1-2, will be pointed toward winning tho trotting stakes in. ti:Js seethm this year. He is eligible til' the 2: IS class under tho money winning classification rules and should prov a tough proposition,. * i * ffataton Hcmsley, Pirate catcher, tms signed a contract for 1030, which Incidentally carries an increase. 118 GAMES ON 1930 CALENDAR The 1»30 schedule of 110 Middle Alan tie Ijeugue, draws tip by tho committee recently appoint xi by President Elmer M. Dailay, will be submitted to the franchise 1 old-era iu tho circuit at the meeting o if Sunday afternoon, February 23, at Uniontown. The eomtnSttee, compoj ed of Russell Hockenbury, league facrotary, of Scottdale; Harry B. O -amor, Scottdale; Joseph Dorlngor, J"alnnonl, and 1L ti. Clark, Clarkabu g, franchise holder representatives, assembled yesterday at Uaiontown ai d went over the playing program. The schedule wfll not x made public until after it ha« bem ratified by tho moguls. It was made known, however, that there are lift games in .h-e array. As had been ennounced iretrlously in these columns, the split reason will be in vogue, the first opening on May 9 and closing on July 5, and the second half commencing oa July 6 and closing on Labor Day. Aa in previous y-ears, Sunday baseball will bo playftd at Johntftown, Wheeling, Cumberland and Clarksburg. AUTO WRECKERS LOSE ODD GIME TO ELKS OUTFIT BJlks WOB the odd ga ne from the Auto Wrecking last nigh: on the Bike alleys. Trimpey waa hi ;h with 397 total for throe games. The scopes: AUTO WRECK. NO. Swallop --134 12 j IIS Doerfler _____105 Yates 105 McGrath Dummy 100 11! 155 124 124 144 Dummy 100 10-t 10) 100 380 341 387 144 200 300 Totale Trimpey .. Beioer Brickman __ Rathburn ._. Dummy Dummy _-- __544 69! ELKS. 610 1752 100 1K) Totalis 045 57: 633 1743 t"ee o«r "want" advei Oeememit Yoiisrh DiTlsJon Will Agah* Enter Lake Erie Railroad , Bnsehall Leajrne. OTHER SPORTS TO BE DISCUSSED! Plane for the fiports during tho summer months for tha members of Youghioghcny Dlvteioi^ Pittshurg Lake Erie Railroad Athletic Association, will bo formulated at die meeting Thursday evening, February 27, at DJcSerson Run Y, M, C. A. An elaborate program is the plan of Die railroad officials and they hop« to map out a very interesting ealen- dur which will occupy the attention of the Dicker-son Run workers. It Is fa.n assured point that th« Yoiighloglieny Division wiW again place an entry in. -tho PitUiburg Lake Brio Railroad Baseball League arrangements for which are expected to be worked out in the very neap future. This phase o£ the sporui calendar will bo dealt with by tha Dickereon Run executives. Samuel W. Inks has again heen chosen president of the association. WllHam H. Simmons ie th-e secretary and A. K. Goodwin, treasurer. Wllllarn J. Weckerle la the chairman of thq board of directors. BETHANY COLLEGE FRESHMAN CAGERS MAY PLAY COKERS Counselor F. JI. Kirkpafcriek Understood to Favor Proposed Cage Clash. LOCAL ACTION UNDETRMINED According to information received from a reliable source a. movement ia afoot to have the High School dribblers claeh with the Bethany College freehmen, poesibly at the local gymnasium. It in understood that F. H. Kirlt- patrick, freshman counselor, h a a granted hie permission for each arrangements to be attempted. The collegiate frosh have battled many faet high school teams, including Welleburg, Toronto and Wheeling Central, all leaders In their communities and it Is hoped that the fonrtid- al)te quintet will appear before local fandom. Just what action will be taken by local official* in charge of game arrangements has not been learned. It Is believed that as yet they heve noc boon approached although this matter- is to be taken care of in the very near future. A N E W P E A *A£HO PERFORMANCE Imaging i t . . . this 1930 Apex Sopex-Screen-Grid Radio with t\he new Apeat Multi- Phase Circuit, and Apex Fall Tone-Color Electro-dynamic Speaker, « priced at only $115 (festi tubes). Come in today and hear it in action! Other Apex models from $45, Convenient monthly terms. OriSjr in APEX Rsnfio find these outstanding feature* -- 198O featttM»^- APEX NEW Mtntrr-PfiasE CntcncF », APEX SPEAKER DEALER'S NAME Wertheimer Motor Co. Phone 19(1. West Crawford Aye., Cpnncllsville,.

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