The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 6, 1939 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 6, 1939
Page 9
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JION'D VY, FEBRUARY 6 1939 THD DAILY COURIER, CO NNELLSVILLE. PA PAGE NINE The Daily Courier Pattern APRONS TO BE YOUR FAVORITES! PATTERN 9911 I t s smart tc greet Easter wath your new apions as gay as your f.pints' Here's a pretty pan--£iesh .ind different since they re Manan Martin designs --and both quickly t,t tchpd up aci ordmg to Pattei n D9U Why not make seve-al o£ each slyie for yourelf and also for daughter' You ve choice of two becoming heai t-shaped tops, one with rick-rack the other with ruffle and bows The curved h gh waist gi\ es slenderness, and the'es the dantiest flare at the hem Tnc pockets ?re ornamental ab well as uselul Pattern 9911 may be ordered only in sizes small, medium and large Small size view A requires 2 jards 35 inch labnc n d 3 l z yards rickrack view B 1% yards 35 inch tab- nc and 1 yard ruffling Send FIFTEEN CENTS in coirs for this MARIAN MARTIN pattern Be sore to write pla nly your SIZE NAME ADDRESS and STYLE NUMBER Ordei the MASIAN MARTIN j PATTERN BOOK of latest Spring I ahions and KNO\V that youi sewing program is off to a fine sta-l' "iouJl be thrilled M h the number and variety o£ patterns including S3 for misses, 17 for junior misses, 17 for matrons 19 for children Such lovely things--showing its a season for Color and Prints for Basic Frocks and Budget Wirdrobes' See easy-to-scw stales for graduates, weddings, dances and ooat trips See too plenty of cverydiy and -lay at- home clothes BOOK FIFTEEN CENTS PATTERN FIFTEEN CENTS BOOK AND PATTERN TOGF CHER TWENTY - F I V E CENTS Send j o u t order to The Daily Counei Pattern Department, 232 W 18th St New York N Y You're Telling Mel n T BILL BBAUCHER . I The man who invented » gadget to remove the static from radio should send a couple of samples to Berlin * · * Kaiser Wilhelm at 80 seems to have discovered that saving down trees 15 much better than being oat cm a limb * » * Home games of the Giants ard Yankees will not be broadcast on 'Sundays. Nothing like breaking up the monotony and let* ng the fans get away from the rjdio for a day in the outdoors once a week. The Radio comedian who was fined on a smuggling chaig 0 probably feels fortunate that he escaped a chain hookup. * * * ONE OF THE DIFFICULTIES OP EUROPEAN DICTATORS IS THAT THEY INSIST ON SPELL- 'ING THE WORD PEACE WRONG * + 4 Mrs Roosevelt admits to reporters that she never has had a facial massage. It is refreshing to find someone who doesn't think one of the essentials to cleanliness is a periodical mud pack. l-So ACTOK.S CAL-t-SUi ATE^, IF THET HATEL BOOS "? FT1ANK. H STONCL UIOELT^TV Cof^NgJ^l N J NOAH "HOW AV°Hr UVE1S HAS A CAT-O-NINE NOAH-DO PHOMO- NELEDl-ELS SE.T FROM FSUNNINS IN OECUES · PALOOKA Human Bungs. By Ham Fisher LOOK KID--AHEM -- CONS1DERIN' THAT PEOPLE A1NT-- AHEM-- EXACKLY CROWD1N' IN HERE--UH -THAT IS--VET. IT MIGHT BE A GOOD IDEE T'LET ABOUT TWENTY WAITERS AN' A COUPLA KITCHEN HELP 6O--AHEM-- UNTIL THIN6S GIT BETTER OF MAKE ^EM LAY OFF? CTOBS IS SCARCE. YOUSE HAVE ABS'LUTHLY GOTTA CONSIDER THAT SIDE OF IT. IT AINT A QUESTION OF KIN WE LAY I DON'T THINK VOUSE OUGHTA KNOBBY. WHY NOT KEEP 'EM ON AS LONG AS YOU SAY THEY'LL GIT BETTER OF GUESS YER RIGHT. f HE SfOULP v KNOW V WAT IT'S COSTIN1--TH' BIG--TH' BIG --HUMAN BE1N BARNEY GOOGLE and SNUFFY SMITH An Sitimtion. By Billy DcBeck I GOT MRRIEO \\ 6 6- QUT WWOT EV5E V\PiPPENEO ? - \ T OVW , NN HERD »V 1 SWOVO. COUSIN ME i_OOK i 01. JEEPERSW. G«/W\e THPiT PHONE., ye eRwzeN SKONKV. I'LL TfiUt TO TH- UBOY WHILST "(eCakT INTO SOME CLOTHES-- i. ,/ QOOOV QOOOV-- LET ME TftLK TO (AVW\- RADIO PATROL By Eddie Sullivan and Charlie Schmidt THERE'S HER RtSISNATION TWO MORE OH MV PAYROLL, EH SftUY. GET BrXOC TO TOE aue. JUST KIDS It fienlly "Non'1 Bo By Ad Carter WE S£T B! AN 65T MARRIED DO YOU THINK W5LL MAVE MEALS LIKE MY MOM COOKS 7 AND THE LAUStHY WLL ALWAYS BE CLEAM AK NEA~I WILL HAVE A LALNDRESS BE NEAT AW CLEAN-SPICK WHY WILL YOU BE MUGGS McGINNIS By Wally Bishop AMD WHILE VOU SIT VUf-TLrr [' AROUUD CO NG MCm,IM I NEVEK CO EFF1E IS ABOUT TO iC I AM APPBOAO-W.G "CRACK:'T^E MSCHAMICAL) TMS PCOBLEM ' AWN Wrm HE2 OUG-JT^FfKlM A SCIENTIFIC PLAVIM " T-~y--^A /WGLE SIJOWLV / 1 HAVE SEEN) DEVOTING) MV ATTENTIOM T A VOLUME CALLED/TJE CSVCWOLOeV Or -MOD rr ASPECTS' 1 SHALL 5EACH MIM THHOUGW 1H£ AMD 8V THE TIME XX/RE READV TO'REACH' -tM h£ VVONT HAVE ANVAIIND 1 EFF1E VJU. HAVE CXjrVEN HIM CRA2V WITO Cop IVW Km; Famio5yrJ.t«c Inc. VJeM njiti ratrvcJ msiitf«m*tt TIM TYLER'S LUCK V IMir o\ 01(1 1 riends "Stick Together!" By Lym Young DONXCLOWN WE CAN USE THEKID WE DON'T WANTANYKIDS HANSINS AI30UNO HERE OKAY.CLEVE. I'ULGIVEHIMA OOB-- IF HE CAN RIDE THAT HORSFWr ·PICKED UP"NEAR AMBESI VILLAGE WEIL SEE IF HE CAN RIDE HIM- BAREBACK/ THEKJ05 NOT HALF- SAD, CLEVE ' GEE,THAT'S ^ MY OLD HORSE, SIISSEHJ BIG SISTKR By Les Forgrave 1 VE OC7r TO BOUT DIS MAKi UPSTAIRS,CAUSE LA'ST NIGMT I JUST 1-tA.PPEKieO TO SE LjOOK-IK^ ROOKSD \M OB. 4JA.UL. SOO-r NAiDKi«S(-rr TO ·SEE OUST WAJ=PEWEQ TO BE! AT TUAT HOOW. 1 ' VOMW »v UKE I SA\O X WAS/JOST- AVM 1 DCWI" iKTrtERRUPT MS 1 I VWA.'S DERE AJJO D« POPS OP oar a AWO FZUNS W\E BACK TO BSD' VOHO \"S AST /, SPECK' DOVAT_ SO U KNJOVN SV t-iOMJ ° WE VJAS THERE. -SOST TO ROW VOO SACK -TO VOU SEG/OAO ^SUT TpAAX VCO KAiCMT " jo^f w^PPew TO Be FOOUMO AROOMO TWAI WAW/ SO H6 SEKfT TWIB KAAM -TO HEUP VOU «ESP CHJT Of TWAT -, KIK1D OP ("ROUBLE vj^- .

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