The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 25, 1938 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 25, 1938
Page 8
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Come in NOWI PERSONAL FINANCE CO Over McCrory*i Store Phone 34 WEST CRAWFORD AVENUE Instruction Instruction Classes 43 BRING IN ALL YOUR LARGE CLEAN WHITE RAGS TO THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE TO- DAY AND WE WILL PAY YOU "5c" PER POUND WHY NOT LOOK AROUND AND MAKE YOURSELt SOME SPENDING MONEY??? Rooms and Board Rooms Without Board FOR RENT--Large room suitable for one or two persons 510 N Plttaburg street LED BRUCE: COPYRIGHT or LEO RRUCC. RELEASED OY CENTRAL PRESS ASSOCIATION to detoctlvo otorlcs. Is theorizing on the subject ol crime fiction, during * week-end party at the home ol Dr. Thurston, ncai London Other cucsla Are Townaend. the author, Williams, tho family lawyer and Strickland, a sportsman. Mra. Thuruton la the only woman present. Townscntl observes {hat Mrs Tburston appears strangely flushed attcr a con%crsatton with s"ol- lotres, the chauffeur. (NOW GO ON WITH TH1 STORY) CHAPTER 3 I HAVE SAID that nothing sinister happened during Uie earlier part of that evening at tho Thurstons 1 , and It Is true But there was only cnc small Incident which I thought, oven at the time, was odd. It was not in the least sinister, and might even, at another time, havg been thought rather comic. 1 dress very quickly. 1 nave never been able x to afford a manservant capable of looking after my clothes, and consequently am accustomed to doing everything myscll. 1 must have been the first to finish changing, and left my room to go downstairs within IS minutes of the time when the first gong had been rung. The house. I have explained, was Georgian, and so simple In plan that one could take It all In at a glance. There wcro three stories, ,and on each floor the corridor ran from end to end ot the house, with doors to right and left of it, My own was at the cast end of the corridor, and Mary Thurston's at itho west end, while young Strick- 'land, 1 knew, had the bedroom 'next to hers. Her husband's room was opposite to hers. I had reached the top of the 'stairs, and was about to descend, when I noticed that tho door of Mary Thurstoa'a room was being ^opened. Thinking that she, too, bjul by some means effected a quick change, I waited for her. 'But it was Strickland who began jCautlously to emerge. When he It ivnn Strickland who begun cautiously to emerge. saw me standing there he made a clumsy effort to return to the room, but, realizing that I had seen him, he seemed to think better of it, and walked out as boldly as possible. He even gave me a brief nod as he entered his own (room. ! I Kent on downstairs wishing that I had not paused, since It might have appeared that I was spying. It was embarrassing, too, to have seen that. And I found I myself wondering what might be 'the relationship between these two, tho aging, stout, motherly woman, and the thick-set, hard- drinking young gambler. Whatever It might be, It was not a love affair, of that I was certain. Downstairs I found tho Vicar, who, I gathered, had been Invited to dinner. I was a little dismayed to lind him sitting beside tho fire In tho lounge, for I realized that I should be alone for some little time with him. Ha sat bolt upright on a straight-backed choir, his hands on his bony knees, and his eyes--after ho had greeted me --blinked solemnly at the fire. I hod met Mr. Rider before, of course, and never without embarrassment. This little, wiry, staring man was quite out of place In tho Thurstons' cheerful house--In more senses than one a skeleton at the feast. His very appearance made him inappropriate. He was bold, and his checks wcro yellow, and bis collar too large for his thin neck. Bis clothes wcro always untidy, and sometimes rather soiled, for ho was a bachelor and depended on a village woman for service In his draughty vicarage. But It was his stare which used to make mo uncomfortable. He had a trick of Oxlng his eyes on one, then apparently forgetting himself, so that for perhaps five or even ten minutes, one remained under scrutiny. Ho had dark, rqund, surprised eyes, in deep sockets. HI a reputation was unusual, too. His puritonism was ferocious. To- uards those of his parishioners whose way of living was supposed to bo lax, his attitude was merciless A number of stories were current In the district of his uncompromising warfare against what he called "sins of the flesh". It was said of him that once, meeting a pair of rustic lovers walking In the fields on a Sunday afternoon, he hod lectured them so severely that they had actually untwined themselves (a feat which would not have'seemed easy to anyone who had observed the complications of circling arm, yielding waist, knotted fingers, and clutched shoulder), and hurried home, guiltily isolated. He had preached violently at an unfortunate farmefo wile who had come to one of his services with a dress cut a trifle lower at the neck than was customary, and Itls manner when he was obliged to conduct marriage services was supposed to be un willing and curt, At the Thurstons' ho usually spoke very little, unless ho was roused, and I gathered that he was Invited out of kindness, for neither Jio Doctor nor Mary Thurston believed that ho had enough to cat at the vicarage. I made one or two attempts to converse with bun, but was answered only by absent monosyllables. Suddenly, however, he turned to me. "Mr. Townsend," ho said, "I want to ask you a question." The tone in which he said this was strange. His voice was hoi low, almost fierce. There was no apology In It- It was as though ho wore going to give me a chance to defend myself agains some serious Imputation, Then he seemed to grow distant again. Hi stared Into the flrc. Tou may," he sold at last with out looking at me, "you may b« able to put my mind at rest, hope you can." I waited. Then abruptly he turned to me again. "Have you noticed anything In this household? Anything going on hlch should not go on 7 Anything .. improper'." I thought ot David Strickland, ccretively coming out of Mary Thurston's room. But I smiled, and sold cheerfully, "Good Lord, to, MX. fUdcr. I've always consld- red It a model household." He was so quaint and eccentric hat I forgot to blame him tor tho ndiscretlon of his query. You ould blame him no more than you would blame a child for discussing his hosts' concerns. But I was greatly relieved when Just then the door opened, and Sam Williams, the lawyer, came In, so that the talk became more natural. Dinner I remember as a cheerful, almost a hilarious mcoL We all ato with real enjoyment and Thurston was excited about some, hock he had bought at an auction* sale ot a neighboring estate. Stall handled It with reverent efficiency and it was certainly excellent. It was Irritating, though, when ·· Wary rhurston had left us, to bavo iio Vicar sitting morosely at tho table, primly refusing v tho port, and making it Impossible to talk more freely than we had done in tho presence of our hostess. Not that tho conversation after dinner at the Thurstons' was ever particularly crude--It not. But young Strickland could tell stories nimbly. In spite of his rather weighty character, and perhaps it was Just because Mr. Rider was there that I for one was peeved by tho silence forced on him. I was relieved when someone suggested bridge, though neither Thurston nor 1 was particularly fond ot cards. Several of us were tired that evening. I was not at all surprised when quite early young- Strickland got up and apologetically proposed to go to bed. H« had got up very early that day, he said, and felt fagged out. "Whiskey and soda before you go?" \suggosted Thurston from the cord table. But Strickland unexpectedly rc- ftued. "No, thanks awfully," n« sold, "I really think I'll turn In right away." And he nodded to us, and left the room. (Xo Bo Continued) Real Estate for Rent Apartments and Flats 74 FOR IlENT--Six room apartment Available February 1st. Steam heat, hot and cold water. Free janitor service and ffarbagc service Inquire Keller Shoe Store, White Front Building, 128 No. Piltsburg street. UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS -- Three rooms bath Heat light, water, gas lumlshed No children. 122 West Peach street. 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Let us run a Lost and Found ad for you Just phone 12 or 13 tor an ad- uker WHENI-VFK you haic H rral need to fill the Cla-Mticd Section \\ill hrlp jou to fill tt quickly, as easily and In- CA pensively. Brokers tn Real Estate FOR S\LF OH RENTI T. C PHAL1N SO CONNELLSVILLE. P/ PHONE 975 Houses tor Sale VFRY DESIRABLE WILLS ROAD-- Six room brick. English Upe Ver modern, Green street, live room bungalow , hot \\ater heat. PhTEIl WEIMPU WCIMEH ARCADE HEAL BUYS IN REAL ESTATE! SPRINGFIELD PIKE--Service Station and Lunch Room AfUfiPHY AVENUE--Smajl four room building and four lots VINE STREET--Two, eight room houses nnd one, six room house. LOGAN S CROSSING--Four room house, 25 acres of good farm land. McCOY HOLLOW ROAD -- Six room house and six acres of, land. COTTAGE AVENUE--FUc room house and six room house SOUTH CONNELLSVILLE -- Six room house. SYCAMORE STREET--Six room house WAI. P McNULTY. EAGLES BUILDING. PHONE 1760 HERE IS THE HOME YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR! CROSSLAND ROAD--Just one-half mile from the City Limits Ten room house fncludinc three acres of land and outbuildings, two baths, electricity, new steam furnace. Garage and laundry Just recently remodeled and In the very best of condition Price ta reasonable Inquire. Wm P McNULTY EAGLES BUILDING PHONE 17CO Auctions-Legais Notices. 91 ADMINISTRATRIX'S NOTICE. THE ESTATE OF C. D. PIERN. ALSO known ns Crcscenzlo DiPferno, late of ConnellsvlHe. Fayctte Count}, Pa., deceased. Letters of AdmlnfsUation in the above estate having been granted to the undersigned, notice Is hereby given to all persons indebted to the said decedent to make payment to the undersigned with* out delay, and all persons having claims or demands uralnst said estate ore requested to make known the same. Rosa Picrn , Administratrix. 209 N. Sixth Strc«t. Conncllsville, Pa. Maxwell E Urza, Attorney. 28Jan-6t-tuc*. COLDS TREATED BY RADIO WAVES FOR SALE--Nice six room house \Uth bath, extra deep lot Good location. 208 East FnlrUew avenue Robert Norrii Phono 505 IN WHITING n Classified Ad be sure to tell oil the ftictn \ililch you \\outd \\ant to know If ou oursclf ucrc a prospective buyer. THERE ARE mnuy thlnCJ obtainable through the OasMfKd Ada that It would bo dinlcult to get tn any other tv YOU TELL. US our details and we'll vultc jour nd Phone 13 or 13 for ..n ·id-takcr vourt MONty UEI UNDED l! you set tho desired results before jour ad expires Why not advcrtiLO that extra drcaser? lou tell uv .uid \vc 1) tell the \carly rates upon request BOSTON, Jan. 25.--Details of a treatment in which high-powered ladio waves are used to relieve colds, sinus troubles and some other ailments were revealed by the Boston Dispensary. ' Director Frank E Wing emphasized that he did not claim the treatment \vould cure the ailments, but he said that experimentation had shown that it provides effective relief to sufferers. Mr. Wing estimated that 600 patients have been treated in the past four years with an apparatus developed in Germany a decade ago by Dr. E. Schhephakc. Electric energy developed by 500- watt transformers is transmitted on wave lengths of thice to 15 meters ' between t\v o electrodes of the apparatus A patient, seated between the electiodes, is centered in an electro-magnetic field which creates heat in the body. The electrodes, may be so adjusted as to focus the heat on any portion of the body, cither internally or ex- teinally. Patients undergoing treatment ex- pei lento no discomfort, but rather a "pleasant sensation o£ penetrating heat," accoiding to Mr. Wing. The numbei of Ucjtments range from two or three for colds to some- i times 10 for arthritis. Likewise the | interval between treatments vary. A liCHtment lasts 15 minutes to a half houi. PATRONIZE thoso who «UvcrUa«. Use our Clatsifled Advertisements, i

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